13 Steps to Activate the Swagger Hidden inside of You (Coolness Alert!)

Gentlemen! I hope You all are Doing Great. Alright so before going into today’s topic and discussing How to activate the Swagger that You’ve been keeping buried deep inside somewhere, I want you to quickly update your “Read it Later” list. I’ve released a couple of articles recently which, in my opinion, are going to prove very helpful for you at the moment and for the coming future as well.

Ok, So before digging into the article let me ask a question from you. What comes in your mind when you hear the word, Swagger? Is it the coolness factor that makes you want to become a swagger? Or that Vibe of uniqueness and that Centre of Attraction Vibe? Do you want to come in the room and want to listen, “Omg! He is such a … I don’t know … His Swag is so On Point. I mean, just Look at him. He knows what he is doing. He is a Swagger. SWAGGER 💯”? Do you want to have that magical appearance wherever you Go and Fan every Guy who is around you?

If Yes then Stick around because today We are going to dig deep inside the Bag Swag. And explore the 13 Magical steps that are gonna take you to the Glorious Crown of Swag and Activate the Swagger hidden somewhere inside of you. Gentlemen, “13 Steps to Activate the Swagger Hidden inside of You (Coolness Alert!)”. Lets not waste anytime further and get right into it. Shall we?

Do Not Try Too Hard

Guys, Please Do Not Try to act as if you are the Number #1 swagger, the coolest Bad Boy in the Room (34 Steps to Become the MOST Badass Bad Boy Around) when You know You are not. Alright so First of all, I am definitely not saying that you are not capable enough to become a cool dude but bear with me. If you are not doing what you should be doing in order to become a Bad Boy (things that I will be explaining later in this article) then Guess what? You are actually ruining your image and acting as it you are the class clown. A clown who people make fun of all the times when sitting in their group.

Hey Look at me, You, Yes You! Do you want to become that Dude who everybody thinks is a Wannabe? Do you want to become a Meme in your class? If No! Then The first the first thing I want you to do is to “Stop trying too hard to be a Cool Boy”. Guys, do you know what is the message that You are actually sending out by doing this? People think that You are basically a Jerk who has no personal style of his own, even if he has, but it sucks. People perceive you as a Week entity who has nothing original inside of Him. Summing it all in one word, Chances are that People think of you as “THE CRINGE COMPILATION”. You definitely don’t want that. Do You?

Sun Glasses

Do you want to activate the Swagger switch of yours? Keep Reading then! Gentlemen! You are One Handsome Dude who takes care of His Skin, Hair, Fitness and that has made you enough of an idol around. But I know for a Fact that You are not a Fan of Glasses Much. Are You?

See, I got you there! I know that you do not have a Solid Perspective when it comes to wearing glasses and pairing them up with your suits or that Badass pair of jeans that You have. And to be very honest, this isn’t cool. I mean, Alright, you do not trust me? Thats Ok, But I want you to go checkout any Swagger’s profile and you will see him rocking Nice pair of Shades.

Not only those Glasses protect you from the Ultra-Damaging-Violet rays of Sun but they also make sure that the Swag hidden inside of you comes out every single time you are out their hanging around with your friends. Coming towards the Choice of Sunglasses, Guys I do recommend you all to check this awesome video By My Man, Alpha m (https://youtu.be/m3y53mrc-lc) in which He talks About some tips to choose the best Sun glasses for your Face Shape.

Guys, I know that some of you might be saying that, “Sun Glasses are not my Type. They Put too much pressure on my Nose and Yes they also leave a mark on my nose as well”. All of these are just some lame excuses My friend. Their are Sun glasses in every price range which have those comfortable buds attached to them to prevent the marks on your Nose. And if you choose a lighter frame then their will be little to No pressure on your Nose and Most of the times its just about an excuse to not try something new.

Ok, I want you to go to the Shop and try on a Sexy pair of Sun glasses which is lighter and You Know try it for a couple of days. I am 100% sure that You will get used to it. With that being said, congratulations, You are have taken yet another step to activate the Swagger hidden inside of You!

  • Checkout Tim Dessaint’s Video on Glasses as well in which He talks about Some other facts that come to play their role in determining whether a pair of Glasses will look Good on you or Not (https://youtu.be/ZJPQBBIWBl8)

Gym is a Necessity

Gym is a Necessity

Guys you already Know what Your Boy thinks about going to Gym and Working out. Good for the Hair, Good for the Body, Good for Every Freaking aspect of your entity. It reduces your Stress levels, makes You Happy, gives your face that Sexy jawline which You want to get so Bad! Leave beyond all the Facial exercises and start Hitting those Biceps, Triceps, Chest and all the other exercises you do because thats How You are gonna have a better Looking face.

