12 Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about Hobbies yet again. So what is it all about? What is this obsession that I have with hobbies?

Hobbies define you. They make you the person that you are. Either attractive or not so attractive, all of this depends on the set of hobbies that you possess.

Some hobbies are proven to make you 10x more attractive. Then there are these hobbies that make you look stupid and immature (Avoid these at all costs).

Do you see what I did there? I just tried to show you the difference that a set of hobbies can make in your persona. A good set of hobbies can make you look super attractive. However, if you have in your arsenal, negative hobbies then you might end up looking unattractive.

Ok, so you think that the hobbies that you possess make you look good? I highly doubt that. Gentlemen! You need to reconsider it because you had been messing it up this whole time. Guys, these hobbies that you think are attractive, aren’t attractive! You told me that you find your hobbies “Hot” but in reality, they are not.

No, they do not make you look hot and that’s a reality. What is those set of hobbies which most guys think to make them look hot but in reality they are not? Stay active and keep reading because we are about to talk about just that in today’s article.

Gentlemen, Presenting the list of “12 Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)”. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into it now. Shall we?

Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)/Unattractive guy hobbies/habits that make guys unattractive

  • Being “I know it all”.
  • Vaping.
  • Staying up late at night.
  • Games and cars.
  • Gym, sports – obsession.
  • Posting too many “Mr. know it all” kinda statuses.
  • Bringing down someone’s energy.
  • Making fun of somebody.
  • Talking all the time.
  • Watching stupid content.
  • Collecting stuff.
  • Trying out different restaurants.

That’s pretty much it. Guys! The above-given list of things/hobbies is what most guys think is hot, attractive, and alpha. But in reality, they just make you look like a douche.

Let’s get into each one of these to discuss them in detail now. Shall we?

1: Being “I know it all”.

Being I know it all.

“I think he is on steroids”, “Yoo! Just look at them. I think he is in love with her”, “He is such a liar. I am pretty sure what he is saying is nothing but lies”.

Can you please stop? I mean, I don’t care who you are. Chances are that you are an experienced person and you know how to read people but why are you being so judgemental all the time?

Why can’t you just stop being “Mr. know it all”. You always have to say something about somebody. What’s most annoying is the way you say those things.

You are pretty sure almost all the time about what you are saying. Guess what? You can be wrong too. Chances are that he isn’t on steroids, and maybe they aren’t together too. Why do you have to spread the noise anyways?

Can you not mind your own business only? That is going to be a really good idea, my boy. Because that way you aren’t going to end up getting a lot of fo hate from them sooner or later.

Ok, so you think that being “Mr. know it all” puts you in a dominant position like you are that one person who knows everything? Not at all. It isn’t what the reality is. Passing judgemental statements makes you look extremely unattractive and that’s the only reality that I see in this entire equation.

2: Vaping.

The next one on the list of Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)/Unattractive guy hobbies/habits that make guys unattractive is, “Vaping”.

Making those circles. Damn! So sexy you are. Hmm?

I see guys posting stories of them vaping and making those circles from the smoke but let me tell you something, it ain’t attractive at all. Vaping does not make you look attractive. Plus what if I told you that this thing (which no doubt is a healthier alternative to cigarettes) can destroy your lungs?

  • Lung damage.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Biological changes associated with cancer.

Combine all these things and top it up with the annoying habit of puffing and exporting out the circles, what we are going to get is nothing but a human being full of “unattractiveness”.

You don’t want to be that. Do you? If yes then put your hobby of vaping in the trash because that’s the right spot, the place where it belongs.

3: Staying up late at night

You think it is trendy to stay up at night. Chances are that your friends are doing the same. Maybe all of you are doing that. The entire surroundings, people around you are just too lazy to follow the rules and they consider “staying up late at night” to be a cool thing.

Hmm… I get you.

I know where you are coming from. And I am pretty sure that where you heading towards is a dark place. How? Let me explain.

Staying up late at night, watching your phone screen results in many problems. It can cause stress, headache, and just look at yourself in the mirror for a second. Can you?

  • The dark circles.
  • The glow that needs to be there.
  • Your hair looks not-so-good.

You are missing a lot of things that would be there, only if you would have left your phone aside, you would have achieved tons of benefits in return.

Do you want to sleep your way to sexiness? That way you are going to look super hot. But how? Maybe you are looking for some tips to get baby Sleep. No worries because your brother has got you covered.

