14 Stupid things Intelligent Men Never Spend their Money on

Hey Guys! I hope you are doing Good. So in today’s article, we will talk about some stupid things (in my opinion) intelligent men never spend their money on.

These are the money mistakes that intelligent men never make!

I am sure you are an intelligent Gentleman! However, sometimes even the best of us end up making mistakes that they should not make. These mistakes if made, again and again, can lead to a greater loss.

But that ends here. You, my friend, will not make these money mistakes again because in today’s article we will try to find out, discuss, and eliminate these stupid things out of your life!

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So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of things intelligent men never spend their money on.

Stupid Things Intelligent Men Never Spend their Money On/Money Mistakes Intelligent Men Never Make

  • Buying overly Expensive Branded Items
  • Online Courses
  • An Investment you know nothing about
  • Money that you spend to impress somebody (Red Alert!!)
  • Expensive Self Care Products
  • Buying Expensive Healthy Food
  • Updating your tech every year
  • Smoking & Drugs
  • Impulsive Purchases
  • Spending Money on Cheap Clothing
  • Buying Something you are not sure about
  • Trendy items that make no sense
  • Cars that eat a lot of the Petrol
  • Expensive Phone Covers & Pouches

That’s it. This in front of you is the list of items that I believe are the things intelligent men never spend their money on. These are the money mistakes that keep you poor and because of that reason, intelligent men stay away from all of these things.

So without any further ado, let’s get straight into each of these to find out more about them. Shall we?

1: Buying Overly Expensive Branded Items

Buying Overly Expensive Branded Items

Guys! You must never spend your money on those overly priced clothing items that make no sense.

Yes! I am talking about the brands that have T-Shirts listed at the Price of $500. I mean, like, WTH?

Why would you list the price of a T-Shirt, the plain white T-Shirt, to be around $500?

One can do his entire shopping in this budget! Trust me, boys, you can buy about 4 complete outfits (shirts & pants) if you have a budget of $500.

On the other side you have been asked to pay $500 for a plain white T-Shirt…

Will you make that purchase? Why are you looking at me? Oh. So you want my suggestion now. Don’t you?

Guess what? There is no reason that you can put forth to justify your desire to purchase this overly priced T-Shirt. Nah! Trust me, you are not getting a quality that has come straight from the heavens.

It’s just your regular $5 or $10 T-Shirt with the only difference of that “Brand’s Tag” and trust me on this boys, you don’t want to spend an extra $495 just to get that tag. You are better off buying a Plain T-Shirt from some other brand and mix it with other cool clothing items to make a Banger outfit!

Hey! Don’t worry about that as well. Your brother has got you covered. I know that you are facing problems in making your outfits. What if I told you that I had already a guide in which I had included more than 60 outfits? And the best part is that most of these outfits are based on a Plain White T-Shirt! Do Checkout: 60+ Outfits to Wear with White Sneakers for Guys (Quick Guide)

2: Online Courses

Next in the list of Money Mistakes intelligent men never make/stupid things intelligent men never spend their money on is, “Purchasing Online Courses”.


I understand your feelings. I know that this dude, “Mr. X”, You have been following this guy since 2017. And he has been doing his job very well. He is a great internet marketer and throughout this whole time, he has been teaching you very valuable information.

With that being said, Should you purchase his Get Rich Quick Course?

If you ask me then my answer would probably be a Big “NO”. Reason? Look, I don’t need to buy any course to get rich quickly. Because you know what? There are no hidden secrets!

You got to put the work in, in order to make big bucks.

Ok, I understand that some courses are worth purchasing like a Video editing course from this very talented dude or maybe some kind of a programming course.

Again, your first task should be to search for all of that information on the Internet for free and if you find someone offering it for free, then you must avail of that opportunity, instead of spending money to get similar – same information.

Get Rich Quick Schemes, Marketing Secrets, and stuff like, in my opinion, is complete bullshit. I recommend you guys to never spend your money on any of such courses.

And if you really want to get rich then you should be doing the opposite of what want you to do… Save your cash! This saved up cash can be spent on some good investment.

3: An Investment you are not sure about

Guys! Since we are talking about investments, I thought I must talk about you not putting your money in every investment opportunity that you come across. Let me explain.

Look, the thing is, you don’t need to invest your money to purchase those old banner-making machines because the banner printing business in your area is almost dead.

Your Plans are to market this new business of yours in your locality but how are you going to do that? People in your area have moved on to Digital Printing and promoting their business on the Internet rather than spending a huge amount of money to get big banners.

