14 Things Guys Do That is An Immediate Turn Off (Stop Right Now!)

Hey Guys Whatsup? I hope you all are doing Good. So recently I have been getting asked a lot about things guys do that Turn-off girl. You guys wanted me to write a detailed post listing things that girls find unattractive about a Guy. If you are a regular thatwowman reader and if you are following me on Instagram (@worldofnyazi) then you would be definitely aware of the fact that I was working on my big project, a blog post titled, “14 Steps to Become the MOST Badass Bad Boy Around (in just 15 Days!)” and due to that reason, I was unable to do my research on any other topic.

You know what? Just after hitting that Publish Button for my previous post, I started working on your most favorite Topic right away, “Things that can turn girls off”. I watched tons of Youtube videos and Collected data from many different blogs as well. But unfortunately, I was unable to get enough information. I was stuck in a rabbit hole, almost every blog was giving me the exact same 5 turn-offs and all the rest of the data given over there was total crap.

So I decided to do something that I never did before and the results amazed me. I uploaded a story on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) where I asked the same exact question from you people and that alone helped me get almost 4 things that can turn girls off. So I wrote them down and I was like, “Cool, so we have got enough of the data. let’s start Writing Now” But…

On My laptop, I got a Notification from My favorite Youtuber, “m. Alpha” (Yoo He is my mentor in the Style and Fashion industry. I have learned a lot from him, My Boy Jose Zuniga at TeachingMensFashion, Alex Costa and some other dudes. A huge shoutout to all of These Boys and Antonio from Real Men Real Style as well. Love you all Guys 🌹). Coming back, so the video Luckily revolved around a similar topic so I ended up getting some more information, almost 5 more turn-offs!

So Finally Now I have compiled with a list of 14 solid Turnoffs. Guys what I am about to tell you is no doubt, a Hack and it should be considered illegal to expose it in public. I am 100% sure that After reading this article you will be able to know a lot of stuff that girls don’t want you to do which ultimately means that if you avoid all these things, then your chances of impressing the girl you like will increase dramatically, Right? So without any further Adieu, let’s get into today’s topic, “14 Things Guys Do That is An Immediate Turn Off

1: Deep V-Necks and Oversized Shirts! (Turn Off Number #1)

deep v-neck shirts are a Big No!
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Guys if I have said it once, I have said it a million times that all clothing items were not created equal and also not all clothing pieces that were made for men were made before taking suggestions from all those beautiful ladies out there who have a great sense of fashion. I am damn sure that Deep V-Necks are one of those.

Ok Now some of you might be saying that “Hey Nyazi I have seen you recommending V-Necks to dudes who are athletic” Yes My Friend I am still recommending all my athletic brothers out there to go get a V-Neck but I haven’t recommended “Deep V-Neck”. It’s just a simple and Classic V-neck shirt. But you know what? You need to be super athletic to look good in that shirt and for all the other dudes out there I recommend you guys to stick to the good old crew neck. Because of its versatile nature, you will look great in it let alone plus you will also be able to pair it with more clothing items as compared to a V-Neck. In-short a Crew Neck T-Shirt will definitely make you look good most of the time (even if you don’t have a 10/10 physique).

Oversized Shirts are a Big “No”. Ok, Guys, so I am totally aware of the current trends as well and I know that Oversized shirts are super IN nowadays But you know what? nothing can top a Nice fitted Shirt paired with a slim fit pair of jeans or Chinos or Dress pants (Choice is yours, the key is the fit. It should hug your body properly). Girls love men who wear Fitted clothes. As I said before, A Dude rocking a Nicely fitted Shirt is gonna Look 10 times more classy and stylish than a dude who is wearing an oversized Shirt. The logic is really simple Here guys. Fit is very important. You will see me talking about fit in all of my future posts as well because that’s basic, that sort of an essential for any dude out there who wants to look Dope AF without breaking the bank. Remember guys, Trends come and go but classics stay, forever!

2: Skinny and Distressed Jeans! (Turn Off Number #2)

skinny and distressed jeans are a Big turn off
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In point Number #1 I discussed the importance of Nice fitted Clothing and a Guy wearing an outfit that is fitted perfectly according to his body can turn any girl On! But guys you need to relax. I have seen boys who are a believer of “More is better” and they apply the same rule on clothing as well. So they end up looking like a Sausage by choosing to go for Skinny jeans and extra fitted Shirts. I Don’t know about you I haven’t seen many guys who were able to Pull skinny jeans properly. Ok if your Legs are like Skinny to a Level 1000% then maybe Skinny Jeans will act as if you are wearing Slim fit jeans because otherwise nobody is gonna look good wearing those super tight jeans.

