12 Things You Should Quit to Multiply Your Handsomeness in 2020

Guys! I hope You all are Doing Good. I really hope You all are keeping up with your Skin and Hair care routine because this whole Pandemic thing is about to end real soon and I want you to Look the Best of the Best. Gentlemen! The time is Not far when we all will be Out again Just Like before. And as amazingly motivating as it sounds, their are a couple of things that make me worried. I am pretty sure that you are going to take care of yourself and will not go out without the necessary precautionary measures but What I am worried about is something that is related to your handsomeness. Alright so do You all Want to Multiply your handsomeness? Then keep Reading because today’s is all about that!

I know that You are a Man of principles and You always tend to follow your routine strictly but what If I told you that their are still a couple of things that You don’t know, but you are doing anyways, that are damaging that handsome persona of yours. Is it About drinking less water? No! Is it about not working out? No! Umm.. then what?

Guys! I am damn sure that most of you guys are doing these things and I am sure that these things/Habits are the reason you are unable to multiply your handsomeness. Half of the 2020 is almost over my friend and I seriously don’t want you to waste the rest of the year making some stupid mistakes that are decreasing your handsome.

We aren’t talking about those generic things that You see almost everybody making a Video about/writing an article about. Today we are going deep inside the Bag of Magical tricks, bag that Your boy Nyazi has to store all of the awesome stuff that You guys will ever need to look and feel your best.

So without any further ado, Gentlemen! The talk of the day is, “12 Things You Should Quit to Multiply Your Handsomeness in 2020”. So are you ready to multiply your handsomeness? If Yes then Let’s get right into it.

Wasting your time During Workout

Guys! Most of us do it without realizing it. Yes I know that we all know that But guess what? It is among one of those things that we often do not focus on. You go to the Gym, believing thats enough whats needed for you to become the most handsome guy around.

But in reality things aren’t like that. You my friend are awesome and By leaving everything on the side and making time to go to the Gym and doing the workout is one of the best decisions you’ve made for yourself. But what If i told you that you can double the results by reducing the time you spend doing your workout on the daily basis?

It almost amazes me all the time that How just by reducing the time you spend to rest during each set and by increasing the intensity a little bit, you can literally double the results. How can I say that so confidently? Because I’ve tried that myself.

Not Long ago, I use to spend like more than a Hour at the Gym doing my workouts But something was Wrong. I was Not getting the results that I wanted. Was Diet the reason?

Guess what, things started to change real quick when Someday out of nowhere I decided to change the way I workout. I started doing exercises in the form of Pairs. Like, Let’s say Today I have to Hit Chest. So what I started to do was that I paired 2 chest games with a rest of like 5-10 seconds in between and after the set (of pair) was completed, I used to rest for 30 seconds to start the Round 2. A total of 4 Rounds and that pair was covered. I used to hit 3 pairs (6 exercises) for each Muscle and all it used to take was like 40 minutes.

Gentlemen! It worked very well for me as I started to see the results real quick. And in about like 2 months I was able to see massive change in my Body.

Guys, I am not saying that You have to do the same but what I surely want you to do is that I want you to reduce the time you spend talking to your friends during your workout. As that will let your muscle to cool out which will have a negative effect on the results. You want to multiply your handsomeness in 2020 right? If Yes then consider it a Gift from your brother. Focus just on your workout while You are on it, and You are going to see a massive change in your handsome, in days!

Caffeine (Dehydration Alert)

Caffeine Dehydration

Guys! I know that You love your Coffee and You can’t live without it. I know that You have your Tea as one of the most important things in your Life. But I want you to think about it again for a second because I know for a fact that the love of your life isn’t very Kind to you and your Glowing Skin.

Alright so Let’s say You love to have a Coffee early in the morning and in the Noon as well. One for the Night? Why Not? Cool. Gentlemen! Your caffeine-filled cup of Coffee/Tea is sucking the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dehydrated which will ultimately lead to Acne breakouts and wrinkles and If you do not those already then Don’t you worry my friend because they are on their way.

