12 Tips for Guys to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget (2021)

Guys! Sharp Dressing is one of the most important components in any Stylish Guys’ Daily Routine. I know that you are a HANDSOME Dude who can dominate any guy out there on the basis of Your Looks only. However, Your outfit matters a lot. But Budget definitely is a Hurdle. But Guess what? Today we will Discuss 12 Tips for You Guys that you can Use to Update your Wardrobe on a Budget!

Hey! What you are wearing reflects your character, personal style, and the choices that you are gonna make in your Life. It is what it is My boy. You can’t get away just with the Good Looks Only.

The art of dressing is what you Guys need to Know. Where to wear casuals, where to Dress like a Sexy Party Boy, etc. You must also know that Fit is the most important part of your outfit. Keeping yourself and your Clothes Fit is gonna make sure that you will never end up looking like ‘Just any other regular guy out there”.

Ok, we will talk in detail about each and every aspect related to Clothing. And how to shop most effectively in another Article. However, Our Main Focus will be around 4 Things which are as follows:

What to Expect? Answers to these Questions:

  • How to Upgrade your Wardrobe on a Budget?
  • Tips to Revamp your wardrobe
  • How to reinvent your Wardrobe when you are on a Budget?
  • Is Rebuilding your Wardrobe Easy? Can you Update your Wardrobe in 2021?

Why On a Budget? Hey! There are times when you are tight on the Budget. But Don’t you think of these days as some sort of Punishment or anything like that. You need not get depressed. Because you actually are gonna learn a lot while living through this time.

We are gonna talk about not 2, Not 5, Not 8 But 12 Tips for You Guys to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget. Some of these tips require you to have a little Cash in your pocket. While others will help you when you have got No cash At all. So without any further ado lets Hop into it.

1: Update your Wardrobe on a Budget: Avoid Expensive Items

I know that feeling. I know How you feel when you leave clothes on the wrack because you can’t afford to buy them. It hurts.

But what I learned over time is that You can’t get anything in this world by feeling sorry for yourself and Crying over it all day long. You Guys have to Update your Wardrobe and You will definitely Do it on a Budget without having Much cash.

First Tip is to focus on the Matching and other rules of Clothing. Like, let’s say you have 45$ to spend on clothing. Now One thing you need to keep in mind is that You don’t wanna visit Big brands that Have a single clothing piece worth starting at 50$ or above.

Brands have cool stuff I agree. However, if you don’t have any money in your pocket to spend on expensive Clothes then why are you even visiting those brands again and again? To lower your self-esteem?

Even on the days when I had quite a decent amount of money to spend on clothing, still, I would not choose any expensive piece of clothing. Why? because it’s better to “Complete your Essentials” and most needed items instead of buying a Single Expensive Clothing Piece.

Why? Because trends change and the Hoody that you are wanting to buy now for $200 is gonna worth nothing a year later. Instead, go for less expensive timeless pieces because they are gonna spend a long time with you, and every time you wear them you will feel confident and Stylish for sure!

2: Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget: Ask Your Friend

Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget: Ask Your Friend

This is something that Ladies do all the time. “Hey Ayesha, your Dress Looks super cool. Can I borrow it for a Day?” All the time gentlemen! But what saddens me is that why are we boys not leveraging the power of Borrowing?

What’s bad in borrowing that cool Black Polo Shirt that your friend was wearing the other day? It won’t make you inferior by any means.

Look! Maybe He loves your Dark washed Jeans. Maybe he loved the fitting of your White blazer and he always wanted to try it on for a day and he is just afraid of the fact that How would you react if he asks to borrow your Clothing pieces.

Break the Ice gentlemen. You are the leader. and here you need to Show up again as a Leader because someone has to Be the First One so why Not you?

Ok theirs this whole another Side to this Story. Let’s say All of your Clothes are Old and worn out. It’s Ok! Shit happens to everybody, don’t worry.

The Right Way to Do it

Now what I want you to do is that I want you to ask one of your Stylish Friends who has a Great Dressing sense. Just ask him whether He is clearing out some of his Old clothes may be from the last season or Maybe from the Current season that he feels like not wearing anymore.