Following is a list of tips to help you get a baby’s sleep!

Tips for a Good night Sleep:

  • Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the day because the caffeine helps you wake up which means that it won’t let you sleep properly at Night. Hence, avoid caffeine in the evening or at night time.
  • Increase Bright Light Exposure during the Day and Reduce the Blue Light exposure in the evening/Night. Put your phone aside and don’t use it when the Lights of your room are switched off. Using a phone in the dark is gonna hurt your eyesight plus it is eating your Sleep time as well. 
  • You must put all of your Digital devices away at least 30 minutes before going to bed… I recommend that you put your Phone on a Table far away from your bed because I know that sometimes you want to grab your Cellphone again and again… But if you place it far away, you will have to get up and reach the table to grab your cellphone… Getting up is a resistance and a Barrier that is surely gonna Help.
  • Maintain Room Temperature at 60 – 67 Degree Fahrenheit because that’s considered to be the ideal temperature. Lowering your body’s temperate before going to bed is proven to give you a Baby sleep.
  • Make a Routine. Sleep at 10, Wake-up at 5 (etc)
  • Check your Mattress. Make sure that your Pillows, Bed, and Mattress are Comfortable.

4: Games and cars.

Games and cars.

Maybe you are always playing games. Great.

Chances are that you are always talking about cars and the only thing you have to offer in a conversation is the talk of this game that just came out or you are talking about the cars only.

Let me tell you something… It ain’t a good idea.

Imagine sitting with a person who can talk about nothing else but a single topic only. What will you say about that? I am pretty sure that you will get bored and you will avoid sitting with him next time because let is real here, no one wants to spend time with a person who offers so-called entertainment in one single domain only.

It’s a good idea to stop talking than to talk about this one thing only. I know that you love games and the same goes for cars as well but they aren’t making you look attractive. The word, “man” has been shamelessly associated with these things only and I get it. I know how society has shaped men to love these things only.

But in reality, there are a lot of other things to explore too. You can talk about the environment, books, traveling, etc. Why just cars or games only? Yeah, grow up a little bit. PLEASE.

5: Gym, sports – obsession.

No, not just about games and cars but I was talking about obsession in general too.

Let’s just say you do not have that much interest in games and cars, so you are like, “Phew! There is nothing unattractive about me”. But what about the gym, sports, etc? The main problem was never games, and cars, specifically, but that was the word “obsession” that was the main problem in the whole scenario.

Being obsessed makes you look attractive, said nobody ever. Look, I know that you have been working out a lot lately but talking just about that only is something that is going to repel people away from you. The same goes for sports as well. You love to play sports, maybe you are a football fan. Woohooo! What do you think about football?

I don’t think anything about football, and I also have nothing to say about the gym as well. Guess what? I recommend you add some variety to your conversation. You need to be a little more about other topics too and by doing that your gym and sports conversation won’t look that much boring plus you won’t look gym or sports obsessed too.

So basically its would be a win-win.

6: Posting too many “Mr. know it all” kinda statuses.

The next one on the list of Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)/Unattractive guy hobbies/habits that make guys unattractive is, “Posting too many “Mr. know it all” kinda statuses”.

Nah! We aren’t finalized yet. You think that posting too many Mr. know-it statuses is ok but I am sorry to say that doing that makes you look unattractive.

Do you believe that you are being an alpha by posting motivational statuses all the time? Maybe you are posting the very serious and that kinda stuff all the time thinking that others will find you mature and a grown-up man who deserves respect.

Nah, My friend!

In reality, you are just making yourself look like somebody very hard to talk to. You are decreasing your chances of getting approached. Consider this equivalent to keeping the intense face all the time. Who do you think is going to approach you that way? Not even a single person.

Guys! You need to chill out. Stay normal and keep things on the friendly side of the spectrum as well. Being that motivational guru makes no sense especially if you’ve added everyone who knows that you are the one who cracks the first joke whenever the conversation gets started.

7: Bringing down someone’s energy.

Bringing down someone's energy.

I don’t care how good of a person you are, if you are somebody who brings someone down just to make yourself popular as a superior person then you are 10x less attractive, no matter what.

Guys! I know you have this habit of pointing out people’s mistakes on their faces and whenever they are excited due to whatever reason, you try to look for ways to bring them down just to enhance your fake alpha.

