13 Tips to Not Let Anger Affect your Life (Manage your Anger Properly)

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about anger management and some tips to not let anger affect your life.

Look, I’ve always discussed with you, the benefits of not letting your emotions come in your way. Yes, it is hard but we all have already agreed upon the fact that once you’ve managed to control your emotions, things start becoming very easy for you.

  • You get better at decision making
  • Your break more deals and achieve more success
  • You don’t have to say sorry to people afterward
  • You get more respect

Among all the emotions that have been proven to affect a man’s life in a negative way, Anger has always been on top of the list.

And the reason is very prominent I believe. It is due to the anger that you have to say sorry to people. You regret your decisions just because of the things that you do when you are angry. It affects your credibility and chances are that because of your anger people start maintaining a distance from you.

Do you want that to happen, brother? I am sure you will never want that. So today we are going to solve this problem of yours once and for all.

Guys Today will discuss 13 tips to not let anger affect your Life. These are the tips that are going to prove very helpful if your goal is to control your anger.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of tips to help you manage your anger properly. Shall we?

Tips to Not Let Anger Affect your Life/Anger Management & Control Tips

  • Anger isn’t Sexy
  • Wait before you React
  • Understand your Patterns and avoid Anger Situations
  • Throw yourself into a Physical Activity
  • Don’t Sit & Let it Escalate
  • Its time for some Holidays
  • You are in the Wrong Place
  • But Wait a Minute … You might be losing a Gem
  • Learn to keep things to yourself
  • Work on yourself
  • Learn to lower down your Ego
  • You’ve just born today!
  • Understand that being angry fucks up your Looks

Thats it. This in front of you is the list of tips that are going to help you in your goal to manage your anger properly. So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into each of these points. Shall we?

1: Anger isn’t Sexy

Anger isn't Sexy

Trust me it isn’t. I know that it has been glamourized in front of you that just like Smoking, Anger as well, is a very sexy thing. It has been shown that it suits a man if done perfectly. Nah!

These ads and the models are shown smoking while they are posing, waiting for the photographer to click the image, and Boom! The shot is taken, there is smoke everywhere and this husky and smoke model is looking DOPE AF.

It’s all an illusion. They use these appeals to make things look sexy whereas in the reality they aren’t.

Let’s discuss that in some other and get back to Anger management. Shall we? So yeah, guys! anger isn’t sexy. When you are angry it makes you look bad. I don’t know how you look when you are angry but let me tell you something, “it ruins your personality”.

Excessive anger repels people and that isn’t sexy. When you get angry, you say things that would never say if you were in your senses. Can a “SEXY” thing make you do things that aren’t that attractive (like saying unwanted stuff)? Definitely not!

Conclusion: Anger isn’t Sexy.

2: Wait before you React

Next in the list of tips to not anger affect your life/anger management & control tips is, “wait before you react”.

So you definitely do not want the anger to affect your life. Right? Well, then we need to do something in order to kinda stop the time when you are angry. Doing that minimizes the negative effects of your anger. Right?

I want you to wait. I know that what he said was wrong. Maybe his demand has made you very angry!

Guess what? Saying harsh things won’t do any good, too. It can possibly make things even harder at your end. So what should you do then?

Give yourself some time. Wait for about 20 minutes before responding. Take your time, watch some Funny videos maybe. Or you can watch your favorite show or an interesting documentary.

All I want you to do is to get out of this zone. This zone full of anger has put a black paper in front of your sense. You do not want to react with a black paper in front of your sense because you are obviously going to say things that you are definitely going to regret later on.

So yeah, give yourself some time to relax. During this time you can think about things with a calm mind. With less anger and more mindfulness, you will be able to handle situations in a much better way. And you can come up with much better & logical responses.

3: Understand your Patterns and avoid anger situations

Ok, guys so the next one that we are going to talk about in this list of anger management tips is, “understand your patterns and avoid anger situations”.

This one takes time because, in order to take care of this point and get it done successfully, you will have to put yourself under observation.

I need you to observe the elements, patterns, and situations, which end up making you angry. What are the actions that someone does that make you angry?

Is it about a particular place?

What makes you angry?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will have to move on to Step 2 which is to avoid getting in such situations.

Whenever the topic of discussion moves towards that direction (which makes you angry), shift it towards something else. You may want to excuse yourself and move out of the conversation. Leaving the place is better than getting angry and shouting at people. It is also better than putting extreme pressure on your mind for no reason. So yeah, since such situations, and try to either avoid them or walk out of the place.

4: Throw yourself into a Physical Activity

Throw yourself into a Physical Activity

Next in the list of tips to not let anger affect your life/anger management & control tips is, “Do some Physical activity”.