Read this to Get a Better Looking Face in Days: 8 Proven Steps to Have a Better Looking Face

Now comes the Million Dollar question, “How to Activate the Swagger hidden inside of you with the Help of the Gym?”. Gentlemen! Working out makes you strong, builds strength mentally and physically and With that Strength comes sexy looking Veins and when you combine all of that, You get a Macho man in the end, A Man who screams “Sexiness”. And trust me on this, Swag suits more on Macho Man than those who are Super Thin and Week looking. Hey! I am judging Nobody here. All I trying to say is that The chances of you being a swagger increases when you have a great physique, as it sits great with rest of your cool traits, portraying you as the Guy with the Most Swag. Ultimate level is what I am talking about Gentlemen.

Improve your Dressing Sense

Guys, this one is very Important and Just like the Previous one, It is going to have a Drastic affect on your Swag Level. Alright So Imagine coming into a room where every Guy is dressed Nice and Suddenly you enter into the room while wearing a Nice White Oxford Shirt and sick pair of Trousers and Those great Looking loafers. Damn! Impression of yours is updated Now. You are officially the Guy with the Most Swag.

And No! It isn’t just about looking Dapper and wearing formals only to look the best aka swagger. The process all starts with experimenting with different color combinations, learning the art of color matching and then coming up with the combos that others haven’t yet reached to the Level off. It will not only make you a Trendsetter but will impose your image as, “The Swagger” of the Class or Office or I don’t know, wherever you go.

Guys, once you get into it, you start enjoying it and Guess what? Its a never ending struggle. Trying to look for better outfit combos, mixing and matching your personal style with the respective outfit and then coming up with the right pair or shades and shoes to combine the whole Look. Only a Swagger can pull it off. And I want that Swagger to be You. So are you guys ready to activate the Swagger inside of you by leveling up your Dressing sense?

Believe that People Like You!

Hey! Look at Me. I want to tell you something today. What If I told you that you are already a Star? What if I told you that You are the one who every guy wants to be like or you are the one who everyone wants to be friends with? How will you react to it? Will you be Proud of it and act like a Jerk or you will stay Humble and Keep slaying the way you do all the time?

Having a strong belief on yourself activates that immense amount of confidence which then helps you perform well and stay poised. It not only adds calmness in your character but also put you in the right state no matter what you are about to do, which then assures excellent performance which is the Number #1 trait of a Swagger. I mean, its So Simple Guys. You want to activate the Swagger version of yours? Believe that people think of you as a Swagger and that way it will be easy for you to play that role. Might sound weird but its the truth.

But Here I want to tel you that You should never confuse being self confident with “Trying too hard” (Point Number #1). Former one has to do with Like having a positivity in your thoughts and actions and when you go too far and believe that You are way too cooler for everybody else around you then That right their is where you made a mistake. Confidence is cool but when you try to be too much confident then things take no time getting out of control and thats bad for your image and your Swag Status as well.

Have the Courage to Break the Rules

Break the Rules

Nope! I am not talking about the Government made Laws and I am definitely Not recommending you to go against the discipline but, Ok, so Here I have to say that this One has a lot to do with Point Number #4 which was all about Dressing and whats the better way to express that You don’t care about the rules but dressing Kinda edgy?

Wait before dressing like a tot Freak. I don’t want you to go over the extreme edge to look different. You can always look different by playing with the colors and other than Dressing why Not Adding some metal to your balls and show courage in the situations where others might be afraid of coming to the front. Well, I know that it isn’t breaking the rules but at the same time we Have made some principles and rules in our mind and we follow them blindly. And in such a scenario if you are somebody who is Showing courage and being a leader then That My friend also falls under the category or “break the rules”.

Having the power to make Hard decisions and acting upon them, reacting what Typical others might not react due to whatever reason (because they are afraid or unsure) also comes under the category of breaking the rules. Not hesitating and Once you Know that Your decision or actions won’t harm anybody then doing what you’ve planned instantly without requiring your group’s approval also comes under the category of “Breaking the Rules”.

Be the Boss, be what others dream of becoming and its definitely not easy because it would have been then everybody would have been a Swagger. I want you to activate your “Break the Rules” switch because doing that is gonna infinite power to the generator that will Activate the Swagger hidden inside of You.

Build Your Contacts

Being Social, Getting your name written down in Somebody’s Good Book, knowing A lot of People and Having powerful and influential people in your list of Friends is something that is going to give a Good Tap to your Swag. Ok so let’s say you Guys planned to go to your Village. You and your friends have packed your bags and you’ll leave after an Hour.

