12 Grooming Tactics Guys Often Forget About (But They Shouldn’t)

Gentlemen! Do You want to Look Good? Do You want to look the best in the Room filled with Ultra-Sexy Groomed Men? You want me to reveal some secret Grooming tactics that You can implement in your day to day life to Present the best physical version of yourself? If the answer of any of these questions is a “Yes” from your side then I recommend you to keep reading because today is your Day!

And for all of you Guys who really want to make a statement with their Style and their magnificent personality, I direct you to checkout, 12 Instant Tips to Make you Look More HANDSOME. Wanna learn More about clothing? Checkout, 30 Little Clothing Tricks for Guys that Make a Huge Difference! and 16 Simple Tricks to Make Your Cheap Clothing More Expensive. But with all that Style and Clothing techniques You do need better Skin and Hair as well. For that You must checkout, 11 Skincare Tips to Have Much Better Skin in just a Couple of Days and 14 Easiest Tips to Get Thick Hair in Just 2 Weeks.

With that being said, Guys, I want to ask a question from you all. How many of You Guys are struggling with Improving, I don’t know, Maybe your lifestyle, chances are that you really want to look but You don’t Know where to start actually. Don’t worry Folks because you have been heard. Hit me at instagram (@worldofnyazi), let me know their about the thing, the no #1 thing that you want to change about your life. Maybe its the Hairstyle that You want to change but you are not sure whether it will look good on you or not, etc. Send me a message their and we will talk about it in detail.

Alright, so back to our today’s topic. Grooming for Men. A topic that has always been put second but not anymore. Today we are gonna talk about 12 Grooming tactics (tips) you wish you were taught in School. So without any further ado, lets get straight into it. Shall we?

Take care of your Balls

For yourself Billy. Hey! Calm down My friend. I know that You do not plan to lose your belt tonight but guess what? You still need to take care of your Junk, every single day. Why?

Alright, so Let’s say You are walking around with your crouch area all hairy and sweaty. Nasty smell is over their and You know that, its irritating too and Somewhere in your head you want to fix that. Its super wet down there and You want to get rid of it, don’t you?

Man Up! And say No to your laziness because you, my friend, need to take care of your Junk today. Grab that Trimmer that You have in your house and remove the clipper from it. Now go down and clean it all up. Make sure you are doing the Job nice and Clean. Done?

Now head over to your bathroom and wash your junk, apply the Body wash over their. Now come out of your Bathroom and Moisturize Your Balls with your regular moisturizer. You are already feeling fresh, aren’t you? But Gentlemen! Their is this One last step Left which is going to ensure that You stay Confident, Dry and Light down there, the entire day. I am talking about Powdering your crouch area.

You can use any Talc Powder for the purpose and If you really want to Up your confidence game then you can purchase one of those Ball powders too, made specially to keep your balls feeling fresh, smelling good, all day Long.

Get yourself a Nose Trimmer

Let me Go inside my bag of Grooming tactics and take our another super important Tip which I am sure most of you guys have been ignoring lately. I am talking about your Nose and Ear Hair.

What do You think about them? Specially if you are someone who have a lot of Nose and ear hair? Do they Make you look Manly? Well, let me burst this Myth My brother because these hair attract nobody but you Only. Manly? Definitely Not!

Imagine a Dude walking around with Nose hair Coming out of his Nose. What will be your impression about him? Will you be feeling comfortable talking to him? Will he not gross You? Yes? Ohh! Now put yourself in the same example, this time you being the one with grown out nose and Ear hair. How about that?

Invest in a Good quality Nose trimmer as You can use it to trim your Nose and Ear hair. You wanna know what else you can do with it? Cut down your Lip mustache, that little line on top of your lip that is sitting on your upper, Yes Please. Remove it as doing that will definitely make Your beard look fresh. Hair all over your lips? Nah! Old fashioned. You aren’t Old fashioned, are you?

Argan Oil with a Twist

Aragon Oil Spray

Suppose today’s Sunday and This thing from no where comes in your mind that, I wish I could get Argan Oil in a spray Bottle Just like that Sea Salt Spray. I am sure you want that because If you are Like me, You do want to evenly distribute your Argan Oil in the Hair which is difficult to do when You have to manually apply it through your fingers.

You either end up applying more or less but not the accurate amount divided evenly throughout your hair. But what if I told you that their is a way to Put that Thick Argan Oil in the Spray Bottle. You want to give super powers to it? Yes Please! Gentlemen! You will be needing:

  • Argan Oil
  • Your Favorite Conditioner
  • Water

Put these in your Spray bottle evenly and shake the bottle for like 30 seconds or so. Voila! You, my friend, have successfully managed to get Argan Oil in a Spray Bottle and that conditioner inside is gonna ensure that your Argan Oil has the super Powers that it didn’t had before.

