12 Tips for Guys to Command Respect in any Given Situation!

Gentlemen! I hope you all are doing good. Not long ago I posted this article in which I discussed 13 Steps to Activate the Swagger Hidden inside of You. My main goal while writing that Article was to teach you ways to stand out and Look Cool wherever You go. Similarly, today we are gonna discuss ways to Look More Respectable. Alright, let me rephrase. Gentlemen! Today we are going to talk about some tips and tricks that you can use to command respect. No matter what the situation is, whether you are in a conversation with somebody or you just entered in the room. It works in all the situations.

With that Being Said, I would want you to checkout the series posted by Charisma on Command (https://youtu.be/K9Na6CmJwn4) in which they thoroughly went throw different interviews of Celebrities and Tried to Explain How those Celebrities manage to Command Respect and Handle the Situation Like a Boss.

Alright, So before going into the 13 Magical Tricks and talking About the Key elements involved in boosting your Respect Points, I want to ask a question from you all. What comes in your mind when I say, “Command Respect”? Is it asking others to respect you? or Fighting others when they disrespect you? Or Tricking People into respecting you?

Well, things are very different in the reality. You do not beg people and definitely do not put pressure on people in order to make them respect You. The word, “Command Respect” has to do with the behavioral changes and some in your outer-look. Actually, You got to implement some changes in your set of behaviors. That is in order to match with the standards of those who are the most respected beings in the Society.

Now I know that some of you guys might come at me saying that, why should we change ourselves according to the society? Hey! Its all about being a better version of yourself. And whats bad in it if society start finding you respectable? When you are done implementing these small changes in your character.

That said, Gentlemen, today’s topic is, “12 Tips for Guys to Command Respect in any Given Situation!”. So without any further ado, lets hop right into it. Shall we?

Be the Tough Judge

Alright, so this one might sound harsh to some of you. In the beginning, most of you might find it hard to do. But trust me guys it works every freaking time, given that you are doing it the right way.

What you gonna wanna do is that you wanna be the tough Judge to yourself and to others as well. Suppose a friend of yours has just started this YouTube channel. He has been putting a lot of hard work lately. And the entire squad is supporting him and writing down Nice comments to Boost Him.

And that’s the best thing to do if you ask me. But I myself would have found it very difficult. As there has to be someone who points out all of the mistakes that he is making. I mean, he has been putting all this effort which is awesome but what about his false expectations? Don’t you think that not being a tough judge is actually putting him in a zone of fake persona where he might start thinking that He is the best without being the best (which no body is. Everyone is in the Constant state of Growth, in my opinion)?

Its hard but I want you to be the tough judge. Use the nice words but break his bubble of false expectations. And guess what? Next time when he needs a true suggestion, he will always come to you for that. Because he knows that everybody else do nothing but boost him while. Meanwhile, you are the one who states the bare truth.

Which means that He finds you the most trustworthy and the real deal when comes to judging. Which means that you have achieved a position in his mind which nobody else has and that my friend is how you command respect. He indirectly respects you now in the form of trust. He will ask you for suggestions because he knows that You talk facts only.

Help without Expecting

Gentlemen! There is this wrong perception in our mind that if we keep doing good to others then a time will come that they will start taking us for granted. Where in the reality, its our expectations that make us feel that way.

Humans are selfish. When they do any good to somebody they consciously or subconsciously expect something good in return and when due to any reason They do not receive something in return that satisfies their self then they end up saying stuff like, “He always takes me for granted”.

Guys, if you start helping others without expecting anything in return then that other person with time will start thinking about you as somebody who has a pure heart, somebody who helps others for No Reason.

It will trigger a Factor of Guilt in His mind if in return He does not gives something back to you, which, most of the time comes out to be “Respect”. So Yeah, In short If you manage to help others and not expect anything in return then most of the time others will start respecting you More and put on a Higher position in their Mind. And that my Friend is How You command Respect.

Speak Up

Speak Up

I’ve been talking about Leadership a lot lately and How Being a leader helps You in various fields of Life. Alright so Let’s say You along with your group of friends are in a situation where you guys are bullied or someone in your group is being bullied by a high authority member.

