13 Stylish Items Men Should Not Buy this Summer (2021)

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will discuss stylish Items. These are the items that men should not buy this Summer (2021).

Yes, these are (were) stylish and I myself have recommended some of these on this blog before. But guess what? Style is about upgrading your Vibe. You can’t stick to one single item just because it was stylish at some specific time in the past.

But why are we discussing this? What you do think is our goal behind today’s topic? Simple, it is to help you appear more attractive!

That said, what if I told you that your posture alone can make a huge difference? I’ve posted this list (list of ways) of reasons why your posture is making you less attractive.

Ok, so let’s not wait for any further and hop straight into the list of stylish items men should not buy this summer of 2021. Shall we?

Stylish Items Men should not Buy this Summer (2021)

  • A Heavy Fragrance
  • Tight Underwear
  • Ugly Sneakers
  • An Item that you are not sure about
  • Weird Jeans
  • Big Dial Watches
  • Funky Masks
  • Crossbody Bags
  • Childishly Floral Clothing Items
  • Ultra Slim Wallets
  • Super Slim Sunglasses
  • Big Shiny Belt buckles & Weird Straps
  • Items that you see on the “HOT this Season” List

So there you have it. Gentlemen! This in front of you is the list of items that you guys should not purchase this summer (in my opinion). Let’s dig deep into each of these and talk about the reason why I recommend men to not purchase these items this season. Shall we?

1: A Heavy Fragrance

A Heavy Fragrance

Guys! I love Fragrances. I have recommended you guys to wear fragrances of all the different kinds depending on the occasion or time of the year.

Exactly! We here are talking about the differentiating factor, the time of the year.

Heavy Fragrances, the intense ones that have the woody and spicy notes. These Fragrances are great to wear in the Winters but Nah! You just can’t wear them in the summer season because things get really annoying when you smell a man wearing these intense fragrances in the summer season.

Guys! You could be wearing the best winter fragrance in the summer season but at the end of the day, as it is a winter fragrance by nature, so you are not going to get much benefit out of it.

Difference between Summer and Winter Fragrances

Do our feelings and emotions change too? It is common thinking that summer is the season of joy, fun, relaxation, light, and good feelings. On the other hand, winter is usually linked to grey days, sadness, or melancholy. Can we revert this? Can perfumes help us change our emotions? We firmly believe so, that is why our goal is capturing sensations, sensations that can bring us happiness.

In winters, we usually wear so many layers of clothes –plus a coat, a scarf, and gloves- that a powerful and lasting perfume is the best option. Intense scents like vanilla, rose, sandalwood or chocolate can do the job.

In summers, the heat can make evaporate the fragrance quickly and also we feel hot and, sometimes, even sticky, so the best choice is always a fresh scent with ingredients like lemon, strawberries, coconut, jasmine, or pineapple.

Besides, the smell of the perfume on our skin will be the X factor that will help us decide what is the best fragrance for us. Therefore, scents can –and must- be different in summer and in winter because they have to adapt to the temperature, to our skin, and to our emotions in order to make us feel good, confident, and relaxed.

Source: What is the difference between summer and winter perfumes?

2: The Tight Underwear

Next in the list of Stylish items men should not buy this summer (2021) is “The Tight Underwear”.

I Promise that when I will write an article titled, “Items men should not purchase this winter”, I will include “The tight underwear” in that list as well. Why?

Because Nah! You must never wear tight underwear. Look, I know that tight underwear is glamourized by these sexy underwear ads, models wearing tight underwear showing off their sexy physique. But what if I told you that wearing tight underwear can make you less manly (literally)?

Their was a Question asked by this person (random) to which Kidshealth.org replied as follows:

Although some studies have shown a decrease in sperm count from wearing tight-fitting underwear, others have not.

The testicles may seem like they just get in the way sometimes. But the main reason “the boys” are on the outside of the body is because the body’s internal temperature of 98.6°F is too hot for sperm production. So by “hanging out,” the scrotum keeps sperm a few degrees cooler.

Too much heat can lower sperm count (but not enough to act as a form of birth control). So tight clothing and underwear that keep testicles closer to body heat might, in theory, affect sperm count. But many experts think there isn’t enough of a temperature change to make any significant difference.

Source: kidshealth.org


Yeah, I know that tight underwear isn’t going to make you infertile but at the end of the day why do you even want to take the risk? I mean, why do you want to let something affect your sperm health when on the other hand you are not getting any benefit out of it?