It really works!

So let’s say you are very angry. I don’t want to get into the reason but let’s just say you are. So what’s next? Do you want to let this anger ruin your image or do you want to get involved in something that can possibly make things pleasant?

I am sure you would want to choose the 2nd option. So how can this be done?

All you need to do is to throw yourself into some sort of physical activity. What will that do?

Playing some sports, going to the gym, etc, are the things that will cool down your brain and all these angry emotions. Hey! I am not saying this off of my own perceptions only. Researches have been done and it has been found that Regular Physical activity reduces your stress and calms down your brain.

A Chunk From the Abstract:

One of the effective and with non- side effects treatment for anger management is a regular practice of exercises. Physical exercise provides an opportunity to release emotions, especially if a person feels that they are about to burst. The present article had shown the positive impact of exercise on anger management.

Source: Study: Exercise and its Impact on Anger Management by Priyanka Malhotra*

Benefits of Exercise

You got to be kidding me. Guys! I have been recommending you guys to exercise, since forever. And the reason behind that is all those advantages that you get in the result.

  • Exercise helps reduce stress and improves your Mental Health.
  • It helps with your Anger issues.
  • Your Anger gets released into something productive given that you’ve chosen to lift weights as a medium to relieve all that built-up anger.
  • Exercise helps improve your skin and it also helps in making your body look better.

And the list goes on and on. That said, I do believe that the above-given list plus tons of other benefits would be enough for you to start working out and making exercise a part of your regular routine.

So when are you getting started?

5: Don’t Sit and Let it Escalate

The Number #1 way to increase your anger and escalate it is to not take action when you are just beginning to feel it.

We’ve already about the patterns in point #3. In that one, I recommended you to work on your situations and try to identify the times, people, or elements that make you angry.

Given that you’ve done your homework well, you would have a list of elements that result in you getting angry.

Whenever you see these things coming, don’t just sit and wait for them to compile. Thats all I need from you.

Even if you see just one thing coming. Don’t sit there feeling uncomfortable. I want you to stand up and take some action. Either move out of the place after obviously excusing or discuss it with that person who is doing these anger-provoking things.

Taking actions in the primary phases helps in you moving out of the situations with a victory (without getting angry). However, if you will sit without taking any action then we already know what’s going to happen. You are going to get angry and then things are going to get out of control.

Conclusion: Stay Present and sense the anger-provoking elements. Once you’ve identified them, take some actions to stop them or just walk out of that place. Do this for yourself and your mental health. And of course to not say sorry to those who deserve your ignorance instead.

6: It’s time for the Holidays

Sometimes you need a timeout.

We here are discussing tips to “Not let anger affect your life”. Right? These are the anger management and control tips to help you live your life on your terms.

You don’t want your anger to direct you and make you do things that you don’t want to do anyway. Right? Guess what? I have something for you.

All this stress, anger, and this negative built-up in your mind can’t be cured with exercise sessions (especially not at this moment). You will do something extra to prevent your anger from affecting your mental health at this point in time.

What you can do about it?

Some timeout. Yeah, thats the only thing I can think of, keeping your situation under consideration.

What about a 3-4 day trip to the place you love the most? It will relax your brain, sort of refresh all the functions. But make sure that you are not thinking about anything while you are on your vacation. Just calm down and enjoy yourself while your brain does the same.

7: You are in the Wrong Place

You are in the Wrong Place

Next in the list of tips to not let anger affect your life/Anger management & control tips is, “Change your Company”.

You are in the wrong place my friend.

Following 2 can be the cases:

  • You are surrounded by the people who think being angry is manly
  • You are surrounded by the people who provoke you, do things that bother you, and make you angry (Very Toxic)

Guys! Which one of the above-given situations you are in? Let’s talk about the former one first. Shall we?

Being Angry is Glamourised

We’ve discussed that in the first point of this article as well. Your friends ahh… I have seen them talking about, “being angry” as something very manly. Almost all of them are always ready to get into a fight. They get angry and think that it makes them the manliest man around.

They are wrong.

Just Like we discussed in the first point, Being angry makes you look bad, it damages your senses and makes you look like an idiot. Do you want to know what really makes you look manly? Following are a couple of things:

  • Step out of your Comfort Zone
  • Stop Over Explaining
  • Control your Emotions
  • Handling the Pressure & Seeing the Light
  • Work for a Lean Face & Body
  • Deserve Respect
  • Kick them Out of your Life
  • 0.5 Your Speed
  • Be Confident in the way you are
  • Do not run after your desires (It can become very toxic)
  • Do Not Chase
  • Practice Gratitude instead of Complaining
  • The Key to Manliness hides in the Loneliness

In case you want to find out more about each of these “Masculine” making things then checkout: 13 Realistic Tips to Become a MASCULINE Man (110% Attractiveness).

