13 Honest Reasons Most Men Look BAD in the Photos!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about the reason why most men look bad in the photos no matter what. No matter what? Let me explain.

Let’s be honest here. Look, I have seen you making efforts to look good in the photos but after all those efforts that you do on the spot, there are still a bunch of things that you are doing wrong. And because of all of those things, you end up looking bad in the photos.

“What are those things?”

Nah! If you are thinking about some extra secretive or really mysterious things then you are wrong because these are the little things, the details that you have been ignoring since the very start.

Or maybe you were never given any guidance regarding these details.

Well, whatever the situation is, today we are about to cover it all. So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of reasons why you don’t look in most of your photos. Shall we?

Reasons why men don’t look good in the photos/why most men look bad in the photos

  • You Smile way too Much.
  • It’s all in the Distance between you and the camera.
  • All of the pictures from one angle only.
  • Your eyes are the reason.
  • Weird Filters and Stupid Editing.
  • No Support? Hmm…
  • You are Tensed.
  • Most Guys take no suggestions.
  • You need to upgrade your camera!
  • The Clothing imperfection.
  • Focus on the Posture (A big mistake).
  • Your hair and skin.
  • You are not trying to tell a story.

That’s pretty much it. Guys! This in front of you is the list of brutally honest reasons why most men end up looking bad in the photos.

Let’s now get into each of these items to discuss them in detail. Shall we?

1: You smile way too much.

You smile way too much.

One of the most common reasons why I see guys having bad photos in their album is because they smile way too much.

I am sorry for making the title a little confusing … What I want to say is that “Your smile is way too wide”.

Look, I know that I’ve been an advocate of smiling for a very long. I’ve recommended you to smile if you really want to look good and trust me on this, I am not stepping back from that point of mine.

But on the other hand, I am a firm believer of the fact that you must never “overdo” anything.

Be it:

  • Smiling all the time.
  • Smiling way too loud/wide.

The reason why a wide smile is making you look bad in the photos is the side effects that it comes with.

With a wide smile, a bunch of wrinkles starts appearing on your forehead and cheeks area. Plus you kind of look weird as well because why not? I mean, why would you smile way too wide? It looks creepy! (In my opinion).

So yeah, if you guys want to look good in the photos then you must do something about this habit of yours else you will end up looking bad in the photos, all the time. The choice is yours…

2: It’s all in the Distance between you and the camera.

You are reading an article on why most men don’t good in the photos. Right?

But I am pretty sure that you haven’t observed your mistake yourself. I mean, look, the other day, this friend of yours and I was talking about this same exact thing.

He was worried about this habit of yours. This thing that you do in front of the camera. Hey! Why do you always end up standing either way too far from the camera or way too close to it?

Both of these actions of yours are somehow responsible for you appearing not so good in the photos.

Ok, if this is some sort of a professional shoot and the photographer himself is taking care of the poses and editing part then Zoomed in photos or even the distant photos as well, can look good.

But if you are doing it by yourself just to update your Facebook profile picture then let me tell you something? You are not doing it right.

Taking Photos way too close or way too far takes away that spark from your photos and you end up looking bad in the final image.

Either your face is looking too big (close up shots) or you end up looking way too shorter as compared to the background (in the super zoomed out shots) (your self gets cut out and only the background is displayed).

Practice makes the man perfect but you need to pick the right steps to practice. You just can’t practice the wrong moves and call yourself a Pro in the end. Stand at an adequate distance from the camera and then only you can expect to get good results in the form of a good photo!

3: All of the pictures from one angle only.

Gentlemen! I want you to open your gallery. Now at all of your photos and try finding out a mistake in them.

No, for a second avoid your face and your clothes as well…

Just focus on the mistakes from the photography point of you.. Ok leave it. Let me do this myself.

The mistake is in the angle. You are smiling in some photos, and in some of them, you are posing pretty well. But the reason why you end up looking weird in your photos is that you are always getting photographed from this one specific angle.

The photographer is standing in front of you while taking photos and thats it. You are never trying unique angles. Just this 90-degree angle is what you prefer getting photographed in.

Gentlemen! I recommend you to look for different photos on the internet of the models getting photographed from different angles. Try getting photographed from the top angle or maybe experiment by asking your friend to tilt the camera a little bit. It’s all in the experiments after all, isn’t it?