All you need to do is to get yourself comfy underwear made out of breathable fabric (there are many out there). Boxer or Boxer-briefs? Well, this debate needs an article of its own.

That said, you can pick any one of these but at the end of the day your goal should be enough comfort, breathable material, and you feel confident in it. As long as these things are taken care of, you can purchase whichever you want.

3: Ugly Sneakers

First thing first. I am really sorry for calling your favorite sneakers, ugly. But it is what it is. Alright, let me rephrase what I just said.

Guys! There are some sneakers that, in my opinion, are just too much when it comes to funkiness and that streetwear kind of a vibe. These days you can see super weird-shaped sneakers trending on the internet. And the worst part is that people are buying them, not caring about their hefty price tag.

Again, I understand that style is nothing but a person’s personal fashion preferences. And you can buy whatever you want, whatever you think will go well with your personal style.

However, if you ask me then I would suggest you stop wasting your money on these hyped sneakers and instead purchase subtle sneakers in different colors and styles. These basic ones can be paired very easily with multiple outfits, unlike your super-bright hyped sneakers.

Hydro Dyed Sneakers. Yay or Nay?

I love the process of Hydro-drying and this whole concept of incorporating art with the sneakers to make them look 10 times better.

That said, again, you want to stay on the subtle side of the spectrum. You can make your sneakers look amazing (as I talked about it before as well) with the help of hydro-dying but if you cross the line and splash the colors all over it then you might end up ruining a fine pair of sneakers.

You don’t want to purchase a sneaker that has tons of colors and patterns in it because it will be Hard AF to match it with the rest of your outfit. So make sure that you are buying the pair with some subtle tweaks only.

4: Items that you are not sure about

Items that you are not sure about

Next in the list of items men should not buy this summer (2021) are the items that you are not completely sure about.

I know that you have got a good amount of cash in your pocket. If thats so then I would want you to head over to the cosmetic store and get yourself a great Facial Cleanser, moisturizer, and good eye cream.

These items are very crucial. And while you are still there also get yourself a good exfoliating scrub, and sunblock as well. You need to apply the former one 1-2 times a week, and the latter one every single day before going out in the sun.

Recommended: Skin Care For Men: Do’s and Don’ts for Better Skin

Congratulations! You’ve spent your money intelligently. And I want to thank you for not ruining your money on buying the clothing item that you loved a lot and then you tried it on but it just did not look that good on you.

Guess what? Not every item was made for all of us.

The Bitter Truth about Clothing

Some items look great on us but the others are not made to suit our personality. I mean, just look at yourself. You are one sexy dude. But that does not mean you are going to look great in every clothing item that is out there. The role of personality and “VIBE” does its part and boys I do recommend you to never buy a clothing item that is not looking good on you!

I don’t care about the quality of that item and I definitely do not care about the price tag as well. If it does not look good on you then you do not have to buy it. Thats it. After all, you don’t want to waste your money to purchase that item, wear it twice, and then put that item somewhere in your closet to never wear it again. Right?

So Just don’t take the first step. Do not purchase it in the first place!

5: Weird Jeans

Next in the list of items men should not buy this summer is, “weird jeans”.

  • Skinny Jeans
  • Baggy Oversized (New in the Trend) Jeans

And as they say, “Extremes are always risky”. I don’t remember who said that but whoever did, was 100% correct.

Skinny jeans was a great statement piece once. In fact, now as well. You can see a lot of people still rocking the skinny jeans not knowing the fact that they are looking like a sausage.

Correct it is gentlemen. Skinny jeans make your legs look super congested plus the same issue of “increased temperature around the testicles” also goes in the parallel.

That said, you should also not wear the super oversized jeans that are being marketed on the internet these days. I am talking about those baggy jeans that are hanging around and end just where your shoe ends.

Why do you want to wear something which contains enough fabric to make up for 2 of your decent-sized jeans?

So what should you wear instead?

In my opinion, you should go for something that best suits your body proportions. Jeans should not look tight on you and they must also not hang around freely. The slim fit would be perfect for most of the body types in my opinion. Skinny jeans can be a fair choice for those who have super skinny legs.

6: Big Dial Watches

The Big Dial… Ahhh! I was a fan of these watches myself.

But let me tell you something, watches with big dials do not look as elegant as those that have minimal, medium-small dials.

Ok, if you are a big dude who has a wide wrist then fine, you can wear a big dial as thats going to balance things out. But if you are a skinny dude or even an athletic dude with medium proportions then you should definitely give medium-small dial watches a try.

They look a lot more classy and elegant as compared to the big dial ones.