So one way is to Increase your water intake to balance out the negative effects of the Coffee. You may want to reduce your Coffee for the sake of quick results. Combining these two will show results and You will start to see a Glow on your Face. But If you somehow manage to Skip Your Coffee somedays of the week and reduce it to the Max (in case You do want to eliminate it completely), combine that with 5-6 liters of water every single day then You will start to see MAGIC!

Your eyes will start shining, Your skin will start to Look Young, You will feel amazing and Most importantly you can then have a faith in the Statement that, “I am not going to get wrinkles anytime sooner”. My God! Are You kidding me?

No I am Not. I am just stating Facts. Do it for yourself If you don’t believe me and I am sure you are gonna love it. You came here to know about some special tricks to multiply your handsomeness real quick. Right? So their you have it. Reduce your Caffeine intake, Increase your Water intake and Your Skin will thank you for this.

Cell Phone Addiction

Guys! Listen to Me. Your Mobile Phone, I know that You’ve bought it for a lot of Money and I know that on Social media and everywhere else as well You see everybody using their cell Phone. Websites optimizing their content for mobile phones, apps being made, super addictive games being made, TikTok, Youtube and all the other platforms are now being viewed by people via their mobile devices.

I know that this is the need of the time But guess what? Their has to be a balance in everything that we do. And specially when You are someone who can’t let his handsomeness suffer. Guys! I am not saying that You have to quit using your cellphone (I wish I could say that) because As i Said earlier, it is a sort of need in this era. But you can always have a check on the amount of time you spent using your cellphone.

The reason I believe your cellphone is stopping you from becoming super handsome is because I know that You’ve been laying down on your bed doing nothing but scrolling your facebook Feed and Instagram updates. You’ve laying their and its been 3 hours already. Gentlemen! What about those crucial 7 hours of Sleep that keeps your skin looking fresh, nourishes your hair and makes You wanna get up super motivated and get your goals done which then gives You a feeling of accomplishment, aka, confidence which indeed is very Sexy. Hah?

Why would You sacrifice your Sleep and let those Ultra-Violet rays mess up with your Mind and cause depression, eye strains and dark circles? Its the time to put a Limit on all of that.  Because once you start taking a Note of the time you spend using your cellphone You will start to notice a huge change in how your mind feels, the energy you are left with at the end of the day and the motivation you have to be able to Conquer the Day.

Bad Posture

I am Guilty of this One as Sometimes when I am writing articles for You Guys, I tend to bend towards my laptop’s Screen and that makes me Look like an Arc with his mouth opened often and Jaw pushed back and downwards.

Just imagine yourself doing that and I am talking to those Guys specially who spend most of their time in front of the computer screen. Hey! I know that its hard to always sit straight, chest out and Neck uprise. Guess what? Who says you to do that?

I mean, Your back should be resting all the time against the chair and thats something which actually feels good. Your neck should stay upright. But once in a while You sure can relax it. Have an eye on the position of your chest. Is it clenched inside or bent? If yes then You need to get it out to have that Alpha sort of position and most importantly Make sure that your jaw isn’t dropping because I don’t want you to ruin the shape of your perfect jaw due to your bad sitting posture.

Yummy Cereals

Yummy cereals

Those Yummy, Coco Puffs, Corn Flakes And Sugar Crunch Might be your favorite thing on the breakfast table but when it comes to your health and Handsomeness then I am not sure You should even consider having them on your breakfast Table.

Your Favorite Cereals need to go. I know thats sad but Hey! You got to make some changes in your diet Plan if you want to achieve the level of handsomeness that You’ve always dreamt off. Now coming towards the question that all of you guys have in your mind at the moment, “Why under The God’s Sky should I quit eating the Cereals that I’ve eating since My childhood?”

Well first of All, I feel You. I feel your emotions and I respect them too But Guess what? Those Cereals, they are full of Refined carbohydrates and They sure were advertised the wrong way. “delicious and healthy!” No they are Not! They have sugar and You already Know what Time it is. Sugar harms you more than anything else in the food world. It extracts the glow and moisture of your face and makes it dry, causes acne breakout and Not to mention wrinkles as well.

And You need to add a Lot of milk in it right? Excessive amount of Milk is Harmful too as it messes up with your Oil producing glands which may lead to Acne and other skin problems. You don’t want Man Boobs too Right? What you want is, to Multiply your handsomeness in 2020 and you got to quit those cereals for that. Try Oatmeal instead. And to make it more delicious, you can add dry fruits in it and Yeah. Their You have it. Your new, actually healthy and delicious breakfast.

