12 Tips for Guys to Look your Best on Video Call (Guaranteed)

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing good and staying home these days because that’s the best you can do to stay healthy and protected. With that being said, what about your studies? Are they going well? Oh! So you are a dude who works somewhere or maybe you run your own business. Alright, so what about the tons of online calls that you have to take and those live meetings? You have to be the part of because obviously you can not attend the meetings physically. But have you ever thought about the ways to Look your best on video call?

When my university announced that they were about to start our online classes on Teams then I got really pumped. Why? Because it was something new for me. I wanted to look good on video call. Spare me for the cringe. But I started planning my outfit. Like what should I do to look the best while taking those classes. My goal was to look the most presentable. Is there anything wrong with it?

But unfortunately, all of my classes do not require us to turn on the video camera. Which means that we can get away with laying on the bed while taking that early morning class. BTW I still try to prepare and Dress up for my classes because, I don’t know, it’s something that works for me. It puts me in the work mode  which I can never put myself If I am in my Pjs, laying on the bed.

That said, for all of you guys who have been struggling with this new online system and attending those hectic back to back live online meetings, first of all I want to give you guys a big thumbs up for coping up with the situations and adapting to the change. Secondly, I want you all to be grateful for not losing your job. For being able to continue doing what you were doing before with just slight change of the work medium.

But have you ever thought about putting in a little extra effort to make a drastic change in how you look on that video call with your colleagues, Class fellows or your client? Its always a great idea to try to look your best on video call. Isn’t it? Today we will be discussing 12 tips that you guys can use to look most presentable just they way you use to deliver the best version of yours in the normal days. So without any further ado, lets get right into it. Shall we?

Desktop isn’t the Best Choice

Please don’t get me wrong but desktop won’t be the best device to use when video calling someone. Why? Let me explain. So Let’s say today is Monday and you have a meeting to attend at 9 in the morning. You prepare your notes but suddenly the power goes of. What now? First of all, if you don’t have a backup supply then you won’t be able to video call in the first place.

And even if you have then still, Ok, Are you able to adjust the monitor of your desktop. I mean, to adjust the camera angle according to the lighting and all?

If you are someone who has placed his desktop in a perfect lighting environment. That has studio lights as well to light up the room when sun goes down. You can surely get away with your desktop but for the rest of us things will not be that smooth. Better alternatives would be your mobile phone and laptop because obviously they are movable and flexible too. So you can take them with you while moving from one room to another if you want to.

Camera Angle

Alright so let’s say you have decided to video call on your laptop. Cool! Now what? Is it OK to attend the meeting or class while having your laptop sitting on your lap? Umm, not actually. Because again, its Ok it you have to write something. But when it comes to video calling you want to make sure that you are not exposing your neck wrinkles or your double or triple chin to the viewer.

Guys, nobody wants to see you unprepared. Given that you are somebody who is looking for ways to look your best on video call. I will suggest you to adjust your laptop in such a way that the camera sits slightly above the 90 degrees. Why slightly above?

Ok, so I want you to open your Instagram. See for yourself that which of your photos look the best (14 Golden Tips to Get Your Most Favourite Photo!) (Follow me over their too. Its @worldofnyazi). I am sure that it is the one where your cameraman is taking photo from slightly below. Gentlemen! I am sure that you’ve heard about it before as well that In order to get that perfect shot you need to tilt that chin up. Yeah! I am talking about that, chin up and boom! Shot.

Same Science applies to Video call as well. So yeah, adjust the camera in such a way that it is just a little above your eye angle and you are good to go.

Work on Your Background

Focus on the Background

Laptop? Check! Camera Angle? Check! What Now? Gentlemen! Do You want your entire class or Your Boss to see that untidy wall behind you? Maybe there are these piles of clothes sitting behind you. Or something that might make you look non-serious and definitely not the most presentable dude in the chat room.

So Yeah, Before Joining that conference I want you to clean Up the Mess behind You and If You can then Shift to some other room that has a Neat and Tidy wall that does not has any Paint Flakes hanging around or some other patches. And In case You really want to stand out then You can throw on some Plant or Nice scenery in the background just to make the whole frame a bit more aesthetic.

