The Only 15 Fragrance Tips a Guy Would Ever Need!

Fragrances are very crucial part of your Overall style. They blend beautifully with your Look and throws a beam of light towards the person who is in front of you, judging whether what you should be labelled as an attractive person or Not. And trust me guys! in order to be labelled as an Attractive person you don’t need just those regular 3~ fragrances that you have been recommended by some Cologne expert as “Confidence boosters”. What works for you might not work for me and vice versa because you might be carrying a different personality.

Some people have that charismatic college boy vibes and others are more towards subtle and introvert side. What you got to do is that you wanna try and experiment different fragrances and then finally make a selection of about at least 6 Different Fragrances that are enough for all of your Moods, Occasions and Weather Conditions.

This Topic was the most challenging for me because i am more of a “Doing it cause loving it” kind of person when it comes to smelling good, Fragrances and all that stuff. When i researched about this, i found plenty of things, actually mistakes, that i was making when it comes to Applying fragrances which include things like “When to wear Fragrance?”, “How much to wear and What kind of fragrance to wear in what kind of weather?” etc.

And here i am with 17 tips, the Only 17 Fragrance tips you will ever need to Level Up your Fragrance Game and to smell SEXY all the time. These are the general Rules which if you follow, you will never end up smelling bad or inappropriate according to the occasion or time of the day… With that being said, lets hope into it.

1: Don’t Spray Less!

What i Told you that all of the people who say you to apply less Fragrance or that “Applying excess Fragrance makes you smell like shit” never actually smelled good themselves? Well that would be kind of exaggeration but truth be told, “You should not listen to them at all” Because they say you to apply less fragrance which means you are gonna smell neutral bad again soon. You want that?

No! You want to smell good all the times, everybody wants to smell good all the time.. You want to experience your Favourite Scent all the times and to do that you need to apply a handsome amount of That fragrance, i mean how can you smell what you want to smell all the times by applying less of that?..

But here i want to clear about you about the opposite situation as well just in case you are wondering… Apply 5-6 puffs.. thats the max! wether it is Eau de Parfum or Eau de toilette or Eau de Cologne or whatever…

The reason i highlighted “Don’t Spray Less” Part more is that whenever you search the internet or Youtube to learn about Fragrances and When and How to apply them and stuff like that, You always see gurus talking about “Applying less”.. I am not saying that they are wrong.. They could be right.. i am no one to judge anyone’s opinion but what i think they are lacking in their recommendation is a disclaimer which defines “MORE” or “EXCESS” due to which people end up thinking that they need to apply only like 2 or 3 puffs max and anything more than that will fall in that “MORE” category..

Guys! this isn’t the truth.. if you want that fragrance to last longer, if you want yourself to smell good while wearing your Favourite fragrance then you need to apply a handsome amount of that. No More, No Less. Just 5-6 Puffs and you will be good to go.

2: Where to Apply Fragrance?

Don’t …. Please Don’t Spray it directly on your Clothes (specially if your cologne is on the darker side of colour and thicker nature) because their are oils in them due to which that cologne will definitely leave its mark on that Sexy Shirt and you will never want that to happen. Now you might be wondering what could possibly be the solution to this Problem…

Well its all about knowing and learning that where to apply Fragrance. On your Clothes? Its a Nah! On your whole body? Nah! On the Pulse Points? Yeah! Gentlemen! Pulse Points, its all about that. These are the areas where Blood vessels live just beneath the Skin. And when even a little pressure is applied on them, one can actually feel the heart beat… These ares are warm and that makes them an ideal Place to apply the Cologne on. Below is a sketch highlighting these Points/Areas:

fragrance pulse points

But wait.. You Don’t need to apply the Fragrance on all the Pulse Points just because they are so Fragrance friendly. You need to apply it on the Areas Behind both of your Ears (1 Puff + 1 Puff), On the Wrist (1 Puff + 1 Puff), On your Elbow (1 Puff + 1 Puff) and thats pretty much it. You are covering almost all of the Pulse points by applying fragrance on the areas that i just mentioned

3: When to Apply Fragrance?

Have you ever thought about the right time to apply the Fragrance? Well when we talk about time, its all the time!… In the morning, afternoon, Night and even before going to bed.. Every Guy deserve to smell Sexy no matter what time it is.. what i believe is that smelling good all the times makes you feel Fabulous and Confident and thats SEXY.