4: Your eyes are the reason.

Your eyes are the reason.

The fourth one in the list of reasons why most men look bad in the photos has to do with their eyes.

Yes. My friend! It looks very prominent in the camera. Sleepy, tired, and stressed eyes are what ruin the entire picture! And you definitely don’t want that to happen. Do you?

Their are a bunch of things that you can do to fix this problem. Following are a few of them:

Get Enough Sleep

Easy to say, but hard to do. Almost all of us are sleeping late these days and the reason is nothing else but your smartphone. Look, I don’t want to hear stuff like, “I just check my Emails only”.. Bro! You literally have the entire day to do that!

This time of yours is for sleep only. Don’t dare waste it on doing stupid things on your smartphone. Scrolling through the install feed is what most men are doing late at night and this needs to end.

And then comes the quality of sleep. Yeah! thats a concept too. Laying down on the bed isn’t enough. You need to do your best to ensure getting the most restful sleep possible if you really want to feel fresh (with fresh eyes as well) in the morning.

Following are few tips regarding that.

  • Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the day because the caffeine helps you wake up which means that it won’t let you sleep properly at Night. Hence, avoid caffeine in the evening or at night time.
  • Increase Bright Light Exposure during the Day and Reduce the Blue Light exposure in the evening / Night. Put your phone aside and don’t use it when the Lights of your room are switched off. Using a phone in the dark is gonna hurt your eyesight plus it is eating your Sleep time as well. 
  • You must put all of your Digital devices away at least 30 minutes before going to bed… I recommend that you put your Phone on a Table far away from your bed because I know that sometimes you want to grab your Cellphone again and again… But if you place it far away, you will have to get up and reach the table to grab your cellphone… Getting up is a resistance and a Barrier that is surely gonna Help.
  • Maintain Room Temperature at 60 – 67 Degree Fahrenheit because that’s considered to be the ideal temperature. Lowering your body’s temperate before going to bed is proven to give you a Baby sleep.
  • Make a Routine. Sleep at 10, Wake-up at 5 (etc)
  • Check your Mattress. Make sure that your Pillows, Bed, and Mattress are Comfortable

Drink Plenty of Water

Guess what? The skin under your eyes becomes dark when you are dehydrated. It’s all in the Elasticity Gentlemen!

Drinking water brings that special glow to the eyes produces more tears that make the whites of your eye appear more white and clear plus it does help with puffiness as well.

So why not drinking water to improve the quality of your skin, hair, and your eyes as well?

Foods that Help

You need to add a good amount of Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc to your diet in order to get Glowing and healthy eyes


A: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Beef Liver, Cod Liver Oil, etc
C: Orange, Lemon, Guava, GrapeFruit, etc
E: Almonds, sunflower seeds, Avocado, Squash, etc
Z: Meat, Eggs, Milk, etc

Take Care of your eyes:

Eyes that appear good overall (from the inside – the white area, and from the outside – the skin under the eyes) play an important role in avoiding the chances of you looking bad in the photos.

Following is an eye care routine that will definitely help solve the problem:

  • Massage your Eyes with the Help of Good eye cream. But make sure that you are being gentle because the skin underneath is very sensitive.
  • You might also wanna massage your eyes with the Help of Almond oil. And do apply cucumber slices over your eyes before going to sleep (for about 5-10 minutes). Doing this will Cool down your Eyes. One more thing that seems to work very well is Dipping tea bags in water and then applying it to your eyes for 5 minutes or so. This method is recommended by a lot of people and so far I haven’t seen anybody complaining or saying any bad thing about it.
  • Eyelashes Gentlemen, No doubt are a sign of beauty. Girls and us men as well are attracted more towards the guys with bigger and thicker eyelashes as compared to those who have thinner and Shorter eyelashes. And the same is the case with eyebrows. How to get bigger eyelashes and Eyebrows? Castor Oil! Gentlemen I have been using castor oil for a Year now and trust me It really works. Just pour some Castor oil into the Mascara tube and then apply it as if you are applying Mascara to your eyes. Curl the lashes with the help of a Mascara brush (that has castor oil applied to it). You can use the same brush on your eyebrows as well.

5: Weird Filters and Stupid Editing.

Oh my God! I am sick and tired of talking about this same exact thing again and again. But why are you not tired of DOING THIS SAME EXACT THING AGAIN AND AGAIN?

