12 Negative & Recessive Traits Women Hate in Men!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about recessive traits women hate in men. These are the things that guys do that girls hate!

In the previous article, we had discussed, 13 Attractive & Dominant Traits every woman wants in a Man. Those were the extremely attractive habits/things that girls desire in a man.

And a couple of days ago, I had written about 13 Habitual Things that make Men more Powerful (Continuously!). These habitual things can also be labeled as the attractive traits/habits that women find attractive.

With that being said, let’s talk about today’s article now. Shall we? Today we ain’t talking about attractive habits or stuff. Instead, we are going to discuss some of the things that guys do on the regular basis, that girls hate. These are the things that make you look very ugly, so it’s better to point these things out and then eradicate them one after the other. Let’s list them down now. Shall we?

Negative & Recessive Traits Women Hate in Men/Things guys do that girls hate.

  • Saying one thing and doing another.
  • Being over-expressive.
  • Staying too much in the past.
  • Being ok with everything.
  • Blaming other people.
  • Being financially irresponsible.
  • Having the negative mentality.
  • Thinking that taking care of yourself is not manly.
  • Flexing and showing off.
  • Lying about your true self.
  • Not treating everyone equally.
  • Being Lazy.

That’s it. The above-given 12 traits are what I believe, the ugliest chunk of things that girls hate about men. These are the traits that you need to eradicate from your set of traits if you want to increase your attractiveness level.

So without any further ado, let’s get into each one of these traits and discuss them in detail now. Shall we?

1: Saying one thing and doing another.

Saying one thing and doing another.

Ahhh Gentlemen.

I’ve heard that you have this habit of saying one thing and doing another.. Hmm…

So you have learned this cool trick from YouTube that makes you more mysterious and admirable? You have been told that being unpredictable makes you more attractive and desirable?

What if I told you that you, saying one thing and doing another makes you look like a person who can’t keep these words? Listen to me, my friend. If you are somebody who says one thing and then sticks to it, does that same exact thing then yes, you will be viewed as predictable but on the other hand, they are going to say that, “You can keep your words”.

Do you want to become unpredictable? Well then don’t say anything in the first place. Just do whatever you want to do and let people see your unpredictable nature.

On the flip side if you are saying that, “I am going to try this thing” and then you end up not trying it then you will not be viewed as unpredictable but more are the chances of them viewing you as a liar! Do you want that to happen? I am sure you don’t.

Well, then eradicate this habit/trait of not doing what you said earlier and see your attractiveness increasing magically.

2: Being over expressive.

So the next one in the list of Negative & Recessive Traits Women Hates in Men/Things guys do that girl hate is, “Being over-expressive”.

What does it mean when I say over expressive?

What are you feeling at the moment? Ohh, don’t tell me as I can see it already on your face. Yeah, that’s exactly what it is.

Being over-expressive means showing your tense behavior… It means, being overly excited and showing your happiness or sadness to its fullest. I am sure it is a very good thing according to one definition but in my opinion, being overly expressive makes you look weak. It shows that you have got no element of self-control or calmness in your character.

Calmness makes you look attractive on the other hand. You might want to relate this thing with stoicism as well. Not caring much about things or at least not showing that you care much about things shows that you are in control. It shows that you have got the situation under control. The mysterious expression of calmness on your face is very dominant and it surely is one of the traits that a woman desires in a man.

Being over-expressive on the other hand reflects the weakness of your character and that for sure is something that you need to stay away from (in my opinion).

3: Staying too much in the Past.

Talking too much about your past, or staying somewhere in your past all the time, are the things that make you look very unattractive!

Imagine being somebody who is always thinking about something that happened in the past. Chances are that you had a very bad experience in the past and now that experience is stopping you from progressing in your future to bring great results in the future.

Maybe this girl broke your heart in the past and you haven’t been able to move on properly. That happened in the past, a place where you love to stay in, all the time.

Stop this nonsense once and for all. Gentlemen! You need to start ignoring the past and start staying more in the present if you really want to have a bright future.

You had failed in the past and I understand that you weren’t able to take your business to the next level due to any particular reason. But your past should not stop you from starting another business in the present.