Coming towards the most Crucial part of this Point which is “When to Apply Fragrance when it comes to your Body?”…. What i use to do before is that i use to apply fragrance without even thinking about the right time to apply it.. I use to take it out and Puff Puff puff and thats it.. But what i have found out while researching this Topic is that Your body has a certain time when it welcomes the fragrance more.. One of which is the time when you just came out of the shower.

But wait! before you apply your fragrance coming right out of the shower because their is this thing called moisturiser and i am sure that you know about it and the benefits of it as well. If you first apply moisturiser on your Skin and then gently rub some amount of Vaseline over it… The intensity and timing of your Fragrance increases!… Ok… Picture this.. You want your Fragrance to last longer and you are wondering what to do to get that done… Its really simple. What you need to do is that,…. Once you are done showering, apply a good quality moisturiser. It makes your skin feel amazing and then what you gonna wanna do is that you need to apply a small amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your Pulse Points (See Point Number 2)… And finally comes the turn of your Fragrance…

“Apply Fragrance when your Pores are Open”…

Gentlemen! Open Pores Suck because they increase the chances of Dirt, bacterias and Pollution to enter into your Skin which ultimately end up making your skin uglier and unhealthy. I am sure you don’t want that, Right?. However, what if i told you that Those Open pores could be highly beneficial for you as well when it comes to Smelling Good? Look.. Just the way open pores welcome dirt and pollution, same way when you apply fragrance over open pores, your body’ ability to absorb that cologne increases too, Which means, more scent will be soaked in, which ultimately makes it damn sure that you are gonna smell good for longer period of time.. Makes sense?

Steaming! Its very good for you Health.. It rejuvenates and Detoxifies your Body. And has tons of other benefits as well. Have tensed muscles and inflammation problem? Go for Steaming and if you want your Fragrance to last longer? then Again my recommendation would still be Steaming! What? Its simple guys.. Its all about warming your Body which you can do through any means.. I recommend Steaming for that.. because it provides heat which helps in opening pores resulting in more fragrance soaked in, which equals, long lasting and sexy smelling YOU!

4: Don’t be in that “Signature Fragrance” Crew!

I know that they say you need to have 1 signature fragrance, one that you believe goes the best with your ORA and/or VIBE. Just as much as i believe in ORA and/or VIBA, i can’t agree with this statement any more!

Look.. Why you need to have just One signature fragrance when you can have different fragrances for different days based on occasions and times of the day? Don’t be fooled by the thought of being known for that One fragrance. You don’t need that kind of Fame, its more important to always smell Good and to be labelled as the Guy that “Always Smells Sexy”… Because hey! Its better than Being “Tom Ford Guy” or “Acqua GIO Guy”….

Experiment with different types of fragrance. Maybe goo for Florals, intense ones, Subtle and gentle kinds, etc.. You need not to limit yourself to just one brand or one specific kind of Fragrance. I recommend that you must have at least 6 different Fragrances to compliment different times of the day and different outfits as well… Because their will be sunny days also where you have to send out slightly more chilled out Vibe and their will be those Intense Date nights as well where you need to expose out a bit more intense and Confident side of yours and just 1 kind of Fragrance can’t fulfil all these needs.

You need diversification! Change those “6 Fragrances” with time.. You don’t need to stick to just the 1 “6 fragrances” pair.. Change it when you feel like doing so. Something is ready to replace your previous date night fragrance? Simply go for it, Don’t hesitate at all. Throw out the older ones and replace them with the newer and most likely, better ones” This is Life gentlemen. Everything needs a continuous procedure of updating in order to remain up to the mark.. Same is the case with Fragrances.. Your current Sunny day fragrance would not be able to keep letting you smell great forever..

5: Tap it Like a Boss!

I have already mentioned it above as well that heat is a very crucial part of determining absorption capability of your body. And i know that you have been told by somebody who even you don’t remember the name of, that rubbing your wrists with each other is gonna make your fragrance to last longer but that isn’t the case at all.. That nice little rub is gonna create friction which initiates Heat and thus it will prove handy by increasing the timing of your fragrance But i couldn’t agree More…

Things aren’t that simple. You can’t apply one single to every other aspect, thats not how things work. “Tapping” instead of “Rubbing” is gonna be more useful because rubbing almost finishes the fragrances, kinda removes most of your Fragrance Right at the Spot and you are left with nothing but a very less intensity holding liquid that won’t be able to last you all day long, not at all!.. Instead, I recommend that you apply 2 Puffs on your left wrist and then tap it with the wrist of your Other hand.. 3 Gentle Taps and you are good to go.