You are surrounded by people who bother you continuously

This isn’t some kind of a joke. It is your mental health and for God’s Sake, you need to start taking it seriously.

I have seen you getting bothered every single day because of the things that your, “so-called” friends do.

Things are getting toxic for you, they stop you from growing, laugh at you whenever you choose to do something productive, etc. Why are you even letting these people stay around you? They do not deserve you. You need to change your company ASAP!

I’ve discussed the benefits of changing your company before as well. The primary goal with respect to today’s article is to improve your mental health and to stop anger from affecting your life. But there are tons of other benefits as well that hug you once you change your company (and choose better people).

  • Changing your company improves your self-confidence
  • It determines how you are going to perform this year

Change your Company to Increase your Self Confidence

Guys! I know that you have promised yourself that you will do the following things:

  • Imagine yourself there
  • Forgive your past
  • Go Out there and Do It
  • Ignore your thoughts and outside environment

But what if I told you that the people who are close to you are one of the main factors involved in you, not becoming self-confident?

Look! We are discussing steps to increase or improve your self-confidence. Right? And the above-given steps were kind of helping you get back on track.

But imagine talking to your friends every single day about it. And Nah! You thought they were supporting you? They are not.

Imagine them being one of those who laugh at you. Imagine them one of those who think that what you are doing is really stupid.

Guess what? If you have such kind of people close to you then your chances of getting on the top and becoming self-confident are very less!

The thing is people who surround us and stay close to us, kinda determine what our future is going to be. You can’t be a successful person being with those who think that every successful person is a gonna go to Hell.

Your Company Determines how your Current year is going to be (on the basis of Performance)

I’ve been talking about this a lot lately. And the reason behind this is the impact that this one thing can have on both your present and future. Let me explain.

So.. you usually hang out with Ali and James. Cool. But are they really worth it? I mean, I have seen both of them doing drugs and being suck a non-serious person all the time.

Look! I am not against “non-serious behavior”. In fact, I’ve witnessed men who were really non-serious, achieving a lot in their life. I understand thats something that’s a part of someone’s nature.

But guess what? You need to get serious as well, at times. You just can’t expect to stay non-serious and then expect life to do wonders. All you get is what you work for.

And even if that isn’t a concern, still, these 2 guys are very spoiled. It’s kinda toxic as they won’t do anything thats positive.

The Problem with your Company

  • They don’t want to work hard or achieve anything in life
  • They stop each other whenever one of them is trying to do something great (monetarily or lifestyle-wise)
  • It’s the bad habits they have that will stop them (and yourself as well) from making it big

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Choose your side once and for all. Do you want to hang out with these people and ruin both your present and future or will you do yourself a huge favor and change your company?

Alright. You don’t want to leave them? Just don’t. All I want you to do is to get close to people who are hustlers. I am talking about visionary people. Spend more time with them as compared to these 2. Yes, you can spend some time with them as well but just change your majors (trust me.. you will thank yourself for this decision of yours in the later years).

Conclusion (Fix your Company to look Better and have a great year ahead)

All in All, I recommend you all to make sure that the people who you hang out with are supportive. I know that you want to make sure that your clothes look good all the time plus your skin & hair look good too. And along with that you also want to stay calm and not let anger affect your life.

But you for sure can’t do that as long as you are not changing your company. Why? Because all of them are addicts. At least they love to eat unhealthy on the daily basis. Plus Men’s self-care is still Taboo for them. So don’t. Please don’t do this to yourself.

Spend your time with people who:

  • are really motivated
  • want to change themselves for the better
  • want to look good (clothing, self-care)
  • aim to achieve mental peace
  • are super supportive
  • have a positive mindset towards the life

8: Wait a Minute … You might be losing a Gem

Next in the list of tips to not let anger affect your life/anger management & control tips is, “Stop before you throw them out”.

I know that we’ve just discussed the benefits of changing your company for your better mental health but what if I told you that the person who you are planning to move away from is a gem?

Chances are that your actions (that you did in the past) have made him react this way. Maybe he is facing some negative situations due to which his behavior is influenced badly.

You don’t have to do this but if you can then my recommendation would be to take a second out and try to put yourself in his shoes for a minute. I need you to think about the whole situation from his perspective rather than yours.

Doing that will open your mind. You will see things from a larger perspective and this might calm you down as well. Needless to say, it will refine your responses too.

9: Think Before you Share Anything with Somebody

Most of the time these are our own actions that lead us to situations that have a bad impact on our mental health.

Your habit of sharing your thoughts, things, secrets, or whatever it is, can be one of those “Anger provoking actions”.

