13 Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive!

Hey Guys! I hope you all doing Great. In today’s article, we will talk about the reasons why you are considered unattractive. These are the list of brutally honest reasons why you are unattractive even after putting a huge amount of effort into yourself.

Look, before going into the article, I want to clear one thing. I am not saying that you need to listen to everybody. They say what they want to say. You just can’t change how a person thinks about you.

That being said, the list of reasons that I am about to discuss in today’s article are literal facts. These are the proven facts, the genuine defects/unattractive things, most guys do that make them look unattractive. You need to avoid doing these things if you really want to be considered an attractive person.

But before going into that, I want to divert your attention towards this list of signs that are a clear indicator of the fact that you are wasting your life without even realizing it (Here: 12 Signs you are Wasting Life without even realizing!).

That said, let’s talk about the brutally honest reasons why people think you are unattractive, now. Shall we?

Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive/Signs of unattractiveness

  • Bad breath.
  • Being bossy & controlling.
  • Being negative.
  • Immaturity.
  • Not listening to others carefully (and getting angry when somebody else does that to you).
  • Talking too much.
  • Body language mistakes.
  • Talking shit about others.
  • Calling others weak.
  • Being financially dependent.
  • Laziness & lying just to avoid things.
  • No hobbies.
  • Your surrounding is the biggest reason why you are considered unattractive.

That’s pretty much it. Guys! The above-given list of reasons is what we are going to talk about (in detail) in today’s article. So without any further ado, let’s get started now. Shall we?

1: Bad breath.

Bad breath.

One of the biggest reasons why they find you unattractive is because of that white gunk that is piled up on your tongue. Have you not been brushing that off lately?

Guys! You are not taking care of your oral hygiene lately. Ok, I know that you do not find any problem in that area. Let’s do a test.

I want you to lick your wrist and then smell it. Yeah, that’s what I am talking about. Your breath stinks.

You need to take care of this ASAP. But what can you do to fix that? You need to start brushing your teeth on the regular basis and in case there is some white gunk piled up, you got to remove that as well.

Chances are that the problem isn’t going away even after all the efforts that you’ve been putting in lately. No problem at all. What are the dentists doing in the offices? They are there to help solve the problems of people like you and me. No?

You just need to visit and discuss your problem with him. And he is going to suggest you the right solutions to your problem.

Guys! It is the time when we should start taking our oral health seriously. I mean, after all, this is one of the reasons why a person can start sitting away from us. You thought it was due to some other reason, maybe he was jealous or something? Nah, it wasn’t any of those reasons. Your bad breath is the reason why people hate to sit near you. Fix that and half of your problems will go away.

2: Being bossy.

There is a talk in town that “Leading” is considered very attractive. However, most people take this thing to a whole another level. A level where it does not stay attractive anymore.

You love to lead, ok, but what is all about this bossy attitude and forcing people to do things. You are low-key manipulating people to do things by raising your voice and giving them commands. I mean, who are you anyway? Just another dude who loves to be a boss?

Guess what? Even if you are somebody who is an actual boss in a company, you still need to work on your way to getting things done. Being bossy and controlling isn’t going to help you, no matter what.

On the other hand, if you stay disciplined, and show them the right way of doing things by doing it yourself then their will be brighter chances of them following you and listening to what you have to say.

But you are doing the entire opposite of that. You, my friend, are being the boss in the normal day life as well. You are doing it as if it is your hobby or something. On top of everything, you believe that it is all sorted for you. Nah! This habit of yours singlehandedly is enough to make you the most unattractive dude in the room.

3: Being negative.

The next one on the list of “Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive/Signs of unattractiveness” is, being negative.

You are the stress-taker in the room. Right?

You have been worried about things from the day one and due to that, you’ve been saying things that are totally negative.

“What if it did not workout the way we thought it will?”
“Chances are that all of this ends up not in the way we wanted… What are we going to do then?”

This and much more are the dialogues that people have been hearing you talk, on the daily basis. What do you think, they think about you? Do they find you a tough critic or something? Nah! People don’t have time to go deep into somebody else’s thought process. They say that you are a negative dude who is always seeing things from a pessimistic side of the spectrum.

