14 Hair Myths that are Stopping Men from Looking Great!

Guys! Listen up. Hey, You, Yes You! Do you know what? Apply hair masks every single day and make sure you keep doing for as long as you want your hair to look great and one more thing. Shave your head too because hair are gonna come back, thicker, healthier and fuller too”. What? Do you believe in all of this? Oh Come on! Don’t tell me that you believe everything that you see on the internet recommended by so called gurus. What? You have heard a lot of things about hair care like that? Well! Don’t you worry because today your boy Nyazi is going to burst all of the hair myths that you have been reading on them style blogs and YouTube videos, random people claiming to be hair expert, telling you made up stories to sell you products from their sponsors.

I don’t blame them totally because I myself have stated a couple of wrong info on this blog which at that particular moment I thought is correct. Like, in one of my articles, I told you to change your shampoo and conditioner because your hair gets used to it. However the truth is something else which I am about to talk about later in this article. Make sure to grab your notepads because your boy is about to drop bombs. “14 Hair Myths that are Stopping Men from Looking Great!”. Lets get into it. Shall we?

1) Trimming your Hair Makes it Grow Faster

Are you for real? Ok. So let’s say their is this boy named Zaid and he is stuck in his home we all are at the moment. He is searching the internet and there he watches a video of a guy with luscious medium to long hair and you already know what Zaid is thinking at the moment. Right? Yeah! My boy wants to have hair like him. Zaid searches the internet for tips and oil masks that may help speed up the hair growth process. He comes across this article (https://thatwowman.com/13-tips-to-grow-your-hair-out-faster-while-you-are-stuck-at-home/) where he finds a couple of useful tips that can help him in his journey.

Things are looking pretty smooth till now but my boy comes across another article where he reads a so called important tip, “Cutting your hair while growing out is very crucial because it makes your hair grow faster”. Zaid will be at home. But he really wants to grow his hair out. Zaid can’t wait to consult his stylist about this whole thing and quickly grabs a scissor and start cutting the ends.

Zaid made a mistake and believed one of those hair myths! First of all, I won’t recommend any of you to cut your own hair because we don’t have the experience plus we don’t know the difference between trimming ends and cutting the hair. So its better to let the professionals take care of it. Secondly, who told you that cutting ends is gonna speed up the growth process? I am sure that cutting split ends may help make your hair look quite a bit healthier and thicker which may result in consistent hair growth. However I assure you that our hair grow from the roots and not from the ends so their is no logic in saying that trimming split ends is gonna make your hair grow faster. Its a false statement and you guys who are growing your hair out can insert 2-3 months between your barber visits.

If you really want to know something that can actually speed up the growth process then I would recommend you guys to watch out your diet, eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat foods that are rich in protein and biotin. Don’t go out often useless when you see a lot of pollution around and use a sunblock for hair because UV rays coming from the big ball up above are definitely not your friend.

2) Air Drying is Better

Alright. I will wait. If you can dry your hair in a couple of minutes then cool but let me tell you one thing. If your hair stays wet for a longer period of time then it can affect your hair health internally causing more harm than good.

I recommend you guys to use a ceramic blow dryer instead. Guys I have talked about ionic and ceramic blow dryers before as well and here I am talking about them once again because of the very least amount of damage that they cause to your hair as compared to the regular blow dryer.

I want you to get yourself either an ionic or ceramic blow dryer. Former one (ionic hairdryer) produces millions of negatively charged ions that break down the positive water molecules. These ions don’t open up the hair shafts which means that the heat coming out of anionic hairdryer won’t damage your hair at all. As a result, you will have smooth and sleek hair, looking amazing.

But what about the ceramic blow dryers? It is even better because this is suitable for all the hair types, curly, medium or straight hair. Why? Because ceramic blow dryers are built in a way to distribute the heat evenly throughout your hair and it also adapts to the temperature to give you the best results. So, Yeah! It could be a little more towards pricier side but at the end of the day, you will be getting more smooth, sleek, less frizzy and not to mention better-looking hair” Reference: 14 Easiest Tips to Get Thick Hair in Just 2 Weeks! (For Men)

What I want you to do is that I want you to use the low heat settings, combine it with heat protectant (Argon oil or sea salt spray) and then blow dry your hair to get the hairstyle you want. It will ensure the least amount of damage possible plus you can achieve the hairstyle of your choice too. What would you choose? Blow drying or air drying?

3) Don’t Wash your Hair often if you have Dandruff!

