13 Men’s Skincare Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 (Look More Handsome)

Bros, I Hope you all are Doing Well. Today We will Talk About Some Men’s Skincare Mistakes. These are the mistakes that you Guys for sure be making in 2021.

Look, We all know that Men Today is Awake. Us Men Know that Taking Care of our Skin is equally important as Wearing Nice Clothes. That said, there are just a few areas that Guys Put Most of their Attention on. Be it, Washing their face, and Having a Proper Skincare Routine.

And to be honest, Thats great! I mean, Having a Proper Skincare Routine is very Crucial. However, Don’t you wanna Know that Why are you not at the 10/10 yet? Why is there a Dude who still has better than yours? What are some of the Men’s Skincare mistakes You Make that is Stopping you from becoming the Gorgeous Ninja?

Today is all about that. How to Look Great in Days, Gentlemen, We are about to Discuss 13 Skincare Mistakes that You wanna avoid to Look your best. These are the Common Skincare Mistakes that we all choose Not to Focus on. So without any further ado, let’s Hop straight into.

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1: Over-Cleansing your Face

I am So Proud of You for Not putting your Skincare routine on the Second. And I know for sure that you want to Look your best ASAP. But You’ve been Mislead. Let me explain.

Tell me about your skincare routine. I believe that You wash your Face in the Morning. Then again in the afternoon and Once before going to bed. Maybe You are Adding One More washing Session in it. You are Doing it all wrong, My Friend.

The Key is to Wash your Face with Cleanser and then Apply Moisturiser Only twice a day. Yes, you can apply a Bit More amount of it taking under consideration your Environmental Conditions. However, Washing your face 3-4 times per day isn’t the Best Choice to make.

I have my reasons. When you wash your face more than what’s recommended then You are actually Stripping off all the essential oils out of it. There is this Protective Layer on Top of your Face goal of which is to Prevent Environmental Pollutants from getting in. You need this Layer to Keep your Skin Vibrant and Healthy Looking.

Layer that You are Destroying every single day by Cleansing your Face/Applying Face wash 4 times per day. Must keep in mind that not only ignorance but excess is also Bad. Are Facial Cleansers bad for you? Yes, If you are applying them 5 times a day, Yes!


Are Facial Cleansers Bad for you? Definitely Not! It’s all about How many times and What amount of the Product are you Applying on your Face.

Stick to the Basic Twice a Day Routine. Adjust the quantity of Cleanser by just a little Bit if you want to.

You Don’t want to wash your face 4-5 times per day Just because it feels Clean. Remember, it feels clean because everything on your face is getting ripped off

2: Grabbing Whatever You See

grabbing what you see

In This World of Social Media, You see a lot of Influencers recommending a Lot of Skincare products. But are those Products actually worth it? Or Do you really need 5, 6, or even more products in order to have Glowing Skin?

Gentlemen, this is the perfect example of what not to use on your Face. I mean, Why are you buying a Crap Load of Products which you’ve just been introduced to? Super Neutralising + Toner Gel, Ultra-Glow-Promoting Facial Oil, etc. Most of these items have just been named fancy to attract More and More people to Buy it.

And to be honest, Most of us don’t need any of that to Look good. All it takes is a Good Cleanser, Quality Moisturiser, and an Exfoliating Scrub. Thats it. Apply former 2, twice a Day and Last one, Once a Week. It’s as simple as that.

Ok, So there are a couple of Products Like Toner that is really Useful But at the End of the day that is not what You got to have. I mean, that isn’t included in the “Must-haves”. Drink a lot of water, Stick to the Basic Skincare routine, and You, My Friend, will see the results soon. And you are Gonna Love it.


There Are a Lot of Products available in the Market and You just can’t pick all of them

Don’t go after the attractive Packaging

You don’t need a Bundle of Skincare Products. It’s all about the Basics. Thats it

3: DIY Tips and Tricks

I Myself have recommended a lot of DIY Tips & Tricks on this Blog. DIYs to Have better Hair, Skin, etc. However, What I’ve learned Myself (taking under consideration the number of DIYs available on the internet), Its say to say that DIYs aren’t the Safest Solution to get Better Skin.

