12 Clear Signs You are More Confident than you Think!

Hey Guys! I hope you are doing Good. In today’s we will talk about some clear signs you are more confident than you think. I know that you have been underestimating yourself since the very beginning but that ends today!

Gentlemen! I have talked a lot about Confidence, before as well. For Instance, check out this Short Guide demonstrating golden steps to increase your Self-Confidence Magnificently!

Also make sure that you are avoiding these mistakes that destroy your Confidence in Seconds!

Chances are that you are working on your Confidence but what are you going to do until you reach your goal? What If I told you that I have a list of Modern tips to help you appear more confident even when you really are not feeling it from the inside? Sounds Interesting. Isn’t it?

With all that being said, Let’s talk about the Need of today’s article.

So why should you put everything aside and read this article? Following are some of the reasons for that.

Reasons to find out about the “Clear Signs you are more Confident than you think”

Look at me for a second. I feel you. Your friends told me that whenever you are sitting, talking about any topic, you never sit up straight confidently.

And you have discussed it with Ali as well that You call yourself “A dude who lacks confidence”.

I know that you know how to sit & stand properly. Also, you know everything that makes a man look confident and charismatic, but the reason you do not practice those things in your day-to-day life is that you do not consider yourself Confident enough.

You have been underestimating yourself since the very start and things have gone too far now.

You are unable to make use of the knowledge that you have when it comes to looking Confident and attractive because somewhere inside you, you’ve already accepted the defeat and I don’t know why but you consider yourself a person who has “0” confidence.

But that isn’t correct. I can’t let you kill yourself just because of the lack of Self-Awareness. Today we will talk about some of the very positive things that I have seen inside you.

These are the things that showcase your real self. They showcase how confident and well-deserving you are!

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into it. Shall we?

Signs you are more Confident than you think

  • You do not Hesitate (or sweat a lot) even if you are doing something new in front of them
  • You are not afraid to put forth your point of view
  • External Validation is not a Compulsory thing for you to do your task
  • You do not go for the Fake Perfection
  • You let your Sense of Humor break-in and shine
  • Acquiring Knowledge from your Competitor is not a big deal for you
  • You dress well and take care of yourself
  • “Never Give Up no matter what”. That’s your Ultimate Moto
  • You stay relaxed and non-reactive
  • Your Opinions change with the passage of time
  • You are Ok with wearing stylish yet non-branded Clothes
  • You cancel people and walk away, very easily!

That’s it. This is what we shall be discussing in today’s article. If that sounds interesting and informative to you then do stick around till the end and do not forget to share this article with your friends as well.

1: You do not Hesitate

You do not Hesitate

Chances are that you dress more stylishly than almost everyone around.

Or maybe you are standing up for something, no body has ever stood for, in your community.

That’s brilliant.

As long as you know that you are on the right track, thats freaking brilliant.

We here at thatwowman.com are always talking about Standing up for the right thing no matter how awkward it looks from the outside.

Dressing stylishly is one of those things.

If you love to look good every day unlike (unfortunately) the men who are around you then you might have to deal with a bunch of weird stares.

Put the dressing part aside, imagine yourself in a situation where you are talking about something which people normally do not talk about (in your surroundings).

I am imagining that you are doing it without breaking a sweat, or even if you are being a little nervous, still you are able to do that over and over again!

This is a clear sign of the fact that you are way more confident than you think. I mean, can’t you just see how different you are from the others?

Most of them can’t even think about doing the thing that you are scoring a 10/10 in, already! That’s a sign of ultimate confidence, for sure a sign that you are more confident than you think you are!

2: You are not afraid to put forth your point of view

This point is similar to Point number #1 but it can definitely be considered a separate sign of confidence.

So imagine yourself sitting in a class. The Professor asks a question or maybe he is teaching you something and here you are sitting, thinking about the answer to your professor’s question.

There is an entire thought process working inside your head..