Drinking Water this Way

Gentlemen! I know that You have been told to Drink water, a lot of water. They have told you all the benefits that come with it, its advantages, how it makes your skin feel amazing, your hair and not to mention your overall health as well. But have they ever told you the right way to drink water? Let me explain.

Suppose that You have decided to drink 5-6 liters of water every single day. And today is your 3. Here I want you to tell me something. Gentlemen do you consider a Guy who has wrinkles around his mouth? Lips? No? Great. I know that they talk the same about a Smoker and How smoking and sucking on the cigarettes is going to have them wrinkles around your mouth.

Now I want to shift your attention towards your method of drinking water. Are you using a bottle with straw or a bottle with small opening? If yes then You need to skip that because drinking water this way is going to have the same effect that smoking has, physically around your mouth.

On the Flip side, if You use a Bottle with wide opening or a Glass to drink water then you are actually not only making sure that all the benefits of water heal Your body but on the parralel side You are doing your best to Multiply your handsomeness as well! Hey! it all boils down to your face and how well it is groomed.

Keeping that Hairy Chest

Hairy chest

Hairy chest was a Symbol of Hotness in 90s. Talking about 2020 then its definitely not a great idea to let your chest hair Grow, specially if yours end up becoming a Bush.

Nobody wants to see your hairy chest. And If you Are somebody who is afraid of what others are gonna think about you due to the fact that You have trimmed your chest hair then Let me say this to you once and for all. “They want to do the same”. All they want is somebody to initiate it around Them and then they are gonna follow him, just like they do always.

Should you remove your chest hair completely? Well, I would like to use the word, “Trimming” instead of “Waxing” or “Removing” because some hair left on the chest, just a little, is kinda sexy and might add a bit to your handsomeness.

Buts is surely safe to say that, Chest hair is a Big No. And that trimmed chest hair are gonna multiply your handsomeness and If you are somebody who use to keep your chest hair, I want you to change that Now. I want you to finally go out now after all these holidays looking sexy, chest hair trimmed, Face chiseled, hair on point. Damn! My man Looking 10/10.

Hygiene Points

Alright, so Imagine a dude walking into a room Looking Sick AF, dressed Nice But when He comes closer to you, His bubble of handsomeness pops off. Why? Due to his Nails that has dirt in them, due to the stinky smell he is wearing and those sweat Marks that he has on his shirt. And most importantly, he is Ok with that, as his smile shows it all. He is comfortable with all of these problems which makes him even More “Less-Handsome” as One can predict his thinking pattern with his hygienic preferences.

Hey! Listen to me. Your face isn’t the Only think that makes You handsome. I do believe that having a Groomed Face takes you a Long way But it does Not mean that You can neglect Your hygiene. Your ears need to be taken care off as well and Your teeth too. Do you forgot to brush today? What? Its been a month? Ah Yes! It is clearly visible when you smile. You know what else is clearly visible? That dirt living under your finger nails. Hey! your jeans, the dirt marks, your stinky feet, shoes, etc, All of these things have their points.

By not focusing on them, You are missing out on a lot. I know that You won’t let this happen to you. I do believe that You will take care of your hygiene to multiply your handsomeness in 2020.

Skinny Jeans

Hey! look at You. Lets roll the entry scene again because I want to show exactly whats wrong in that. So this dude walks in, looking all Good, Facial hair on point, Hair well groomed, eyes shining bright like a diamond and Smile as bright as your future. Wait! What is that? What are those? Omg! He looks so feminine in those jeans. Look at his package clearly visible in these jeans, his curves and almost whole of his legs are like visible fully through these jeans.

Most probably what you’ve seen was a pair of skinny jeans. Initially I was a fan of them But Hey! Everybody used to laugh at me when I used to wear and I always thought that they laugh at me because they are jealous of me.

But now I realize that, I should have bought something which makes my legs look great without making my curves visible to the Public. Lose it up and Taper it from the bottom, Damn! What a Fit Gentlemen. And You my friend are truly Looking like one Sexy handsome dude!