Fast Forward, you guys reach your destination and their You have your friends welcoming you, powerful personalities of that area and the men at restaurant (or any-other place) where you guys have to stay, know you very well. They are respecting you a lot in front of your friends and Guess what are your friends thinking at the moment. They are probably like, “Dang! This dude has a Massive Goodwill and influence”. That right their is What I am talking about. This is what Swag is.

Guys, I don’t want you to spend tons of money to build your contacts as it can be done by working on your communication skills too and that I believe is the right way to get things done. Swaggers have the solution for everything. He knows people who can help Him out in whatever situation he is stuck in and when others will see getting things done so efficiently then that right their is How they are gonna think of You as a Swagger. So guys are you ready to improve your communication skills to activate the Swagger hidden inside of you?

Stay Patient even when others start Shattering

Gentlemen! Do you know what It takes to stay Patient when others might be sitting their getting freaked out? Listen to Me. Its your responsibility to Man Up and set example for others. Because when others start Losing the Hope then I want you to stay Calm and think How you can possibly get out of the situation. Come on, its not that difficult. You are looking for ways to activate the Swagger version of yours and you are telling me that its hard for you to stay calm and patient? Oh come on! I want you to set an example of Patience, self belief and thinking under pressure because thats where Others are gonna get their power from.

Make it possible. I want you to make that special path for others that they will then follow it and become the Swaggers. But Here I want you know that Its Ok to sometimes be vulnerable (will talk about that in detail later in the article). Alright, cutting it all short, I want you to Know that You have to get all the knowledge required about whatever the scenario is after that Buckle Up to face the obstacles that are gonna come in your way. Don’t look Back because their, right their towards the forward direction is where you have to Go!

Teacher has announced the assignment and everybody is freaking out? Relax! Smile and think About the solution rather than wasting talking about the Problem. Yeah thats what Bad boys do. Thats what Cool Guys do. That’s what the Swaggers do. Swaggers do not let themselves go and argue for no reason. Its because they are too busy slaying all the way around with their handsomeness and personality.

Its Cool to Not be Cool All the time!

Its cool not to be cool all the time

Hey! I want to tell You something. What If I told you that its Ok to not be cool all the time? What If I told you that being Vulnerable and letting yourself go and showing your weak side sometimes isn’t the coolest thing any swagger can ever do? Will that Change the image of Macho Swagger in your mind? Gentlemen! I know that you’ve told that a Swagger never misses the spot, he is always on Point and you just can’t expect him to do anything wrong or come out as an “in-capable” being.

But I want you know that Swaggers have a downtime too. I know that you managed to activate the swagger that was hidden in you and since then you are being a 10/10. That’s great and I expected the same from You. What? You are feeling low? You are tired and want some rest? What Kind of rest? You want to take a day off of being the swagger? I am so Proud of you because You Are truly a Swagger Now and guess what?

True Swaggers know that Being uncool sometimes is cool too. Its just being yourself, right? Like, I mean its in the nature of every human being to sit and relax sometimes. Take a day off. And if you have managed to stay cool with not being cool that day then that right there is a proof of the fact that you are man enough to come up with extra sauce.

Don’t take yourself too Seriously

Do Hell with your Big Ego and Your exaggerated version of self-esteem. You are looking for ways to activate your swagger while having these 2 things part of your character? Ain’t gonna happen! I mean, Why do you always think of yourself as the king of the jungle? Aware of the fact, I know that You have managed to improve your health, physique and every other aspect of yours that has now made you a swagger but does it mean that You have to be super protective about yourself? I mean, its fine to be mad when people say bad about you or laugh at you. But why not tackling it with a laugh and adding your cent into their joke.

Alright, so take it this way. Think of yourself as somebody who is the reason of somebody’s smile in this world full of sorrows. Isn’t that cool? Yes it is.

Now I definitely do not mean to say that You have to be a class clown for this one. The right way is to see that perfect balance. Because sometimes its fine to joke around and laugh when somebody throws a joke at you. Because doing that is going to promote a more friendly atmosphere around you, a more friendly aura around you. And when all the other fake Swaggers will be busy being Jerks and taking themselves too seriously you will be there winning everybody’s hearts. Like the actual Swagger. The Boss!

Sense of Humor

I have already talked about Sarcasm in one of My precious articles:

“Ahh man, you are so funny!” You do want to hear that from your crush, I promise. Guess what? She notices all of your moves just like I talked about in the last point. And if you somehow made her laugh then there you go. You! my friend has already taken a first step to entering into her heart. But here I want to address one more thing. I don’t want you to be the joker of the group. Trust me, it sucks. What instead you should aim for is to make her laugh but not all the time. Just understand her humor and crack jokes accordingly.

