11 Hair Hacks for Guys to Take Hair Game to the Next Level!

Hey Bros! I hope you are doing good. In today’s article, we will talk about Hair Hacks for Guys. These are the hacks/tips that will help you get better hair in the next couple of days!

Nah! Ali, I am not joking around. Trust me on this! These hair hacks that we are going to be discussing in today’s article, are Gold Level!!

  • Chances are that you want to improve your appearance (Get Better Face By Clicking Here).
  • Maybe you already have great hair but you want to take your hair game to a whole new level.
  • Or maybe you are searching for some new stuff to try out on your hair.

Whatever your motive is, today’s article covers it all! Your call for better hair has been answered.

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So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of tips/hair hacks for guys to get better hair in the next couple of days. Shall we?

Hair Hacks for Guys to take hair game to the next level/Tips to get better hair for Men

  • Change your Stylist.
  • Condition your hair (The Right Way).
  • Air drying is a better option.
  • Massage your head…
  • Things to avoid (when your hair is wet).
  • Shampoo your hair properly.
  • The Power of Hair Masks.
  • What if you are getting late?
  • Scalp Exfoliation is a Must.
  • Foods for Better Hair.
  • Save up for Better Hair Products.

That’s it. This in front of you is a list of 11 Hair Hacks/Tips that are going to improve the quality of your hair, helping you get a better hairstyle aka Improve your appearance!

So without any further ado, let’s get straight into each of these hair hacks for guys. Shall we?

1: Change your Stylist.

Change your Stylist (hair hacks for guys)

See.. I have looked at your hair from every angle possible and what I am looking at is something that I can’t explain (because I am not a hairstylist myself). But Guess what? This thing needs to be fixed if you really want to take your hair game to the next level.

Maybe it is about the Layers or what but your haircut does not looks like the picture you showed to your barber.

He says that he has done the best that he could… So what’s the catch..

Chances are that he isn’t experienced enough to notice the details. Maybe his aesthetics are different from yours.

No matter what the case is (in this situation), you need to consider switching your barber. Hey! Why don’t you visit a stylist instead?

Stylists are barbers but with way more knowledge and information about hair. He will guide you better, plus he will suggest you better hair products for your hairstyle needs (more on that later).

Things to do before you choose new barber/stylist

Ok, so you’ve finally realized that you need to upgrade your hairstylist. That’s great. But what’s the next step?

Well, I recommend you to look for a person whose hair looks dope AF. The details, yes see who has the best haircut when it comes to the details…

Another thing that you can do to find a better stylist is to search online. Search customer reviews online and visit the Facebook page of different Salons to gather more information about their staff.

Once you’ve gathered enough comments, the Next step is to see how professional and friendly the environment is that a customer experiences in that salon.

Compare all of these with the price tag and then make a decision. Note that, do not just for the salon that provides you the services at a cheap price because most of the times such salon compromise on hygiene or maybe you are going to end up getting a less-experienced stylist dealing with your hair.

And we definitely don’t want that to happen. Right?

2: Condition your hair (The Right Way).

Why should every guy condition his hair?

I am talking about using that conditioner that you have in your toiletry bag. But why do you need that?

According to Healthline.com:

Conditioner makes hair softer and easier to manage. It also protects hair shafts from damage. They have fatty alcohols, humectants, and oils to make hair soft and flexible. Some have protein to temporarily bind split ends, and some have thickening agents to make hair feel fuller. Dry, damaged hair can be static because it has a negative charge. Conditioning ingredients have a positive charge, so they cling to hair and make it less static.

Give enough time to your conditioner

With that being said, are you really making use of your conditioner? I mean, for sure you apply it to your hair, on the regular basis. But are you doing it the right way?

Let’s say you’ve applied this great quality conditioner to your hair. Great. Now what? The next step is to wash your hair. Right?

Probably Not… Well, of course, the next step is to wash your hair but you need to WAIT FOR SOME TIME!

What most guys do is that they wash their hair off almost immediately after applying the conditioner. And then they think that they are doing their best to take great care of their hair.

In reality, you are doing nothing.

The conditioner needs time before it gets penetrated in the hair to do the nourishment job. How much time though? 1-2 minutes would be enough.

I have an idea for you. Why not apply the Shower Gel on your body and scrub your body properly and during all this time, the conditioner gets the job done? Good idea. No?

And since you are still in the shower make sure that you are scrubbing your body properly. Why? Because thats one of the reasons why you are not smelling your best.

Scrub your body (as well) Properly.

You have purchased a nice shower gel but what are you doing?

