11 Tips to Become the Leader of the Group of Friends (Command Respect)

Hello There! I hope you all are doing good. Alright so before talking about today’s topic, I want you all to add into your “Read Later” list, one of the previous articles that I had written, talking about How to Command Respect (12 Tips for Guys to Command Respect in any Given Situation!). With that being said, what about commanding respect in a Group of Friends? I mean, sure it’s a great feat to gain that level of respect in a random situation among Random people But what If I told you that Today we are about to discuss a couple of tips that You can use to become the leader of your Group of Friends?

And Once You’ve scored the position of the leader, respect and that Element of Trust follows itself, and That’s exactly what you are Looking for, I believe. Do check out one of my recent articles in which I listed a couple of things that can Damage your Reputation (14 Things Guys Do that Damage their Reputation). Avoid doing these things to build your reputation to the heights of the Sky.

With that being said, let’s not talk any further anything other than the Tips to become the leader of the Group. Gentlemen! The topic of the post is, “11 Tips to Become the Leader of the Group of Friends (Command Respect in your Circle)”. So without any ado, let’s get straight into it.

Be Better at Things

Gentlemen! The Key is to Attain as much as you can. Why? It’s because, that will put you in a superior position, getting your group to come to you, every single one member, to get their problems solved. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s just say, You are the One who knows How to do the account breakdown. Or maybe you have the knowledge of how girls think or what to do to present the best of yourself in front of a Girl. Now Your Friends already know that you are a pro at that. Guess who are they gonna come to seek help with their similar problems? It’s yourself.

And that’s exactly what’s gonna make you a Dominant person in your Group. Notice that you don’t have to shout about your expertise. You don’t have to lie about knowing something when you are unaware of that. Why? It’s because when they are gonna know the truth. Then you will be left with nothing but mere shame and least amount of respect. Trust? Over! Chances of becoming a leader? Almost Over!

Talk it Up

Do you think Knowing stuff and being an Expert or being capable of making things go perfectly is all you need? Well, think again then because in most of the group’s leaders are not those who are the most talented ones. Leaders, those who command most respect are those who take steps before others. What?

Alright so let me explain. Let’s say you and your group of friends have to do something. Maybe you guys have to decide to go somewhere. Or maybe it’s just a simple project that has been assigned to you. Who will take the lead? One who will present the action plan before everyone? It’s as simple as that. Your ability to talk things first and frequently. Doing your homework and presenting your idea first is going to keep others from making an effort to put forth their plan. What will that do?

It will give your option a win. When this thing happens a couple of times then subconsciously your entire group of friends accepts you as their leader. Who is a leader? One who plans and Makes Decisions for the group. Who is He? You, of course!

Learn to Respect yourself First

TAke care of yourself

The Number #1 Way to gain respect among your group of friends is to show them that you respect yourself. Alright, so How to do that? Simple! All it takes is an effort. An effort to improve yourself, your style game, your clothing details matter too, take care of your hair, skin, Groom yourself to make yourself a better person.

Gentlemen! When you dress good and Groom yourself, others automatically start respecting you and you will see that they will start taking you seriously. No! It’s just a myth that such things don’t work in a group of friends. In reality, dressing Good, Looking sharp and presentable, and having great and attractive hygiene is going to put you in a Superior Spot which equals unlimited respect!

Relax! You do not need to worry about that because your brother has already got your back on this one. Below is a list of articles that will help you in becoming a Better and More respectable version of yourself:

Get Better Hair

14 Hair Myths that are Stopping Men from Looking Great:

Air Drying is better?:

If you can dry your hair in a couple of minutes then cool but let me tell you one thing. If your hair stays wet for a longer time then it can affect your hair health internally causing more harm than good.

I recommend you guys to use a ceramic blow dryer instead. Guys I have talked about ionic and ceramic blow dryers before as well and here I am talking about them once again because of the very least amount of damage that they cause to your hair as compared to the regular blow dryer.

I want you to get yourself either anionic or ceramic blow dryer. Former one (ionic hairdryer) produces millions of negatively charged ions that break down the positive water molecules. These ions don’t open up the hair shafts which means that the heat coming out of anionic hairdryer won’t damage your hair at all. As a result, you will have smooth and sleek hair, looking amazing.

