12 (Brutally Honest) Things Every Guy Need to Succeed in his 20s

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing good. Today is all about Success and How you can become successful in your 20s. These are the things that every guy need to succeed in his 20s.

But What is Success?

To be honest, success is a very specific kind of thing. Generally, success means being able to live your life happy (financially free). However, in my opinion, the following are the main factors that determine whether you are successful or not.

  • Having an Independent Life (Being Financially Free)
  • Having a Good Looking Physique, and a Nice looking Face as well
  • Being able to live a healthy lifestyle

Thats it. These, in my opinion, are the key components that you must have if you want to be labeled as a “Successful” guy.

But how we get there? I am 100% sure that you have what it takes to become successful but at the end of the day, we all need some blueprints, some sort of step-by-step guide that helps makes our journey easier.

And that’s exactly what today’s article is all about.

I want all you guys to become successful in your 20s. And thats exactly why I did the research on this topic. After doing the research I have come across a couple of things that you guys need to do in your 20s to be successful.

Call it “Advice for your 20s” or a list of things to focus on in your 20s, your choice.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of things that every guy need to succeed in his 20s. Shall we?

Things to do in your 20s to be successful/Things every guy need to succeed in his 20s/Advice for your 20s

  • Save some time for yourself
  • Understand that Rejections are not a big deal
  • Choose the Right Friends
  • Start Doing something ONLINE
  • Your Skin & Hair are not going to start looking Good immediately
  • You need to learn the art of Talking
  • Get yourself a Gym Membership
  • Can you actually complete it? (Answer this before starting anything)
  • The Habit of Saving Up – Intelligent Shopping
  • The Correct Body Advice for your 20s
  • Subtle Bluntness is all you need
  • Forgive – Forget – Take Action!

Thats it. Above is the list of 12 brutally honest things that every guy need to do to succeed in his 20s. Let’s dig deep into each of these to find out more about them. Shall we?

1: Save some time for yourself

Save some time for yourself

Hey Ali! I know that you are super busy these days. Your brother just told me that you are busy the entire day. You are busy playing games, hanging out, and you are also involved in a lot of stuff. Some related to your studies and the other related to lame (not for you) areas of life.

That said, All I want from you is to spare some time for yourself. Believe me or not, I’ve been an advocate of having Free time, for like forever. And the reason is crystal clear.

Yes, I get it. I know that you are trying to build something up. Maybe you are involved in making this business plan. That is great. But at the end of the day, you need 3-4 hours in which you are doing nothing but sitting by your own self and thinking about what you should do next.

Or maybe not even that. You just need 3-4 hours to sit back, relax, and feel yourself. This free time of yours is going to be the most precious time of your day. How?

Importance of Free time

  • You will think about yourself and your current situation at this time (Self-realisation is very important, especially at a young age like yours).
  • You are flooded with ideas when you are free. And one of these ideas can make you a millionaire.
  • Free time is when you watch refreshing content. Pressure on Young Dudes to make it big is real. And with all this pressure, you definitely need a couple of hours to relax, be happy, and kinda recharge yourself.
  • This time is going to be a “Stress Reliever” for you.

In case you have a lot of free time then I recommend you guys to check out one of my previous articles, 21 Genuinely Productive Things to do in the FREE Time. It is going to prove very handy, trust me.

2: Understand that Rejections are not a big deal

We are talking about the list of things every guy needs to succeed in his 20s/things to do in your 20s to be successful/advice for your 20s. Right?

And one of the biggest pieces of advice under the same heading would be to “Learn more about the rejections”.

Or maybe not.

All you need to learn, understand, adapt, acquire, is that rejections are not a big deal. Most of the time we fail to achieve something just because we do not give it a try. And the topmost reason for us not trying is because we didn’t want them to say “No”.

Chances are that she is the girl that you like. But you are not telling her about your feelings for her. Reason? You are afraid of Rejection.

Maybe you have recently got this amazing opportunity to spend some time with this very influential business personality. He can help you a lot with your goals. But Nah! You are not putting forth your pitch. Why? Because you are afraid of Rejection.

etc., etc.

You will see examples of the same exact scenarios every single day. Tons of people losing different sorts of opportunities, be it the love of their lives or some sort of business or friendship opportunity. And the reason behind this was fear. The fear of getting rejected.

“What If….”

Do you want to think later in your life that, “What if I told her everything that I had in my heart about her… Maybe she would have said Yes”…

And this then turns into self-doubt and “calling yourself super weak” real quick, which stays with you for a long time.

The same is the case with the business opportunity that you missed just because you were afraid of confrontation or maybe you didn’t want to hear “No”.

