14 Steps to Become Mentally Strong Even in the Most Difficult Times!

Gentlemen! I hope you all are doing good. So the inspiration of today’s article is a video from one of my favorite YouTuber, How to Beast (https://youtu.be/0PGfa0z7cgo). In the Video My Guy talked about 3 Bad Habits that can make You Mentally weak. Nicely explained and Like Always shots and Editing was on Point. And from their The idea of “How to Become Mentally Strong” Came into My Mind.

I mean, we all are aware of the current situations, how this pandemic has affected the entire world. Many people ended up losing their jobs. Those who have their own business (Small Business owners mostly) are suffering from a period of anxiety.

So what Should we do in this whole Scenario? The best we can do is to stay in our homes. And stay as much socially away from people as well for the sake of their safety and ourselves’ as well. But what about that little piece of machine which is installed in our head? I mean, what if our mind start going insane?

Anxiety, stress caused due to the loss of the job, huge loss in the business, etc. Whatever your situation might be, believe it or not but out mind will react to it. Some people may end up losing their sanity to a certain level while others might end up going into depression.

With that Being said, Is their any solution to this Problem? I mean, of course we all can’t do much about it as this is a Global problem. But let’s say you have a specific problem that is bothering you. And time has been harsh for you these days. What exactly should You do to Make sure that You stay Mentally Sane? In today’s article, we are gonna talk about this and much more on the topic of “How to become Mentally Strong to handle the tough situations Easily”.

Also Checkout one of my Previous articles, 22 Things to Do While Social Distancing, in which I talked about certain things that you can do in this social distancing period to stay productive. Gentlemen today’s article is, “14 Steps to Become Mentally Strong Even in the Most Difficult Times!”. So without any further ado, lets Hop right into it. Shall We?

Challenge Yourself

Alright so as cliche as it may sound, this is one of the most effective things you can do to train your Mind to not give Up no matter How bad the situations end up becoming. Challenge yourself by giving yourself tasks that You find difficult to do. It could be as little as going and talking to a stranger. (no matter how awkward it gets) Or maybe, I don’t know, running until your body and mind says, “Enough from My side!”.

I know that some of you come at me saying that, “Nyazi! We are already in such an unwanted state or mind. Or, I don’t feel like doing anything challenging. I just want to lay down and stay Sad all the time”.

So here Gentlemen! You might end up finding sort of a comfort in the tensed situations. The suffering and guys as weird as it sounds, you might end up getting used to staying depressed. It might lead you to the lack of self confidence and may also damage your morale permanently.

How to Become Mentally Strong? Make use of the “Challenge Yourself” technique as it will give you more power to fight with the tough times that you are going through at the Moment. The More your brain becomes powerful and immune to problems, the more it will stay Sane even in the times that could be unbearably tough for some other dude.

Should You Control Everything? You can’t!

Guys, I know that you are a Perfectionist. For that reason You just can’t let a thing or two pass away unsolved. So, what you should do? Should you be sitting their trying so damn hard to perfect every single thing when your brain isn’t supporting you because of the extreme level of stress due to the tough times? Or should You let some things stay as they are, knowing that at the end of the day You can’t control everything?

If You ask me then I will always go with the 2nd option as it sounds like the most efficient

Choice as per the given scenario. Guys, when things are going wrong, maybe you are experiencing an unwanted business loss. Or maybe your loved one is going through a suffering. Perhaps your thoughts are bothering you way too much, taking you to the Past and future all the time, triggering you to think about it again and again.

Trying to solve everything or trying to correct every single thought that comes in your head will not only drain all of the energy out of your brain, but can also cause long term damage on your thinking patterns as well.

Gentlemen, do You want to become mentally strong? You just can’t accomplish this by trying to solve everything. You need to realize that their are things you cant control. And even if you want to perfect things, You can divide it into different parts and solve them one by one. One step at a time and ignoring all of the other problems, keeping in mind that Its Ok to Fail in a couple of things, is the best thing you can do to become and stay mentally strong even in the most Difficult times.

It is Going to be Over Soon

It will be over soon

Again, Sounds cliche but These are the things that actually work. And we often confuse them as if they are one of those typical “Motivational Quotes”. Yes they Give You motivation and Yes they do work. The problem with us now days is that we consume too much content. And instead of acting upon it we let it slip away After feeling motivated for 1-2 days.

So Guys, I don’t know what You are going through specifically. But I want you to Know that Your Boy is here for You. DM me at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and we shall talk about it more over there.