I know that this will be a new thing for you. Ok, wait a minute. Let me clear out something. No! wearing small or minimal dials isn’t feminine. Please do not link this to gender.

So yeah, I want you to get yourself a bit smaller dial this summer and ask others about it. How does it look on you? Plan a photoshoot maybe. And then compare it with your pictures in that big dial watch.

I want you to analyze both of these and carefully notice the difference in class (positive) that a medium-small dial watch brings with itself. Yeah, thats exactly what I am talking about.

7: Funky Masks

Funky Masks

Next in the list of items men should not buy this summer season (2021) is, “Funky Masks”.

We all know the reason why these masks are so common these days.

Fashion masks, in my opinion, do look great and I do recommend each and every one of you to purchase these masks as they look great with your outfit (given that you’ve matched it well).

That said, you need to take care of a few things.

  • Do not buy the funky ones
  • Yes, please… Do Not buy the funky ones
  • I repeat!

Yeah. Thats it. The above given 3 things are what I want you to take care of. I know that you love this skeleton mask and that superman mask as well. But Nah! I want you to think about your decision once again. Reason? This mask is going to make you look childish and immature!

The Complete list: 15 Things that Make Men Look Immature

Again, Fashion masks are something that I love personally. You wanna buy 3-4 of these in different colors. And yes, you can have a subtle quote or a logo on it as well but as I just said, it must stay on the subtle side of the spectrum.

8: Crossbody Bags

What comes in your mind when I say, “Crossbody bags”.

  • Stylish Bag for men
  • Streetwear
  • Cool Bags for men

What else? Guess what? That’s over.

You’ve rocked this trend enough last year and the year before. This summer is all about adding some bullets into your manliness and wearing the good old messenger bags, the man bags, once again!

Look, You can rock fanny packs as well that go along your waist but when you are tired of becoming batman for no reason then You must rethink about the man bag which is the classiest and the best looking (in my opinion) EDC bag for men out there.

I’ve discussed Man Bag in one of my previous articles as well in which I talked about the 52 essential items that every guy needs to have in his wardrobe to cover the entire year.

Out of all the bags that have ever been designed for a man, I am talking about those medium-sized bags in which you can carry your essential items as well, giving you another benefit that your stuff won’t be rolling around in your pockets.

Yeah! I am talking about stuffed pockets. In short, just by putting on a nice leather man bag not only, you are making yourself look expensive but you are also sending out the vibe that you are somebody who knows how to manage his Sh$t. Always remember, “A boy takes off his wallet and mobile from his pocket but a man has both of these in his man bag!”

You need 1 MAN BAG Only that is made out of leather, plain shiny one works best (that good old dark brown colored).

Source: Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: 52 items Guys Must Have in 2021

9: Childish Florals

Next in the list of Items men should not buy this summer season (2021) is, “Childish Florals”.

I am a Fan of Florals Myself as well but let me tell you something, not every Floral clothing item was created equally.

Some were created keeping in mind a man’s masculine Vibe while others were created to cater a teen’s semi-masculine vibe. Look, please don’t send me at because of this but trust me, you are going to look super immature while wearing those animated florals and the big flowers that you see models wearing on the popular sites these days.

Those multi-coloured big flowers are not going to make you look good. Subtle flowers and a little bit of Hawaiian vibe is great but when you pass that limit and enter into that animated world where the base color is crazy loud and the flowers on top are also not subtle then you end up getting into the world where only the immatures live.

Nah! Don’t get confused by the names like, “Statement piece”. What kind of statement is that? A Teen’s Fantasy? Is this the topic of the comic book that we are talking about here?

I am sure these florals are inspired by some cool cartoon character but at the end of the day, you just can’t dream about looking the most classy man in the room while wearing these so-called statement pieces. So yeah, thats the reason why I included childish florals in my list of items that men should not buy this summer season.

10: Ultra Slim Wallets

Ultra Slim Wallets

Hey! I love your cardholder. Where did you get it from? What? Is this an entire wallet that you are holding in your hands?


Coach. Their is something wrong over here that we need to address right here, right now!

I’ve seen many popular influencers recommending you wallets that are super thin. Yes, they have multiple card slots but what about the cash? Are you not going to store any cash in it?

Ok. So you are planning to store less cash in your wallet? But what if due to some reason you want to carry more cash with you? Where are you place it then? In your Man Bag? Awww.

Dude, stop! You need to stop following the bandwagon and for God’s Sake use your brain before getting something from the wrack.

