11 Things “Good Looking” Guys Never Do at Night (Take Notes)

Hello Guys! So today we are going to talk about some things that good looking guys never do at night. These things have the potential to destroy your looks and mental health. And for that reason, you need to make sure that you are not doing these before going to bed.

Wait a Minute. I have something else as well for you all. Just recently I did this research on the Stunning Men. And what I found out were these 15 Crazy Mistakes that Stunning Men never make. I highly recommend you guys to go through all of these mistakes, note them down, and make sure that you never do these mistakes.

With that being said, let’s head over to the list of things that good looking guys never do at night. Shall we?

Things Good Looking/Attractive Guys Never do at Night

  • Drinking-Water
  • Watching Porn
  • Making Plans with the Friends
  • Thinking about the things that you failed to achieve
  • Skipping the Nighttime Pampering
  • Leaving work-related task for the Night
  • Sleeping on a Dirty Setup
  • Sleeping with Head full of Product
  • Going to Bed without Choosing the Outfit for Tomorrow
  • Posting a Photo before going to Bed
  • Preparing Yourself for a Good Night Sleep

And thats it. These are the 11 Mistakes or Things that Good Looking Guys never do at night. I know that you’ve been doing these mistakes lately and due to that your looks have had a huge hit.

Don’t worry. I know that you’ve been doing these mistakes unconsciously but guess what? You need to at least have an idea of the fact that the things you’ve been lately are not good for you and your good looks.

That said, let’s get straight into each of these things and discuss them in detail. Shall we?

1: Drinking Water

Drinking Water

First in the list of things good looking guys never do at night is, “Drinking Water”.

Look, I understand that I’ve been recommending you all to drink lots & lots of water throughout the day. But wait a minute. You need to hit the break paddle because this isn’t the right time to drink that entire bottle full of water.


Because, obviously, you want to maintain a sleep cycle in order to complete your 7 hours of sleep every night. And if that sleep cycle gets disturbed it becomes very hard for you to complete your 7 hours of sleep.

Because obviously, you don’t want to get up every hour to pee. What if you fail to go to sleep again?

So for that reason, I recommend you guys to stop drinking water 2-3 hours before going to bed. By doing that you will have enough time to pee according to what you drank before those 3 hours.

Good Looking guys do the same exact thing. And by doing that they are able to look that good. What do you think will they look like if they instead are drinking water late at night? They will probably have big dark circles around their eyes and they are looking not so fine as they look at the moment.

2: Watching Porn

Next on the list of things good looking/handsome/attractive men never do at night is, “Watching Porn”.

Look at me for a second. So what is it that makes you want to watch porn over and over again, every single day?

I know that you are addicted and that’s exactly what’s making you weak (mentally).

Watching Porn is something that good looking guys never do at night and they try their best to avoid watching porn during the day as well.

Disadvantages of Watching Porn

Watching porn is going to make you want to keep searching for better and better. And not only you end up masturbating and then feeling guilty due to what you just did, but that countless amount of time that you spent searching that porn has now reduced your sleeping time to just 3 hours.

Nah! This can’t work like that. You need to understand that the recommended sleeping time is 7 hours at least and if you are sleeping lesser than that, then you might get trapped into the cage of depression which is obviously not a good place to be in.

Good Looking guys do the research. They are worried about their looks. They know that watching porn is going to bring no good to them and the harmful effects are countless. After the entire analysis of the situation, they come to the conclusion that watching porn is a useless activity that they should never include in their nighttime routine.

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3: Making plans with the Friends

I understand that you feel super tired when you head back home. You’ve been working your ass off the entire day. What about a little hangout session with your friends?

You, your friends, and a cup of tea in that Famous restaurant?

Alright. Thats a good idea. But guess what? Doing that may end up turning this “LITTLE” hangout session into a late-night hangout session. And you might end up returning home at 3. And Yo, you already know that you have to report to the office at around 9. Do you really think that you are going to make it?

It seems impossible to me given that you are taking care of your grooming routine, outfit, and your sleep cycle, all at the same time. So yeah.

Ok, I understand that you can not say No to your friends all the time. So what can we do about it?

