14 Things Men do That Make them Look Feminine

Guys! I hope you all are doing good. So I just started my new series on May 15th named Bedroom Essentials, adding one post under the title (Men’s Bedroom Essentials: 16 Must Haves for a Self-isolated Guy!). I would recommend you all to check that out as well later. I hope you will get some value out of it, for sure. Alright so lets make a switch, shall we? Starting with a question, What Do You think are the things that make a Man Look Feminine?

If you ask me then I would initially divide this entire idea into 3 parts. First one being, physical characteristics which show up on a man’s body that make him look feminine. Second one being, choices that a man makes his behaviors and day to day moves that make him look less manly and third one involves wearing stuff that makes a man look less masculine.

I will be touching the later 2 categories for today as we will talk about the first one in an entire dedicated post just for that.

Ok so what Comes in your mind when somebody says, “Feminine Looking things”? What clothing items do you think off that makes a Man Look feminine? Can a Make really look feminine just with the behavioral choices he makes? Is it bad to look feminine? These are the points we will be covering in today’s article. So keep reading if these things interests you. Gentlemen! the topic is, “14 Things Men do That Make them Look Feminine!”. So without any further ado, lets hop right into it. Shall we?

Taking Too Much Selfies

Guys, You were made not to openly be conscious and worried about How You look today, or How your face looks at the moment. And I am definitely Not against it of course but this is something that doesn’t portray you as a macho Man. And If you are somebody who wants to remembered by the phrases like, “What a Macho Dude he is”, “Yo, Look at Him. His personality is so Intense. James Bond Like” then I am afraid You would Have to reduce certain things. And one of them is Selfie Addiction.

Gentlemen! I know that You’ve been blessed with such a Good Looking Face And You’ve been doing your best lately to make it look even Better. You take care of your skin, maintain your facial hair properly, all in all, You, my friend look like too Good.

But guess what? Their is No need to take selfie at 9 Am and again at 2 Pm and again at 3 pm, and it goes on and on and on. If I see you on the roads, in the list of Super Macho Men, you talking 10 selfies at a Time to Post one that looks the best and I see You doing this every single day then I will approach You and request you personally to leave the List you are in.

Taking selfies all the time, using those weird Snapchat beauty filters, TikTok’s beauty Mode, Using Beauty Plus to take selfies, etc are the things that a Macho Man is not perceived to be doing.

Again, I am not against it at all. I am here just to tell You my opinion of What a Macho Man should be doing and what he shouldn’t do if He do not want to Look feminine. Taking selfies all the time is 100% considered feminine though.

Wearing Skinny Jeans

You Love To wear Skinny jeans and You are not the only One who loves that. Your Brother Nyazi himself loves Skinny jeans too but it is what it is. I for a fact know that Skinny jeans make You Look feminine, they make Your curves, details, Your ass and crouch look prominent and that’s definitely not sexy.

I love skinny jeans Because i don’t know, i always feel the most comfortable when I wear them (Although in reality they are not the most comfortable jeans if thats your preference). Its kinda weird to explain it to people that why I wear these jeans. I surely do Not want to show people my curves, I am a straight Man who Loves to spend his life in modesty.

Skinny jeans do Not Look Good at all and I believe that As of Now I am being More intellectual and rational when it comes to making decisions and I feel like somewhere inside me I am definitely losing my interest for those tight jeans.

We often talk about wearing tailored clothing. And here I would love to tell You guys that tailoring is not about getting your clothing to be tight. Its about getting it cut to match your body proportions. Loosening up is a good choice too, and especially when Your concern is to look more manly then super tight jeans should not be your first.

And same goes with wearing over sized long T shirts that are long enough to surpass your crouch area. Guys why would You want to wear those? Do they make You Look Good? Definitely not. Do they make You look ripped? No! Do they increase your confidence by enhancing your style? Not at all. They why?

I want you to wear shirts that fit you Nice and jeans that Are not too tight as thats exactly what a Masculine man should be spotted wearing. Being eBoy is definitely not the manliest choice, in my opinion.

Choosing to Wear Feminine Jewelry

Feminine Jewelry

Hey! What is that on your arm? A Bracelet? Ok, Cool. But what If I told you that the Bracelet that You are wearing isn’t necessarily doing as good to your overall personality as You think. In-Fact it is taking away that feel of Manliness and I am sure you don’t want that. Do you?

I am a supporter of wearing Accessories because Your Boy Knows the importance of adding just a Ring and Bracelet plus watch to your overall outfit, to make it go from a 6/10 to a massive 9/10. It is totally possible. I’ve discussed about it before as well (16 Simple Tricks to Make Your Cheap Clothing More Expensive, 12 Tips for Renewing your Wardrobe with Less / No Money).

