13 Hobbies that Make Men Look Stupid (Open your Eyes!)

Hey Guys! I hope you are doing Good. In today’s article we are going to talk about Hobbies, yet again. We’ve talked about Hobbies that make men look attractive. We’ve also discussed the list of hobbies that make men unattractive and hard to be around. Today we shall talk about hobbies that make men look stupid!

Yes, Boys! There are a lot of things we do that make us look stupid. Do you want to know what the worst part is? We do most of these things without knowing that they make us look stupid!

Sounds scary. Isn’t it?

You deserve to have knowledge about each and every aspect of your life. Things that make you look Good and also about the things that make you look weird or stupid.

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But Not anymore. Guys! You are not going to stay in the dark anymore because today we are going to unveil most of the habits/hobbies/things that you do a lot in your daily life, things that make you look stupid!

By knowing these things, you will be able to eliminate these stupid hobbies and sort of taking more control over your life.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into it. Shall we?

Hobbies that Make Men Look Stupid/Things Guys do that make them look Stupid

  • Hanging out with people who you don’t want to hang out with
  • Talking shit behind their back
  • Trying to be somebody who you are not in the reality
  • Watching Porn
  • Playing Sports while the sun is burning outside
  • Working out (Disclaimer!)
  • Driving Dangerously Fast
  • Talking about your wealth (Fake) all the time
  • Talking about your own self
  • Criticizing somebody on the way she/he looks
  • Trolling
  • Collecting Stuff
  • Saying that “SLEEPING” is your Hobby

That’s it. This in front of you is a wholesome list of 13 hobbies that make you look stupid. Let’s discuss each of them in detail. Shall we?

1: Hanging out with people who you don’t want to hang out with

Hanging out with people who you don't want to hang out with

Let’s start this list off with one of the things that people do so often that it is messing up their mental peace.

Guys! I am talking about your daily routine, you hanging out with your friends. But are they really the kind of people with who you want to hang out?

One of your close friends told me that you don’t want to hang out with these people. But when he asked you the question that why don’t you say “No” to them on their Face, then your answer was, “I don’t know. It is hard to do that. I mean it’s a daily activity now and I don’t know how to say No to them”.

What do you mean how to say No? All you need to do is to go up to them and say, “NO”. That’s it.

I know that you have been warned by a lot of people about these dudes. They are always wasting their time and I’ve come to know that they are also involved in a lot of other weird activities too. And the worst part is that you yourself don’t want to be a part of all of this!

Bro! Then why are you here? It makes me so much angry! I mean, do you even realize how stupid it is for you to be part of a group that you don’t want to be a part of?

It makes you look stupid AF. Yes, bro! Hanging out with those, who you don’t want to hang out with, is definitely one of the things/hobbies that make men look stupid.

So just go up to them and say “NO”. Nah! You don’t have to explain yourself. Just tell them about this decision of yours and that’s it.

2: Talking shit behind there back

Next up in the list, we are talking about your habit of talking shit about people behind their back.

Do you want to know how it makes you look stupid?

It’s obvious! I mean, you’ve developed this habit of backbiting. You are always talking bad about people behind their back. You discuss one person’s things with the other and that other person’s things with somebody else.

Imagine all of these men/women making a group and finding out about all of the shit that you’ve been talking about them behind their back? What are you going to do then Bilal?

I am sure that will be very humiliating. Seeing all of that from a third person’s point of you, all I can say is that, “It is very stupid of you to do this”.

You just can’t get away with talking shit about somebody behind their back. One day they are going to find out about it and that day will be full of embarrassment for you.

Oh boy! How are you going to handle that confrontation? I am sure you are going to blame others but guess what? I promise that you will be looking very stupid in all of that scenario.

Do you want to look stupid just because of this stupid habit/hobby of yours? I am sure your answer is No. Then do it! Stop yourself from backbiting. Trust me, there is nothing good in that.

3: Trying to be somebody who you are not in the reality

Next in the list of hobbies that make men look stupid is, “trying to be somebody you who you are not in the reality”.

You’ve been a fraud without knowing it. Or maybe you know it very well that all of these lies, this exaggerated presentation of yourself, this fake portrayal of your character, it’s nothing but one big fraud!

You can’t get away with faking your identity.

I know that you are doing it just to fit into society. Maybe you are sitting in a group of people who have this particular set of traits and because of that you are also pretending to have those set of traits/lifestyle but in reality, you are far away from that.

This is wrong. Because in order to fit into something, you are actually destroying your real self! And that is a very stressful thing to do.

