007 Tips to becoming “No Time To Die”, James BOND!

Hello Gentlemen, So the Bond is Back! And this time, He’s got “No time to Die” Becuase as they say, “He is the most valuable Asset this Country Has” and I can’t disagree with this statement anymore. Bond’s New Movie is coming out on April 3, 2020, and the trailer was out just about a week ago. As expected, the 007 is back and My God! Daniel Craig has nailed it yet again (Check out the trailer of James Bond 007’s Latest Movie, “No Time to Die”)

But Hey! I am not just gonna sit here and appreciate that Man for being the Manly, Charismatic and extraordinarily Calm that he is. Yoo, I can’t let a single person take over all of the female community. So guess what? Your Boy Nyazi is gonna Drop Attraction Bombs today here at Your favorite Fashion Blog, thatwowman.com. Do Make sure you follow me on Instagram (@worldofnyazi) because by doing that you will get a notification whenever I’ll a new Article on this website.

Coming back to the Topic, So it’s all about James Bond these days. Everybody is talking about him. You Open Pinterest and there you are gonna see people searching “James Bond Style”, “007 Style”, etc and his fame is not limited to Pinterest only. He is everywhere guys, Instagram, Facebook and even in your girl’s Gallery too. So a valid question which can come in anybody’s mind is, “How the hell a single Fictional character became so famous that Now He is portrayed as the most manliest Man of the current century”. But Don’t you worry Gentlemen Because today we are gonna discuss some key elements, a list of 007 Tips which will definitely help you increase your Manliness from a 4/10 to 9.5/10.

Trust me Guys! when I started researching and breaking down the magnificent JAMES BOND status, what I found was really shocking! I was expecting complex codes but in reality, there were just some simple and easy to adopt habits / Traits that literally anybody can Copy paste in his Life to become more like the man himself. Note that you don’t need to have tons of Money to become James Bond. In my opinion, Being 007 is all about having a certain Kind of mentality and all you need to do is to adopt some traits that are the backbone of the JAMES BOND mentality. So without any further adieu, lets Hop into today’s topic, “007 Tips to Becoming No Time to Die, James BOND!

001 Tips: [Dress Like a Boss]

Dress like Bond

Why under the God’s Sky Do Do You believe that you can look as Handsome, Poised, Elegant, Put Together as James Bond without focusing on your Wardrobe? I mean becoming 007 is no joke! It has a lot to do with developing a certain Type of Clothing style which they call, “Classy Casual”, “Business Classy Casual” and “Formal Classy”. So basically you need to redesign the way you think about your wardrobe and only then you will be set to “Dress like Bond”.

Before Choosing an Outfit, Always think and ask yourself a simple question, “What Would Bond Wear?”

  • The mystery is in the Color

Basically you need to keep things simple yet classy. You can clearly tell that Bond sticks to more of what we call, “Safe side of the Clothing”. Ok, let me explain. Have you ever saw James BOND wearing Funky colors? Well for those who believe that it’s just a mere coincidence that BOND always wears darker colors, I would like to say that, “Directors and the big minds who are behind the Bond characterization process, Know their Job very well and they surely know what they have done in every single chapter”. So, Gentlemen, I believe that when they were creating the character of James Bond, they would have already known the fact that, Mystery is Sexy and wearing dark colors like Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Blue, Black, is gonna make you look Most mysterious and manly at the same time. And that’s the reason they developed the BOND’s wardrobe to include clothes that revolve around these colors.

  • But Fit is also very important!

Do you believe that just by Going with a Monochromatic Look or choosing to wear Darker colors is enough? If yes then I am afraid that I will have to disappoint you here by saying that, You are wrong my friend! Let me ask you a simple question, “How many clothing pieces in your Wardrobe are Custom-tailored based on your present Physique?” I know that most of the guys will say “No” as an answer because I know what most of them do. They would just go to the store, choose among, Medium, small, large sizes and then throw that clothing piece on their body and become happy because according to them that’s the best they could have done to Look good. No, my Friend. It ain’t the truth!