Another thing that You can do, may require a little bit effort, But Its really worth it. Alright so First of All You need to find some sort of Sheet or Piece of Clothe that can cover the whole frame in the background. Now I want you to hang it on the back with something. You can? Maybe use clippers or tie it to something, whatever you can do to just install it in the background. Doing just this is going to make a huge difference and will make you look most presentable in the Room.

One More thing, Make sure that your shirt color sits well with the background, specifically if You are using some of warm lighting. You can always experiment with clothes of different colors and only install the One which gives the whole frame the most aesthetic look.

Lighting Matters

What about the Lighting? Do You really Need to think about it before going on a Video call? Of course this is probably one of the two most important components when it comes to Looking your best on Video Call (the other one being the Audio which we will talk about later in this article).

Let’s say You have this Online class to attend at 10 in the Morning. Where will you install your background and Laptop? The best thing to do is to find a Place right behind a Window. But make sure that Window showers soft Light, and not that harsh sun light coming directly on your Face. You can make use of the lamps as well to clear out shadows below your eyes or anywhere else on your Face. Its better to move around a little bit to find out the area where You get the best lighting.

But what If You have to attend a Meeting at 9 in the Night? No need to worry Gentlemen because Your Boy Nyazi is here for You. All you need to do is to Grab all the Lamps that You have in your house and Install them to get that virtual light source. Try installing one lamp on both sides (left and right) and One right that throws light on your face from the front to even out the shadows. Installing some light source behind yourself is also a Good idea in case You are Looking for an aesthetic appearance overall.

If you do not have this many lamps in your house then their is no need to worry because you can always use just One and Put in the front to even out the darkness and shadows cast by the bulbs installed on your wall. So, if you want to know More about Lightning and how to Use light to look your best on Video call then don’t forget to checkout this awesome article by a Cinematographer BOB SACHA (https://thenextweb.com/syndication/2020/04/14/a-cinematographers-guide-to-looking-good-during-a-video-call/)

Given that you are on a Mobile phone then things get a lot easy because all You need to do is You wanna grab some cheap Ring light and install it right on your Phone. For More light on your TV or Laptop, Open Youtube and Search for Bright light and Turn up the brightness to the Max. These 2 sources will be enough.

Take a Shower

Gentlemen! The One way to Surpass everyone else in the chat room is to Shower right before the Meeting. Why? Because it will give you that instant boost of confidence and You will be feeling Fresh which is very important for you to take away the most you can from your class, meeting or Live Call.

You think these are just the general tips? Alright, Yes they are. But I want you to ask you something? Did You knew that Showering right before a Video Call or right before doing something important boosts your confidence and that studies have been on this topic? Well, thanks to Antonio for telling me this and much more while I was researching on how to Look your best on Video Call. I recommend You all to checkout his Video as well (https://youtu.be/wE7Col1s8F4).

So Yeah, Next time even if You have to attend that Meeting or Class at 8 in the Morning, You know that You wanna wakeup early and Do some sort of Workout or maybe stretch a little bit to wakeup your brain and then shower to wake your brain Up and the confidence that was sleeping somewhere inside. And thats How You look your best on Video Call.

Wear a Nice Shirt

Let’s say you have to attend these regular offline classes or You wanna attend this very important meeting in your office. Will Your be wearing some sort of T-Shirt with “Lets Sleep” written on it? Definitely No. I know that You would be wearing Nicely tailored Shirt that Looks great on You.

If thats the case then why are you being lazy these days? I mean, I get your point that Everybody is at Home and No one is really trying to Look their best But guess what? You always made the statement. And Now is the time to prove yourself yet again. You used to challenge yourself to Look your best before and I want you to do the same now as well because guess what? People are going to remember this. They are going to see the effort you are putting in to Look your best on Video call and they will surely appreciate it.

What about the Pants? Well, apparently their is no need to wear Nice of Matching jeans because obviously their is nobody to check those. However, in my Opinion, A Man should Be looking Dope AF from head to the toe. Alright, it helps me get in that Mood. I will recommend you guys to at-least do this once snd I am sure You are gonna look How easy it becomes to avoid the distractions and focus on your work the way you use to do normally.

See if the Internet is Fine

See if the Internet is Fine

Alright, so I want to Put in front of You 2 Different Scenarios. Two different People who are participants of the same video call.

