12 Signs you are Wasting Life without even realizing!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about time and the reasons why I believe you’ve been doing nothing recently but wasting your time & life only.

The worst part is, you don’t even realize that!

Yes, we all make mistakes in life but somehow we know during the act or after the act that we have been doing something that we should have never started doing in the first place. But the situation is entirely different here.

The signs of time wastage that I am about to discuss today are very subtle and it is very hard for a person to actually realize that what they have been doing was never a productive thing.

But before going into that I want you to divert your attention towards a list of bad habits that can damage your body. I had written an entire article talking just about that only. Check that out here: 12 Daily Habits guys do that damages their Body (Stop Right Now!).

With that being said, let’s get straight into the list of Signs you are wasting time without even realizing/Warning signs you are wasting your life. Shall we?

Signs you are wasting time without even realizing/Warning signs you are wasting your life

  • Startup.
  • Worrying way too much about your looks.
  • Are you Still Living that tragedy?
  • Not taking a step forward.
  • Sacrificing your sleep for work.
  • Saying yes.
  • Saving difficult tasks for later hours of the day.
  • Social media groups.
  • The wrong company.
  • Watching motivational content.
  • Not planning your outfits before.
  • The wrong form of self-improvement.

That’s pretty much it. The above-given list of signs is what we are going to talk about in today’s article.

So without any further ado, let’s discuss each one of these in detail now. Shall we?

1: Startup.


I am so happy that you’ve been trying to build something of your own. I understand that it is your baby and you’ve been trying to make your dream come true by putting a lot on it.

But Nah…

I know it is hard to admit but this being a brother, I consider this my responsibility to tell you that, you need to quit this idea.

You started out with great passion and things were going pretty well (in your head only).

You worked a lot for it and truly respect that plus Hey! Who’s saying that you will be leaving barehanded? The amount of knowledge and information plus the experience that you now have in your palms is just insane!

You can start anything from the scratch now and you will surely get to the top a lot faster this time.

It isn’t you but the idea that needs to be changed. This idea that you’ve been working on does not have much potential. Trust me, if it had even an inch of spark in it, things would have been a lot better.

It is ok to quit!

But in all these years, your baby is just not growing! You are standing at more or less the same place. Again, you’ve gained a lot of experience but just like I said before, it isn’t you, it’s the idea that is the problem here.

What? Do you want to see how it ends? It would be nothing but a waste of time only. You are going to leave the table with even more experience but a lot less time! Like, imagine putting 1 year into something that can grow vs putting 1 more year into this not-so-useful idea?

Please do not waste your time & life, and quit this idea because it ain’t going to work. Again, it is perfectly fine to quit and start something when you know that this idea of yours is nothing but a waste of time only

2: Worrying way too much about your looks.

The next one on the list of Signs you are wasting time without even realizing/Warning signs you are wasting your life is “worrying way too much about your looks”.

Ok, don’t get me wrong with this one. I am definitely not saying that you should start ignoring your looks. After all, the entire purpose of this blog is to promote self-awareness.

But things aren’t that simple. You have been looking into the mirror way too much lately and you’ve been worried a lot too.

You are noticing every single thing about your looks and the entire day all that you are doing is searching for ways to improve how you look and stuff like that.


First of all, I do appreciate your concerns but I am looking at a bigger problem here.

There are 2 possible scenarios/things that can happen when a guy focuses way too much on his looks.

  • You are going to end up getting that feeling of pride and as a result you will start ignoring your regular self-care routine which will lead to you looking like crap in the coming days.
  • You will start overthinking and comparing yourself to the others. Their will be things in your head that won’t be there in the real life. You will start imagining the flaws that aren’t even there.

In short, both these scenarios are nothing but a waste of time only.

But what could be the perfect thing to do?

The Perfect (or near to that) scenario:

Automate things. The best way to improve your looks without getting into pride of overthinking is to do the research, implement the learnings, and let things happen automatically.

Once every month, compare yourself with your previous self to see if the new routine of your works or not. If yes then keep going or maybe look for the ways to make it even better and if the routine isn’t working then make the necessary changes.

This scenario is perfect because it involves automation and you won’t have to waste your time thinking constantly about your looks. So it’s a kinda win-win situation. Perfect!

3: Are you Still Living that tragedy?

Hey! Look at me. You are still in a state of disbelief. Aren’t you?

I know that what happened to you was not good at all and things should’ve happened differently. But what happened, happened.