But what about the ceramic blow dryers? It is even better because this is suitable for all the hair types, curly, medium, or straight hair. Why? Because ceramic blow dryers are built in a way to distribute the heat evenly throughout your hair and it also adapts to the temperature to give you the best results.

So, Yeah! It could be a little more towards pricier side but at the end of the day, you will be getting more smooth, sleek, less frizzy and not to mention better-looking hair”

Reference: 14 Easiest Tips to Get Thick Hair in Just 2 Weeks! (For Men)

What I want you to do is that I want you to use the low heat settings, combine it with heat protectant (Argon oil or sea salt spray) and then blow dry your hair to get the hairstyle you want. It will ensure the least amount of damage possible plus you can achieve the hairstyle of your choice too. What would you choose? Blow drying or air drying?

Smoking has No Effect on your Hair. Models Smoke too:

Do you even know how expensive procedures, treatments, and implants they go through to get perfect skin and hair? Guys! Your boy Nyazi here always tries to give you the most economical and authentic information regarding various men’s lifestyle issues and in this whole list, almost plenty of times, I’ve talked about “Smoking”.

I always wanted you to quit smoking because it is something that is going to negatively affect your hair, skin, and overall health and all of these changes won’t stay hidden for long. Research also shows that men who smoke are more likely to get grey hair faster than others. So if you don’t want to look old before time (24 Proven Ways a Man Can Look Younger Than His Age!) Then I will recommend you guys to quit smoking ASAP. Your body, hair, skin, and heart will thank you for this (your lips and breathe too).

Correct Hair Mistakes (Groom Yourself to Become the Leader of your Group of Friends)

12 Hairstyle Mistakes Men Make that Spoil their Look:

Understand Your Hair Product

  • Hair Creams: They are for a smooth look, you know that casual look, not much styled, yet styled, like freestyle kinda look. The hold is less in this case. It is suitable for all hair types. The main reason it can do what it does is the ingredients it is made of (Glycerine for softening, Lanolix wax for conditioning and Moisturizing, hydrogenated Castor Oil for shine and PVP for fullness)
  • Gel: My least favorite hair product and an enemy for those guys who are experiencing thinning or baldness. So yeah, if your hair is thinning then you should not use it because it comes with that super ultra-hold, that spiky look to convert your hair into a weapon. Shine? Way too much, Texture? Not at all.
  • Clay: There are two major types of clays, Kaolin and Bentonite Clay. If you have thinning hair then I recommend you guys to use Kaolin Clay because it gives you that fullness and texture to hide that thinning effect. Bentonite Clay helps improves texture and if you have curly hair then I recommend you guys to go with the Bentonite Clay because it is known to maintain the texture and type. Overall, I recommend clay to all of you Guys if you want texture and thickness in your hair.
  • Pomade: Want that sleek, formal, and royal kinda look? Oh Yeah! You have come to the right place because pomade comes with that shinny royalist look, that classic side part kinda vibes that, 90s heroes kinda vibe, chocolaty sexy heroes vibes is what I am talking about. Of course, you are gonna get shine but not that much hold that gel comes with. Do you want to move the fingers in your hair? You definitely can.

Get Thick Hair Quick

Get Better Skin in Days!

Get That Special Glow

Say Goodbye to Acne!

Clothing Hacks that Work (Look Better than Your Group of Friends)

30 Little Clothing Tricks for Guys that Make a Huge Difference:

Disappointing Pants:

Guys! Another one in the list of “Clothing Tricks for Guys” include, “Disappointing Pants”. Ok, so I am talking about the illusion that your monster is standing where in reality it’s just because you have tied your belt tight because your jeans are too loose from the waist. Want to solve this problem without having to get a new pair of pants?

Simple. Guys! I have been talking about getting your clothes tailored since like from the start of this blog. Guess what? You can get your pant’s waist/beltline tailored making it which means that you can now wear the same pair of pants without having to tighten the belt so freaking much which ultimately means that the illusion of erection will not bother you anymore.

Clothing Hacks for Cheap Clothing

16 Simple Tricks to Make Your Cheap Clothing More Expensive (Instantly!):

Think again about those Shoes:

If there is something that can make or break your #OOTD then it is no doubt those pair of shoes that you are wearing. Gentlemen! are you kidding me? And it’s not about cheap shoes here. Even if you are wearing a formal shoe worth $500 over shalwar kameez or trousers, you can’t imagine yourself looking good at all. The point here is that you need to understand your outfit first and then you need to put on a Shoe that matches the Vibe of your Outfit. You just can’t throw on any type of Shoe randomly and expect it to do wonders. Things don’t work like that.

