12 Instant Tips to Make you Look More HANDSOME!

Gentlemen! Wassup? I hope you all are doing well. So the inspiration for today’s post came from the messages that you sent me in reply to one of my previously written articles, “8 Proven Steps to Have a Better Looking Face (From 5/10 to 9.5/10!)” in which I talked about certain tips that can help you make your face better looking. So the issue that most of you were facing was about the time frame. You guys want to look handsome instantly and I completely get it. I mean nobody has time to wait for weeks to make their face better and sometimes you are in search of a quick fix only

Well as we all know, James Bond’s New movie, “No Time to Die” is coming out and the anticipation welded with excitement level is euphoric. Wait! Are you a fan of James Bond? Do you always wanted to be Like James Bond? Well! If yes, then your wait is over because just 3 days ago, I posted an article in which I talked about 007 crucial tips / steps that are very easy and I guarantee you that if you implement these tips, your chances of becoming like James Bond will increase dramatically! So what are you waiting for? Click here to Read “007 Tips to becoming James Bond”

Yeah, those instantaneous solutions! So I started looking for practical tips from different blogs, YouTube videos, and my secret diary as well. Fortunately, I was able to find enough data to feed my minimum post requirements, i-e, all the possible information anybody can find on a particular topic. Well, here I am with not 7 but 12 tips that any guy can use, and I don’t care if you have genetic feature score 9/10 or 2/10, the tips that I am about to tell you are universal and will benefit each and every one of you! Plus as I promised, they work instantly. So without any further adieu, let’s hop into the topic, shall we?

1: Work on your Posture to Look Handsome (Instantly)!

Good posture makes you attractive instantly!

Well, there is a reason I included this one at the number 1 spot. And the inspiration for this one came from my own personal life. I have tons of dudes who are wearing a bomb ass outfit, their looks are no less than a 9/10 and they have fairly good grooming status as well. But when you see them walking or sitting somewhere and their body movements, you are like, “WTH man!”. Trust me! A guy who has a crappy posture can never be perceived as the best one in the room. Sure there will be ladies who will call him handsome, but we here are not talking about becoming just a regular handsome dude, we are talking about the best of the best and I am afraid to say that without a perfect posture, you can’t expect that to happen.

Now you all might be wondering that what under God’s sky is considered as, “the perfect posture”. So to answer this query of yours, I would like to recommend you to watch any clip of James Bond walking or sitting. I have already talked about the best walking style that anybody can copy-paste in his life to upgrade his style and status game, “007 Tips to becoming “No Time To Die”, James BOND!

But its not just about walking, you need to learn to stand straight. Guys your shoulders should be relaxed (not slumped) and pushed back but again as I always say your posture should exude confidence, not vain pride. Since we are tackling the confidence element, there exists another dimension to it that reflects the tinge of manliness, its the way you sit. My God! I can’t tell you the amount of ugliness you portray when you sit with your legs closed like a pu$$y. Come on, guys! Open those legs! What are you afraid of? Let your alpha in prime have its day. (Again, there are boundaries. Don’t open your legs too much because it ain’t a porn scene you know).

And when you are talking, try to use your hands properly. I am talking about perfecting the hand movements of yours while you are in a conversation with somebody. My boy Alpha at Alpha M (Youtube’s Style King) has just posted a video a few days ago in which he discussed some hand talking tricks to make you look more attractive. You can check out the video by hitting the link given below 👇🏻

Body Language Tips to Look MORE Confident & Attractive! (HAND TALKING TRICKS)

2: A New Clothing Item can make you Look Handsome (Instantly)!

A new clothing item can enhance your look.

Gentlemen! Think of something that you haven’t been wearing for about a year now. I am sure we all have certain clothing pieces, pants, shirts, shoes that we don’t wear because we find nothing to match them with. But hey! You have bought many new items since then and chances are that your current updated wardrobe has clothing items that can contribute to giving a new life to that previously rejected item. There are chances for that. right? The only you need to do is try and match that clothing item with your currently present wardrobe items and BANG! Gentlemen, you are looking completely savage. It’s like something has made you look handsome instantly.

