13 Reasons Girls Don’t Want to Talk to You (Stop This Now!)

Hey Guys! Today we will talk about the things that make you resistible. So basically it’s all about the reasons girls don’t want to talk to you!

The main focus of my article is on the reasons why you repel people away from you (specifically the opposite sex).

Chances are that you want to talk to this girl that you like. You want to make her your wife (love of your life) but Hey! What about her? Does she like you back?

Well, to know that, you need to first make sure that she gets ready to talk to you.

I’ve been told by your friends that She doesn’t even want to talk to you. Heck! No girl wants to talk to you (at least most of them). What are the reasons behind this? We shall talk about that in today’s article.

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With all that being said, let’s put everything aside now and answer the questions that you’ve been asking from Google forever.

Your Questions:

  • Why Does no Girl Like me?
  • No girl shows interest in me. Why?
  • Girls talk to everyone except me. Why?
  • Why Don’t girls talk to me?

Today’s article is formulated, keeping all these questions in mind. I am about to share with you 13 Reasons why girls run away from you/don’t want to talk to you. After knowing these reasons you can get rid of all of these bad habits/traits of yours.

And once you get that done, you can not only improve your likability score but you can also become a much attractive person overall too.

So without any further ado, let’s get straight into the list of reasons. Shall we?

Reasons Girls Don’t Want to Talk to You/Reasons No Girl likes you

  • You Dress up Super Weird
  • Your Reputation is Bad
  • Ugly Talking is one of the reasons too
  • You are Super Solid
  • Your Friends are the Reason
  • You are not Funny
  • Your Collection of Crappy Fragrances
  • Your Perspectives are too “Manly”
  • You are too Handsome
  • You are too Needy (Clingy)
  • Childishness
  • You consider Grooming a feminine thing
  • Your Breathe Smells Super Bad

And thats it. These are the list of reasons which in my opinion, are behind you not being able to talk to the girl that you like. If you correct these mistakes your chances of getting her to talk to you, will increase dramatically!

Let’s get deep into each of these and discuss what’s these have in stored for all of us. Shall we?

1: You Dress up Super Weird

You Dress up Super Weird

Its pretty much self-explanatory. Isn’t it?

Look, I know that fashion changes. And with the change in fashion & trends, you got to adapt to that fashion in order to look relatable.

That said, you need to understand that not all trends need to be taken seriously.

Especially the ones that require you to wear sheer tops and super oversized shirts & pants.

Things just don’t end there. Yeah, I know that those sneakers are the love of your life. But just look at those for a second. They are ultra Huge!

Don’t hate me please but even if you do, still I will say the same exact thing. “They are ultra Huge”. And they are not looking Good with your Weird pants and Super oversized shirt.

You need a style makeover so bad!

Just look at yourself. You are one handsome Human being. But due to all of these style choices, you are ruining what God has given to you. And this sucks & hurts both at the same time.

I want you to understand that the way you carry yourself determines whether people will like to hang out with you or not. Look, I know that I am a firm believer in the fact that, “What will people say” is a false statement and it should be avoided almost every time. However, you need to make sure that you are at least doing something that looks good on you.

Your good can be different from my good. But in a parallel universe aesthetics is a thing. You need to make sure that you are looking aesthetically put together.

The color of your clothes should somehow look good with the color of your sneakers. And the clothing pieces that you choose should look cool, sexy, or classy on you. Otherwise, there is no need to wear them.

You, wearing items just because they are in trend, makes no sense to me. And not to the girls as well. You want to talk to this girl who hates your appearance just like most people do. You should be looking like Dope AF but instead, you are looking like a Slob. Nah! This isn’t going to work that way. Change it!

2: Your Reputation is Bad

Next in the list of Reasons Girls don’t want to talk to you/Reasons No Girl Likes you is, “Your Reputation”.

They Call you, “The BADASS”.

But Hey! In what sense do they call you that.

  • Are you the most badass bad boy ever? (Looks Good all the time and stays focused)

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  • Or you are badass in terms of all the wrong means (Hoots and teases girls & looks like a Rapper)

Which one of these are you? If you are the former one then Salute to you but if you are the Later one then, Nah! You got to change a thing or two about yourself.

Forget about that for a second!

The thing is, your reputation plays a key role in determining your future. The new connections that you are going to make, the girl that you want to talk to, Objectives that you want to fulfill (Your goals), all of this depends on your reputation.