Now coming towards the point that why am I stressing a lot over the Shoes only. An outfit starts from the Shoes actually and then goes up to the Top. Wear a Nice outfit with Sandals, Your outfit will be ruined. Wear a sexy Custom fitted Suit with casual shoes, your Suit will look like Sh$t. Why? Shoes my friend. Invest in a Good Pair of Shoes and you are gonna end up looking good overall. There are tons of choices to make, you can go for Chelsea Boots, sneakers, Oxfords, Double Monks, etc and the list goes on.

Last but not the least, you must know How to take care of your Shoes because your outfit ain’t gonna look expensive if you are wearing Nice matching shoes that are worn out. So here are some tips that you can use to make sure that your Shoes look fresh for a longer time:

  • Let’s say Your Sneakers or any kind of Shoes that you are wearing, has stained and you are worried a lot because you have to go out while wearing those Pair of Shoes. No Problem my friend because you can use Antibacterial Wipes to remove all those stains. The reason is that Alcohol removes all the stains from your Shoes almost instantly so you are left with your Sexy Pair of Shoes that look fairly good now!
  • If your shoe is made of Canvas or cotton then you can just throw it in your Dryer But make sure that you tie it through properly through the laces and that’s pretty much it. What it does is that the dryer is gonna soak all the moisture and you will be left with the beautiful and new like looking Shoes.
  • And how can I forget my favorite, Leather shoes? For all of you who are worried because your leather shoes have started to look old and worn out, I have a solution that can do wonders. All you need is some Coconut Oil. Take a cotton pad and dip it into heated coconut oil. Rub the oil-soaked cotton pad on your Shoes. What it does is that it nourishes your Shoe, giving back the life that was taken from it.

Wardrobe Essentials 2020: Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: 52 items Guys Must Have in 2020

Have a Mic Dropping Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor matters

Alright, so in a group of friends, there are many characters. One of them is always getting roasted by everybody, one has No sense of Humor, and then comes you who got to have the best sense of humor to make others stop and laugh for an unlimited amount of time. Your sense of Humor and Power of roasting should at least stop your friends from roasting you because they know that they should not mess with you.

Your dialogues should be Fire, your delivery style should be perfect and most importantly you need to control your Humor as no matter how funny and how big of a roasting Guru you are, excess of everything is bad. The charm

Of your roasting only remains when it is done “rarely but powerfully”. And once you’ve mastered this art, you for sure get one step closer to claiming your position of “Leader”. Commanding Respect? Yes sir!

But keep one thing in mind that your Jokes should not hurt somebody deep down. Roasting is great and all But most importantly Your words should Not damage someone’s dignity, self-respect, and Your jokes should never put someone’s past dark memory in front of them. It’s better not to be a Leader than to become one by hurting someone’s feelings.

Money Has An Impact

Money puts you in a strong position in almost all sorts of situations. You wanna make your statement? Spend some cash on Grooming, style, fitness, and just by doing that You are gonna end up commanding more respect, just as I’ve discussed above.

But this point isn’t about that. And To be very honest, you do not need Piles upon Piles of Money to do command Respect And become a leader in your group of friends. It’s all about taking responsibility for your friends at times. It may involve doing something as little as paying for your friend’s ticket when he does not have money or maybe just taking responsibility for your friends and paying for the food. It automatically puts you in a dominant position.

But you got to keep in mind that you should never try to buy your friends with your cash because if you are successfully doing that then your friends were never real. There is a very thin line in differentiating real friends and those who are after something and even if they were not there for your Money, but your excessive spending will not only put you in a cash negative position but will change your friendship into Money sucking relationship only. And you do not want that in any cash. Do You?

Plus never make your friends realize that you once spent money for them. I mean, why would you do that? It’s not the correct way to make somebody recessive. Doing this you are showing that you are super weak. It shows off your insecurity and your lack of personality. It shows your desperation to become the leader and most importantly it shows that you a low-value Man which I am sure you are not. Are you?

Problem Solving Behavior

Conflicts. There are conflicts everywhere. The difference of Opinion, Mood, and preferences of all of the Group members can vary at a particular day and time. Confusing, isn’t it?

