14 Highly Beneficial things Guys should do when Bored!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about Boredom and we shall also discuss some of the highly beneficial things and productive things that can be done to kill boredom.

In the previous article, I talked about, 13 Self-Destroying Mistakes Guys make while staying at Home. Those were the mistakes that you guys were making whenever you had a chance to spend the next couple of days at home. And the worst part is that those mistakes were affecting your future, so you definitely needed to do something about that.

With that being said, let’s talk about the good stuff today. Shall we?

So let’s say you are have got a chance to spend some time at home, yet again. Or maybe it isn’t the case and you just want to get an idea of what can be done (that can prove to be highly beneficial) in your free time, in case you are getting bored.

You may want to go out for a walk, while plugging in your headphones, playing some audiobook or maybe call your friend, etc. That is a really good idea to kill the boredom.

And just like that, we are going to talk about 14 more productive, and highly beneficial ideas today. So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into it. Shall we?

Highly Beneficial things Guys should do when Bored/Productive things to do in their spare time.

  • Create an Account at Teespring.com
  • Make a to-do list for the upcoming 3 days.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Manage your closet.
  • Clear out the extra memory of your phone.
  • Listening to an interesting book while wearing a face mask.
  • Look for new ways to make money (learn a skill).
  • Call a friend and go for a photography session.
  • Go to the mall.
  • Search for a new job.
  • Take your care to a spa session.
  • Visit your friend.
  • Go and cook something.
  • Create a YouTube channel.

And that’s it. Gentlemen! The above-given things are what I believe can be done when you are feeling bored. These things are not only time-killing but they are going to prove very beneficial for you as well (in one way or the other).

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into each one of these now. Shall we?

1: Create an account at teespring.com

Create an account at teespring.com

Boys! You already know what I am talking about?


Look, basically teespring.com is a website where you can buy t-shirts, hoodies, etc. The good thing about teespring.com is that, unlike other brands, people like you and me, can list up their own custom design on the website and when someone makes a purchase, Tee Spring prints that particular design on the respective clothing item and send it over to the customer.

As the result, you make some money! Tee Spring charges a fixed fee and you can choose how much to make, by setting a price of your choice.

Alright, so basically, what I want you to do is that I want you to create an account at teespring.com. Once that’s done, you can now put up your designs and get them listed.

You might be having this very important question coming to your mind that, “How am I going to create an awesome design that sells?”

The answer to this question is “Canva” and maybe some other design software application/platform that is easy to operate. From where can you get the idea of what design/what category of design, is trending? You can check out websites like Etsy.com for that. Doing a quick google search can also help you in finding trending t-shirt/hoodie designs.

So what are you looking for? Utilize this free time to do something productive and make some good money out of it!

2: Make a to-do list for the upcoming 3 days.

So yeah.

Why should you make the to-do list of the upcoming days in advance?

There are plenty of the reasons for that.

  • Having the to-do list already made helps you think less and do more.
  • You procrastinate less – Thinking more about what to do, puts you in a position where you come up with various options. Chances are that you end up just thinking about several options and not implementing even a single one.
  • You can do a lot more things per day if you have already planned that day.

So yeah, with the three of the above-given benefits taken care of, what are the chances that you are going to have a less productive day? Very minimal.

Ok so let’s say you are getting bored. I want you to take out your diary and grab a pen as well. Or maybe you want to go modern all-in. Well in that case you can grab your mobile phone and open the notes app.

Once there, just write down the things that need to be done by tomorrow. Do the same exact thing for the day after tomorrow. And for the day after as well.

That’s it.

3: Plant a tree.

The next thing in the list of Highly Beneficial things Guys should do when Bored/Productive things to do in their spare time is to plant a tree.

It isn’t just about planting a tree. Let me explain.

So let’s say today is Monday and you are getting super bored. You can’t think of anything to do. Hmm. What now?

I would recommend you to plan a visit to the nearby nursery to purchase a plant from there. But before that, let’s do some research.

Look, planting a tree is always a good idea. No? Doing that is highly useful as by doing that you are indirectly adding your share in nature’s protection. Great Job!

Secondly, you can also purchase a plant for yourself as well. Have you heard about the Aloe Vera Plant and the millions of benefits of the Aloe Vera Leaves?

Peeling that off, taking out the Gel, and applying it to your scalp and skin, is highly beneficial. It does wonders for your skin, and scalp, promoting better skin and hair health.

Alright, so yeah, I recommend you all to go to the nearby nursery and purchase a plant from there for nature and one for yourself as well (Aloe Vera). By doing that you will find something to do, as planting a tree/gardening in itself is an activity that kills time, plus you are doing something good for your skin and hair as well. Perfect.