A better solution is to plan 1 day out from the whole week, maybe the weekend. You might want to include some time of the night of that day as well.

Hey! Just like the cheat meal, taking one day off of your regular sleep cycle won’t affect your routine much.

What good looking guys do

Good Looking and Handsome men take great care in such conditions. Do you think that handsome and attractive men don’t think about anything? Nah! You are absolutely wrong. They put everything under consideration.

They see if they can manage to complete their sleep cycle if they plan some time out with friends. And if they are unable to do so then they simply say sorry and make a plan for the weekend or some other day when they feel like it won’t affect their routine much.

I recommend you all to do the same exact thing if you want to keep looking good, sexy, and ultra attractive for a longer period of time.

4: Thinking about the things that you failed to achieve

Thinking about the things that you failed to achieve

Next on the list of things good looking/handsome/attractive guys never do, “thinking about the things that you failed to achieve”.

And I am talking about something that you planned for the day but you were unable to achieve that. It could be a goal that you wanted to achieve or maybe you had this very important task that you wanted to complete. But the summary is, You failed to achieve it!

What Now? Should you sit and cry over it? Should you be thinking about this failure over and over again?


Doing that is going to keep you awake. And all you will be doing is overthinking.

“I wanted to do this task so bad. How can I not forget about that?”
“I should have accomplished this thing today. Now things are going to get very difficult for me”


All of this will be going on inside your head and I swear things are going to get very difficult for you! Alright, look at me. Do you want to wake up feeling super depressed? Do you want to wake up with 0 energy? If No then I recommend you all to think about it in a positive way.

“I will achieve it tomorrow”
“Never Mind. I will do it tomorrow”

This type of mindset is needed if you really want to achieve something. Failures happen to the best of us but it’s your approach that really determines whether you are going to recover from that particular failure or you will get stuck even more into it.

What does the Good looking guys do?

Good Looking Guys never ever quit. They make plans for the day and then they try their best to achieve everything that has been written on those plans.

Having that said, they fail as well.

Who does not fail? Everyone does. But the key here is to keep focusing on how are you going to recover from it. Thats exactly what good-looking guys do. They understand that thinking too much is going to affect their skin and hair health. And for that reason, they try not to let these stupid overthinking thoughts come in their way of getting better and better (in terms of the looks) every day.

5: Skipping the Night time Pampering

Next on the list of things good looking guys never do at night is, “skipping the nighttime pampering”.

First of all, I want you to keep one thing in your intelligent mind,

“Taking care of yourself isn’t Feminine”

By taking care of yourself, you can transform your good looks into mega good looks. And all you need to do is to repeat the same exact thing over and over again.

Nah.. I am not going to recommend anything that is too complex. It’s just the basics with a little added touch to make sure that you stay sexy for a longer period of time. Let’s talk about that now. Shall we?

Wait a minute. My brain just told me that I’ve already talked about the nighttime routine for men. Although I have one extra thing for you guys, first let me quote, what I had already written regarding this topic. May I?

Night time Skincare Routine for Men

So the Entire Day Passed. Ahmed had a Rough day at work. But He is very happy because He did his Best. And He hopefully is gonna get the reward of it very soon. However, What about His Skin? Should he Go to Bed ASAP? Of Course Not.

I know that Ahmed is super tired but he now knows the Importance of the Nighttime Skin Care routine. And there you Go. See He is going to His Bathroom to Complete His Before Bed Skin Care Regimen. Below is the Basic Nighttime Skin Care Routine for All of you guys out there who are New to the World of Self Care.

All You Need are 4 Products. First thing First, It’s the Cleansing Time. You came Home after working Maybe 6-7 Hours. Chances are that your Skin Looks tired and there Could be Dirt inside your Pores. We must remove that.

And Cleansing is what we need for that. The Next Step is to Moisturise your Face with a High-Quality Moisturiser. Now Make sure that your PM moisturizer is Different from your AM moisturizer.

Guys, In the Morning your Skin has to Deal with Different Sorts of Problems. And for that purpose, you need somewhat Strong or More of a Different Kind of Functions. However, Nighttime is best for healing and you need such kind of Properties inside your moisturizer.