Thanks to BULK APOTHECARY BLOG for Teaching me this Nice little trick.

Exfoliate your Nose

How Can I make a List of Grooming Tactics without focusing on the Deal Breaker Feature of Your Face. Its the Nose Gentlemen! Alright, So I am sure that You’ve always heard about exfoliating your Face and doing it twice a week But have you ever thought about Exfoliating especially your Nose and removing all the dirt and Dead Skin piled up on the surface of your Nose?

Well, their is never too late and You can always start doing it from today. Why should you consider doing that?

  • It will make your Nose Look shiny and Soft as well which will Look Clean
  • Your Nose will feel really soft and Obviously will Not ruin the look of your entire Face
  • Its always a Good Idea to have a Blackheads-Free Nose.

Alright, so Lets get started. All you need is a Toothbrush. Make sure it is clean as it is going to be doing some serious action on your Nose. Apply some exfoliating scrub on your toothbrush, You can use Honey Mixed with sugar as well for the purpose.

Rub the Bristles on your Nose in the circular motion and keep doing it for sometime. Remember, you have to do it gently as you do not want to end up doing harm to yourself. Once done, wash your face like before and you will get a Much clean, soft and Shiny Nose than Before, definitely much better than Before.

Handsome Feet?

Gentlemen! Summers are coming soon. What coming soon? They are almost here and Look at Your Feet. Ahh! Those Ugly looking cracks and You are planning to get compliments over yourself with those being part of your part?

Well, I am not sure about that. But what If I told you that You can do that all by yourself without going to any Salon or investing in any extra Grooming Product. All you got to do is to follow the Below given Feet Grooming Routine.

  • Today is Sunday or Monday or whatever Day and You Plan or starting your Feet Grooming Routine. Cool. You got to take the shower like You do daily and wash your feet from both sides Nice and Smooth.
  • Once the surface of your Feet is soft enough, Now is the Time to Start the first Step which is to use a File that we all have in our Bathroom. You might wanna Use a Pumice stone for better results.
  • What happens is that once the surface of our feet is wet, it becomes easier to remove the dead skin cells that Are forming those cracks. Apply some exfoliating scrub and Rub the Pumice stone all over those Cracked heels.
  • Now apply the Body wash again on your feet to remove the Skin cells further and that’s it.

You got to do this routine twice a week and You will be able to see the results in like 2 weeks. Remember to Apply Vaseline Petroleum jelly on your feet once you dry your feet, not only on the Feet Grooming routine day But every single day because why not?

Get Vibrant Skin in Days!

Make Your Skin Vibrant

Gentlemen! This one is super efficient and You Know this one will definitely work because If I know You have been searching on Youtube for “Grooming tactics” and “Tips to have vibrant and Glowing Skin”. What they show you in the results section? Lemon, Lime Juice mixed up with a couple of other ingredients.

And they were right. Well actually i do not trust those multi-product application remedies anymore (I’ve recommended them before on this Blog and those do work actually but the point is, You should not go too far and start applying every other thing on your face).

And today Your brother is back but this time I have just 1 ingredient that is going to get you that Special Glow, Vibrant Skin that You’ve been dreaming about all the time. So what is that? It is None other than Vitamin C.

Should You apply Lime on your face for that? Well, No. because it might harm your skin if it is super sensitive. I recommend You guys to Grab some Vitamin C packets from the nearby Pharmacy and Mix them up with some water. Put this mixture in a container and You are Good to go.

Coming towards the Application part. After You have washed your face And Moisturized it as well before going to the bed, all you have to do is that You have to grab your Vitamin C spray and Sprinkle it all over your face. Let it stay their overnight and that’s it. Within days you are gonna see the Vibrance and Glow which You always wanted on your Face.

Your Neck Needs some Attention

This one is for all of those Dudes out their who ask questions from many Fashion you-tubers their. I see people commenting about the difference in their Neck-Face complexion. So Guys If you are someone who wants their neck to Have the same complexion as of their Face then this one is specifically for you Guys.

Alright, first of All You need to make sure that Your beard is properly lined at the neck area, mark it just above the Adam’s apple and everything below that needs to go. Remove those hair with your trimmer as sometimes these hair play their role in messing up the complexion by giving a dark illusion.

Moving towards the Second step. I want you to use the exact same Face wash you use to Wash your face and apply it on your neck too, twice a day. What next? What comes next to washing/cleansing? Yeah! Moisturizing.

You got to moisturize your neck too just like you moisturize your face. That’s it. I want you to keep doing this forever and within a month or so you will start seeing the results. Number #6 in the List of Grooming Tactics covered! Enjoy.

