14 Things Guys Should Do Once this Social Distancing Period is Over!

Gentlemen! I hope you all are doing good. So the inspiration of today’s post is my dude Aaron’s latest video (https://youtu.be/Q_CH6HRLil4). He talks about 5 things that he will do right after this whole social distancing period. And Yeah, I found that idea really interesting and new because not anybody else was actually creating content about, “What should be Done after this whole Quarantine or Social Distancing Period”. I believe that we all should talk about things that we miss these days, activities that we planned to do but unfortunately are unable to do because of this outbreak. Its kinda sad you know and although its a depressing thing to talk about things that one should or will do once this social distancing period is over. However, in my opinion, it also an indication of hope, achievement and bravery.

While I was researching for the points to cover in this article. I came across a lot of comments from people like you who talked about what they wanted to do. And they were really motivated to do those things regardless of the fact they don’t know when things are going to get back normal. I believe that this period of break and downtime is sort of a charging time or let say detoxifying time for all of us where all of us have been given time by God/nature. So sit back, relax and gain your strength back. That we have been using for years upon years to do what we do during the normal days.

With that being said, I have collected a list of 14 things that, in my opinion (and what I’ve found after doing my research), are like top 14 things that most men want to/should do once this whole social distancing period is over. Talking about these things and imagining yourself doing that is yet another reason to not be sad at the moment even if you feel helpless and hopeless. I assure you Gentlemen that good days are coming. And I have a list of things that you will/can/should be able to do when this whole situation is over. These are the rewards that you will get for taking care of yourself.

For those who are extremely bored and are looking for productive things to do in this self- quarantine period, I recommend you guys to checkout this list: (Coronavirus Quarantine: 22 Things to Do While Social Distancing!).

With that being said, lets get into today’s topic, Gentlemen! It is, “14 Things Guys Should Do Once this Social Distancing Period is Over!”. Shall we get into it!

Organize a Friend’s Party!

Wohu! Finally you will be able to meet your friends, Adam, Ali and Michael. I know that you’ve been dying to meet your homies. Talking to them on phone or video call is not enough because you just don’t the vibe that way, You know what I am saying. Right? Those laughters, stupid jokes of Michael, intelligent tales of Ali, roasting Adam no matter what, betting upon little things, etc. I know you want to do all of these stuff right after this whole social distancing period.

Alright, So I have a plan. I don’t know when this quarantine phase is going to be over but when it does, why not organizing a BBQ party at your rooftop? Or maybe On Ali’s rooftop? Plan things and give your friends a sneak peak of whats you all will do in the party. Its cool to talk about that and it will surely reduce the stress and that feeling of depression you have in your mind for not being able to meet them.

Now you know that you have made a plan and you will meet them for sure right after this whole social distancing period. And Guys, you guys can plan something else as well like, maybe a full day hang out, long drive with your friends talking shit and lunch at your favorite place. Endless possibilities, Gentlemen! Plan before time to make that bashing and full of fun!

Get Yourself a Nice Pair of Shoes or!

Alright so this point is more like “Should” than “Will” because I know that once this whole social distancing period is over you are gonna get so freaking busy that you will not have time for yourself, for rewarding your sexy self, for saying to yourself that, “You have done it. Here’s your gift”. Gentlemen! The reason I am doing this post is to give you a hope that good days are coming and there are plenty things that you can do after this dark period and these things are hell lot of fun.

I know that you are a That WoW Man reader and I know that you will not let your freaking busy routine get in the way of rewarding yourself. I know that you will buy yourself a nice pair of shoes or pants or shirts or that new watch which you always wanted to buy. Well guess what? No excuses because you deserve it now. You deserve it for being patient this entire time. You deserve it because you stayed at home to keep yourself safe and others too. So yeah, enter “Getting myself a Nice pair of Whatever” in your to-do list “Things to do urgently after Social distancing period”.

Take your Family to the Restaurant

Family restaurant

Guys, you are not suffering alone. There are many people who are stuck in their houses and you being the Alpha Male, have to plan things for them as well. Who are they? Your own family members! Your brother, your sister, your father, etc who are living with you at the same place. They are stuck as well. Your father use to go to work and even if is retired, what about his meetings with his friends that he use to do everyday after morning walk?