You must look at things realistically before purchasing any item that you see on the counter. Talking about the wallet then you have to look at various factors.

  • Style (It must be minimalistic)
  • Colour should be attractive (Olive green would be perfect. Black should be nice as well)
  • It must have enough space (Not super Big but also not ultra-slim)

These are the things that you need to consider before purchasing your next wallet.

11: Super Slim Sunglasses

Next in the list of items men should not buy this summer is, “super slim sunglasses”.

I am talking about those pencil-line thin sunglasses that are in trend these days. Yeah, I am talking about those streetwear-inspired, funky genre-based sunglasses with a very small frame area containing glass. Yes, they look weird.

Look at me. I want you to answer this question for me, please.

“You also consider them weird. Right?”

I know your heart just said yes in the answer to this question. Ok, you also believe that it is kinda cool to rock these slim, pencil line glasses. Ok, I understand where you are coming from.

Having a pair of these would be fine in that case, just because you think that they are “kinda” cool. But please don’t make these your daily go-to glasses. PLEASE!

I don’t want you to look immature. Yes, these thin sunglasses take away all of your personality. They make you look like RoboCop. And trust me, you don’t want to look your best on a day and wear these sunglasses, Both at the same time. Yeah.

12: Shiny Belt Buckles & Weird Straps

But before talking about this let me first introduce you to the 3 different types of belts that you must have in your wardrobe in order to always look Dope AF.

Dress Belt

Dres’s belts are the most formal of all kinds of belts. They are identified on the basis of their width. 1.5 inches wide they are and they usually are shinier than other kinds of belts. You may want to wear them with your dress shoes only. I recommend you guys to get them in 3 colors. 1 in the black, another one in the brown, and the third one in a tan color (brown tan).

So, yeah! 3 of them. Black, brown, and tan brown. Make sure that you pair them nicely with the dress shoes and the shade of the dress shoes that you are wearing.

Casual Belt

Suede belts and patterned belts are the kinds of belts that fit in this category. You can wear them with your casual outfits, maybe you wanna wear them to the party, wearing a white plain shirt, jeans, loafers, and a nice casual belt, Muaaah, great combo, my friend. You can wear a casual belt with chinos, khakis, and jeans as well. Talking about the shoes then you can wear boots, loafers, and sneakers to complete the look.

3 of them are enough for the entire year. One has to be suede and the rest of the 2 you can choose to be the patterned ones.

Semi-Formal Belt

These are like the chinos of the belts. They have less shine than formal belts and can be wider than them as well. Plus they need not be as simple and decent as the formal belts. They might have a slight texture, the pattern on top of it, subtle designs, etc. These are kinda my favorite and I have them in bulk because I can wear them with both my formal kinda outfits and casual ones as well.

I recommend getting like 2-3 of these for your semi-formal and casual needs. When you are wearing a super casual outfit, put on a semi-formal belt and loafers to add up a little touch of class to your overall look of the day.

Let’s talk about the Bad Belts Now.

Big Shiny Buckles take away that element of “Class” from your outfit. I know that you love to rock that partial tuck that shows an area of your belt. How are you going to look good while rocking a partial tuck with that “Huge shiny Buckle” slapping right on the face of the viewer?

And same is the case with having a loud strap. You don’t wear a patterned, extra loud, or super shiny, weird-looking strap because that way your shirt-tucked-in look is never going to look up to the mark.

So yeah, choose wisely. Choose your Formal, Semi-Formal, and casual belts wisely because they are going to make your entire outfit look amazing (if you’ve made the choice wisely).

13: Items that are being Marketed and shown on the top

Items that are being Marketed and shown on the top

And last but not least in the list of items men should not buy this summer is, “items that are being marketed and shown on the top”.

Everyone has their point of view regarding style and trends. Chances are that my style preferences may not be the one that you find impressive but at the end of the day, what I believe is that most of the items that you are shown and that are being marketed are bull crap.

Talking about the extremely oversized suits, jeans, etc, or sheer tops, and many other items that you see models wearing on the ramp, thats is all an illusion. They do not look good and you, as well, are not going to look good while wearing those items.

So it’s better to stick to the basics and only add those items that match your vibe and upgrade your style in the true sense.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about it? What according to you is a stylish item which I shouldn’t have included in today’s list of items men should not buy this summer season (2021)? Do let me know about it over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will get back to you ASAP.

Gentlemen! Today was all about Stylish items that men need to avoid this summer, under the title, “13 Stylish Items Men Should Not Buy this Summer (2021)”. And I will see you guys in another one,

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