Gross! That’s all I can say here. Guys why would you not want to shampoo to remove those flakes from your head that are ruining your appearance? What? Because you believe that shampoo stripes away all the essential nutrients and oils and you don’t want to dry your skin as this is the cause of dandruff in the first place?

Alright. Guys, you need to understand first that what is the reason of flakes on your head. And is that really dandruff or its just some dry scalp complied, giving the appearance of dandruff. Guys, stop using excessive hot oil masks because if it is dandruff then let me tell you that oily scalp is the main cause of dandruff and chances are that your oily skin is cause of those flakes. Its better to get your skin checked. Get yourself a nice anti dandruff shampoo. Use it religiously once or twice a week as it will kill all the factors on which that dandruff feeds. So with that being said, another one among the list of Hair Myths, Busted!

4) You can not Change the Quality of your Hair!

You can change the Quality of your Hair!

I’ve even heard BRIGHT SIDE talking about it. They were like, “Hah! Its just a publicity stunt by big brands who wants you to buy their products. Genetics is the only thing that determines your hair” And that was the moment I started questioning myself, “Bro, I’ve referenced to Bright Side quite a lot of times. What if they have tons of more inaccurate mal-researched information?” And I am sorry if you ever visit (due to my recommendation) Bright Side and you see them recommending trash things.

Here I would like to add one thing. Chances are that Bright Side have generalized the community. Maybe while talking about hair myths they were like, “Alright add that up too. Nobody has shared that before. Unique content Badge unlocked”.

Coming back to the topic, so yeah, generally it is seen that through proper care. Take care of your diet, working out, applying hair masks and oils, You can change the texture of your hair with time. Your age plays a huge role as well. So yeah, you definitely can change the texture, thickness and health of your hair through proper diet and lifestyle changes. Don’t ever lose hope!

5) Smoking has No Effect on your Hair. Models smoke too!

Do you even know how much expensive procedures, treatments and implants they go through in order to get perfect skin and hair? Guys! Your boy Nyazi here always tries to give you the most economical and authentic information regarding various men’s lifestyle issues and In this whole list, almost a plenty of times, I’ve talked about “Smoking”.

I always wanted you to quit smoking because it is something that is going to negatively affect your hair, skin and overall health and all of these changes won’t stay hidden for long. Research also shows that men who smoke are more likely to get grey hair faster than others. So if you don’t want to look old before time (24 Proven Ways a Man Can Look Younger Than His Age!) Then I will recommend you guys to quit smoking ASAP. Your body, hair, skin and heart will thank you for this (your lips and breathe too).

6) Dying damages your hair and takes away the Volume too!

Alright. If you are planning to go lighter then you will definitely have to use bleach (Some call it cut down) because otherwise you can not lighten the tone and it sure is damaging. And here comes yet another one among the hair myths and its those people saying that dying causes permanent damage to your hair which is not true.

For the time being it may make your hair dry but by taking care of your hair afterwards you can recover the strength once the hair start to grow out. Plus if you use the good quality products (Dye, Volume and Bleach) then damage is much lesser. But saying that damage caused due to dying is permanent is a complete lie. Another thing that is a complete lie is people saying, “Dying makes your hair thin” but the truth is its opposite. Dying makes your hair swell which makes your hair appear thicker, giving illusion of thickness. Again, damage and dryness can be recovered with complete care (Below is the dummy’s guide to hair care in 7 simple steps:

1) Don’t treat your hair with more chemicals.

2) Stop providing heat to your hair(straightening, Blow dyer etc)

3) Do not wash with hot water ever

4) Give your hair proper conditioning (Oiling and Conditioners)

5) Use the proper products for hair and do not switch multiple times.

6) Go for homemade solution like using egg or aloe vera gel

7) Most importantly, do not bleach or dye it again till the previous hair color has gone.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Will-bleaching-and-dyeing-your-hair-permanently-damage-it

And if you are somebody who is going darker in shade as compared to your natural hair color then this process won’t affect your hair health much as bleaching is not involved plus your hair gets an extra layer that may protect it from outer damage plus thickness is there too.

7) The More the Foam the Better the Shampoo

Foam does not mean Clean hair

Another One among the long list of Hair Myths, Foam means clean hair. Alright you might not believe this myth but there are tons of people who have a firm believe that if their shampoo is not producing enough foam then it is cheap or it is not doing its job. However foam is kinda by product that is produced due to sulfate reaction and it has nothing to do with the cleaning process of shampoo.