What about your mother who use to conduct a bi-weekly tea party before this social distancing period? Your brother who use to hangout with his friends all the time is unable to go out. With that being said, I know that they will get back to the routines soon once this phase is over but why not taking them to a family dinner and cutting a cake, celebrating the freedom? That would be really cool and will definitely make their day. So yeah, enter it into the list. You will do it. Right? Yeah that’s my boy.

Visiting Parents!

Its an obvious thing and I know that I need not to say much about it because you miss your parents. Your mother, your father who live in some other city, I don’t know what it is. I know that you kept yourself isolated and self-quarantined because you didn’t want your parents to suffer, you didn’t want your parents to get infected. You knew that you had a powerful immune system but your parents are old and their chances of fighting this virus were low and for that reason, for their health, you stayed away from them.

You are a brave dude and I am sorry if I made you emotional for a second. Its alright if you have shed a tear. I know that you are one hell of a manly guy and you are a responsible dude as well! (15 Hobbies for Men that Make you Look Responsible (and Unique)!). And yeah, its a reward for you, once this quarantine thing is over you will finally be able to meet your parents. Hug them, kiss them. I believe that this social distancing period is somehow increasing our love for our parents as before that we didn’t realized that how important our parents are for us and now that we are unable to meet them, the love and mutual bond will get better. And that’s a positive thing!

Listen Up! Call your Mama and say, “I love you”, do same with your father too and whoever is living far from you. Once you are done doing that enter, “Finally Hugging my Parents” in your to-do List. “Nyazi! We already have that in the list why don’t you understand!”. Alright, Alright. Relax dude!

Go back to the Gym!

Gentlemen! This is something that all of us are missing a lot. Yeah, I heard that silent scream in your heart which initiated once you saw the title, “Go back to the Gym”. There are some people who just joined and like its only been 2 months working out. Listen! Don’t let your lazy self break the routine. You have to go the gym. Why? Because it has tons of benefits. It helps cure depression. Exercising makes you look hot as hell and it helps build your confidence. All in All it will change your life for good!

And for rest of the homies who desperately want to enter the gym, listen to those workout screams, feel the cramps yet again and chill after an intense workout. Hit me up on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). Lets make a group there. I mean, why not?

For now, I recommend you guys to look for some workout videos and learn some new exercises (But just randomly pick them. Discuss with your trainer before practicing those) so that when you are back again in the gym, others should notice that boy is back with some new moves. Oh my bro, you’re such a pro!

Go for a Walk!

I really miss it. I really miss going out after my morning prayers and enjoying the fresh air outside, the greenery of the park and myself jogging (mostly walking) for about 45 minutes or so. That was such a great feeling and here I am accepting that, I miss it. And I am sure all of you guys who have been loving the experience of going out to get some natural Vitamin D from the Sun, will be able to understand my feelings.

Put the feelings apart, Gentlemen! Morning jogging session is one of the best cardio session out there because you are on an empty stomach so you end up losing quite a lot of calories plus it freshens up your mind, reducing the stress and putting you in the right state of mind to kick the day’s A€£.

Go to the Salon

Go to salon after social distancing

Gentlemen! Are you kidding me? Look at your hair, OMG! whats that? Is that hair strand suppose to be there? I am not sure, I think it needs to go away. I am talking about the behind the neck hair and your temple hair, your uncut split ends as well! These bad boys need a proper trimming session and your beard? I know that you have been growing your beard out lately but what about the edges? Those definitely need a clean up session.

Gentlemen! I know that you have been planning to get your hair dyed, Let me tell you what? If you want to increase the thickness of your hair then a touch of some other color is gonna do the trick, Plus you will make yourself happy as well. Reward yourself, enter “Dying my hair” in the list of things you have to do after this social distancing period. Not a fan of dying?

Alright, I am not going to force you for that but I am 100% sure that you have no grudge with facial and a manicure-pedicure session. You are cool with that right? So why not rewarding yourself with a facial and manicure-pedicure session? That would be lit plus when you will get back to work then everybody will be like, “Dang Boy! What have you done to yourself? You look so good”. You know what you have done. Right?