Yes, You might see results at the Spot but most of the time the ingredients involved may end up harming your skin. The mask or the All-natural cream that You just made from the natural ingredients may react with the pH of your skin. Results? Irritated, Dry, Inflamed Skin.

So what should You do instead? Look at the Last paragraph of Point # 2. It’s all about Sticking to one Specific Routine. But wait, I am not Shading Facial Masks. There are tons of DIY Masks that work like Magic. Be it Gram Flour Mask (Gram Flour + Yogurt + Honey), Aloe Vera, and a few others. Yes, they do work. But there is nobody to tell you about what’s going to happen once you if you applied another mask that you just came to know about in a Youtube Video.

So Yeah, Stick to maybe 1 Mask, any of your Choice. Note that: Do Compare the results and see whether you are getting benefits or Not from the DIY Mask. And Do also make sure that your skin isn’t responding to it negatively. Only then you got to make it a part of your Routine (Once a Week or maybe twice. Thats it).


DIY Tips and Tricks are Helpful But all of them Should be used

Never forget that It’s Your Face which you are testing all these Ingredients On

Ingredients in your Kitchen are All Natural. But what’s Right for Cooking a Healthy Meal might not be the healthiest option for the direction Application on your Face.

4: Fragrance in your SkinCare Product

fragrance in your skincare product

You would have not heard about this One a Lot. But it is also a part of Men’s Skincare mistakes that we Guys make on a daily basis. And not to mention, Doing this is Stopping us from taking our Skin Health to the Next Level.

The Skincare Products that you are Using may not Be the Best one. Reason behind? Ingredients Like, Aroma, Geraniol, etc. Checkout This Amazing Article at Paula’s Choice”: Why Fragrance-Free Products are Best for Everyone. In this article, You will find a List of Fragrance ingredients that may harm your Skin causing allergic reactions. You definitely don’t want that. Do you?

You may have the best Skin Care Routine But at the end of the day, All of the ingredients have their own Role. So the best choice to make is to Buy Skincare products that are Fragrance-Free. Just ask the Guy in the Store to give you something that has no Fragrance. And hopefully, you will get something better.


Using Products that Have Ingredients Like Aroma, Geraniol, etc may end up causing allergic reactions

Using Scented Skin Care products can Cause Different Skin Problems. You never know what you are allergic to So the best option is to Avoid the Scented Products.

5: Moisturising After a Minute

Gentlemen! I am so happy for you because You are a Mature Person Now. You now know the Importance of Moisturising your Skin. You’ve bought a Good Moisturiser that works Just Fine. However, there is one little thing that is Dehydrating your Skin. Let’s talk about that.

Ok, So, It’s 8:30 and You are in your Bathroom. You’ve just finished washing your face with this Brand New Face wash that you bought yesterday. Wait a Minute. What are you doing? Are you heading towards your Closet to Match the Clothes for the day?

What about the Moisturising part? “I will do it after Dressing Up” Nah! This is exactly what’s wrong here. Gentlemen! You are damaging your Skin and the reason behind is so simple. Do you know that once you are done washing your face with Cleanser, your Skin has an Immediate Cravings of Moisture?

Hah, Sure. Buddy, I know that this is the Best moisturizer But Its not Best once it is on your Face. Apply it ASAP. You need to Apply the Moisturiser on your Face within 1 minute after you’ve washed your face. Every second passed afterward is going to cause Dehydration and you definitely don’t want that. Do you?


Moisturising your Skin is a Very Crucial Part of your Daily Skincare Routine.

You can’t have the best Skin Care Routine without Moisturising your Face within 1 Minute of Washing your Face.

It’s All about Dehydration. Moisturisation provides your Skin with Water and you got to do it before a minute to get the best results.

6: What Not to Use on your Face (Your Friend’s Choice)

buying what your Friend buys

Hey Aslam! How are you? I Hope you are Doing well. Where’s Your Friend Billy? Ohh, He is Just about to Come. Ahan, I will Wait. Actually I have to discuss something important with you Guys.