I mean, you haven’t purchased a LOOFAH. Guys! You need to scrub properly + you also need to make sure that you are doing it properly in order to remove all the germs and bacteria that might be living on your body!

Once this odor (bad odor) causing bacteria and germs are removed (Thanks to the exfoliation action done by the Loofah), you can expect to smell good.

Now your body odor is more neutral and the fragrance that you will apply once you are out of the shower will perform much better than before.

3: Air drying is a better option.

Next up in the list of Hair Hacks for Guys to take hair game to the next level/Tips to get better hair for Men is, “Air Drying”.

I know that you love to blow dry your hair. Guess what? I love to do the same exact thing. And trust me on this, I love to do this every single day.

But do I do that everyday? Not at all.

Look, when you blow-dry your hair every day, no matter how much care you are (use argan oil, purchased a ceramic or ionic blow dryer, etc), you are still going to see some effect of the process (hair gets dry and brittle).

So, what can do we about that?

Let’s make a deal with yourself. “I am going to blow dry my hair only when I will have to look my best”.. Oops, this could be hard because most of us want to look good every single day…

Let’s fix the deal clause.

“I will blow dry my hair 3 times a week only, If I am not going to anywhere important”.

Guess what? the days when you will not blow dry your hair will the days that will be responsible for your hair looking great after blow drying… Your hair sort of heal on the days you skip blow-drying.

Just by adding this single change to your daily hair care routine, you are going to end up seeing a massive improvement in your hair health/condition.

4: Massage your head…

Massage your head (hair hacks for guys)

This is going to be a game changer for you, trust me!

Alright, so our goal with today’s article is to take the hair game to the next level. Right? Well, for that we definitely have to add up a bunch of things that you’ve never done to your hair, in the past.

Gentlemen! Presenting, The Hair Massage or Massaging your head.

What are the benefits of Massaging your head every day?

First thing first, it is pretty damn relaxing. It relaxes both your body and your mind as well. Who does not want that?

Secondly, massaging your head gives you thicker hair and it increases the quality of your hair too. Are you worried due to the hair fall? Don’t worry anymore because massaging your head on the regular basis is going to help with that as well.

Massaging your head improves the quality of your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

The Right way to Massage your head (Skinkraft.com)

  • Using light to medium pressure, massage your scalp with your fingers in circular motions.
  • You don’t need any oil for this massage. 
  • Make sure that you cover your entire scalp.
  • Do this for 5 minutes, at least 2 times a day.

They say 2 times, but in my opinion, doing it even once a day would be enough for somebody who massages his head (the wrong way) once a week or once in 2 weeks.

Do you need to use any oil? No. Using Olive Oil or Coconut Oil will definitely make things even better but they aren’t necessary at all.

5: Things to avoid (when your hair is wet).

Next in the List of Hair Hacks for Guys to take hair game to the next level/Tips to get better hair for Men is “Things to avoid”.

So your hair is wet, Hah?

Wait a minute.. What are you going to do bro?


You can do that for sure but please dry your hair first.. Let me explain

Laying down with wet hair increases the chances of fungal infection which then increases the chances of hair breakage. You definitely don’t want to happen. Right?

The same goes for wearing hats on wet hair. A dark and moist environment is the home for infections which then leads to hair breakage.

Are you going to brush your wet hair? Stop for a second and listen to me… Don’t do that. Brushing wet hair (harshly) increases the chances of you losing those luxurious hair strands. And last but not the least, make sure that you are using a wide-tooth comb instead of that thin line with little to no gap in between the teeth.

6: Shampoo your Hair Properly

I know that this is a very cliché thing to talk about like this phrase alone.. “Shampoo properly” is something that you guys would have heard a million times if not more.

Then why have I listed it in the list of “Hair Hacks for Guys” when it is a common information?

“The hacks are already there, all we need to do is to look at them”.

Sometimes we search for gold in the wrong place. We are looking at it already but we ignore it because we are too busy looking at the sky (so-called MOST IMPORTANT THINGS).

With that being said, let’s talk about “The Right Way to Shampoo your Hair” now. Shall we?

How to Shampoo your Hair – The Right Way?

  • First thing first. Apply the right amount. But what is the right amount? Actually, It is different for all of us. People with short hair can get the job with a small amount of shampoo but those who have medium or long hair will definitely need more to get their hair washed properly. You need to focus on the amount of shampoo which covers your hair. Men with thick hair need more shampoo than those who have regular or thin hair, for obvious reasons. Rich Lather, proper coverage, and maximum cleaning actions are the signs that you’ve used the right amount of shampoo on your hair.
  • But what If I told you that even if you’ve used the right amount of shampoo, still there is this one thing that can determine the quality of the wash? Guys, I am talking about the circular motion..