  • Should you speak up and put forth your point of you?
  • But Wait! You are not sure about your answer. What If Everybody starts laughing at your answer?
  • “No! I don’t have to worry about that much. I must put forth my point of view. Even if I am wrong, still I will be able to learn, and chances are that the professor teaches me why my answer is wrong. Knowing both the right and wrong answer will help a lot in improving my understanding of the topic”

That kind of mindset showcases immense amount of confidence!

Gentlemen! If you are not afraid to put forth your point of view, your answers, your imaginations, then you, my friend, are definitely way more confident than you think you are.

Recessive men are never sure about their point of view. They are afraid of receiving a, “Not so Good”, in the response to their point of view. And that fear of cross-questioning or rejection stops them from speaking out their heart. That’s a sign of a lack of confidence.

But I am happy to say, you are the complete opposite of that! You realize that the fruit of speaking out your thought is the ultimate knowledge of why what’s right is right and you will also get to know why your wrong is wrong. It’s a Win-Win situation.

3: You do not rely on External Validation

Next in the list of Clear Signs, you are more confident than you think is the fact that you do not rely on external validation.

What is External Validation?

According to Moderntherapy.com

External validation comes from others validating your feelings. This can look different across individuals from likes on social media, compliments, and sexual validation from others. While external validation can feel incredibly good at the moment, that feeling can easily wear off.

According to MyTherapyNYC

This type of validation comes from others validating your individual feelings. It can take on many forms, such as Instagram likes, compliments, and sexual validation from others meaning they find you desirable. The problem with external validation is that it can be incredibly fleeting because one or two likes on social media feel good, 10 more feels better, however soon that feeling wears off. It is the same with sexual validation, where the experience is good, but the person can be left feeling insecure.

External Validation, Confidence, and You!

Let me tell you something about your own freaking self.

My Man! I have seen you doing things without any sort of validation from the external public. You are self-driven, yes you dress nicely to impress people, but at the end of the day, that isn’t the only reason you dress nicely.

External Validation won’t let you pick your own personal style. You are always going to find yourself in a constant state of unsureness no matter what

You dress Nicely because it makes you feel good about yourself. Wearing a cologne makes you feel good about yourself and that internal validation is enough for you to keep wearing colognes for the rest of your life. The choices you make in life do not need external validation as a must, in order for you to stick with those choices.

Is External Validation a Bad thing?

In my opinion, doing things for others, like wearing clothes to look good to get compliments, is not a bad thing.

The problem starts when you can not make up your mind without getting external validation.

So basically when things go to the extreme level, thats when the problem starts to begin.

You are far away from:

  • Needing someone to validate it, before picking an opinion
  • Not trusting your actions unless someone else has trust in them

And that’s why I believe that you are way more confident than you think you are.

4: You do not go for the Fake Perfection

You do not go for the Fake Perfection

Next in the list of signs you are more confident than you think you are is, “You do not want to be fake-perfect”.

You are ok with being wrong and accepting your mistakes. Guess what? Humans make mistakes. Period.

I have seen men making mistakes and then trying their best to put blame on somebody else. What is going inside their head?

In my opinion, they have built a fake persona of themself. And they don’t want anyone to think about them as anything less than perfect.

This is Wrong. Actually, it is self-killing. It can take you into the depths of depression.

Constantly trying to clear out yourself by putting blame on others and trying your best to maintain a “Perfect” image of yourself is something that a Confident dude never does.

He knows that doing mistakes is Ok. As long as you are learning from the mistakes, and growing, things are all fine!

What I have seen is that you don’t waste your efforts in making others believe that you are perfect. Instead, you accept your mistakes, learn from them, and grow constantly (as a result of that learning).

That’s one of the clear signs you are more confident than you think you are. Trust me, this habit of accepting your mistakes and learning a lesson out of that is very rare! I am so proud of you for being that way.

5: You let your Sense of Humor break in and shine

Next in the list of signs you are more confident than you think is the fact that you let your sense of humor come out and shine!

Being surrounded by new people or stepping into a new environment is tough.

There is a lot of tension and awkward silence. Most importantly, everyone tries to stay poised and elegant.. to the limit that they start appearing fake!

Your friend just told me that your sense of humor kicks in, in such situations. And it never fails to amaze people and make you the star of the room.