If you are known & called by all the wrong names then things may (inside your head) look cool but in reality, you are in a trap. You are stuck in a trap where nobody wants to come. Heck! No one wants to rescue you as well. Everyone has their own problems that they are dealing with. They don’t want more shit in their life.

So basically if you are:

  • Known as a Drug Dealer
  • People call you by all the wrong names
  • You catcall
  • Do negative stuff, steal, whatever

then your chances of getting her to talk to you will immediately go down to a -10. Why? Because nobody wants to associate themselves with somebody who has a bad reputation. So before searching for ways to get her to like you, search for the ways to correct your reputation (will write about that too, soon).

3: You Talk Ugly

The way you talk shows what kind of a person you are.

I am not going into your knowledge, perspectives, and point of view (will talk about that later in the article). But hey! the way you deliver words out of your mouth has an impact on your likeability score.

Imagine someone talking loudly, abusing, laughing loudly, and greeting people in a very uncivilized way.

On the other hand, imagine somebody talking decently, his pitch sounds perfect, his tone is well put together too, and his way of greeting people is also very classy.

Which one of the above-mentioned dudes will you LIKE? Nah! No Homo bro. It’s just about the general likability. So Yeah, choose your side.

I will for sure pick the later one. Reasons?

  • His way of talking shows that he is a decent guy
  • His way of talking shows that he is calm and he knows what he is doing

Both of the above-given reasons are exactly what a girl has in his mind to talk to the later dude. And these are the exact same reasons why girls don’t want to talk to you.

Your Pitch, the way you talk, and stuff like that are some of the reasons why girls don’t want to talk to you. Thats exactly why girls don’t like you.

By changing these reasons, you can ultimately increase your chances of getting her to talk to you and change her perspective about you.

Things to do

I recommend you to work on the following things to have a better talking style:

  • Work on your Voice (Talk slow and make sure that your words are delivered clearly)
  • Avoid including filler words and stop swearing because it sucks!
  • Smile while talking as it shows that you are a friendly person. It plays an essential role in increasing your likability score
  • Control your gestures while talking. Use them but make sure that you are not covering too much as it looks & sounds loud which is very unattractive

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4: You are Super Weird

You are Super Weird

Next in the list of Reasons Girls don’t want to talk to you/Reasons Girls don’t like you is, “Your Weird Attitude”.

Look, I want you to get out of the fairy tales. Yeah, I know that you have been told that the tougher you are, the better it is for you.

However, staying stiff and not having any expression on your face other than “THAT ATTITUDE FACE” can be one of the reasons why girls don’t want to talk to you.

Heck! It isn’t about the girls only. Even boys too. What do you think, why do people call you arrogant and self-centered? It’s clear from the fact that you dress good and for sure you have managed to work on your grooming to look super handsome as well.

But just because of your attitude and that straight expression-less face of yours, nobody wants to come to talk to you. Yeah, I know that you do not do this out of pride or something like that. You do it because you think it is attractive.

In the reality, it isn’t. You need to show the variation to the public. You need to smile, laugh, show humanity, as well, in order to send a message to the community that, “Yo! I am a Handsome guy who has a personality too”.

Always remember, girls, do not just look for the looks. They always want to be with a man who has stunning looks along with a great personality as well. But that straight face of yours shows something else.

5: Your Friends are the Reason

Alright, this might sound harsh to you. And I am so sorry (in advance) for hurting your feelings But it is what it is. Your friends are the reasons why girls don’t want to talk to you.

Now before saying, “Fuck Girls! I am happy with my homies”, I want you to understand this one thing.

It isn’t about her, it is about you. Yeah, you are wrong here. Ok, quit this page if you want to but I am gonna say the truth no matter what.

And with all these great traits of your friends, you still want to block me and that innocent girl?

Alright then, Do it. You are one the who do not deserve us.

Look, these friends are going to leave you one day. What do you think about them? Will they stay the same always? Heck No! They are going to get better and the moment they do, they are gonna leave the crew. And you will be left alone sitting & crying.

I want you to be the game-changer. Alright, try & educate them. Try to change them and if they are not willing to do so then you need to quit. Please. For yourself and in order to be able to become likable, you got to do this bro.

6: You are Not Funny

Next in the List of Reasons Girls Don’t Want to Talk to You/Reasons Girls don’t like you is, “Your Sense of Humor”.

Your sense of humor determines whether she considers you likeable or not.

I’ve seen you joking around with your homies. And trust me, the only time I watched the whole group laughing was when someone cracked a super dirty racist joke.