Look, I know that you’ve changed a little. But you’ve changed not for the good, definitely not for the worst, but again, not for the good.

Aesthetics are important. You must take care of the aesthetics but editing your photos in such a way that they look purplish or maybe greenish with overall aesthetics being taken care of and the background getting enhanced (kind of) … All of this might be cool but it surely does not point you out…

My goal here is to get you good photos in which you are looking good, not the objects around you and not the aesthetics only.

The same goes for extreme editing as well. You don’t need to tweak around with the filters or the editing elements (contrast, hue, etc) way too much, Tweaking up a little will definitely bring an improvement but going too far is only going to bring an ugly looking picture of yourself.

And that’s exactly what most guys are doing these days. They are ruining their photos by over-editing.

6: No Support? Hmm…

What Support am I talking about? Bro! I am talking about something to put your back or shoulder against in order to get a confident picture.

Look, I understand that you’ve been looking at tons of these model-based poses and there are a bunch of these where this super good-looking model isn’t using any support at all.

And the photos looks quite well too.

But How is he able to do that?

“Practice makes the man perfect if it is done in the right direction”.

They know how to induce that “Live” kind of feeling in a photo. Most of us are not professional models so we don’t know how to do that.

For that reason I recommend you guys to take support from a wall or maybe hold on to some table or something else that can put your back or a side against. You might want to put your hand on a table while posing for a photo as that can work too.

The key here is to look confident and the more we realize we are standing next to support, the more confident we are gonna look in the picture.

Since we are talking about Models. What If I told you that I’ve cracked the code of this super sexy male model’s cupboard. What I’ve found has the power to take your skin game to the next level!

Vitamin C Spray – Thats what it is

All you need is to Purchase Packets of Vitamin C and mix them with water and add this mixture to a Spray Bottle. Now every night before bed you wanna spray this mixture on your face and leave it off overnight… The next morning you are gonna wake up more vibrant and Good looking. Gentlemen! repeat this simple yet very effective step every Night and You are gonna automatically get one step close to looking Like a MALE Model.

7: You are Tensed.

You are Tensed.

Another reason behind your bad photos could be your tensed behaviour.

Hey! Why are you tensed? Who told this to me…? Well, it is clearly written on your face.

Your eyes look tired, forget about the eyes, your entire face looks tensed and disturbed. This needs to be fixed.

You are on a shoot and you are getting confused, thats a big problem. Trust me!

The key is to stay confident. Take a deep breath, my friend. Yeah, do that 5-6 times and think about something good. Doing that is going to bring an instant spark of happiness. This spark is then going to show up on your face and Voila, Problem solved!!

8: Most Guys take no suggestions.

One of the honest reasons why most men end up looking bad in the photos, almost all the times is due to the fact that they Neve take suggestions.

Hey! I understand that you are a Pro at it. You know how to pose for the photos, angles, smile, dressing, all of this is what you’ve already learned.

But still.. Are you getting the best photos? Probably not.

Nah! Don’t deny this. Your friend Ahmed told me the other day. He told that you are very unhappy because you aren’t getting any good photos lately. According to you, these photos are pretty good but a lot of people have been telling this to you, which has now made you think about it seriously.

So what could be the problem?

Hmm… Your pose is a little too aggressive. Well, I guess that’s the case.

Alright, let me tell you a better way to find out the problem in your picture. Start taking suggestions. You haven’t been taking suggestions from anybody for a long time.

Why is that so?

Oh, you so think that you are a Pro at it already. Nah Dude. Chill! Guess what? Nobody is a pro. It’s all about growing at a regular pace and thats it.

You need to start taking suggestions from people who you think “NAIL IT” when it comes to the photos. Also, take suggestions from your friends as well. Maybe ask your sister about it as well or your brother.

By gathering all these comments, you are going to start seeing the things that you weren’t able to see before. The mistakes that you never thought were there, will become visible to you.

And that’s how you are going to look good (with the passage of time) in the photos.

9: You need to upgrade your camera.

I know that you have been hearing things like, “Camera doesn’t count when the photographer is a Pro”.

Well, I agree with this to a certain point, mostly when it comes to creating a cinematic shot or when you want to tell a story.

Videography and even photography in which your main focus is to tell a story can be shown on a cheap camera as well.

