13 Habitual Things that make Men more Powerful (Continuously!)

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing good. In today’s article, we will talk about Habits, things guys do that make them more powerful. These are the things that you need to start doing ASAP if you want to become more powerful and authoritative with every day passed!

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Alright, so were were discussing Power and how to become more powerful. Hmmm…

Let’s define power first. Shall we?

Defining Power?

In my opinion, power can be defined as a Man’s ability to stay stable even in the worst situations. Mental Toughness and Stability show how powerful you are.

Oh, so you thought that we are going to discuss the “apparent power” in terms of physical strength or financial freedom? Well, guess what? Both of these things matter a lot too.

But trust me on this, A man needs to be able to have enough level of mental fitness and power if he really wants to survive in this world. Plus, the more powerful you are, the more are the chances of fact that you are going to achieve more and more in life.

With that being said, we will be discussing mental toughness, status, and physical toughness, all three of these (more or less) in today’s article.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of habitual things that make men more powerful. Shall we?

Habitual Things that make men more powerful/Things guys need to do regularly to become more authoritative

  • Not Dwelling over the things that you can’t change.
  • Working out on the regular basis (builds both mental and physical toughness).
  • Speaking the truth.
  • Saying no to the things.
  • Better Communication Skills.
  • Pushing the toxic people away.
  • Continuous improvement/increasing the workload continuously.
  • Learning more.
  • Experiencing more.
  • Updating your daily routine on the regular basis.
  • Make Self-care a priority.
  • Stop complaining/own your problems.
  • Work on your addictions.

And that’s pretty much it. The above-given list of things is all you need in order to continuously become more powerful and authoritative.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into each of these to discuss them in detail. Shall we?

1: Not Dwelling over the things that you can’t change.

Not Dwelling over the things that you can't change.

What is that one thing that you want to change but you can’t?

I know that you have been trying to change Maryam’s point of view about you but no matter how hard you try, you always end up receiving negative feedback from her.

The same goes for your past. Hey! I know about your startup that failed miserably. You had invested a lot of time and money in that but all you got, in the end, was disappointment and sorrow.

But you are still thinking about ways to get that business up and running. Hmm..

Guess what? All of the things that you want to change but can’t change are the things that are stopping you from achieving better things in life.

You deserve a lot more than what you are asking for and you need to understand this ASAP. Look, I understand that you want to change what happened to you in the past. Maybe you are stuck somewhere, there is a memory from the past that is teasing.

I don’t care what it is but the one thing that I know is that no matter what it is, all it can do is stop you from progressing. And this can’t happen now!

Just leave all of these things behind and focus on what you can change and grow.

2: Working out on the regular basis.

Working out on the regular basis… What can that do to make you more powerful?

Of course, it builds physical strength and for sure it makes you look more attractive and manly as well.

What else does that do? It builds mental toughness and teaches you a lot of lessons.

  • Patience.
  • Persistence.
  • Never give up.
  • Hard work is the only way to success.
  • With continuous work, you are going to achieve the goal one day.

All of these lessons are what you are subconsciously learning while you are working out on the regular basis.

Nah, I am not talking about just another workout. It is the workout where you are going to the gym on the regular basis, most probably on the daily basis, and lifting weights, seeing yourself grow, all on the regular basis!

That’s how you build physical as well as mental strength. You become more stronger inside out.

3: Speaking the truth.

So you weren’t able to complete the task that was assigned to you.

Chances are that it slipped from your mind. Maybe you weren’t able to complete the task on time due to the extra workload.

No matter what the reason was, the thing is, You skipped the task.

Now what? Should you think of ways to put the weight out of your shoulders? Or should you just accept your mistake and speak the truth?

I know that it is very hard sometimes to accept your mistake and speak the truth as it is. But guess what? It is all about the habit and building the trust of people in you.

The more you are going to speak the truth, the better your reputation will be in their eyes.

Again, I understand that is hard but at the end of the day having the habit of speaking the truth and saying things as it is what makes a man more manly and trustworthy. And there is nothing as powerful as that.

4: Saying No to the Things.

