13 Attractive & Dominant Traits every woman wants in a Man!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing good. In today’s article, we will talk about Dominance and How you can become a manly man who is desired by every (at least most of them) woman out there. I am sure you want to become a man with super dominant and attractive traits. Don’t you?

Note that: These are the traits that are going to make you ultra attractive. So proceed at your own risk

Also, in case you really want to take your attractiveness to the next level, it is highly advised to save the article, 12 Differentiating Habits of Highly Attractive Men, for later read. Trust me, you won’t regret this decision of yours.

Ok so without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of Attractive & dominant traits every woman wants in a man. Shall we?

Ok, gentlemen, we are about to get down to the business and explore:

  • Attractive & Dominant traits every woman desires in a man.
  • Manly traits every guy needs to become more attractive.
  • Alpha male traits every man needs to have in order to become more desirable.
  • Attractive & Dominant traits every man should have.

Let’s get straight into it now. Shall we?

Attractive & Dominant traits every woman wants in a man/Manly traits every woman desires!

  • Owning your style and opinions.
  • Getting straight to the action.
  • Taking care of yourself.
  • Walking Confidently.
  • Asking others for validation.
  • Staying calm when the worse situation hits.
  • Not trashing around.
  • Having top of the lint communication skills.
  • Surrounding yourself with the dominant people.
  • Knowing when to say No.
  • Speaking up for yourself.
  • Not gossiping.
  • Not keeping your words.

That’s it. You, my friend, are now seeing in front of you a list of manly/attractive & dominant traits every woman desires in a man. So without any further ado, let’s discuss each one of these in detail. Shall we?

1: Owning your style and opinions.

Owning your style and opinions

Imagine being in a situation where there is a group of people (be it your coworkers, friends, etc), trying to get you to change your style. Chances are that they want you to dress a certain way because according to them, your style sucks, or maybe they think that you are way too dressed up.

Maybe they are right. But if you are sure about your style and you believe that what you are wearing is 100% stylish then you don’t have to listen to them no matter what.

I know that it is hard not to listen to people who are continuously saying just one thing and it gets harder when an entire group trying to get you to change your style choices. But at the end of the day, you need to understand that it is you who has to decide your choices, and nobody else!

The same goes for opinions. I am so sure that you have got your perspectives and point of view aligned perfectly. But then are these people who find your opinions and point of view, not that correct.

What now?

Should you change your opinions or twist and mold them to fit according to their needs and preferences. Oh heck No!

There is no need for you to do that. I know that you decided to mold your point of view and opinions because you wanted to make them happy or you didn’t want to offend them in the first place. But you should always put yourself in the first spot! Value your opinions my friend and put them on the front, the way they are. No changes need to be done just to please somebody.

2: Go get it.

The next one in the list of attractive & dominant traits every woman desires in a man is “getting straight to the action”.

Look, I understand the importance of planning and writing down things before you actually get your hands dirty to get them done.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to waste much time planning and all you need to do in reality is to go get it? Yeah, my boys.

You have been spending too much time trying to generate a “Perfect Plan”. But guess what? All of that went in vain because you never took the first step! And then the second step, the third step, and so on.

Where was the implementation part? The number #1 difference between thinkers and achievers is that the latter ones get straight into it.

Chances are that you want to want to make graphic designing your side hustle and make some cash out of it. An achiever would probably waste no time after learning the basics and start applying for the work.

A thinker, on the other side, will make a plan and then he will procrastinate a little bit (maybe), and then finally he will get into it.

The latter one has this sort of “fear” or let’s say this element of laziness or hesitation in him which is going to keep him from getting to the level that the achiever is going to slay in no time.

3: Taking care of yourself.

One of the manliest and dominant traits a man can have these days is to know how to take care of his own self.

Gone are the days when raw men were considered the most attractive and manly. I agree that there were times when staying the way you are, not doing much to your skin and hair, etc, was considered manly and dominant.

But time has changed now and it surely has changed for the good. You can see most of the men taking care of themselves. They take good care of their skin and their hair looks fresh too.

Needless to say, men, these days have started to look much better all because of their habit of regular self-care.