We can’t control the past and we definitely can’t control how others think. She left you. Or maybe there was this business deal that you lost due to whatever reason.

Chances are that you’ve finally admitted that your startup isn’t going to work so you decided to quit. What? You are still living the tragedy?

Stop it!

I know that is easier to say and very hard to do. It was your everything. Maybe it was a girl who left you. You never thought she would leave you. Right? Or maybe it was your business deal that has left you lifeless.

Get up champ. I am 100% sure that you are one of those who never give up. I am pretty sure that you are going to regain your strength. But please do it faster. You have been living in that tragedy and that state of misbelief for way too long. This needs to end now.

Note that, we can’t control everything that happens to us and we definitely can’t stop everybody from doing things that we don’t want them to do. It’s just that sometimes we have to live with it. We have to live with the fact that not everything is going to happen “our” way. Stop wasting your time living in the past and start doing productive to make your present and future, a better place to live in.

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4: Not taking a step forward.

Not taking a step forward.

The next one on the list of Signs you are wasting time without even realizing/Warning signs you are wasting your life is “not taking a step forward”.

What is stopping you from making a step forward?

Look, I know everything. I know that you hate your job but you can’t do much about it. Right? Wrong!

We both know that all you need are 2 extra skills and you can get a much better job. I am pretty sure that just by taking a step forward and learning those skills, you are going to end up getting a better job where you will not just grow but will enjoy working as well.

But you are sitting at the desk in a place where you don’t want to be, plus the environment isn’t good at all. People and the vibe all around aren’t good too. So what is it that you can do to make things better?

Just like I said before as well, take a step forward. Learn that skill (or two). These new skills are going to help you win a better job. Oh yes, I know that you want to study alongside too but your current job won’t allow you to do that.

By learning a couple of new skills you can start doing freelance work or maybe you can end up getting a job where you can manage studies and job, both. The thing about it that way, and please take a step towards a better future. Don’t let laziness ruin your present, and future as well.

Plus it isn’t difficult at all to learn whatever it is that you want to learn. Almost everything is available online and YouTube is going to help you learn things for FREE!

5: Sacrificing your sleep for work.

Who told you that it is a good idea to sacrifice your sleep for work?

Oh, so you have been looking at the stories of rich people who had sacrificed their sleep to bring their dream to reality. Hah?

Guess what, it is all nothing but a myth. You can literally do everything that you want to do while taking good care of your sleep routine. Let me tell you how.

All you need to do is to set a proper schedule. When to work and when to sleep, should be according to that schedule.

How are you going to focus on things properly if you aren’t taking care of your sleep routine? A tired brain fails to generate good ideas.

If you will follow a proper sleep routine (approximately 7 hours of sleep every night) then you are going to see a massive improvement in your productivity and focus as well. It’s because you are giving enough space to your brain to perform the activities properly.

So the punchline is that You don’t have to sacrifice your sleep for work as it is all about setting a proper routine that takes care of both things.

6: Saying yes.

Saying yes to things is wrong and all and you should learn to say No because it is better for your mental health but how is Saying “Yes” equivalent to wasting your time? Let’s talk about that.

Suppose that you are someone who says yes to everybody. This dude Ali wants you to help with his homework, you said Yes! This dude Ahmed wants you to play sports with him. Obviously, your answer is a Yes.

In the same way, you are saying Yes to everybody, and by the end of the day, although you did a lot can you call your day, “Productive”?

Nah. You wasted an entire day of yours by saying Yes to people. Look, I don’t want you to be rude or selfish but what about your routine? What about the things that you needed to do for yourself? Had you not planned stuff that you needed to do in order for things to stay smooth in your life?

But you ditched everything just because of this habit of yours. Your habit of saying yes to everything and everybody is making your life harder. All the work that you didn’t do today is on the pending list now. Covering it will require extra effort, thanks to your habit of saying yes without giving it a second thought.

7: Saving difficult tasks for later hours of the day.

Saving difficult tasks for later hours of the day.

The next one on the list of Signs you are wasting time without even realizing/Warning signs you are wasting your life is “Saving difficult tasks for later hours of the day”.

I get it. I know that you want to start your day with lighter work, as you don’t want to put much pressure on yourself at the start of the day.

But what if I told you that not doing the hardest thing in the morning is going to keep haunting you, and it will keep you in a constant state of worry for the entire day?