But these days, we see many Instagram Pages selling Men’s jewelry that does not comes under the Men’s accessories category. It’s basically Unisex jewelry which mostly falls under the Feminine Jewelry, in my opinion.

That Swan ring of yours, and that smallest circle which You call a ring, combining that with 3 more rings to complete your entire finger set is not something that a Masculine man would do. Why not considering wearing a Sexy Looking Ring instead (one will do the Job) and pairing it with a Nice looking leather or a Silver watch? How about that? Your arms pumping, Veins popping and You wearing these 2 and Maybe throwing on a Bracelet on the other arm that isn’t feminine looking, this Combo is like a Match made in Heaven!

Gentlemen! Again, accessories elevate your manliness, given that You know Which one to buy and knowing that which one will do nothing but only make you Look feminine. Make your choice wisely, you can also send me a picture at My Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will let you know whether you should make a purchase or not.

Sitting the Wrong Way (Standing too)

Its Not a Joke and I am not saying You do the Sit stands for me for not being the Man enough. What I am trying to say is that, you sitting with your legs crossed, both your feet almost touching each other isn’t the best way to sit.

What? Its for the respect? Definitely not. I mean, sitting with your legs slightly open and Not touching each other or your crossed legs kinda making a T shape isn’t a disrespect to anybody, given that your feet isn’t pointing towards the fave of somebody sitting next to you. In that Case You can shift the side of the T.

And same is the case with your Standing position. I mean, why would you want to stand with your hands in your pockets or always crossed, specially when you are giving a presentation or confronting someone? It looks recessive and definitely not the manliest thing to do.

And I know that this one isn’t what a Girl would do but you got my point. Looking feminine isn’t always to do with the girls, its about doing things that a Macho man would not do. For example hands in the Pockets, Standing with your chest dipped inside, shoulders facing downwards and your neck semi-bowed.

Why would you do that? Why Can’t you show confidence via your body position? The way You stand, the way you sit, is a mean of communication too. Closed body posture do not convey enough of the manliness. So yeah, skip that if you goal is to Not look feminine.


Please don’t call me sexist for this One. I included this one in the list because my Brown Mum always tells me that, “Shan! Why would You always poke your nose in other people’s matter? Why would you want to talk about others all the time? This is such a feminine thing to do!” And Just because of that I thought that As the conversation is going with the flow, why not adding this one in the list as well.

So Yeah, If you are someone who loves to talk shit about others when you are with your crew then Alright to some extent it is bad but it isn’t feminine. But if talking shit about others is the Thing that is initiated always from your’s side then most probably you love to discuss other people’s matters, aka you Love to Gossip. This is Bad plus Very feminine thing to do (According to My mother).

And why would you be wanting to talk about others and discussing other people’s matters all the time? What good is it doing to you? That kinda satisfaction and feeling of fake happiness you get while talking shit about others behind their back isn’t something a Manly Man would seek his happiness in. Use your time wisely to do good to yourself and others too. It will pay off, i promise.

Pink Addiction (Not the Color)

Romantic Novels, Movies, Disney Land

If You are die hard of the Movie, “The NoteBook”, first of All, I am not judging as I am nobody to judge But guess what, if you cry all the times and If you have a special place in your heart for the romantic movies and Cute genre of videos that make People go, “Aww” then You are most probably doing something that Most of the People do not consider as the most manliest thing to do.

And same is the case with “Disney’s Tales”. Guys! Again, i am judging no body over here. I myself have grown up watching Disney tales, Cinderella, Etc But guess what? Wanting to get a Kitchen set instead of a Car or a Motorbike or something that a Man would want to have is also considered a judging factor.

But I will leave that for You to decide because I am not among those who consider Pink to be a Girl’s color and Blue to be Boy’s. However, having too much love for the emotional stuff in your heart, wanting to watch content that mostly cute and sweet girls watch and playing Games that Girls Love and Playing Barbie dress up Kinda games, etc are the factors that Might make You Look feminine to the majority of the Public. But at the end of the day, You are the judge of your lifestyle and Nobody has the right to put label on you based off your content category preferences.

Extreme Body Hair Care Routine

I’ve talked taking care of your Armpit hair, Pubic region Hair and back hair, before as well. Plus if You’ve been following this Blog for a while then You would be aware of My opinion On chest hair too. Yes You can trim it to Look Sexy as Having a Bush on your chest isn’t Manly at all. Its untidy.

But what about waxing your body hair? Is that Cool? Well, I don’t know, I mean, If you want to do it, who Am I judge to but guess what? It is not the manliest thing to do in my humble opinion. Do You want to Pop Your Arms veins out, want them to Look prominent AF? Guess what? You can always trim your hair over there and that would be great. I personally let my arm hair stay the way they are (Note that I do not have much hair on my Arms) but You are free to do whatever You want to, but note that waxing it completely will make You Look feminine.