Let’s just say there is a difference in opinion between the members of your group. Friend A wants you all to and eat at Restaurant X and Friend B is insisting to go and Eat at Restaurant Y. Note that both of them want the group to have the best Food But there is a difference in opinion on What’s best.

What I want you to do as a leader of your group of friends is that I want you to come up with a solution that is Ok with both parties. Something neutral, something that comes in between both opinions. That will entertain both A and B, putting you in a superior position of, “Decision Maker”. And one of the best qualities of a Leader, no doubt, includes his ability to make good decisions that are best for the group and it is close to the Interest of all the members and that’s exactly what you did in the above-given scenario.

Relax and Compromise

Relax and Learn to Compromise

Take a Deep Breath. Alright, so you did your part just as I told in Point Number #2. You presented the Whole action Plan, you suggested the best after doing the Homework but nobody seems to be picking up on what you think is the best option.

They have suggestions and groups agree to an idea other than yours. Great! Well, one way is to argue your friends and make them choose your’s option by force (which will lose their trust and credibility that they have for you in their Mind) and the second option is to go with the Flow. Which one is the best option? The Second one.

Gentlemen! You appreciating them for presenting a better option is indirectly putting you in a dominant position as now they know they are not in a group just to become a leader or just to forcefully implement what you think is the right thing. They now believe that you choose and present whats best for the group, which is the key feature of a Leader, “Choosing what’s right for the Group”. Never let your Ego come in way of your friendship. Leadership can wait but Good friends once gone will never come again the same way.

Make More Plans

Think more about your Group. Make plans suitable for everyone in the Group and let them know why you made this Plan and why everyone should Say, “Yes” to it. But for that, you got to think about all of them as your Plan should interest all the members, at least a little.

And the second part is to make excessive Plans. In the previous point, I told you to quit your plan or suggestion when there is a more powerful suggestion in the Den but that should not stop you from making plans for the group in the future. You should now upgrade yourself to make better Plans which no one in your group of friends can put a Hold On.

Quantity does matter. The More plans you have for your group, the more will be the chances of your friends to act upon those plans and that’s exactly what we want. Right?

Take Charge by Giving Charge

Gentlemen! A True Leader never thinks about himself only. And you know what’s the best thing to do? It’s to connect with all of your friends at an emotional level. Understand them, their feelings, and Keep an eye on their changing emotions and tones as well. Is there something that is bothering them? Maybe John is going through some phase of depression which he is afraid to tell the group.

Maybe Ali is having some problems with His Partner which is bothering him a Lot lately. Chances are that Ahmed is going through some tough financial situations lately which he is afraid to reveal. That said, you got to understand them enough, their tone, pitch, and their expressions to identify their problems. Talking to them about that and comforting them, letting them know that you are there, helps them a lot. It provides them with a Comfort of backup, thanks to you.

And that’s not it yet. Let’s just say your group has a thing to do. It is a task or a project that needs to be completed on time. Alright, so what do you think a good leader does the best? Yeah, it’s assigning duties, or let’s say encouraging the right people to do the right thing (that they can do the best). And that’s exactly what I want you to do.

This will empower each of your friends to do more and at the end of the day, they will have this Feeling that you understand them to the core. It develops a sort of Confidence, putting you on the Top seat that has “Leader” written on its bottom.

Accomplish More and Fulfill your Promises

Accomplish More and Do Not forget your Promises

This One is Closely Linked to Point Number #1 but what makes it different and so unique is that for this One you got to have the experience to back your expertise and Knowledge. You got to have accomplished things, positions and you got to have a certain set of goals already achieved to tick mark this Point.

Gentlemen! It’s all about being a High-Value Man. A man who has proven his Point with his actions. It’s like a Doctor teaching Biology, an Architect teaching Infrastructure, and a Model himself teaching How to Dress Like a Model. It gives you an authority, a dominance that sits in your entire group’s subconscious mind, who then put you at the spot of a leader.

And then comes the second part of the equation. Promises. Guys, it’s not just to become a leader. Everyone should keep their promises. Why? Because it gives you the respect, authority, and superior position that others just sit and imagine being in.

With that being said, I here conclude my today’s article, “11 Tips to Become the Leader of the Group of Friends (Command Respect in your Circle)”. I want to hear back from your side now. What do you think is the Number #1 quality that helps you become the leader of the group of friends? Do let me Know at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and we shall discuss that over there. And until next time my brothers,


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