Let it be. Gentlemen! I want you to never miss any opportunity again just because you are afraid to listen to a No. I want you to try your luck, no matter what the results are, Have confidence in yourself. At the end of the day, you are going to leave the den with confidence in your own self and realization of the truth that, “At least I tried”.

3: Choose the Right Friends

Having the Quality Friends is very important.

A Young Handsome Man. Thats what you are. Guess what? You have a lot to experience. Trust me, the world has a lot in store for you. However, you are the one who has to choose the track.

There are a couple of tracks that life has thrown at you, to choose from. Every track has its own pros and cons.

Like for instance, you can spend time with stupid people and waste your years doing nothing but catcalling, drinking alcohol, staying out the entire night, etc.

Or you can have some intelligent friends who help you grow and become a better version of yourself.

The Power of Having the Right Friends

You become like those who you stay with. Your right & wrong gets affected, depending on who you are staying with. A man who spends most of his time with drug addicts may end up believing that drug is not a bad thing. He might believe that drug is something that everyone should choose when he/she is feeling down.

On the other hand, if you have these friends who are always busy getting better and better, then you, at the end of the day, will be doing the same thing (more or less). Your preferences will also be similar to those with who you are spending most of your time (throughout the day).

My biggest (one of them) advice for your 20s is to choose your friends wisely. These are the people who are going to determine whether your 4-5 years will be wasted or they are going to be spent in the most correct way possible.

4: Start Something ONLINE

Start Something ONLINE

Next on the list of things every guy need to succeed in his 20s/things to do in your 20s to be successful/advice for your 20s is, “Start Something Online”.

And this is going to be the most important FINANCIAL Advice that you’ve been given this week. Look at me, I know that you need money.

Who does not need money? I do not about others but you, my friend, definitely need a lot of money.

You need it because you have your expenses. You want to prove to the world that you, as well, are capable of making it big. Financially Successful! Thats what you want to become.

How are you going to become Financially successful?

It isn’t a difficult task at all. Yes, there will be a lot of repetition, persistence, consistency, but at the end of the day, have faith that you are going to make it sooner or later.

Start Online!

If We are discussing this topic in 2002 then I would never recommend you to start online. But since we are living in a world where you can make millions super quick, given that you have a strong online presence, All I will recommend is to start something online.

What is it that you are passionate about? Chances are that you are passionate about gaming. Maybe you love to create scented candles. What about designing some super cool t-shirts and then selling them online?

You can easily start making $50-100 in the next 2-3 months if you do the research right.

I recommend every 20 years old guy to start something online because it is going to give you the financial independence that you guys are looking for. Plus you will learn a lot, trust me. You are going to learn about marketing, promotions, PR, advertisement, and most importantly, you will learn more about the real power of establishing something online, in front of a market that has no boundaries!

5: Your Skin & Hair are not going to start looking Good immediately

Trust me on this one.

First of all, I want to say Sorry If I’ve ever said that “You can transform your skin & hair in a week or so”.

Because it is impossible.

Alright, I am sure that seeing an improvement counts. However, you can’t notice a big change in your skin or hair, no matter what you started doing to them.

I can guarantee you that the real change lies in “developing a regimen”. And following a strict regimen is what’s going to help you stand out from the crowd.

Highly Recommended: 13 Things Guys Wear that Make them Stand Out From the Crowd

I recommend each of you guys (in your 20s) to start working on your skin from right now! All you need to do is to develop a good morning & nighttime routine. And with the help of just that, you are going to see a massive improvement in your skin in the next month or two.

Morning Skincare Routine:

We are Gonna Keep it Simple Though. You wanna Grab 5 Products from the Store. The first one has to be the Cleanser. The function of a Cleanser is to Go into your Pores and Clean all the Dirt and Excess Oil. It’s essential to have Fresh Looking Skin.

Once you are Done Cleansing (Make sure that you Do it gently in circular Motion), You wanna Use a Towel or a Soft Piece of Cloth to Clean your Face. Now is the Time to Apply Moisturiser.

Again, you wanna Grab a Moisturiser according to Your Skin Type. Our Goal with Moisturising is to Give back the Water and Useful Stuff. The final goal is to Get Glowing Skin.

Now is the Right Time to Apply a Good Quality UVA and UVB protecting Sun Block. Sun throws off 2 kinds of rays that are harmful to your skin. One is UVA and the Other one is UVB. These rays are responsible for damages like Ageing and Tanning.

So you wanna make sure that the Sun Block you are Getting is best suitable for your Environment. And It should be able to protect you from both the UVA and UVB rays.

Nighttime Skincare Routine:

All You Need are 4 Products. First thing First, It’s the Cleansing Time. You came Home after working Maybe 6-7 Hours. Chances are that your Skin Looks tired and there Could be Dirt inside your Pores. We must remove that.