You are not going to focus on anything else and you won’t be able to enjoy the good things as well because somewhere inside your head you would still be thinking about “that big task” that you still need to do.

However, if you will do the big task, first thing in the morning then things will be much better. The happiness of completing the difficult task will influence your mood, making you a lot better plus it will put you in a satisfied state of mind which is going to take the easy tasks, even more, easier for you. It’s all about psychology after all. No?

8: Social media groups.

So you are part of these social media groups because you love to stay informed. Hah? You want to know what’s going on in the world and for that reason, you have joined all of these social media groups and pages. Perfectly fine. It is totally fine if you are free and have nothing else to do in Life.

I know for a fact that social media groups are a waste of time. You are going to get involved in them and forget every other thing in your life. The useless discussions, fake drama, etc, this and much more are there in store for you, to waste your time and energy.

You could have used this energy and time to do something productive. But Nah, you instead decided to join Facebook groups to stay connected, entertained, and informed. None of these things is happening the way they should. Plus who told you that joining Facebook groups is the best way to stay informed?

Nah Dude. Quit them all and look for better things to do in Life.

9: The wrong company.

The next one on the list of Signs you are wasting time without even realizing/Warning signs you are wasting your life is “The wrong company”.

Now I know what’s the problem here. The reason why you think that Facebook groups are the best option to stay informed and connected is that everyone around you is doing the same.

We all learn from our surroundings. These are the surroundings that inspire us to do things. Our rights and wrongs are highly influenced by the people who stay close to us.

  • Lazy.
  • Immature.
  • Time wasters.
  • Lazy 2x
  • Demotivators.

I was told that your friends are super lazy. They are never willing to do anything productive. Plus they are too immature as well. Like, they still believe that magic happens and things start happening to you on their own without you having to work for it.

Whenever anyone of you decides to do something productive and creative, the rest of the group starts laughing and demotivating him to the level that he decides to quit.

Ok, so you are telling me that you aren’t wasting your time. Hah? This company of yours is the biggest proof of the fact that you are doing nothing else but wasting time only.

10: Watching motivational content.

Watching motivational content.

So you’ve decided to change. hah? Perfect.

But wait a minute… What are you doing at the moment?

“Umm. Nyazi, I am watching these motivational videos and they are really boosting me up!”


Let me tell you something. The motivational content isn’t the most productive thing that you can do. I mean, it feels good to watch it but it is highly addictive and you are going to end up not taking action but watching the motivational videos only.

Watching motivational videos all the time and not taking the action is also a form of wasting time. Because at the end of the day, you aren’t doing much!

So the best possible option here is to set a goal, write the objectives down and start working on them one by one.

11: Not planning your outfits before.

Sounds weird. Hah? You might be thinking that what is “Not planning your outfits before” doing in the list of Signs you are wasting time without even realizing/Warning signs you are wasting your life. Right?

Well, I don’t know about other blogs but I am pretty sure that my audience here is very stylish and they take their looks seriously. Looking Good matters to them a lot and dressing up nicely boosts their morale.

On the flip side, if they end up dressing badly somehow then their day gets affected and they, unfortunately, end up having a bad day instead.

Not planning your outfits before increases the risk of you making a mistake while mixing and matching the clothing items. And that equals you not looking that good, which then leads to disappointment and a constant state of sadness. This sadness is going to stop you from doing regular daily activities. So yeah, that’s how you end up wasting your time on just a single thought when this time could have been spent on the regular daily activities. All of this happened because you didn’t plan your outfits ahead.

Guys! You should plan your outfits before. Like, plan the outfits for the next 2-3 days, tonight. Doing that will increase the chances of you looking perfect which will boost your morale and indirectly make you do things quicker and much more efficiently as well.

12: The wrong form of self-improvement.

Last but not least probably one of the most important one in the list of Signs you are wasting time without even realizing/Warning signs you are wasting your life is “The wrong form of self-improvement”.

You go to the gym regularly and you take care of your grooming as well. But are you doing it the right way?

You dress up but who is your idol? Oh, so you are telling me that you are lifting weights your day and your grooming is totally unique?

Guess what? You are doing nothing but wasting your time. There is always a proper way of doing things and if you aren’t doing it the right way or after doing complete research then that is also a waste of time, be it whatever thing that you are doing.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about today’s list of Signs you are wasting time without even realizing/Warning signs you are wasting your life? Do let me know about your thoughts, comments, and suggestions over at my Instagram (@worldfonyazi). And I will get back to you ASAP,


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