6: Carry it with you as WELL!

I know that you have applied enough amount of Fragrance to make you smell good all day long. However what most of us still miss is that “We don’t carry it with Us”.. Look.. let’s say.. you are leaving your house and you have to go to different places, maybe University or office and then you wanna go to the Gym as well and then finally you have to come back home…

You showered, applied moisturiser and Vaseline as well and then Your favourite Cologne that suited best with your outfit or today’s weather conditions.. But you know what? You might end up going to a party or whatever or maybe on a Date later that day and for all those conditions do you think that your one time Fragrance application is enough? Certainly not! Going to Gym, all that sweat and all day long just a single application with those 5 puffs can’t stay that much to still let you smell sexiest on that special occasion of yours. And in order to tackle such kinda situations i recommend that you carry your Fragrance with you in a Carry bottle.

Almost all good colognes come in Carry Bottle which you can keep in your Pocket or Man Bag and that itself is gonna level Up your Style Game by 2 points.. So now my Friend you are 100% ready for any emergency situations! You are never gonna smell bad and they will always be wondering “How can he smell good all the time?” Yeah Rocky! Now you know how to get that Compliment…

7: Knowing about the Cologne a Little Bit!

Look My Friend! i am not a Fragrance Expert and i don’t think i can soon be one as well Because i would rather smell good and Focus on the Dressing part more than focusing on the science behind a good cologne and all such stuff. However i believe that we all must have at least a little information on the types of fragrances which are made based on the concentration… Below is an image showing different kind of fragrances and their concentrations plus the amount of time they are gonna last:

fragrance types

The main reason i am discussing this point with you is that the next time you are going to shop Fragrances, you will have a better understanding about colognes that will help you buy the fragrance that is gonna last you longer and you will know it by yourself without asking any other person.

Basically Perfume and Eau de Parfum are towards intense Sides and you need to wear them when you want to send out like more of a confident and Bold kind of Vibe, like let say its night time and you are planning to wear leather jacket with dark jeans.. Perfect combination gentlemen.. Now what? Go for maybe Eau de Parfum and it is gonna sit with your Clothes super perfectly, thus investing a bit into your Already confident and fabulous look! However on the flip side, let’s say its bright sunny day outside and you want to send out sort of a Chilled out Vibe, subtle and soft fragrance is what you need for that.. So you can choose to go with Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne.

But i want to clear out one thing here that if somebody says to you that “Eau De Parfum has to be intense” and “Eau De Toilette has to be subtle” Then i would say that “It is wrong” Because i have heard about lots of fragrances that are Eau De toilette but they are more intense and long lasting than Eau de Parfum.. So you can’t label them like a Law that if it is this then it must be this or whatever.. Its just about like 90% case.. but Hey just like i said, for a general rule of Thumb, you can always look at the above given picture and then choose the Category of Fragrance that you want to go with.. Best of Luck!

8: Go out of Your Comfort Zone!

Gentlemen! Comfort Zone is a Place Not for you. It is for the Regular dudes who are non-stylish and don’t want to stay on the top. But i am damn sure that you are not one of those. Instead, you are one Hot lad who always wants to remain among the cream of the crowd and for that I recommend that You break your Comfort Zone Like a Boss!

I don’t care if you haven’t tried out some intense Fragrance before or not. If this makes you feel scared and if that Little kitty named comfort Zone is stopping you from trying it out then i recommend that you should definitely go for it! … “You are Unstoppable”.. Yeah come on, Say it out Loud because you need it.. You need to release that sometimes thing are not supposed to stay in that so called Comfort Zone. What? You have never tried out Citrusy Fragrances? Now You will!.. Haven’t tried out strong fragrance? What are you waiting for? Ask different people to give you reviews once you are done applying those Newer fragrances…. Let me tell you one thing, In my own case the fragrances that i was not comfortable trying came out as the ones that got me maximum Number of Compliments…

Their is no rocket science behind. The more you play with different colognes and combinations, the more will be the chances of your Growth. Look, I am not saying that you will end up always getting the better ones. Sometimes destiny isn’t that friendly and things turns out to be worst. But Hey at least You Now know and can easily say that “That Fragrance isn’t good Bruh”…

9: Choose it Yourself!