Let me come out of these list points to explain this thing to you. Hey! Look at me. I told you the other day that you have been doing it all wrong. The way you shampoo your hair is giving you no benefit at all.

You Apply the shampoo and then rinse it off, thinking that you’ve done the best that you could? In reality, you’ve done almost nothing.

You need to use the “Circular Motion” of fingers to get the shampoo to work its way to all the depths. That way you can be sure that the cleaning action is done, all right and bright!

7: The Power of Hair Masks.

The Power of Hair Masks (hair hacks for guys)

Please don’t come at me saying that hair masks are not made for the men. Who told you that?

Every Human on the earth can make use of the hair masks to get better hair. Is that clear?

I’ve seen you doing a bunch of things that are 100% correct.

  • You wash your hair the right way
  • Follow a proper hair care regimen
  • You are not blow-drying every single day, for no reason

But still, there is this one thing that might be stopping you from taking your hair game to the next level. And what is that? The Hair mask!

There are many hair mask options available out there in the market for you to try on your hair and enjoy the benefits. But for those who do not want to buy a bunch of extra hair-care products, I’ve 3 very special hair masks that you can try on your hair and get amazing results!

Some Great Homemade Hair Masks for Men:

1: Neem Paste Mask: You need some Neem tree leaves. And then you wanna do is that you wanna blend those leaves. (Put some water in it as well) And put some coconut oil in it. Now put this mixture in a bowl. Heat it up (while mixing the ingredients continuously) until the mixtures turn dark green.

2: Fenugreek Seeds Mask: You need to take the two ingredients. (Fenugreek seeds and curry leaves) Fry them in a frying pan at medium to low heat for about 5 minutes. Now turn off the flame and grind the mixture to get the powder out of it. Put this powder in some sort of bowl. On the other hand, you need 2 spoons of coconut oil. Heat it up for about 3-4 minutes at low flame. But No! You will not heat coconut oil alone. Put the mixture of fenugreek seeds + curry leaves that we just prepared in coconut oil. And heat the newly prepared mixture for about 3-4 minutes at low flame.

Let the newly prepared oil cool down. And then what you wanna do is that you wanna apply this oil on your head. Apply evenly and make sure that it reaches every hair strand. Leave it on your hair for about 1 hour and then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. That’s it!

3: Egg-Yogurt Mask: Pop out the egg and mash it up a little bit. Now put in some mustard or coconut oil. Add some yogurt or milk to give this entire mixture a protein/vitamin boost up. There you go! Your Hair Mask is ready. Now apply the mixture on your head evenly and leave it there for about 30 minutes or So. Wash your hair afterward with shampoo and conditioner and that’s it!

8: What if you are getting late? (Hair Hacks for Guys)

Next in the list of Hair Hacks for Guys to take hair game to the next level/Tips to get better hair for Men is, “Quick Drying”.

Ok, so let’s say you are getting late. Chances are that you want to guy out (to not something very important) and your hair is wet.

What should you do now?

You have 2 options:

  • Blow Dry your hair and get an amazing hairstyle
  • Use a Hair Hack

As we discussed again, you don’t have to go out to something very important, so it should be alright to skip the blow drying process to give your hair another day to heal its health.

But what is the option #2? What Kind of Hair hack are we talking about?

Guys! I am talking about the combination of 2 things:

  • Patting your hair gently with the Towel.
  • and then combining it with blow-drying your hair on the regular air settings (instead of going for the hot air).

Stop using the towel harshly because that is going to cause hair breakage, taking away all of the shine from your hair. Just tap it gently and then use the Blow dryer on the regular air settings.

Voila, problem solved!

9: Scalp Exfoliation (Hair Hacks for Guys)

Guys! Are you kidding me right now?

I am 100% sure that you have not heard about this thing before. For sure we all know that there is skin down there, hair is covering your hair. Right?

We call it the scalp and we also know that the healthier your scalp is, the better quality hair is going to come out of it.

Well, then why don’t we try to improve the quality of that skin and give it nourishment, so that it promotes healthy hair growth as a result?

Makes sense. Right?

Let’s get that done now. Shall we?

Exfoliate your Scalp in 3 steps only

Step Number 1 is to get some sugar. Get some brown sugar if you want to. The next step is to grab some oil. You can grab some Argan oil or maybe get some olive or coconut oil.

The third and last step is to mix these two ingredients and massage your scalp. Get these ingredients deep into the scalp and use the circular motion of the fingers to kinda get the exfoliation job done 10/10.