Oh Hey, Billy! How are you? I Hope you are Doing Good. So what’s the Plan?. You Guys are Going to buy some new clothes? Perfect. What? Some Skincare Products too? Great! So Billy, What’s Your Skin Type? And What Product are you gonna get for yourself?

Billy: There is this New Brand that Offers a Good deal on their Cleanser and Moisturiser set.

Myself: Thats Good. But You have a Very Oily Skin. You need a Face wash that Neutralises this aspect of your Skin.

Ahmed: Nyazi! Both of us Are going to get that Skincare deal.

Myself: Woah! Ahmed. You, my friend, have a dry Skin. How can you even think of buying the same Skincare Products that Billy wants to Buy?

Billy and Ahmed: What do You mean to say? We both shop together. Be it clothes, Watches, etc. And we tend to Buy very similar items. And receive compliments all the time. What’s wrong if we purchase the same Cleanser and Moisturiser?


Boys! You. Yes, I am talking to you all. Ahmed and Billy are the best friends and they do shop together. And there is nothing wrong with that. I recommend both of both to shop together for Skincare products as well. But they just can’t buy the same Product.

And the reason is their Skin Types. Guys with Oily Skin have to Buy a face wash and Moisturiser that best suit their Skin. You don’t want to purchase products that may clog pores or make your skin even more oily. This could lead to Acne breakouts.

Educate Yourself Boys. It’s Not about Friendship and Why do you even have to buy the same product to stay friends? You could instead be helping each other pick the best one for their Skin type. And that my friend is the perfect example of Growing together.

7: You are Not Tapping

Thanks to Mr. Steve Jan for introducing me to this One. Alright, So Let’s Say You’ve been Washing your Face twice a Day and Applying Moisturiser as well. And You are Happy because you are Seeing the results too. But do you really want to take this to the next level?

Is there anything that you can Do to Get that Cleanser to get deep inside your Skin and Clean all the impurities? How can you get maximum results out of your Face Wash session? First of all, Note that, If you have super sensitive skin then Skip this.

Others can continue reading this Point. What you wanna do is that, Once you’ve applied the Face wash, Tap your Cheeks and Rest of your Face as well. Be Gentle and Slowly tap your face to sort of give way to your Cleanser to penetrate the Upper layer.

It will cleanse your Face deeply giving you better results. But Again, In case you feel tingling or Redness/irritation then Stop Doing it. You can do it on Alternative Days and that will go just fine.


I counted this as a Mistake because you are missing out on Something which is just there and very easy to Do.

Tap your Face with the hands gently on the Alternative days to Stay on the Safe Side

8: The Harsh Movements

harsh movements are bad

Gentlemen! This is an Old One However Most of You All still seem to be making this Mistake. I am talking about You, moving your Fingers rapidly + in an aggressive manner on your Face. I mean, why would you do that?

Maybe you feel like this is needed in order to generate More Foam and to Clean your Face properly. Whereas the reality is totally different. The Key is to Gently Rub your Face, Starting with the T-Zone and then Going towards the other areas. Try the Backwards arc Motion, taking your hands from the Face to the Temple.

Whatever the Heck you do, just remember that You got to stay Gentle. I’ve talked about this Before as well, the importance of Hand movements and How Staying Gentle with your Face can Bring magical results.

Hey! You’ve been blessed with such a Gorgeous Face and You’ve been using your hands (Full Force) to clean it off? I mean, Alright, I understand that you are doing this All to clean the Dirt and Impurities. But who told you that this is the right way to do it?

This is one of the Men’s Skincare Mistakes that guys Make. They Start Doing a Particular thing without even Realising the Harmful effects that it may have. So Yeah, Stop Rubbing off your handsomeness and Stay Gentle with your Face.


Try the Down to up, towards the Temple Hand movements while Moisturising or Cleansing. It is really helpful.

Do Not use Harsh movements. Be Gentle while Applying the Product on your Face.