Most girls like sarcasm and your crush are one of those then you got to learn to be sarcastic. The sad part here is that you haven’t got much time. Because we here are talking about first impressions, first meetings and the first thing a girl notices about a guy. You got to show off your sense of humor the first time you meet her. And then only she will consider it a point while thinking about you as a potential life partner.

Reference: First 18 Things a Girl Notices About a Guy (Swagger Edition!)

And here I am Again talking about the Sense of Humor and Sarcasm once again. It’s because of How powerful it is and How being sarcastic takes you 5 pointe above your current Coolness Level. Guys Who are good at cracking out jokes and making the situations lenient via their jokes, plus those who are sarcastic are considered more attractive, sexy and not to mention More Swagger because the ability to crack the right jokes at the right time is also a skill that only very few people have and practicing that also makes you a Perfectionist kinda, which is what Swagger is all about (Delivering things perfectly)

Combine Chris Evans and RDJ

Gentlemen! Both of these are Super Nice Guys but when it comes to sense or humor and coolness then both of them have different approaches. RDJ is more towards the cool side and ruthless (or let me say blunt) side. However, Chris is more of a Nice guy and expresses loudly to show respect.

I want you to mix both of these personalities and put the result of this fusion in your character. Thats how you activate the Swagger version of yours. Being cool and sarcastic as RDJ and combine it with the touch of Niceness of Chris Evans equals less ignorant and More of a Cool person. Personally I love both of them and as I said earlier both are Nice guys with different ways when it comes to the delivery. I recommend you guys to watch both of these Men’s interviews and appearances, different segments with these two guys to find out what they actually have to offer.

Thanks to Charisma on Command for such a Great Video on this topic (https://youtu.be/QLnrx6mbcSo). Here My Man breaks down the characteristics of Cool boy (Swagger) and Explains How RDJ is the coolest one in the Room wherever he goes and How his and Chris Evan’s Humor is different from Each other.

Have Some Knowledge

Knowledge helps activate the Swagger

Knowledge has the Power to change the world and it certainly do has the Power to change How others are gonna think about you. Guys, I have been telling it from the very start that in order to be the Swagger, to activate the Swagger hidden inside of you, the first thing that you need to take care of is your ability to perform good (on point). No matter what kind of challenge stands in front of you.

If you have the knowledge, different tactics, experience and if you have done your research properly then it is impossible that You do not perform the best no matter what the situation is. You can’t master your gestures and body language if you don’t know what to do. You cant act cool if you don’t know how to tackle the situation. And when you have the knowledge that is needed, everything else becomes super easy to Pull off and the Swag becomes your destiny.

Bonus Step! (The Swagger Walk)

Ok, so I have been talking about this on a lot of occasions here at That WoW Man. That you need to learn how to walk like James Bond. That man is a symbol of confidence, attractiveness and ultimate maturity, at least for me. I’ve written a whole article on this topic, “007 Tips to becoming “No Time To Die”, James BOND!” and in that post, under the heading, “Showing Dominance” I discussed the right way a man should walk.

“Your Shoulders, they need to be broad. I know that they stay recessive all the time. But hit them with a WOW Man hunter because they need to rise! Push them a little bit back and Up, Yeah that’s perfect!

Your chest needs to out. Now make sure that you are not getting it too much out. Or else you are gonna end up looking very weird. You just got to get your chest out a little bit. Just enough to kill the sloppy posture of yours and that’s it.

Please don’t walk with your hands inside your pocket. My God! Do you know how recessive and submissive you look with your hands in your pocket while you are walking? I can’t even measure your level of recessiveness.

Your steps should be medium. Not too big, not too short. Just enough to showcase your sexiness.

Walk with confidence, Gentlemen. Think of yourself as a confident dude. One who is sexy and perfect (I repeat, not proud but perfect). Yeah.. you see that smile, that shines in your eyes! Now walk while having that same feeling inside, THAT’S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

Coutesy: 007 Tips to becoming “No Time To Die”, James BOND!

So, Yeah! You need to take small steps and don’t forget to walk at a certain pace. No need to walk too fast or too slow because both of these look weird and unattractive. And what’s unattractive can never look confident. What’s not looking confident is never gonna help you become more confident. In short, own your step like a boss.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s Article, the 13 steps to Becoming the Swagger that You always wanted to be. I assure you that by following the steps listed above. You are going to activate the Swagger sleeping somewhere inside of You. Gentlemen, Today’s article was, “13 Steps to Activate the Swagger Hidden inside of You (Coolness Alert!)”, You all can follow me on Instagram (@worldofnyazi). Feel free to ask me anything related Fashion, Lifestyle and Grooming or just come say and until next time my brothers:


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