Scalp Exfoliation that you’ve just done is going to lift away the deal skin cells off of your scalp making way for the fresh skin to come which then leads to healthy hair growth.

10: Food for the Hair

Food for the Hair (hair hacks for guys)

You can never go wrong when it comes to healthy eating. I recommend each and every one of you to eat foods that are better for your health.

That said, let’s talk about the foods that you need to have better hair. Shall we? I am going to talk about the foods that are great for your hair and then we shall discuss some foods that you need to remove from your diet if you really want to have healthy-looking hair.

Let’s get started now. Shall we?

Foods that are Good for your Hair

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

First thing First, let’s start with the Fats. You need to add Good Fats, specifically Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Some great sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids include Nuts, Salmon, Avocado, Plant Oils, Tuna. Also, Add Walnuts to your diet as they are yummy plus very beneficial when it comes to your hair & scalp health.

Vitamin C

Boys! Vitamin C is also going to prove magical for your hair and scalp health. Especially, Vitamin C plays a role in protecting you against Split Ends. Yes, the barber part. Foods that contain Vitamin C are going to reduce the chances of you getting split ends.

And that ultimately is going to reduce the hair breakage! Source of Vitamin C Include Dark Leafy Greens, Spinach, Broccoli, Strawberries. And How can I forget about the Oranges and lemons? They are one of the best sources of Vitamin C. Treat yourself with a glass of Orange Juice Daily and you will be amazed by the number of benefits it is going to bring for your hair, skin, and overall health as well.


They are Great for you in a Million Different ways. They help in the production of Sebum which coats and moisturizes your scalp. Yes, we already talked about the importance of Moisture in Point Number # 1. Thanks to bananas, we have one more candidate helping us completing our moisture inventory.


They also Help a Lot in making your hair strong, adding strength to your hair. And then comes the Sweet Potato.

Sweet Potato

They are Yummy and Most importantly they are very beneficial when it comes to your hair and scalp health. Being an Excellent Source of Beta-Carotene, sweet potato is going to play its role in moisturizing your scalp and hair as well. And Note that: Eating Sweet Potatoes (beta-carotene) keeps you young for a long time.


You might want to add Zinc to your diet as well. It is very beneficial for your hair health, keeping your hair looking thick, healthy, and sexy! Now let’s talk about the Source of Zinc. You can Pick Oysters, Soya beans, Turkey, Poultry products, and Whole Grains to complete your Zinc inventory.

Foods that are Bad for your Hair

Just Like the foods that you should be eating. There are a couple of Foods that are bad for your hair health. Let’s talk about them now. Shall we?


I am Sorry for Negating Sugar again and again but trust me, it is what it is. Sugar Promotes Inflammation. When you eat Sugar, it flows in your blood causing spikes in your insulin levels. And in the end, you will be left with nothing but dull hair follicles (which then results in hair breakage).

Fast Food

Fast Food is Known to damage healthy hair, leaving you with dull and brittle strands. It Contains Saturated Fats and Sugars that can accelerate the hair loss process.

Artificial Sweeteners

Most of the Artificial Sweeteners that you are going to purchase contain a compound called Aspartame. It damages hair follicles causing hair loss.

And you also need to avoid Smoking, Drinking, Consuming Diet Soda, Drinks that you see on the counter. All of these are going to be not so healthy for your hair. Opt for healthy dietary choices instead of consuming foods that look delicious. Trust me, you are going to regret your choices in the later years. Make a smart choice, Do it Now. Because it is now or never.

11: Save up for Better Hair Products (Hair Hacks for Guys)

And last but not the least, probably one of the most important in the list of Hair Hacks for Guys to take hair game to the next level/Tips to get better hair for Men is to save up for your hair.

We already know what the deal here is. Guys! You have been using this drug store product on your hair for a long time now.

And have you got any good results? I am sure the answer to this question would be a “No” from your side.

Save up, my friend. Save up to buy a product that your hair deserves. It could be a hair spray, maybe a putty, or something else.

We’ve already discussed the advantages of changing your hairstylist. I want you to add one more advantage to the list and that is, “You get to choose a better hair product for your hair and hairstyle”.

What kind of hairstyle do you need to rock your specific hairstyle? Your hairstylist will guide you on that. And I recommend you to follow what he says to you because he knows what he is talking about and he knows what you need to look your best.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. I want you to send me your questions, and suggestions related to the list of “Hair Hacks for Guys to take hair game to the next level/Tips to get better hair for Men is to save up for your hair”. And I will come back to you ASAP.

Gentlemen! Today was all about, “Hair Hacks for Guys to take hair game to the next level/Tips to get better hair for Men is to save up for your hair” and I will see you guys in another one,


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