And same is the case with the Hair on your Legs too. You can remove then if You want to But trimming would be the best Option in my opinion if You want to get rid of the extra hair but do not want to Look feminine by waxing or shaving it off.

Being Super Soft Spoken

You know the Point what I am trying to make here, Don’t you? Alright so Let’s say their is this dude named, Alex. He speaks softly (too much) and talks too much sweetly that while he is speaking You can easily call him a Feminine Guy.

Well, their is nothing wrong with that But Here as we are discussing things that Make You A Manly Man, so its safe to say that High Pitch Voice that isn’t deep is a definite factor But the way A person speaks and chooses to deliver his words, matters a lot too. Your can Not change your voice, but you can surely change the way You speak.

Note that: I do not want you to fake your Voice or try hard to sound like a Manly Man. This can surely be achieved by practicing enough if done right. But remember, you should not look like as If You are dying to Talk like a Man.

I will suggest You to relax your throat and try to speak through your mouth instead of your nose. It also helps if you speak slowly and breathe from your diaphragm. Also, get in the habit of swallowing before you speak, which will make you talk in a deeper voice. Combine this with making constant efforts to deliver your words clearly and having the pronunciation right and You will be on your way to become a Manly Gentleman.

The Code is MAKEUP”

Doing too Much Makeup looks feminine

Yo! I will be real with You Guys with this One. Alright so before the Big reveal I will want you all to Know that their are definitely some products in the Makeup category that Men can find really helpful. And You can see Anchors, actors, Models and a lot of men now a days wearing makeup and Looking Good while doing that. So should you do that too?

Well, first of All, I am a Fan of Concealer and Color pencil myself as I use them a lot of times when I have to hide my blemishes and fill in my beard when I accidentally doing something wrong while trying to cut my beard myself.

Face Powder, Foundation and all are cool to Given that you know How to use it. But! Things start to go towards the feminine direction when You love to watch makeup videos all day long and then try to hide your double chin and chubby cheeks by creating a contour effect via makeup that You learnt in a Makeup tutorial.

Ok, Answer me this yourself. Is that the manliest thing to do? Do You want people to spot you wearing makeup and then you want them to call You Macho King? They Won’t. Gentleman! Your Boy have been talking about Skincare all the times, tips and tricks to get a skin That Glows (4 Genius Tips to Get the Most Glowing Skin!). Why Not you stick to the basics and do it consistently to always look your best without putting on piles of makeup?

Why can’t you follow simple Skincare routine like the One Given Below to Look your best all. The time, 365 days a Year, 7 days a week, every single day from Monday to Monday?

  • Wash your Face 2 times a Day with a good Quality Face wash based on your Skin type (Make sure that it doesn’t have paraben in it. Face-Wash that has Salicylic Acid will do wonders!)
  • Exfoliate your Skin at least once or twice a Week.. with a High quality Product.
  • Apply moisturiser every time you wash your Face.
  • Rub your Face gently and while washing off the water use soft tissue or Towel so that you don’t end up damaging your Skin.
  • Don’t ever Pop your Acne.
  • Never leave your House without applying Sun Block.. Purchase Sun block based on the area you live in.
  • Take care of your Eyes.. Use eye cream to treat your eyes and Castor Oil to grow out your Lashes and eye brows.

So yeah, If you manage to do this over and over again everyday then You will have a Skin which will not need any Makeup product. Ahh! Super Manly. What more to add?

Alright so this one deserves a separate heading but as we are almost their so I thought attaching That under Makeup will make sense too. Special place for Female colognes and wanting to wear female fragrances is something you should also not do if you don’t want to Look feminine.

Guys their are tons of colognes out there that I am sure You will love, so why do You want others to judge you based on your choice of wearing a Female cologne? This isn’t bold, In case You are doing it to show people that You are cool enough.

Being an Expressive Person

Hey! What do You think You are doing? I know that You are always taught to express what You are feeling and to not hide your emotions but Their is always a Manlier way to do things and You should forget that, whatsoever.

Your habit of saying too much OMG! And being too much emotional, and sharing your emotions with everybody not only makes You weak and dependent of a person, lets others take control over You and They now know that You are dependent on them emotionally, but it also makes You look super feminine.

I know that You are not faking it and I know that you are 100% pure in the heart and I respect that. I Love for you, You are my brother, You can always discuss whatever You want, with me (@worldofnyazi). But guess what? Not everyone in this world will take this thing positively. People will exploit you when they will want to and I know for a fact that its very painful situation to be in.

Showing your emotions openly and expressing it right away immediately makes You less of a Man, in my opinion. It makes You Look feminine and You should try your best to first think about the problem, evaluate it and only after getting up-to some rational results, should you determine How and How much to express. Having a control Over your Delivery is one of the most sexiest and Manliest trait a man can have.

