12 Extremely Hard things every Guy needs to give up!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing good. In today’s article, we will talk about hard things every guy needs to give up. Oh, sorry. Let me rephrase my sentence. In today’s article, we will talk about extremely hard things that every guy needs to give up if he really wants to have a better (healthy) life.

Once you give up these things you are going to notice an improvement in your overall routine, your health (both mental and physical), and at the end of the day, you will be enjoying life more than ever.

But before going into that, I want you to divert your attention towards this article that I had written not long ago. It was about the things guys do that make them look cheap and low value. I am pretty sure that you don’t want to be labeled as any of these. Right? So check out: 15 things Guys do that make them look Cheap and Low Value.

With that being said, let’s talk about the extremely hard things now Shall we?

Extremely hard things every guy needs to give up/Things guys should stop doing to have a better life

  • Giving attention to everybody.
  • Your friends.
  • Relying too much on somebody.
  • Making big claims.
  • Eating trash diet.
  • Not being present.
  • Thoughts from the past.
  • Your disturbed sleeping schedule.
  • Worrying about every little thing.
  • Trying too hard to live up to other people’s expectations.
  • The “itch” to spend money.
  • Losing interest in things way too quickly.

That’s it. These are the 12 things that every guy needs to give up if he really wants to live a better, more fulfilled life. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into each one of these to discuss them in detail now. Shall we?

1: Giving attention to everybody.

giving attention to everybody

So you have this habit to give attention to everybody? Hmm, guess what? Not everybody deserves your attention.

Let’s say there is this person who you are paying way too much attention to. Why? Because maybe you need something from him in return. Chances are that this person owns a business and you want to prove yourself as a good employee.

Whatever the scenario is, if you are trying too hard and this person isn’t giving you even 1% in return then you got to think about this entire thing once again.

Look, we don’t get everything that we ask for. My dude is constantly insulting you by not giving you attention. Maybe his attitude towards you is super rude which is a clear indication of the fact that he does not want to choose you for whatever reason.

Why are you not getting the signals, my man? Can’t you clearly see that this dude does not want to give you what you want from him? I think his attitude towards you, is the fair indication of the fact that you should probably think about a second option maybe.

Look, you just can’t give the extreme level of your attention to everybody because not everybody deserves it. There are some people who you need to start avoiding if you really want to live a happy life.

2: Your Friends.

Ahh. This one is probably going to be the hardest one of them all. Your friends are everything to you. Right?

But since the last couple of months, things have changed drastically. You’ve chosen the right path of self-development and betterment. But these dudes are constantly low-key bullying for trying to be different from your crew.

You are on the right path as you’ve started becoming self-dependent. Working on goals, being active, etc, are some of the things that you do on the regular basis but this crew of yours isn’t interested in any of these things.

They stop you, laugh at you, and they have 0 trusts in you, your objectives, and this whole positive lifestyle thing.

Earlier it was fine with you but now this thing has started becoming toxic for you. I get you. I totally understand that you just can’t live in such an environment where you are getting low-key bullied all the time!

What should you do now? Should you just quit doing whatever positive thing it is that you are doing? Nah! You need to quit this entire crew thing of yours. I know that this is an extremely hard thing to do but we all know that you want to do this. You can’t live in such an environment anymore. You want to get out ASAP.

So just do it. Start spending less time with them and with the passage of time, you, my friend, will be able to part your way. Best of luck brother, I am with you.

3: Relying too much on somebody.

The next one in the list of Extremely hard things every guy needs to give up/Things guys should stop doing to have a better life is “relying on somebody”.

Laziness is everyone’s favorite thing to do. Alright, I am sorry for generalizing it but let’s be real for a second. Who does not want their work to be done by some other person? I mean, don’t you want your stuff to be done on time while you sitting down, relaxing, and doing nothing? Sounds cool. Right?

Chances are that you have this friend of yours who is making sure that “A” is being done on time. Maybe you are relying too much on your parents. You are relying way too much on your father.

What if things change? I mean, anything can happen. No? What if this entire scenario flips and you suddenly have to make bitter choices or maybe you need to start doing everything by yourself?

What are you going to do then? I am sure that you are so used to doing nothing but this has to end someday. So why not today?

