15 Guys’ Habits that Girls Find EXTREMELY Annoying in 2021!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. In today’s article, we will talk about some of the things guys do that girls find extremely annoying. We are going to discuss a handful of habits (guy habits) that girls hate!

But let’s start the talk on a positive note. No?

What if I told you that I had already written about a list of differentiating habits that make you extremely attractive? Sounds interesting. Right?

Checkout: 12 Differentiating Habits of Highly Attractive Men (Secret Revealed).

That said, let’s talk about the unattractive and extremely annoying habits now. Shall we?

Look, I do believe that most of these habits/things that guys do on the regular basis are done unknowingly. Guys do it not to annoy girls or something, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

If a habit of yours is there a reason why you are considered unattractive/annoying then you need to do something about it, ASAP!

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying/things guys do that girls hate. Shall we?

Guys’ Habits that Girls Find EXTREMELY Annoying/Things that girls hate about guys

  • Being immature all the time.
  • Ignoring personal hygiene.
  • Being too open-showing.
  • Always trying to be “Mr. Right”.
  • Things that you do on Social Media.
  • Talking about yourself all the time.
  • Being dishonest.
  • Being Negative.
  • Trying too hard to look younger or older.
  • Holding on to the old stuff.
  • Being obsessed with something.
  • Doing things that are against the basic manners.
  • Wearing weird clothing items.
  • Not knowing the necessary man skills.
  • Taking all the credits.

And that’s it. This in front of you is the list of guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying. These are the things that make guys look unattractive (according to girls).

Now let’s get into each one of these items to discuss them in detail. Shall we?

1: Being Immature all the time

Being Immature all the time

So you are the kind of guy who never gets serious. Hah?

Maybe you are one of those dudes who is always making fun of himself and the others, never takes anything seriously, has no idea what he is going to do in the future. Is that so?

Well guys if the answer to the above-given questions is a “YES” from your side then you, my friend, are an immature person. And as “Cute” as it sounds but in reality this is making you look really annoying and unattractive as well.

Every man needs to have his goals set. He needs to take note of his behavior. Being serious all the time isn’t what I am talking about but being funny and laughing all the time is definitely not what you should be doing!

The Reality Check!

Girls see these things in a man and make up their point of view about you. Obviously, no girl wants to be with a man who hasn’t been serious about his life and his future. It isn’t the gold digger kind of thing but let’s be honest here, why would any girl want to be with a man who can’t control himself, has no goals, ambitions, plus has a maturity level less than a Kid?

So guys, you need to work on all of these things.

  • Try to add more focus to your life.
  • Learn to control your reactions and expressions.
  • Make sure that you are not talking nonsense all the time.
  • Being humorous is a good idea but being humorous all the time isn’t that good idea.
  • Start taking note of your responsibilities. Make sure that you are learning, and growing on a regular basis.

And with all these added to your personality, I can assure you that you are going to become a much more likable male specimen.

2: Ignoring the personal hygiene.

Ok, so you are telling me that your goal is to look good, and become a perfect male specimen, with a hygiene game that weak? Oh, come on now Ali. You are kidding me. Right?

If you are somebody who is super lazy, takes no care of himself, your breath stinks, your nails look nasty, and your neck looks uncleaned, then chances are that you won’t be considered an attractive man by not just the female but the male community as well.

I mean, it is obviously very clear that a man whose breath stinks isn’t going to be selected to be somebody with whom a girl wants to spend the rest of his life.

Look, I understand that some of you might be thinking that, “Nyazi is making a very big deal out of such a small thing”. But trust me on this, it isn’t a small thing at all.

Your personal hygiene really is a deal-breaker. Ali gets a No all the time because his hygiene game is weak as heck. Just look at his nails and the bad odor that comes with him. These things and much more (related to personal hygiene) make him disgusting and hard to be around!

3: Being too open-showing.

The next one in the list of guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying/things that girls hate about the guys is, “Being too open-showing”.

I am talking about a bit too “Expressive”, if that’s the right word for it. Ok, let me explain.

So there is this dude named Jimmy. He is a nice guy but their a couple of things about him that make him hard to be around. Some of these things include:

  • Laughing way too loud in the public.
  • Scratching his balls in the public.
  • Fixing his pants without seeing left or right.

When I talked to him regarding these things, he was like, “What? I do things openly and it shows how confident I am”.


You got to take note of your actions. Everybody needs to control their actions, and modify them based on the place/environment they are in, at the moment. You just can’t do anything that you want openly and then name it, “Confidence”. It ain’t confidence, it is “Lack of manners” (more on that later).

4: Always trying to be “Mr. Right”.

Always trying to be "Mr. Right".

Ahhh! It can’t get any more annoying. So you want me to tell you about a bunch of things guys do that make them look unattractive, and annoying to girls (and the rest of the community as well)?…

What if I told you that one of the most prominent “thing” from the list is, “Trying to be Mr. Right?”.

I have seen men who try too hard to prove themselves “Mr. right”. They are always like, “Hey! what I’ve said is 100% truth” or they will be like, “Hey! I haven’t made this mistake boy… Maybe it is done by that other dude who was standing next to me. I don’t know”.