I see almost 90% Guys making this Mistake and thats the reason why only 5% of the Guys smell good. Look! i don’t know why you are wearing that Fragrance even if you don’t feel satisfied and confident in it, makes no sense to em.. Ok, maybe you are super comfortable and it makes you feel confident but have you tried out other options and then Picked this one? It could be possible that your most favourite Fragrance is still on the same rack from where your current famous came from…

What i want to say here is that, Choose your Fragrance yourself…. Maybe your Girlfriend or your Mother or Your father used to do Cologne shopping for you before but its the time now that you realise this one thing “No body can ever know what makes you fully confident other than you own-self” so for the next time, i recommend that You pick the fragrance of your Choice Because Your Choice is what matters the most..

And if you are somebody who don’t care or let me use the word “Unaware” of his own likings regarding perfumes or fragrances then i recommend that you keep trying out new fragrances…. i am not saying that you buy more and more fragrances. Instead try out different fragrances and then see for yourself that which one works the best and gets you the most compliments.. If possible then go for the Minimum sized bottle of perfume to see whether the Fragrance sits perfectly with your Ora or not and when you are finally sure about any of those then you can purchase it in a bigger size..

Gentlemen! its all about experimentation and trying out different options. Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette, etc and THEN only you will be able to choose the best of the best for yourself..

10: Apply it to your Hair!

These Luscious strand of Hair deserve to smell good as well. Actually let me tell you a background story about it. When i was in High school, their was this one Guy who’s hat use to smell very good and i would love to wear his hat all the times and not just his Hat but anything that use to come out of His head, be it a hair catch or a beanie or whatever, i use to Smell it.. Don’t judge me gentlemen. I am not gay at all.. I am just a fragrance addict from the very young age who loves to smell good stuff.. be it a Jasmine flower or smell of a Rose… I still remember those days when i use to stop my bike for a minute just because i smelled something amazing in the middle of no where on the road… Don’t ever try this, it could be dangerous.

Unfortunately, in those days i didn’t knew much about fragrances. But Now i believe that i have enough knowledge to at least buy myself Nice and sexy smelling perfumes… And for the hair part, i recommend that you take your Comb or hair Brush and directly spray that Perfume on It and then comb your hair or style it the way you do all the time..

It blends that fragrances so perfectly in your hair and scalp that you almost can feel it right away going into your nostrils and crossing all the barriers while finally reaching your Brain and activating all the happiness provoking hormones.. and Voila.. Thats why your favourite fragrance makes you feel happy and More confident… which takes me to my next point which is..

11: Fragrance and Feelings!

fragrance affects feelings

I can’t explain How much this point inspires me.. I mean how is it possible for a Fragrance to instantly change your Mood, completing changing your state even if you are in a state of Depression and changing you into a Smiling and happy person within a second, even if it is for a very little of time but still it has the power to do it… You know what? A Nice Fragrance has the ability to give you the power to break the boundaries and to lose yourself in its magic which ultimately helps in forgetting whats going on around you… Truly magical feeling it is…

Their is a fragrance for every mood.. And you must compliment and mix and match your Mood with your fragrance.. Like let say you want to feel confident today however you don’t feel like actually getting up and doing something about it.. Don’t you worry! Just grab and wear some intense fragrance, one that brings you that nostalgic feeling, your favourite one!… What it does is that it instantly helps in changing your Mood and actually supports your Brain to help you do what you have been wanting to do but your laziness was stopping you from doing it.

Play with different fragrances because their are some that can make you feel fabulous and then their are a couple of fragrances that helps in giving out a slightly more introvert kinda vibes. For you to actually feel the way according to how you want to feel, You definitely need to keep in mind this factor before shopping for the next Fragrances.

12: Match your Fragrances with Clothes!

