13 Tips to Grow your hair out faster while you are Stuck at Home!

Gentlemen! I hope you all are doing good. Yeah, it feels kinda suffocating to not be able to go out freely the way you use to go before. I don’t know, to hang out with your friends, go to the university. Meet your fellows and going to the gym. It kinda sucks. It sucks because we humans are social animals and we just don’t want to isolate ourselves. However, its for your own good. Its your responsibility to stay at home to keep yourself and your family healthy! I’ve published an article recently in which I discussed a couple of things that you can do to spend this down time effectively (Coronavirus Quarantine: 22 Things to Do While Social Distancing!). Quick Question: Do you want to grow your hair out faster?

I mean, this is the downtime and everybody is in their house. Kinda chilling out. A lot of men would do nothing but sit on their coaches the entire day because it’s the holidays. Right? No! These aren’t holidays at all. This is an opportunity for you to stand out. This is the time that has been given to you to work on your imperfections. Don’t you want to go back to your office/university with a glowing skin? (4 Genius Tips to Get the Most Glowing Skin!) (Another post on skincare routine is in the queue already so stay tuned). Don’t you want to impress everyone with your thicker and healthier hair? (14 Easiest Tips to Get Thick Hair in Just 2 Weeks!).

Guess what? Today we will discuss 13 powerful tips that can help you grow your hair faster. I know that you’ve thinking to grow your hair out for a long time but the busy schedule always came in your way. But now Gentlemen is the best time to go after your dreams. Hey! Look at me. I know that you want to change your hairstyle. After all the sexy self of yours deserve a change. How long can a person rock the same old undercut. Hah. Gentlemen! With the 13 tips that your boy has researched for you guys, you will be able to quit your undercut length and move into the spectrum of those sexy medium hairstyles with hair going on to your earlobe and somewhere between your earlobe and shoulders. (Longer than that? Ahh. I will never recommend)

With that being said, Guys, “13 Tips to Grow your hair out faster while you are Stuck at Home”. This is our talk for today. Lets get into it already. Shall we?

Drink More Water!!

You guys can call me the “Brand Ambassador” of water but I myself can’t do anything about it because of the millions of benefits this natural beverage comes with. Your body craves for 4-5 liters of water to perform the complex functions that your different systems perform on the daily basis. What? That’s too much? Well, I guess you don’t want a glowing skin and healthy hair and tons of other benefits that are gonna help you stand apart from the crowd.

My God! Are you kidding me? I mean, you want to become the most breathtakingly handsome dude in the room with clear skin and no acne but when it comes to drinking water you are arguing with me? Come on. Its for your own good, my guy.

What happens is that when you water intake increases, more water is supplied to your scalp. Water helps fight dryness, itchiness and dandruff resulting in a healthy scalp. Once you have managed to have healthy scalp, You need not to worry about anything because it takes care of the faster hair growth from there on. Water hydrates your scalp and replenishes your hair as well which is yet another good thing.

Water also supports the vitamins that are good for your hair acting as a catalyst aiding them to do the best they can for faster/smooth hair growth. In short, if you are planning to grow your hair out then increasing the water intake would be my #1 suggestion to you.

Diet is the #2 Most Important Thing!

I know that I sound kinda mad talking about the diet again and again but that’s what my job is. My job is to guide you and recommend you the most accurate stuff. Gentlemen! Just like I say all the time, you can’t imagine doing anything without take care of your diet. Are you planning to have the most sexy body in the room? Diet is important. Do you want to have the best immune system? Diet is very important. Do you want to become the best runner? Diet is important. Do you want to go to the freaking WWE and look super buff? Diet is important. Do you want to have a crystal clear Korean or Arabic skin? Diet is important. Do you crave to have long hair? Yes Gentlemen! Diet is important for this one too.

