13 Manly Traits Every Woman Desires in a Man (Might Delete Soon)

Hey Boys! Today’s we will talk about the qualities that every woman looks for in a man. These are the qualities/traits every woman desires in a Man!

She will never talk about these traits but you got to understand this yourself. You need to understand that every woman desires a husband, a man of her dreams, that has these manly traits.

But before going into that, I want to burst a few of your myths. I’ve been told that you consider yourself an “Alpha Male”. Well, being an Alpha Male is a great thing, but are you actually an Alpha Male?

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With that being said, let’s head over towards the “Things a Woman looks for in a Man”. Shall we?

Manly Traits every woman desires in a Man/Qualities a woman looks for in a man

  • Drive like a Pro.
  • A Great Dressing Sense.
  • Being a Good Listener.
  • The Ability to do Compromises for her.
  • Being Supportive of your Loved ones.
  • Hygiene.
  • Taking Control of the Situation (Like a Pro).
  • Sensitivity.
  • Financial Responsibility.
  • Being perfectly funny.
  • A Well-Groomed body language matters a lot!
  • Knowing How to do the Basic tasks (Very important).
  • Not being Clingy

That’s it. This in front of you in the list of manly traits that every woman desires in her man/future husband. So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into each of these traits to discuss them in detail. Shall we?

1: Drive like a Pro

Drive like a Pro


First thing first. You need to learn how to Drive a Car. That’s a must.

Now what I want you to do is that I want you to rate your Driving skills…

So How well can you drive on the scale of 10? 8?, 7?, 6?, 11?.

Wait a Minute. My Bad, I didn’t mention the criteria on the basis of which you have to rate yourself.

Speed Driving
Slow Driver or Nah?
Driving Under Pressure

The above things are what you have to consider before giving yourself a number out of 10.

Pro-Drivers are Super Attractive

How well you are able to handle your car determines how much pro you are. But then, do you even need to put yourself in such conditions? Why do you always have to do the “Speed Drive” thing? It is dangerous and for sure it isn’t the most exciting.

Do you want to annoy or scare the person who is sitting next to you in the car? Do you want to scare her? Definitely Not. Right?

Then control your nerves and learn to stay calm, and responsible while driving your car.

Under Pressure.. Hmm.. This is a very important thing to learn and master.

Imagine yourself in bad weather conditions but you still have to drive. What are you going to do now? The road is full of cars and the weather conditions are making this whole thing even tougher.

It requires a Man to be a Pro-Driver, to be able to handle the pressure (properly), and to get through this situation. And that’s exactly what I want you to be. I want you to be that Pro-Driver.

Trust me, boys! This is one of the qualities every woman desires in a Man. Every woman wants a man who is able to drive like a pro no matter how hard the situations are. It makes you a masculine man!

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2: A Great Dressing Sense

Gentlemen! In today’s article, we are trying to break the code of a woman’s desires. We are trying to find out (and list down) the manly traits every woman desires in her man.

And after deep research, I’ve realized that “A Great Dressing Sense” is definitely one of those manly qualities.

Go and ask a woman a question:

“Define your ideal man/husband?”

I guarantee you that she will for the sure mention, “Nice Dressing Sense” in her answer, in one way or the other. And it makes a lot of sense to me.

Look, why won’t they desire a man who has a great dressing sense? I mean, he knows how to dress well which means he cares about himself.

What do you expect to happen instead? A Woman should say “Yes” to a guy who doesn’t even know how to take care of himself? How is he going to take care of that woman?

It all starts with “You”. Right?

So yeah, I recommend you guys to start taking care of your dressing from now on. What? You don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Your brother has got you covered. Following is a list of articles that will help you dress better.

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3: Being a Good Listener

Next in the list of manly traits, every woman desires in a man/qualities every woman wants in her man is, “Good Listening Skills”.

It is extremely attractive!

Look, everybody wants to speak and say what they want to say. Right? In a crowd filled with “Sayers”, if there is a person who has the ability to listen to what someone has to say (without interrupting) then he is definitely unique and highly attractive as well!

Every woman wants to be heard. She wants her better half to listen to what she has to say. There are times in life when your partner wants to say things to you. Often times they just want to speak and all they want from you is to listen to them carefully.

Note that: Not all men have the ability to sit and listen to what she has to say. They interrupt and start speaking their thoughts, not letting her complete her point of view.

I don’t want you to do the same. Instead, I want you to learn to listen. This skill alone can make you more desirable not just to the girls but also to the general public as well.

Your business partner will respect you more, your friends will consider you an authority, and for sure your girl will put you on top, all because of this single manly trait of yours. Yes, this is the power of listening!

4: The ability to do compromises for her

The ability to do compromises for her

Gentlemen! Today I want to teach a very special move. Call it “Power Move”, if you want. Because, trust me, just by mastering this move you can conquer lands, and yes, hearts, as well!