Again, trust me Guys, it is Temporary. I know that You feel Like things are never going to get better ever but this is just a Big trap that your mind has build for You and You keep putting yourself in that trap, in that cage, all the time.

Whereas in reality, what You should be doing is that You should be trying to find happiness in whatever you can do at the Moment (except for anything that may make you an addict). What about these bad times? Lol, they are just here for a very short period of time and Soon You will be able to resume all the fun stuff. I promise.

Self Care

Guys, Listen Up. I have something very special that I curated specially for You. Consider it a gift from your brother:

Your biggest Asset is your own self and that My friend is something you should never forget no matter what. Taking care of yourself, your skin, hair and working out on daily basis is going to have huge effect on your Mental Health.

Let’s say you are this super Sloppy dude who loves to stay weak and he does not takes care of his Skin, Hair and Body. And on the other hand their is this Dude who takes care of himself, Goes to the Gym and has managed to build A good self defense both Mentally and physically.

Things start to get bit tough. Problems started increasing. What will the dude who is weak do in this situation? Of course He will not be able to do much about it and his chances of going into depression are way more than My dude who takes care of himself, loves himself and never skips a workout. My dude knows that even if everything ends, he has his sexy self left with Him and that reason alone is enough for him to stay sane and mentally strong.

This feeling of fulfillment and of course mental and physical strength that he has built in the Gym will give him the power to stay mentally strong during this entire problematic era. BTW, Whats your take on this? Do let me Know at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi).

Share it with Somebody

Suffering alone and Not letting anybody know about what you are going through, has its own Pros and Cons. Yes, you will not be able to answer that somebody when things are over and Yes you can easily walk away with even neglecting that You weren’t weak or Nothing can shake You even in the most toughest times come. You never shared it with anybody so Nobody will ever find out about it.

However on the Flip side, The benefit to sharing your thoughts and what you are going through with somebody is that, 1: Chances are He/She might give you and advise that help You get out of the situation real fast or 2: Sharing thoughts with others help us Heal. Even If you are the saddest person on the planet at this Moment, The moment you shared it with someone you will instantly feel relaxed as if the burden from your shoulders has been taken away.

If You ask me then I will always choose the Option. I will share it with somebody who I trust the most or Maybe a Psychiatrist. I mean, whats wrong in that? It is much better than suffering it all alone and Maybe ending up going insane. You do not want that to happen. Do You? So its better to share what You are going through, with somebody you trust the most. It will help You regain your strength and will definitely help You become mentally strong.

Dress to Heal

Dress up to Become Mentally Strong

You’ve always heard about phrases like, “Dress to Impress”, “Dress for the Purpose” but what is it like to “Dress to Heal”? Good question. I would like to answer this question in the form of an example.

Ali is going through some bad times at the moment. He badly wants to get back to his normal routine when he was Busy all day Long and He was happy too. He didn’t had these thoughts before and He definitely didn’t had to deal with all these Mood swings and Negative situations before. This whole thing is affecting Ali’s mind and He is afraid of losing his Sanity.

Josh has been going though some tough times lately. He want to go back to the Normal days but He says to himself, “You know what? I will Dress Up because I am one Hell of a Sexy Dude and I want to Look Hot As Hell”. And that right their is going to put you in an instantly better mood.

What happens is that when You wear a Nice Dress, You immediately shift into that Mode and I am not saying that stress goes away But its their, in the recessive form. And when You repeatedly keep on wearing Clothes that Make You Look Good, You will find a new hobby, called self Care and then You will involve yourself in things that may help you Look better. All that combined will be enough to kick away the bad times while staying sane throughout the entire time.

Limit Toxic People and Content

Guys, This is my favorite one in this List. Internet is full of content, what You are reading is a content and what you will read afterwards will also be a piece of content, toxic or not? Who Knows. Beneficial or not? Who knows. Might trigger the Sadness hormone? Who knows. Might make you strong in your journey of fighting through the tough time? Who knows. Might even Make you wanna end yourself by elevating your negative situation to its ultimate level? Who Knows.

Gentlemen! Toxic content is what You should quit when You start to experience some problems in your life. Cut off the content that Might make you wanna think about something that may end up triggering your brain to think More about whats going on as that’s what we are running away from. We want to quit all the negativity that might make the situation even more worse.

And as much as I’ve emphasized on Sharing what You are Going through with People, I want You to keep in mind that most of the people out their are toxic and the only thing they can do is to drag You down or talk shit about your state saying stuff Like, “Yes its so stressful. You better change this and that” or “Come on! Stop doing all this. You have a mental disorder and You deserve a treatment” and many other harsh statements.