But at the end of the day, when your goal is to click flawless pictures of yourself then camera quality does matter.

In my opinion, with crispy camera quality, you are going to cover much more elements in your photos, the elements that somehow play a role in making the entire photo look great.

What can you do about it?

Look, I understand that you don’t have a good camera. What to do then? Maybe ask a friend. There is always this one friend who has a better camera smartphone. Ask him. Maybe write him something like:

“Hey Bro! Let’s go for a shoot. Shall we? We both are going to have a lot of fun and tons of photos as well. Your Instagram and Facebook are going to look drop-dead flawless after you are done posting the photos that we will be clicking today”

Boom! You are definitely going to get a positive reply. Congratulations in advance!

10: The Clothing imperfection.

The Clothing imperfection.

Clothing Imperfections… The list is huge but I will be covering just a few like:

  • Sizing.
  • Matching.
  • Finishing.


Trust me on this. I have seen almost 90% of the men doing this wrong. They are either buying super oversized clothes or they are wearing clothes that make them look like a sausage.

Moderation is the key here. Your clothes should be altered to look perfect on your body. No tight fittings or super oversized fittings, at all.


Hey! I’ve been talking about the power of color matching for like forever. And here I am doing it again. Why? Because I don’t want you to look bad in the photos.

The key is to match the color clothing items in such a way that the entire outfit looks good in the end.

Also checkout:


Let’s say you’ve matched the clothing items well and you’ve also done the sizing right. What else? This photo of yours. Yeah, this one. Everything else is fine here except for the wrinkles that are showing up on your clothes!

Guys wrinkles on your clothes have the power to destroy the entire sexiness of your outfit. The same goes for the Lint as well. Use a Lint remover to remove the lint off of your clothes. And if your clothes are too old then you might want to consider buying new ones.

Recommended: 12 Tips for Guys to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

11: Focus on the Posture (A big mistake).

You are focusing on the poses and that’s very good.

But you are forgetting one very crucial thing… Posture!

You are looking at all of these poses, imagining yourself in all of these poses. But what I can see from here is a dude who is posing with his shoulders bent down and his neck making a “C” curve.

Gentlemen! Posture plays a very important role in deciding how you are going to look in the photo. You need to learn to Sit, stand and walk properly if you really want to look both in the photos and in real life as well.

Avoid pushing forward your shoulders and your chin needs not to go all the way down. Stand straight with your chest out a little bit and walk with confidence… While sitting make sure that you are not bending forward. Staying attentive and noticing your own moves helps a lot in improving your posture.

12: Your hair and skin.

Next in the List of honest reasons most men look bad in the photos is, “their hair and skin”.

Ok, just go and take a picture of yourself right now. I see that at the moment you haven’t done your hair and your skin looks shiny as well.

Save this photo in a Folder. Name it “A”

Now go and wash your face and apply a moisturizer as well. Also, wash your hair, condition it, and use a blow dryer as well.

Click another photo now. And save it in the same folder. Name it “B”.

I want you to compare both “A” and “B”. Do you see any difference?

I am 100% sure that you are going to witness a huge difference. For confirmation, you can also take suggestions from your friends as well.

What’s happening here is that when your skin looks fresh and good, the overall appearance of your face improves. The camera captures it all.

The same goes for your hair as well. Healthy hair plus a great hairstyle is what makes you 10 times more handsome than what you already are both in real life and in the photos as well. What else can you ask for?

For the Skin

For the Hair

13: You are not trying to tell a story.

You are not trying to tell a story.

Last but not least probably one of the most common ones in the list of honest reasons why most men are looking bad in the photos is the fact that they are not trying to tell a story.

Most of us have photos in which we are just standing or sitting or making some other pose. Angles are different as well But how many photos can you take out of the poses that are available out there? Even if there are tons of poses that you still have to give a try… Still, you need something else to spice things up.

What is that “Something else”?

Tell a Story through your pictures. Guys! Your photos need to be designed or planned in a way that each of them has a story about them. Maybe grab a notebook and start writing something, get yourself clicked in this situation. Now that’s a photo with a story. Writing down a related caption is going to make the story even stronger.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of honest reasons most men/guys end up looking bad in the photos? Give me your suggestions, comments, and feedback over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will come back to you ASAP.


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