Note that: You don’t want to become the class clown. So make sure that you stay subtle with your jokes. All I am focusing on is releasing a little tension from the atmosphere to make others believe that you are a fun person to be around. Please do not cross the limit and start joking around like a crazy person. You don’t want that to happen, trust me!

Letting your sense of humor kick in and make the environment jolly is one of the clear signs you are more confident than you think!

After all, who does not wants to make things Jolly & playful? But How of many of those are actually willing to volunteer to be the first one to come with a classic refreshing joke?

1/1000. You are one of them which makes you unique and highly confident as well!

6: Acquiring Knowledge from your Competitor is not a big deal for you

Be it your classroom or your office, you should never say “No” to somebody who is trying to teach you something.

Ok, so chances are that you and this Dude Ali always fight for the First spot. Ali wants to tell you a thing or two regarding this very important topic/subject. But there you are standing and proudly saying things like, “Nah! I already know that. I don’t want to learn anything from you”.

But why?

It shows your hate towards him. It shows that you are jealous of him and you clearly are an insecure person who wants to kill his competition because he is unsure about winning on the basis of his capabilities only.

The same is the case with your behavior in the office as well. You always No to this Marketing manager whenever he tries to talk to you or discuss something with you. Why are you always like, “I know how to do that already. Don’t try to teach me stuff!”.

Nah! It makes you look immature and very insecure as well!

But if you are somebody who says “Yes” to the knowledge no matter where it is coming from (competition or some other random dude), then that’s a clear sign of the fact that you are way more confident than you think you are!

7: You Dress Well and Take Care of yourself

You Dress Well and Take Care of yourself

So, you probably do not consider yourself a Confident Dude. But what If I told you that you are absolutely wrong in judging yourself. Or maybe you are too strict in ranking yourself on the scale of confidence.

You have been taking care of yourself a lot lately.

You Dress Nicely

Some Recommendations:

Take Care of your Skin

Some Recommendations are as follows:

Morning Skincare Routine

We are Gonna Keep it Simple Though. You wanna Grab 5 Products from the Store. The first one has to be the Cleanser. The function of a Cleanser is to Go into your Pores and Clean all the Dirt and Excess Oil. It’s essential to have Fresh Looking Skin.

Once you are Done Cleansing (Make sure that you Do it gently in circular Motion), You wanna Use a Towel or a Soft Piece of Cloth to Clean your Face. Now is the Time to Apply Moisturiser.

Again, you wanna Grab a Moisturiser according to Your Skin Type. Our Goal with Moisturising is to Give back the Water and Useful Stuff. The final goal is to Get Glowing Skin.

Now is the Right Time to Apply a Good Quality UVA and UVB protecting Sun Block. Sun throws off 2 kinds of rays that are harmful to your skin. One is UVA and the Other one is UVB. These rays are responsible for damages like Ageing and Tanning.

So you wanna make sure that the Sun Block you are Getting is best suitable for your Environment. And It should be able to protect you from both the UVA and UVB rays.

Nighttime Skincare Routine

All You Need are 4 Products. First thing First, It’s the Cleansing Time. You came Home after working Maybe 6-7 Hours. Chances are that your Skin Looks tired and there Could be Dirt inside your Pores. We must remove that.

And Cleansing is what we need for that. The Next Step is to Moisturise your Face with a High-Quality Moisturiser. Now Make sure that your PM moisturizer is Different from your AM moisturizer.

Guys, In the Morning your Skin has to Deal with Different Sorts of Problems. And for that purpose, you need somewhat Strong or More of a Different Kind of Functions. However, Nighttime is best for healing and you need such kind of Properties inside your moisturizer.

After You are Done Moisturising, You wanna Apply the Eye Cream just like you did in the Morning and The Final Step is to Apply the Vaseline. You don’t want to Apply Lip balm at this time because you are Not Going out so you don’t need protection against the Sun. That’s it.