Now i know that it will sound a bit weird and i don’t want to send out some mentally retard kinda vibe as well however you should actually match your Fragrances with the clothes that you wanna wear today.. Ok let’s say you are planning to wear Floral shirt and shorts and White snickers while styling all this with Red scarf alongside bracelet and 3 rings to add up a little spice to your Outfit…

Now comes the crucial part, Fragrance! Which kind of fragrance would suit the best with all of what i described just above? Some playful, slight citrus and Lemon kind of vibe right? Just to refresh things up a little more giving you a playful vibe that also sends out the signal that you know very well about fragrances and that which one to wear with what sort of dressing. Like for instance in this case your outfit was shorts, sneakers and shirt.. So chill and subtle vibe, no strict rules at all is the your theme today. In those situations you need slightly playful kind of fragrance to complement your outfit and weather as well..

Let me give you another example.. Its the night time and you are invited to a party. You have dressed very well just according to your style and now comes the part you have been waiting for… Fragrance… Black leather jacket it is with a Sweat pair of henley and some dark wash jeans with Chelsea Boots.. What? Gentlemen this outfit is Bomb.. A Solid 10/10… i recommend some strong and intense kind of fragrance to compliment the scenario.

13: Mixing the Fragrances!

Look! Fragrances are designed on the basis of these things called Notes. And until and unless you are a some Cologne Expert, I won’t recommend at all that You mix 2 Sexy fragrances with each other because you never know… I MEAN you might end up potentially damaging the charm of both of those….

We ain’t scientists gentlemen and we are not suppose to create stuff. The only thing we must create is an Habit of Applying cologne so that we don’t smell bad, ever. Now coming towards the Next part which is… “What if Your body lotion and Cologne gets mixed?” Answer to this question is quite simple… Its completely ok because most of the lotions come with very light smell which don’t actually interfere much with the actual scent that you wanna wear afterwards over that.

14: What Else?

Now i would Like to talk about some cool tricks that you can use to make your fragrance long lasting… which takes me to the Number 1 recommendation that is “Molecule O1″… You might have heard about this Perfume before. If not then fine because you can easily purchase it from any perfume store near you.. What it does is that it makes your actual Fragrance even more long lasting..

Due to the fact that, it has this Basic note which somehow plays a vital role in making any fragrance to last longer, adding up a few hours to the actual life of that fragrance.. What you gonna wanna do is that, Get yourself hydrated, Moisturise your Skin Nice and Smooth and then apply Molecule O1 and finally over all this, apply your fragrance and you will notice a phenomenal change in your Fragrance’s lasting time..

Secondly, now this might contradict with one of the points that i have talked about above but Applying cologne on your Clothes actually make the odour of it to last longer… but before you grab your Guns and point them towards me, hear me out. You are not supposed to Use thick and dark coloured fragrances directly on your Clothes because they are gonna leave stain marks However for the lighter ones you can Like do 1 puff here and 1 puff, Enough it is..

Actually your body is involved in a continuous process of heat transfer. Heat evaporates from surface to the outer environment and same is the case with Fragrance That evaporates as well. But when you apply it directly to your Clothes then that fragrances doesn’t has to go through all that evaporating process real soon, hence resulting in more life time.

Have you ever thought about Applying Fragrance on the back of your Head? Well it’s a Nice way to make sure that while you are walking, you are leaving leave little scent trail wherever you go. Quite sexy, isn’t it?

15: Fragrance Rises!

Now this is something that will cause a another contradiction … because if you have been reading the whole article carefully then you would have noticed that in the above points i said… “Apply fragrance on your Neck” However you know what? “Apply Fragrance to the Lower region of your Body because it Rises”

Yeah! That sexy fragrance of your Rises from bottom to the Top… so let’s say you have applied it on your Neck just because you knew that theirs this Pulse point over there but with the passage of time, you started to feel like as if the fragrance is not there….. You know why it happens? Its because of whats called “Olfactory Fatigue”… which means that you get adapted to the fragrance and your body and senses prepare an Anti-dot for that which causes sort of Nose-blindness.. A smart method to tackle this situation is Applying fragrance on the Back of your Knee which lets the fragrance to rise to the top slowly thus reducing the chances of Olfactory fatigue..

With that being said, i here conclude today’s topic which was ” 17 fragrances tips ever guy needs to look his best and more attractive”. I hope you will use these tips to solve your daily life fragrance needs…. What do you think about fragrances? Mention 3 of your most favourite fragrances in the comments down below.


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