12 Tips for Renewing your Wardrobe with Less / No Money (Men’s Edition)

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It happens with every new clothing piece that matches your body’s proportions and that has been bought after some research (by using your color and outfit matching skill). I have included it on the list because of its instant results. There are like just 3 steps involved that include, #1 Getting / Searching for a new / previously leftover clothing item, that hasn’t been wearing for a long time. #2 Matching it with your already existing clothing items and finally #3 Bang! You look more Handsome instantly!

3: Removing those Blackheads helps you look more handsome (Instantly)!

Blackheads are nasty and are secretly killing the appearance of the super handsome face of yours. When you are standing close to somebody and he notices those Big Black dots on your Nose then you know what they are gonna think about you? Well, I don’t know but I am sure about one thing that they aren’t gonna perceive you as super handsome dude because skin, my friend, is the most important factor in calculating somebody’s handsomeness. If you have clear and bright skin then Boom you are already very close to your destination.

blackheads are nasty

Say Good-Bye to Acne! (7 Easy Treatments and Prevention)

4 Genius Tips to Get the Most Glowing Skin!

Well, today we are gonna cover the blackhead part only for the sake of this article. And guys, the solution to this problem is very easy. All you need is a nose peel-off strip, those Black strips that have charcoal in it. You can buy them at any departmental store near you. Apply it for about 20 minutes ~ and then take it off. Voila! You are left with a smooth nose of Greek deity. And you, my friend, now know another cool tip to make yourself look more handsome instantly!

4: Specs and Sunglasses will make you Better Looking!

Let’s say them is this guy who wants to go out on a casual party, a regular day hangout. He washes his face, applies moisturizer and puts on a cool outfit as well. Looking dope, right? Yes! But today we are talking about tips and things that can make you look more handsome instantly and in this situation, to get more handsome, I would suggest you put on a cool pair of shades!

Guys, I can’t tell you the amount of definition and sexiness that shades give to your face. And not only the shades, but I am also talking about all the other kinds of glasses. You, without glasses, look handsome and that’s great but when you put on those nice pairs of glasses that match your face shape then Bang! The game is on for the style. Gentlemen! You look amazingly handsome. We are talking about the ultimate level here. But wait before you go and purchase this accessory, I want you to know a little about your face shape and what type of glasses suits best on your specific face shape.

So it all starts with a front camera. Open up your front camera and take a selfie. Use your drawing app to draw boundaries on the edges of the selfie that you just took (This is your face shape). I am sure that you are super confused by now but it’s actually very simple. Below is a diagram that shows which kind of glasses will look good on your face, based on your face shape.

FACE SHAPES and hairstyles that look good on them

Yes, there are only two general kinds of glasses, Round and structured. And now you know which one is for you (Guys, if you want me to write a detailed post, talking about all the possible styles of glasses available in the market and their correlation with face shapes then follow me on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and leave a comment there on my latest picture) You, now, know another cool tip to look more handsome instantly!

5: Get a Haircut and Set your Beard!

Obvious stuff, my friend, but not so obvious when we are in a hurry and its a date ahead. So gentlemen suppose that you have to go meet the love of your life and you want to look uber cool today. Surely you can make use of the above given 4 tips but I want you to change your complete look and it can only be possible if you embrace the power of a fresh new haircut and beard set.

Now I won’t recommend you to go with a particular haircut, it’s totally up to you but in 2020 it is expected that growing the sides a little bit and keeping the volume on the top is going to be trending. So yeah! you need to change your hairstyle for a completely new and fresh look. But one thing I want you to keep in mind is that don’t go overboard or don’t try to go for an entirely new hairstyle. I mean, sure I have said it earlier than going for a new haircut is definitely recommended but what if you choose to go with an entirely new genre of hairstyles which turned out to be a disaster? I mean anything can happen. So it’s better to stick to a specific hairstyle genre or if you want to change then don’t fluctuate too much (I will write a detailed post on different hairstyles and their relation with face shapes and how you can break the rules).