So, should you purchase those banner printing machines? No!

And that is just one type of intelligent decision making.

Chances are that you are not sure about this business that your friend has been pitching you since last week. He really wants you to invest in this business and he believes that you guys can really make it big with this new business idea. But again, I want you to ask this question yourself.

“Hey! Am I sure about this? I mean, I don’t know about this business, this isn’t my field too… Should I invest my money just because my friend thinks that we can make it work?”

Wait a minute… Before you answer this question after a huge process of overthinking, let me make your life easy. “No”. Do not invest your money into something that you are not sure about! Because it is going to bring you loss only or you won’t be able to maximize the profits to the fullest.

4: To Impress Somebody

To Impress Somebody

Next in the list of things intelligent men never spend their money on/money mistakes intelligent men never make is, “Spending money to impress somebody”.

Your Old friend Ali told me the other day that you are spending a lot of money just to sit in these so-called Elites?

Hey! All this cash that you saved up for some greater cause, you are spending all of that just to be part of some stupid group of wannabes.

Or maybe they are not wannabes. Maybe they have so much cash that blowing up some won’t affect their wealth at all. But at the end of the day, I am sure that these people are kind of materialistic types and they value a person based on how much money he has.

I am sure that’s the case because otherwise, you won’t be spending this much amount of money just to cope up with their expectations. This is wrong, my friend.

Your Company decides who you are and what you are going to become. I’ve talked about this fact before as well.

Do you want to know what “changing your company” and choosing better people can do for you? Below are the 2 main benefits of that.

Change your Company to Increase your Self Confidence

Guys! I know that you have promised yourself that you will do the following things:

  • Imagine yourself there
  • Forgive your past
  • Go Out there and Do It
  • Ignore your thoughts and outside environment

But what if I told you that the people who are close to you are one of the main factors involved in you, not becoming self-confident?

Look! We are discussing steps to increase or improve your self-confidence. Right? And the above-given steps were kind of helping you get back on track.

But imagine talking to your friends every single day about it. And Nah! You thought they were supporting you? They are not.

Imagine them being one of those who laugh at you. Imagine them one of those who think that what you are doing is really stupid.

Guess what? If you have such kind of people close to you then your chances of getting on the top and becoming self-confident are very less!

The thing is people who surround us and stay close to us, kinda determine what our future is going to be. You can’t be a successful person being with those who think that every successful person is a gonna go to Hell.

Your Company Determines how your Current year is going to be (on the basis of Performance)

I’ve been talking about this a lot lately. And the reason behind this is the impact that this one thing can have on both your present and future. Let me explain.

So.. you usually hang out with Ali and James. Cool. But are they really worth it? I mean, I have seen both of them doing drugs and being suck a non-serious person all the time.

Look! I am not against “non-serious behavior”. In fact, I’ve witnessed men who were really non-serious, achieving a lot in their life. I understand thats something that’s a part of someone’s nature.

But guess what? You need to get serious as well, at times. You just can’t expect to stay non-serious and then expect life to do wonders. All you get is what you work for.

And even if that isn’t a concern, still, these 2 guys are very spoiled. It’s kind of toxic as they won’t do anything that’s positive.


So yeah, that’s the power of changing the company. I want you to sit with people who believe are hustling as much as you do. And even if you do not believe in hustling much, your company should be fine enough to inspire you to start working hard to achieve the goals and the position where you always imagine yourself to be in.

And never ever burn your money just to impress somebody. It is never worth it. They are going to go no matter what and the money that you spent on them is never coming back. So it’s basically a loss-loss situation.

5: Expensive Self-Care Products

Next in the list of stupid things intelligent men never spend their money on/money mistakes intelligent men never make is, “purchasing expensive self-care products”.

OMG! Why would you purchase a Body wash for $100? That Skin Care system (Facewash + Moisturizer + Exfoliating Scrub) costs around $300. Insane!

You can buy all of these items combined (and even more) under $30 or even less. And Nah, we are not talking about the cheap drug store products. I am talking about the Good brands that produce products on the basis of your skin type.

The same is the case with hair products as well. Taking from shampoo to your hair serum or hair spray, everything can be bought at a good price. And you can also spend more than $300, just to get nothing out of it. Trust me, it’s all the basic formula that really matters. All you need to make sure is that there are no harmful ingredients and that the brand you are purchasing isn’t bogus. That’s it.

As long as you have the basic knowledge about the products, you are going to fine.

Spending tons of cash to get your skin and hair care kit is worthless! And in my opinion, this is one of the things intelligent men never spend their money on. I am sure you will follow in their footsteps and never make such purchases. Right?