Gentlemen. Their’s no reason to be ashamed of this. I use to share my clothes with my friends all the time! I borrow from them, they borrow from me and none of us mind it at all. Your goal here is to Add those Amazing items in your Inventory in order to update your wardrobe while Staying on a Budget. On a Budget? It’s Totally Free!

It is atleast a Lot better than Begging someone else to Give you Money to Buy new clothes. Be realistic instead and ask your friends to give you the clothes that they can easily give off.

Trust me, it isn’t gonna hurt your Repute at all! The key here is to not bother Him again and again. If he is willing then it’s Ok. And if He isn’t, thats cool.

3: Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget: Thrift Stores

Let’s say Your university is going to re-open on the 12th of December. And You are really worried about what you are gonna wear because all of the clothes are from the Last season. Maybe they are all worn out. So what you can possibly Do?

One way is to ask your Friend for Help as I talked in Point Number # 2. However, if He says No or things didn’t work out the way you hoped, then I recommend that you save a little bit. Save some money here and there and Visit the Nearest Thrift Store.

Thrift Stores are everywhere, no matter where you live on Earth. You might wanna visit hyper star, One Dollar Shop, or Walmart as well because you can find some amazing clothing pieces there as well.

Some of you might be thinking that “You never get shirts of your Size. And the ones you get are Always worn out”. But that isn’t correct.

Its something you can easily change. Like for instance, let’s say for the first Problem (Not of your Size) You can always go to the Tailor to alter every item that you just bought.

Now coming towards the Second Problem (Old looking clothing). This one is definitely a Problem and it does get really challenging sometimes. But don’t you worry my friend because you can always try out some Hacks that are really simple to implement.

After All, What’s bad in using some simple Hacks and DIYs to make a $1 T-Shirt look like as if you bought it for $15? It blows my Mind all the time! So what are you waiting for! Shop at thrift stores and get them back in shape with simple hacks, thats all you Need!

4: Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget: Redesign and Accessorise!

I can’t tell you the importance of clothing skills that include Colour and outfit matching. You see guys becoming extremely fashionable by Watching content from Fashion Daddy’s like Alpha M, TeachingMenFashion.

They teach you All of that. And Hey! You can’t get away with Just buying New clothes only. You need to get their Fit right as well and If you can’t afford to Buy expensive New clothes then I recommend you to see the above 3 Points.

And if you fail to do any of these then what I recommend you is that “Embrace the Power of Accessories”. A Man wearing White Tee and Jeans along with a watch and a Ring can look 5 times more stylish than a Man wearing White Tee and Jeans only.

Its the truth guys. You can’t deny the wonderful incline that Accessories give to your Style Graph. And Along with Accessories you don’t wanna miss one More thing which is “Change the Way you Dress with the Same Old outfits“. It’s extremely powerful. Most importantly it requires you to do nothing but change the patterns.

Let say you use to wear a T-shirt tucked out. Start tucking it in and Fold your Jeans as well this time if you don’t do it before. Learn to match the colors appropriately.

And If you have a pair of jeans that you never use to wear before because you always thought that it looked Old or maybe that you can’t match its color with any of your Shirt then you need to think again because Its Cool to try out new color combinations and contrasts.


It’s ok to wear a Casual shirt with Formal Dress pants while simply tucking in the Shirt and Its completely alright to wear Jeans with your Formal shirt because the style has no boundaries. The style has patterns basically, no rules whatsoever! But the Only Rule you must follow is that.

“Never Give up”. Never give up on dressing well. I know there will be days when you don’t want to dress up or you don’t want to look good. On those days remember why you started taking care of yourself and your clothing, in the first place. I assume that you wanted everybody to look at you when you walk in the Room. I know that feeling and I want you to let the Fire keep burning inside you!

Don’t ever stop because of the fact that you have No money in Your Pocket. Your boy is always there for you, cheering you up and Giving immense Emotional Support because I know how it feels.