You are trying to suppress your true self just because you consider it not suitable enough.

In other words, you are degrading yourself and saying, “Freak Off!” to your confidence. Ahh. What a Pleasant thing to do. Isn’t it?

Nah! This can’t happen any more time. You need to stop doing that because let me tell you something? This entire thing is making you look stupid and crazy. Killing your true self, your goals, passion, objectives, lifestyle, etc., just to fit into some random group of you who are going to leave you anyways (probably) is an act of severe stupidity, something that I don’t expect from an intelligent and a mature man life yourself.

4: Watching Porn

Watching Porn

I’ve talked about the benefits of quitting porn in one of the previous articles (11 things guys never do at night).

A Snippet from that article is as follows:

Look at me for a second. So what is it that makes you want to watch porn over and over again, every single day?

I know that you are addicted and that’s exactly what’s making you weak (mentally).

Watching Porn is something that good-looking guys never do at night and they try their best to avoid watching porn during the day as well.

Disadvantages of Watching Porn

Watching porn is going to make you want to keep searching for better and better. And not only you end up masturbating and then feeling guilty due to what you just did, but that countless amount of time that you spent searching that porn has now reduced your sleeping time to just 3 hours.

Nah! This can’t work like that. You need to understand that the recommended sleeping time is 7 hours at least and if you are sleeping lesser than that, then you might get trapped into the cage of depression which is obviously not a good place to be in.

Good Looking guys do the research. They are worried about their looks. They know that watching porn is going to bring no good to them and the harmful effects are countless. After the entire analysis of the situation, they come to the conclusion that watching porn is a useless activity that they should never include in their nighttime routine.

Porn, Addiction, and False Reality

What you see in the Porn is an act performed after proper training and experience. Do not let a 40 minutes porn clip show you (make you believe) the reality that does not actually exist!

Plus, you don’t want to get addicted to anything. Be it smoking, drugs, dirty eating, or Porn.

Watching Porn is highly addictive. You get addicted to Jerking off to those Clips and then you keep searching for more and more. Every other time you need something unique and better. You need more and this makes things worse!

You get addicted to looking at those scenes. Porn soon becomes something that you can’t leave.

That’s a Big No! A Place where you don’t want to be in. And who are you fooling by doing all of that? Your own self? Bro, this is stupid and you need to stop doing that ASAP!

5: Playing Sports while the sun is burning outside

Next in the list of Hobbies that Make Men Look Stupid/Things Guys do that make them look Stupid is, Playing sports while the sun is burning outside.

Playing Sports is a Good thing. It is healthy and helps you get rid of your addictions as well.

With that being said, should you play outside when the sun is burning to its full intensity?

My answer to this question is a Big No!

Running or doing any kind of intense activity (as you do in sports) increases the risk of age spots. Your skin becomes vulnerable to the damage caused by the UV rays coming from the sun.

So basically by playing sports outside you are giving yourself a downgrade card. It is going to ruin your hair as well. Dry, Brittle, broken strands and split ends are what you get from playing outside.

Alright, now imagine yourself playing sports outside when the sun is out there shining super bright. Isn’t it one of the stupidest things one can ever do?

Ok, You can skip this point if playing outside is part of your plan. Maybe you are a national player or something. If that’s the case then you can skip this point and I am sorry for hurting your feelings.

But it is what it is.

6: Working Out

One of the things that I preach a lot on this blog is “Working Out”.

How to Become attractive? By Working Out
How to Look Good and Handsome? Workout is the answer
Do you want to look better with the passage of time? Start working out

Then Why Have I included working out in this list of hobbies that make men look stupid?

Great Question. The answer to this question of yours is, “Intensity”.

Results are attractive. When you do the workout and see the results, you get addicted. Now you want more. In most cases, you don’t have enough knowledge so you believe that increasing the intensity would be a great way to look even better.

And that’s when things start going in the wrong (stupid) direction.

When you work out a lot and when your intensity is way too much, instead of going towards the positive, your body starts going towards the negative. And a lot of other harmful effects start showing up.

  • Muscle soreness
  • Worst Sleep Quality
  • Increased Injury rate

And the list goes on and on.

What should you do instead?

In my opinion, a better alternative to this whole situation is to sign up for a trainer.

Yes! Boys, you can’t get as much value working out by yourself as you get when you are being guided and directed by a trained person. He shows you what to do and how to do in order to get the results that you are expecting.