Guys, I researched and what I found was that you basically need 3 most important ingredients in your diet to grow your hair out faster. Fatty acids, Iron and Proteins. You wanna add the following items in your diet in order to ensure the faster hair growth (For the complete list of 14 foods feel free to checkout this awesome article written by Ryan at Healthline:)

The 14 Best Foods for Hair Growth

My Top 5 Food suggestions are:

  • Your hair needs protein. Why? Because each of your hair strand consists of 91% and if you are not eating enough amount of protein then obviously you are not giving your scalp enough food to grow your hair faster (and thicker). My favorite protein sources are meat, chicken and eggs. So yeah, make sure that you are taking your eggs because they are great when it comes to hair growth.
  • Your hair needs fatty acids, Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids may be linked to better hair growth. I recommend you guys to add salmon and mackerel in your diet because it not only has good amount of fatty acids but also have Selenium, Vitamin D3, B Vitamins and all of these are famous for their role in hair growth.
  • Sweet Potatoes. You need to add sweet potatoes in your diet as well because they contain good amount of Beta-Carotenes resulting in Increased Vitamin A production. Vitamin A ensures faster and healthy hair growth.
  • Avocados. I love them because of their healthy properties which makes it included in almost the list of every great thing. Skin, metabolism boosting, testosterone boosting, avocados are everywhere! And here we have them again, in the list of foods that help you with your mission to grow your hair out faster. So yeah, It contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids responsible for nourishing your hair and scalp, assuring faster hair growth!
  • Iron. We need oxygen to live our life smoothly and basically to survive. Right? But what if I told you that If you will consume enough amount of iron on the daily basis then it can lead to slower hair growth and hair loss eventually? Yeah! Iron helps boost blood circulation by carrying oxygen to your hair’s roots resulting in faster hair growth. Iron rich foods are: Liver (Chicken, Lamb), Eggs, Beef, Canned Salmon, etc.

Massage Your Scalp Every other Day!

Gentlemen! Your boy came today with the facts and reasoning too. Try it out because it really works. The key here is to increase the blood circulation in your scalp. Alright, Hey Dude! You are stuck at your right? This quarantine thing is hitting your nerves but you are acting like a responsible citizen and not leaving your house to protect yourself and others too. I am so proud of you! You’ve a lot of free time these days so why not massaging your scalp every other day?

In my previous articles about hair I talked about this thing where I recommended you guys to massage your scalp at for 3-4 minutes. You guys want to grow your hair out faster and for that purpose I want you to massage your scalp, going deep with your fingers and doing it for 5 minutes, every other day. It will stimulate the blood vessels on your head which results in increased blood flow, which means more nutrients and oxygen will flow to your scalp. What will do that? It will ensure faster hair growth and that’s exactly what we are looking for. Right?

Wet Hair? Do Care!

Alright, I know that these days are super lazy and you don’t blow dry your hair (which indeed is a very good thing as at times you should give your hair some break). And you literally have to do nothing but to spend your day doing whatever you do from your home (Coronavirus Quarantine: 22 Things to Do While Social Distancing! ). That’s kinda cool.

Alright, So lets say you wake up and after doing some cool stuff you decided to take a shower and just after that you felt like taking some rest. Hey! I am not judging you at all. I know that these days are kinda lazy and I myself sometimes feel like taking a nap twice a day. But what I don’t want you to do is that, I don’t want you to sleep with wet hair because that’s gonna damage your hair. The friction between your hair and pillow case is gonna damage your hair causing hair damage and even hair loss too. You definitely don’t want that while you are on a mission to grow your hair out faster. So take great care of your hair. Towel dry it or let it dry out in the air for sometime before laying down.

Also make sure that you are not moving your fingers through your hair way too much because that’s gonna damage your hair too and while combing or towel drying your hair, make sure that you are not being too harsh because that’s gonna cause hair damage too and you need to stay away from anything that may cause hair damage this time as you have limited time and goal is to grow your hair as long as possible before this quarantine ends.

Shampoo? Let’s Talk

Alright, So in my hair related posts I’ve been handling this topic differently based on the scenarios. In some of those I recommended you guys to shampoo more (in case you have super oily scalp and you have to go out a lot) and I also recommended you guys to shampoo less (For the normal situations). With that being said, as far as our today’s aim, “Grow your hair out faster” is concerned, we need to rethink this whole thing from a entirely different perspective.

So you are stuck at home and You have to stay at your this entire time. Which means that no dirt or pollution or extra oils due to the Sun and temperature will be piled up on your scalp. So yeah, it will be perfectly fine if you shampoo just once a week. It makes sense as no dirt is going and you need not to wash any pollutants that come in your due to doing out in the first place which you are not doing.

And that’s it. I want you to shampoo just once a week on the day of your choice and let those natural oils stay in your scalp. Let those nutrients and oils do their job which is nothing but to grow your hair faster and healthier.