Take Action!

Gentlemen! You can Not change the way you think, the way You perceive a particular situation, the way The things are, etc, If you do not take an action against it. I mean, for instance you are going through times and All you are doing is sitting and stressing over the negativity that has entered in your life these days.

Well thats something that a weak dude would be doing. I expect you to take action. You can’t expect to become mentally strong without doing whatever You feel like is positive and may take you out of this negative scenario. Thinking about it again and again will only prove negative as it will take you in a loop hole of a never ending process (overthinking). And You definitely do not want to end up doing that as it is super toxic, brain Killing. Not only does overthinking affects your brain and its ability to work But it also makes you lazy, You end up not wanting to go to the Gym, not taking care of your Face, Skin, hair, etc. So yeah, its better to build up a Plan and take actions against it.

Divide it into Parts!

Divide it into parts

Gentlemen! This is one of the most effective things to do when You feel like You are going through times that are challenging your mental health. Let’s say their is this crisis that has caused this problem. You know that You can not control things much but What You can do is that, You can divide the Task or crisis into several parts.

Now these are the Points which You believe that if You somehow able to complete all of these tasks then situations will get better. I want you to start doing these tasks one By one. Again, its ok if you fail to do all of it at once. All that matters is that one simple task for day that You got to accomplish. Done that? Great! I now assure you that You are now on your track to become mentally strong.

What to Eat?

Gentlemen! If you have been following me for a while then You already know that Your Boy believes in the fact that Their is nothing possible without the right type of Food that goes into your system.

Do You want to have Good Skin? You got to eat Healthy Foods for that. You need great hair? Well then you should be eating the right foods for that. Do you want to build some muscle and look Hot As hell? Diet Gentlemen! Its all in the Diet you consume on the daily basis. But what about Stress and becoming mentally strong?

What Are the Foods that You can add in your daily diet to ensure that You giving your system the right food for the best mental state possible. Listen Up! You need good food to help You fight all this crisis. What food do You need? Don’t think about it too much and You definitely will Not have to research about it because I’ve already made a list of foods to eat for the best Mental Health possible.

  • Oily Fish: It is packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are well known to contribute towards mental wellness. It also helps with the Level of anxiety (which in your situation may be caused due to thinking way too much about what will happen in the future?, How am I Going to get out of this Crisis?, What should have i Done in the past that would have been given me power to fight this crisis?, etc)
  • Berries: Great because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with the memory, anxiety, Plus it Blueberries and Strawberries contain a compound called Polyphenolics which improves, concentration and attention Span, aka giving you More to actually concentrate on taking actions rather than thinking about it all the time.
  • Walnuts and Yoghurt: Walnuts helps with long term mental wellness, reduces the stress and makes You feel relaxed. It helps in the growth of new brain cells as well. Talking about yoghurt then it also plays its role in releasing pressure from your brain giving it enough window to make decisions both effectively and efficiently.

Guys, Checkout the complete list of 7 Foods that play a very important role in your mental health and wellness, in this article posted at Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association (https://anzmh.asn.au/2018/04/19/foods-mental-health-wellness/)

Reward Your Brain!

Hey! Guess what? Maybe You end up boosting your mental capabilities by giving it the environment it is used to work the best in or just generally changing the environment. Alright, So its Like, let’s say you stay at your home all the time and this Stress and thinking about all of the current tough times is really dominating your sanity.

What you should do to fight this whole thing? Why Not shifting to some environment or why not changing a couple of things from your daily routine? Ok, so You can take help from your past memories, maybe you think off a time when you had the least amount of stress. When was it? When You used to be less on social media? Or when You used to not think about the consequences and You used to work for the sake of working and you used to work because you loved to do it?

No matter what routine, state of mind or what environment it was, I want you to shift to that again. No questions asked. Maybe due to this change in your thinking pattern or change in this routine and a couple of activities end up strengthening your brain. I mean who Knows.

If your concerns are related to this Pandemic and this is the problem then I will not suggest you to take a trip to see the beautiful wonders of nature as that would have really helped. But I want you to instead change the routine and like I said shift to what made you felt the most comfortable in, as far as your brain’s working capability is concerned. As it surely helps anybody who wants to become mentally Strong.

Lets Fantasize

Become mentally strong through Fantasy

This is something that I personally do. I learnt this from one of the serials in my local language here. For the reference You can consider the Example of Sherlock Holmes. How My guy stays Calm and Enjoys all the problems that life throws at him.