6: Buying Packaged & Expensive Healthy Food

I am 100% sure that you need to start eating healthy. But wait a minute!

What are you doing?

You don’t need to spend your money on this packaged healthy food. I know that it is much better than those burgers and pizzas. But at the end of the day, I want you to give some relief to your pocket as well. You need to start making healthy monetary decisions as well along with healthy dietary decisions!

Start off with purchasing the raw ingredients.

I’ve talked about the power of cooking (in my previous article) in your free time and how you can do that to kill your boredom. A snippet from that is given below:

Healthy Food and Boredom

Gentlemen! This is the right time to cook yourself something healthy. Look, one of the reasons why most people end up eating unhealthy is that they don’t know to cook their food. They don’t know how to cook something that is healthy as well as delicious. And just because of that they surrender in front of the unhealthy food that is prepared in their home for everybody.

I want you to utilize this boredom time to search for a bunch of healthy food recipes on the web. Write the ingredients and making procedure down. And start preparing your healthy meal.

You are definitely going to make mistakes but at the end of the day you’ve accomplished a lot.

  • You’ve successfully managed to do something about your boredom.
  • You are now able to cook something healthy that you are eventually going to make properly with the passage of time.
  • This food is healthy so you can cook & eat it when you are hungry.

Foods and Facial Beauty

If you think that by only chewing gum for about 5 hours per day you are gonna get the most perfect jawline then I afraid to say that you wrong. You are so wrong my friend because what’s gonna really affect your facial structure is the change in your Diet.

I can’t tell you the importance of Diet and How just by changing it you can gradually with the passage of time, change the way you Look. It’s not about your face only but let’s say if you want to build muscles, still you will be needing an appropriate diet plan because otherwise, you won’t see any results at all.

You need to avoid foods that have sugar in them, be it bakery products, packaged foods, Soy, Corn, Gluten, etc. On the other hand, what I recommend to all of you is that You all must be Drinking at least 12 glasses of water per day

And last but not the least, Say no to Salty Food! Salt gets accumulated on your face and it is no doubt the main cause of water retention which causes swelling on your face. You don’t want that at all, Right? You want to Look More Handsome and You definitely want to get a Better Looking / Attractive Face. Right?

Consume less salt! Yeah, that’s it. Avoid deep-fried food items that have lots of Oils in them because they increase the number of fatty tissues which results in more fat on your face. #SayNoToJunkFood.

Home Cooked/Prepared Healthy Food over the Packaged one

You need to start making your own food at home. It will help you feel & understand the importance of healthy raw items. That way you will have an idea of the freshness and the benefits of the items that are going in your body.

Buying prepared healthy food from the store is going to cost you a lot of money! Intelligent men never spend money on such things. They eat healthy food, but they make sure that they are doing it on their own and not purchasing it from the store as that way they would have to pay a hefty price against that meal.

7: Updating your Tech Every Year

Updating your Tech Every Year

And this my friend, is a very serious problem!

The world is moving very fast. Popular Smartphone companies release their Flagship smartphones every year and people buy them no matter how pricy they are.

Are you one of those?

If yes then you, my friend, are not the most intelligent person in the room.

This craze that people have, to update their Tech for no specific reason other than Class & Status is one of the money mistakes that intelligent men never make. They understand that all of this is a part of the company’s marketing plan. They have an idea of what’s going on and they know they don’t have to update their tech every year.

And when they actually feel a need to upgrade, they go for it. Status & show-off isn’t a factor behind their purchase decision. And that’s exactly what I want you to do.

8: Smoking & Drugs

Smoking has tons and tons of disadvantages. Same is the case with Drugs as well.

Following is a list of harmful effects of both of these addictive habits.


  • Smoking causes Lung Cancer
  • Heart Diseases as well
  • It can cause premature ageing
  • Delayed wound healing is on the list too
  • Also causes other skin disorders and infections
  • Damages immune system
  • Results in hair loss
  • Increases the risk of fungal or bacterial infection on the scalp
  • Results in unhealthy hair growth


  • A Good cause of Dry & Flaky Skin
  • Your skin becomes more prone to blemishes
  • Poor Healing
  • It causes hair loss
  • Unhealthy hair

And we are just getting started. Drugs, Alcohol, and smoking are the things that can affect your life a lot, in a negative way. You need to stop spending your money on buying these things because these are some of the things intelligent men never spend their money on. It’s because they know that they don’t have to waste their money to buy something that is going to take their looks from 9/10 to 5/10 or even less than that.