So Yeah All you need is a Little redesign and Some Accessories. And thats it. You can Play with these 2 aspects to Update your Wardrobe while Staying on a Budget. Want to Rebuild, revamp, or Restart your wardrobe While being on a Budget? Trust me these 2 Do Help a Lot.

5: Update your Wardrobe on a Budget: Exchange with a Friend!

I Could have written this one under Point number # 2 (Ask your Friend for HELP). But I felt like this is something different. When we talk about Exchanging clothes with a Friend of yours, it does not involves you asking for a favor or Help because you are not asking for something.

Actually you are offering something in return for His Hood Or maybe His sexy Black leather Jacket. Let’s say You have got these amazing Pair of Boots that you are not a big fan of Now. Maybe, you have worn them a lot. You need something new, maybe You have a crush on loafers these days.

But you have got no money to go to the store and purchase them. What you can do? You can possibly ask Ahmed who has been rocking sexy Loafers already. Just ask him for a Return. Offer him your Boots and in return, you can get those Loafers.

Guys! I don’t understand why you talk like non-stylish people who always go against buying second-hand stuff. Clothing is clothing, its either New or Worn out. There is nothing in between. If you are getting a clothing piece that is in Good condition then thats whats matters only.

Grow up, guys. You are Also offering your used item in return for something you want to buy but you don’t have enough money to purchase it. What is the other option that you have? I guess nothing! So put these Useless thoughts aside and Talk to your friend about this exchange. I really hope that you are gonna make the deal.

6: Update your Wardrobe on a Budget: Wait for the Sales!

Update your Wardrobe on a Budget: Wait for the Sales!

Black Friday, Diwali, Eid, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. these and tons of other festivals come with a great number of sales.

Some brands go up to 50% and even 80% monthly or once in two months. my question to you is that why are you not availing these offers? I mean why not purchasing a sweatshirt worth $50 that is Now selling for $10?

Insane gentlemen! thats totally insane. For all of those who love to buy branded clothes, this is a steal! Because you can easily build your entire wardrobe over a period of time with all the branded items just by embracing the power of the SALE season.

Now one thing that bothers me a lot here is that there are many people who complain about missing out on the Sale. Here’s a simple solution for all of those Brothers.

Tips to Note Down

Whenever you visit the brand next time, ask them to add you up on their “SMS alert Service“. Well, I am totally aware of the fact that you are gonna get a lot of messages from because of this move but you need to stay positive and think about the benefits that you are getting.

Go to your Favourite Brand’s Instagram and Hit that “Follow” button over there. This is gonna make sure that you get notified when they release any new item or when they Go On SALE!. Secondly, what you can do is that you can always visit your Favourite Brand’s website.

Over there, Enter your Email Address, one you use on a daily basis, and Hit that “Subscribe” button. That way you will be notified about new arrivals and SALES. That way you will get your required information without physically visiting the Store.

Do Make sure that you follow your Boy Nyazi as well (@WorldofNyazi) because I have a Mission to convert you into a BRAND 💯


Factory Outlets are my top recommendation to anybody who loves to shop branded Items but at the same time, they are Low on the budget. They have B-Pairs that are fairly cheap. Plus, Almost all the Factory outlets have sales going on throughout the year.

So you will always find something for yourself over there in a very less amount of Money! Look, remember as I said earlier as well, that your goal should not be satisfying your ego, You should just focus on your goal to Update your Wardrobe on a Budget.

7: Update your Wardrobe on a Budget: Sell Old Clothes on eBay!

Ok so now that you know the art of color matching and wearing items that fit you right. It’s the time that you clear your already existing wardrobe. Because Maybe you want to rebuild your wardrobe entirely while staying on a Budget.

What to do about it? It’s simple! Sell all of your old clothes and the money you are gonna get will be used to buy new items. You can always sell those Hoodies and jackets that you have been wearing for about 2 years Now. The only thing you need is “Good photography Skills“.

Capture some great photos of your Hoody. Maybe, Ask your Friend to take cool photos of you wearing that Hoodie and then upload it on eBay. Put the description right and mention the condition of your Clothing piece correctly. Thats it! You are good to go. Hopefully, you are gonna end up making a deal.

