13 Daily Routine Tips for Men to Have Better Looking Skin!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good so Far. In today’s article, we will talk about some secrets. Some daily routine tips for men to have better-looking skin in just a few days.

Look. I understand that you’ve been trying to improve your skin for a very long time now. You’ve already watched a lot of Men’s skincare-related videos on Youtube. And my God! I have seen your search history and It is almost filled with things like:

“How to get better-looking skin for men?”
“Tips for guys to have a better-looking Skin”
“How to improve your skin for guys?”
“How to have bright-looking skin for men?”
“Daily Routine Tips for Men to Have a Better Looking Skin”

And a lot of related phrases were there as well.

But what’s the real catch? Why are you still not able to fix this problem of yours? Well, today we are talking about just, once and for all.

We’ve talked about the Basic Skincare do’s and don’ts before as well. You can check that out over here: Skin Care For Men: Do’s and Don’ts for Better Skin.

Let’s summarise it once and for all. Let’s talk about the Daily Regimen! Note that: Tips that we will be discussing today are the basic level ones. We shall discuss advanced skincare routine in some other article and then we shall discuss some of the most advanced skincare tips to have flawless skin!

With that being said, I guarantee you that just by applying these tips (that we will discuss in today’s article) in your daily routine, you are going to see a massive improvement in how your skin looks & feels.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into it. Shall we?

Daily Routine Tips for Men to Have a Better Looking Skin in the next couple of day!

  • Skin Type Identification (Very Important)
  • Check your Pillows
  • Manage your Complexion
  • A Secret Drink
  • The Magical effect of Aloe Vera
  • Derma Roller (0.2 mm) + (Secret Spray)
  • Eat Yogurt Daily!
  • 20 Almonds a Day keeps the Dermatologist Away
  • Leave your Stagnant Lifestyle Apart
  • Drink Water in the Day and Sleep well at the night
  • Your Cleanser Sucks
  • Reduce the Amount of Sugar and Processed Foods
  • Stop your Craze to go outside

And that’s pretty much it. This is the list of tips aka things that you need to take care of every single day if you want to have gorgeous looking skin in the next couple of days!

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into each one of those to discuss them in detail. Shall we?

1: Skin Type Identification

Skin Type Identification

First and the foremost step is to identify your skin type.

The number #1 mistake that most guys make is that they purchase skincare products that are of high quality but unfortunately they are made for somebody who has a skin type different from that of yours.

You are not going to see any benefits out of those products.

On the other hand, if you purchase your products after complete research, then you are going to see actual improvement in the texture & quality of your skin. Reason? Because this time you have purchased the right product for your skin type!

How to identify your Skin Type?

And here comes the million dollar question. How can a Man Identify his Skin Type?

You can consult a specialist and he will tell you about your skin type but in case you don’t want to choose this method and instead want to do it yourself then guess what? Your brother has got your back!

I’ve done the research boys. As a result of that, I have found a very easy way for you to identify your skin type. It consists of 3 Steps.

Step Number 1 (Cleansing)

The first step is to wash your face with any regular cleanser. But do not apply any moisturizer afterward. Leave it as it is for about 30-40 minutes.

Step Number 2 (Observation)

The next step is Observation. I want you to see how your face reacts to cleansing (after 40 minutes). Look into the mirror and observe your forehead, area around the nose, and cheeks as well.

  • If the area around your forehead, cheeks, and nose appears oily then your skin type is oily.
  • If those areas look dry and sort of cracked then you have got Dry Skin.
  • And if you see mixed results, like, you see both the oil and the dry patches then you have got a mixed or combination skin.

But what if you have sensitive skin? How to identify sensitive skin? Well, sensitive skin identifies itself by showing redness and you are also going to experience itching as a result.

Most cleansers show this kind of reaction so you can easily identify whether you have sensitive skin or any of the above-given skin types. After 40 minutes if you experience some sort of itching or redness then you have probably got sensitive skin.

Purchase the Right Product for your Skin Type

Now that you have identified your skin type next step is to get yourself skincare products according to your skin type. For that, you can simply go to the counter and discuss it with the representative. As a result, he can recommend you the best skincare products for your skin type.

