13 Self-Destroying Mistakes Guys make while staying at Home!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about some self-destroying mistakes that guys make when they have no plans to leave the house for the next couple of days.

The goal here is to discuss the mistakes that men seem to make when they are staying at home.

Ok, so maybe you head over to attend a gym session or something, but the main point here is to discuss the mistakes that most guys make when they are on a break or something.

Maybe these are your holidays or something. Chances are that you’ve taken a leave from your office. Well, whatever it is, the ending line says, “You are staying home and making some mistakes that can turn out to be self-destroying!”.

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Ok, let’s talk about today’s article now. Shall we?

Alright, so you plan to stay at home for the next couple of days. Hah? Well, I highly recommend you stick around because we are about to discuss some of the most common mistakes that guys make when they are at home. These mistakes can have their effects lasted permanently on your personality so you definitely need to find a way to get rid of them!

Self-Destroying Mistakes Guys make while staying at Home/Mistakes guys make when they are stuck at home

  • Watching porn over and over again.
  • Thinking about things you can’t change.
  • Sleeping late.
  • Watching motivational content.
  • Getting in touch with toxic people (again).
  • Taking days off from your regular skincare routine.
  • Following just another DIY hack.
  • Letting your curiosity rule over you.
  • Being super lazy.
  • Trash shopping.
  • Giving it up to the dirty diet.
  • Drinking alcohol & smoking cigarettes.
  • Falling in love with the off-days.

That’s pretty much it.

Let’s get into each of these self-destroying mistakes to learn about them in detail now. Shall we?

1: Watching porn over and over again.

 porn over and over again.

Alright, so you have no plans to go to the office tomorrow. Hah?

Chances are that you have no specific plans for the upcoming days. Well, thats great!

But wait a minute… Your face is telling me a story that I don’t want to believe… What? So you are planning to watch porn tonight? And tomorrow as well?

Oh, come on now! Can’t you think about some other thing, something productive instead? All that you could come up with was watching porn to enjoy these days off?

You can definitely do much better than this. Let me tell you something, I am pretty sure you remember those days when you are obsessed with watching porn. You were unable to help yourself in your goal to quit this addiction.

You were so much into it that you used to watch porn in your office as well. I mean, WTF?

The problem here is that if you started watching porn again, chances are that you end up getting addicted to it once again. What are you going to do then?

So it’s better to skip this idea and try to think about something else to do tonight. You can play some video games or maybe watch an interesting documentary. I would recommend you to listen to an audiobook or maybe make some plans for upcoming days. That way you will become much more efficient, resulting in much better performance!

2: Thinking about things you can’t change.

So the next one on the list of Self-Destroying Mistakes Guys make while staying at Home/Mistakes guys make when they are stuck at home is to think about the past/things you can’t change.

Overthinking is a habit that can ruin your mental health, leaving you hollow. You know what? Thinking about things you can’t change is going to do nothing but lead you to mental sickness.

You did this mistake in the past that you try your level best not to think about. Trying to stay busy all the time was the strategy that you adopted to get your mind off of that incident. But here you are, free again, and you’ve already started to think about what you did in the past and what loss that did bring to you.

Look, things you can’t change, things that you had done in the past, are what you should never think about. As you are only going to make up stories around the possibilities and then you are going to get automated negative thoughts which eventually are going to lead to severe mental problems like anxiety and depression.

It’s better to stop now than to suffer later.

3: Sleeping Late.

And you are super excited because you can finally sleep at night for the next 2-3 days. Yay!

Not exactly is that a “Yay” because you are indirectly taking yourself to the place where you might not be able to come back from.

Look, you already know how it used to be when you were sleeping late at night. It makes your eyes ugly, brings those huge dark circles around your eyes, and it for sure has a lot of negative effects on your entire face and energy levels as well.

But you managed to break that habit of yours. And you opted for this new way of living, sleeping early and completing the 7 hours of sleep cycle! The effects of this new lifestyle are prominent on your face and your health as well.

Wait a minute!

So you are telling me that you want to go back to that lifestyle of yours from the past? Oh No! Trust me on this Boy, you might end up getting addicted to that again, and then you are going to end up becoming ugly and lazy as well.

  • Your eyes + the entire face of yours will suffer
  • The same goes for your urge and desire to work. You will be wanting to sleep in the morning because you were using your phone till 2, the night before.