Organize a Grand Family Gathering

Guys! In one of the above points I talked about taking your family members out to celebrate and have good food but for this one I am talking about a grand family gathering. It will not only consist of you and your parents but people from far away places which include maybe your brother in law and her family, your sister and her husband, etc

I can’t wait to invite my sisters home and then have fun with their kids. I mean, thinking about doing that in the near future takes away all of my stress. It need not to be a grand function even in case you are worried about the expenses. You can put the proposal in front of them as well and them do this whole thing collectively. In fact it is much better because that way burden on one single person’s chest will be much less. And Yes Gentlemen, I hope that will include “family gathering” in your list of things to do after social distancing period because in my opinion, these are the people that are the actual assets that a person has.

Plan a Trip!

Wohoo! Things are getting very interesting, Gentlemen! You’ve always wanted to take some time out to go to the northern places and now that you have enough free time but still you are not able to go there, which is kinda sad But hey! Don’t lose hope and don’t miss your plan because I want you to plan a trip to your favorite place right after this whole situation gets better. Make sure that the area you are planning to visit is 100% safe because I don’t want you to sacrifice your safety for your desires.

That said, now lets plan about the trip a little. What do you say? Friends or family? Umm, going on a trip with friends is always a treat and you get to be much less formal as compared to when you are with your family. Great! Plan done! You will go to northern areas with your friends. But wait! Have you asked your friends about it? You already know how Ali is, he has to say No in every situation because he always has his own place to go. But I have this feeling that this time Ali won’t say No (LoL). Come on, call your friends and tell them about this plan. I am sure they will get super excited and you all are going to have hell lot of fun once this social distancing period is over (which is going to be over very soon).

Visiting a Religious Place!

Guys, listen Up, I know that you have been wanting to visit the mosque, church or temple depending on your religious believes and I also know that they have stopped people from visiting shrines of their loved ones and graveyard as well because of this whole lock down and viral outbreak. But guess what? Things are about to get better real soon, until then I want you to enter, visit your specific religious place in your after social distancing to-do list.

Alright, why not taking this whole thing positively and learn more about our religion and during this whole time, when we have enough time, learn our holy books and understand what message has given to us. Gentlemen! I believe that an Alpha Male should have the ability to see positive in every situation. Plan best for the days coming but learn to do the best you can to stay happy and productive, at the moment.

Revisit your Resolutions!

Revisit your resolutions

Guys, this one is for those who had a list of new year resolutions but they couldn’t accomplish those things due to this outbreak. Relax, you need not to worry about that. Time isn’t over, world isn’t ending. Heck! You can everything from home as well. Whats your goal? To get fit? You can do your workout from your home as well. Calories? No excuse, just change your diet. You wanted to make more money? Gentlemen! There is more money to be made online than offline and I welcome you to start your own blog and write about what you feel like you know the best. Create videos, learn new skills.

Gentlemen we will miss these days in future, I bet you on this. I am sorry to say but human beings are lacking in gratitude and positivity. You had things to do during this whole year? Alright! Write them down in your list of things that you wanna do right after this whole social distancing period is over. But utilize this time to do the best you can to grow. I will list down a couple of things for you guys to do during this whole quarantine period that will keep you productive and busy as well.

1: Organize your Closet:

So Yeah, clean your closet. Organize it to filter out the pieces that you don’t want and keep the rest. Ok, so I have a list of 52 Wardrobe Essentials that Every Man Should Have. And that’s it, like these are the only clothing pieces you will need this year. You can relate your wardrobe with the list that I’ve provided, maybe you end up making a list of clothing items that you need to add into your closet and that you can do once this whole social distancing and Corona virus quarantine thing is over.

2: Learn a Language:

You can start to join the local Spanish or Italian groups and pickup translation or article writing jobs as well. Or maybe due to some reason when you are planning a trip abroad you will then consider a new country as your destination because you know the language of that country and that’s really cool. And guess what? YouTube is full of content and I am so sure that until now you have been consuming content just in your local language, in English, Hindi, Urdu or whatever your mother tongue is or your second language at most.

And now that you have learned a new language, you can now watch content in that language and maybe you end up learning way cooler things which are available in just that language only. Like, as you see some content creators creating videos in their first language only, So yeah, you will then be able to watch those exclusive content creators. Isn’t it cool enough reason to learn a new language while stuck in this Corona virus quarantine or social distancing phase?

