13 Brutally Simple Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels (Proven!)

You Might have Heard People saying, “He is such a Manly testosterone Rich Dude” Well if you haven’t heard anything like that then ok its fine… at least you would have definitely heard them saying, “He is such a Manly Man. His Voice is So Deep and His Hair Ahh.. SEXY!”… So if you want to be the part of that league then Stay tuned because today we are gonna discuss “13 Simple Ways that can help boost your Testosterone Levels“.. But before diving into it, let me tell You a little bit more about testosterone and what happens when Testosterone Levels Drop in your Body..

Throwing the Light on Testosterone!

So basically Testosterone is a MAN hormone… Think of it like something that makes a Man more Muscular, Manly and Hairy… So the whole talk of today is to achieve what we all have been hearing about a perfect Manly Specimen… You know what? Us Guys need 7mg of testosterone every single day. So basically it is a Super Hero Hormone which is secreted through the Endocrine system of the body which secretes 50 different hormones along with Testosterone… Production of this Hormone is controlled by 2 of the very important parts of your brain called Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland (Pituitary Gland helps Boost your METABOLISM as well!).

Lets go in more detail and discuss the functions of Testosterone and what happens if your body isn’t producing enough amount of it… Starting off with the Functions, It Helps in Building Muscle, Plays a key role in Hair Growth and makes them look healthy, Improves Bone density, Lowers the Pitch of your Voice and Makes you feel Super Energetic!

So with all these Functions performed by just a single hormone i want you to answer a simple question … “Can you survive without this Hormone?” Sure your answer should be No… Actually you can’t survive without any Hormone because everyone of those have their specific functions and without them those functions will not be performed and everything will go unbalanced. But do you know about the problems that are faced by the people with Low Testosterone levels?

  • Impotence ( Inability to get a Boner / Erection… So even if your Partner is seducing you or wanting to be intimate with you, your Penis won’t Get erected and this is a major problem Guys because Sex Life is very important and when testosterone levels are Low then you should not expect a good sex Life at all).
  • Osteoporosis (Bone Disease).. Your bones start to get weak and Brittle which indeed is a very Big problem when 206 Bones in your body start to get weak, you already know that things aren’t going to stay stable anymore and when they aren’t strong enough how can you imagine your daily life activities to run smoothly?
  • Memory Loss! (Do you want to become famous as the Stupid guy who forgets everything? Well low levels of Testosterone means that you are gonna face a lot of problems in remembering things)
  • Increase in the body Fat Percentage (You know what? Your testosterone levels has an impact on your overall physique.. If you have low levels of this hormone then you are gonna put up some extra piles of Fat on your Body.
  • Mood Swings / Disturbance (If you feel like your emotions are fluctuating too often. At 11:20 you are happy and at 11:23 you are super sad, then their is a possibility that Your Body isn’t producing appropriate amount of testosterone)
  • Reduced Sex Drive (As a Human being we all want to Have or get involved in Sexual activity but if you feel like losing interest in getting intimate with your Wife then chances are that you are lacking in the levels of testosterone)
  • Lack of Energy (If you always feel like doing nothing, Just laying down on the bed, etc.. Ok so chances are that you are lazy by nature but if it never happened before and that Now a days its happening too often then it could be a symptom of Less Testosterone levels in your body)
  • Hairs Thinning out! (Second Most Painful feeling for Any Man (First is Erectile Disfunction). If your head seem to lose those luscious Strands of Hair then One possibility could be that its all in the Genes However the reason could be lack of testosterone as well .. Who Knows …)

With All those Symptoms and Problems you all might be wondering that “Is their any solution to all of this mess?” Yes! But lets talk about the Medical part for a second.. They call it, HRT (Hormone replacement Therapy). You can visit the Doctor and get Testosterone injected in your Body on regular basis. But my question is, Why not going for natural methods instead? I mean Ok therapy and treatment will get the regular testosterone levels back but why welcoming side effects when you can try natural stuff and subtle lifestyle changes that come with No side effects at all? And You Know what? The information that i am about to state in front of you not only helps in Boosting your testosterone, But surprisingly these tips will make your Skin better, Hair Healthier and Body Stronger.