Do you want all of that to happen? If “No” is your answer then please skip this idea of sleeping late.

4: Watching motivational content.

4 Watching motivational content.

Do you love to watch motivational content, hah?

It used to come in your recommendation section all the time but you were too busy at work that you weren’t able to take the time out to watch that video titled, “This video will change your life”. I am talking about that video with a great motivational thumbnail.


Well, let me tell you something. This amazing motivational video you are planning to watch could become a self-destroying mistake that you might regret in the future.

Let me explain.

Motivational content makes you happy and it moves you as well. Chances are you are doing a day job at the moment and you are planning to take your plans to the next level as well.

But this damn motivational video is going to talk so loud that you now want to start your own business with the help of this idea that you have already had for 4 years.

Motivational content and its destructive nature!

The only thing that was lacking was a motivational drive. And thankfully this video has come to you. You now have this drive to throw the resignation letter on your boss’s face. But you are going to do that after watching another motivational video.

Another one…

And one more……

This goes on and on. You are not going to take any step towards freedom because you are too busy to watch motivational content and take down the notes of the greatest things in life. They are getting paid people like you are watching and getting this feeling of “fulfillment” without doing anything, but just because such type of content is making them happy and driven, they are going to watch it over and over again.

I don’t want you to get trapped in such a situation. Look, my friend, the real motivation is going to come from the inside, from taking steps and achieving the short successes… Go for that kind of motivation, the practical one, and not the one that makes you an addict of own self.

5: Getting in touch with toxic people (again).

The next one on the list of Self-Destroying Mistakes Guys make while staying at Home/Mistakes guys make when they are stuck at home is to get in touch with the toxic people.

You were friends with Ali, Ahmed, and Saqib. Needless to say, they were quite toxic. They used to stop you from progressing and the only thing they loved talking about was the infamous, “How to impress a girl“.

Ok, I know there is nothing bad in that but this good thing becomes bad when this is the only thing that you want to do in your life.

No goals, no objective, just girls and being lazy all the time.

And that was the reason you decided to get busy. They were mad at you for being serious in life and for that reason you guys had a huge fight as well.

Although the issue was resolved, a distance started to live between you and the 3 of them.

Now that you are free, why not contact them again and invite them over?

But wait a minute. You already know that they haven’t changed, not even a little. Right? You know that they are going to talk about the same thing that they used to do, all the time.

Plus what if they become successful in convincing you to leave this serious life and get back to what you were before? Well, that sounds seriously destructive.

So do you want to make such a self-destructive mistake while you are stuck at home? I am pretty sure your answer is No, so please avoid getting in touch with your toxic friends even if you have plenty of free time in your hands.

6: Taking days off from your regular skincare routine.

Ok, so because you are staying at home for the next couple of days, you are thinking about taking a day off from your regular skincare routine.

After all, how much of a mess could that be… Not even a little, right?

Well, yes, it won’t be a big loss, but it surely can become a habit. And now that you already have missed a day, you’ve become vulnerable to take another day off.

It’s all about the mindset my brother. And after all why taking a day off of your skincare routine? In fact, you should utilize this time to look for better skincare products that are available in the market.

You need to search for ways to improve your skin and hair, plus overall health as well. And instead of doing that, you are planning to skip your already set skincare routine? No bro, that isn’t a good option to go with.

7: Following just another DIY hack.

Following just another DIY hack.

But wait…

When I said, “Search for new ways to make your skin and hair better”, I definitely didn’t mean, looking for more DIY hacks and tips to improve your skin and hair.

Look, I understand that there are a lot of working DIY hacks out there that can really help you get better skin/hair. But at the end of the day, you just can’t identify or pinpoint the right ones (that works for you) in the ocean of millions of DIY hacks available on the internet.

So it’s better to stick to your skincare routine only and try to make it as good as you can. Search for the better quality skincare products available in the market that suit your skin type. By doing that you are indirectly helping your skin become perfect in less than time than before.

Do try face masks as well but again, don’t go with just another DIY Face mask as you never know which DIY face mask ends up causing a severe negative reaction on your face.

8: Letting your curiosity rule over you.

Gentlemen! I am your brother who is trying to help you have a better life. What is a better life? A Life in which you are the hero of the story. I want you to look good and stay safe both at the same time.

But recently I have discovered that your interest in weird things is increasing. You have been searching on the internet using the keywords “Dark Web”, etc.