And why the Hell would you want to wear those jeans anyway? I mean #1 you are not going to feel comfortable while wearing them, #2 Nobody is gonna find them sexy (except a very few people) and #3 Girls find Skinny jeans on guys really gross and its a very Big Turn Off. And the same is the case with those extra Distressed jeans as well.

Ok, I am also aware of the fact that Distressed jeans are IN style right Now and you can see every actor, singer, and sportsman wearing them casually But the problem comes when dudes start to take this trend too far and start purchasing extra distressed jeans. Yeah! I am talking about the jeans which look as if the tailor forgot to stitch the fabric on a lot of spots or maybe your Neighbour’s Dog Mike wasn’t too kind to you in the Morning. Guys as I said earlier, classics are the best. You can never go wrong with a pair of dark washed denim and Light washed pants will be good too. All black slim-fit jeans are also a great option to consider. Look, I haven’t said that wearing distressed jeans is bad but when you compare them to good old regular jeans then I will definitely choose the latter one and I am damn sure that 8/10 girls will agree with me on this.

3: Man Buns! (Turn Off Number #3)

man buns look good on very less dudes
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21 Tips to Avoid a Bad Hair Day for Men (All Hair Types)

Ok, so I know that some of you might come up to me saying that, “Hey Nyazi! Dudes look great when they are rocking Man Buns, I am talking about the sexiness that Long hair brings to your overall Vibe” Well I agree with you but unfortunately we all can’t look good with Long hair. It is what it is. Guys, every human being was not created equal and you need to to understand it because the minute you will understand this thing and actually start to focus on stuff that Can make YOU Look Better, then from that day onwards, you are gonna experience real change in your personality and obviously the change will be in the positive direction.

I know that Jason Momoa looks great with Long hair and when he goes for that Sexy A$# Man Ban, He looks even better but as I just said, every human being was not created equal and I am sure that not all dudes can rock a man bun like Jason Momoa or some other dude who is able to rock a man Bun like a complete savage because Chances are that Longhair / Man Bun isn’t for you. But if you really believe that You are gonna Look good with that Sexy bun on your Head then I recommend you to first let your hair grow a little more.

Those wanna short Man buns and Ponytails aren’t sexy at all. My God! What are you doing to yourself? Why can’t you wait? I mean, sure your hair is gonna grow more and then you can rock a Man Bun that looks manly, If so then why can’t you wait for that moment? Guys! letting your Hair grow is a responsibility. It’s not like letting those Strands to grow wildly. No, not at all! You need to take great care of your Hair throughout the whole period. Regular Oiling and weekly Hair Mask sessions become a Must and not to mention, you will have to bear those bad hair days which become even more Worse because of your Intermediate hair length which does not fall on either side of the spectrum (Neither short nor Long).

Guys listen, I know that every dude once in his life gets this Craze of growing his hair out and rocking that Sexy Bun but we all need to realize that not all of us can look great with that and Lucikyl girls don’t find this hairstyle much attractive. Because just like I said earlier, not many men can rock a Bun so most of the time when Girls see a boy rocking a Man Bun, obviously they are looking bad in it and that’s the reason Most of the Girls find this hairstyle unattractive! The number of guys who actually look good while rocking this hairstyle is very less. So Guys its better to stay on the safer side. Cut your hair Nice and short. Why not Rocking a Pompadour Maybe? (Let your sides grow a little bit because the trend of super short sides is Gone Now and Longer sides do make you Look classy as well).

4: MisFit Clothing (Turn Off Number #4)

baggy clothing are a Big No and should never be considered. fitted clothes look good
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Yeah! Do you see what I did there? Gentlemen! you are ruining your chances with the girl you love because of that Baggy shirt of yours which you really like and those extra Tight jeans while wearing whom you think you look like a rockstar. My Boy, Let me tell you a universal truth today and you might want to go grab a Pencil and Copy as well because I am about to Drop Bombs gentlemen. And without any doubt, the best Bomb, the grenade among them is “Fitted Clothing”. Those baggy clothes of yours? They need to go to the tailor first before they get a chance to get on top of your Sexy Body.

And no matter you are a skinny dude or a Chubby Guy, getting your clothes fitted is equally important for every single one of you. I don’t which clothing piece we are talking about here, maybe a pair of dark wash jeans or White Shirt, Maroon Polo Shirt or dress pants, etc, if you will not get them tailored appropriately then you will never gonna look good while wearing them. And guys have I told you that baggy clothing is a Big Turn off for all the Girls? Ok, let me explain.