Saying No to the Things.

The next one in the list of habitual things that make men more powerful and authoritative is to say No to the things.

So, there are a lot of people that come into your life. They make you do a lot of things that you don’t want to do. They keep on pushing you thinking that it is ok for you to do all of those things.

But you know what the truth is. They are being manipulative. And this manipulation is what’s eating you from the inside. You want to say No but you can’t. Why? Because maybe you are afraid of how they are going to feel when you will say No to their face.

Don’t worry about any of these things. Guys! I want you to understand that your mental stability and peace are what you should make a priority. Gather up the courage to say no to everything that comes in your way of success.

You need to say No to the things that come in the way of your mental peace, freedom, and your goals and/or objectives.

And when you will make this a habit (of saying No to things), you will eventually start feeling more powerful. You will feel the confidence in you that will reflect from your eyes as well. The strength and the power, so awesome.

5: Better communication skills.

The next one on the list of habitual things that make men more powerful is “Better communication skills”.

Alright, so how does having better communication skills make you more powerful.

With better communication skills you are going to end up making better connections with people. Better connections with people mean, more chances of you becoming more successful in any particular way you are meeting that person.

  • Better communication skills make you more influential. More influence means more authority.
  • When you know how to build a network, there are more chances of you building better with the new people that you are meeting. Stronger connections result in healthy long-term relationships. And all of this equals authority.

Ok, so I understand that most people find it difficult to build connections with people. They find it hard to go to a stranger and introduce themselves for whatever reason.

I know that you find it very awkward and I totally get your point. But let me tell you something, this awkwardness is nothing but an excuse that you are making. Just like any other thing, all you need here is a little practice, and thats it.

After 2-3 trials, you are going to get fluent in it. And with the passage of time, you are going to see a massive improvement in your communication skills as well because as they say.. “Practice makes a man perfect”.

6: Pushing away the toxic people.

Guys, we are here talking about power, authority, self-confidence, and hard work. But imagine you, being surrounded by people who are not willing to move their feet even.

I am talking about lazy people who know nothing but to bring others down. They love to do nothing and they also want their fellow group members to do the same.

Should you surround yourself with such men? A big No.

Guys! I want you to quit this company. Quit hanging around with people who laugh at those who try to do something big and important. They laugh at your goals and I am sure they will be the ones who will be admiring your work in the future. But you need to understand that those who support you, in the beginning, are the real ones.

Stop hanging around with lazy ones though. Networking is good but your ultimate goal should be to meet people who one way or the other, help you get to your end goal – success.

7: Continuous improvement/increasing the workload continuously.

Continuous improvement/increasing the workload continuously.

The number #1 way to become more powerful and authoritative is to gradually increase the workload.

  • Working out in the gym.
  • Working on your Startup.
  • Learning a Skill.

Let’s take the above-given tasks as an example. Chances are that you want to master all of these things. But how are you going to do that?

One way is to be harsh on yourself and add a lot of load on yourself. But the chances of you getting burnout and quitting are way more, this way.

But on the other hand, if you increase the work pressure on yourself slowly and gradually then you are definitely going to see a continuous improvement in your craft plus the chances of you getting burnout will be close to 0.

So yeah, no matter what power is to you, in order to gain that ultimate level, you need to start adding more work to your shoulders on a continuous basis but take it slow, as that’s what’s going to ensure continuous improvement.

8: Learning more.

The next one in the list of habitual things men need to do to become more powerful is to learn more.

Imagine yourself sitting in a bunch of people, having a lot of information regarding every topic that is being discussed over there. Now that’s what I call “Powerful”.

Power comes in many shapes and forms. A man knowing about a lot of things, facts, figures, and stats, a person who has already done a lot of research on random topics, all of this equals power, authority, and a lot of attractiveness as well.

I want you to make it a habit to learn about stuff. At least try doing research around the things that you are connected with somehow. Business, your lifestyle, random facts, skills, etc. Acquiring knowledge around these is not only going to help you gain more authority in a group of people you are sitting in, but will also teach you a lot about living yours is much better around all of these areas. And that’s authority!