Now another thing that you can do to make your handsome face even more handsome is to set the boundaries of your beard. It’s instant, it’s easy and it takes no time. All you need to do is to get that razor or trimmer action on the boundaries and that’s it. You need to draw a line. Take a scale and put in on top of your ear and take it all the way to your lower lip. Everything above this line needs to be removed. The same is the case with your neckbeard. Put two fingers above your Adam’s apple and everything below that? Remove it!

6: Whiten your Teeth (Instantly!)

whiten your teeth

Imagine a dude who has followed all the above given 5 tips, looking dope, wearing a sexy outfit, My God! Who is he? Handsome AF. But as soon as he smiles or starts talking, you are like, “Ohh Come on!” I mean just look at his teeth gentlemen, it looks like he hasn’t been brushing them for ages. Do you want to be like that dude? I am hearing a definite NO! Then why don’t you take care of your teeth? Why don’t you make use of a Good toothpaste (Any charcoal paste) that can whiten your teeth?

Its very simple Gentlemen, all you need to do is to brush those bad boys twice a day and you are good to go. No bad breath, white teeth, and your gums will look healthier as well. 3 benefits with just a single habit. Yet, you don’t do that. Gentlemen, you are one handsome stud and your teeth should be looking like a mirror, shining all the way. Now some of you will be like, “Nyazi we are not here to listen to tips that take time to show results. We want instant solutions” Well, ok then! Let’s move towards the solutions then, shall we?

Bake it Up Technique

All you need is a baking soda (1 Spoon) and lemon juice (1 Spoon). Mix both these up nicely. Now you need to grab a clean cotton roll and take some cotton out of it. Dip it inside the solution that we just prepared and apply it to your teeth. Let it stay there for about 2-4 minutes! Tik Tok, Tik Tok. Gargle with clean water and that’s it. You can clearly see the results after the first application only. I recommend all of you to try this technique once or twice a month and see the magic.

7: Hide them Right away!

Now before some of you guys start a rant on “How gay does it make you if you opt for makeup, hear me out. Borrowing some help from makeup to hide imperfections isn’t ‘gay’ or feminine at all. Have I ever talked about removing eyebrows? Never, right? Because that’s gay but using makeup surely isn’t.

I am gonna divide this portion into two categories in which the first one is, “using concealer” and the second one is “bow brush”. First thing first, its “using concealer”. So the reason I recommend all of you to use this magical thing is that I have seen lots of manly people doing this before and recommending it to their followers as well. In a recent interview Tom Ford, while talking about his own concealer, discussed why every man should carry a concealer with him. He talked about the benefits of this little product in which he talked about the fact that how beautifully a concealer hides any sort of acne, blemishes, uneven tone, dark circles, wrinkles, leaving you with a sexy and even more handsome face that everyone is gonna appreciate and find even more handsome!

Moving on towards the second part of the equation, “bow brush”. As the name suggests, it’s all about treating your eyelashes and making them look more attractive! Have you seen Zayn Malik? His Eyes? Damn! His eyelashes? Well in order to increase the length of your eyelashes you need to apply castor oil on them with what? I advise using a mascara brush which can easily be found at your nearest cosmetic store. Fit it up with castor oil and before going to sleep, just use the brush on your eyebrows and eyelashes and within 10 days you are gonna see clear results. For the instant part, simply make use of plain eyebrow brush and eyelash curler that you can find in your Mom’s drawer to curl your eyelashes. This will curl your eyelashes making them appear big, making your overall face more attractive, which ultimately means that you are gonna look more handsome instantly if you use this tip!

8: Add Volume to your Hair to look more handsome (instantly)!

add Volume to your Hair to look more handsome (instantly)!