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Take Care of your Hair

Some Recommendations are as follows:

  • Do Not Forget to Apply Argan Oil Every Single Day
  • Oil Masks are Very Important (Yogurt + Coconut Oil + Egg)
  • Do Not Shampoo your Hair Every Day
  • Too Much Hair product is Bad for your Hair
  • Protect Your Hair From WATER
  • Quick Solution for the Oily Scalp (Use Dry Shampoo)
  • Get your Haircut Done every 3 Weeks
  • Change your Shampoo and Conditioner as well
  • Get Rid of the DANDRUFF ASAP (Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo)
  • Shorten your Hair (And Get Rid of MOST hair problems)
  • Purchase a Trimmer
  • Easily Solution to get rid of Cowlicks
  • Avoid Hot Showers
  • Purchase a Pocket Hair Product
  • Change your Hair Product
  • Special Way to Blow Dry your Hair (Head Down Trick)
  • Take a Note on the Humidity
  • Stress Less
  • Avoid Hard Water
  • Style your Hair Before Going to Bed
  • Learn to Style Hats

Visit Hair Care for Men: 21 Tips to Have the Best Hair Around! for the detail of each of these above-given bullet points.

Self-Care and Confidence

Your habit of taking care of yourself is one of the reasons you are viewed as a much confident dude!

I know that it is “Confident” from the outside. But guess what? When you dress Nicely and take care of yourself, people start appreciating you more.

I understand that this is a kind of external validation but at the end of the day, as we discussed earlier as well, external validation isn’t a bad thing unless it becomes the sole purpose of you doing a particular thing or when you become totally dependent on that.

Ok, so when (due to the self-care) people start respecting you more, it is ultimately going to boost your confidence!

In short, if you are taking care of yourself, others that you are super confident, which then helps you become more confident. Sounds Perfect to me.

8: “Never Give Up No matter what”. That’s your Ultimate Moto

"Never Give Up No matter what". That's your Ultimate Moto

Next in the list of signs, you are more confident than you think you are is your habit of never giving up.

Are you freaking kidding me?

That Dude John quit already. He started 4 months later and he has been progressing as well. But the slow pace of the progress made him quit and do something else.

But you believe in what you are doing.

You understand the fact that nothing great happens overnight. One needs to put in his each and everything if he really wants to shine bright like a diamond.

You consider yourself an unconfident dude but on the other hand, you never give up. This is like having two totally opposite poles in yourself!

Guess what? This habit of yours, to never give up and not listen to people no matter what they say about your startup, is something that only the most elite-level confident dudes have.

Having that in yourself is definitely one of the signs you are way more confident than you think you are.

A Bonus for a Confident Brother like yourself (Thanks to Lifehack.org for this one)

Hey! Wait a minute. I’ve just discovered that you have this habit of never giving up. Proud! That’s the only feeling I have for you. Following are the 5 reasons why one must never give up.

I am sure these reasons will help make you even more confident by building a wall of ultimate strength in between you and quitting. Enjoy!

You are Almost There

I spent nearly two years on the brink of success; it felt like chasing a carrot on a stick. Every short-term goal I accomplished seemed to place two more steps between my current position and my long-term goals. It was as though there was a giant hand reaching out of the sky, picking me up, and placing me backward every time I tried to move forward with my life. In the face of these overwhelming odds, I kept repeating to myself, “Don’t stop. You’re almost there.”

Before I even understood it happened, I was suddenly an overnight success. The thing is–I didn’t know how to sit back and enjoy it. I continued working as though I was almost there. The idea was embedded in my psyche, and my work… Click Here for More.

What a Waste of Time

There are times you may need to walk away from a project, but it doesn’t mean you need to give up completely. Think of your life as a boat. If you notice the boat sinking, you sometimes have to dump unnecessary weight in order to stay afloat. Applying this concept to your financial situation, it’s sometimes necessary to let a bill or two go in order to catch the rest up. Manage any aspect of your life the same way.

Even if you do have to lose a battle (short-term goal), focus on…. Click Here for More.

Failure is Important

If you think you’re going to reach success without tasting failure, I can assure you that you’ll never reach success. Every winner loses, but not every loser wins. It’s important to fail because it teaches you valuable life lessons–you don’t always get what you want, being right doesn’t mean you’ll win, the heart is more important than skill, never take anything for granted, etc.