But one thing I want you to know is that once you have sold all of your items, don’t waste money on purchasing expensive clothing. Instead, purchase all of the essentials that you really need. Because When you are restarting or Rebuilding your wardrobe you wanna make sure to Include the Basic Essentials first.

Like. Maybe a White t-shirt, a Black leather jacket, Chinos, Jeans, Nice fitted Hoody, and stuff like that. Don’t purchase deep V necks and all such stuff because # 1 they don’t look good and # 2 You don’t have enough money to spend on items to test and try whether they are gonna look good or not. It’s the time that you put all the guesswork aside and buy the clothing pieces that are recommended.

8: Update your Wardrobe on a Budget: Off-Season Shopping

You wanna rebuilt your Wardrobe and It was never this easy! What? Buying Woollen Hoody in Summers? Yes! thats what I am talking about! Sexy Woollen Hoody will Look great on you in winters and in order to rock that hoody in winters you need to buy it at Summers.

Why? Because prices are gonna reach the Sky in winters and you will have to pay 50% more for that same Hoody. Gentlemen! You need to shop smart when you have limited resources. And it isn’t a bad thing at all. You are visiting your Favourite brand and buying the stuff that is really attractive to everyone’s eye. What else you need?

The only thing you need is to think about the future and Buy all of your Next season’s clothes right now. Thats it. Because you are gonna see Huge sales that are up to around 80% in the Off-Season time. And as I said earlier, you can subscribe to the Email List of different brands and follow them on various Social handles so that you get notified when They offer off-season SALE.

Guys, it’s not something that is gonna make you inferior. I have seen lots of people who can actually afford that sexy Shirt with or without the sale but still, they wait for the off-season sale. Because as I say all the time, “It’s about Shopping intelligently”.

9: Update your Wardrobe on a Budget: Shop Online!

Update your Wardrobe on a Budget: Shop Online!

If you would have asked my suggestions on Online shopping a year ago then you would hear me say just the negative things. But with the passage of time, my opinion changed.

I use to think that Online shopping is an alternate word for “wasting your money” because you can’t actually feel the Clothes in your Hand before buying them but when I Tried and test it myself, I came to the conclusion that:

“You can’t deny the Power of Online Shopping anymore!”

And Let’s Say you wanna Rebuild your Wardrobe on a Budget. You have just $50 to spend to let’s say purchase 4 clothing pieces.

One way is to visit Factory outlets of different brands to find stuff in your Price Bracket. Obviously this is something that consumes a lot of time and energy.

And the second option is to “Shop Online” which seems to be the most efficient way in my opinion. Because

1: You can always see the reviews of different people who have already purchased the item

2: You save a lot of time / Energy and you can check out 10 times more options compared to Offline shopping with almost a little to No quality difference

And the Reason I recommend Shopping Online to All those who want to Rebuild their Wardrobe on a Budget is that you are gonna find Instagram based Stores and websites. And these are gonna offer you Clothing pieces at ridiculously low prices!

It’s not because they have bad quality products. Its because they do not have to pay the Shop, storage rents, and other costs. And that allows them to offer you quality products at fairly low prices.

10: Update your Wardrobe on a Budget: Replicate the Look!

It’s the Era of Copying. We all want to look like our favorite, Actor, or Sportsmen, go for a similar Haircut, spend a fine amount of time in making sure that our beard Looks just like theirs’s and some of us go to the Gym to make a physique similar to Our idol’s.

Again, today’s topic is How to Rebuild your Wardrobe on a Budget? However, This point states. “Replicate the Look“. You might be wondering how are these both related. Right?

Basically they are connected at the Root level with each other. You want to look great just like your favorite Superstar but you don’t have money to purchase items that they wear.

Maybe your favorite Actor is wearing a T-shirt worth $500 rupees and Pants worth $600 and a Blazer worth $1000 Let’s be realistic, they can afford it, but we can’t. What we can do is a thing called:

Intelligent Shopping!