What? You still haven’t got into it? But why? Ok, don’t worry. I have a list of basic self-care guides that are going to help you get started with your self-care journey.

4: Walking confidently.

Walking confidently

The way you walk tells a lot about you. I want you to look at the title of the article once again.

“Attractive & Dominant traits every woman wants in a man”.


Let me tell you something, every woman wants her man to walk confidently. They don’t want a man who does not know how to walk.

Slouched walking, walking with your shoulders pushed downwards, back making a C Shape, steps not balanced, etc… How can anyone ever find such kind of walking style attractive?

Not at all my friend. You need to change the way you walk for the sake of your own manliness and dominancy. Please don’t get offended but this walking style is going to make you look really submissive.

What’s the manlier and more dominant way of walking?

Dominant Walking style for Men

  • Your Shoulders, need to look broader. I know that they stay recessive all the time but Hit them with a WOW Manhunter because they need to rise! Push them a little bit back and Up, Yeah that’s perfect!
  • Your chest needs to out. Now make sure that you are not getting it too much out because that way you are gonna end up looking very weird. You just got to get your chest out a little bit, just enough to kill the sloppy posture of yours and that’s it.
  • Please don’t walk with your hands inside your Pocket. My God! Do you know how recessive and unconfident you look with your hands in your pocket while you are walking? I can’t even measure your level of recessiveness.
  • Your steps should be medium. Not too big, not too short. Just enough to showcase your sexiness.
  • Walk with confidence Gentlemen. Ok, think of yourself as a Confident Dude, One who is Sexy and perfect (I repeat, not proud but perfect). Yeah.. you see that smile, that shines in your eyes! Now walk while having that same feeling inside, THAT’S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

5: Don’t ever ask others for validation.

Ok, so then comes this very recessive thing that most men do these days. They ask others for validation and that’s not alright.

It is similar to molding your opinions just to make others happy. The same is the case here. When we do things and continuously ask others for their validation, what do they think about our actions or steps, etc, then we sort of disrespect ourselves?


Look, when you are asking others to give you feedback all the time, or when you are continuously explaining things to others (regarding why you did what you did), then you are subconsciously lowering your respect and power. You are kind of giving command of your life in their hands and surely making yourself look submissive.

You need to stop this right away!

6: Staying calm even when the worst situation hits.

I completely understand that it is 100% Ok to get low. People do get low a lot of times.

We all feel weak at times and there is nothing in that. In fact, these are the things that make us human beings in the first place.

But then comes the category of men who get super confused and start panicking whenever the hard times come. Chances are that you had planned something but it did not go the way you wanted.

What would be your ultimate reaction to this situation? Will you start panicking or stay calm and think about the best perfect solution to the problem?

Well, I would suggest you go with the latter option. Why? Because that’s what dominant men do. After all, you need your brain to stay the most peaceful if you really want to get through this situation successfully.

Instead, if you start panicking and going crazy then not only you will make getting out of the situations harder for yourself but you will look super submissive. A trait that women hate in men!

7: Not trashing around.

Not trashing around.

Let me tell you something… Every woman sort of wants a perfect man. And I am definitely not talking about the facial or physical part here.

Guys! Look at me, what if I told you that your habit of poking your nose in every matter and indulging in every matter no matter how lame and lame it is, is something that is going to make you look stupid and Free.

Everyone out there is going to start thinking of you as someone who has nothing to do in his life other than trashing around and involving himself in useless matters.

A dominant man however understands the importance of staying relevant and involving himself in the matters that are relevant only. He does not put his nose in just any matter out there as he knows that what he involves himself in, is somehow going to represent him and his character and that’s why he prefers staying poised and elegant.

8: Having top of the line communication skills.

And the next one in the list of attractive & dominant traits every woman desires in a man is to have great communication skills.

We’ve already discussed dominance in terms of your walking style, your calmness when the hard times hit, etc. But what if I told you that you can take things to a whole new level if you just learn to master your communication skills?

Your communication skills make you dominant in two different ways:

  • With great communication skills, you can build better connections with people resulting in better networking.
  • Good communication skills mean you are going to be able to persuade people in a much better way.