And Cleansing is what we need for that. The Next Step is to Moisturise your Face with a High-Quality Moisturiser. Now Make sure that your PM moisturizer is Different from your AM moisturizer.

Guys, In the Morning your Skin has to Deal with Different Sorts of Problems. And for that purpose, you need somewhat Strong or More of a Different Kind of Functions. However, Nighttime is best for healing and you need such kind of Properties inside your moisturizer.

After You are Done Moisturising, You wanna Apply the Eye Cream just like you did in the Morning and The Final Step is to Apply the Vaseline. You don’t want to Apply Lip balm at this time because you are Not Going out so you don’t need protection against the Sun. Thats it.

Haircare Routine for guys in 20s

Guess what? I had written an entire article (before) talking about the tips to have the best hair around. But just to give you an idea of what you all need to do, the following is a shortlist of dos.

  • Make sure that you’ve purchased a good quality shampoo & a conditioner as well
  • Shower every single day & do not forget to go to bed with your hair full of product. It’s bad both for your hair & skin as well
  • Apply coconut or olive oil on your hair every 2-3 days. Doing this will nourish your scalp and promote healthy hair growth
  • Shampoo every 2-3 days depending on your environment.
  • Protect your hair from dust and also make sure that you are not staying in the sun for so long. UV Rays can damage your hair
  • Always use a heat protectant before blow-drying your hair. You do not want to burn your hair. Go for a ceramic or ionic blow dryer, because these two are much better (very minimal damage) than the regular blow dryer.
  • Hair Masks are a Must. Purchase them from the rack or you can also get them prepared at home (DIY hair mask). E-g: Mix an egg with yogurt, and some coconut oil. Apply it to your hair and wash it off after 30 minutes. This hair mask nourishes your hair and brings back the thickness and lusciousness that you’ve been looking for!

6: You need to learn the art of Talking

Next on the list of things every guy need to succeed in his 20s/things to do in your 20s to be successful/advice for your 20s is, “Learn the Art of Talking”.

Yes, I understand that listening is way more important than talking and I should’ve made a point about that as well.

However, guess what? “Listening” is something that everybody is talking about, lately. People have started acknowledging the power of listening and its benefits. However, what I’ve seen these days, especially in the guys who are in their early 20s, is the lack of the art of talking.

What is the Art of Talking?

The Art of Talking is the ability of a person to talk his way to success. Chances are that you want to achieve this goal. Maybe you are negotiating or simply meeting this person for the first time. Can you impress him/her with the help of your “talking”? If yes, then chances are that you know the art of talking.

Chances are that you’ve practiced the art of making others fond of you, with the help of the words that come out of your mouth.

The ability to handle small talks, the ability to start a conversation with people, handling the awkwardness and transforming awkwardness into interesting, mastering the pitch, tone, choosing the right words, and picking up the right expressions, all of these things combine and the result is, “A Great Talker”.

I recommend you all to practice this art. You can start by practicing with your siblings. Maybe on the strangers, on the cashier, or maybe your friend. Practice the variations, pitch, and also try to handle the conversation even when things are becoming awkward.

Doing this is going to help you become an excellent talker and trust me, bro, this skill is going to help you become super successful in your 20s.

7: Get Yourself a Gym Membership

Get Yourself a Gym Membership

We were talking about the things every guy need to succeed in his 20s/things to do in your 20s to be successful/advice for your 20s. Right?

How can we forget about the Gym membership?

Hey! Gym has the power to change your life for the better.

I’ve seen men crying while looking at their Before vs After. Before was when they were not hitting the weights and after was like 2 years after joining the gym membership.

Gym changes your life for the better and thats the reason I recommend each and every one of you to get yourself a gym membership.

Benefits of getting a Gym Membership in your 20s – Advice for your 20s

  • You are going to get Strong – It gives you that strength that you always wanted to have!
  • You end up becoming mentally strong as well. The amount of confidence that you get when you see yourself in the mirror. Those muscles give you wings!
  • The Clothes start to look better on you. The compliments start coming in, your body starts to look better
  • Those Veins start appearing and Damn! They look so good (9 Simple Steps to Make Your Veins Pop)

And these are some of the benefits that I can think of. I believe that there are a lot more, and they can vary from person to person.

No matter what your “why” is (behind joining the gym), I recommend you all to not quit. Keep hitting the weights because trust me, the results are going to amaze you, and My God! Your life is going to change upside down, for the better.

8: Can you actually complete it? (Answer this before starting anything)

Next on the list of things every guy need to succeed in his 20s/things to do in your 20s to be successful/advice for your 20s is, “Think twice before investing your time in it”.

Everything that is going to have a huge impact on your life, demands sacrifices. You just can’t become a successful 25 years old by hustling alone. You have to sacrifice a lot of things.