I know that dark humor is famous and I also understand that “funny” is different for all of us. But you need to understand the fact that being funny, understanding funny, and delivering the funny, are the things that determine whether you are likable or not.

You want me to tell you one of the main reasons why girls don’t like you? It’s because you have no sense of humor or maybe your sense of humor is crazy stupid or ugly. By fixing your sense of humor you can actually increase the chances of impressing the girl that you like!

Tips to become Funny

I’ve found this amazing article written by an awesome writer at Social Triggers (HOW TO BE FUNNY: 7 INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS). I recommend you all to check that out as it is definitely going to help you become funnier. And we already know, the funnier you are, the more attractive you become!

My favourite Phrase out of that Article? It’s given below:

Being Funny Starts with Being Confident

7: You own Crappy Fragrances

You own Crappy Fragrances

Next in the list of Reasons Girls Don’t want to talk to you/Reasons Girls don’t like you is, “Your range of crappy fragrances”.

I am nobody to critique your choice in Fragrance. But I had written this article about fragrances in which I discussed:

  • How to properly apply the fragrance
  • Which fragrance should you wear?
  • How fragrance is going to change your entire life (for good)!

Check out that article here: The Only 15 Fragrance Tips a Guy Would Ever Need!

Alright. So are you wearing AXE? Look, I understand the craze of AXE. I also realize that who Loves AXE, loves AXE. But at the end of the day, AXE isn’t a cologne. It is just a body spray that you can apply before going to the gym.

Guys! You do not apply any fragrance, smell yourself (thats good), and that says, “Ok! I am good to go”.

How is Fragrance a Game Changer?

You need to do your research. There are different fragrances on the basis of weather conditions, season, even on the basis of time of the day as well.

But at least make sure that you are not:

  • Applying too much
  • Or too little

As both of this suck. Girls don’t want to stand next to the guy who smells like a perfume bottle and I am 200% sure that they do not want to stand next to the guy who smells dirty (because he hasn’t applied any fragrance at all), as well.

I still know a bunch of dudes who believe that their natural scent is enough. They think that they do not smell bad. Nah! Please, apply cologne to smell good, and not because you do not want to smell bad.

There is a deodorant for the latter that you apply in the night or maybe spray before going to the gym. When you are about to go out then the only thing that you should pick up is a bottle of Cologne.

8: Your Perspectives are Just too Manly

I can explain the title.

I know that I promote being manly, almost all the time


11 Tips for Guys to Sound Sexy and Manly
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15 Things any Man can do to Look MANLY

But here when I said, “Your perspectives are just too manly”, what I meant was the fact that your perspectives are too rigid.

We consider being manly as being stiff and following a regimen strictly. However, manly men need to have a flexible personality in terms of their perspectives at least.

I have seen a lot of men who look super rigid but then they talk and express themselves. They come out to be super flexible and to be honest, thats very attractive! And thats exactly what girls are looking for. They want to be with a man who is flexible from the inside and rigid from the outside.

But there you are standing next to this super-attractive dude. Hey! Why are you being this rigid? Why are you not ready to listen to someone else’s perspectives? You are correct? Alright. If you are so confident about your believes and point of view then why are you not willing to listen to someone with a different point of view than yours. Are you afraid of seeing the truth about your perspective?

Your perspective needs to be less Manly. Living on the extremes is what makes you unattractive. No girl wants to be with a guy who has this kind of personality. Having an element of flexibility inside yourself is what’s going to separate you from the rest of, “so-called masculine personality men”.

Here’s how to look really masculine (10000% attractiveness alert)

9: You are too Handsome (Fixable)

Next in the list of reasons girls don’t like you/reasons girls don’t want to talk to you is, “Your handsomeness”.

Let me tell you something, your good looks can also be one of the reasons why girls run away from you.

  • Girls run away from you (do not want to talk to you) because they think that you are too handsome and too many handsome men are usually Playboys.
  • They don’t want to talk to you because of the inferiority complex. They don’t want to look bad standing next to you

You can fix the first one very easily by having a great personality.

Above are some of the things that can change her point of view towards you. And these things can make her want to consider talking to you. All you need to do is to make sure that you are not flirting with the girls. Heck, I do believe that flirting never gives you a positive outcome, so it must be avoided by all means.

But yeah, at the end of the day, chances are that still she does not believes you. She might think that you can’t be single. Why? Because of your Good looks & Great Style.

Dude! It is what it is! Be thankful to God for making you so much handsome. There are gazillion other girls. What if Amna rejected you because she thinks you are a flirt. You will find someone better than her, trust me!