Massage with this Oil too!

Gentlemen! How can you expect me to not talk about any oil while talking about the hair growth or thickness? Yeah, I am so overwhelmed right now due to the fact that their so many options to choose from where each of those come with their own unique benefits. But for today I am gonna recommend you guys a special combo of oils which I’ve tried myself and it really works.

I am talking about the good old coconut oil which is packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids that nourishes your scalp. Mix it with castor oil. The later one is rich in Ricinoleic Acid – a type of fatty acid that fights inflammation. It enhances the health of hair follicles promoting hair growth.

So Yeah, mix them both and heat them up before applying. Make sure that once it is applied you massage your scalp for about 10 minutes. Let it stay on your head overnight night and wash it off the next day. Do this twice a week to get the maximum benefits out of it.

Onion Water!

Alright, so this one is very special and it works like magic, given that you do it religiously at least 2 times a week. Basically the reason I included this in the list of tips to “ grow your hair out faster” is that onions are packed with sulfur which increases the collagen tissue ultimately resulting in faster hair growth. Plus it also helps with the keratin formation and we’ve already talked about the keratin and it’s benefits for your hair. How to apply onion on your head?

Its pretty darn simple. First of all you wanna chop the onions into medium to small sized pieces and then boil them in small amount of water. After some time filter the water out. This water is not just any other water, its the great onion. It has the power to boost up the process of your hair growth and take you one step closer to your end goal.

Rinse your hair with the onion water and massage your scalp for about 10 minutes. Let the water stay on your head for 30 minutes more and then wash it off. You might wanna wash your hair with a scented conditioner as well just to get red of the smell. That’s pretty much it.

Neem Paste Mask

Ding Dong! Here comes the time that you all have been waiting for. Oh My Lord, I can talk about it all day long, that’s how much I love talking about hair and skin and men’s lifestyle. Coming back to the topic, So Yeah, you need some Neem tree leaves and then you wanna do is that you wanna blend those leaves (Put some water in it as well) and put some coconut oil in it. Now put this mixture in a bowl and heat it up (while mixing the ingredients continuously) until the mixtures turn dark green.

Thats it. Neem oil has those essential fatty acids and Vitamin E as well. Combine that with coconut oil and you are gonna end up getting a powerful hair growth boosting hair mask. Apply this mask on your head and massage your scalp for 15 minutes. After application, wash it off after 40 minutes that’s pretty much it. Gentlemen! I recommend you guys to do this for about 2 times a week. You will see the results soon, In Sha Allah.

Funny Stage, Family Saying. No?

Ahh, this one is my favorite and I was so excited to come to this one right from the start because its closely related to my own self. Gentlemen! I am affected by what people think or say about me. My friends, family and even if it is a third person, I do care a lot of what they think about me and my actions. This is my bad habit and I am trying my best to get rid of it (12 Hairstyle Mistakes Men Make that Spoil their Look).

I know that you are a Strong dude who is determined and once you say something you never quit until you get the thing done. However, just for that 1% chance in the end, those voices from people, your friends, family members, your own self, taunting you, saying that, “It Sucks” and all. Remember, all of these are just for the time being. I being a brother to you will always suggest you to not listen to people at the moment because you have a goal and all they are looking at is the present state of yours. This awkward hair stage is not going to last forever and when it will be over, you are gonna see those bright results, I promise.

With that being said, don’t be a douchebag too. I know that you believe that those luscious sexy medium length beautiful hair suits you but maybe, like just maybe you are wrong. Alright, so Gentlemen! When in doubt, just send me a pic of yours on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and your brother will give you the most honest evaluation.

Don’t Stress Out!

This is yet another big one and your boy has collected facts for this one too which I will come to in just a minute but before that I want you to know that stress is really going to do nothing good to you. I know that you have to stay home and things sometimes get a little whispery. Right? Voices in our head, they haunt us, promoting the phenomenon of overthinking that may lead to stress and guys let me tell you one thing. If your aim is to grow your hair out faster and you are stressed out due to whatever reason, I am sorry but you are not gonna achieve your goal if you will not eliminate stress from the equation.

What happens is that, when you choose to stress out way too much, the hair follicles go into a phase called, “Resting Phase” which means that your hair growth plus re-growth patterns are disturbed and this definitely does not stand by your goal to “grow your hair out faster while being stuck at Home”.