You need to take all of your Newly bought outfits to the Tailor (and even the older ones too, because I know exactly how you can make your Old clothes Look Brand New!) and ask him to get your clothes tailored according to your Body (I will soon be posting an article in which I will talk about what to say to your Tailor to get the best tailoring Action Possible, So stay tuned!) Gentlemen! It’s very clear, Have you ever saw James Bond wearing an oversized suit? I am sure Never! Because he knows the importance of wearing a Custom Fitted Suit which leads me to my next recommendation which is, “Invest in a Nice Suit

A Nice Suit, Tuxedo maybe, is gonna gather tons and tons of compliments for you. I am really sorry but I couldn’t stop myself from including Suit on the list because Suit is what you will see Bond wearing all the time. Well, there is a possible chance of an argument here that, “Bond wears a suit all the time because he is at Work all the time”. Ahan! I agree! But at the end of the Day, Bond Wears Suits! and I want each and every one of you to invest in at least 1 Classic suit. The color theme could be Dark Blue, Good Old Black or maybe Grey because all of these are Mr. Bond’s first preference.

In short, you need to have One sexy A#$ Outfit for every occasion. A single 10/10 outfit for, let say a party, business meeting, casual hangout, etc. Always remember guys, A real Life Bond can never fail to look inferior in any situation because He knows the importance of Nice fitted clothes. He utilizes this skill to build up a Simple yet super Sexy Wardrobe. And I want all of you to do the same!

002 Tip: [Being Capable and Not Bragging about it]

Being Capable and Not Bragging about it

Now, this is something that is gonna take you very far on to the ladder of success. See! the thing here is that James Bond is not just any ordinary character. The writers have done their homework very well by including as many Manly traits in this character as they possibly could. And for this 002 Tip, all I have for you is to, “Aquire maximum Number of Skills”

  • Skills matter the Most

Now, this is something that we have been told by tons of People on Youtube, in fact, all over the internet, Yeah! I am talking about the famous dialogue, “F#$ck School, Prefer Acquiring skills instead” But in my opinion, one should not neglect any of these two areas. Why? Well! I am gonna talk about this in some other article because otherwise, we will get very far away from our topic of the day because, for today, it’s all about becoming “James Bond”. Guess what? We all are well aware of the fact that James Bond knows How to Drive a Car, How to Dance like a Pro, How to Ride Horses, How to Swim, How to Play different games, etc, etc, etc. Well, I am sure that in the real world no person can’t have all of the skills but again, what’s bad in giving it a try?

I mean on a journey to becoming more like James Bond, you definitely will have to have a thirst to acquire as many skills as you possibly can. I don’t know, maybe go get a Football club membership, start learning how to ride horses, Take a Video Editing Course, Learn to become independent and that’s how you, my friend, will become the real Life BOND! James Bond is never dependent on any person and I want you to copy this trait from his DNA, as it is.

  • But What about Knowledge?

Knowledge is as much important as a Skill. It gives you wisdom. Gentlemen! Bond knows everything about the place where his next mission is going to be. Life is a mission my friend and I want you to try to find out different aspects of it. Now I don’t know which field you are in, maybe you are becoming a doctor, an engineer or whatever. But having knowledge about different stuff is never a bad idea.

Do you know, what having infinite knowledge does to you? It makes you capable of becoming in charge, no matter where you are and no matter how many people you are dealing with at the same time. But theirs a catch here. If you have seen Bond Movies then you would have definitely loved his trait of staying poised even if he knows his enemy’s next move and that my friend falls under the same category. You can’t have the knowledge and then brag about it by saying stuff like, “I am the king of this field”, “I am the real one, another one” (Oops~). Being a Bond is all about having that Calm and poised personality.

Talk Less, Observe More. Talking Less is Ok but Talking trash, isnt!

003 Tip: [Lean Body and Grooming Routine]

Lean Body and Grooming Routine

No wonder why Bond can easily pull off any outfit, of course, it’s because of his Sexy A#$ Physique. My God, are you kidding me? I mean just look at that man’s cleavage when he wears a casual shirt. And again, if you are a fan of Bond movies then I am damn sure that you have definitely seen him shirtless a lot of times. Yes! Do you like that? That’s what I am talking about Gentlemen! Nobody can make any outfit look good on him if he does not has a nicely built physique.