Obviously it is a fictional character and in reality we all suffer when situations start getting difficult to handle. But, I mean, Is it must to suffer? Can’t we just assume that this entire situation is just like a TV script and we are playing a leading role in this Serial.

We have to stay cool during the whole thing. Dress Like a Boss and I don’t know, maybe grab a fidget spinner and Spin it while thinking of making steps to get out of this situation. Now note down the points and enjoy the process of solving this puzzle that your producer gave to you. Treat it all like a drama serial and Try solving it like another episode. Remember that You have to Look cool, Stay Calm and Solve it while looking like a Badass Bad Boy!

Stick to a Routine

Gentlemen! This is very Important as it will send a message to your brain that everything is normal and that it doesn’t have to react uncontrollably. So Yeah, I know that You have this great habit of making a To-Do list and You’ve already listed down some very healthy things that You used to do every single day.

But due to these rough times You don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t wanna wakeup, you don’t wanna dress up, you don’t wanna read, you don’t wanna eat healthy, etc. Combine all of that with all the amount of stress that you are going through and You will get a guaranteed mental problem in the end.

Guys, I want you to stick to your routine like you used to do before as this is one of the powerful thing to do at the moment. By doing this you are not only challenging your brain but you are also breaking the chains wrapped around it due to the negative thoughts which is going to help you become mentally strong.


Note that: I do recommend you Guys to do your research on this one. Also Make sure that You are getting CBD Oil that is Free from THC (An Ingredient that Gets You HIGH). Other than that Its perfectly alright. Enjoy

Shoutout to My Man, Alpha M. For this One. I watched his Night time routine Video before. He talks about Why taking care of your skin is important before going to bed. And why should You do this and that, etc before laying on Bed. Great Video, will link to it in just a minute. But the most important thing in my opinion in that Video was him supporting a company that researches about mental health and creates products that help you get better.

And there my dude talks about how taking CBD oil on the daily basis. Consuming every night before going to bed has changed his life for better. According to him, his overall health improved and Most importantly it helped him with Sleep. And Yes Gentlemen! Sleep is very Important for your mental health. It helps to recover and to give rest to your fighter pilot which is busy doing a lot of combats every single day, lately.

Quick Disclaimer, Just Like Alpha said, and that’s exactly What I have to say about it. Guys, on the internet it says that its great and it helps to fight with anxiety, works as a Neuro-protective as well and all that Good shit. But, again, Alpha said it out loud, thats what works for him and that everyone should consult with their physicians before taking regular dose of CBD oil. Maybe because of its reaction with other medication or whatever.

Does CBD oil works? Yes it does. Should You consult your doctor before taking the dosage? YES! And with that being said I would like to give you some tips that will Help you sleep better (Quality Sleep helps you become mentally strong. Your Target should be 7-8 hours of Quality Sleep):

It’s not just about laying on the bed for 7 hours and thinking that you have increased your testosterone… Theirs some more to it. You know those Sleep sessions when you wake up super relaxed and Light? Yeah! Thats what I am talking about. Again. If you are stressing over something then my friend I don’t think so that you will be able to get a good quality sleep. I am gonna give out Some tips that you can apply to get a Quality Sleep. (I will be writing a detailed post on this topic as well real soon!).

Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the day. Because the caffeine helps you wake up which means that it won’t let you sleep properly in the night. Hence, avoid caffeine in the evening or At night time.

Increase Bright Light Exposure During the Day and Reduce the Blue Light exposure in the evening / Night .. Put your Phone aside and don’t use it when the Lights of your room are switched off. Using the phone in the dark is gonna have a negative effect on your eyesight. In addition, it is eating your Sleep time as well. You must put all of your Digital devices away at least 30 minutes before going to bed… I recommend that you put your Phone on Table that is far away from your bed. Because I know that sometimes you want to grab your cellphone again and again. But if you place it far away then you will have to get up and reach the table to grab your cellphone. Getting up is actually a resistance and a barrier that is surely gonna help.

Maintain Room’s Temperature at 60 – 67 Degree Fahrenheit because thats considered to be ideal temperature. Lowering your body’s temperate before going to bed is proven to give you a Baby sleep.

Courtesy: 13 Brutally Simple Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels (Proven!)

With that being said, that was it from my side on the topic of Mental Health and How to stay Sane even in the most difficult times. Concluding, “14 Steps to Become Mentally Strong Even in the Most Difficult Times!”. If you Have any queries related to this topic or anything related to Men’s Lifestyle or Grooming, Feel Free to Hit me up at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and Until Next time My Brothers,


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