After You are Done Moisturising, You wanna Apply the Eye Cream just like you did in the Morning and The Final Step is to Apply the Vaseline. You don’t want to Apply Lip balm at this time because you are Not Going out so you don’t need protection against the Sun. Thats it.

Courtesy: Skin Care For Men: Do’s and Don’ts for Better Skin

Whats the Addition?

All you need to do is to mix some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with the moisturizing lotion that you apply on the daily basis. Once you’ve mixed these two in the palm of your hands, gently massage both of your arms and hands with this mixture.

Trust me, it is going to make you feel super relaxed plus it will moisturize and nourish your skin as well.

Do the same exact thing with your feet as well.

Thats it. This was the addition that is going to make sure that your arms and feet look super sexy as well!

6: Leaving Work Related Task for the Night

I told you not to spend time outside at night because this may end up you, not being able to get up and go to work.

So apparently we have put work on top of the priority list (after self-care). Right?

That said, I won’t ever recommend you to do your work-related tasks at night. You’ve spent your entire day busting your ass off. And finally, you are back home.

You, my friend, now want to work even more? What if you end up working late at night and not sleeping for the 7 hours at the least recommended time?

That’s exactly what we don’t want to happen.

I want you to not leave the difficult/important tasks to do late in the day or at the night. Doing that will indirectly affect your entire routine, ruining your sleep cycle, and it may lead to anxiety as well.

We don’t want any of these to happen. Do we?

What does the Good looking and Attractive Men do in such situations?

Good looking and attractive men take it easy. They have their entire day planned in such a way that nothing misses. Neither do their self-care routines nor do their work-related tasks.

In one of my previous articles (Men’s Morning Routine 2021: 11 Tips to Look Good and Crush the Day!), I talked about getting the most challenging task done in earlier hours of the day. What will that do?

It will make sure that your complex tasks get completed plus your nighttime routine does not get disturbed too. So basically it is a win-win.

And that’s how good looking men manage to look super handsome every single day!

7: Sleeping on a Dirty Setup

Sleeping on a Dirty Setup

Next in the list of Things Good Looking/attractive/handsome Guys Never Do at Night is, “Sleeping on a dirty Setup”.

I and proud of you Boys. I am proud of you for completing your entire day perfectly. You’ve done all the essential tasks that you had written on your to-do list.

But guess what? There is this one thing that you’ve been doing wrong constantly which is slowly killing your good looks.

Look at me. Yeah, you. I am talking to you, the most handsome guy in the room. Let me tell you something. Your Pillows are super dirty and all of that dirt and grime is shifting to your face.

Do you want that to happen?

Do you want to get acne breakouts, blemishes, and blackheads after taking so much care of your skin? I am 100% sure you never want this to happen.

Well, then why don’t you clean or change your sheets at least once a week? It can be done very easily. All you need to do is to send these to the laundry and you are good to go.

Just by taking care of this little thing, you can manage to fight with all of the following problems (caused by the dirty sheets & pillow covers):

  • Blemishes
  • Affected Complexion
  • Acne
  • Blackheads

The Choice is yours.

8: Sleeping with a Head full of Product

Next on the list of things good-looking/attractive/handsome guys never do at night is, “Sleeping with a head full of the product”.

Your head is full of products and I am 100% sure that this product is going to get in touch with your skin sooner or later (in the night). And what will that bring to you? A Tons of Problems!

Again, it can cause blemishes, acne breakouts, blackheads, skin allergies, etc. When you go to bed with a head full of product, the product gets in contact with the pillow covers. And later in the night when you turn the side or move your head around, this product gets in contact with your skin causing all the problems that we talked about earlier in the paragraph.

Can this Hair Product bring damage to your Hair as well?

It is 100% clear. The thing is hair products when left on your head overnight may end up causing hair thinning and weakening.

In short, it is going to affect the quality of your hair.

What does the Good looking/Attractive/Handsome Men do instead?

They go to bed after taking a shower. Gentlemen! We’ve talked about the nighttime care routines earlier in the article. Right? What if you add hair care & body care to the routine as well. Guess what? Just by incorporating these 2 things into the list you can improve your skin quality (body) in a couple of days plus your hair will also not get thin (due to the hair product).