Put yourself down.

I know that it is hard to put down your wants, and letting someone else do what they want instead.

Look, my friend! I am preparing you for the hard times. Brother! There will be times when you both will face a clash. She wants to do one thing and you want to do another thing. What should you do now?

Learn to Compromise!

Nah! Don’t be the typical man who considers, “Getting done what you want” as a Manly trait. That’s a part of toxic masculinity instead.

A real man knows the power of compromises. He knows that sometimes (to be the real man) one has to choose someone else’s wants over his own wants. And thats’ completely alright! In fact, it is one of the manliest traits a man can have.

5: Being Supportive of your Loved ones

Next in the List of Traits, every woman desires in her man/qualities a woman wants in a man is, “Support”.

I need you to put yourself in this situation instead.

What are you going to do when no one else supports you?

Chances are that you want to do this thing. Maybe you are supporting a cause that the people around you do not understand, thus they are against it (for whatever reason).

Things will be pretty hard for you. No?

Now imagine a person who is standing with you throughout this whole thing. That person says, “It’s completely ok!”, and helps you in whatever way he can. How are you going to feel about that person?

He will be the most special person for you. Period.

I want you to be this same exact person in a lady’s life. Guess what? Every woman desires this quality in her man. She wants her man to be super supportive. She wants her man to stand by her side no matter what. Her strength, She wants her man to be her strength!

Prepare yourself for all of that. Guys! I want you to man up and learn to stand with your loved ones. By practicing this now on your loved ones, your friends, family members, etc., you will learn to do the same for your better half as well.

And it isn’t just about the Big things where everyone is against her. It could be for the very little things as well, where all she wants is you to say, “Girl! Don’t worry. I am with you”.

Bro! having this feeling of coverage, that someone is supporting you, is one of the most precious feelings in the world!

6: Hygiene


Hygiene. Hmm. I believe that we’ve discussed “Hygiene” and the importance of staying clean, around a million times before as well on this blog.

A Clean man is 100 times more attractive than a handsome dude who stinks and looks nasty.

It’s all about staying clean and looking confident (of course), which makes you a desirable man to the ladies.

Following are a bunch of hygiene-related things that you need to take care of if you really want to become a desirable man (according to the girls).

Take Care of the Hair on the back of your head

Your friends told me that you have a great hairstyle. Plus you have this habit of changing hairstyles often in order to improve your looks with the passage of time.

However! There is this one thing that bothers me a lot. It’s the hair on the back of your head. Nah! I am not talking about the hair that is literally there on the back of your head, but those that lay around outside the boundary.

We all get this hair when we skip our haircuts. Every guy should get his hair managed every 3 weeks. And when you exceed this time, you start getting some unwanted hair.

And one of these unwanted hair includes the hair that appears on the sides of the back of your head, mostly where the hair on the back of your head meets your neck.

Trust me, they look so bad and I am 100% sure that this hair ruins your Fresh, Neat, and Confident appearance. So what you need to do about them? It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is to:

Let’s Fix this Problem

  • Get yourself a trimmer, Hold a mirror in one hand of yours, and use the other to cut this hair down
  • Never miss your haircut days

I will always choose the second option because your barber knows how to make you look good. He will manage this hair better than you. But if you are out of town and you do not trust any other barber with your hair then you can go with the first option as well. However, make sure that you are taking your time while doing this job. After all, you don’t want to ruin your entire look by ruining the hair on the actual back of your head. Do you?

Clean your Ear (Nasty Ear = Nasty You)

Just Dip the Q-Tip inside some Olive Oil. Now You need to gently move the Q-tip in your Ear in the form of circles. It will not only remove all that crusted wax laying around in your ear but will also kind of nourish your ear. (In case of any kind of irritation, wash the ear immediately and stop doing this Olive Oil + Q-Tip method).

That said, have you ever thought about all those flakes, white substance, and dirt that is accumulated in your ear?

I am talking about the tracks around “Fossa Triangularis”, “Anthelix”, and “Scapha”. In non-biological words, these are the parts of your external ear that you can easily see in the mirror.

Alright, do one thing. Just dip some cotton in the water and move in throughout the external ear (not the ear canal). And then see for yourself all the yellowish material and dirt coming out. Thats exactly what I am talking about.

We focus on cleaning out the ear canal only and leave the external ear untouched. And same is the case with the back of your ear as well. Guys! I want you to clean these areas of your ear as well, on the regular basis. Because at the end of the day, you don’t want people to notice the dirt around these areas. Do you?

Take Care of your Arms, Hands, and Feet as well

Guys! How many times do I need to tell you that it’s not just your face that needs all the care & attention?

Look, what If I told you that having clean-looking hands & feet can really set you apart? And guess what? They really do put you in a unique spot.

