13 Self Destructive Weaknesses Men need to Overcome!

Hey Guys! I hope you are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about weaknesses. We will discuss some of the things that make men weak, and most importantly a bunch of the weaknesses that every guy needs to overcome as soon as possible!

But wait. If you are here to learn about some sort of physical weakness then Nah, I am so sorry but we aren’t discussing that today. You might wanna check out Honest Reasons most guys fail to obtain their Dream Body, though, if you want to read a discussion on physical stuff instead.

What makes a man weak? What are some of the things/habits guys need to give up if they want a better life? These are the 2 questions that I’ll try my best to answer in today’s article. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into the list of Self-destructive weaknesses now. Shall we?

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Self-Destructive weaknesses men need to overcome/habits guys need to give up if they want a better life.

  • Not being able to commit to a plan.
  • Worrying about the small stuff.
  • Thinking about the past all the time.
  • Not being able to control your excitement and emotions overall.
  • Ignoring self-care.
  • Overthinking and procrastination.
  • People pleasing.
  • Not being organized.
  • Not doing things that others don’t approve of.
  • Being unable to manage your money.
  • Not starting a side hustle.
  • Being unable to network/communicate with people effectively.
  • Your surroundings.

With that being said, let’s get straight into each of these self-destructive weaknesses to discuss them in detail now. Shall we?

1: Not being able to commit to a plan.

Not being able to commit to a plan.

You’ve identified the main problem that you are facing in your life right now.

It could be anything. Chances are that it is overthinking that is messing things up for you. Or maybe overeating is something that you want to overcome.

What it is, guess what? You need to make sure that you are committed enough with the drive to change if you really want to bring a constant change in your life. Look, I know that you are super motivated and I do understand that you really want to get rid of this problem but not doing it for 3 days and then getting back at it again, isn’t going to do much good.

You need to keep this thing in your mind, loud and clear, that if you really want a change then you need to stay constant with the effect of change.

If you are planning to lose weight then you need to stick to the updated diet plan for long enough to see the results. And if you want to quit smoking then you need to ignore the drive to smoke, every freaking time and keep yourself busy, not for 3-4 days only, but for long enough, until you become strong enough to say no to this drive in the face.

2: Worrying about the small stuff.

Chances are that there are a bunch of people talking shit about you, behind your back. Maybe these people are trying to bring you down.

Guess what? we all have such kinds of people in our life who just can’t see others happy or they simply love creating a mess, thats all.

Alright, forget about people in general. Maybe things aren’t going well these days in your Life. Whatever you are planning (no matter how good and well organized these plans are) is not happening and it has become a repetitive thing now.

Real case scenario

You are super sad about what’s going on. Chances are that you planned to look your best today for whatever reason, and we all know already that Blow drying helps us get great hair. Ok, so the moment you held the blow dryer in your hands, the electricity switched off.

Ughhh! What are you going to do now? You were in a great mood before but this incident has destroyed everything and unfortunately, your entire day is spoiled now. No?

I mean, of course, it is spoiled because the start of the day was quite worse. Things didn’t happen as you planned and now you are irritated. Relax!

I know that it is hard to do than to say but you got to understand that stressing over small stuff isn’t going to bring anything good. All it will do is that it will ruin your mental peace and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

A better idea would be to look for alternatives. What else can you do? Can you think of any other solution to this problem? There’s got to be any other solution. You can try a different hairstyle that does not need blow-drying or you can just visit the salon next door to get your hair styled. No?

Theres always a solution to every problem and stressing over small things is never that solution!

3: Thinking about the past all the time.

So, are you somebody who is always busy thinking about the past?

If yes then let me tell you something, you are doing it all wrong. This is yet another self-destructive weakness that all men to overcome ASAP. Why?

Ok, I understand that you had done this super messy thing in the past. Maybe you started a business and it failed miserably with everyone thinking all but negative things about you. Nobody considers you an intelligent person now. They all think that all you are good at is nothing.

Hmm… You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. In fact, you don’t even have to think about the past all the time. As long as you have taken the notes and identified the mistakes that you made which lead to all this mess, you should be fine.

Just make sure that you are not repeating these mistakes and thats pretty much it. Stop bringing your past again and again and just focus on what’s ahead. Doing that will help you get a better future aka a better life.