But Make sure that you are not using harmful skincare products (Comedogenic products that can clog pores are harmful to your skin).

Must Recommended: 11 Common Harmful Ingredients in Skincare.

2: Check your Pillowcase and Sheets as well

Next in the list of daily routine tips for men to have better-looking skin is to check their sheets and pillowcases.

I want you to do that every single day.

Imagine going to bed after applying the best skin care products but then waking up realizing that you were sleeping on a pillow filled with dirt!


These are the little things that cause big damage to your skin. After all, you don’t want to get Acne breakouts and other skin problems. Do you? Then make sure that your Pillowcases and sheets are cleaned.

I recommend cleaning both of these 2 times a week. Plus make sure that you put a space blanket on top of your sheets and pillows while you are cleaning your room. Because you don’t want that flying dust to end up on your pillows or bedsheets.

3: Manage your Complexion

Manage your Complexion

Your Complexion is the Number #1 factor in determining the quality of your skin and your daily regimen.

Bro! I have heard that you want to have better-looking skin and you don’t want to waste much time till you get there. Right? Well, then you need to cut the crap and get straight to the things that actually work.

What damages your Complexion?

  • Dark Spots
  • Sunburns
  • Patches on your Skin
  • Blackheads.

With that being said, how are we going to fix all of these problems? Don’t you worry about that because your boy Nyazi has got you covered yet again!

All you need to do is to follow a proper Morning & Nighttime Routine using the products that you just bought after you successfully identified your skin type.

Morning Skincare Routine for Men to have a better Looking Skin

We are Gonna Keep it Simple Though. You wanna Grab 5 Products from the Store. The first one has to be the Cleanser. The function of a Cleanser is to Go into your Pores and Clean all the Dirt and Excess Oil. It’s essential to have Fresh Looking Skin.

Once you are Done Cleansing (Make sure that you Do it gently in circular Motion), You wanna Use a Towel or a Soft Piece of Cloth to Clean your Face. Now is the Time to Apply Moisturiser.

Again, you wanna Grab a Moisturiser according to Your Skin Type. Our Goal with Moisturising is to Give back the Water and Useful Stuff. The final goal is to Get Glowing Skin.

Now is the Right Time to Apply a Good Quality UVA and UVB protecting Sun Block. Sun throws off 2 kinds of rays that are harmful to your skin. One is UVA and the Other one is UVB. These rays are responsible for damages like Ageing and Tanning.

So you wanna make sure that the Sun Block you are Getting is best suitable for your Environment. And It should be able to protect you from both the UVA and UVB rays.

But Before applying the Sunscreen, let’s not forget to do one more step which is to:

Apply a Good Quality Eye Cream!

You definitely Need a Good Quality Eye Cream for Many Reasons. First of All, It Soothes the Skin under your eyes. Secondly, it also deals with all the bad stuff accumulated under your eyes (Eye Bags, Dark Circles).

But Make sure that you are applying your eye cream the Right. The First Step, obviously, is to get a Good Quality Eye Cream. Now you wanna Apply it to the Third finger of both of your hands.

While Applying make sure that you are Going from Outwards to Inwards as it is a Much Gentle Movement as compared to the generic Inwards to Outwards. And Yes, You wanna Apply your Eye Cream Before Applying the Sun Screen, Just In Case you are Wondering the Order to Apply your Skin Care Products.

Nighttime Skincare Routine for Men to Have a Better Looking Skin

All You Need are 4 Products. First thing First, It’s the Cleansing Time. You came Home after working Maybe 6-7 Hours. Chances are that your Skin Looks tired and there Could be Dirt inside your Pores. We must remove that.

And Cleansing is what we need for that. The Next Step is to Moisturise your Face with a High-Quality Moisturiser. Now Make sure that your PM moisturizer is Different from your AM moisturizer.

Guys, In the Morning your Skin has to Deal with Different Sorts of Problems. And for that purpose, you need somewhat Strong or More of a Different Kind of Functions. However, Nighttime is best for healing and you need such kind of Properties inside your moisturizer.