But what can you do to make sure that your arms, hands and feet look good?

Don’t worry brother! I’ve got you covered. I’ve done my research and after going through multiple solutions, I’ve found one that is easy to implement and the best part is, it really works!

All you need to do is to add this special massage into your nighttime routine. The Ingredients:

  • You need to have a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
  • Some Moisturising Lotion

And thats it. After washing your feet, arms, and hands properly, you wanna put the mixture of Vaseline and the Lotion on each of the mentioned areas. And then gently massage, going into the fingers and covering the nails as well.

Massaging your arms, hands, and feet, with this mixture for about 5-6 minutes every day can do wonders for your skin. Results include excessive glow, and for sure better-looking hands, nails, arms, and feet as well.

And if you can add the Pumice stone in this equation (to clear out the dry skin from your heels) then things can get even spicier.

Smell Good (Bad Smelling guy can never become a desirable man)

Alright! So Let’s talk about Jimmy for a second. Shall we?

He is the guy who is famous for being the best smelling guy in the class. How are you going to define him, if you ever have to?

  • Best smelling Guy
  • It’s nice to be around him (No homo)
  • He smells Neat and Looks Confident as well

And thats exactly what I am talking about. Wearing Good cologne changes your personality and attraction level both at the same time. You can go from a 6/10 to 9/10 just by picking up the right fragrance for yourself.

Hey! In case you are searching for articles to help you out in choosing the right fragrance (for you). Guess what? Look no further because your boy has got you covered!

CheckoutThe Only 15 Fragrance Tips a Guy Would Ever Need!

And same is the case with a Deodorant as well. I recommend all of you guys apply deodorant at the night before going to bed. This way it will have enough time to sort of soak in and be the most effective.

A man that smells nice is definitely more attractive, handsome, and neat (plus confident) as compared to the rest of the dudes out there.

Your Bad Breathe is a Problem too

Next in the list of Personal Hygiene Tips for Guys/Men’s Hygiene Essentials to look clean & Confident is, “Heres How to Fix the Bad Breath”.

The number #1 reason you are unable to give your best given that you are super handsome & confident as well, is your bad breath. This problem of yours is messing up with your impression. And this needs to be fixed ASAP.

Following is an Easy Step-by-Step Guide to help you get rid of the problem of Stinky Breath.

  • Make sure that you are brushing your teeth twice a day (2 minutes each)
  • Do not forget to floss your teeth as well. Food particles decay, causing all the smell that is coming out from your mouth
  • Brush your tongue as well. It could be the reason behind your bad breath
  • And last but not the least, eat sugarless gum as it ensures that your mouth isn’t dry. A dry mouth equals bad breath.

I would recommend you to chew on cardamom. It kills all the smell and gives you a fresh breath which isn’t repellent at all.

Your Body Hair also Needs Proper Management

Guys! your personal hygiene care isn’t personal anymore. By taking care of these hygiene elements of yours, you somehow are affecting your external appearance as well.

Like for instance take the example of body hair. Yeah, it looks good to a certain limit but when it exceeds more than that, then you start to notice an increase in the roughness.

Some people prefer this roughness and call it natural while others (including me) consider this not-so-neat.

So what to do with your body hair?

In my opinion,

  • Chest hair should be trimmed. Remember, I am not saying that you need to shave it. Trimming it would be a better option.
  • Back Hair needs to go. Just shave it
  • The same is the case with your Pubic hair. Shave them as well
  • Underarms Hair? Needs to go!
  • I would rather not trim or shave my Arm/Leg hair. But it’s totally up to you. Trim it, shave it or leave them as it is. Up to your personal preferences.

That said, once you are done cleaning the hair, make sure to apply a good quality body wash and apply a moisturizer as well. It will make sure that your skin stays even and looks good throughout.


These were some of the things that I believe, a man should take care of if he really wants to become desirable (attractive). These are the hygiene-related traits/qualities that every woman desire (dream of) in a man.

7: Taking Control of the Situation

Next in the list of qualities, every woman looks for in a man/manly traits every woman desires in a man is, “Taking control of the situation”.

How well are you able to handle the difficult situation?

This question is from all of you. I want you to answer this question over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And we shall chat about that over there in detail.

Ability of a man to handle difficult situations shows how manly he is.

Look! We can never predict the future. Chances are that you’ve done all the preparations but something pops up and ruins all of your plans. What are you doing to do now?

Your response to the disaster shows how manly of a man you are.

There will be men who will panic and then there will be men who will already have a plan “B”. Later will implement their backup plan and Voila, Problem solved! These men are obviously considered more attractive, and this trait, the ability to handle difficult situations is no doubt one of the manly traits every woman desires in a man.

Managing things like a Boss… Yeah, that’s exactly what I am talking about!