4: Not being able to control your excitement and emotions overall.

Not being able to control your excitement and emotions overall.

The next one in the list of Self-Destructive weaknesses men need to overcome/habits guys need to give up if they want a better life is to tell everyone everything out of the excitement.


Let’s divide this point into 2 parts. 1: Not being able to control your excitement, 2: Not being able to control your anger.

Let’s talk about the first point first. Shall we?

Alright, so you have got this great news that you know you should hide from the world at this moment. But you just can’t control it. And there you go. You’ve already broadcasted this news.

It was definitely a display of weakness from your own. You already know that you should have controlled yourself but Nah. You were unable to do so, and as a result, you broadcasted the news. It is definitely a type of weakness that you must overcome ASAP.

Let’s talk about the second one now. ‘Not being able to control your anger. How many of you are able to control your anger, or for that matter, your emotions, in general?

Saying whatever comes to your mind because you were overwhelmed is a clear display of weakness. Saying stuff (due to your emotional state) and then regretting it later is for sure nothing else but a display of weakness.

5: Self-care

You are weak. Hey! You are not willing to start to love yourself just because you are constantly thinking about what others are going to react. Isn’t this a clear display of weakness?

I mean, we all already know the power of self-care and how much important skincare, haircare, and body care is, for you, and for everyone else. Right?

Even after knowing all of that you still aren’t ready to hug the gorgeous effects of it. Why? Just because you don’t want others to say stuff like, “You are a girlish man”, etc. Just stop.

You don’t have to worry about others plus never put down your aims and objectives just because you are afraid of how others will react to that.

Start taking care of yourself ASAP, and the same goes for hair care, body care, and most importantly your mental care as well. You got to take care of your mental health as well as what’s on top of the list.

6: Overthinking and Procrastination

I mentioned overthinking in the first point but nah, it needs a proper explanation.

How is overthinking a weakness? How is it not?

I mean, a person who is busy overthinking things is most probably never going to achieve his goals. Why? Because he is going to spend all his energy and efforts in thinking, making plans, correcting them, etc. And by the end, he will be left with 0 energy.

What are you going to do then? You will procrastinate. You will delay things. Overthinking has already eaten up all of your power and for that reason, you have gotten lazy, and the only answer you have for what needs to do be done right now is “I am going to do it later as I have enough time”.

In reality, you are just not putting your time, energy, and efforts in the right place. You need to rethink your dedication powers. And please don’t just make plans but implement them as well as that’s what’s going to bring the results.

7: People pleasing.

Are you somebody who finds it hard to say No to people on their face directly or indirectly?

Well, I guess you are the kind of person who ends up saying sorry even if you weren’t the one who was supposed to say sorry.

You are doing all of this just because you don’t uncomfortable moments with people. You can’t say No because it is super hard for you to see others unsatisfied. This needs to end.

Guess what? You not saying No, and saying sorry even if there was no fault of yours, is something that is giving them an open chance to play you. And they are most definitely going to play with your emotions. You’ve already given them this permission to take you for granted and they are going to do this very well.

All because of this weakness of yours. Your inability to say No and this entire people-pleasing habit of yours. Just stop. Please respect yourself and highlight your boundaries. You need to do this if you really want to have a peaceful life. Otherwise, people are going to make you do things that you don’t want to do.

8: Not being organised.

Not being organised.

So the next thing in the list of Self-Destructive weaknesses men needs to overcome/habits guys need to give up if they want a better life, is “being unorganized”.

Staying organized is one of the crucial things a man must do to have a peaceful life. How? Well, organized behaviors and arrangements are much easier to be done on the regular basis instead of planning things on spot and then doing them.

Making your bed, keeping your room cleaned, making a to-do list, having your closet all set up with the next 3-4 days’ outfit arranged properly, are the things that you should be doing on the regular basis to make your life easier and to put less stress on your brain.

Imagine spending your time and brain doing things that you can also do with your brain being used just once and then things get all automatic… What about that?

The latter one is definitely a better option. And you all should start practicing that ASAP, as using your brain for the little things most often is just a waste of energy. Plus you won’t be able to stay organized in that case, so yeah, Nah, just skip that.

9: Not doing things that others don’t approve of.

Are you the kind of person who never takes an extra step just because he is afraid of doing something that others might not approve of? If yes then I am sorry to say but you are a weak person.