9: Impulsive Purchases

Next in the list of money mistakes intelligent men never make/stupid things intelligent men never spend their money on are impulsive purchases.

So you have been shown this ad in which this dude is marketing this product. You are very impressed overall, so much so that you want to buy this item right now.

You’ve taken out your card and you are just about to enter your details.. Wait!

Please wait for some time. I want you to think about this whole thing with a calm-down mind.

Do you really need to buy this item? I am sure that the marketing of that product was pretty well. That’s the reason you are about to buy a beard conditioner when you can hardly grow a patchy beard and that only on your chin.

And even if the product that is advertised in front of you can do wonders for you, still you should never make impulsive decisions. Intelligent men take their time. They analyze the situation, write the pros & cons down. And they make the purchase only when the Pros eat up the cons. Otherwise, they let that offer go, no matter how well the marketing campaign was curated.

10: Spending money on Cheap Clothing

Spending money on Cheap Clothing

I’ve talked about buying clothes on a budget, before as well.

Checkout: 12 Tips for Guys to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

However, I will recommend you to buy super cheap clothing items. Yeah, I know that the idea sounds amazing, I mean, who would not want to buy an entire outfit just for $5?

Intelligent people never make such a mistake. It’s because they know the fact that such cheap clothing isn’t going to last longer. Plus it will be worn out and will also show up very soon. And that will obviously result in other people talking bad about them.

You definitely don’t want that to happen with yourself. Right? If yes then I would recommend you guys to buy clothing when there is a sale going on (just to ensure that you are getting the best deal).

But at the end of the day never purchase super cheap clothing and then think that you have made a great decision. This isn’t a great decision, in fact, this is one of the stupidest mistakes that you’ve ever made in your life.

11: Something that you are sure about

And the roots of this point goes back to the point number 3.

Gentlemen! A lot of times it happens that you are visiting this shop where this shopkeeper recommends you this item which in his opinion will look great on you.

But you are not feeling it.

What should you do now? Should you buy it off of that guy’s suggestion only?

In my opinion, if you are not feeling it and if you are not sure about it then you are better off not buying that item instead. The reason behind this is that you don’t want to buy something you are not sure about and then leave it somewhere in your closet to sit there and die slowly.

That money could have been spent on some other clothing item that you are 100% sure about. So yeah, only buy things that you feel like buying. Do not make decisions solely based on someone else’s observations and perspectives. After all, it’s all about you (only) in the end.

12: Trendy Items that make no sense

Next in the list of money mistakes intelligent men never make/things intelligent men never spend their money on are the trendy items that make no sense.

We are talking about the super oversized shirts. Some trendy tops can come on the list as well. Sheer tops, Oversized suits, weird colors, Awkward patterns, etc.

So, guys, the key here is to not spend your money on such items. Buying those is just a loss of money. After all, you don’t want to purchase an item against a huge amount and then leave it somewhere in your closet after 2-3 months. Reason? The trend of those ugly items is gone now.

Invest in the classics instead, Gentlemen! You need to start purchasing the items that are the essentials, the must-haves, the items that are going to build up your wardrobe, unlike the trendy cartoonish items that are going to be laying there like the liability of some kind.

13: Cars that are not Fuel Efficient

Cars that are not Fuel Efficient

Congratulations! You’ve finally made it. You have enough money to purchase a car but wait a minute. I need you to control yourself and analyze this whole situation before you go to the showroom.

You don’t want to purchase a car that is not fuel-efficient. After all, buying a car is a liability and you don’t want to have a big liability. At the end of the day, do you want to sit in the corner and cry because your car takes away all of your savings? I am sure you don’t want to be that person.

Hmm?… Then you need to make intelligent decisions. Purchase a car that is fuel-efficient. Doing that, will reduce your stress and you can finally enjoy the benefits of having a car, to its fullest.

14: Expensive Phone Covers and Pouches

And last but not the least in the list of Money Mistakes intelligent men never make/things intelligent men never spend their money on is to buy expensive phone cover or pouch.

Don’t do that!

You are going to see a lot of phone covers. Some may cost you more than $200 or $300 or even more than that. But the real question here is, “Should you buy those?”. Of course Not!

I mean, why would you buy a phone case or a pouch that costs you the price of a cellphone itself? Nah! you are better off choosing a cheap alternative instead.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about it? What do you think about this list of money mistakes intelligent men never make/things intelligent men never spend their money on? Do tell me your comments, suggestions, and feedback over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will come back to you ASAP.


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