Not Knowing Stuff

This One is Kinda Specific and is related to the tools only. Alright so Let say You are driving on the road along with your wife or your sister maybe. Suddenly You notice that You car is shaking. The problem was in the tire. You have the Extra tire in the trunk but you are tensed. Why?

Because My man doesn’t know how to do that. You are waiting for somebody to come and help you with it. What? This is not the most manliest thing to do Trust me. A Man must have a Basic Know how of All of the tools related to the things he Own.

No I don’t want you to learn to fix everything no matter how complex the situation is But at least You should be able to fix the basic problems. Not being able to fix that and standing their waiting for others. Does that makes You look Feminine? I am not sure. But does that makes You Look less responsible, less Manly and more of a recessive kind of Guy? Yes, of course.

The Way You Walk

Walk makes you Look feminine

Gentlemen! You walking Like as If you are performing a dance step representing Girl League isn’t the best Thing a Man would do. A Man should know How to Walk to shower off his manliness behind Him. I’ve written about it before as well in one of My articles where I talked about 007 and How You become More like James Bond. 007 Tips to becoming “No Time To Die”, James BOND:

Below are some of the Badass, the most Manliest walking tips for you Guys:

  • Your Shoulders, they need to be broad. I know that they stay recessive all the time but Hit them with a WOW Man hunter because they need to rise! Push them a little bit back and Up, Yeah that’s perfect!
  • Your chest needs to out. Now make sure that you are not getting it too much out because that way you are gonna end up looking very weird. You just got to get your chest out a little bit, just enough to kill the sloppy posture of yours and that’s it.
  • Please don’t walk with your hands inside your Pocket. My God! Do you know how recessive and unconfident you look with your hands in your pocket while you are walking? I can’t even measure your level of recessiveness.
  • Your steps should be medium. Not too big, not too short. Just enough to showcase your sexiness.
  • Walk with confidence Gentlemen. Ok, think of yourself as a Confident Dude, One who is Sexy and perfect (I repeat, not proud but perfect). Yeah.. you see that smile, that shines in your eyes! Now walk while having that same feeling inside, THAT’S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

Your Grooming. Wait, What?

Thatwowman.com, Your Favorite typical Man’s Lifestyle Blog has a Specially designed category where Your Brother regularly add different articles discussing Grooming hacks and tips to present the best of yours. Below are some of the recent that You will definitely fins Helpful:

Now some of You will be like, “Nyazi! You just said, Thatwowman.com covers Grooming. And Now You want us to believe that Grooming is bad. What do you want us to do?”

Guys! Relax. All I am trying to say is that, Grooming is Great. But things start to go towards the Lighter side of the spectrum when You start taking yourself too much seriously. I am talking about the Men who do whatever they see on the internet in those Grooming hacks videos, you will see them trying to be too perfect, their hair will be rock solid, their lashes will be looking almost feminine level perfect, lips will be looking pink enough, eyebrows be looking super feminine, clothes will be like either formal all the time or I mean, like, too much perfect, etc

All I am trying to say is that spending too much on yourself to Look Good is something a girl would do. I know that trying to be good Looking isn’t feminine at all. I myself recommend you guys to do the same. But I do not want you to be over conscious about the way You dress. You should let the air float sometimes here and their. Relax a little bit. Sometimes its cool to throw on some double shirt. And sometimes its ok to not fix your hair with piles of Hair product.

Looking Sleek AF everyday is one thing and Looking as If a person is trying to Look too perfect is another thing. Later one mostly is perceived to be super feminine. Beauty plus, snapchat filters, whitening products, excessive facials, going to salon all the time, plastic surgeries, etc. I hope I was able to convey my point of view properly.

Over Customization

Over customization looks feminine

Gentlemen! i am talking about Men who prefer customize everything they have. They have posters (a lot of them) in their room, too much action figures. A lot of nostalgic stuff, their vehicle will be Looking an Ad of Cartoon network. Maybe it will be too much shiny. Their laptop will have dual skins attach to it and the mobile cover is yet another indication.

Congratulations! We’ve spotted yet another Man who wants to Look Manly but at the Moment he look feminine a lot. And thats not cool at all. I mean its not a classy thing to do. A Man lives in a minimalistic ecosystem. He prefers the natural beauty in things. Customization is cool but when you start doing it too much. Then it takes away those manliness points from you, faster than a Ferrari.

With that being said, I conclude my today’s topic of discussion, “14 Things Men do That Make them Look Feminine!”. I want to hear from you. Your feedback, your point of view on this one and What more should I post in the future. Don’t forget to use the share button to share this post with your friend who You think should learn a thing or two about How to Not Look feminine. Follow me On Instagram (@worldofnyazi), take care of yourself and until next time my brothers,


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