By having the tool of persuasion in your hand, combined with the ability to make better connections, you, my friend, are going to bring down the kings! Trust me on this, just by having good communication skills, you can become super successful because if you know how to network properly and if you’ve got your mind right, you can end up making connections with the right people and that alone opens a door of opportunities for you.

9: Having the dominant company.

So we have just finished talking about good communication skills. Hmm. What if I told you that these communication skills can make or break the deal both at the same time?

I mean, if you are really using these skills of yours to attract positive people then you for sure are winning but on the flip side if your skills are being used to attract time wasters and people who have no goals and objectives then you for sure are wasting your time and skills.

One of the most attractive & dominant traits a man can have is to surround himself with like-minded and intelligent people. People who want to grow. These are the men who are going to boost you, sort of push you towards success.

Stay away from the toxic people as they are the ones who are going to pull you down and stop you from growing. You don’t want that to happen. Do you?

10: Knowing when to say No.

Knowing when to say No.

Say No is hard boys.

It is one of the hardest things because of the following reasons:

  • You don’t want to hurt their feelings.
  • You don’t want to offend them.
  • People are unable to say No because they want to make others happy.

But you need to be a little selfish. There are times when you just can’t say No because what’s being discussed is something that you don’t want to do! You can’t do that. But then something comes to your mind “How can I say No to him/her?” and that’s when the problem starts.

Not at all. You don’t have to say yes to them anyways. Making yourself uncomfortable just to make someone happy is one of the stupidest things you would do. Dominant men are loud and clear in such situations. They don’t kill themselves from the inside just to please someone.

They say no to this person’s face who is making them do something that is harder for them to do. It is as simple as that.

11: Speaking up for yourself.

A dominant and manly man knows when to stand up and not just say No but to raise the bar and speak up for yourself.

Chances are that you are sitting in a room where your boss is making all of you do things that are wrong. Maybe you are being bullied or something. What Now?

You might just bear it all while hoping for someone to magically appear and save you from all of this crap.

But a better option would be to stand up for yourself and speak it up. Say it out, stop them from using your abilities for the wrong reasons or whatever it is.

You can’t just see people manipulating you and sit back, hope for things to change magically. Things don’t work that way. You have to hustle and make way for yourself, and for that, you got to speak up. This is for sure one of the crucial and very attractive traits that women desire in a man.

12: Not gossiping.

Next one in the list of attractive & dominant traits every woman wants in a man is his self-control.

Like, it is super tempting to gossip, to talk about people behind their back. Discuss things that happened the other day and add a little something extra from your side. I know it is very juicy to discuss all of that.

But at the end of the day, by doing all of these things you are making yourself look recessive and weak. People who talk about others behind their back can be labeled as anything but manly.

Weak men have this habit of talking behind other people’s backs. They love to gossip because they can’t speak things up to their face. Or even if there is nothing serious to talk about, still it shows that you have got this ugly habit of spending your leisure time gossiping, the time that you could have spent doing something productive or something.

13: Keeping your words.

Keeping your words.

Last but not the least, probably one of the hottest and manliest traits that every woman desire in a man is “Keeping the words”.

I can’t tell you how much hate a woman has in her heart for a man who can’t keep his promises or who can’t keep his words.

And not just women, it is a universal thing. I mean, what would you think about a man who said something very proudly, and when the time came he shifted his words or simply backed up? A coward, for sure, if not something severe.

Keeping your words is a trait that every man needs to master if he really wants to take his attractiveness to a whole new level.

Do not say things that you can’t do, as that’s the easiest way possible to save yourself from the shame of not keeping your words. No words said, no problem, in the end, it’s that simple.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of Attractive & Dominant traits every woman wants in a man/Manly traits every woman desires? I want you all to let me know your comments, suggestions, feedback, etc, over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will come back to you ASAP.

Gentlemen! Today was all about Attractive & Dominant traits every woman wants in a man/Manly traits every woman desires, under the title, “13 Attractive & Dominant Traits every woman wants in a Man!”. And I will see you guys in another one,


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