  • How about a Lean Body?

I don’t want you to Hit the Gym Super hard and become super Big. Going to the gym at least 5 times a week gives you Strength and discipline that is very crucial for both your mental and physical health. If you are a Man of thin physique then I recommend you to consult your trainer, if you don’t have any then visit the nearby quality gym and ask the available trainer to give you suggestions. Get your custom diet plan built. You know what? Just show his Bond’s Photo and ask him to help you get to that level. See, that’s what most people do Wrong. They just go to their trainer and don’t show them their End goal. Guys, think of building a Physique as if you are going to your stylist to get a haircut. You got to show your Trainer your end goal and only then He will be able to recommend the best diet plan according to your Body Type to get to achieve your ideal physique.

And for all my Plus-sized friends out there, Sure I have written an entire article talking about tips that You guys can use to Look Stylish and Less Chubby. But Hey! You got to face the truth, you aren’t gonna become James Bond by utilizing the tips that I have shared in that Article. Because, the dudes who go to the gym 6 times a day and Never skip their Jogging session, deserve a fruit for their hard work, discipline and dedication. Guys, I want all of you to do the same. Leave all of the Junk aside and start Eating healthy from Right Now Plus don’t miss a workout and You! my friend will be on your way to achieving a physique like James Bond 007.

In short, it’s all about building muscle. But again, we are not talking about building a proper Athletic Body over here. It’s about building a body that is enough to make you look good in clothes and Lean without clothes. And I am damn sure that if you are following a proper healthy diet plan then not only your body but your Face, My God that Sexy Face of yours is gonna thank you as well. Your Skin will become clear, and Jawline will become more visible.

  • But again, Grooming Matters a lot!

Among all the charismatic things that Bond Do, have you ever noticed Bond’s Skin? I am sure that you haven’t focused on his skin because of being too busy noticing his manliness and sexy traits But Always remember Gentlemen, Attraction starts from the Face and Ends up in the Eyes. Now some of You might be wondering that How to get Perfect Skin and Grooming routine that BOND has? Well, I Don’t know about His grooming routine much but I myself have collected some important components, steps actually, that anybody can use to take his Grooming game to the Next Level!

  • Wash your Face 2 Times a Day with a Good Quality Face wash based on your Skin type (Make sure that it doesn’t have paraben in it. Face-Wash that has Salicylic Acid will do wonders!)
  • Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week.. with a High-quality Product.
  • Apply moisturizer every time you wash your face.
  • Rub your face gently and while washing off the water use soft tissue or Towel so that you don’t end up damaging your skin.
  • Don’t ever Pop your Acne.
  • Never leave your house without applying Sun Block. Purchase Sunblock based on the area you live in.
  • Take care of your Eyes. Use an eye cream to treat your eyes and Castor Oil to grow out your lashes and eyebrows.

004 Tips: [Make use of Technology]

Make use of Technology

I might sound a bit stupid here but Guys, that’s something that Bond seems to be doing all the time. My Man drives an Austin Martin, Wears the best watch and has cool tech gadgets all around him (Not to mention his watch can become a Powerful magnet in no time) Ok, now some of you might be saying, “Come on! they exaggerate everything in movies” Yeah I know my friend but my point here is that to become Bond-like, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that He is an agent, Right? And now imagine your life. Are you somewhere near to that? I am sure that most of us are not involved in any such stuff. But Hey, Nowadays you can get tons and tons of gadgets that can help you do stuff that they were only able to talk about, in the past.

Do you want to become a Spy? You surely can become a Spy with the help of cool gadgets that flyes high in the sky and records information for you in its lens. Yeah, I am talking about a Drone (But Don’t use it for any illegal purpose). Below are some of the gadgets that I really loved, Thanks to interestingengineering.com for coming up with such Tech Gems:

FIXD is a relatively new innovative gadget that will save you a ton of cash on unnecessary car repairs. It can also help you clear up any doubt what that mysterious “check engine” warning light has appeared again.

DroneX is a new mini-drone that is perfect for any beginner in the world of drones. It is compact, relatively cheap and is just the size of an average smartphone.