Eyes Dont Lie

Grooming Tactic #7: Take care of your Eyes. Why? Because they are just so precious. You wanna Know how difference eyes can make when it comes to your overall face Look? Its like they can take you from a 5/10 to 7.5/10 in no time. I’ve talked about it before as well in one of my previous articles, 8 Proven Steps to Have a Better Looking Face:

Food for Eyes:

Vitamin A: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Beef Liver, Cod Liver Oil, etc

Zinc: Meat, Eggs, Milk, etc

Vitamin E: Almonds, sunflower seeds, Avocado, Squash, etc

Vitamin C: Orange, Lemon, Guava, GrapeFruit, etc

Eye Care Routine:

  • Massage your Eyes with the Help of a Good eye cream.. But make sure that you are being gentle because skin underneath is very sensitive.
  • If You have been experiencing a lot of Dark circles lately then first of all i would recommend you to Sleep more and Stress Less. You need to be sleeping at least 7 hours per day in order to make sure that all of your body’s functions are performing effectively.
  • You might also wanna massage your eyes with the Help of Almond oil. And do apply cucumber slices over your eyes before going to sleep (for about 5-10 minutes).. Doing this will Cool down your Eyes.. One more thing that seem to work very well is Dipping tea bags in water and then applying it on your eyes for 5 minutes or so. This method is recommended by a lot of People and so far i haven’t seen anybody complaining or saying any bad thing about it.
  • Eye lashes Gentlemen, No doubt are a sign of beauty. Girls and us men as well are attracted more towards the guys with bigger and thicker eye lashes as compared to those who have thinner and Shorter eye lashes.. And same is the case with eye brows.. How to get bigger eye lashes and Eye brows? Castor Oil! Gentlemen i have been using castor oil since a Year now and trust me It really works.. Just pour some Castor oil in Mascara tube and then apply it as if you are applying Mascara in your eyes.. Curl the lashes with the help of Mascara brush (athat has castor oil applied on it).. You can use the same brush on your eye brows as well..

Stinky Feet and Handsome You? Nah!

Grooming tactics for Stinky Feet

I’ve heard you in the Pain and that feeling of disappointment when You wanted to hide that smell coming out of your feet but you didn’t know what to do. Don’t you worry My friend, i can not return you the days passed, but I surely can recommend you 2 things that You can do to ensure that Nobody is going to judge you due to that nasty smell coming out of your shoes.

I really Love that Old Spice Deodorant, I use that all the time on my Armpits. “Lol, Nyazi sure you use it on your armpits. Where else?” What if i told you that You can use your favorite cute little deodorant on your feet too? Will that satisfy You?

And what If i told You that by doing this You are gonna get rid of that smell that would have been coming from your feet otherwise? Will that appeal you? Leave every freaking thing aside because all you need is a spray deodrant or that Roller and Roll it over your feet before putting your sexy feet in the sneakers. Thats it.

You thought I will leave off you guys with just 1 way of not having stinky smell? No My friend. I have a Bag of Grooming tactics for everything and For this One I have 2 solutions. Aslam Please get me my dry shampoo. Thanks! All You got to do is that, you wanna spray Your dry shampoo on your feet and some in your shoes as well. This will ensure that Your feet stay fresh, odor free, all day long.

What’s that in your Teeth?

I do not care what You have eaten early in the morning that is still stuck in your teeth. What? You think this is sexy? Like having food in your teeth, getting appreciation from all foodies? No! You are gonna attract bees Only and I am sure you do not want that. Do You?

Gentlemen! You need to know how to Floss your Teeth as this is super important and You already Know that you got to brush your teeth 2 times a day every single day, one in the Morning, one before going to bed, these are not grooming tactics, these are the basic Hygiene essentials we all have been told to do since our childhood.

Coming towards the Grooming part of it. Alright, so Let’s say You wanna go for a Photoshoot and over their you have to click some pictures with you smiling, exposing your teeth. What? You have kinda Pale yellow teeth? Don’t you worry guys because from the list of Grooming tactics their is this One super helpful trick that you are going to find very handy in this situation.

All you need is some Baking soda and your regular tooth brush. Apply some baking soda on the Brush and gently brush your teeth in circular or whatever motion. Keep doing that for about 2 minutes. Alternatively you can have a foil with Baking soda applied inside of it. Now let the Foil sit on your teeth for about 20 minutes (Thanks to theformaledit for this one)

Remove the Foil and You will be left with whiter teeth and Healthier Gums as well. Gentlemen! I want you to Brush your teeth with baking soda or charcoal for like 2 times a week to see the results real fast. This is one for those who do not want to invest in a whitening Kit or maybe You are saving up for that and want to learn some grooming tactics to cover that up until then.

