13 Practical Things Every Man Should do To Feel Good inside Out!

Do you want to feel good inside out? Do you want to keep all the negative thoughts away from your brain and achieve whatever goals you have in your mind? Are you looking for the best practices, things that can help you present the best side of yours to the world? If yes then keep reading because Gentlemen! Today’s topic is all about confidence and feeling Good!

Guys! You are amazing. And Good Lord I am not saying this just for the sake of saying this. I really mean it. But guess what? I’ve noticing a couple of habits and stuff you do that is stopping you multiplying your handsomeness. I posted an article about these habits recently and I recommend you all to check that out as well (12 Things You Should Quit to Multiply Your Handsomeness in 2020)

Alright, so coming back towards awesomeness and feeling good. Before going into the article and Discussing the 13 Magical things to do to always Feel Good about yourself, I want you to know that, Its alright to not to able to impress everyone in our lives. I mean, there will be people who are gonna support you and then there will be energy suckers. Later ones are just the trash can and they are gonna always stay where they are. Should you consider wasting your time thinking about them? Not at all.

You should instead keep yourself busy in your journey of constantly becoming the best version of yourself. Gentlemen! Today’s topic word to word, “13 Things Every Man Should do To Feel Good inside Out!”. Without any future ado, lets not waste the time and Hop right into it. Shall we?

SSS (Shed Some Sweat)

Should You go out and Keep standing under the Burning sun just to shed some sweat and eventually the tears of pain as well? Well, No! Thats definitely not what I want you to do. All I am saying is that, you should take some time out of your busy schedule (or maybe these are you are being super lazy, holiday season is going on, I don’t know, whatever) and push yourself to go to a running session.

Alright so it could be anything. You can go for a Cycle ride, 6 Kilometers of Intense cycling session, to get your brain to interact with your Heart to Pump blood and chill down a little bit later on when You sit down and recover from it.

And whats better than combining a Cardio session with a Decent workout? I mean, why Not! You don’t want to combine these? Ok. You can do One in the morning and One in the evening. That way You are ensuring and actually giving your mind triggers to feel relaxed and positive twice a day, which is really good for your mental health. It also helps a lot in case You are going through some tough times lately. You wanna feel Good about yourself? Well, working out is gonna ensure that You Look Your best and Your health stays On Point, plus a Good cardio session, OMG! Gentlemen! Are You kidding me? You are gonna feel Mega Good about yourself inside out. Trust me

Quit That One Thing

Ok, so this one could be difficult for some of you guys But trust me, it really pays Off, in terms of Self-empowerment, self-control and of course if your Goal is to feel good and accomplished.

So the first step here is to identity that One thing in your daily life that isn’t healthy or Good for you but you are Kinda addicted to it. Anything it could be, Drinking Alcohol, intense Smoking, masturbation, Thinking about a Girl which You know You should not be thinking about, etc.

Once You’ve pin Pointed that thing, I want you to write it down On some Paper, or on Your Cell Phone’s Notepad application. And Set a Goal for 30 days. During this Period You have to try your best to reduce the toxic habit of yours that You want to eliminate from your life completely. Let’s say it is Masturbation that You want to Quit. You can delay it by 2 days, then 3 days and eventually take it up-to maximum amount of days you can go in between The nutting session.

And I want you to know that Its Ok to Fail during this Period. Nobody is looking at You. Its just between you and yourself But do remember that If You manage to succeed by the end, then You are gonna come out as an Entirely different Person, much stronger, more Happy, Less Toxic and You know what the best part is? You are gonna feel good About yourself for Bashing the Hell out of something that was once controlling your thoughts and actions. Gentlemen! Congratulations, You Are back on the Control Panel.

Shower + Cologne + What?

Shower and cologne and What?

Hey! Look At me. Yes I am talking to you only. Who else Do you think is here, Nobody. Its just you and Me. Johnathan! I know that You have been trying to become a better version of yourself lately. I really appreciate your desire to Look Good and Feel amazing. Here are some recommendations for you My Guy:

I hear You. I know that You want me to give to a place to Start and their is absolutely nothing better than Starting with developing a Habit of showering every single day. Not only it actives your brain and Kinda refreshes Your brain, but it makes sure that your body is clean. Your Body is your temple Gentlemen! And You got to make sure that You are cleaning it every single day to Look and Feel Good.