Wrong Products

Gentlemen! I’ve heard That You do not want to take any risk in your journey to multiply your handsomeness. Is that true? Well, I get it. I know that you just cant wait to see yourself looking Savage AF, setting up goals for others, But! What about the products that You are using to achieve your goals?

Everybody talks about Skincare routine and What you should be doing in order to have a Better skin. Yeah, I am talking about the Good Old Yet Gold Minimalistic skincare routine that involves:

  • Wash your Face two times a Day and make sure that You are using a Good Quality Face wash for that.
  • Do not forget to Moisturize your skin after towel drying your face (Keep it gentle. Tap, instead of rubbing your face).
  • You need to wash your face once in the Morning and once before going to Bed
  • Its crucial to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week with the Help of an exfoliating product.
  • Make sure to exfoliate your lips as well. And do Apply eye cream under your eyes to prevent the Dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes.

The Skincare routine mentioned above is simplistic and I for a fact Know that It works and You are going to see the results with time. But Have you ever thought about taking some time out to read the ingredients packed inside that Face wash which You think is doing its job very well. Guys below is a list of Ingredients that You should stay away from purchasing your skincare products.

  • Make sure that the Product you are purchasing is made for your Skin type. You might wanna ask the person over their or do your research yourself for that. But never purchase a product that isn’t for your skin type.
  • Fragrances: Some moisturizers and Face Washes have Fragrances in them, artificial fragrances as that will obviously have a negative affect on your skin.
  • Petroleum: Your Skincare product should not have any Petroleum product in it. Let say, in the form of Mineral Oils, Paraffin, etc. It should also not have SLS or any other sulphur related stuff in it as those are harmful for your skin too.
  • Sodium Borate: May lead to infertility. And other skin problems too.
  • Artificial Colors: They have their own harmful effects for your skin which will definitely stop you from multiplying your handsomeness.

Questioning too much (Thoughts)

Thinking too Much

Guys! Human Beings are difficult to understand. And you definitely do Not want to get into this psyche as its kinda confusing and Might lead you to a continuous cycle of negative thoughts. But how does that stop you from not being able to multiply your handsomeness.

Its because you question too much. You question too much about your style, your fashion choices, your dressing sense, new trends, new hairstyle, etc. Guys! You got to upgrade in order to look sharp. And you just can’t sit their and think about it again and again before actually getting into it. You definitely do not want to be the last one getting that new haircut that actually looks great. You are a leader, not a follower. Right?

Guys, I want you to make your decisions quickly and take no time in implementing them as You never know when You end up picking up something which might have the power to revolutionize your Style, Lifestyle and fashion.


OMG! Look at You. Hey! Why are you sitting their looking sad, as if you think you are nothing? What? You think you can never be like Ali because he has got a lot of Money which he uses to buy Nice clothes and all that healthy diet which makes him look the way he is?

Agreed. But what If I told you that You do not have to Buy the most expensive clothes to multiply your handsomeness? What If I told you that All it takes for you to look the best, is you being on the right track and then progressing consistently. But again, it all starts with the right mindset.

If you will be sitting their always complaining for not being able to Look Like somebody else or not having Genes like someone else then You will not be able to take any step forward. Instead, chances are that You might leave this track of self-care and start eating shit and wearing Ugly clothes because your Ego is hurt.

But who is responsible for all of that? Its No one But You. Because let me tell you something, to be the most handsome guy in the room, I know that Genes count, But you can’t put all the blame on that. Guess what? You can always, with the help of grooming and self-care, top the game and set examples for everybody else to follow. Remember guys, once you are dedicated enough, nothing can stop you. And it requires you to do just a couple of basic things and then keep on doing them again and again every single day. Thats it! When will you be seeing then progress? With in just a couple of days!

And with that being said, I here conclude my today’s discussion, the topic, “12 Things You Should Quit to Multiply Your Handsomeness in 2020”. So what’s your take on this? What do You think should be added into the list? Do You have queries related to Men’s fashion, lifestyle and Grooming? Do let me know about it at my instagram (@worldofnyazi). And until then, for the reference, I’ve compiled a list of articles that have the Platinum level tips that can multiply your handsomeness in 2020.

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