Vizr lets you turn your run of the mill smartphone into a cool Heads-up Display. This will be especially handy if you rely on your mobile device as an in-car GPS. 

iTrack is a great little device that plugs into your car’s diagnostics port to feed you real-time updates about your car’s current position. Sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that if your car does mysteriously disappear one day you’ll be able to track its location and tell the authorities. 

Muama might be the translation assistant you have always dreamed of. Becoming fluent in any foreign language takes dedication and a lot of practice so anything that helps speed up the process is of great benefit.

This pocket-sized device lets you speak in our native tongue to any non-speakers anywhere in the world. The device translates vocal sentences into the chosen output language within seconds enabling hassle-free two-way communication

Copied from Interestingengineering.com

A complete list of 15+ Gadgets is available on their website. You can check it out by hitting the above-given Link. So I was talking about gadgets and How by using some simple and inexpensive tech pieces, you can become more like 007. Can you imagine!? You! my friend, are capable of doing stuff that they only dreamt about in the Past? Well, thanks to Technology who has made this dream come true and I want you to appreciate this blessing and Utilise it to become James Bond! (007)

005 Tip: [Face Challenges Like James Bond]

face challenges like BOND

You can’t just imagine Bond without the Calm nature that He has. That one trait of his alone is enough to intimidate any person. Ok, so let’s Stop appreciating Bond and Discuss some tips that you can use to reduce the un-necessary Excitement factor from your set of traits.

  • Say NO To Needless Anger, Frustration and Worries

So there is a lot going in everybody’s life. Maybe at the moment you are going through a very stressful phase or maybe you have a person in your life who is bothering you on a continuous basis and his existence is somehow killing you slowly from inside. See, as I said earlier, we all have our own unique story and first of all, I want you to keep one thing in mind that nobody is living a so-called perfect life. Everybody has his own set of problems. So don’t consider yourself as the only unlucky Human being.

As we are idealizing 007’s life here, trust me, Guys, most of you can’t survive this kind of life because of the number of problems and stress Bond goes through a daily basis. It’s very hard to stay cool all day long, 365 days a year when you have no one at your back supporting you. It’s depressing and the way he portrays his Macho image with all these problems and people who are constantly trying to bring him down is a trait that separates him from every other character (Similar to Bruce Wayne).

Have you seen Bond arguing people furiously? I am sure you haven’t. Because he is the Bond, the calm charming Man of the city. He knows very well that no matter how big of a problem comes in his way, if he is able to solve it, he takes an action immediately and if there is nothing he can do to fix that problem then he simply moves on.

Gentlemen, Here I want you to acknowledge the lesson that they want us to learn which is, “Not to take things too much seriously”. Tons of people are a victim of Overthinking Nowadays. And the next step is even more dangerous, Depression! Stop! My Friend, you need to calm down. Just stop thinking about Billy who betrayed you and Sara who showed her anger onto your face. Don’t give a shit about any of them because you have got no time to waste on them. Your energy should never be wasted in doing such useless things.

  • Discipline and Emotional Stability

I don’t know about you But Bond has a set of Disciplines and ideals that he sticks to, all the time. Gentlemen, Have you watched that torture scene? Yeah! Bond didn’t disclose the information that he was forced to disclose. It’s like, you can’t get anything done from him without his own consent. He is the man of Disciple. Well, guys, Emotional stability plays a very important role in making you a Disciplined Man, just like James BOND!

Up until now, we have learned that “Discipline makes you a better Human Being” but do you know how to include discipline in your life? Well, nobody can get disciplined in 1 day or 1 week. It takes time but the key here is to take the first step. Gentlemen, you can’t become a Pro, actually, nobody was a pro when they started, it all takes time. With every day passed you will become more resistant to your emotional desires and a time will come when you will become Hard as Rock from inside.

James bond handles betrayal like a Boss, Right? It’s all because he has mastered the art of staying unreactive and stable no matter what happens. I want you to become the same. Yes, Men do cry as well! but The real Men laugh while crying as well because they don’t ever lose hope. It’s all about staying calm from inside and facing all the hurdles with a big smile on the face. The second thing that I want you to say is, I want all of you to build up some set of principles/morals and then stick to them because by doing that you will be assured that your personal growth process remains active. Always remember guys, never give up your disciplines for any hurdle that comes in front of you. Instead hit that hurdle with That WoW Man hunter right onto the Face because that’s what BOND does!