You wanted to get this new haircut but you already knew that your friends will laugh at you. You knew that your social circle won’t approve of this haircut. For that reason, you skipped the plan.

There was literally nothing bad in that haircut but still, you skipped your plan and that just because you didn’t want to do something that your surroundings won’t approve of.

Oh, come on. You need to trash this thinking ASAP because at the end of the day it is all about your own happiness and you are 100% free to do what makes you happy.

I would advise you to try to overcome this weakness of yours by this is going to stop you from taking yourself to a whole another level.

10: Not being able to manage your money

I don’t know about your net worth or your monthly but one thing that I know for sure is that your spending habits speak a lot about you.

I’ve seen men who do not track their expenditure, etc. You should be tracking the expenses as when you will have the idea of how much expenses their are in your statement, only then you will be able to take the next step which is to control these expenses.

The same is the case with men who get excited and spend all their money in one go. Hey! Are you dumb or something? I mean, we all know that you just got this text message that you have received your salary. Alright, thats good news but this news should not make you do the weird stuff.

You become totally blank and start spending money like crazy and then one day you realize that salary isn’t coming anything sooner than 10 days and you’ve got no money in your bank account.

And that’s how you, my friend, end up getting in trouble just because of your mismanagement and the weakness that you showed at the time when you should have controlled yourself.

11: Not starting a side hustle.

Not starting a side hustle.

Ahhh, from where should I begin.

Everyone has a right to spend more. I know that at the above point I stopped you from spending more. And yes I told you to manage your money but at the end of the day, should you be stopping yourself all the time?

I am pretty sure that nobody wants to do that. After all, everybody has their needs and wants. So how are you going to spend money the way you want while still having a good amount of money by the month?

Side hustle.

Hey! Look, don’t say No to me, and please don’t bring up your excuses because I already know what you are going to say.

“I don’t have enough time for that”
“I would have done that but trust me, I am already super occupied”.

It is what it is my dude. You got to take some out to start something of your own, maybe a startup or something that fills up your pocket with some extra cash. Start something that has been growing for others with the passage and learn how to do it properly. If it has been working for them it will most definitely work for you as well given that you’ve already understood the basics and how to get things done.

So yeah, start today. You can start by learning how to design a graphic poster. You can take it to the next level by learning how to do animations, etc. And just like that, you are going to end up making a good amount of cash and who knows if this side hustle of yours starts covering your bills and giving you enough money to quit your day job!

We can only find that out if we get started. So what are you waiting for?

12: Not being to network properly.

Let me tell you one thing loud and clear. Not being able to communicate or network properly is a weakness that exists in a lot of people. Having that said, is found in the majority find does not justifies the positive existence of this weakness.

You need to understand that you got to do something about this weakness ASAP!

Learn how to network with people. Networking is very crucial as it helps build more links. It can give you better friends and you might end up meeting somebody who is looking for an experienced designer who you already are!

Again, it all boils down to how well you can communicate yourself. And how great you are at networking.

Start by breaking the ice with random people. I know it is awkward but let it be. Try to smile often to give off positive vibes and look for certain areas where you both synchronize. That’s how you build trust and long-time relationships with people. But this takes time and practice too.

So, are you willing to put in the time? If yes then what are you waiting for? Start networking now!

13: Your surroundings.

And last but not least probably one of the most important ones in the list of Self-Destructive weaknesses men need to overcome/habits guys need to give up if they want a better life is to get rid of their surroundings.

We talked about you seeking approval of your surroundings above in the article. Right?
And we also talked about you not being confident enough to say No to people on their faces.

What if I told you that all of this is happening to you due to these toxic surroundings. You are surrounded by people who have 0 motivation in life and all they are good at is manipulating people to make them do things that make them look bad in front of people. I don’t care if they do it willingly or not but at the end of the day your image is getting destroyed and you are becoming super lazy with every day passed which should not be happening.

Surround yourself with people who are worth spending time with. They should be goal-oriented, super supportive, and very friendly. Make this change and you will slowly see yourself becoming a mature and a much confident person!

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about today’s list of Self-Destructive weaknesses men need to overcome/habits guys need to give up if they want a better life? Do let me know about suggestions, thoughts, comments, and feedback as well, over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will see you guys in another one,


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