Are they wrong? Definitely Not! I will not encourage your pessimistic thinking at all. A man should be practical but in my opinion, he should always be diverted towards the optimistic side because your brain needs that in order to do the most difficult of the tasks.

4: Being immature.

Being immature.

One of the clearest signs, and reasons why people find you unattractive is because of the fact that they consider you immature. You haven’t grown up yet and thats the reason they don’t want to be around you.

You are always laughing at the lamest jokes. Plus, you crack silly jokes, and your reactions are the weirdest too. Plus your interests, and the things that you are into, are a clear sign of the fact that you are an immature person!

Your approach towards things isn’t mature at all too. Plus, I have seen you believing in the stupidest things and conspiracies. Oh God, and after all of that, you want people to find you attractive. Hah? Do you really think that taking care of your skin, hair, and body, alone can make you attractive AF?

A huge mistake. That’s what you are making. In fact, this approach of yours that all a person needs is good skin, and hair, to become attractive, is also a clear sign of the fact that you are an immature person with an immature approach to things.

Guys! You need to grow up if you really want to be viewed as an attractive dude.

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5: Not listening to others carefully (and getting angry when somebody else does that to you).

Super unattractive. That’s what you are if you are doing what I have written in the heading of this point.

Look at me, Nah, not at the phone simultaneously. Guys! You need to understand that when a person is talking to you then you need to leave everything aside and listen to him carefully.

Looking at your phone while listening to somebody and then saying stuff like, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you. What were you saying?” is very annoying and after being that dude, you want others to find you unattractive. Hah?

Not happening in this era, my friend. You need to start listening to people carefully. Pay attention to what they are saying, make sure that your expressions are welcoming and your body language shows that you are paying respect to that person. Only a gentleman does such things, and thats the reason why gentlemen are considered the most attractive of them all.

Oh ok. So you want to play it that way? Great! You are really pissed off. You are pissed off because they have not been paying attention to what you have to say.

Paying attention goes both ways. You started avoiding them and they did the same. Don’t sit and get mad at them now. It’s just karma that played its role.

6: Talking too much.

The next one on the list of Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive/Signs of unattractiveness is, “Talking too much”.

Why are you doing that though? I told this same exact thing to you about a million times that talking too much, being loud, and sharing your entire self with somebody too soon, all of these things are considered super immature. You might think that these things make you look pure, but in reality, these things make you look immature and nothing else.

When a guy reveals too much about himself too soon, he no longer is a mystery. Why would a person want to explore another person who has already told his entire story? I mean, there is nothing left to explore. No?

Guys! Stop talking. Understand the power of staying silent and utilizing this ability of yours to gain the status of the alpha male.

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7: The body language.

The body language.

The next one on the list of Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive/Signs of unattractiveness is, “The body language”.

Your body language speaks a lot about you. The way a person shakes their hand shows how much alpha male he is. Weak handshakes are a sign of weakness, so is standing with crossed arms or with hands in the pocket, (all the time or at least most of the time).

Guys! You need to understand that posture is a huge problem too. The way you sit, stand, and walk, tells a lot about your character, and what type of a person you are.

Why do you think people admire those who have good posture and body language? They are considered the most attractive and the reason is clear. Dominance and masculinity are what good body language, and posture, scream.

Guys, you need to start working on your posture. Stand straight with your hands, not in your pockets. Make sure that you are sitting straight too. Staying conscious is the key. Always stay mindful and note that you must never slouch, or let your neck go forward as that’s not attractive at all.

Walk with style, chest out, shoulders pushed back, and your feet romancing with floor.

That’s how you become attractive!

8: Talking shit about others.

Nobody wants to spend time with a negative person. Not at all my friend. Do you think that you are stating facts? Not at all. You are just being a negative person who loves to talk shit about others. You should instead be doing the opposite.

Just like pessimism, nobody wants to spend time with a person who is always talking shit about others and have that negative kind of ora around him.

After all, if a person can talk shit about person “A”, he can also talk crap about person “B” who is none other but you.

So the easiest way to stay away from such situations is to stay from that dude and instead spend time with people who have a positive approach. People who love to stay positive and focus on the positive aspects of life.

Let others do whatever they want to do. Do not poke your nose inside other people’s matters. It isn’t attractive at all.

9: Calling others weak.