  • Personal is Personal

How many of you know Bond’s story? Oh! a lot of you? Well, That’s great! Ok, let me rephrase my question, “How many of You have heard James Bond telling HIS story to somebody?” I am sure none of you because Real Men don’t open up in front of every other person. Guys! why the hell would you share the dirtiest secret of yours with just any regular person who you meet just 2 months, 1 year or 2 years ago? What if that person isn’t by your side in the future? You will always be afraid while talking to him because you know that he knows your secret. Bond is not afraid of any person other than his own self. Don’t ever share your personal life with anybody. It’s your private life my friend and nobody should have the right to disclose or talk about your personal matters. Think about it!

006 Tip: [Don’t Get intimidated]

never get intimidated

Now, this is something that a lot of Boys face problems dealing with. I am talking about those confrontations that you get into, with your Crush, another Hot dude or whatever. Maybe you have been caught red-handed by somebody. What most men in such a situation do is that they get confused and ultimately start saying and doing stupid stuff. That’s where the problems start actually. You can’t show the other person that you are confused at the moment. Sure that it is a natural phenomenon and you can’t control it but what I want you to do is that I want you to try your best to hide your feelings.

That’s what James Bond Do. Look at his movies, and tell me a single scene where he confronts his enemy who has a weapon loaded with bullets and by seeing that, Bond starts trembling or showing any sign of intimidation, Can you? I am sure you won’t be able to point out such a scene because there isn’t any! Ok so let’s divide it into two different parts because that’s how you will get a clear idea of what actually you all should do to not get intimidated by anybody.

  • You need to Stay Calm!

Let’s say there is this Hot girl who just approached you and from inside you are like “WTF“. But wait! I want you to control your inner butterflies and try your best to not tremble. First of all, make sure that your body language is all intact, up straight and in dominant posture. What it does is that it tells that girl subliminally that you are the One who is the leader in this situation. Now that you have corrected your posture, the second thing you need to work on is your facial expressions. You should not look worried or confused. It’s better to rock a cool smirk because 8/10 times you will see Bond rocking a Sexy smirk on his face. But Hey I don’t want you to do that all the time because chances are that she perceives you as if you are a pervert.

Always remember guys, confidence is the sexiest trait a man can have and Calmness is the reflection of immense confidence. Again, don’t let others know what’s going on inside you. And that can only be done by correcting and calming down your outer self and expressions. Learn to fake your expression or, as I said in 005 Tip, Let it go!

  • The Rejection and then Retreat!

I really love it! So this is a Psychological concept researched by Dr. Robert B. Ciadini. It states something like, “Offer more first and then obviously you are gonna get rejected. Chances are that you don’t get rejected. If that’s your case then Cool! but if you get rejected then What you gonna wanna do is that you wanna offer something less in return. What that does is, it injects sort of guilt in the other person’s mind making him choose your second offer. This ultimately means that at the end of the day, you are the one who wins!”

The above-given formula is being used by almost all the big companies today to make big bucks and trust me guys, it does work! James BOND does it as well in that Poker scene where he offers his opponent’s wife a drive back to her home and she Says No. As a followup request, bond invites her to his place for a Drink (I DON’T RECOMMEND DRINKING AND NOBODY SHOULD DRINK) to which she says, “YES”. At the end of the Day, Bond wins!

But with all that being said, You need to stay calm throughout the whole conversation. If you want to become the real Bond then you need to eat up rejections like a Boss. Sure that nobody is perfect, everyone gets rejections once or more in his life but the key is to face the situation with ultimate kindness and by using tools like “The Rejection and then Retreat” to cover up the loss!

007 Tip: [In-Charge]

If you have been reading this article thoroughly then, first of all, a Big Thank you for appreciating and taking time out of your busy life to read my thoughts. You are such a Gentlemen and I would love to be friends with you! Come say to me Hi at (@worldofnyazi). But wait! theirs just one step Left. It’s all about being In-charge!