I know that the luxurious feeling you get when you feel that foam on your head while shampooing is kinda making you believe that it is an indication of all the dirt and oils piled up on your head getting removed from your scalp but the truth is far from this. The new shampoo that you just bought might be doing its job but maybe it tends to not produce the amount of foam that you thought would be produced. So Yeah. Don’t fall under the trap of foam. Even utensil soap can produce the foam but is it removing dirt and cleansing your hair? I am not sure about it.

8) Split ends can be repaired!

Guys! Next up in the list of hair myths is a myth that has been used by many popular brands to promote their products but it has nothing to do with reality. I mean, come on. Ok, so let me explain. Let’s say their is this dude that is dead. Can you use the magic of any freaking thing in this world to wake him up?

No! You can’t do much about it. Same is the case here. Ok, so you surely can make use of products and oil masks to prevent breakage and split ends but when they are there, you cant do anything about it. All you can do is that you can visit your barber to get them removed and it will give your hair a bit healthier and thicker look. I am sure you would want that to happen. Don’t you?

9) You should not Trust Hair treatments and Supplements.

Guys! Relax. I know that you have always seen me promoting natural remedies and diet tips to solve lifestyle problems but today under the topic of hair myths I want you to know that just like us men, all hair treatments and supplements were not created equally. You can not say that every hair treatment that has been recommended to you is useless and does no good. Guys remember, some hair treatments are known to make your hair look amazing and the results you get from them are impossible to achieve through natural remedies in a limited amount of time.

Plus when it comes to supplements then I would recommend you guys to get yourself a box of biotin which is widely available on almost every other drug store. Guys, I have talked about biotin before as well. It helps in the production of keratin which is super crucial for your hair growth. With that being said, its better to discuss your physician before taking the pills regarding the dosage and quantity. But I assure you that biotin really works and it does improve the quality of your hair and its thickness as well.

10) Hair-fall? Oh Shit!

Human lose 100-150 hair on average per day

Gentlemen! I know that hair fall is not a good thing at all. You all should not take it lightly. But what if I tell you that the hair fall that you are experiencing is just normal? I mean, come on! I know that you have been oiling your hair and washing them as well, taking care of your diet as well as lifestyle and habits too and still you are experiencing hair fall like let say you are losing 100-150 hair per day. This is bad right. So much of your hair are falling every single day. Its a bad thing, right?

Wrong! Another one among the long list of hair myths identified. Look, Although you are following a proper hair care routine but still you can’t expect 100% hair retention. Some hair are gonna fall from your hair everyday. If someone is not experiencing hair fall at all? Cool! But as I said before, 100-150 hair per day is fine and you need not to worry about it at all. Because worrying and stressing out will make things worst only. Always remember guys, stress promotes hair loss.

11) Change Your Shampoo To Promote hair Growth.

Alright. So this one might get a little tricky but bear with me throughout as I really wanted to clear this out. Ok, so it all started back when in one of my articles I talked about “Changing your shampoo and conditioner as your hair might get used to the one that you are using”. I accept my fault and I do believe that life is a continuous learning process and myself being a human being can also make mistakes.

However, the statement is not 100% false. If you are using a shampoo and conditioner that is of moderate quality then switching to a better quality shampoo and conditioner can actually help as the ingredients in later one are much healthier for your hair giving them more space to grow by doing its job well.

However, I here want to make it clear under the topic of hair myths, that, your hair don’t have a brain and they can not get used to a particular brand of shampoo and conditioner by any shape or form. Your hair, if you are washing them with high quality products then they will grow and kick the concept of “Hair growth becomes stagnant when you use the same products for quite some time”. Another hair myth among the list of hair myths busted.

12) Hair Products Cause Hair Loss

Alright. Now this is one of those Hair myths that I am really sick and tired of hearing. Whats that? Its people bashing hair products for the hair loss. And although hair product has the ability to block the hair cuticles but at the end of the day hair damage or hair loss is not a thing that you can associate with your hair product given that you are using it in a moderate amount after proper emulsification:

  1. The first step is to take a decent amount of hair product and put it on your palm. Now when I say “decent” amount then I don’t mean to say that you need less amount. Because, like, this is yet another thing we believe is not good for our hair which is “More hair product”. Well, too much is bad but too much won’t work. So it’s better to pick the right amount.
  2. Rub the product between your palms. Yeah, rub it, make sure that you emulsify it properly by giving the molecules enough amount of the heat required.
  3. The third and final step is an application and let me come out of this list of focus more on this more

Reference: 12 Hairstyle Mistakes Men Make that Spoil their Look

To apply the appropriate amount of hair product you first need to identify the hair product that suits your hairstyling needs:

  • Hair Creams: They are for a smooth look, you know that casual look, not much styled, yet styled, like freestyle kinda look. The hold is less in this case. It is suitable for all hair types. The main reason it is able to do what it does is the ingredients it is made of (Glycerine for softening, Lanolix wax for conditioning and Moisturizing, hydrogenated Castor Oil for shine and PVP for fullness)
  • Gel: My least favorite hair product and an enemy for those guys who are experiencing thinning or baldness. So yeah, if your hair is thinning then you should not use it because it comes with that super ultra hold, that spiky look to convert your hair into a weapon. Shine? Way too much, Texture? Not at all.
  • Clay: There are basically two major types of clays, Kaolin and Bentonite Clay. If you have thinning hair then I recommend you guys to use Kaolin Clay because it gives you that fullness and texture to hide that thinning effect. Bentonite Clay helps with improving texture. And if you have curly hair then I definitely recommend you guys to go with the Bentonite Clay because it is known to maintain the texture and type. Overall, I recommend clay to all of you Guys if you want texture and thickness in your hair.
  • Pomade: Want that sleek, formal and royal kinda look? Oh Yeah! You have come to the right place because pomade comes with that shinny royalist look, that classic side part kinda vibes that, 90s heroes kinda vibe, chocolaty sexy heroes vibes is what I am talking about. Of course, you are gonna get shine but not that much hold that gel comes with. Do you want to move the fingers in your hair? You definitely can.

Reference: 12 Hairstyle Mistakes Men Make that Spoil their Look

Guys, always remember, excess of anything is bad. Too much hair product may cause hair damage and dryness but as long as you are using the right hair product which is of good quality then you will not experience any hair damage due to that particular product.

13) Combing often a day is beneficial

You are not alone. I’ve heard that before too and trust me on this. I will always bash this hair myth. But could not because I’ve always been told that “Coming hair too much increased blood flow which results in hair growth”. It is correct but like too much?

Nah! You can comb 1-2 times when needed per day but doing it like 100 times will only make the situation worst by damaging the outer protective layer of your hair. Instead you can try massaging your scalp for 4-5 minutes every alternative day as that’s something which has worked for myself personally when it comes to boosting hair growth. One of the myths from the list of hair myths = Combing too much is beneficial = Busted!

14) Hair Masks and Treatments can Override and Boost Hair Growth!

Medications affect your hair Quality

This is for those who believe that once they will start putting hair masks, Eggs and Aloe Vera in their hair, things will go great and their hair will grow super fast, will be more healthy and thick as well.

And I totally believe that. But here I want you to also take under consideration a couple of reasons or factors that can override the effects of these masks and treatments. For example, medications. Guys, chances are that the medicine you eat for whatever medical reason is somehow making your hair thinner. Isn’t it possible? Sure it is. So its better to consult your physician and discuss with him possible side effects of the medications that you’ve been recommended. That way you might end up getting those medicines changed to ones that have little to no side effects.

Some good hair masks that do work:

1: Neem Paste Mask: You need some Neem tree leaves. And then you wanna do is that you wanna blend those leaves. (Put some water in it as well) And put some coconut oil in it. Now put this mixture in a bowl. Heat it up (while mixing the ingredients continuously) until the mixtures turn dark green.

2: Fenugreek Seeds Mask: You need to take the two ingredients. (Fenugreek seeds and curry leaves) Fry them in frying pan at medium to low heat for about 5 minutes. Now turn off the flame and grind the mixture to get the powder out of it. Put this powder in some sort of bowl. On the other hand, you need 2 spoons of coconut oil. Heat it up for about 3-4 minutes at low flame. But No! You will not heat coconut oil alone. Put the mixture of fenugreek seeds + curry leaves that we just prepared in coconut oil. And heat the newly prepared mixture for about 3-4 minutes at low flame.

Let the newly prepared oil cool down. And then what you wanna do is that you wanna apply this oil on your head. Apply evenly and make sure that it reaches every hair strand. Leave it on your hair for about 1 hour and then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. That’s it!

3: Egg-Yogurt Mask: Pop-out the egg and mash it up a little bit. Now put in some mustard or coconut oil. Add some yogurt or milk to give this entire mixture a protein/vitamin boost up. There you go! Your Hair Mask is ready. Now apply the mixture on your head evenly and leave it there for about 30 minutes or So. Wash your hair afterward with shampoo and conditioner and that’s it!

With that being said, I here conclude my today’s topic, “14 Hair Myths that are Stopping Men from Looking Great!”. I am sure that by now you will be fully aware of the popular hair myths around. If you have any questions regarding men’s fashion, lifestyle or grooming, feel free to hit me up at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will get back to you soon.


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