In short, Gentlemen! I want you to be thankful for what you have and most importantly live in the present. All those past memories, they are gonna and you need not to think about them again and again. Live your life, my friend. Do what makes you happy given that it isn’t a sin because that isn’t cool. So Yeah. Stay happy, life’s very beautiful. You just need to open your eyes.

Coconut Milk

Gentlemen! Coconut milk is great and I’ve talked about it again and again but Hey! What if I told you about something that is way more beneficial than the coconut oil? I am talking about the coconut milk, my friend. Guys, coconut milk is packed with essential vitamins like Niacin and Folate which ensures steady circulation of blood to your scalp.

And if you have been following this article from start then you would have already know that more blood circulation to your head means that more nutrients and those essential stuff that you’ve been eating lately will go to your head and scalp. Better flow of the good stuff means improved hair growth and that’s exactly what we want. Right? Remember our goals was to “grow your hair out faster while being stuck at home”. Yeah!

Now comes the application part. How to apply coconut milk on your head for the best results.  What you wanna do is that you wanna pour some coconut milk in the bowl. And then heat it up a little bit just to activate the nutrients inside of it. Now apply it gently on your scalp and massage your head afterwards for 15 minutes straight. Try to get your fingers in there to really trigger those hair follicles. Because that’s how you ensure maximum blood flow. Let it stay on your hair for about 45 minutes and wash it off afterwards. And yes, twice a month of this mask is OK for the results that you’ve been expecting.

Don’t Cut your Hair Yourself!

Alright. So this is kinda part 2 of the point, “Don’t Let the Awkward Phase Overcharge You”. So Yeah, basically, its down time and we all are stuck in our houses. We can’t go out and we have no idea till when things are gonna stay this way. And the internet is vast. It has almost everything a man is looking for. Do you want to grow your hair out faster? You searched for it and that’s how you found this article. Do you want to know how to cut your hair, yourself, when you are stuck at home? You will find the answer to this one too.

But I want you to stop. I want you to wait for the professionals to come and take care of your hair. Look, I know that you’ve been hearing some gurus (including me) talking about cutting those split ends to make your hair appear thick and healthy and that’s 100% correct. But that’s only necessary after like 8 weeks and you can wait for it. 8 weeks = Almost 2 Months. Guys, control! I know that the awkward face is haunting you but please don’t cut your hair at this moment.

Don’t try cutting your hair yourself to cut those split ends. I cant do it on my own. And you might be twice as intelligent as I am but still I won’t recommend you to take this risk. Just wait until your stylist gets back to the business. I don’t want your mission of “grow your hair out faster” turn into “How to fix what I’ve did to my hair”.

Take it Easy My Brother!

Guys, I know that you’ve been wanting to grow your hair out for so long. Although I am here to give my 110% to help you out in your lifestyle challenges but lets face the truth. All of us were not created equally. There are some of us who have curly hair and others have thick hair while some of us have thin hair.

Some of us go bald sooner while some look dope as hell even in their 80s. Its all about the genetics baby. Now I don’t want you to go from this post on a negative note like this. I want you to know that your brother is here for you. I provide you tips and tricks to help you fight your genetics and speed up the process, to make things easier for you.

A person who has no skin care routine can’t look as good as a person who has a proper skin care routine. If you are putting masks on your head, taking care of it, drinking plenty of water and eating all the healthy stuff then you are definitely gonna see the results. A person who is generically blessed to have great hair will not be able to compete you if you do all what is needed given the fact that he isn’t trying as hard as you are.

Guys, I want you to know that it might take some time for you, specifically, because of whatever reason. But I promise that you are gonna see the results, if not in the 10 days then in 15 days or maybe in a month. Gentlemen! You want to grow your hair out? Just stick to the tips that I’ve talked about in today’s post and I also want you to stay positive throughout the whole time.

With that being said, I here conclude today’s article, “13 Tips to Grow your hair out faster while you are stuck at home!”. I tried to keep this one to the point and short (I put down almost 10 tips) just so that the hair care routine looks more easy and doable. I want you take the step, take action, if you want to see the results. Do you want to grow your hair out faster? Do it! Who’s stopping you? If you have any other problem or if you want any suggestions regarding lifestyle, grooming, fitness and fashion, then feel free to DM me at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). I will come back to you ASAP.


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