After You are Done Moisturising, You wanna Apply the Eye Cream just like you did in the Morning and The Final Step is to Apply the Vaseline to your Lips.

How to Fix Blackheads?

The above-given Morning and Nighttime skincare routines are going to take care of the dark spots, patches, and sunburns as well (More on Sunburns later in the article).

But what about the Blackheads? We want to get rid of them as well Don’t we?

Very easy. All you need to do is to purchase a bunch of Blackhead strips and thats it.

I want you to apply a blackhead strip on your nose once a week. Just by doing that you are going to get rid of your blackheads and since we are repeating this step every week, you will not have to face this problem ever again!

4: A Secret Drink

We are talking about the daily routine tips for men to have better-looking skin. Right? What If I told you that I’ve discovered a Secret drink that can make your skin look good for the years to come?

You are going to be super happy listening to that. Right?

So without any further ado, let’s talk about that Secret Drink. Shall we?

Lemon + Water 🙂

What? You thought I was going to promote a product and get a commission out of that? Well, that isn’t bad if the product really works, but I don’t have to do that today because I don’t need to.

Ok, so coming back to the secret drink now. Shall we?

Bros, All you need to do is to mix some lemon with some slightly warm water. Drink it afterwards.

Following are the Skin-Related benefits of this Lemon mixed Slightly warm Water:

  • You will get Bright & Glowing Skin.
  • It Increases the Amount of Collagen in your Skin which equals fewer Wrinkles.
  • Lemon Water Flushes out the Toxins and Fights with the Breakouts as well.

And that’s it. For the skin at least. But guess what? Lemon water comes with a lot of other health-related benefits which indirectly benefit your skin as well. It aids your digestion and helps you manage your weight.

Guys! On a larger level, our goal is to look better. Right? Lemon water helps us a lot in this area. Do you definitely want to look way more attractive than what you do already? Well then start drinking lemon water every single day!

5: The Magical effect of Aloe Vera

The Magical effect of Aloe Vera

We are talking about the daily routine tips for men to have better-looking skin. Right? And Guys, do you remember what I said to you in point number #3?

“More on Sunburns Later in the Article”

That “Later” is here already! Guys! I am sure you hate sunburns and those dark patches caused by the Harmful UV Rays. Let’s fix that now. Shall we?

The Power of Aloe Vera Gel

Skip the bottle of Aloe Vera Gel and get yourself the whole plant instead. I want you to peel its cover off and take out all of the gel that you see inside.

You wanna wash your hands first, then grab this gel, and finally apply it to your face properly. Make sure that you cover every single part of your face, especially the areas where you are experiencing sunburn.

Let it stay there for around 20-30 minutes. Wash your face afterwards. That’s it.

Just by repeating this same exact thing for 3-4 days, you are going to see a massive improvement and tons of other skin-related benefits as well.

Following are a few Benefits of Applying Aloe Vera Gel on your Face (Skin-Related Benefits):

  • It reduces Infections and Acne.
  • Boosts Healing of Wounds.
  • Lightens Blemishes.
  • Fights Ageing.
  • It Helps prevents scars.
  • It also helps with evening out your skin too.
  • Reduces Stretch marks on your skin (if you have any).

6: Derma Roller (0.2 mm) + A Special Spray

Derma Roller is a Little tool that you can purchase from any cosmetic store. What it does is that it punctures your skin and as a result starts a mechanism that promotes healthy skin cell production. It reduces scarring as well.

You can purchase this tool online very easily or just visit stores nearby to get it. As we are doing this procedure as a quick daily regimen so I recommend you to get 0.2 mm Derma Roller which has smaller needles and has no side effects even if you do it on the daily basis.

How to make Derma Rolling the most effective for yourself?

What If I told that you that I’ve discovered yet another very secret thing (a spray) that can maximize the power of your derma roller?

All you need are the following two things:

  • Vitamin C Sachets
  • Water

Mix these two and put the mixture in a spray bottle afterward. Once you are done with derma rolling, I want you to spray this mixture on your face. That’s it.

Vitamin C spray helps hydrates your skin, reduces redness, evens out your skin tone, helps fade hyperpigmentation, and it also brightens up your skin!