Let’s say, there are two Boys Billy and James, equally handsome. They entered a room while wearing the same Suit, exactly the same blue jacket along with blue pants and the shirt of both of them is also the same. Shoes and belts, again are identical too. But all the girls are looking at Billy. James is super confused because he is totally unaware of what happened here. My Boy James I know exactly what’s wrong in this whole equation.

It’s all about to fit my friend. Your suit is the same as Billy’s but you are not getting an equal number of eyes towards you because you avoided the most crucial part of clothing, the most important rule, Fitting!. Now I don’t care if you are wearing a suit worth $5000 or $150 if it isn’t fitted properly according to your body then my friend feel free to throw it in the Trash because it ain’t gonna help you in impressing anybody.

5: Talking about your Ex! (Turn Off Number #5)

What’s Gone is Gone gentlemen and you can’t do any good to your Present happy life by discussing your worn-out past. Seriously, guys, I don’t understand why are you even bothering to talk about your Ex when you have such a great partner in the present? “She was so bad, I can’t forget what she did to me!” Shutup Boy! Now some of you might be saying that “Hey Nyazi, I always discuss my ex in the bad words just to impress my girlfriend and show that How much I love her over my ex” But you know what? You are still discussing your Ex and no matter how you are doing it, you are wasting your precious time talking about a girl who isn’t even in your Life anymore.

What do you think she is thinking about you when you take the conversation again and again towards your Ex? She for sure believes that you haven’t been able to forget her yet and that somewhere inside you is still a person who wants to talk about her all the time. Be it in bad words or good words, she doesn’t give a shit. The thing is, you should stop mentioning your Ex again and again because a day will come when you will end up ruining your present relationship and then you will be the one who will blame your girlfriend for leaving you for no reason. I am telling this to you today that, if you will not stop talking about your Ex in front of your girlfriend then she will definitely leave you for some other dude who respects her more than you and Most importantly who lives his life in the present and not in the memories of his EX.

6: Being on the Phone, All the time! (Turn off Number #6)

being on the phone all the time
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“Everyone is on their Phone nowadays” Its almost a trend Now. You will see People walking while using their Mobile phones, Partying while using their Mobile Phones, Laughing while looking at their Mobile Phones and using their Mobile phones while sitting on the Toilet Seat! My God! What have we done to ourselves? I mean why have we become so much dependent on our cell phones? Well, its a debate of some other day. But for the sake of this point, let’s talk about a more related question, “How being on the Phone in front of her is gonna turn her off?

Ok so let’s suppose you and the love of your Life are sitting in a restaurant. Your food will arrive after 15 minutes. Both of you are sitting, talking to each other and the environment is really romantic. Your phone is sitting on the Table and suddenly you get a notification from Instagram that, let’s say Amir has commented on your lastest Photo. You unlocked your phone to reply to Amir’s comment. Well, that’s cool! A gentlemen replies to all the comments (or at least tries). But after replying to his comment you hit that Home button and start scrolling through your Feed. What’s bad in all this? Well, let me remind you that you are on a date with your loved one and your primary motive is to make her happy by spending quality time with her.

But what are you doing Now? You are using your phone for 10 minutes straight? You are Ignoring her? What do you think she will perceive out of this whole situation? Being on the Phone while She is around is a Big Turn off my friend because she thinks that you are giving her spot to somebody else. So it’s better to talk to her instead and listen to her stories because Guys that phone is gonna stay with you all day long and I don’t want you to ruin your relationship or your first impression with your Crush just because of it.

7: Not Asking Questions (Turn Off Number #7)

Girls love when Boys asks them questions. “What is your passion?”, “What is your Story? I mean, I really want to know what’s going on in your life nowadays to your story, Would you mind telling me?” Conversation starters gentlemen! I am talking about bangers because we only discuss the best stuff over here that helps you become the best of the best. Show care Gentlemen! You might have heard about the fact that Girls Like boys who care for them and what’s going in their life. And you know what? Attention and care are the two same things that run in a parallel world, together! What if I told you that I know the best method to show somebody that you actually care about them?

Ok, what do you think? How can a person showcase himself as the most caring person? Well! In my opinion, there is no better way than to ask questions. Now I don’t want you to take a questionnaire with you wherever you go but what instead you can do is that you can develop a habit of asking more and speaking less! Nobody likes a person who is always there talking about himself, his achievements and good deeds. Ok, in start people are gonna appreciate you for what you have done in your life but a time will come when they are gonna get bored of you and your achievements. And it’s a major Turn off for any girl my friend!