3: Learn a New Skill:

As far as the leaning part of the skill is concerned then I recommend all of you to search on 2 of my very favorite platforms in the way like, “Graphic Designing Free” or “CopyWriting Free” (Checkout a cool website Swiped.co. It contains sales letters that are proven to convert. Maybe it might help you in learning the skill of copywriting). Do that on Youtube.com or Google.com, depending on how you like to consume the content, video format or via written words.

4: Start Making Videos:

Yeah, Write it down. Write all the points down. Whether you want to talk about awareness, lifestyle, money, finance, self-development, etc, It all starts with a good script. So learn to do that first and then record yourself speaking out about it. That’s it. plus you don’t need to have pro-level editing skills in order to be able to take your video to the top 10 of TikTok or Youtube or IGTV. Remember guys, all of the viral videos or popular creators you see today once started from the trash video recording and editing quality. What they had in common were a great concept and an awesome script and that’s the only thing you need. So why not utilize this quarantine and social distancing to teach people something you think you are good at? It will pay off, for sure.

5: Learn to Cook:

Cooking is sexy and If you are somebody who belongs to a family where men are supposed to do just the so-called manly things then I am sorry to say but you guys need to change your mindset. And I hope that you will understand my point. Alright, so this is time given to you to understand the life of a woman. Your mother, your wife or maybe your sister who stays at home to cook food for you. How does she feel every single day? This is the right time to know about the answer to this question.

With that being said, if you are someone who is lazy and wants to do something exciting during this Corona virus quarantine/social distancing phase then cooking is definitely something that I am gonna recommend you all because I don’t know, men who know how to cook are perceived more sexy, attractive and hotter than rest of the male community. Plus how cute it is to be able to cook food for your wife/mother/sister on days when they don’t feel like cooking it. It’s a 10/10 manly move, guys.

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Go visit Theme Parks

Guys! This is a whole another concept and a memory, I guess memory for me because I always loved going to those theme parks along with my family and cousins and that was hell of an experience. Sitting there, taking rides, playing shooting balloons and those Nintendo games was such a experience and I am presenting the same thing in front of you as well. Gentlemen! Theme parks see no age and no matter how old you are or how mature you think you are, guess what? Your inner child wants to go out, he wants to come out and enjoy!

And that Gentlemen, I want you to do. I want you to enter in your after social distancing period To-Do list, “Visit the Theme Park” with your friends or cousins. I assure you that you are going to enjoy a lot that day.

A Photo Shoot Session?

Guys, Relax! I am not talking about getting yourself photographed by professionals. Its just about clicking a photo outside, a cool, hot, aesthetic photo of yours with nice background. OMG! Your Instagram followers and Facebook friends are waiting for your new profile picture which is taken outdoor. Its been so long you haven’t updated your cover photo. But need not to worry because soon quarantine is going to be over. And when it is, I want you to call your friends and plan a photo shoot session.

Alright, you can combine this point with the one I talked about earlier as well. “A day out with friends” or maybe you can plan an entire day out just for the photo shoot only. Guys, it’s up to you. But remember to get yourself styled from the salon before getting yourself clicked. Because I want you to post the best picture that day. Yeah, that’s like my brother.

Some Sports. Hiking maybe?

Sports is very important

Guys, once this while social distancing period is over. I am 100% sure that I am about to go play some sort of sports with my friends. I still remember the time when I use to play soccer for my school’s team. That time was amazing and since then I never played football. I know that I am not gonna be that good as I used to be but who cares! I mean as long I am enjoying myself Its all that matters.

And that’s exactly what I believe should be in our mind while playing sports. Remember Guys! Its not about winning or losing. Its about improving and enjoying yourself and getting fit both mentally and physically.

With that being said, I believe that this whole social distancing period might be depressing. But if we spend our time in making a list of things that we have been avoiding for years. And realizing the importance of what we have but we always took that for granted. That would be the best thing a Man can do in this entire situation. Meeting up with parents, having good friends, etc are things we always take for granted. But this is the time to realize that No! These are not the things that everybody has. Chances are that you are blessed with great friends who miss you and want to hang out so bad. And if that’s the situation then kudos to you and this whole social distancing period for opening your eyes.

Gentlemen, that’s a wrap. Today’s article was all about, “14 Things Guys Should Do Once this Social Distancing Period is Over!”. You guys can hit me anytime at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). Come say a brother Hi and I will get back to it ASAP.


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