  • Time
  • Friends (Spending time with them)
  • Time with your family
  • Hangouts
  • and a lot more

Can you do that? See, there will be a lot of emotional & alone moments. Can you really get through them without quitting? If Yes then, go for it. I recommend you definitely give it a try. But at the end of the day, if you can’t get through it, then please do not start it.

You don’t want to be that guy who started this business, worked on it to grow it slowly but gradually, spent almost 2 years on it but then he quit because he wasn’t able to manage the time.

Nah! My biggest advice for your 20s is to think about everything that you may have to face. And after you are done analyzing these things, decide. I want you to decide that what are your priorities. Once you’ve answered all these questions, then only will be the right time to start working on your idea.

9: The Habit of Saving Up – Intelligent Shopping

Next on the list of things every guy need to succeed in his 20s/things to do in your 20s to be successful/advice for your 20s is, “The Habit of Saving up – Intelligent Shopping”.

This is probably the most important advice that I’ve received and Now I am transferring it to you guys. Look, the power of saving up the cash and then putting it in the right domain/area is going to polish you and transform you into a diamond.

Let’s say you have $300 for the entire month. What other guys in their 20s are doing is that they are spending all of this because they want to live their life to the fullest. Ok.

The Power of Saving Up

But what I recommend you to do is that I want you to save up $100 and spend the rest on whatever you want to spend it on. That extra $100 is with you and you can now use it for constructive purposes.

Keep doing it and you will have a bulk amount of money that you can invest in multiple domains. You can buy something whose value goes with time or you can start something online with the help of this saved up money. Both of these options can prove very beneficial for you.

Talking about spending less, then guess what? You can buy quality stuff with less money with the help of this skill called, “Intelligent Shopping”.

I’ve talked about that before as well (in terms of clothing): 12 Tips for Guys to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget.

Basically, you need to look for the sales, coupons, right time of the year to shop, etc, and just by doing that, you are going to end up buying almost the same stuff in very less amount of money. And guess what? This saved-up cash can now go to that account of yours where you are saving up the cash to invest in your big idea. Isn’t it amazing?

10: The Correct Body Advice for your 20s

The Correct Body Advice for your 20s

Next on the list of things every guy need to succeed in his 20s/things to do in your 20s to be successful/advice for your 20s is, “The Right Body mindset”.

Look, this is a mistake that I’ve done (myself) before. I wasted around 10 months of life bulking up, eating the diet, and lifting a large number of weights. All of this was done to become something that made me look, not so good.

My goal was to look good with clothes on. But the action that I took against my goal was not what I should have taken.

I don’t want you to do the same mistake. And in order to make sure that you do not make any mistakes, I recommend you all to have your goals clear.

Do you want to have that big bulky physique or do you want to stay athletic? Is that perfect lean & sexy physique your end goal or all you want to do is to lose weight and nothing else.

Once you have your goal clear in your head, I want you to head over to the trainer and talk to him about your goals and objectives. Discuss with him different points or confusions which you may have in your mind.

Thats it. Start working on it Now. Your trainer now knows what you want to become and he is going to suggest you the diet & workout plan accordingly.

11: Subtle Bluntness

Next on the list of things every guy needs to succeed in his 20s/things to do in your 20s to be successful/advice for your 20s is, “Subtle Bluntness”.

This is something that most young dudes are lacking. What is bluntness though?

Bluntness is the art of saying what you feel about the situation without carrying about anyone else.

Bluntness may involve hurting someone’s feelings because in that, you are not being polite.

Subtle Bluntness. What is that?

Subtle Bluntness is all about speaking up for yourself and being polite yet realistic. Saying No when needed and not letting anybody put pressure on you, no matter what!

And thats what I recommend each and every one of you to practice in your daily life. I am sure that you will have people in your life who are constantly trying to get you to do the things that you don’t want to do anyways. Say “No”.

I know that it is hard but trust me, it’s better to say No than to let that stupid mess up with your mental state. Just say it to their face and move out of the place.

12: Forgive – Forget – Take Action!

And last but not the least in the list of things every guy need to succeed in his 20s/things to do in your 20s to be successful/advice for your 20s is, “Take Action”.

I know that you were not able to do much good in your past life. You tried and you failed miserably. But guess what? It is perfectly fine. Even the best of us have failed a million times.

All you need to do is to take action. I want you to forgive your past mistakes, forget about them, and instead of just making plans, start taking action.

I see a lot of guys in their 20s who have tons of plans but what they do not have is the “Action Plan”. Skip that, they never took any action. But I am sure you are not like them. I know that you are going to take action. Right? n

And with that being said I would like to conclude today’s article. So, what are your thoughts about the things every guy need to succeed in his 20s, that we discussed today? Do let me know about it over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will get back to you ASAP,


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