Make sure that you take shower before going to bed (it helps sleep better as well). After washing your hair don’t forget to dry your hair as well because you don’t want to sleep with wet hair (results in hair weakening).

9: Going to Bed without Choosing the Outfit for Tomorrow

Next in the list of Things Good Looking/attractive/handsome Guys Never Do at Night is….

Alright, so Let’s talk about one of the clichés yet one of the most important tasks that everyone recommends you to do before going to bed. And it is to plan your outfit the night before.

The thing is, you don’t want to make your upcoming day boring. Or Do you?

Look at me, Do you want to look bad tomorrow?

I am sure most of you will say “No” to it. However, you can’t stop something from happening unless you’ve planned to do something about it.

Like for instance, what if I told you that you will get busy in tomorrow morning. What will you do then about choosing your outfit for the day? What if I told you that you due to no reason start feeling lazy in the morning? We already decided that we shall be choosing the outfit, mixing and matching them together with great care? Can you do this without putting in 0 or very minimal effort? Not at all.

You need to put in the effort that is required to accomplish your goal of looking good for the day.

What does the Good looking/attractive men do instead?

What do you think they would be doing instead? Exactly. They plan their outfit the night before. It’s because you are not in a hurry to go anywhere so it gets a lot easy for you to pick the best pair of clothing for the day ahead.

Planning for the day ahead is something that I’ve been recommending since day 1. I even recommend you all to design your to-do list as well, at night. Because you don’t want to spend the early time of your day thinking and making a list of goals.

Below are some words that I had written around that (Making To-do List for the upcoming days and tips to make an effective to-do list):

now is the time to write down your plans for the days ahead.

Hey! We are talking about the best men’s nighttime routine 2021 and these are the tips to have a great day ahead. Right?

If that’s so, then how can you expect to have a great day ahead without even having a written plan?

You need to have an idea of what you need to do. This IDEA will then lead to you taking actions on the basis of what you’ve written on the paper, known as a “To-Do” List.

Tips to Make an effective To-Do List

First thing first, make sure that you are making a to-do list for more than 1 day ahead.

Actually, you want to have a big goal in your mind and then you need to divide this big goal of yours into little steps. These steps need to have a deadline though.

Make a list where complex tasks are written on top followed by the easy tasks (hard – less hard – even less hard – easy – very easy).

By doing the difficult tasks first you will be able to do the easy tasks much quicker and that will make you feel good as well (about yourself).

Another very important factor in succeeding to do the tasks written in your to-do list is to reward yourself, maybe after every accomplished task or at the end of the day.

You need to reward yourself to function your body & brain to follow the instructions that you’ve provided.

While doing the research for this article I came across this article written by Leon Ho at Lifehack.com. My dude discussed some very effective (15) strategies to make a great to-do list. Check out that article here: (15 Strategies for an Effective To-Do List).

To-do List in the Morning or at Night?

Alright, so while I was researching for the article I came across a couple of Quora Reviews. The discussion was under the topic, “Is it better to make a to-do list the night before or early in the morning?“.

To-do List in the Morning

I would write a to-do list in the morning. You should definitely clear your mind as you are about to go to bed. Thinking about unfinished tasks can definitely cause anxiety. From HuffPost:

“Research psychologists have learned that when we hold things in short-term memory, we have to keep cycling back to them or they seem to disappear. This constant recycling requires cognitive effort and the more things we have stuffed in our psychic ram, the more effort it takes.

As you worry more and more about what has not yet been done, your stress levels increase and you can wind up thinking about a problem at work over an entire weekend or toss and turn all night as the recycling phenomenon keeps coming back to haunt you. One simple finding is that most of us feel the need to complete a task once it has been initiated and that the lack of closure from unfinished work leads to intrusive thoughts”

Quora Review: Emily Nakano Co

To-do List at the Night

I really recommend writing it within about 30 minutes of going to bed. This has been really effective for me and I never feel any anxiety about it.

The advantage of doing it at night is when you wake up, you’ve already got your to-list ready to go and you can start taking action.

If you write your to-do list in the morning, you’re spending time thinking and writing your list instead of being productive.