I think its the right time that we leave all of the discussion aside and Hop right into topic itself. Gentlemen! Presenting, “13 Brutally Simple Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

1: Lose Weight!

Don’t blame Anybody for your Low Testosterone Levels if you are a Fan of KFC or if your daily diet includes Junk Food! Guys what are you doing to yourself? You know what? All that weight that you have put on is a liability and it is somehow eating you from inside.. Your Insulin levels are spiking just because of all that Junk you consume on daily basis. Now you all might be thinking that “Nyazi! You talked about being Overweight as symptom of Less Testosterone Levels as if low testosterone levels results in Obesity.. then why are you Now saying that testosterone levels decrease When you eat more and get fat and blah blah blah… It makes No sense..”.. I get it… But guys its kinda complex and these two components are truly interdependent..

Things go from.. “Starting to Eat Junk more and more” which ends up in more weight piled up on, and that reduces reduces your testosterone production.. Once your testosterone levels Drop, the frequency of Fat getting piled up on your Body increases Dramatically … Confusing Right? Let me sum up things..

Fat Dudes have more Fatty Tissues and What fatty Tissues does is that they convert Testosterone into Oestrogen.. So More is the quantity of fatty Tissues, less will be the Quantity of Testosterone and More will be the amount of Oestrogen which result in Man Boobs and asymmetrical and Ugly physique as well! … Do you want that? Hell No!

So Change your Lifestyle From Right Now! Get your Lazy A## Up and Start Jogging. Make a Diet plan and follow it strictly.. Say No to junk and i promise that your Body is gonna thank you for all of this in the Longer period of time!

2: Make Vitamin D and Zinc Your Best Friends!

Best Friends help you when you get in Trouble. They do whatever they possibly can to take you out of that situation.. Lesser amount of testosterone is a Trouble for Sure! and you need a Best Friend to take you out of this problem. I see no best Friend as powerful as the Duo … Vitamin D and Zinc!

You can purchase Supplements for both of these. However for all of those Who can’t purchase them for any reason, maybe your parents don’t allow you to take supplements or for any reason, i recommend that you stick to the very Natural way which is through Foods. You can Get handsome Amount of Vitamin D from Oranges, Beef, Cheese, Tuna, Egg Yolk, Soy Milk, etc. Nuts (Peanuts, Wall Nuts, Almonds), Legumes, Dairy Products (Yogurt, Milk), Eggs and Meat are some of the Foods that are Rich in Zinc. So things are quite simple. You incorporate these Foods in your daily diet which means that your Vitamin D and Zinc intake will be On Point and then leave everything up-to these cause they are gonna handle the Rest.

3: Stress Matters!

Stressing over things has tons of negative effects that your body has to Face.. Most of the times, things that we are stressing over are out of our control and Overthinking about them is gonna do No Good to us. Instead, it is going to interrupt in the essential functions of the brain and body as well. Stress is Known to cause many problems like difficulty in controlling the Emotions, it makes you look older before time, Weakens your immune System, cause of many other Diseases, Causes Heart Problems, can ruin your Teeth and Gums, Stress makes you gain More Weight! and Last but not the least, Stress Decreases the Effects of Testosterone!

How? Ok.. First of all keep one thing in your mind, Our body is super complex… Everything needs to stay in a specific and organised manner in order for our body to work properly.. What Stressing too much does is that it triggers the Brain to Produce a Hormone called “Cortisol” which negates the Effects of Testosterone.. So what happens is that you end up getting little to No benefits of testosterone anymore… So Guys i recommend that avoid getting stressed over things if you don’t want to lower down your Testosterone Levels..