Your past should never stop you from meeting new people no matter how worst your experience was with people in the past. Worst things happen to everybody and stopping isn’t an option!

4: Being ok with everything.

Being ok with everything.

So you are constantly letting people do whatever they want to do whether it is about you or not?….

Chances are that they are doing things that are bothering you in one way or the other. Maybe you are getting disturbed but you don’t want to be part of a conflict and all you want is them to do whatever they want to do and then go away.

No! This isn’t the right way my friend. You need to understand that by not stopping people, you are actually letting them pass over you. How does that sound to you? Do you want people to take advantage of you? Well, guess what? They are already doing that.

They have identified that you can’t No to anything. You are ok with whatever they say to you, and just because of that, they are now doing whatever they want to do, whether or not, that thing bothers you.

This needs to stop and it can only be stopped by you, yourself. Say No to their face, can’t you? All you need to do is to raise a voice when you feel like it is super necessary and stop them when you think that their actions are bothering you in one way or the other. That’s it.

5: Blaming other people.


You have made this huge mistake. What now? You are continuously thinking about ways to put the blame on someone else’s shoulders. That’s wrong.

You guys need to understand the fact that putting the blame on your doing isn’t the solution to this problem.

Everybody makes mistakes. The best among us simply accept our mistakes, take lessons from it, and try not to repeat it.

Not taking responsibility for your actions and trying to run away from doing is something that makes you look very unattractive. It makes you look like a coward and there is nothing as unattractive as that.

6: Being Financially irresponsible.

So you are somebody who thinks that all the girls are gold diggers? Let me tell you something… I believe that you are thinking it all from a different, rather wrong perspective. Let me explain.

So, according to you, girls prefer men who have more money? In reality, I believe that most girls prefer men who are more financially responsible.

Look, there are different kinds of guys out there. Some men are very responsible when it comes to money. They know how to make a budget plan, and they spend their money accordingly.

And then there are some men who spend their entire cash in 10 days and then they are living the life of a super poor person for the next 20 days, waiting for their salary to come.

That’s what’s called, “financially irresponsible”.

And no girl will choose such a guy. I mean, why should she? Every guy should learn how to spend the money properly to get the most out of it. Don’t be that dude who spends all the money on useless things and then he is sitting complaining about not having enough cash to spend on the basic necessities. You had the opportunity but you ruined it due to your careless spending habits.

7: Having Negative Mentality.

Having Negative Mentality

We all know that dude who hates rich people.. He hates girls who he thinks deserve to be hated and what not.

I am talking about this dude who is super jealous. One day he will get up and start talking about the rich people and why they don’t deserve to stay happy and the other day he will wake up and start counting the negative things girls are doing these days. And from there on you are going to see him talking shit about everybody one after the other.

All of this is the result of his negative mentality. He has all this fuss built up inside his head that is stopping him from thinking about things positively. He sees the negative in every situation due to which you are always going to see him blaming others, and thinking about every situation from a negative point of view.

Calling rich people frauds or seeing negativity in every situation not only makes you look like a negative and ugly person but it slowly damages your mental condition as well. Talking negative shit slows makes you negative and you start becoming a toxic person.

Slowly you are going to notice people moving away from you because of the obvious reasons. But you are going to still think that they are wrong and jealous of you or you are going to think that they are moving away from you because they can’t listen to the truth. In reality, they don’t want to surround themselves with negative or negative people.

8: Thinking that taking care of yourself is not manly.

Back off my friend! You need to stop being so negative or else you will be left alone.

Who said that? Guys! You need to understand the importance of being manly and taking care of yourself both at the same time.

In fact, you need to start hating that toxic mentality according to which, “Being raw, staying rough, and being tough” is what’s equivalent to being masculine.

Yes, I believe that being tough is masculine but on the other hand, you also need to understand that the real manly men take care of themselves. A man should take great care of his skin, hair, and other self-care routines as well. Why? Because he deserves to be treated well.

A true man deserves to be treated like a king. By whom? By his own self. I want you to make sure that you are taking good care of your face. Also, make sure that your hair care routine is up to the mark. Go to the gym on the regular basis, and add “going to the run” to your daily to-do list.