So, guys, you shared this very important information of yours with this other person. And he did something that you didn’t expect from him. When you came to know about his actions, you ended up becoming stressed and angry as well.

All of this would have never happened if you had control over your “Thing Sharing” Habit.

I’ve talked about this in one of my previous articles as well. That was about the essential upgrades every man needs to make in 2021. While talking about the upgrades I included, “Thing Telling Game” into the list. Thing telling game means you telling things to people. You must think twice before telling your secrets or even random things, to others. Below is a chunk from that article:

Do not just start taking suggestions from any random person and then expect him to not make things toxic for you. It happens and it is definitely going to happen in your case as well.

Not everyone has the same perspective about things. Your beliefs and those of Bilal, are entirely different. Sharing this thing with him and then expecting him to take things positively is just like you playing the guessing game.

I recommend you guys to think a lot before sharing anything with anybody. Even if it isn’t a secret, still you don’t want to indulge in something which isn’t productive, rather it turns out to be your most toxic talk of the day.

10: Work on Yourself

Work on Yourself

Next one and probably the most powerful & effective point in the list of tips to not let anger affect your life/anger management & control tips is, “Work on Yourself”.

Let’s go back to the Roots of why you stay angry. Shall we?

It could be due to toxic life situations or maybe it has become a habit of yours. What if I told you that I have a solution for your problem? I am going to give you a new hobby that is going to direct your attention towards something else, something very productive. It will make you attractive, handsome, sexy, etc.

All you need to do is to start working on yourself. What are your goals again? Forget about those for a minute. Add the following goals into your new list of goals to achieve in 2021.

To-achieve List of the year 2021

  • Take Better care of your Skin (Skin Care For Men: Do’s and Don’ts for Better Skin)
  • Transform your Hair. Make them Look Good! (Hair Care for Men: 21 Tips to Have the Best Hair Around!)
  • Start Working Out
  • Drink 4-5 liters of water every day
  • Make sure that you are sleeping 6-7 hours every night (QUALITY SLEEP)
  • Go for a Walk, Add cardio into your daily routine
  • Eat a Healthy & Balanced diet
  • Acquire more knowledge (Learn things that are better for your field as that will help you improve with the passage of time)
  • Start some online business. Do something that excites you

All of the above-given things are what I am giving you as a gift. Start by doing these things over and over again and my friend you are going to see mind-blowing results very soon.

You will become more intelligent, handsome, and your mental health will improve as well. Your anger will also get under your control because you will have much better things to think and worry about than getting angry and freaking up your own self.

11: Lower down your Ego

Your Ego is coming in your way of success. It is coming in your way of not letting anger affect your life.

You consider yourself king of the jungle. And because of that, you consider even a very little thing, worthy enough to get angry at.

Because of your “Big Ego”, you can’t listen to a “No” or something that isn’t in the same direction as you are. And because of that, you get angry at almost everybody.

Nah! It needs to stop. You can’t make everything work the way you want it to work. Sometimes you need to do compromises and with this huge of yours, it seems like an impossible task for you to do.

Lean to lower down your ego if you want to achieve success in life.

12: You’ve just born today!

Next in the list of tips to not let anger affect your life/anger management & control tips is, “Forget about the past and what people think about your anger”.

I know that you are famous for getting angry.

And even if you are not, chances are that you consider yourself mad or a person who gets angry very quickly.

Chances are that you believe that there is no way out now. Nah! Guess what? I want you to forget the past and start it all from day 1. Do this as if today is your first day on Earth. You are born today but you are not a baby (unusual but thats exactly who you are. You are unusually awesome!).

Forget the past and what your present tells you about your personality. Just do what you need to do to stay calm. Surround yourself with positive people and stay away from the things that make you angry.

13: Understand that Being Angry Messes up a Lot with your Looks

Understand that Being Angry Messes up a Lot with your Looks

And last but not the least, probably the most important (in terms of self-care) one in the list of tips to not let anger affect your life/anger management & control tips is, “Understand that Anger is Killing your Looks”.

Guys! Your anger is damaging your looks. We’ve talked about an alternative to being angry and it is to divert your attention towards the self-care things, including, skin-care, hair-care, etc.

However, another reason to not get angry and put pressure on your brain for no reason is to realize that this anger is messing up a lot with your looks.

Being angry causes wrinkles, results in stress and anxiety which then affects your looks, a lot of skin problems, gives you fine lines as well, and much more.

So its better to stay happy and always look for ways to make your life better.

That said, I would like to conclude today’s topic. Do let me know about your thoughts on this list of tips to not let anger affect your life/anger management & control tips, over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will come back to you ASAP,


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