I know its hard to stop stressing over things but my friend you have to take this step… for yourself, for your Skin, for your Hair… Call Nature… You can take the Help of foods like Carrots, yogurt, Nuts (Specially Walnuts) because these foods kinda relax and help you in thinking positive which indeeds helps a lot in quitting the habit of Stressing.

4: Quality Sleep is Necessary!

We sleep late at night and then we have to Wake up early in the morning because almost all of us are either getting late from the class or we have to reach our offices but you know what? this is affecting, actually destroying us from inside.. You know how many activities our body do when we are sleeping? Their are tons and tons of benefits of a proper 6~ hours of Sleep. Your memory gets improved, You get, Sharper concentration, better immune system, better muscle Growth and Most importantly, Your Testosterone Production increases!…

Studies have shown that those Who sleep for only 5 hours have around 10 to 15% less testosterone as compared to those who sleep for about 7 Hours. Which means that if you sleep for about 7 hours every night then your Body will Produce 15% more testosterone.. However theirs a catch .. You need Quality Sleep..

Its not just about laying on the Bed for 7 hours and thinking that you have increased your testosterone… Theirs some more to it.. You know those Sleep sessions when you wake up super relaxed and Light? Yeah! Thats what i am talking about.. Again.. If you are stressing over something then my friend i don’t think so that you will be able to get a good quality sleep… I am gonna give out Some tips that you can apply to get a Quality Sleep (I will be writing a detailed post on this topic as well real soon!)

  • Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the day because caffeine helps you wake up which means that it won’t let you sleep properly in the Night. Hence, avoid caffeine in the evening or At night time.
  • Increase Bright Light Exposure During the Day and Reduce the Blue Light exposure in the evening / Night .. Put your Phone aside and don’t use it when Lights of your room are switched off. Using phone in the dark is gonna have negative effect on your eye sight plus it is eating your Sleep time as well.. You must put all of your Digital devices away at least 30 minutes before going to bed… I recommend that you put your Phone on Table that is a far away from your Bed because i know that sometimes you want to grab your Cellphone again and again… But if you place it far away then you will have to get up and reach the table to grab your cellphone… Getting up is actually a resistance and a Barrier that is surely gonna Help.
  • Maintain Room’s Temperature at 60 – 67 Degree Fahrenheit because thats considered to be ideal temperature. Lowering your body’s temperate before going to bed is proven to give you a Baby sleep.

5: Workout!

Guys i can’t Stress enough on working out … I have been recommending it again and again and again.. Almost all of my articles that i have written, one way or the other have a talk about working out and Why Working out and Going to the gym makes you a better person overall. You are gonna boost your Metabolism by Working out and Yes those Veins, sexy Veins of your Arms are gonna Popup by by lifting those Heavy Weights and not just that.. their are tons of other benefits as well … Including better skin and Hair growth!

When you do resistance Training (Lifting heavy weights) you send outs a Signal to your brain which as a result produces more testosterone! I recommend a technique called “Forced Rep“… Ok let’s say you are doing benchpress, 12 Reps of 3 Sets is done already and Now your chest is burning! .. What i want you to do now is to ask your partner to assist you while you do extra 5 reps without putting the Rod back. .. Yes It will be very difficult but these extra reps, also known as forced reps, are gonna increase the testosterone Production!..

I would love to Mention HIIT (High intensity Interval Training) over here as well because it plays a major role in boosting your testosterone levels.. For this one, let’s say.. Ummm… Yes go for a Sprint!.. Sprinting is very easy.. Run as fast as you can for not more than 10 seconds… 10 seconds completed… Now let your Body regain its strength. Repeat the process 5 times every day and you are gonna notice a significant increase in your testosterone Levels!

exercises that Help in Boosting testosterone

Below are some exercises that are proven to increase your Testosterone Levels.. All of these are compound muscle exercises such that they focus on more than one muscle… I recommend that you include these exercises in your everyday schedule, maybe in your warmup session because they are gonna make sure that your Testosterone levels stay on point!