Eat healthy food, and by doing all of the above-given things, you are going to see yourself getting better with every day passed. You will be standing in front of your own reflection in the mirror, thanking yourself for not giving up on yourself. And that day I am going to be super proud of you, I promise.

9: Flexing and showing off all the time.

And the next thing in the list of negative & recessive Traits Women Hates in Men/Things guys do that girl hate is, flexing and showing off all the time.

Look at me for a second, hey! I stopped you from flexing almost a million times but you are still doing it. You do it over and over again. Tell me one thing, has it ever helped you attract quality people? Of course not.

How can it be?

Flexing and showing off attracts people who love to show off. They are the most materialistic people who are with you because of your money or whatever expensive thing that you have, that you are showing off all the time.

Quality people come due to a quality start and My God, showing off and flexing isn’t a quality start. I know that you have got good money in your bank account but flexing and repeating are only going to make you look annoying. It makes you look like a toxic person who has a lot of confidence (overconfidence).

Look at me once again, can you? Tell me one more thing that you have in you that you are super proud of? Do you have nothing else in you, related to your personality or something that you can talk about? Well, then clears my point. You are hiding your true self behind the bars of your expensive things.

You are hiding your boring personality. No? That isn’t the case? Well, then stop showing off all the time and use your personality to attract quality people.

10: Lying about your true self.

Lying about your true self.

Flexing is wrong and showing off is wrong too.

That, we’ve already discussed. What now? Were you being honest about yourself?

I mean, I have seen boys making big claims about themselves. Men talk a lot of the crap stuff related to their businesses, their lifestyle, etc, just to attract so-called, “Rich People” or maybe this girl that you really like.

So you are one of them too?

Guess what? Lying about your true self isn’t going to benefit you at all.

Imagine them finding out about the real truth. What are you going to do then? How are you going to justify your moves, all of this fake persona of yours? “I own 2 houses there, 4 cars, and I am super happy”. But the reality was, “I own not even a single house and I have to pay back a lot of debt too”.

What is going to happen when they will find it out? Have you ever thought about that? They are going to leave you alone but please don’t blame them for leaving you because you summoned these situations.

11: Treating people unequally

One of the most Negative & Recessive Traits Women Hates in Men/Things guys do that girls hate is, “Treating people unequally”.

I am talking about men who are going to talk with the waiter, one way, and a rich man, the other way. I mean, wtf? Come on.

You are still being that A-Hole, who respects the riches and disrespects the poor.

Ok, maybe that isn’t the case for you. Maybe you are somebody who hates the poor and due to that, you talk with them rudely and love the poor on the flip side. This is wrong too.

Please don’t greet people on the basis of your shitty perspectives. Everybody deserves to be greeted well and you should say Hi to everybody the same way.

Don’t differentiate on the basis of some stupid reason. Guys! Remember one thing, it’s all about respect. You give respect and you are going to get it back too, and if you aren’t giving it then please don’t expect to get it back.

12: Being Lazy

And last but not least probably one of the most important ones in the list of Negative & Recessive Traits Women Hate in Men/Things guys do that girls hate is, “Being lazy”.

So you feel urge to do anything? Chances are that you are super lazy.. Han?

Well, let me tell you something this is one of the most unattractive traits that a man can have. Imagine being friends with someone who:

  • has no hobby.
  • wants to do nothing.
  • isn’t motivated in life.
  • has no goals and ambitions.

How much time would you like to spend with such a person? I believe you will not want to spend much time with him due to obvious reasons.

No Drive = No attractiveness

The same is the case here as well. I want you to think about yourself for a moment. What kind of a person are you? How many hobbies do you have and what do you want to become in the future? I’ve been told that you have no motivation or desire to become a successful person. I have been told that you are super lazy.

If that’s the case then let me break the sad news here… You are being considered as a very unattractive person and chances are that most people would not want to hang out with you due to this lazy nature of yours.

Guys! I want you to change yourself and your habits. I am sure you want to become an attractive and desirable person. Don’t you? Well in that case you need to have a drive, motivation inside you, a bunch of hobbies, and a jolly personality. That’s all you need.

More about hobbies:

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of Negative & Recessive Traits Women Hate in Men/Things guys do that girls hate? Do let me know about your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and feel free to give your feedback as well, over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will come back to you ASAP


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