9: Experiencing more.

Consider this point an extension to point number #8.

Ok, so you want to learn more. But are you sure that you are going to learn enough about a particular thing by reading about it or watching a YouTube video around that topic?

Well, in my opinion, in order to really become a pro at it, you need to get your hands dirty and include yourself in that particular thing.

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It all starts with experiencing. A man who has tried a lot of hobbies and knows how to do a lot of stuff is definitely more powerful, authoritative, and attractive than a man who knows nothing but to sit back, relax, and maybe go to the gym.

When you experience a particular thing on your own, you know how it feels like in real. People learn about things by watching videos and stuff and then come in the front, talking about that. But in reality, they are missing a very important part, the experience. Experience brings in front of you a lot of mistakes, drawbacks, and errors that you might not be able to see otherwise.

Pointing out those errors make you look like a real Pro. That’s how you are going to separate yourself from every other person who has read about the thing, and not experienced it himself.

10: Updating your daily routine.

Updating your daily routine.

So how’s your daily routine looks like?

Hmm. You wake up, take care of your skin, go to work, come back, watch a show, and then go to sleep.

I am not saying that your daily routine sucks but let me tell you something, this routine isn’t going to take you to the next level. We are talking about power, authority, and all the other related terms but here you are sitting in front of me thinking that this simple routine is going to help you make it big.

Not at all.

You need to look at other people’s daily routines. Maybe take inspiration from those who have already made it big. See what’s the different thing that they did, which took their lifestyle to a whole another level. Try to copy-paste their routine as it is and slowly you are going to see your life getting back on track.

Until that point, don’t ever give up.

11: Prioritise Self-Care

We are talking about your becoming more powerful and authoritative. I want you to read this sentence again. It is all about “You”.

I know that you are working hard and doing whatever you need to do to become a better person and have a successful and more stable life. But what do you do on the daily basis for yourself?

I want you to prioritize yourself as you are the person who is going to stay with you till the end. Stay loyal to yourself and give yourself enough reasons to be happy and stay sane.

12: Stop Complaining/own your problems

The next one on the list of habitual things men need to do to become more powerful and authoritative is that they need to stop complaining.

Ahh. I understand that you were trying to do this thing but you were unable to do it. But what is it that you are doing now? You are putting the entire load on someone else. Why?

Oh so you have this habit of putting your mistakes on someone else. How cruel and ugly is that!

Guys! You need to understand that complaining and crying over things makes you look very unattractive and helpless. And a helpless person may end up gaining a little sympathy but in the long run, he won’t be able to able to gain respect and authority.

Start owning your problems. I know that you made this mistake. What now? Complaining and putting blame on somebody else or crying over your fate is what cowards do. Powerful men accept their mistakes and most importantly they take solid steps to make sure that the mistake isn’t repeated.

13: Work on your Addictions

Work on your Addictions

Ok, so the last one in the list of habitual things guys do that make them look more powerful and authoritative is “getting over their addictions” or working on them at least.

Let me tell you something, Ok, I understand that your goal is to become more powerful and authoritative. But how are you going to achieve this goal when you can’t even get rid of your addictions?

Mental toughness my friend. You need to start working on your addictions if you really want to fight with the other factors in your life.

I don’t know what it is that you are addicted to. Maybe you are addicted to watching porn all the time. Chances are that you can’t get rid of your habit to drink alcohol. Smoking cigarettes could be your addiction. Whatever it is, you need to understand that addictions make you weaker. You can’t face yourself after doing things that you want to do, things you are addicted to.

Work on all of these things. No, you don’t need to do it right away, but one by one. Slowly, one step at a time would be a great strategy.

And that’s how you are eventually going to succeed in your goal to eradicate the addictions from your life.

With that being said I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of Habitual Things that make men more powerful/Things guys need to do regularly to become more authoritative? Do let me know about your thoughts, suggestions, comments, and feedback over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi).

Gentlemen! Today was all about Habitual Things that make Men more Powerful under the heading, “13 Habitual Things that make Men more Powerful (Continuously!)”. And I will see you guys in another one,


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