7: Eat Yogurt for your Gut

Yogurt is one of my favourite Foods.

But I am not biased here Boys. We are talking about the daily routine tips to have better-looking skin. Right?

I can’t forget to mention Yogurt in this list for the most obvious reasons.

  • Yogurt Moisturises your skin and does the healing action as well.
  • It can brighten your skin as well.

And the list goes on. But what If I told you that Yogurt doesn’t only benefit your skin directly but it helps soothe your Gut as well which indirectly helps improve the quality of your skin.

An unhealthy Gut shows up on your face. It shows up the form of Acne and many other issues. Any Food that can help make your gut healthy is indirectly improving your skin quality and health too.

Yogurt is rich in vitamins B2, B6, and B12, plus the probiotics help keep your colon healthy. It all comes together to put less stress on your skin to eliminate waste, giving you the glow you deserve

Courtesy: 9 Benefits of Greek Yogurt for Your Health.

Yogurt Provides your Gut with Good bacteria that helps improves the health of your Gut. It functions well and as a result, your skin looks better as well.

8: 20 Almonds a Day keeps the Dermatologist Away

20 Almonds a Day keeps the Dermatologist Away

Next in the list of daily routine tips to have better-looking skin is to eat 20-25 almonds every single day.

Healthy Fats are very essential to make your skin look great. Almonds are a good source of that.

Why not eating almonds as a snack? You can always munch on these tasty little nuts to get tons and tons of benefits. Plus by adding a snack like this to your daily regimen will also prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks like Fried Potato.

Following is what Almonds.com has to say about the Relationship of Almonds and Healthy Skin:

🥜 Almonds are rich in antioxidant vitamin E, which may help protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, caused by pollution, UV rays from the sun, cigarette smoke, and other environmental and intrinsic factors. One serving of 23 almonds (about an ounce) provides 50% of your daily recommended vitamin E needs.

👨‍⚕️ You’ll find 8% of the Daily Value for zinc. Zinc contributes to the integrity of healthy skin.

🔥 Two B vitamins contribute to the maintenance of normal skin. Almonds offer 25% of the Daily Value for riboflavin and 6% of the Daily Value for niacin.

🧴 Almonds are a good source of copper, which plays a role in skin and hair pigmentation.

👍 Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, helps prevent skin dryness. A one-ounce serving of almonds has 3.5 grams of linoleic acid.

So don’t you want to let the Anti-oxidative and Vitamin-Filled Nature of Almonds, nourish your skin and make it soft and Supple? I am sure you want that to happen. Munch on 20-25 Almonds every single day and you are going to get all of these amazing benefits!

9: Leave your Stagnant Lifestyle Aside

Next in the list of daily routine tips for men to have a better looking skin is, “Be Active”.

Boys! You love to sit and do nothing. You are Lazy AF. Guess what? this is the reason behind most of your problems.

It makes you lazy, causes stress, and for sure it makes your skin unhealthy as well.

I recommend you guys to introduce some exercise in your life. Bros! I am talking about working out. There are many benefits of working out that include building muscles (which makes you more attractive and strong as well), and the list goes on and on. One of the benefits of this list is “Healthy and glowing skin”.

Exercising increases the blood flow throughout your body. As a result, more oxygen, nutrients, and minerals are going to get supplied to your skin as well! So it’s a win-win basically. You get muscles, activeness, and healthy skin & hair as well. What is your reason for not working out?

10: Drink Water in the Day and Sleep well at the night

We are talking about the daily routine tips for men to have better-looking skin. Right? How can I forget about the water and quality sleep?

I just can’t. Let’s talk about the Water first. Shall we?

Water is crucial for your health. And I know it sounds very cliché but it is what it is. One can’t complete a “Skincare daily regimen” article without mentioning water in it.

Water is what you need to have hydrated skin. That’s why you use a moisturizer after washing your face. No?

You need water to have bright-looking, glowing, and super gorgeous looking, clear, skin. You can’t achieve these goals if you are not drinking around 6 liters of water every day.

What about the Quality Sleep?