The other thing I like doing each night is reviewing my to-do list and checking off items that I completed. This is a form of easy accountability and I can make sure I’m not slacking off too much!

Quora Review: Nigel Cook

My Verdict

I have been very clear about my point of view since the very start of the article. I want you to make a To-do list as a part of your nighttime routine.

In my opinion, once you’ve made the list and sorted things out, you are going to feel much relaxed. You now know that you’ve planned the things and all you need to do is to take action. Thats it.

Secondly, I will agree with Nigel’s point here because I don’t want you to overthink in the morning. You must start your day (the most productive time) with actions rather than thinking and making plans.

10: Posting a Photo before going to Bed

Posting a Photo before going to Bed

Next in the list of Things Good Looking/attractive/handsome Guys Never Do at Night is, “Posting a photo before going to bed”.

Alright, so you, my friend are just about to go to the bed. Wait a minute as I have something to talk to you about.

I know that you’ve gone on this amazing photoshoot today. And I am 100% sure that your friend clicked great photos of you. And the best part is, the mail with all those photos has just arrived.

Should you post these pictures now?

Oh Yeah! This picture looks crispy. I think you should post this one.. But wait!

Not now. I don’t want you to post this picture just now. It would be 10 times better if you post this picture sometime in the day, tomorrow. Why?

Because obviously, I don’t want you to stay awake or pick your phone up again and again just to check the number of likes & comments that this Hot AF Photo of yours got.

All of this can be done tomorrow as well and thats exactly what I recommend. Good-looking guys do not let their desires come in their way of getting better (in terms of the looks). And thats exactly what I recommend you guys to do.

11: Not Preparing Yourself for a Good Night Sleep

And last but not the least in the list of Things Good Looking Guys Never Do at Night is, “Not themselves for a good night sleep”.

Baby sleep is a crucial thing. We’ve talked about that the advantages of having a good night’s sleep a million times before on this blog. And here again, we are discussing the same exact thing because of how much important it is.

Not even a single good looking guy ignores the importance of sleeping like a baby. It has many advantages related to your skin, hair, testosterone levels, health, etc.

Some Tips to Sleep Like a Baby and wake up looking like a Super Handsome dude:

  • Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the day because the caffeine helps you wake up which means that it won’t let you sleep properly at Night. Hence, avoid caffeine in the evening or at night time.
  • Increase Bright Light Exposure during the Day and Reduce the Blue Light exposure in the evening / Night. Put your phone aside and don’t use it when the Lights of your room are switched off. Using a phone in the dark is gonna hurt your eyesight plus it is eating your Sleep time as well. 
  • You must put all of your Digital devices away at least 30 minutes before going to bed… I recommend that you put your Phone on a Table that is far away from your bed because I know that sometimes you want to grab your Cellphone again and again… But if you place it far away then you will have to get up and reach the table to grab your cellphone… Getting up is a resistance and a Barrier that is surely gonna Help.
  • Maintain Room Temperature at 60 – 67 Degree Fahrenheit because that’s considered to be the ideal temperature. Lowering your body’s temperate before going to bed is proven to give you a Baby sleep.
  • Make a Routine. Sleep at 10, Wake-up at 5 (etc)
  • Check your Mattress. Make sure that your Pillows, Bed, and Mattress are Comfortable

Recommended Foods for Better Sleep

Some foods that I recommend you guys to add to your Dinner (1-2 Hours before going to bed) in order to make your sleep quality better are:

  • Bananas (They Have Magnesium Content which helps you feel relaxed. It also contains melatonin, which helps makes your sleep-wake cycle better)
  • Almonds and Other nuts are also very helpful in making your brain feel relaxed
  • Kiwi Fruit also helps with your sleep quality. It helps with both the quality and the quantity as well.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s topic, “Things Good Looking Guys Never Do at Night”. So what are your thoughts about this list of things good-looking/attractive/handsome guys never do at night? Which one of these things have you been doing? If there is any, then I recommend you all to skip that and start doing what good-looking men do instead because thats exactly what’s going to help you improve (in terms of handsomeness).

If you have any queries you can contact me over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will see you guys in another once,


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