Ali AKA Participant 1: He has properly setup the lighting, has managed to get the best camera angle too, Yes he had to face some problems with getting his laptop to reach the angle slightly above his eye but He used some books and empty boxes to support the height. And Yes Ali knew that showering before the class would be great thing to do so He did that too. Ali has thrown a Plant in the background and that combined with the 2 warm lamps behind him are giving a Sick background.

Ali is very excited because he is wearing a Really Awesome Shirt as well But. But His Internet isn’t working well. He didn’t checked that before and What? Oh Yes! He Accepted the Call. The camera quality due to the slow internet is coming out to be total Crap. Nobody seems to like what they see on Ali’s Chat window.

Rishi AKA Participant 2: Rishi is a Very hard working dude who double checks everything before sending it for the approval. Its because he love to put his 100% in whatever he does. His Lighting setup that involves a Ring light does a pretty well Job. His background has this Blue colored sheet which seems to go pretty good with the White shirt that he is wearing today. Shower? Rishi came out of the shower just about 10 minutes before and after applying his moisturizer and Doing his hair, now he is here setting up his mobile Phone to accept the call request. Ali has shifted to Mobile data because he already knew that the internet is quite slow and it can create distortion which may irritate others in the Room. Class starts and My Dude Rishi is looking 10/10, perfect background, All set Internet, Looking great.

Whats do you think? Who looked better on the Screen and Who made the right decision among the two? Ask me and I will choose Rishi over Ali. Because Rishi knew that Internet speed is very important when it comes to attending some online class or whatever.

You should always check it first. Maybe call your friend just to see things are going smooth or Not. If their is a problem then You can call Your Internet provider and ask them to fix the issue or just turn off and turn it on again after like 4-5 minutes. Make sure that Nobody else is using internet in the House because else the bandwidth gets divided which means You are not getting the most out of it. Adjust your modem to see if it works and if nothing works then switch to your Sim data. Gentlemen you want to Look your best on Video call. Right? Well then you need to realize that you can Not look Good on video call without looking clear to people.

The Technical Side

Alright so in this Point I will try to give you the most information I can to Help you look your best on Video call Given that Looking best also means that You are being the perfectionist who had taken care of all the aspects involves in a Video Call.

Microphone: Gentlemen! Using your Laptop’s Microphone is the laziest thing you can do which of course comes with not so good consequences. Alright so Let’s say you are Video calling on your Laptop and you are using your Laptop’s built in Microphone. Gents I don’t wanna hear that You have the best microphone installed ever in a Laptop because its not about your voice quality specifically. Its about all those Noises that will be recorded by that microphone. Their could be literally anything going on in your house and By using your laptop’s microphone You are broadcasting all of what’s going on in your House.

Instead You should be using some cheap microphone that can be attached to your smartphone or Laptop as well. You can make use of some sort of Bluetooth headsets as well as that is the best way to receive the audio and then send your feedback while being the most stylish guy in the room, the guy who sound clearest in the entire chat room.

Camera Quality: I’ve talked about it before as well above but that was the case when You had a crapy internet connection. Here I want you to draw your attention to a situation where You have a crapy camera. Alright so lets say You are using this laptop that comes with a crapy camera. Guess what? All of that Nice shirt, great background and all will go in vain Just because of your crapy Video quality.

You should either install some third party webcam or Some sort of DSLR incase You have it. Or the best option would be to use your Smartphone. Almost everyone now a days around has a Phone that Good quality front camera. So yeah, use that to get the best results possible on your journey to Look your best on video call.

Avoid Bloopers

Alright, so what could go wrong when You are in a Video call? Well, maybe somebody walks in your room suddenly and then You tell them to get out and on the screen all of them are laughing and you are left with nothing But embarrassment.