Instead of perceiving failure as a negative, look at it as a chance to reset and start again refreshed. Yes, the delays are annoying, and I’m aware there are a lot of obstacles in your way. You have a house, care, family, utilities, expenses, and… Click Here for More.

You’re Only Hurting Yourself

If you want to give up, give up. I can’t stop you, but if you want to succeed and turn your dreams into a reality, it’s going to take work. You’ll have to walk through both heaven and hell. There will be a pain, and there will be a lot of times where you feel like giving up is your only option. Keep pushing, and never give up–quitters never win… Click Here for More.

I am so proud of the Amazing People at Lifehack.org for putting forth such a motivational piece of Content. Guys! Do Checkout 5 Reasons to Never Give Up by Lifehack.org and show some love over there.

9: You stay relaxed and non-reactive

Do you want me to tell you one of the clearest signs you are more confident than you think? “Staying Calm and Non-Reactive”.

It is a sign of extreme confidence.

So, you perceive yourself as an unconfident dude. Right? But ask others about yourself. Have you done that before? I am sure you haven’t!

Your habit of staying non-reactive, not panicking even when 90% of the men around you start panicking and losing their control. This habit of yours to stay non-reactive when most of the men around you start drooling in the emotions. This habit is extremely attractive and showcases an immense amount of confidence, for sure!

Look! I do believe that showing emotions is cool but at the end of the day, controlling yourself, not crying out all the time, not being angry, being non-reactive, etc., all of these things show that you have an extreme level of control over yourself.

And as I said earlier as well, it makes you look super confident and attractive as well! And yes, it is one of the Clear signs you are more confident than you think you are.

10: Your Opinions change with the passage of time

Acknowledging that it is completely OK to change your opinion (and expressed your changed opinions) with the passage of time is one of the clear signs you are more confident than you think.

People are afraid to have different point of views regarding a particular thing.

We often stick to one point of view only. We don’t express our changed views on the same exact thing because we are afraid of them judging us and calling us “unsure” or “unauthentic”.

Whereas, the reality is totally different from that.

People grow physically and mentally as well. And with the passage of time, we realize different things. More knowledge means more awakening, and with awakening comes growth in our mindset, along with a change in our perspectives and point of view as well.

I have seen that you find it pretty easy to express your changed point of view. Gentleman! Let me tell you something. This trait of yours, to easily express your thoughts, even if they have to do with your changed opinions, is one of the clear signs you are way more confident than you think you are.

11: You are OK with wearing inexpensive clothes

You are OK with wearing inexpensive clothes

Insecure and Unsure people rely on the fake stuff to make others believe that they are good enough.

Buying fake branded clothes, wearing flashy items (in my opinion), and spending their savings on buying stupid expensive clothes, just to show off your fake image is something that confident people never do.

Hey! There is nothing bad about buying expensive clothing. But buying expensive clothes at the cost of your mental health or buying fake branded items just to fit in, screams insecurity and lack of confidence.

However, if you are somebody who is Ok with wearing non-branded clothing (unless and until they are not comprising your personal style) then this one of the clear signs you are more confident than you think.

12: Cancelling People and Walking Away

And Last but not the least, probably one of the most clear signs you are more confident than you think you are is, cancelling people and walking away.

Guess what? What impresses me the most about you is the fact is that you do not waste your time involving yourself in the useless conflicts. When you see that somebody is freaking up with your brain way more than they should, you silently walk away without arguing or wasting your time or energy on them.

You know how to cancel people, say No to them, and walking away from them. And let me tell you something, it is not easy.

People (including myself) have their ultimate objective of the year to learn to say No to people and walk away silently. And there you are, standing right next to me, bro! I have seen you saying No to this dude who was crossing his limits. Trust me, that was impressive.

You are a motivation for me and many others as well. Stay Confident, stay awesome, just the way you are.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude this list of Clear signs you are more confident than you think. So what are your thoughts about it? Head over to my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) to give your feedback, suggestions, and comments. And I will get back to you ASAP,


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