Doing everything with the guidance of a trained professional ensures positive results without any negative outcomes (in most cases).

7: Driving Fast

Driving Fast

Do you have this Stupid hobby of Driving fast with your boys?

Ahh! Bro, why don’t you understand that driving fast is only going to kill you or at least bring a huge amount of damage to you.

Plus, who told you that it makes you look attractive?

Driving Fast trying to impress people, thinking that it makes you look cool is very stupid. It is literally one of those hobbies that brings you “0” benefits but “100” losses.

You can end up finding yourself in the hospital possibly because you damaged a part of your body because you were driving way too fast.

Change your company if that’s the reason behind you doing all of that. I’ve talked about the power of the company and how it affects your life, before as well.

Change your Company to Increase your Self Confidence

Guys! I know that you have promised yourself that you will do the following things:

  • Imagine yourself there
  • Forgive your past
  • Go Out there and Do It
  • Ignore your thoughts and outside environment

But what if I told you that the people who are close to you are one of the main factors involved in you, not becoming self-confident?

Look! We are discussing steps to increase or improve your self-confidence. Right? And the above-given steps were kind of helping you get back on track.

But imagine talking to your friends every single day about it. And Nah! You thought they were supporting you? They are not.

Imagine them being one of those who laugh at you. Imagine them one of those who think that what you are doing is really stupid.

Guess what? If you have such kind of people close to you then your chances of getting on the top and becoming self-confident are very less!

The thing is people who surround us and stay close to us, kinda determine what our future is going to be. You can’t be a successful person being with those who think that every successful person is a gonna go to Hell.

Your Company Determines how your Current year is going to be (on the basis of Performance)

I’ve been talking about this a lot lately. And the reason behind this is the impact that this one thing can have on both your present and future. Let me explain.

So.. you usually hang out with Ali and James. Cool. But are they really worth it? I mean, I have seen both of them doing drugs and being suck a non-serious person all the time.

Look! I am not against “non-serious behavior”. In fact, I’ve witnessed men who were really non-serious, achieving a lot in their life. I understand thats something that’s a part of someone’s nature.

But guess what? You need to get serious as well, at times. You just can’t expect to stay non-serious and then expect life to do wonders. All you get is what you work for.

And even if that isn’t a concern, still, these 2 guys are very spoiled. It’s kind of toxic as they won’t do anything that’s positive.

Conclusion (Company)

So yeah, that’s the power of changing the company. I want you to sit with people who believe are hustling as much as you do. And even if you do not believe in hustling much, your company should be fine enough to inspire you to start working hard to achieve the goals and the position where you always imagine yourself to be in.

And never ever burn your money just to impress somebody. It is never worth it. They are going to go no matter what and the money that you spent on them is never coming back. So it’s basically a loss-loss situation.

This Makes you Look Attractive Instead (Basic Road Manners)

Over Speeding is Never the Most Classy Option. Doing that will Only bring You Damage and No! Over Speeding and Stunt Driving will Not make you any attractive (According to Most Girls)

Look at your Mirrors, Right and Left Both. Keep Some Distance while crossing or overtaking.

Never take Someone else’s Parking Space. Yeah, I am talking about the situation where someone else was just about to park and you put some extra force on the Peddle to take his place. No, Don’t do that.

If You get to know about the fact that there is some sort of Construction Going on ahead then Let others Know about it as well. Don’t let them Go through 1 KM Drive to Find out that they just wasted their Gas only by going forward on that Route.

You are Gonna See Many A$$Holes on the Road. The better option is to Drive Safely and Ignore them. Do not Abuse anyone, no matter How irresponsibly they are Driving. Wardon is there and He will deal with them. Just focus on yourself and Your Drive only.

Do Not try to Impress somebody by Driving fast as if you are some Formula 1 Racer. You are not and No there is No track. Your Actions may result in an accident. And that isn’t Cool and certainly Not the Most Swaggy Incident. Right?

8: Talking about your wealth all the time

Next in the list of hobbies that make men look stupid/things guys do that make them look stupid is “Talking about your wealth all the time”.

Let’s face it, being wealthy is a good thing. It shows that you are financially stable and that you’ve accomplished something. Good for you and people who are interested in you.

That said, you don’t have to brag about it all the time because it is very annoying!

Plus it makes you look fake too.

Trust me! Out of 100 people who are always bragging about their wealth, only 1 or 2 were really that wealthy. The rest of the men were broke AF who said all of that just because they wanted to fit into this group of rich people (we’ve already discussed this complex and how it makes you look stupid in point number #3).