How to avoid such situations to Look your best on Video Call? Well its very easy. All You need to do is that You need to Make a list of things that can go wrong while You are on a Video call. Here’s a List of Bloopers and Go wrongs, thanks to this awesome article by Bored Panda (https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-video-meetings-conference-call-fails-quarantine)

  • Make Sure That the art or scenery behind you on the background does not contain anything abusive or offensive. Try to neutralize everything because people are always looking for something to laugh on and You don’t wanna give them a chance
  • If You have some Pet in your House then make sure that you have taken care of it already. Maybe hand him/her over to your mom or your Wife as you don’t want him/her to Jump right into your lap while you are closing this deal of $1 million.
  • Make sure that Notifications are turned off especially when You are recording your Screen because you don’t want any scandal of yours and You definitely do nit want to go viral over some stupid notification that came on your phone or laptop during a Live session.
  • You do Not want to Learn the software using during the call. When Your Boss or Professor wants you to share the screen or upload the document, You do not want to be that annoying kid who keeps asking, “Sir, Can You please guide me how to do that?”.
  • Take Care of your Alexa or Google Home as You don’t want them to answer something your professor is asking fro you. It is quite funny but you don’t want to irritate your professor. Do you?

Make sure that You are taking care of all of these things as things could turn to be funny but at the same time depending on the mood of the person who you are talking to, things can go wrong as well. I don’t want you to get in some serious problem so its better to already take care of these things. Checkout (https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-video-meetings-conference-call-fails-quarantine) for the Complete List of Bloopers.

Look at the Lens

Look into the Lens

Gentlemen! What would You normally do when you were asked to talk to somebody. Will You be look at somewhere else while talking to them or will you be attentive? Where are your manners brother? I mean, if You always showed your attention towards then when you used to talk offline then why are you looking at the Screen and around while talking on Video Call?

Guys we here are discussing ways for you to Look your best on Video call and You are being disrespectful by not Looking in the lens while actively talking. Listen! This is a very simple trick that not many people Know and I want you to implement it right away to ensure realistic, aesthetic and attentive appearance.

What About the Mute Button?

Let’s say You are attending this meeting along with 2 more dudes. Below is How things are looking like for So.

Josh: Josh is a Great Guy. He is wearing a Nice shirt and He knows that the Key to great confidence is Shower right before the meeting. My dude has a great background setup too plus His internet and camera quality looks pretty dope. And his Microphone quality isn’t bad as well. What? omg! What just happened. Josh forgot to Hit the mute button when His mom was shouting asking Josh to not forget to go the Grocery store once He is free from the meeting. Ahh, Mums are innocent. And its a fact that even though you stop people from disturbing you still one way or the other they will disturb You.

Now Everybody heard what Josh’s Mum said and all of them are laughing. This wouldn’t have happened if You hit knew How to use that Mute button and Just by keeping your expressions same Josh could have easily fooled everybody as if nothing happened.

Ahmed: Ahmed is a Cool dude. He is wearing a Nice oxford and He knows that the Key to great confidence is Shower right before the meeting. My dude has a great background setup too plus His internet and camera quality looks pretty dope. And his Microphone quality is quite good as well. And you know what the best part is? Its that my dude knows How to use that Mute button when He needs to.

And that’s exactly what I want you all to do. Guys, when You are not talking Make sure to turn on that Mute Button. You do Not want others to hear you yawning, singing random songs, etc. Remember! Your goal here is to Look your best on video call and That can never be accomplished if you keep coming up as a Noob.

Get Yourself Pumped

Prepare to be Energetic

Last But not the Least. This one is all about preparing your Mind to give your best. So Let’s say you have to attend this meeting early in the Morning which You really don’t want to. But work is work so you wake up and shower. Plus you managed to put good clothes on and now you are sitting their waiting to get a call.

Hey! Look at me. Why are not energetic enough. Don’t you know that you are one of the very few people who are lucky enough to continue doing their work while most of the people are looking for jobs and they are willing to do literally anything in return for the money? I want you to show some gratitude and be thankful for whats been given to you. Come on! Show them who you are. Demonstrate them that you are worth it. Show them that you were the best offline. And now that things have gone online, nothing still can match your confidence.

Camera is a sucker for energy. You can’t hide anything from it. Basically you have to put in a bit more energy in order to present the best side of yours. And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article, “12 Tips for guys to look your best on video call!”. So what do you think about it? Do you have some crazy story related to what happened during your Video call session? Lets talk about that on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And if you have any queries related to men’s fashion, lifestyle and Grooming then feel free to contact me on my Instagram and I will get back to you ASAP.


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