Let her speak! Give her enough freedom and space to make her comfortable so that she shares with you whatever she wants to. You want to know more about her Right? Well, the best option would be “Asking questions and letting her answer those”. Ok so it’s totally up to you whether you want to ask close-ended questions or Open-ended but in most cases, it is seen that Open-ended questions lead to more questions, which ultimately means that you are giving her more chances to speak and tell her views on different topics.

8: Getting comfortable with Bad Hygiene (Turn Off Number #8)

My God! I hate such Men. So the other day I was hanging out with a Friend of Mine named Bilal who in the past used to take great care of his Hygiene and Grooming routine but When I meet him this time, his beard was a mess and Hair were also not managed. His Nails were not clean as well. In short, dude was a Complete Mess. When asked, he answered me saying, “Nyazi, I got the Love of My life and Alhamdulillah I am married to her. I have got no reason to look good Now” And I was like, WTH Mate!

Guys, please don’t be like him. He has left all his personal grooming in the past but I don’t want you to do the same. I freak out every single time when I see guys like Bilal who leave everything after getting married or committed. I mean Have you taken a suggestion from her before giving everything up? I am sure you haven’t because Ok, let’s say she never says you to take care of Your Hygiene, but have you lost your own senses? Why would a girl want to stay with a Dude who has stopped taking care of himself and his grooming routine? If you were a stud before and Now you look Like a Homeless dude, Just because you think that you have achieved your objective, then I want you to change your perspective Right Now because That ain’t good. She might not say it to your face, but I am damn sure that she will still prefer your Past look over your Present one.

9: Burping, Farting and then Blaming Her! (Turn Off Number #9)

So let’s say you and your Girlfriend / Wife are going on a Long drive and suddenly you feel like you are going to Fart soon. You are trying your level best to control it but Hey! You can’t always control nature’s call. You Farted!. But you know what’s the worst part of this story? Blaming her for passing that smelly Gas. OMG! Why would you do that? It ain’t a Joke my friend. First of all, You should have taken down the mirrors so that you never ended up getting in such a situation, in the First Place. But Ok, you could not come with that idea? It’s totally Cool! But instead of excusing, what you are doing? You are putting all the blame on her.

My Friend! Chances are that she takes all of this as a Joke but You know what? There are bright chances that, she takes this Silly argument of yours to the personal level which ultimately will get you into a Big Fight with her, because hey! reasons for Big fights are usually very little things. Don’t ever blame her for something that she hasn’t done. I mean you are the one who is responsible for this situation in the first place and then you are putting everything over her shoulders? It does not suit you at all!. You are a Gentleman and a gentleman never does such things. A Gentleman tries not to fart and burp in front of their Better half and If they find it difficult to control then they simply go for it and then they say “Excuse me, I am really sorry” Bingo Bango! That’s How you burp like a Gentleman! (Same goes for the Fart as well).

10: Avoiding Little Changes! (Turn Off Number #10)

focus on details. turn off when you don't notice the details

Now this one is something that a man should never ever Do. And when I say “Never Ever, I really mean it” Because first of all, I am sure that you don’t want to turn her off Right? And the second thing, You don’t want to start a big fight? Well if you don’t want any of these to happen then I want each and every one of you to take care of the details. And I am not talking about your clothing details. This time it’s all about her.

“Hey Ali, I just came from Salon. How am I looking?”, Ali replies, “Great”. She asked, “What’s great about me Now baby?”. Ali replied, “You look great” and You know what? Now things are gonna get really tense because you aren’t giving the answer that she wants to hear. She wants that specific compliment related to something that she has done to herself, something new, “Your hair Look New. I think its all because of the keratin treatment maybe? Your hair looks gorgeous, BTW” Bang! That’s what she wants you to say but you are standing there giving her general compliments which I am sure that she won’t be interested in.

Ok Now some of You might be thinking, “So Nyazi, are saying that we Men must get knowledge about every treatment that a Salon offers for ladies?” No, My Friend, I haven’t said it a Once. You can read the above paragraph once again as well in case if you don’t believe me. My Point of focus here is that you need to carefully observe her from top to Bottom when she says something like “Hey how am I looking Now”. It isn’t the dress, it isn’t the hair and maybe it isn’t her skin as well. What is new about her? Ask your eyes the same question and I am sure that you will end up reducing the number of Fights among both of you.