He is definitely afraid to speak up because Guess what? He is afraid to confront The bully. The case is that he is afraid to state the Facts, he is afraid to lose the argument with the Bully and for that reason He prefers being silent. You my friend have to do something about it. Why? Because you have that element of Bravery inside you which can not see anybody being disrespected or Bullied by whoever the person is.

How to Command Respect in such situation? Speak Up! Speak up for that dude and Let others know that You are the Man enough to confront and Scream, “Stop!” On to the face of that person who is doing what he shouldn’t be doing. You my Man have the courage to stop this whole nonsense that could be affecting you, your friend or the entire group and when you manage to speak Up for a community then that Community instantly start thinking of you as their leader or a person to look up to when things go wrong. Can we sum up this whole Paragraph in one sentence? Yes! What is that? You my friend with the help of your Bravery have managed to Command Respect!

Respect is Earned

What is the best way to make others feel special? Talking to them attentively? Using your hand gestures and Body posture and movement to show that You are fully involved in the conversation? Calling everyone by their names, giving each and everybody equal amount of attention? All of these come to action when we talk about Giving Respect to Others.

Alright, so Let’s say You manage to do all of what I’ve mentioned in the Above paragraph and Now you are wondering that what will the consequences of this all be? You My friend will get immense amount of respect in return. Guys, its so simple. Whenever we make others feel special they find it their responsibility to make you feel special too. How will they do that in this situation? By respecting You and Raising your position in their Mind.

Guys we often consider Commanding Respect a difficult task whereas in the reality all it takes is focusing on the Basics and just genuinely good to others. And do whatever comes in your mind that can genuinely make others feel good (You goal should be to make others feel as if you are giving them importance). Calling them by their Names, Being Uber attentive and leaning towards them. That’s how You command Respect.

Surety Promises

So this One is very important when it comes to building your credibility, respect and importance as an Individual. Alright, so for this I want to Put forth example of 2 different individuals who are different based on their “Keeping the Promise” Score.

Ali is a Nice Guy who respects others and He is a stylish dude as well. He has A Great sense of Humor and For that reason he finds it not very difficult to Grab People’s attention. Ali has a lot of Friends. One day, a friend of Ali, Josh, ask Ali for something. Let’s say Josh discussed something with Ali, in the response to which Ali gave Green Gesture to Josh assuring that He needs not to worry because Ali has got his Back. Due to some reason, When the time came, Ali failed to keep his promise and let Josh Down.

Amir is a Nice Guys and He respects Others too. He is an Introvert though with just a few selective friends. Amir has a Good sense of Humor though and He loves to Play video Games and the entire group enjoys a lot when they are together on a ride or whatever. One day a friend of Amir named John came to Him and discussed his problem with Amir. Amir gave John a supportive gesture and Promised to Help him. When the Time came, Amir stood by John and Yeah, Amir was able to Solve John’s Problem. The entire group also knows what happened both of them.

Now if You look closely in both of these situations then Both Amir and Ali seems to be Nice guys and apart from the fact that Ali was More like able because of His social skills, He was definitely not the one who walked out with most amount of respect in his Inventory.

Now I know that Some of You Might say that Maybe Ali tried his best but due to some reason He wasn’t able to keep up with His promises. Trust me Guys, the one who trusted you subconsciously will respect you less and for sure will not be able to trust you fully if Due to any reason You fail to keep up with your promise.

And to avoid such situation and to make sure that You always end up commanding infinite amount of respect, I want you to only make promises when You are 100% or when You have done all of your research and You Know that you will be able to keep up with it. What do you think, whats the Amir’s position in his group, especially in John’s Mind? Ultimate Level Respect Gentlemen!

Master the Art of Delivery

Master the Art of Delivery

Alright, So let say you are in a Conversation with a group of People and You all are talking about I don’t know, Politics Maybe. Cool. Ali, Ahmed, Aslam and You are in a Conversation let’s say and all 4 of you are talking without caring about each other. Everybody wants to deliver what they want to say.

Ahmed starts a sentence and stops when Ali starts talking without letting Ahmed finish his sentence. Aslam does the same with Ahmed and My Dude keeps on getting silent all the time. Now what does that mean? Command Respect? No, definitely Not. When You let others cut through your sentences then subconsciously you are letting others take the charge and making yourself believe that others are the leading characters, also sending others this Vibe that its Ok to cut through your sentence.