You need 7 hours of sleep every day to have better-looking skin. While you are sleeping, your skin’s blood flow increases. The Collagen is rebuilt and a mechanism activates which results in fewer wrinkles, age spots, and much more.

In order to get these benefits, you need to sleep 7 hours every night. But Nah! We aren’t talking about your regular restless sleep. We are talking about baby sleep. Following are a few tips to achieve that.

  • Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the day because the caffeine helps you wake up which means that it won’t let you sleep properly at Night. Hence, avoid caffeine in the evening or at night time.
  • Increase Bright Light Exposure during the Day and Reduce the Blue Light exposure in the evening / Night. Put your phone aside and don’t use it when the Lights of your room are switched off. Using a phone in the dark is gonna hurt your eyesight plus it is eating your Sleep time as well. 
  • You must put all of your Digital devices away at least 30 minutes before going to bed… I recommend that you put your Phone on a Table that is far away from your bed because I know that sometimes you want to grab your Cellphone again and again… But if you place it far away then you will have to get up and reach the table to grab your cellphone… Getting up is a resistance and a Barrier that is surely gonna Help.
  • Maintain Room Temperature at 60 – 67 Degree Fahrenheit because that’s considered to be the ideal temperature. Lowering your body’s temperate before going to bed is proven to give you a Baby sleep.
  • Make a Routine. Sleep at 10, Wake-up at 5 (etc)
  • Check your Mattress. Make sure that your Pillows, Bed, and Mattress are Comfortable

    Source11 Stupid Mistakes Guys Make that Kill the Sperm

11: Your Cleanser Sucks

Your Cleanser Sucks

One of the reasons why your skin looks dehydrated is your good quality cleanser that foams up a lot.

Foaming is considered an indicator showing that your cleanser is doing the job well. But these are the sulfates in your cleanser that are responsible for that foam.

Excess amount of foam, the cleansers that make you feel like your face is super clean after the wash, are usually bad. It is due to dehydration that can further lead to the speeded aging process. You definitely don’t want that to happen. Do you?

So what can you do about that? The best thing for you to do is to purchase a cleanser that does not foams up a lot. Just by making this little change in your daily routine (as you have to wash your face with this cleanser twice a day), you are going to see a massive improvement in the quality of your skin.

12: Reduce the Amount of sugar and processed foods

Next in the list of daily routine tips for men to have better-looking skin is to reduce the amount of sugar and processed foods.

Sugar is responsible for accelerating the signs of ageing as it promotes cross-linking of collagen fibres. And it is also responsible for acne breakouts as well.

Processed foods like cakes, biscuits, tinned foods, white bread, etc., are behind skin inflammation. And they also play a huge role in speeding up the aging process, making your skin look dull and saggy.

You don’t want any of that to happen. Do you?

Well, then you need to do something about your Junk food cravings. You need to replace this unhealthy food with healthy fruits and vegetables. Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables are like a Blessing for your Skin. I definitely recommend you guys to slowly but gradually replace your unhealthy diet with fresh vegetables and fruits to enjoy flawless-looking skin.

13: Stop your Craze to go out

Last but not the least, probably the most important one in the list of daily routine tips to have better-looking skin in the next couple of days is to stop your craze to go out.

Guys! I know that you want to go out. I understand that you have been staying at home for a little too long. You want to play under the sun and for sure you want to indulge in every outdoor game possible.

First of all, things aren’t 100% fine. Keep that in mind.

Second of all, your skin has the same exact genetic code, so please stop this craze of yours. You don’t want to damage your skin by going too much under the sun, and for god, sake has a look at all that dirt and pollution outside.

Take precautionary measures and do not go out if it isn’t necessary. You don’t want the Harmful UV Rays to damage your skin. Right?

With that being said, I would like to conclude this list of “Daily routine tips for men to have a better-looking skin”. So what are your thoughts about it? I want to hear back from your side which can be done very easily. Just hit me up over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi).

Gentlemen! This was my Take on “Daily routine tips for men to have a better-looking skin”, under the title, “13 Daily Routine Tips for Men to Have a Better Looking Skin!”. And I will see you guys in another one,


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