6: Train your Legs!

I separated this Point from the previous one because i wanted to tell you a short story related to this … Ok so a friend of mine told me that one of his friend has a great Sex life and that his wife is really happy and satisfied with him.. Ahh that sounds weird but thats how he told me… I said.. “Great”.. and then my friend said.. “He trains legs every single day and recommends this everyone who want to become bed in Bed and to have a Good Sex Life”… at the moment i laughed and in my heart i was like.. “WHAT AN IDIOT”.. But when i came back at home i decided to search about the topic more… I was curious Ok.. … And what i found out completely Shocked me!!! He wasn’t Stupid, i was! to not listen to Him…

Guys! for all of those Who go to the Gym but don’t train Legs, i want you all to Know that “It Boosts your Testosterone!” Now you might be thinking that which exercises are Most efficient for the Purpose then “Squats” and “Deadlifts” are proven to play the maximum role in boosting your Testosterone … And i want to add one more thing here which is basically a Story that i read on Quora.. This Guy shared his personal experience and How training legs helped him in boosting his Testosterone.. Now might possibly he made it up but almost every article i read on this topic said the exact same thing, words were different obviously but almost everybody was supporting the fact that “Leg exercises boost Testosterone”

7: Foods that Boost Testosterone!

I have already talked about Vitamin D and Zinc Rich Foods but lets now generally talk about all of food items that play a vital role help in Boosting your Testosterone Levels … Guys! i always recommend solving a problem through the natural solutions … So the basic concept of diet here is that your diet must have the appropriate amount of “Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat in it” Because all of them play their significant role in triggering the production of Testosterone Hormone. Below is a List of the Foods that you must add into your Daily Diet to ensure that you are on the right track with respect to the Sex Hormone production.

  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • MEAT
  • Chicken Breast
  • Whole Egg (Yolk does the Real job here)
  • Tuna
  • Beef
  • Beans
  • Dry Fruits
  • Nuts (Specially Peanuts)
  • Grams
  • Bananas
  • Black Seeds
  • Lemon, oranges and other Citrus Fruits
  • Onion
  • Fatty Fish
  • Oysters
  • Pomegranates
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Consume More Fats (Mono-unsaturated)

Now you might be wondering that, How can anybody add everything mentioned above in his daily Life.. Its just too much, right?.. Gentlemen! You need not to add everything. Its just about balancing your Carbs, proteins and Good fats. Make Combos.. I recommend all of you to eat from 5-7 small meals per day that contain all of the three essential nutrients in it. And one more thing… Avoid Eating Junk and Packaged foods which takes us to the next point that is…

8: Packaged Foods are a Big NO!

This one is specially for my brothers who work in industries. To all of my friends out there who work in an office environment where everybody consumes packaged foods i want to say just one thing, “Try your best to Avoid it!” Why? Its because of the fact that almost all of the packaging that contain your healthy food has this chemical called BPA (Bisphenol A).. We are getting smaller amount of this chemical everyday because of those Plastic Bottles and cans through which we drink water and containers that contain Rice or other foods that we eat throughout the day.. These harmful chemicals are proven to reduce the amount of Testosterone in your Body and none of us wants that!

We have left our traditions aside and thats one of the reason we are suffering from this problem now a days.. I remember how my mother use to Pack my food in the Tiffin which i use to eat later that day.. Why not going back to that tradition and carry our in the Steel made Tiffins? That way not only your food will remain fresh but you will not end up getting any harmful chemical as well in your Body.

Say No to Plastic!

9: Consume Shilajit!