And Once You are with the Shower session, I highly recommend you Guys to moisture your Body and then Apply your favorite Cologne on the Pulse Points. What are the Points and Why You should Apply cologne on your Pulse Points to Smell Great? I’ve written an Entire article talking about it (The Only 15 Fragrance Tips a Guy Would Ever Need):

“Don’t Spray it directly on your Clothes (specially if your cologne is on the darker side of colour and thicker nature) because their are oils in them due to which that cologne will definitely leave its mark on that Sexy Shirt and you will never want that to happen. Now you might be wondering what could possibly be the solution to this Problem.

Well its all about knowing and learning that where to apply Fragrance. On your Clothes? Its a Nah! On your whole body? Nah! On the Pulse Points? Yeah! Gentlemen! Pulse Points, its all about that. These are the areas where Blood vessels live just beneath the Skin. And when even a little pressure is applied on them, one can actually feel the heart beat… These ares are warm and that makes them an ideal Place to apply the Cologne on. Below is a sketch highlighting these Points/Areas:

You Don’t need to apply the Fragrance on all the Pulse Points just because they are so Fragrance friendly. Just apply it on the Areas Behind both of your Ears (1 Puff + 1 Puff), On the Wrist (1 Puff + 1 Puff), On your Elbow (1 Puff + 1 Puff) and thats pretty much it. You are covering almost all of the Pulse points by applying fragrance on the areas that i just mentioned.”

What Next? Is their something else that You can consider adding into the starter pack? Well, Yes their is. Gentlemen! Dress Up. I don’t care what Your profession is, whether You are a Doctor or an engineer, or a You-Tuber, You got to dress Up. Put on some Good clothes that Make You feel confident and Sexy, that Puts you in the best mood and Soon You are gonna start experiencing the Magic of it. Suddenly you will start feeling a wave amazingness inside You that can crush every difficult situation that you are going through maybe. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself and Once You do, don’t forget to let your brother know How it felt (Hit me up at my Instagram @wordofnyazi)

Deal with the Burnouts

Alright, so this one is very crucial. Let’s say You have been working a lot lately. Maybe You are attending a lot of Video calls (12 Tips for Guys to Look your Best on Video Call (Guaranteed), Possibilities are that Work Load is up these days and to cop up with the situations You work extra hard. Tough times, hah?

And things might get worse if somebody You wakeup, feeling down and Not wanting to work anymore on that particular. Guess what? Nobody is gonna feel bad about you for not being to show up on a Random day. So You got to keep grinding, every single day. For that, I recommend You to take short breaks in between the calls or work sessions.

You can set a timer for 30 minutes or so. After that, get up from the chair and take a 10 minutes break. You might wanna watch an episode of your favorite show or talk to a friend of Yours or Your Girl Maybe. Its all about relaxing your mind and Give it a refreshment session to make sure that You stay productive while minimizing the chances of burnouts.

Plan a Day out Every Week.

Just when You thought that I have nothing else to talk about the Downtime, Your Boy came back with another Banger and this time it is not a short break of 10 minutes. Guys! You deserve it. You’ve been working hard lately and this hectic schedule has somehow turned you into a Robot. I mean, you wakeup, wash your Face, moisturize, do Your hair and go to work after a Healthy breakfast. And then you are free somewhere in the Night. You then wash your face again, moisturize and go to Sleep. Doing this on repeat could become toxic and it might take away that Feeling of happiness from your day.

What to do to restore your Inner champ? 1 day a week, I want you to shut your files and throw them in a cupboard, lock it and Give them Keys to your Mother because you ain’t coming back before 24 hours. This is Your time. Call Your friends, Let your Better Half know that Today is the Day of Enjoyment.

I want you to spend this One day of the week, enjoying and Not thinking about the work. No business calls or meetings, whatsoever. Trust me guys, it is as important as any regular work day of yours. This you need to do to feel good inside out and trust me, you are gonna thank me for this later.

A New Way to Do your Skin Care

Modern Skin Care

I just realized that in the last Point I talked about washing your Face two times a day and then Moisturizing it. I am sure that all of you by Now Know the importance of having a skincare and How it help you feel Good about yourself. But today, your brother is going to tell you a secret method to wash your face that will ensure that You Skin stays The same for maximum passing years.

I am hearing You all. I want you to send me your problems at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and Your brother will come back to that too. Alright So the secret and the most effective way to Wash and Moisturize your Face, Hah?

All you need to do is to Grab your FaceWash (Make sure that it is made out of the best ingredients and also it is according to your skin type) and Apply it all over your Face, gently, in the circular Anti-Clockwise motion. And from the Cheeks and Neck area, I want you to go from down to up, instead of going upside down. And thats where the secret lies.