Guys! You don’t have to brag about your fake wealth as it makes you look super stupid. What if they find out about your true self? Or even if you are that wealthy, it still makes you look stupid because it shows that you have got nothing to say other than your wealth.

Look at me! Is your wealth the only thing you can talk about? If Not then stop bragging about that and talk about something that is actually valuable.

9: Talking about your own self

No! I just told you not to talk about stupid shit and what did you choose instead? You choose to talk about your own freaking self all the time?

This isn’t going to work like that.

Boy! You are constantly talking about your own self. You do that with your friends, your colleagues, etc.

Literally everyone told me the same thing when I asked them about you.


This is what they think you are and let me tell you something, this isn’t a compliment. You need to start adding more flavor to your speech. While you are talking to people try to know more about them, listen to them carefully, and say things accordingly.

By doing that your chances of making them fond of you will increase exponentially and also your chances of looking stupid will decrease at a rapid rate!

10: Criticizing somebody on the way she/he looks

Criticizing somebody on the way she or he looks

Next in the list of hobbies that make men look stupid/things guys do that make them look stupid is, “Criticising somebody on the way he/she looks”.

I am about to be real with you guys.

When you are sitting and passing comments about somebody who just walk past by, maybe you commented on the way she looks. Her hair or her nose, I don’t know what you said. But let me tell you something, this makes you look stupid.

It shows that (just like we talked about earlier) you have nothing to talk about! It shows to the world that the best you can spend your time on is criticizing others on the way they look physically.

You should instead be focussing on the way you look! Bro, there is a lot to learn. You have to take care of your skin, hair, body, grooming, personality, self-development, etc. Sitting back, relaxing, while discussing and/or criticizing someone’s looks isn’t what I expect from a Masculine man like yourself mainly because this is a very stupid thing to do but I was told that you never do anything that is stupid.

11: Trolling

Next in the list of hobbies that make men look stupid/things guys do that make them look stupid is, “Trolling”.

According to https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/troll:

Troll is a dwarf or giant in Scandinavian folklore inhabiting caves or hills.

But we are not talking about that Troll.

Bullying, talking shit that brings somebody down, commenting something bad on someone’s picture, posting content that defames somebody, being rude to people to bring them down, etc.

All of these are what I believe can come under the category of “Trolling”.

First of all, It is a very unattractive and negative thing to do. By doing that you might attract a bunch of people around you who love to laugh at others, but at the end of the day, you can’t gather a crowd of quality people by showing motor stunts. And same is the case here.

Hurting someone’s feelings and bringing them down is a very stupid thing to do because by doing that you are making others believe that you are a bad person. People start hating you because of all the negativity and hatred that you have stored inside you. Do you want that to happen?

If No is your answer then stop trolling others!

12: Collecting Items

Next in the list of hobbies that make men look stupid/things guys do that make them look stupid is, “Collecting Items”.

But why is Item collecting a stupid hobby.

Look, I don’t want to hurt your feelings but collecting items, especially the expensive ones is probably one of the most recession-savvy hobbies I’ve ever seen.

It makes you poor.

You spend all your hard-earned money on items that are not going to give you any reward (apparently). Yes, it could be making you happy but you need to open your eyes.

Feed yourself and your family first. Try saving your money and then investing it into something that promises some good monetary return. You don’t want to waste your money on some stupid hobby instead.

Trust me, you are going to regret it later on in life and if you ever write a book named, “Stupidest things I’ve ever done”, you will for sure make an entry for “Collecting items” as well.

13: Saying that Sleeping is your Hobby

Saying that Sleeping is your Hobby

What are you going to say if somebody asks you about your most favorite hobby? “Sleeping”. Is that what you are going to give them as an answer?

Guess what? It is a very stupid thing to say.

We here at thatwowman.com talk a lot about sleeping. Our focus is on quality sleep and how can we utilize our sleep to make ourselves more attractive.

But God knows it well that I have never entered “Sleeping” in the “Most favorite Hobby” section.

Guess what? Most of the time it’s the people who sleep late at night and then they wake up still wanting to go to sleep, these are the people who say things like, “Sleeping is my hobby”.

They want to sleep more, they are desperate about sleeping but their routine is so messed up that they can’t sleep more in the reality. So the best that they can do is what they are doing already which is to write “Sleeping” in the “Most favorite Hobby” section.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of Hobbies that Make Men Look Stupid? Do let me know about your thoughts and suggestions over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will get back to you ASAP,


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