The next one on the list of Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive/Signs of unattractiveness is, “calling others weak”.

This dude came to you and told you his situation. Maybe it was related to this past or something. After listening to his story you starting laughing and calling him “weak”.

Ok, maybe you haven’t called him weak on the face but I’ve heard you saying stuff like, “Yo! Be a man. Don’t cry over such a thing”.

Oh, come on! Stop giving them examples of masculinity. I know who you are. You are just another dude who listens to other people’s stories and loves to comment on them. I can hardly imagine you doing half as good as they did in the situation, But Nah! You have to instead be a man and call others weak.

After all of that, you want them to consider you attractive as well. For what? For being a trendsetter, hah? You want them to consider you attractive because you are telling a dude his mistakes.

Nah! You are bullying him indirectly. Calling him weak isn’t going to help him. Instead, appreciate him for his efforts and say sorry that he has to go through all of that. You can say stuff like, “Brother! I know you can do much better” and that will be much better than saying something like, “What? Be a man dude”. He is already a man and a super masculine man. You don’t have to remind him about his masculinity. Not at all.

10: Being financially dependent.

Being financially dependent.

Being financially dependent is one of the most unattractive states a person can be in.

I mean, imagine being somebody who can’t buy things that he wants to buy just because he doesn’t have enough money to buy those things.

It might sound a bit rude but it is definitely a helpless state. You are wrong! In today’s time, you just can’t come up and say that “It is hard to become independent”. There are literally tons and tons of ways to make money (good money) in today’s world.

All you need to do is to pack your bags with a bunch of skills and start doing the work already. Is that too much to ask for? Definitely not.

Guys! You need to understand that being independent makes you look super attractive because it puts you in a place where you can buy things that can help you have better skin, hair, body, and whatnot. On the flip side, being dependent is going to bring you nothing good at all.

11: Laziness & lying just to avoid things.

So you are a lazy dude. Hah? Chances are that you hate to do things. You hate to get up and get anything done.

Your friends made this plan but you don’t want to go. Although you know that you are going to have a lot of fun there you are too lazy to get up, get dressed and go over there.

What will you do now? You will lie about it. You will say something that will make them understand and not get mad at you for saying “No”.

Stop right there. What if they found out that you were lying? It will ruin your friendship. Very unattractive it is.

Being lazy is a very unattractive trait that a guy can possess and the same goes for being a liar. These two things combined can take your attractiveness from a good 9/10 to 4/10 in no time.

No matter how handsome and attractive you are, if you are lazy and you lie as well, your attractiveness level is already down to the ground.

12: No hobbies.

The next one on the list of Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive/Signs of unattractiveness is, “No Hobbies”.

What is your hobby though?

Oh. So you have got no hobbies.

Painting, Hiking, etc.. Nothing at all? Cool.

Guess what? It ain’t cool at all. Let me be honest with you guys. Look, a person with no hobbies is equivalent to a man with no personality at all. Like, what have you been doing your entire life? Nah! It ain’t mysterious to have no hobbies. It is super boring and you just can’t imagine being attractive while having no hobbies in your arsenal.

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13: Your surrounding is the biggest reason why you are considered unattractive.

Your surrounding is the biggest reason why you are considered unattractive.

Last but not least in the list of Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive/Signs of unattractiveness is the fact that you are surrounded by unattractive dudes.

Not at all. I am not judging them by their looks. In fact, they are all really handsome. But their habits and their entire character aren’t praiseworthy at all.

They are smoking, making fun of others, bullying people, and catcalling girls. What? So you do not do any of those things. Whatever.

You are a part of their crew and that’s all that matters. People know you as a “Crew member”. You are part of the crew so you are one of them too. Period.

Guys! That’s the reason I am a huge advocate of choosing your company wisely. Spending time with good people means you are not only becoming a better person from the inside, but other people are also going to appreciate you because of your surroundings.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what is your take on this list of Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive/Signs of unattractiveness? Do you have anything to say about this topic? I will be more than happy to hear back from you.

Send your suggestions, queries, and feedback, over at my instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will get back to you ASAP.

Gentlemen! This was my take on “Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive/Signs of unattractiveness” under the heading, “13 Brutally Honest Reasons People Think You are Unattractive!”. And I will see you guys in another one,


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