What happens is that throughout the entire day the Gravity just Kinda pull your Face towards it and with the down to up motion, you are ensuring an anti-gravity motion, decreasing the chances of wrinkles over the time, giving your face a Young look for the maximum amount of years. And when You look Good, you feel Good. That’s exactly what we are here for today. Right?

Another Secret Technique

Who Am i Kidding? I mean, you’ve already heard these things over and over again on the internet. But I am sure Very less creators actually tell You How to do that. I am talking about counting all the Positive things you have been blessed with Gentlemen. Alright so for this, I want you to Grab a Notebook and make a Table. One side of it should say, Blessings/Achievements and other side of it should state your Goals.

And then against your Goals I want you to write down the steps required to Achieve that particular goal. Now I want you to write down 1 blessing/Achievement and 1 short Goal every single day. And I want you to try to complete that mini goal that You’ve written down on a particular day.

And I want you to think about that one blessing before Going to Bed. Don’t forget to Tick mark the point against your goal. Seeing that blessing and thinking about it will make You feel good before going to bed and you will sleep better because of it. Better sleep means You will have better skin, hair and overall health which indeed is something that will make You feel Good as thats something that is adding up into your physical attractiveness.

And When You wakeup and see that one Short goal that you achieved yesterday, it will make You happy and motivate you to complete the next step. And yes don’t forget to write down today’s goal that you have to achieve today. Soon You will realize your goals will start turning into your achievements and You will have even More things to be happy and Feel good about. And that’s exactly what we want.

Sleep in a Cave

Well, Not actually. All I want you to do is to make sure that You are sleeping in a Room where their is least amount of the light when You are about to sleep. Why? And How is it related to feeling Good about yourself inside out, blah blah.

Alright, let me explain. So what Happens is that when You sleep in the dark, Your body releases a Hormone called, Melatonin which relaxes your body and let the background processes Go smooth, muscle recovery and a couple of other useful stuff. And then when You wakeup, you rise feeling much better. Sleeping on its own is very useful for your health and fitness.

Guys do make sure that Your room temperature is Low and You are wearing comfortable clothes as these are the key elements along with Dark environment to give you a Baby sleep tonight. This will allow You to wakeup feeling Good, super motivated and active as well. More on Sleep Here (13 Brutally Simple Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels (Proven!)):

It’s not just about laying on the bed for 7 hours and thinking that you have increased your testosterone… Theirs some more to it. You know those Sleep sessions when you wake up super relaxed and Light? Yeah! Thats what I am talking about. Again. If you are stressing over something then my friend I don’t think so that you will be able to get a good quality sleep… I am gonna give out Some tips that you can apply to get a Quality Sleep (I will be writing a detailed post on this topic as well real soon!).

Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the day because the caffeine helps you wake up which means that it won’t let you sleep properly in the Night. Hence, avoid caffeine in the evening or At night time.

Increase Bright Light Exposure During the Day and Reduce the Blue Light exposure in the evening / Night .. Put your Phone aside and don’t use it when the Lights of your room are switched off. Using the phone in the dark is gonna have a negative effect on your eyesight plus it is eating your Sleep time as well. You must put all of your Digital devices away at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

I recommend that you put your Phone on Table that is far away from your bed because I know that sometimes you want to grab your Cellphone again and again… But if you place it far away then you will have to get up and reach the table to grab your cellphone… Getting up is actually a resistance and a Barrier that is surely gonna Help.

Maintain Room’s Temperature at 60 – 67 Degree Fahrenheit because thats considered to be ideal temperature. Lowering your body’s temperate before going to bed is proven to give you a Baby sleep.

Courtesy: 13 Brutally Simple Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels (Proven)

30 Days Challenge

30 Days Challenge

It could be anything, maybe You are scared of talking to People, or maybe You have this of presenting in front of a Big audience. Chances are that You are afraid to confront others or Let say You are afraid of trying something New. Well Keeping in Mind that their isn’t a medical condition or phobia, I want you to try to put your emotions down, that I am sure are gonna go into Fight or flight mode a lot of times during the next days, and go for it with your full potential.

Start from Tomorrow and mark your progress down for the next 30 days. And yes You can Sundays Off. Do it over and over again. What happens to you when You try pushing yourself forward, against something your mind is preventing you to push against?