Not a question of life or death but still there are tons of FAQs made just on this single topic. You will see people on YouTube making millions just by talking about hair and hair care tips for men. And I get it. It’s because of the fact that hair is a very essential part of our overall look. A handsome guy with nice hair is more attractive to women than a guy who is equally handsome but has the worst hairstyle/hair in general. You don’t need to understand complex mathematical equations to get it right. Do you know that just by working on one component of your hair, you can change the look of your hair completely? I am talking about volume, my friend.

How to add volume to your hair? It’s really easy and the number of ways to do it is also a lot but the most instant that I know consists of 4 steps which are given below 👇🏻

  • First Step: Let’s say you have just come out of the shower. What most of the guys would do is that they would just dry their hair wildly with a towel but I don’t want you to do that. What instead you should be doing is, dry your hair gently which will make sure that less possible damage occurs to your hair.
  • Second Step: Apply some of pre-styling spray / Muse. Spray it nicely over all your hair and then use a wide toothbrush to mix the muse in your hair properly.
  • Third Step: Use the correct blow drying method. Head Down technique is the best way to get the maximum volume possible for your hair length. For this technique to work, you need to make sure that you are looking downwards with your head parallel to the floor.. Once that’s checked, You need to grab the blow dryer and start blow-drying in such a way that your dryer is below your head. That way you are blowing dry your hair against the gravity, whereas your hair wants to settle in the direction of gravity. This collision of forces ends up making your hair look super amazing with a good amount of volume on the top! Now use cold setting on your blow-dry to lock your hair on the place.

9: Wear Color Red to Look more Handsome!

They were not kidding when they recommended you to wear the color red. What do you think why do girls find blood on boys and vampires sexy? Well, I am not sure that in my opinion, it’s all about that sexy color which does all that magic. Have I told you already the effect of colors that occur on both our personality and the one who is talking to us or viewing us? And I was not joking when I have included “the art of color matching” in the top-rated skills that a Stylish Gentlemen Must have, in one of my previous articles.

Color Matching a Skill and understanding/Learning Colors should be included in our University Courses! (23 Ultra Stylish Ways to Impress any Girl (#2 is about the psychology of colors)

So, guys, red color is the symbol of status and dominance and for that reason, girls love this color so much. And trust me, guys, back when I didn’t know about the importance of red color and the science behind its greatness, I used to wear Red T-shirt or Full Sleeve Shirt on days when I had to look my best. I am damn sure that you, my friend are also gonna get tons of compliments on the day when you will red color because no matter what your complexion is, red is gonna make you look more handsome, instantly!

10: Smile! Properly (Instant Results)

The dude who used to say, “Smile” whenever the photographer was about to click a group photo was never wrong and unfortunately, You! my friend, are on the wrong side this time because I am sure that you along with the other 80% of dudes still believe that your smile isn’t perfect. But, I want you to know the real side of the story which says, “Smiling can make any guy look more friendly, positive, hence more handsome” What? Yes, my friend. When a dude smiles or laughs, what he actually does is that, he is sending out positive vibes and signals to every other person in the room, subliminally screaming, “Yo Mama! Who’s the most attractive dude in the room now!”

Now I don’t want you to smile all the time which will make you look creepy for sure. What instead I want you to do is, I want you to smile properly. Don’t get me wrong but when most dudes smile, even they don’t realize that their facial expressions are going, “Ga Ga”, ultra weird, which nobody finds attractive. Solution? Yes, sir! We have the solution all ready for you and its very simple. All you need to do is, you want to push your tongue against the back of your teeth which will clearly reduce the number of wrinkles and other ugly stuff that’s going on, on your face when you smile normally.