9: Changing Skin Care Products All the Time

Hey! I Feel You. I know that You’ve Bought this Face wash and Moisturiser Just a Week Ago. But due to the fact that You are seeing No results, You are planning to get another one. You are definitely not the only one who is Wrong.

It’s the Brands that Market these Products to work like Magic. You see them Using catchy phrases like, “Instant Results”, etc. What can anybody expect out of that? Exactly! Be it you or any other Dude, He will be expecting fast results if not Instant.

But the reality is Entirely Different. Let’s say their is Brand Called, “A”. They have marketed their Products as, the SkinCare range that Provides fastest results. Great! But you’ve been using it for like 2 weeks but magical results are yet to come.

Conclusion: The Products Do not Work. Or is it? Well, the truth might be different. Chances are that the product is really Brilliant But company has lied to you by saying Fast results as their Selling Point.

Your Brother is here to rescue you All. Note it Down that You just can’t judge a Product without using it for at least a month. Sometimes results may come after 2 months so its better to wait for 2 months before switching to some other Brand.


Another Men’s Skincare Mistakes that Most Men make is that they keep switching the Products hoping to get fast results.

You got to wait for 1-2 months to reach the Conclusion and to sort of Start seeing the results.

10: Ignoring What Touches Your Face

ignoring items that touch your face

Almost everybody out there seems to be teaching you the same exact thing But Still, I see a lot of Men making this Same Old Mistake. Gentlemen! It’s 2021 and after almost 12 Years of My Man Aaron Marino’s Career, followed by Jose Zuniga, Alex Costa, and Many other YouTubers, teaching you the same exact thing again and again, You are Still Not Listening.

I mean, What’s Wrong with Listening to This simple advice? You got to Change your Pillow Sheets every once or twice a week! It’s crucial for your Skin and You got to do that If you want to look your best. And it does not end there.

Alright, So Let’s say You woke Up at 6 and Now you are Going for a Run. You already Know that You will not be touching your Bed before Night. Its because You have to go to your Office or University right after your Running session. Cool.

And Let’s talk about this another one from the list of Men’s Skincare mistakes. It involves you not covering your Bed and Pillows with a Sheet.

Its the Whole day and Chances are that Dirt might get on the Pillow sheets. What will you do then? You will not see the dirt but it is there and it gets on your skin. Results? Damage and Not that Healthy Skin.

Congratulations! You’ve already protected your Skin the halfway. Rest of the Half? Handkerchiefs, Towels, Napkins, etc. What about that? Those are definitely not 100% germ-Free or are they?


Change your Sheet covers Once or Twice a Week.

Another One in the list of Men’s Skincare mistakes is that they do not focus on the details. Your Towel, Handkerchief that you are carrying with you has germs too. So either carries wipes or clean them on a daily basis or every other day, at least.

Cover your bed and pillow with a Sheet before leaving for work. It prevents dirt and germs from living on, where your face is going to Sit once you are back home.

11: Not Washing your Hands First

Alright So Let’s say You’ve just arrived home. You’ve been at the Gym and You had a great workout session today. Thats great! Now you are heading towards your Bathroom to take a shower. A Nice refreshing shower is always Great.

Wait before you touch your Face. Have you washed your Hands properly with the Anti-bacterial Soap? No? This is something that most of the Guys forget.

Remember, You got to follow the steps. And there is no step before washing your hands! So Yeah, make this your first priority. What happens is that when you forget washing your hands and start rubbing face wash on your face then all the germs that are there on your face get transferred on your Face. And I am sure you definitely don’t want that to happen at any cost.


Another one of the Men’s Skincare mistakes is not washing the hands properly Before Putting Face Wash on the Palm.

Don’t be quick with washing your hands. Rub the Soap properly and keep doing it at least 20 seconds to kill most of the germs

12: Avoiding Neck, Ear and Upper Chest

avoiding upper chest, ear and Neck

So You are a Stylish Dude who has tons of Outfit ideas in his Mind. Chances are that You’ve been working out as well. Let me remind you that the area, that fraction of Skin below your Neck, although it is very Sexy, Looks kinda not well-groomed.