It triggers a powerful emotion, a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of Joy and even if you are unable to achieve the target by the end of the next 30 days, still You are gonna come out as a much better Man who will more confident about his abilities. You Now Know that it isn’t that scary and difficult and Maybe You end up trying to do it again for like let’s say 15 more days.

Guys, these are little things but when you examine the impact they have on your personality and capabilities then You will be blown away and I am not kidding at the moment.

Eliminate John and John Type Feelings

It is as simple as it Sounds. Guys! You are one Amazing Son of a Good Mother and I want you to stay the same. I know that You’ve trying to do this Youtube thing lately and everyone in your friend’s group is Kinda Making a fun out of you to a level that it has started bothering you.

Friends are A€€Holes But guess what? When You start hearing Some friends who are constantly talking shit about you behind your back as well, making fun of your projects and Hustle and when they are with you, they are constantly laughing at You, not letting you Grow then You my friend need to think about your Friends circle once again.

Guys! I am Not in a Mood to Make Jokes because this has been bothering me a lot. You as I told You before as well, are the shining star of Future and these A€€Holes are stopping You from achieving your end goal. They can possibly get you into quitting as well and that’s exactly what I don’t want you to do. Instead, stop listening to them, stop spending time with them. If your friends are being constant A€€Holes, let them Go. Its as simple as that. Cold, maybe, but you got to do what you got to do.

And then come those Toxic thoughts, My God! What else do You want from me other than all of this? I mean, these thoughts are clearly toxic and can lead you into depression, anxiety and chances are You end up killing yourself over some stupid thought. Talk to somebody about that and The best you can do is not to think about it from the start. Just let it be there and As soon as it will realize that You are welcoming it, disappearing and going away will be the only option that negative thought will be left with.

Ever Heard about a Hug?

Gentlemen! It has been proven that Physical touch can lead to feeling Good. Hey! It needs not to be with a Girl Only or with your crush that You want to date. What about your brother? Your friend? Or your mother? Your sister? These are truly the ones you can Look up to when you need someone on your back.

And if You are a Married Guy, you can always hug your better half to feel relaxed. Say what is built up in your heart. Say it out my friend. Billy, Your friend is really worried because you are looking Sad these days. Hug him and cry the shit out of your heart. Trust me it will relax you And Make You feel Good about yourself. Where are all My brothers who are suffering from anxiety and Depression, Look at me. Your Brother Nyazi is here for You and You can Hug me virtually anytime of the day. I won’t judge. Ever! (Hit me up on my Instagram @worldofnyazi, in Case You want to say your heart out to your brother).

You are Lacking, Self-Love!

Self love

Feeling of Inferiority, Thinking of yourself as not being capable enough, Avoiding yourself, Letting your chest and back hair Grow, letting your hair grow without keeping a check, not taking care of your facial hair, eating Unhealthy food and Not caring about the One pack You have because of all the Unhealthy Food You are eating lately, Dressing up Like a Piece of Shit, etc. This is not Modesty.

This surely isn’t Simplicity too. It comes under the heading of “Not Loving yourself”. Gentlemen! Before actually loving anyone else, that girl who You call your wife or maybe You want to marry this girl in the future and right Now you are in love with her, Your career, everything is great and important at its place. But it all comes after your own personal self.

You got to eat Healthy Food to Look good, You got to Look Good to feel confident, You Got to Feel Confident to be able to Rock every Sexy outfit that You will be wearing in the future, You need to be wearing a sexy Outfit to receive a tons of compliments and combine that with a Masculine Body of yours, you going to definitely feel good about yourself inside out. It all starts with Loving yourself and Putting yourself in the first Place.

Upgrade Your Style

Unless and Until Your Goal is to Be featured in a Random Episode of a TV Channel that features Men who Love to Dress Nice yet their style is more likely about 70s and all, You should consider upgrading with time.

Get yourself that Denim Jacket, Get yourself this Newly released Hoodie, and Guess what? Essentials remain almost the same But who knows? Who knows when a New Kinda jacket comes and makes it place parallel to a leather jacket? Who knows when Plain white T shirt gets his place taken Over by another pair of garment much sexy and aesthetic. So Keep an eye on all of that, Follow Your Boy on your own Blog thatwowman.com and You are never going to miss any fashion related updates, in sha Allah.

With that Being said, I here conclude My today’s topic, “13 Things Every Man Should do To Feel Good inside Out!”. So what’s your take on this? What do You think should a Man to feel good about himself inside out? Do let me Know about me at My Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will back at You next time with another article.


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