4: Manage your closet.

Manage your closet.

What comes under the heading of “managing your closet”?

Well, their are 2 things that can be put under this title:

  • Checking if there are any useless items that are there but you aren’t wearing them for forever.
  • Sorting out the items in a particular arrangement, on the basis of the upcoming days.

I want you to do both of these on the regular basis if you really want to look good all the time.

Look, I know you. I know that you want to look good all the time. And I am so proud of you for having such a mindset. You should definitely be looking on point all the time. But we can’t always use our brains efficiently to put together a perfect wardrobe.

And that’s the reason sometimes we end up looking not-that-perfect. A possible solution to this problem is to plan your outfits days before.

That’s where “Manage your closet” comes in. Gentlemen! I want you to take out all the items that you aren’t wearing anymore and put them in a bag. You can always sell these clothes and get some extra cash, or maybe exchange these old clothes to get new ones (there are many websites that offer such services and some stores as well work that way).

Once that is taken care of, I want you to arrange the clothing items in your new closet in a way that all the items look organized. You can hang your outfits inline, on the basis of the upcoming days, and that’s how you are always going to look good, no matter what.

5: Clear out the extra memory of your phone.

It isn’t just about the closet anymore.

Look at me, Hey! I am talking to you. Yes, you, the guy who is standing over there using the phone. But You look angry. May I ask you the reason behind it?

Oh, so your smartphone is the reason? Hmm..

You told me the other day about this problem that you are facing with your phone. The memory is already full and you can’t think of anything to do.

Hey! You can always choose to buy some extra space by purchasing a memory card or maybe get some Cloud data to store your stuff.

But what if I told you that I know about another solution that is going to help you with your memory problem plus this boredom problem as well. You are looking bored, don’t tell me you are not, and I know this because you are facing this phone-memory problem for a couple of days now but you always ignored it because you had no time to think about it.

And now that you have nothing else to do and you are quite bored as well, so you thought why not use this time to deal with this problem.

Well, let’s now get into the solution of this problem now. Shall we?

Gentlemen! I want you to thoroughly go through all of the images in your mobile phone, documents, notes, etc, to see if there are items that are useless to you.

Delete these items afterward as just by doing that, you are going to free up a good amount of space, and your phone will be normal again, like before. Plus your boredom will also go away because till the end you would have spent enough time engaging yourself in this phone-cleaning activity!

6: Listening to an interesting book while wearing a face mask.

The next thing in the list of Highly Beneficial things Guys should do when Bored/Productive things to do in their spare time is to listen to an interesting book while wearing a face mask.

We aren’t coming slowly today. Our goal today is to kill the boredom but while doing so, we are also making sure that we are engaging ourselves in an activity that isn’t just time killing but highly beneficial as well.

Let’s take the example of wearing a face mask while listening to an audiobook. Here you are killing your boredom by listening to your favorite book. But just to amplify the positivity of the situation, we have put on a face mask as well so that while listening to the audiobook your mind has another reason to feel good (that you are taking care of your skin as well, in the meantime).

So isn’t it a win-win situation? It surely is.

7: Look for new ways to make money (learn a skill).

7: Look for new ways to make money (learn a skill).

Guys! I know that you are getting bored. You can’t think of anything to do. But let me tell you one thing, instead of opening YouTube and searching for some motivational videos, I would advise you to instead search for some skill instead.

Let’s say you are getting bored. What now? I want you to open YouTube.com and search there, stuff like, “Graphic designing tutorial for beginners”. Searching for such a term will bring in front of you a list of videos teaching you how to become a graphic designer (for beginners).

You need to watch those videos and learn how to make a design. And then comes the practice time. I want you to repeat your craft over and over again until you become a master of it.

So yeah, the moral of this story is that, in your free time, when you feel like you have nothing to do, I want you to search for some useful skills and then look for content around it. Plus make sure to have your notebook beside you. Write down all the important points and practice them afterward.

It will kill your boredom and will also add another skill to your skillset, yet another way to make money. Isn’t that super cool?

8: Call a friend and go for a photography session.

Or maybe you don’t want to learn anything at this moment. Hey! It happens to all of us. Sometimes we are getting bored and feeling lazy, both at the same time.

And these are the times where your friends come into the bracket.

Gentlemen! You need to call Ali and pitch him this awesome photography idea. Here you have two options to choose from:

  • Invite your friend for a random photography session where both of you are going to click some good aesthetic pictures of the random objects and nature itself.
  • Invite your friend for a bombastic photo session where you guys will take super cool pictures of each other.