Have you ever saw a Bond Movie in which someone else is commanding Bond? Well Yes, it happens all the time but have you ever seen Bond not being in-charge at the end and saying, “Yoo Mama, Whos the Boss Now?”? My God! Theirs a great lesson here that we all can learn and its that, No matter who is the leader, if you have the leading traits and skills then nobody can stop you from being the most BADASS person in the group!

34 Steps to Become the MOST Badass Bad Boy Around (in just 15 Days!)

  • The Eyes Chico!

Eyes do speak my friend and James knows how to get his eyes to Scream, “I AM THE BOSS HERE”. Yes, you got it right! I am talking about Jame’s one of the most attractive trait, “his top-notch eye contact skills” But Don’t you worry gentlemen, cause you are gonna know some of the best tips that you can use to take your eye contact game from 5/10 to a solid 8.9/10 which in the first place involves, “Looking into the eyes when they are talking to you”. We all know that guy who never looks at you when you are talking to him. Yaa, he will be looking here and there, on his phone, even on his crouch but not towards you. Will you call ever dare to call him, James Bond? Never in a million years. Be like Bond my friend! Show them that you are interested in what they are talking about. And when its the girl you like then you need to learn the Key to maintain Eye contact.

But Hey, don’t you dare keep looking into her eyes for 10 minutes straight! You are an Alpha MALE and Not a creep. Yeah look into her eyes calmly and then talk slowly, not too slow, not too fast, just medium range, and Please don’t lean forward all the time. Leaning forward technique should only be practiced when you have something clever to say. Pauses between your dialogues and eye contact matter a lot too. Look into her eyes and then pause and look away and then look back. Yeah, Look at you, Now you are learning. Well done my boy!

  • Showing Dominance
dominate like BOND

According to my perspective, Dominance is all about being able to be the first to help somebody. Its all about being the first one to openly stand against a problem, it’s about being the leader of a group, Dominance is to open the door, pull the chair for her, Dominance is all about being a Gentleman that you already are. You just need to activate that Classy Switch that is hidden somewhere inside you and then Bang! You, my friend, will become the most dominant / Leading person in the entire room!

Another thing that I want you to practice is “Talking slowly”. I myself am learning different ways to talk slowly and make my voice deep (I will soon write a detailed post about it as well, so stay tuned!) Below are some videos that will give you suggestions on How to make your Voice clear and Deep.

How To Get a DEEP Voice INSTANTLY – “See The Change” – The Charisma Matrix
HOW TO GET A DEEP VOICE | 3 Easy Tips for SEXY MANLY VOICE – Abhinav Mahajan
How To Have A Sexy Voice | Developing A DEEPER Voice | Manly Voice Tips – Alpha m

Last but not least, the best way to showcase Dominance is to Walk like a Badass. James Bond 007 is a Badass and if you guys learn How to Walk like a Badass then you possibly can become the real Life walking James Bond! Below are some of the Badass walking tips for you Guys:

  • Your Shoulders, they need to be broad. I know that they stay recessive all the time but Hit them with a WOW Man hunter because they need to rise! Push them a little bit back and Up, Yeah that’s perfect!
  • Your chest needs to out. Now make sure that you are not getting it too much out because that way you are gonna end up looking very weird. You just got to get your chest out a little bit, just enough to kill the sloppy posture of yours and that’s it.
  • Please don’t walk with your hands inside your Pocket. My God! Do you know how recessive and unconfident you look with your hands in your pocket while you are walking? I can’t even measure your level of recessiveness.
  • Your steps should be medium. Not too big, not too short. Just enough to showcase your sexiness.
  • Walk with confidence Gentlemen. Ok, think of yourself as a Confident Dude, One who is Sexy and perfect (I repeat, not proud but perfect). Yeah.. you see that smile, that shines in your eyes! Now walk while having that same feeling inside, THAT’S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s topic, “007 Tips to become, “No time to Die”, James BOND!” It’s your turn now. Which one of these tips you believe is the most valuable? Do let me know in the comments down below 👇🏻 and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@worldofnyazi).


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