Feminine Products

Alright, so Let’s say you are starting to see some Grey hair in your beard. Well, you can always dye your beard and this is time to actually experiment with different colors, maybe you have a black beard naturally. So why not trying slightly lighter color? It might look good on You.

With that being said, let’s say You do not want to dye your beard. Your choice! Let’s say You will dye it later and All You want for Now is something to save Yourself from this situation where You want to get rid of this situation as You might have a meeting planned with your in-laws and You don’t want to mess things up.

All You need is a Color pencil, one from the drawer of your sister or mother, those Maybelline Color pencils that come in all the colors. Grab that and start painting that grey hair. Remember guy! You do not have to be too much harsh as that might look artificial. Just a little bit painting action and then use your fingers to mix the color up. What!

Look at yourself my friend. It looks just like totally natural, as if You did nothing. Remember to not touch your beard again and again as everybody will then get to know that You did something because the color is not permanent.

We need one more from the list of Grooming tactics, this one for the Blemishes and Acne. Alright so Let’s say You have planned to kill this newly born Acne (Say Good Bye to Acne! (7 Easy Treatments and Prevention)) but guess what? It might take like 2-4 days to get rid of that but as per my guesses You need this thing to go away right Now.

Should You pop it? No! Not at all, as this will enhance the problem. So what should you do instead? Grab a Concealer and apply it on the Acne and this will immediately mix it up with your skin just like Your favorite editing does for you. A quick fix for Acne and blemishes? Covered!

What’s up with those Nails?

Groom Your Nails

Next Up in the List of Grooming Tactics has to do with your Nails. Guys! I want you to tell me that why haven’t you done anything about those Ugly Looking Nails of Yours?

Alright so Let’s say you have your Nail grown more than the boundary of your fingers. Guess what? This is welcome all the dirt and dust particles to get stuck in your nails and even if their are no dust particles, still You are going to look Super Gross as people perceive long nails with Grossness and bad hygienic practices.

I Know that this is Like some basic Hygienic stuff But we have forget about it lately. I do not want to target someone but men are not supposed to grow their nails to apply some sort of nail paint over it. Men, in my humble opinion, look great with their Nails cut just about the boundary (or little more than that).

Guys! Cut your nails and do Not forget to clean all the dust stuck inside them. Use Nail File to shape them and give them Shine with the Help of Nail Buffer. Now Apply vaseline to give them a healthy Look.

I want you to do the same with your foot nails and Just as I talked about it before, summer is on its way and We all will be wearing slippers. What about the nasty overgrown nails coming out of your slippers. Are they attractive? Surely Not! So do what you did with your hand finger nails to your foot nails as well.

Bonus Tip (Make your Lips Sexier)

Another One from My Bag of “Grooming Tactics”, its about those Sexy lips of Yours. And for this One I will be heading straight towards another article of mine, “8 Proven Steps to Have a Better Looking Face (From 5/10 to 9.5/10)”:

“Those Sexy Lips of yours can become even more sexier if you start taking care of them.. No its not just for the females!. A masculine Man has his everything put together, looking dope AF! So if your lips are chapped and dry then you must do something about it. Maybe Use a good quality chapstick. But What I use and recommend is Johnson Baby Petroleum Jelly.. Ok, you can laugh about it but that’s what works the best for me.. I don’t know why but for some reason Vaseline Petroleum Jelly make my lips darker.. kinda weird but its true, at least for me.

Another thing that I don’t want you to miss is that You should never forget to exfoliate your Lips every once or twice a week. Its simple guys, no rocket science at all. You need some honey and an exfoliating agent, I recommend sugar for that. Mix both of these and apply the mixture on your Lips. Rub it a little (Make sure that your hands are washed properly) for about 2 minutes or so and let it stay there afterwards for about 10 minutes.

Now wash it off and apply honey or petroleum jelly on your Lips, Thats pretty much it.. Do this twice a week and you are gonna thank me later for this one. But nothing can be complete without a good diet.. Eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid packaged foods and deep fried food items and stop smoking. All of these contribute towards darker and unhealthy lips”

And with that being said, Gentlemen! Today’s article finally comes to its end. What do You think about this list of Grooming tactics? Which one is your most favorite among them all? And most importantly what would You want me to talk about next? Should it be something related to style? Or something about Clothing? Another episode of Bedroom Essentials is also coming out soon and I’ve wanting to start “Review” series too. Hit me up on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) to give your suggestions and until next time my brothers, Today’s article was, “12 Grooming Tactics Guys Often Forget about (But They shouldn’t)”. Don’t forget to share it with your friends using the social handles.


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