But that isn’t making you look attractive. Nah, my friend. The only thing you are doing is decreasing your attractiveness points.

Do you want to know what else makes you look like a fake alpha? Well, then check out this article that I had written not long ago: How to Spot a Fake Alpha Male? (13 Clear Signs to Note).

It has everything you need to know to burst out your fake alpha bubble.

8: Making fun of people.

One of the ugliest things a man can do is to make fun of others. Chances are that you might be doing it to clear the environment. Or maybe you are doing it and he isn’t showing any negative response, whatsoever.

But what if I told you that he isn’t really happy and he wants you to stop. He wants you to stop this nonsense and crack some better jokes which aren’t targeted at any person specifically.

Making fun of others just to bring a laugh to people’s faces isn’t putting you in the spotlight and even if it does, it is such a bad thing to do. Do you even realize what that person is feeling just because of what you are doing to him?

“He is my friend, he won’t mind!”

Are you sure? Because the other day when he cracked a joke about you, your reaction was noteworthy. You got crazy angry and then he said, “Now you know how it feels like!”

Stop insulting others just to make yourself happy. You don’t need to crack stupid insulting jokes to bring a smile on some douche’s face. Change your company if all the people around you love to hear just the insulting kind of jokes.

After all, your company is that one thing that represents you in the crowd. Good company means you are going to have a good image in society and bad company means you will not be receiving the respect and importance that you deserve.

9: Talking all the time.

The next one on the list of Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)/Unattractive guy hobbies/habits that make guys unattractive is, ” Talking all the time“.

So you are talking all the time. Perfect.

Good thing is that your words are logical and you make good conversations as well. But stop it, can you? I mean, you are always talking. Be it in the class, meeting room, etc. What if I told you that the best of the best are those who listen as well?

You are good at talking and delivering what you want to say and that’s perfect. However, listening is something that is going to take your skillset to a whole new level.

The amount of mystery that you are going to add to your character just because of listening instead of just talking is insane! And that my friend, is how you become an attractive male specimen.

10: Watching stupid content.

Watching stupid content

So yeah… Do you think watching diverse content makes you intelligent? Do you believe that it makes you more knowledgeable?

Let me break your cute little bubble. May I?

Watching content that is immature, stupid, and exaggerated affects your personality. It will leave its mark on you and you behave accordingly.

Your humor will get affected, so does your thinking pattern. Over time your entire Vibe will be changed as well.

And that for sure isn’t something that you want. So the best option is to stick to the quality content and filter what you are consuming. Bad content leaves bad effects that you would not want in your character.

11: Collecting stuff.

The next one on the list of Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)/Unattractive guy hobbies/habits that make guys unattractive is, ” Collecting stuff“.

Are you that famous collector dude in your group?

Well, guess what? I am pretty sure that you are working hard and you earn good money as well. However, you end up with almost nothing in your accounts. Why? Let’s find that out.

Maybe these things that you collect, be it antique watches, cars, etc are the reason you end up with nothing in your pockets.

Skip collecting stuff and focus instead on making the right purchase decisions that make your life truly better.

Being a watch, car, or whatever collector will only leave you with no money, yes you might be happy in the end that you have a huge collection but guess what? Financial stability is much more attractive than collecting random items, a hobby that keeps you broke.

12: Trying different restaurants.

Last but not least, probably one of the most unattractive hobbies in the list of Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)/Unattractive guy hobbies/habits that make guys unattractive is, “Trying different restaurants”.

You love to try different restaurants. Maybe you love it because you have this craze of posting statuses of all the good restaurants out there.

But what if I told you that this habit of yours is making you obese, and it is also making you financially dependent and less stable?

I mean, of course, you eat at different places and you do end up spending a lot of money too. You eat more, add more weight, and yes, you are left with little to no money in your pockets after every restaurant visit.

Where should you spend your money instead?

You should spend your money instead on buying better skincare systems, haircare products, etc. If you think you have way too much money in your account, then you should go for saving it and then investing it afterward as that will ensure you get the best ROI.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of most unattractive hobbies in the list of Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)/Unattractive guy hobbies/habits that make guys unattractive?

Do let me know about your comments, suggestions, and feedback over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will back you ASAP.

Gentlemen! This was my take on “Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)/Unattractive guy hobbies/habits that make guys unattractive” under the headline, “12 Hobbies Most men think makes them Hot (They are Wrong!)”. I will see you guys in another one,


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