I know that You’ve removed the hair and Things are Looking Pretty Sexy But What about the Skin? Imagine having a Glowing Skin on the Neck, Ear and Upper chest? I am sure you will love that.

And that’s exactly yet another one in the list of Men’s Skincare mistakes that Guys Make a lot. They focus just on their Face and leave the rest. Ears are attached to your face but still, you Guys forget about them. How much effort does it take to apply face wash on your ears, neck, and upper chest? Can’t you apply moisturizer there as well? You sure can. You should and You definitely will. Right?


Make sure to Clean your Neck as well. Apply Cleanser and Gently rub there.

It’s all about the Routine. Don’t expect results after applying the Cleanser + Moisturiser combo for 3 days straight.

Do it again and again. And don’t forget to wash the area behind your ears. It’s mostly left Gross and you don’t want that Word to be part of your personality.

13: Bad Diet

One of the Biggest Men’s Skincare Mistakes That the Entire Generation makes is Not talking about their Diet. Do I really have to Stress on this Point? I mean, I’ve written about this a lot of times in my previous articles. Burgers, Pizzas, and Other Junk Food items can cause many problems like a Decrease in Testosterone Levels, Bad hair and Skin health, etc. Below is what you should add to your Diet to get Glowing Skin.

Vitamin C: (Oranges, Lemon, Tomatoes, Guavas, GrapeFruit etc)

Vitamin C is very essential for your Skin… It boosts the production of Collagen and Elastin which play a vital role in the Pore Shrinking Process!

Niacin (Vitamin B3): (Chicken, Peanuts, Tuna, Turkey, Eggs)

Niacin or Vitamin B3 is another very crucial ingredient for your Skin’s health. And you must add Niacin Rich Foods in your daily diet to make sure that you are getting enough the antidot for your Skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: (Leafy Green Vegetables, Citrus Fruits, Lemon, Oranges)

You must add this Super helpful sexy substance in your regular diet as well because it helps to add That magical Glow in your Skin that you’ve always been wanting to have.


It is a plant with fleshy roots, being eaten mostly in Korea (We all know and want to have perfect skin like those of Korean people. Right). Ginseng is an excellent antioxidant (You can use it as an alternate of coffee) which helps with anti-aging and fatigue as well. Other benefits of ginseng include its ability to maintain skin’s elasticity and it lengthens skin cell’s age as well. Other than its benefits to the skin, ginseng is great when it comes to dealing with problems like stress, diabetes, and sexual dysfunction as well.


Anchovies are small, saltwater forage fish which is not only a human food but is also used as fish bait. These are the fatty fishes that when consumed promotes the anti-aging process.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables is the best you can do for your skin. Having a fresh diet that has seasonal fruits and vegetables not only promotes this anti-aging process but plays an important in giving your skin the glow that you are looking for (Especially cabbage and broccoli are the best when it comes to anti-aging boosting. They work as a natural detox as well, providing your body a healthy atmosphere bringing tons of healthy benefits to it)

Vitamin C

Gentlemen! I’ve talked about Vitamin C under the heading of hair, immunity, and now again, under the heading, “Skincare tips for much better skin”. But how does Vitamin C helps you get much better skin? Actually, it neutralizes the free radicals and plays an important role in your skin’s natural regeneration process, healing all the damage. Citrus fruits like orange, kiwi, lemon, guava, grapefruit, and vegetables like, broccoli, cauliflower is a good source of Vitamin C.

I’ve Written an Entire Article on How to Get Glowing Skin in Just 4 Phases. Check it out Here: 4 Genius Tips to Get the Most Glowing Skin!

Skincare Mistake? Ahan. What about, 11 Skincare Tips to Have Much Better Skin in Just a Couple of Days?

And with that Being Said, I Here Conclude Today’s Article. So what’s your Take on this? What are some of the Men’s Skincare Mistakes that You think men Make a lot these days? Do you want me to address each of these Men’s Skincare Mistakes in detail? Do let me know about it on my Instagram (@worldofNyazi). Brothers, Today was all about, “13 Men’s Skincare Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 (Look Great in Days)”. And I will See guys in the Next One.


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