11: Sleeve Roll and Pants Cough! (The Right Way)

Your outfit is looking dope plus your grooming game is also super strong but there is this one thing that you haven’t checked in the list which is, “Rolling up those sleeves”. Ok, so this has been said for ages by every Style guru out there whoever created content about Men’s Fashion but still, people always choose not to focus on this single hack for I don’t know what reason. It’s all about rolling up your sleeves? Why It’s quite simple. Girls like exposed skin and when we are talking about forearm then bang! It’s a 10/10 easily. All the surveys that were ever conducted to find out the hottest body parts of men, had “forearms” in the answer list. Science has backed it and even doctors do it too. Hey there, Dr, Mike! Wassup

One more thing for all my friends who realize the importance of rolled-up sleeves but unfortunately they are doing it “Not perfectly” from the start. Well, I want you to know that even though every way of folding up those sleeves is super cool but today I am gonna talk about a special method to spice things up a little bit. Guys, in my opinion, the one that I am about to tell you is gonna make you look the sexiest and the better looking!

Unbutton the cuff and grab your sleeves to take them to your elbow. You are supposed to flip the cuff back and inside out in one go and then fold the inner part twice which is visible on the front!. That’s how you should fold your sleeves and My Friend that’s How you are gonna look more organized and this method, no doubt is better than the traditional method!

Cough your Pants!

It’s as simple as that. Guys, I try my best to come up with simple yet very useful tips that anybody can implement in their life within no time so that the outcome that they were expecting comes to them super fast. Coming back to the topic, Cough your pants. Note that this tip is special for those who have got their pants tailored but there is still some fabric on the bottom part which is hanging around making your pants look not that good. An instant solution to this problem is to cough those pants and that’s it. You are gonna notice a drastic change in your overall look. Guys, I recommend each and every one of you to get your pants tailored properly and they should end right at your ankle, no matter what type of pants we are talking about here. Jeans, chinos, dress pants, etc. Expose your sexy ankles a little. Yeah, just like that. Now that’s how you look more handsome instantly without putting in any effort, whatsoever!

12: Coconut Oil and Voila!

You might have read my article in which I talked about the benefits of coconut oil and how you can make your hair better with the help of coconut oil. But the list of benefits of this magical oil does not end here. In fact, we have just started talking about it (I will write a detailed post just on the benefits of coconut oil and how you can make your life easier, healthier and better overall using this oil) but for the sake of this post, I am afraid I have to stick to the “Looking Handsome Instantly” part only.

coconut Oil and its benefits

Benefit Number # 1

Apply coconut oil on your lips, nice and soft. But wait! Let’s start it from scratch. So the first thing you need to do is that you wanna apply the mixture of honey and sugar on your lips and gently rub it on your lips. What happens is that it exfoliates your lips leaving them more healthy and fresh looking. Now apply coconut oil on them and “Damn! My God! Who is that handsome dude with such healthy and sexy lips!” That’s what all the ladies are gonna say about you, I promise.

Benefit Number # 2

Do you want to make your face look a bit more defined? Cool! What’s bad in using coconut oil for the purpose? Yeah, my friend. It’s really simple. All you are supposed to do is, you want to use coconut oil on your cheekbones to amplify and make your cheekbones more prominent hence giving an illusion of a more defined face. More defined face means, more handsome you, instantly!

And the second part of this benefit includes applying some coconut oil to your chest area, you know on those sexy pecs of yours. What do you think bodybuilders do to look that shiny and pumped? They apply oils and stuff like that. What coconut oil does is that, as I told you earlier as well, it amplifies and makes stuff prominent. So when you apply it on your muscles, it is definitely going to drag people’s eyes towards that as well. But if you are somebody who has never been to gym them I am sorry to say but this tip isn’t for you.

With that being said, I want to leave the conversation to your side with an ending note, “Building muscles and joining a gym is gonna make you 100 times more handsome”. Its a fact my friend. The gym makes you disciplined, fit and muscular as well. What do you think about it? Which single habit or tip you have in my mind that you believe can make any dude more handsome instantly? Do let me know about it in the comments down below! 👇🏻

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