10: You are too Needy (Clingy)

You are too Needy (Clingy)

Do Hell with you and your Clinginess.

One of the very very possible reasons why she is never going to talk to you again is because of your habit of constantly bothering people.

I know that you do not do it on purpose and that it’s something that is part of your nature. But hey! It is what it is. If you are acting weird, then you are weird. They don’t care if you are doing it pre-planned or it’s something included in your nature.

Alright, I want to ask this question from you.

“Will you want to talk to somebody who is being clingy and needy?”

I am sure you will want to throw him away, maybe in a trash can, if you can.

Thats exactly what a girl wants to do when a guy acts super weird around her. They don’t want to stick to them. Give her some space bro. I understand that you like her and you have good intentions for her. You will tell your mom about her and You for sure want to marry her as well. But guess what? to get to that stage you need her to like you. Right?

And in order to her to like you, their has to be some conversation between you. Right?

In order for a healthy conversation to happen, you need to act normal and not clingy. So yeah, things start and end just at the point where your personality starts. Avoid being needy. Stop asking for continuous attention. Stop finding ways to talk to her. Focus on your goals and talk to her only when you have something solid to say.

Please do not lose your respect by being needy. You deserve a lot of respect. Please do not murder it with your own hands.

11: You are too Childish

Next in the list of reasons girls don’t want to talk to you/reasons girls don’t like you is, “Your childish nature”.

Forgive me once again.

Look, I said sorry to you when I was talking about your friends being the reason why girls do not like you. And this is the second time I am saying sorry to you.

Why? Because there will be a discussion of Anime, your favorite cartoon, the childhood addictions that you have till this point, etc.

Look, I understand that you are so addicted to Cartoons or maybe you have this craze of cars, watches, etc.

I get it. I understand where you are coming from. However, you need to understand that, your discussions and conversations must not have your addictions. Or even if you have them in your discussions, these must not cover the maximum part of it.

Because if you will talk about your addiction (healthy ones, cartoons, etc), all the time then the other person will get bored of you. They will put a label on you (Childish) and that’s super unattractive.

Do you want Alisha to put such a label on you? Do you want her to not talk to you just because of these addictions? If No then you need to learn to make your conversations mature.

Immature Point of Views

Alright, we discussed talking about cartoons or stuff that you like the most. And you promised to work on this area. But what about your immature point of view?

Again, I understand that every guy has his own point of view and I have no right to call someone’s point of view immature or incorrect. But sometimes, a person’s point of view is really immature. And one can easily identify the fact that he is not a mature person at all.

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How to fix this?

It’s easy if you stay consistent and tough if you are motivated for a moment, and the next moment you come back to your previous (immature) state.

I want you to study different topics. Knowledge and information are the two things that have the power to change not just your point of view about life but other people’s point of view about you as well.

12: You consider Grooming a Feminine Thing

Applying Nail Paint on your Fingers can be called a Feminine thing but, NAH! you can put the entire “Grooming” thing into the list of Feminine things.

Boys need to groom themselves. They need to make sure that their facial hair looks good. Their hairstyle, yeah, that matters a lot as well.

And what about your body hair, back hair (remove Them ASAP), and a couple of other aspects? Take care of them, bro. Hear me, just by taking care of these little aspects you can take your handsomeness game from 6/10 to a 9.5/10 in no time.

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13: Your Breath Smells Bad

Your Breath Smells Bad

And last but not least in the List of reasons girls don’t want to talk to you/reasons girls don’t like you is, “Your breath”.

Don’t worry. We are gonna fix this in just a week. Don’t worry. (In case you have some sort of oral infection or something then you must go to the doctor. Don’t avoid it if you have been told that the only negative effect it has is bad breath. It isn’t only, it’s a lot!)

  • Brush your teeth 2 times a day (at least 1 minute per session)
  • Floss. Do not forget to floss your teeth
  • Use mouthwash as well. It really helps in killing the bacteria that are not good for your mouth
  • Chew on some sugar-free gum or cardamom. Later is my personal favorite. It refreshes your breath in no time.

And thats it. With all that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts regarding this list of reasons girls don’t like you/reasons girls don’t want to talk to you? I am sure you will have one more or more of these reasons (habits) included in your personality. Fix these only and you, my friend, will definitely notice a massive improvement in your likability score.

Gentlemen! This was, “13 Reasons Girls Don’t Want to Talk to You (Stop This Now!)”. My Name is Nyazi (@worldofnyazi) and we shall see you guys in another one,


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