Guess what? Your curiosity and your goal to explore this mysterious dark web can ruin your life! You might end up getting into a big problem. So it’s better to control your curiosity and stick to the regular content mediums.

Yes, search for interesting topics but please never try to risk your privacy by going to the places where you might end up being responsible for causing harm to yourself or someone close to you.

9: Being super lazy.

The next one in the list of Self-Destroying Mistakes Guys make while staying at Home/Mistakes guys make when they are stuck at home is to be lazy.

Ok, now champ. So you are doing literally nothing. You are utilizing this free time very well by doing nothing? Ahh, come one.

You are so boring. I remember when you used to say stuff like, “I want to do this when I am free… I will definitely do that when I will have enough time”.

Now what?

You have plenty of time now but you aren’t willing to do anything productive, all that you wanted to do once. And the only thing you’ve decided to do is to be lazy.

Ok, I understand the importance of being lazy and I do believe that sometimes it is very necessary to be lazy. But let me tell you something, I want you to level up.

And to do that, you need a master plan. I want you to learn this skill that is known to make you independent. You always wanted to quit your job. Right? What If I told you that you can utilize these days to learn this skill or at least make a routine to learn a little of it on the daily basis?

By doing that you are eventually going to end up becoming a master and then you can use this skill to quit your job and have as much free time as you want. Being lazy then won’t be a bad idea, trust me.

10: Trash Shopping.

Trash Shopping.

I won’t blame you alone for this one.

We all end up using our phones, scrolling through the feed, and checking out the random e-commerce items when we are free.

Within no time this random scrolling becomes a shopping spree! Yes, the interesting new techniques of marketing that are being online influences people to make a purchase right away.

That’s called trash shopping. You see an item and fall in love with it and without thinking much, you end up purchasing it. No matter how overpriced it is, no matter how much this purchase is going to make you suffer. You don’t give a crap about any of these things!

This habit of yours is probably one of the worst ones from this entire list of self-destructive mistakes people make while staying at home because it might make you a lot of money!

11: Giving it up to the dirty diet.

You are free and you have 3 days off as well.

Now what? You want to do whatever you want to do. Everything seems to be boring to you now. But you are excited as well as you know that you can do whatever you want.

But what is it that you want to do at this specific moment? What?

So you want to eat junk food? You want to eat those yummy burgers. Hah? Guess what? Your plans to eat a dirty diet are going to make you fat only. You are eventually going to end up getting addicted to these fast food items and one day you are going to find yourself in this infinite loop of “wanting to eat more” and “guilt of eating more”.

12: Drinking alcohol & smoking cigarettes.

So you think that it was ok to drink alcohol and smoke as many cigarettes as you want because you have enough of the time in your hands?

You should stay away from these as they are highly addictive and you might end up picking the habit of drinking these trash items.

Why should you not let these items become a habit of yours?

  • Drinking causes inflammatory damage.
  • Messes up your digestive system.
  • Affects your sexual and reproductive health as well.
  • Damages your immune system as well.
  • Do you want your skin to get dehydrated and finally end up looking dry and ugly? The same goes for your hair as well. So, do you?
  • etc…

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  • It negative stimulates your mood.
  • Causes anxiety.
  • Damages your teeth and gums too.
  • You end up losing your appetite.
  • Your skin starts getting wrinkles.
  • Your hair start becoming thin and then you are going to see a lot of hair loss, your hair dying in front of you…
  • Lung cancer, smelly hair, and much more…

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13: Falling in love with the off-days.

Falling in love with the off-days.

And last but not least probably one of the most self-destructive mistakes guys make while staying at home/stuck at home is to fall in love with this new routine.

So let’s say you’ve taken a week off or maybe these are your holidays. Imagine getting used to this new routine, being lazy, and loving the comfort of staying at home.

We all can get used to it… But the problem starts when you are somebody who is an extremist who starts thinking about ways to achieve what you love.

Loving the comfort of your home and starting to hating your job or college, can cause a lot of problems.

So it’s always a good idea to keep yourself busy by learning a new skill, or maybe looking for a better job, listening to a book, etc, as all of these things won’t let you change your mindset of loving laziness.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of Self-Destroying Mistakes Guys make while staying at Home? I want you all to share your suggestions, feedback, and comments over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will come back to you, ASAP.


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