8: Sensitivity


We haven’t concluded yet, Gentlemen! Our goal with today’s article is to understand & break the code of a woman’s brain. We are discussing manly traits/qualities every woman desires/looks for in a man. Right?

What I’ve found after doing the research is that “Sensitivity” and “Showing Sympathy” is one of those traits that woman find very attractive in a man.

What If I told you that the more kind-hearted you are to the general public, the more attractive you will become? She is looking at you doing all these nice things, being sensitive, thinking about others, showing kindness, and being sympathetic, and after looking at all of this she has changed her perspective about you.

She thought that you are a masculine man who is a Badass dude. But now she has added one extra phrase about you in her dictionary. It says, “A Badass dude with a Golden Heart”.

What? Guys! This is a very important addition, I must say.

Look at me. Even if it is not about a woman. Why can’t you become a Nice person? I mean, showing sympathy, feeling for others, being emotionally flexible and moved, is something that makes you shine bright like a diamond. Trust me! This sympathy and all of these good deeds of yours are going to come back sooner or later.

Do good to get good, my brothers.

9: Financial Responsibility

The list of qualities isn’t over yet Boys! We are talking about the manly traits and qualities that every woman desires and/or looks for in a man. At number #9 of this list, we have “Financial Responsibility”.

Look, it isn’t about having a million dollars in your bank account. Ladies don’t want that.

A Girl wants her husband to be financially responsible. She doesn’t want a financial mess. I am talking about the kind of men who spend their cash without having any future plans. They have no idea or plan on how they are going to spend the rest of their month. All they know about is “The current moment”. They make impulse decisions and that’s exactly what makes them one of the least attractive dudes out there.

Hah! You thought it was about having tons of cash in the account? Nah! In reality, women find “Financial responsibility” to be one of the manliest qualities that a man can have.

Knowing when to save, where to spend, and how to use the current money to make more money, is what makes you an Intelligent, and Financially responsible person. That my friend is very attractive (according to the girls).

10: Being perfectly funny.

There are dudes who can make others laugh. And then there are dudes who do this all the time. The former ones are “perfectly funny” and the later ones are “class clowns”.

Gentlemen! I want you to be able to crack good jokes. The key here is to able to lighten up the environment. That’s a skill on its own.

Imagine yourself and your wife in a situation where things are very serious. And suddenly you cracked up a joke or did something that lightened up the environment, gave everyone a giggle. That’s very attractive. It shows that you have the courage to do something that nobody else tried to do in the first place, plus you did it quite well, so it’s basically a win-win, very attractive!

And then comes the men, who are always about cracking jokes and making fun of others. Yes, they might be able to crack up the environment, but the fact that they are all about just that makes them way less attractive than the former ones.

I want you to be the former one. The man who knows it all. Every woman looks for that quality in a man. She wants her man to make her laugh, and also lighten up the environment, but then he should be doing it like a pro, and not like a class clown, who is known for doing just that only. Makes sense?

11: A Well-Groomed Body Language

A Well-Groomed Body Language

Next in the list of Manly Traits, every woman desires in a man/qualities every woman look for in a man is, “a well-groomed body language”.

Your body language says a lot about you. There are men with recessive body language and then there are men who know how to use their gestures, hand movements, posture, and tone, to support what they are trying to say or portray. And that’s magic (in my opinion).

Every woman desires a man who has well-groomed body language. A man who knows how to Sit properly, a man who knows how to manage his posture properly. He should know how to walk like a Boss, how to properly calm his voice down to sound manly. He must also know how to stand properly.

So Guys! Take your hands out of your pocket and learn how to sit, stand, walk, and talk, like a boss!

More On Posture and How to Fix that to become a Desire man is given the Following articles:

12: Knowing the Basic Tasks

Every Man needs to know how to do all the basic stuff.

Basic Stuff/Tasks that involve:

  • Fixing the wires (Basic level)
  • Plumbing duties
  • Opening the packages
  • Fixing the Car
  • Home Chores
  • Doing the Grocery Properly
  • Cooking

The key here is to help a woman deal with everyday problems without having to call a professional. Some of these tasks involve helping her in her day-to-day tasks while others are the tasks that a man should learn to portray himself as a manly man. For example, being able to fix his car.

13: Not being Clingy

Guys! My goal with today’s article was to teach you things/manly traits every woman desires/looks for in her better half.

And the last but not the least in this list is, “Not being Clingy”.

It totally makes a lot of sense. I mean, nobody wants to be around a person who has nothing to do in life other than staying attached to you. Will you welcome such kind of a person in your life? I highly doubt that.

A man needs to have his own life and he must never be clingy because thats are highly unattractive to the ladies.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. Do let me know your thoughts regarding this list of “Manly traits/qualities every woman desire/look for in a man” over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will get back to you guys ASAP,


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