Shilajit is a Substance Found in The Rocks of Himalayas, Karakuram and Tibet. This single rock like thing has a lot of benefits! It plays a vital role in increasing your Testosterone and Energy levels as well. By consuming it every day (I recommend that you add it to a glass of Warm Milk and drink it 45 minutes before going to sleep) you are gonna add up an extra 20% to your Testosterone Storage! (According to the findings published in Andrologia)

100% Pure Shilajit Can be Purchased for about $60~ only (Amazon non-affiliate Link)

Ok so the study included 75 Men aged between 45 – 55. They were given This substance (in the form of PrimeVie) for about 90 days and what happened was that their testosterone levels increased by 20% and Free testosterone raised by 19%…

10: Exposure to the Natural Light!

sun light provides 3000 IU vitamin D

Nature has everything a man needs to live a healthy and Balanced Life but we are so busy in our Daily routine that we don’t have time for ourselves to look around and utilise what nature has stored for us .. We prefer medications over natural treatments and thats leading to more deaths and side effects than Ever! But my friend i don’t want you to make this mistake because you are not like all the rest of the People! You are a WoW man and a WoW Man knows How to Be at the top. For today i want you to understand that “Natural Light!” coming from the Sun plays a Key role in Boosting your testosterone Levels.

Sunlight is a blessing My Friend. Getting out in the Sunlight (Mornings and Evenings when Rays aren’t too sharp) triggers your Brain to increase the production of a Hormone named, “Serotonin” which is also known as “Happiness Hormone“.. it clearly helps in reducing the Stress and we have already talked about what happens when your Stress reduces, the amount of “Cortisol” Hormone decreases which reverses the negative effects that are stopping testosterone from doing its job.

Studies have shown that by spending 15 minutes per day under the Sunlight (when rays too harsh), you are gonna end up increasing your Testosterone Levels by 25%.. Now you all might be wondering that How can Sun light cause this much of a Big impact? Guys! VITAMIN D! Yes we all know that Sun light provides your Body with a lot of Vitamin D and as we have discussed this in the previous point as well that Vitamin D helps a lot in Boosting Testosterone Levels So what happens is that by simply giving around 15 minutes to this, you are getting 3000 IU of Vitamin D!! and that is enough to increase around 25% of Testosterone.

11: Foods to Avoid!

Junk foods and Sugary Drinks are a Big No!

Just as i recommended Foods that you should add into your Daily Diet, their is a List of Foods that you should not be eating if you don’t want your Testosterone Levels to Drop dramatically … Guys we are eating wrong food, in the wrong way (I have already talked about packaging in one of the Above Points).. Junk and Packaged foods cause so much damage to the body’s natural functions which become cause of many diseases that we see spreading a lot in today’s generation…

Junk Foods have a lot of Sugar in them and What sugar does is that it triggers your body to create more “Insulin“. More is the amount of Insulin , more it will trash out all the sugar from your body which ends up in “Cravings“.. Yeah those unwanted desires to eat food, Eating lots of Sugar is one of the main cause for that… Now you all might be thinking that .. “I have tried my best to stop eating Sugar and to fight with these Cravings but its almost impossible for me to be successful ” Guys relax! Don’t you worry at all because your Boy Nyazi is here to Help you!

I recommend that you consume 1 table spoon of Coconut Oil between meals which will fight with those Cravings but again you need to redesign your Diet plan and then eventually with the passage of time you will be able to kill these cravings permanently! Now lets talk about the golden question that is “How does Sugar reduces your Testosterone?

Consuming 75 Grams of Sugar Per day Reduces Testosterone Levels by 25%

When you eat more Sugar, it gets converted into excess fat and fatty tissues and we all know by Now that fatty tissues convert Testosterone into Oestrogen which ultimately means that Sugar is inversely proportional to Testosterone.. So Yeah! Stop eating Sugar and That Shitty Junk Food! And Last but not the least, another cause of More oestrogen Production in your Body is GMO (Genetically modified Foods).. Guys! these are the foods that are slowly eating up your testosterone and you must avoid eating them… they include, Soya Bean, Corn, Salmon, Papaya and several other Items (Read this to learn more about GMO).