Guys! I know that it is very hard to give up. I know that it is super difficult for every person to put himself in the life of hustle when you don’t need to do it on an urgent basis. But trust me on this, when you stop relying on other people for your stuff, you are going to see a massive improvement in your life. Your confidence level will increase, and overall you will start living a much better/fulfilled life.

4: Making big claims.

Making big claims.

You love those expressions. Don’t you?

You have this habit of making big claims and my god you can’t wait to see their expressions. Right? You just love it when someone hears you talking big stuff. I know that you like it when they say stuff like, “WOW”, after listening to your huge claims, your story that you have presented in front of them.

But we all know that it ain’t going to happen. You are not going to be doing any of that. Don’t you? Maybe it isn’t possible for a person like you to do all of that in the given amount of time. But then why would you big claims in front of them?

“They will surely understand it”.

Oh please. Don’t just say anything, WoW people, and then when the time comes, expect them to show mercy. They are not going to show mercy. Why should they? You are somebody who deserves to be shown the reality.

Hey! Stop making big promises and claims. Do not say stuff that you can’t do. This property of yours isn’t worth the amount that you are telling. Oh My! This isn’t even your property. You still need to register it and get some paperwork done and before even applying for that, you are already saying that you have won it.

No, you haven’t. You have nothing in your hands at the moment but your stories say otherwise. Stop this nonsense once and for all. I know this is hard but you need to give up this habit of yours if you really want to live a respectful life.

5: Eating trash diet.

This trash diet of yours need to go.

Let’s be real here. Your diet plan looks very disturbing. I was talking to your friend the other day and he told me about your objectives. You want to lose weight and look good. Right? But how are you going to do that?

I mean, your goals involve looking 10/10, becoming a style ninja but your diet preferences speak otherwise. You can’t even be thinking about becoming the most handsome person in the room while following that diet. Things need to change my brother.

You need to consider changing your diet plan if you are really interested in taking your looks to a new level.

Give up your trash diet to look your best!

Start cutting on those extra carbs and this much amount of fat per day is unbearable. The same goes for the amount of sugar that you are consuming per day. Look at the chubbiness of your face. It ain’t cute, trust me.

Look! I am not body shaming you or something. We both are alone here and I am talking to you one on one. It’s a man-to-man conversation, my boy. And you need to understand the fact that in order to gain something you got to sacrifice something. I know it is harder for you to do but you need to do this whatsoever. You got to give up your trash diet eating habits if you really want to improve your looks and take your style game to a whole another level.

You definitely want to do that. Don’t you? Well, then what are you waiting for? Make a new, better, healthier diet plan today. How? Take help from your trainer, search online but first learn about yourself. What kind of body type do you have, and other related questions. Best of luck brother. If you have any questions related to all of this, you can feel free to DM me on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will come back to you ASAP.

6: Not being present.

This is something that we all need to quit if we really want to live a better life.

Hey! Look at me. I am pretty sure that you are thinking about something at the moment. Yo! Your friends are around and they are having a great time but you are busy on your phone, checking out the feed.

You are available physically but not mentally. And this entire situation is very disturbed. You are having fun but you are not actually having fun.

Just because of that, by the end of the day, you are always sad. How can you be happy if you are not present at the moment? You have already wasted that special moment by scrolling through the feed, replying to those messages, thinking about the past or the future, etc.

You’ve already wasted the moment. The same goes for the tensed moment as well. We all need the difficult moments in life as well to grow and to become wiser people. Ahh! You are wasting those moments as well. How are you going to learn if you are not fully present in the hard times? When are you going to take notes then?

Guys! No matter what the moment is, you need to stay present if you really want to take your skill and happiness game to the next level.

7: Thoughts from the past.

Thoughts from the past.

The next one on the list of extremely hard things every guy needs to give up/Things guys should stop doing to have a better life are thoughts from the past.

You are not able to do anything to the fullest just because of this past memory of yours. Look, I get you.

I know that you were trying your level best in the past as well but that entire thing failed miserably. That entire incident happened about 5 years ago. But it is still with you.

I am not blaming you for not being able to forget that incident but if you will stop doing anything that is risky then you for sure are the person who I am going to point my fingers at.

You, my friend, need to work for it. I know that your past experience isn’t good but should that stop you from trying it over again? Definitely not. You have learned a lot from that experience and I am pretty sure that this time you are going to make it or maybe the next time. But at the end of the day, you are becoming a much wiser (and knowledgeable) person due to all of this.