What You should be doing Instead? Should You stop others from cutting your sentences? Should you shout on them? No! What I recommend You all is to add variations in your tone and add certain phrases like, “Guess what?”, “Listen Carefully” or whatever comes in your mind at that time to make others listen to you rather than cutting you off.

Guys, don’t ever Let somebody cut through your sentences as this will make you feel recessive and subconsciously make them believe that Its Ok to cut you off. No! It isn’t Ok. You my Friend deserve a better treatment, more respect and making use of some Simple conversational tricks You can easily achieve that.

Break that Boundary

Now this is for the situations when you meet a person for the first time and You are looking to command respect or Let’s say You want that person on Board or due to any reason You are worried about the intentions of that person and You want to make Him your ally or you want to reduce the tension.

Great. How to do that? Well most of you Might find it silly but it all starts with the basics and All You need to do is to take full control of your emotions and find things that You both share. Maybe its the accent, language, tone, Dressing sense, Priorities, Liking/disliking, Hometown or whatever. It could be anything literally and Once You have identified it, what i want you to do is that I want you to leverage it to Break the tension and Get that person On board. Its as easy as it sounds. Again, in the start you might find it awkward but with the time You will master this art, given that you are practicing enough.

This Skill can help you in various situations, will obviously take you out of many problematic times as well And Not to mention it plays a vital role in Commanding respect if thats what You are Looking for.

Respect the Time

Gentlemen! This is something that Can Help You gain respect even when somebody has already managed to reduce it to a Good limit. Alright, so let’s say their is this dude who sets time with You for whatever purpose, maybe you guys have to visit a Place or maybe You wanna go somewhere together and You both have fixed a time for that.

But almost all the time You are the one who is early which is a Great thing, but that other dude manages to come late all the time and even forgets sometimes that You guys had a Plan on that particular day.

What to do Now? Should You Ignore His act of disrespect after knowing that Its his habit to come later all the time? Should You forgive him? Well, No, You shouldn’t forgive him and You should definitely not let him pass away with it all the time.

Guys, we all can be late sometimes but when somebody makes it a habit with you then theirs definitely something wrong and You need not to research what is wrong. All you wanna do is that You wanna respectfully say him when he comes that, “Hey, I am sure you do not do it intentionally but I have other things to do as well. So next time we will decide the time carefully when both of us are fully available”

Saying something like that will ensure that The person takes great care when giving a time to You. He Now knows that Your time is valuable and you do Mind when somebody tries to waste your time. So Gentlemen! By just letting them Know that Your time is important, You have successfully managed to command respect. Congratulations.

Do Not Give Attention

Do not Give Attention

This one requires a specific skill of “Ignoring others while not being rude”. Alright, so Let say You are in a Group of friends, talking about something and one of your friend start talking about something that Can potentially change the direction of discussion towards negative side. Chances are that You don’t want a topic to open up because that topic might damage your image and You’ve seen that before hand.

You know that this discussion is going towards the bad side and Now what You wanna do is that You wanna shift your attention from that particular person or You wanna shift the Topic intelligently. Now here You wanna make sure that You do it smoothly or your group will come to know about it and then things might go wrong real quick.

Another Key Point when we are talking about How to command respect is to avoid situations that can potentially end up making Black on your respect. Avoiding such people in the conversation and giving them the attention back when they talk about something else that isn’t that bad or maybe feeding them something else to talk About and then appreciating them on their take on the new topic that You feed them, is what I want you to do and thats How one can intelligently command respect without being a weirdo.

Take Up Some Space

This is my favorite Point because it has to do with the confidence and You already Know that Your Boy Loves Confidence because of The Fact that How sexy it can make a Man in no time. Alright, so let me state an example to give you a better understanding of How you can make use of your Body language works to command respect.

John is a Super Fun dude. He has this habit of sitting closely and When the Professor invites him to give the presentation, he prefers to stand behind the rostrum. He is a fun dude but when it comes to Confidence He is Not that of a Pro.

Josh is a Super Fun Dude. He is a lively dude who stays happy almost all the time and he takes care of His Skin, hair and Health. He knows that Looking Sexy is as important as Looking Responsible and Presentable. And Yes, He has this kinda Open body Language where He prefers sitting confidently and He makes use of the Hand gestures to explain His point. He covers the entire stage, walks around on the stage while giving presentation. Super confident dude he is.