Make a choice and go for it. The photography sessions with friends are healing to a whole another level. Trust me, my friend, this idea is definitely going to kill all of your boredom in minutes.

9: Go to the mall.

Window shopping is what I am talking about.

Ok, now some of you might be saying that “Hey Nyazi! We can do that on their website as well. Why do we have to go to the mall especially just to see what’s there?”.

Following are the reasons behind:

  • You scroll through the mobile phone, their website, almost all the time. And I don’t think so that scrolling through their webpage yet again is going to help you with your boredom.
  • By visiting the mall, you are going to get to do a task. You are now visiting the store and checking out the trendy items that are out there.
  • You can even make a list of items that are out there, and this list is going to help you make better purchases, whenever you are planning to go shopping.
  • And if you have some extra cash spared already, what’s wrong with making a purchase right now? I mean, you are at the mall already and you love this great-looking shirt that fits nice too! Just get it.

10: Search for a new job.

Search for a new job.

You are quite satisfied with this new job of yours. Perfect.

But what if I told you that in the upcoming 5-6 months, your mind ends up facing a lot of problems in this current workplace of yours?

Anything can happen and before that actually happening, we need to prepare ourselves and for sure have a backup option in our inventory, correct me if I am wrong.

Or maybe you are already dissatisfied. Your Job sucks but you are doing it because it pays your bills. What if I told you that this entire situation can be fixed?

All that you need to do, is to utilize this boredom time of yours in searching for a new job. You can update your resume, as well. Try using different techniques to make it look attractive.

And once you’ve done that, just apply to as many good companies as you can. I know that your final goal is to start your own business but we all agree to the fact that bills need to be paid until you get there. So yeah, to kill the boredom, you can opt for the job searching option.

11: Take your care to a spa session.

Look at yourself, my boy. You look great. I believe you are putting good effort into taking care of yourself. Those Biceps, oh, they look great. Plus the skin and hair look good too.

Wait a minute.. Is that you car?

I am sorry but it looks dirty. It looks like you haven’t cleaned it in a while. Hey! Guess what? your car can make or break your first impression.

Do you want to have your dirty car take away all the attention from yourself to the car, and I am talking about the negative attention here for sure.

You are looking dope and your car should be looking dope too. What’s the solution to this problem? A visit to the Car wash station is what I am talking about gentlemen.

Plus you are bored too. No? All you need to do is to take your car to the car wash station and get it all cleaned and oiled up. This activity will kill your time and boredom plus your car aka your second introduction will become better too.

12: Visit your friend.

Gentlemen! It isn’t always about just calling your friend and making a proper plan where you are going out for a photography session or something else.

Sometimes all you need to kill your boredom is some quality time with your best friend. Just invite him over or go to his place to play some games maybe. By doing that, you will definitely be able to fix your boredom and your mood as well.

13: Go and cook something.

Go and cook something.

The next thing in the list of Highly Beneficial things Guys should do when Bored/Productive things to do in their spare time is to go and cook something.

Men who know how to cook are 10 times more attractive than those who do not know how to cook.

Plus the boredom is the dominant trait in the room as well. Right? Gentlemen! I want you to open up the Youtube app once again and search for some new and interesting food items to cook.

Write down all the ingredients and see if you have all of them available at your place. Go and purchase the items that aren’t in the inventory.

Once you have all the items, start cooking the food with reference to the instructions provided in the video/that food blog.

This entire activity is going to be so interesting that you are going to forget about your boredom in just 5 minutes!

Plus you can post a story of what you have just cooked to get some appreciation. And that’s going to feel really good, trust me.

14: Create a YouTube channel.

And last but not the least, probably one of the most creative and artistically challenging things in the list of “Highly Beneficial things Guys should do when Bored/Productive things to do in their spare time” is to create a Youtube channel of your own.

Look, you are bored. Right? And you don’t know what to do. True?

Why not merging the points numbers 13 and 14 together? You cook the food while having the camera on, edit the video real quick and upload it over to your YouTube channel. What if this video gets viral and you become famous for trying to cook for the first time to kill the boredom?

Who knows what’s going to happen in the future anyway. Right? Plus these social media algorithms are really confusing. So yeah, anything can happen.

You might as well want to edit some aesthetic videos of your own self or some of the videos where you have captured nature. Once edited, you can upload them as well to your YouTube channel. You can also vlog and put it on your channel.

Benefits of making a channel of your own are endless. Money, Fame, an activity to do, getting rid of your job, being able to do what you love to do, etc. All of these things come with it.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Youtube.com and become a creator right now!

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of, “Highly Beneficial things Guys should do when Bored/Productive things to do in their spare time”? Do let me know about your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and feedback, over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will come back to you ASAP,


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