Man, I love the power of Intelligent Shopping because it blows my Mind all the time. It requires you to Hunt for clothing which is my most favorite part of this whole process.

I will be doing an entire series on How to Hunt for your Favourite Clothing pieces on my Instagram real soon so make sure that you are already following me over there (@WorldofNyazi).

Search for the T-Shirt that he was wearing. Maybe show his picture to the Shop keeper to see if you can find something related to that. Ok. one thing I want you to keep in mind is that you will not get the same item but it would be definitely related and similar to the one you are looking for.

And same is the case with the rest of the pieces as well. Whether it is blazer or Pants or whatever. Make sure that you Get it tailored according to your body proportions so it looks as if it is made JUST FOR YOU!

Just perfect. Thats how you are looking. Hey! You are looking as handsome as that celebrity you like the most. And in case you want to look better than Him then I recommend you to Checkout:

11: Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget: Think Again!

What if I told you that Your Decision matters the Most. And that the money you have in your Pocket is a liability? Ok, So guys Lets agree on one point before proceeding that, Right Now you don’t have enough money to buy any item that you find attractive, Right? So what to do instead?

You must think again. Just one time more before going to the cash Counter Because maybe the item that you are going to Buy does not match your already existing clothes.

Guys the thing is, Whenever I go to Shopping, I always have some of my Already existing clothing pieces in Mind and I try my best to purchase clothes that can be paired with those Old clothes as well. That way I end up making better and More clothing combinations.

Rebuild Your Wardrobe on a Budget: 3 Important Tips to Keep in Mind

One thing I want you to keep in mind is that You need to follow some of the basic Budget Clothing Rules in order to get the most out of your shopping experience. First and Foremost is. “Always shop for Essentials First“.

You might Buy just a single Expensive piece of clothing and waste all your money on it or you can buy items that you can match with many other clothing pieces as well. What would you choose to do? I Don’t know about you but I will always go for the Essentials First.

Secondly, “Always Shop for Neutral/Solid Colours“. So, Guys, those Neutral/Solid Colours can take your Style game from a 4/10 to 6.5/10 in No time! Why? Simple. Solid colors can go with almost all of the other colors. What I am saying is that Solid colored Tee can look good with almost all kinds of Jeans (Based on the Colour).

Solid colors, on the other hand, add that mysterious Vibe to your Overall personality. And Always Remember, A mysterious Guy is considered More Attractive than a Casual Jolly Dude.

Thirdly, “Don’t Buy Clothes that Have too many Patterns“. I am talking about Graphic Tee shirts and Overly Ribbed jeans. Guys, it’s as simple as it sounds. When you have a T-Shirt that has loud Graphics printed on it. First of all, I personally hate Graphic Tees and Secondly you can’t match graphic Tees or Jeans with more than 1-2 clothing Pieces. You must forget the Hope of looking Dope if you wear such stuff.

12: Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget: Lets Get Personal

I can’t tell you How important and Close to my Heart it is. Ok if you are here to know the 11 Tips to Rebuild your Wardrobe on a Budget. then you can check out the above given 11 Points. And thanks again for taking your time out to check out this article.

Guys this point is very close to my heart as I just said and the reason behind is that there have been days in my life when I dreamt of buying new clothes.

I was very angry from the inside!

I used to think that, “NO Good Can Happen to me”. But Guys trust me. Things are going to change, situations will not remain the same. I Promise.

I get emotional when people don’t care about their clothes and throw them here and there. Guys! Don’t do this. Take care of those Sexy Looking Shirts / Jeans and I don’t know whatever Clothing Pieces you have that make you look badass.

Invest time in keeping your Clothing Items as new as possible, Don’t wash those Sexy pair of Jeans more often because every extra wash is gonna decrease their age and Appearance as well. Try to keep them dust free and Put them in Freezer to kill any bacterias which are gonna spare 2-3 washes easily.

With that Being said I wanna conclude today’s Topic, “12 Tips for You Guys to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget (2021)”. What Else you think can be done when you don’t have enough money to buy the Clothes you Really like? I will Love to Know your Take on this. Do let me know about it over at my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi)

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