Who do you think command more respect among John and Josh? Obviously My Dude takes the lead. John knows How to cover the Space Properly and How to make use of his immense amount of confidence to command respect whereas on the other side, my dude John, apart from being as Nice as My Dude Josh, fails to crack this code, because of his Close body language and recessive gestures.

Guys! Do You know want to Know else you can do to command Respect? You can focus on your Walk! How? Read Below:

“Your Shoulders, they need to be broad. I know that they stay recessive all the time. But hit them with a WOW Man hunter because they need to rise! Push them a little bit back and Up, Yeah that’s perfect!

Your chest needs to out. Now make sure that you are not getting it too much out. Or else you are gonna end up looking very weird. You just got to get your chest out a little bit. Just enough to kill the sloppy posture of yours and that’s it.

Please don’t walk with your hands inside your pocket. My God! Do you know how recessive and submissive you look with your hands in your pocket while you are walking? I can’t even measure your level of recessiveness.

Your steps should be medium. Not too big, not too short. Just enough to showcase your sexiness.

Walk with confidence, Gentlemen. Think of yourself as a confident dude. One who is sexy and perfect (I repeat, not proud but perfect). Yeah.. you see that smile, that shines in your eyes! Now walk while having that same feeling inside, THAT’S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

Courtesy: 007 Tips to becoming “No Time To Die”, James BOND!

Boundaries Do Play a Role

You have your boundaries, I have my own boundaries and So do everybody else has. And I am sure that Its cool to Joke around and In-fact a Good sense of Humor can put various Plus points in your character but guess what? Their is a limit to everything and when You ignore those boundaries then most of the time things start getting disrespectful for You and You start losing control over them as well.

Alright so let say you are someone who loves to joke around with everybody without caring about their moods and facial expressions expressing what they are feeling. If You are joking around with a person and while doing so the person says it to you that, “Stop. Its enough” or like, “Excuse what did you just say?” Or something like that.

What will be left with you and your respect then? And on the flip side, next time you will think twice when trying to joke with that person and ou will take immense care that not a single joke of yours make him uncomfortable because then That person says you to Kinds Shut-up right.

So what happened is, that person tolerated your jokes but when you tried to cross a boundary. He said it to your face that, “No! Stop it.” And that’s exactly what I want you to do. Gentlemen! Sometimes we are afraid to confront and even to say somebody to stop when we start feeling uncomfortable. And that’s when we start losing our respect in their eyes. How will they know that you do not want them to cross the limits without you telling them and defining your limits?

And it goes both ways. You just cant stop others from crossing your boundaries while keep crossing someone else’s boundaries. You got to respect them and their limits in order for them to respect your limits. It goes both ways.

Command Respect via Dressing

Command Respect via Dressing

Last but not the least, Your Clothes and Dressing sense Gentlemen. It plays a very vital role when it comes to commanding respect no matter what the situation is. Like it or not, People judge you based on your outer-look. Your clothes are one of them. If you are wearing Clothes that look Good on you. And if you know how to dress for the occasion then people subconsciously think of you as an intelligent person, someone who knows How to dress Nice and Look great based on the occasion.

Its not about wearing expensive clothes and showing off. But its about wearing clothes that look good on you. Focus on the color matching and wear clothes that sit properly with the occasion and fulfill your purpose. Try wearing high quality clothing pieces and focus on the essentials as they are necessary to make you look good. If you look good then People immediately think of You as a More respectable person. Again, its not about wearing flashy clothes, its about wearing what Looks good on You.

With that being said, I would Like to conclude The topic Here by saying that No matter what You are wearing or in whatever state you are at the moment, you can use some simple tricks to command respect. Buying expensive clothes and showing off your Money is surely not the way to go with it. You want to command respect? Focus on your character, your behavior, your Body language, Talking style, emotions and a couple of other little but very effective components that play their role in developing your respect Score. Gentlemen! That was our today’s topic, “12 Tips for Guys to Command Respect in any Given Situation!”.

Whats your take on it? What do you think can be able added into the list? DM me on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and we shall talk about it in detail over there. And if you have any question related to men’s lifestyle, fashion and Grooming then You can feel free to contact me at my instagram and I will come back to You ASAP.


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