So stop letting your past come in your way of growth.

8: Your sleeping schedule.

BTW, when do you sleep?

Oh, I got you.

You sleep at 3 in the night. No?

Let me tell you something, you are not going to achieve that “alpha male” status if you won’t quit sleeping at night. I know that it is super hard for you to do but the color of the prize is much brighter.

Imagine yourself waking up active, looking all fresh, super energetic, and with no dark circles around the eyes. Don’t you want to experience that every single day? If yes then you already know what to do.

Start sleeping early and wake up early as well. There are tons of things that you are unable to do just because of this habit of yours. You can meditate, go for a walk, have a good time outside in the park but you are unable to do all of that because you wake up super late. You rush towards your bathroom to take the shower and leave for work instantly.

Sleeping late affects not just your work routine, but your skincare routine as well. Plus you are indirectly putting yourself in a vulnerable state. Your testosterone levels are at the stake, so does your stress levels. Don’t you want to increase the former and decrease the latter? If yes then start sleeping early!

9: Worrying about every little thing.

The next one on the list of extremely hard things every guy needs to give up/Things guys should stop doing to have a better life is “worrying about every little thing”.

Why is that so? Why do you even care to worry about little things in life? Ok, I am sorry. I know that you are not doing it willingly but you somehow always end up in a state where you are thinking about every little problem that comes up on the daily basis.

You are always thinking about other people making plans against you. Maybe you are worried about little things that could go wrong.

You planned this entire thing but it all crashed at the last minute. Chances are that you wanted to blow dry your hair to look good at the party but the electricity went off. You can’t even eat a good breakfast now.

Ughh! I know that it is hard but guess what? There is always a solution to the problem. You can leave the house early and go to some salon to get your hair fixed. I remember there is this juice shop in the corner from where you can order a nice shake that you can drink while having your hair blow-dried. Problem solved!

Relax my brother. There is always a solution, no matter what the problem is. So just relax, and stop worrying about every little thing that pops up.

10: Trying too hard to live up to other people’s expectations.

Trying too hard to live up to other people's expectations.

“I know that you won’t disappoint me”.

“I am pretty sure that you are going to choose A over B. You go boy”.

Stop them right there. Be polite though.

Look, everybody has their expectations and they should never ever stop you from doing things that you want to do. Chances are that there is this person who is super excited for you. He wants you to start a Youtube channel but you are not sure about that.

He thinks that you are going to make it big. Let that dude think whatever he wants to think and do whatever you want to do.

You don’t need to please anybody. You can always be polite and stop them right then and there. Please do not try too hard to live up to other people’s expectations because you don’t need to do that. If you will spend all of your time doing that, then you can’t be happy no matter what. Don’t you want to be happy and live a better life? I am sure you do. So just stop living up to other people’s expectations.

11: The “itch” to spend money.

Ahh. You can’t keep the money to yourself. Right? You have this habit of spending money whenever you have it.

Be it on the subscriptions, play stuff, shopping, etc. You are always seen spending the money.

Guess what? This money that you are spending could have been used in the future for something really productive but not anymore.

You could have saved this money, and used it in the future to fund your small business. And that would have been a great choice for everybody. But your choice was to use it right now.

Guys! Control yourself, save it now so that you can use it later to buy much better things in life. Save it as then you can invest it into something that is going to pay you a good return! Throw some anti-itch powder on your itch to spend money and give this habit up for a better and successful life.

12: Losing interest in things way too quickly.

And last but not the least, probably one of the most important one in the list of extremely hard things every guy needs to give up/Things guys should stop doing to have a better life is losing interest in things way too quickly.

You started working on your influencer journey, and you were gaining followers as well. But since it was too slow, so you decided to quit.

Then you started working on becoming a graphic designer and you were learning pretty quickly but you decided to quit that too because you failed to make a good amount of money.

And the list goes on… You can’t call yourself a learning ninja and do nothing. That dude Ali is much better than you. Do you know why? Because he knows how to settle down. He does not give up too quickly. He has the patience to wait until the sand settles down and the treasure becomes super clear.

Why can’t you be patient enough to see the reward? Guys, you got to give up this habit of yours if you want to achieve something mega kinda big in life.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of extremely hard things every guy needs to give up/Things guys should stop doing to have a better life? Do let me know your suggestions, comments, and feedback over on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will come back to you ASAP,


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