11: Keeping her away from your Circle! (Turn Off Number #11)

“Hey Nyazi, Why don’t you introduce me to your friends? Let’s go hang out with all of your friends. We all will have a good time, Yay!”, You reply, “Nah babe, some other day. Let’s Go but just 2 of Us” but why? I mean, why aren’t you introducing her to your Circle? Your Friends don’t know much about her and your family doesn’t even know whether a girl named Marina exists in your Life or Not. Do you know what she is thinking about all of this? She is definitely having doubts about you just because you haven’t introduced her to anybody who is close to you. Does your mom know about her? No? Ahan. Do your friends know about her? No? Umm. Who knows you both are dating and planning on getting married? Nobody? Ok.

But Not Ok because as I said earlier, I am damn sure that she isn’t gonna bear this behavior of yours for a long time. And in case she is happy then she isn’t the Right one for you Because if a girl is not forcing you to introduce her to your parents and make her part of your Friends hangout plans then I am 100% sure that she is just passing time with you and Love is nowhere in her bracket.

Guys, I am sure that you don’t want to lose her and if that’s so then I want you to introduce her to your Mom and your friends as well because that’s something that you should have done long time ago right after you were sure from your side that you can spend the rest of your life with her and that she is the Right One for you. Well, what in the past can’t be changed. But in order to improve your present and future, always keep in mind, “If you love her then introduce her to your Parents and Friends. She is a part of you Now and she also deserves to be a part of your private gatherings as well”

12: Getting Clingy and Jealous (Turn Off Number #12)

“Melissa, can you take me with you on your Female Friend gathering?” “Hey Sonal, why were you looking way too much towards that guy? Do you find him more attractive than me?” What do you want to conclude by asking these types of questions from her? Will you get her to like you more by being such a pU#$Y? Never! You are never gonna get anybody to like you if you are being Clingy all the time because they are gonna believe that you have nothing going on in your life.

I am totally aware of the fact that Guys do get jealous when they see their girl talking and/or looking towards any other guy, no matter even if that other guy is his best friend, it still bothers us Guys. But Why are you being over possessive and showing lots of jealousy? By being way too much jealous or clingy, you are gonna repel her away. A little bit Jealousy is sexy. It makes her believe that you actually care for her and that you are well aware of all of her activities But You know what? If you end up showing more jealousy then she will start getting away from you because No girl on this planet likes an over-possessive and extra clingy person as his BoyFriend / Husband.

13: Forgetting Special Dates! (Turn Off Number #13)

“Hey, Danish Do you know what’s special about tomorrow?”, Danish Replies, “Naah… Yeah I know, it’s a Holiday tomorrow … Yay!” Well, control your happiness because you are gonna have to face a Big Fight Now. But Why? Because theirs something more than Just a Holiday tomorrow and you should have guessed it Right. But I don’t want you to be like Danish. I know that its difficult to remember all the dates but Don’t you worry because your boy Nyazi is here to help.

I want you to make use of that Mobile Phone of yours to set a reminder for every single special date. Yeah Boy! Set reminders for your Anniversary, Her birthday, The day you people first meet and stuff like that. Only then you will be able to avoid turning her off because Always remember guys, “Girls get mad when you don’t remember the special dates. It’ a Big Turn off”. So Now that you know the best possible strategy to prevent getting into such a mess of a situation, I am gonna leave it totally up to you, whether you make use of this strategy or not. Remember Guys, as I said earlier, “Little things take no time in becoming a cause for Mega Fights”.

14: Smoking! (Turn Off Number #14)


“Smoking is Cool! All the bad boys Smoke!” As much as I have heard this statement from tons of so-called Bad Boys, the same is the number of things that I have heard against smoking. I swear to God, Almost 7/10 girls aren’t a fan of Boys who smoke. The boy community thinks that smokers are the real buddies but I can’t agree with this anymore. But this is a topic that we are gonna talk about in some other post and For Now let’s stick to a very valid question related to today’s topic, “Why do girls hate Smoking So much?

Amongst more than 1,000 singletons, researchers found that 70 per cent of women are repelled by those who smoke and 56 per cent said they wouldn’t date a smoker.


“Yellow teeth, Health concerns and Smell of a Cigarette are some of the reasons why girls don’t want to date a smoker”. Smoking is a big turn off for most of the girls and not to mention it is a cause of many health-related problems and keeping in mind all of these disadvantages of Smoking Why aren’t you still willing to let go of this shitty habit of yours? I know that it’s difficult at the start but with the passage of time, if you don’t give up, I am 100% sure that you are gonna leave this habit!

The only thing you need is dedication and patience. And guys, you will always find your Boy Nyazi here to support and motivate you throughout your Journey. And with that being said I would like to conclude today’s topic which was “14 things Guys do that is a Turn off“. What do you think about this List? Do you have any suggestions, more turn-offs? If yes then do let me know in the comments section down Below👇🏻

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