White Bread, Pasta, Chips, Donuts, etc are invalided in the category of Foods called Refined Carbohydrates.. They are responsible for Spiking your Insulin levels and you know what happens next right? (Your sugar levels go down and then you start to get cravings which makes you eat more and more sugar and refined carbohydrates. And the circle continuous resulting in significant decrease in the amount of testosterone!)

12: Nature is back at it again!

Guys! if you think that Nature has just got a Single Substance named Shilajit to help you in fighting low testosterone levels then you are very wrong My Friend because i am gonna talk about some More products, natural ones only… Magical Herbs that are proven to Help boost your Testosterone. Ok So the first one i am going to talk about is not any sort of Testosterone Booster but it does stuff that indirectly helps a lot in boosting your Sex Hormone)… The name is Ashwagandha

You can Buy Ashwagandha From Amazon in just $14 (16 oz)

A study was conducted in which men were given Ashwagandha and then their testosterone levels were observed … A Dramatic 10-22% increase was Seen… You know what? this herb is proven to increase Sperm count by 167%… And the reason i love this Herb so much is that it helps reduce your Stress as well!. Less Stress means, Less “Cortisol” which ultimately means that you are gonna have more benefits of Testosterone and for that reason i recommend This herb to each and everyone of you.. The most appropriate method to take consume Herb is by adding it to the glass filled with Warm Milk. You need to take this mixture 30-40 minutes before going to bed. Thats pretty Much it!

Come on Gentlemen, the Next one that i am gonna talk about is something that you see being used in your Kitchen every single Day, its Ginger My Friend!.. You know what experts call it? “Sex Herb”… and the reason is quite clear. It not only boosts your Testosterone levels but also boosts the production of all of the 6 Sex Hormones. In Short, by making sure that you consume appropriate amount of Ginger per day (round about 4g) You are assuring that your Testosterone levels are never gonna be Less ever!

13: Cold Showers!

Sperm Count Increases when Temperature Decreases


Ok So if we talk about Sperm count then their is no question or argument on Whether Cold Showers helps increase those or not.. They definitely Increase your Sperm count because your Testes need a Cold Environment to produce Sperms but Guys its difficult to say that Cold Showers Directly affect your Testosterone levels.. The reason i used the Word “Directly” is that … Ok… My i apologies for that… I want to change my statement to.. “Cold Showers have No Effect on Testosterone Levels Directly“.. Now you all might be wondering that if it has nothing to do with The “T” then why have i included it in the List even?

cold Showers?

Guys! You Know what? Cold Showers provides your Body with the immunity that fights depression and makes you mentally stronger and you know what happens next.. (Cortisol Decreases which leads to Testosterone working more efficiently).. And secondly if you develop a habit of taking a cold shower before going to bed which as a result causes a decrease in your Body’s temperature which ultimately helps you sleep like a Baby. When you sleep comfortably your testosterone level increases! … But again.. All of what i have talked, Reduces your Stress and makes you sleep better. Cold Showers don’t actually helps Directly in Increasing your Testosterone Levels…

When i researched the relation of Cold Showers and Testosterone i actually saw many people claiming that “Yes Cold Showers actually Do Help in increasing the amount of testosterone” However none of those Claims were backed by any Study… The reason i added Cold Showers in the list is that it has plenty of other Benefits that include Good sleep and Reduction in Stress. And these somehow contribute to the reduction of Testosterone…

With that Being said, i want to Conclude today’s Topic, “13 Brutally Simple Ways to Boost your Testosterone Levels“.. I hope that you will pick at least something out of the provided information and if you do, then Share it as well! Maybe your Friend needs it or a friend of your Friend might be looking for similar kind of information… So to Help those, Share this Article! … And last but not the least, probably the most important part… I want you to tell me that what do think about this topic? … What else can help in Boosting Testosterone Levels in Men? Feel Free to write Down your Thoughts in the Comments down Below 👇🏻

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