These dudes try their best to get the blame out of their shoulders. Yeah! They know that it is their fault but they can’t let that be proven. Their false ego can’t see them called, “wrong”.

They start getting aggressive whenever the mistake meter directs the needle towards them. The same is the case when their suggestion is considered weak or false. They can’t see this happening to them and for that reason, they start acting weird.

And this thing alone makes you look super unattractive and annoying in the eyes of not just the girls but the rest of the people out there as well.

5: Things that you do on Social Media.

Disclaimer: I am about to judge you based on what you do on social media. But this is being done solely for your own good.

Ok, so you, my friend, are always busy on social media. Let me have a look at what are you doing..

Ahh, come on! So you are posting your selfies all the time? And what is it that you are doing? You are posting creepy comments under the photos of random girls.

Guess what? This isn’t the right way to approach a girl. I mean, how can you think of making a good image of yours by posting weird comments under her photos? It makes no sense to me.

Plus with all the weird captions that you put under your photos, and with these photos that you post (the same old poses, and just the straight face selfies that you post all the time), how can you expect to be considered an option?

Nah. It makes no sense to me boy. You need to change this whole thing. Boys! Your goal must not include posting the photos and doing whatever you want to do on the platform. You should stay respectful and also do make sure that you are upgrading your captions, poses, and other related stuff as well.

6: Talking about yourself all the time

The next one in the list of things guys do that girls find really annoying is talking about themselves all the time.

Ok, let’s just not call it, “a thing that girls find annoying”. Let’s look at it from a wider perspective. Shall we?

Imagine sitting with a dude who is constantly talking about himself. He has been sharing his story forever, and just now he has changed the topic towards his grooming routine… Ahh, and now he is telling you about his wealth.. *shows off his expensive mobile phone*, and this goes on and on…

Would you want to spend the rest of your life with that kind of person? I am sure you won’t do this by choice. By force? You will obviously never stop trying to escape!

Well, then why do you expect a girl to find you attractive and a beautiful person to be around when you have similar traits (bragging and talking about yourself only) in yourself as well?

People can see the reality from their eyes. If you are rich then it is going to come out on its own. The same is the case with your achievements. Bragging about things makes the situation worse only. It shows that you are faking it up and trying to pump your achievements in their throats. And that’s really unattractive and annoying as well.

7: Being Dishonest

Being Dishonest

So Guys we are talking about the guy’s habits/things that girls find extremely annoying in 2021. Right?

How can we forget about the dishonesty?

Guys! This is like the ultimate thing, the evergreen unattractive trait that a man can possess. I have seen men having this habit of lying… Trust me boys, all of the efforts that you make to fake a situation are 100% in vain.

Lying about things and then getting exposed decreases your self-respect. It damages your image in front of them and what you are left with is doubt. The doubt that people are going to have on you for the rest of your life.

And look at my man for a second. He was proven dishonest just a couple of days ago and now he repeating the same thing again. And there you go, he has got caught again. They are calling him a liar, but of course, he is making lame excuses. These excuses are obviously going to bring “0” positive results.

So, guys, the moral of the story is, “Stop Lying” and learn to be honest because no girl wants her better half to be a liar. She wants a hubby who is truthful to her and speaks truth in general too.

8: Being Negative

Alright, I get it. You are not a dishonest person and I appreciate you for not being one. But what is this that you are doing?

You are being a super negative dude! This negativity of yours is one of the things that makes you annoying and hard to be around. Let me explain.

So you are sharing your views regarding this incident. Ahan.. Go ahead.

Ohh! You are so negative. I mean, you’ve taken under consideration just the negative points and ignored all the positive things that happened over there. But ok, who am I to judge, maybe this is what you believe, could be 100% correct as well. Who Knows.

About “Topic B” and my friend, you are negative again. Why is that so? Why are you having so much hatred and negativity inside you? Trust me, boy, this thing does not make you look attractive at all.

And let’s talk about your views in general now. Shall we? Obviously, you always toxic most of the time. You take almost every situation toward the negative or sad side of the spectrum. It happens super rare that you think about a situation positively. Not for others but it is a problem for your own self as well. After all, this habit of yours makes you sad all the time, and the negativity that comes along is super toxic too.

Guys! You need to avoid this habit of yours to always see things from a negative perspective if you don’t want girls to find you extremely annoying!

9: Trying too hard to look younger or older.

I’ve talked about this disease in one of my previous articles as well. Well, such kind of a mistake is mostly made by men in their 20s. A Snippet from my previous article is given below:

I am not talking about the clothing part only. Ahh. I am talking about the entire lifestyle of such young men who try too hard to either act older or younger.

Have you ever seen a dude who is dressed up in a suit and tie, looking 10 years older than his age? Ok, that can be approved if he is going to some event or something but then comes his attitude. He is faking the seriousness and acting as if he is very mature. My dude is literally copying a 40 years old man, acting exactly like him.

For him, it could be art but for everybody else (in my opinion), it’s nothing but a living cringe content.

The same goes for 25-year-old guys who try to look like 16-year-olds. Dressing, routine, talking style, trying too hard to look younger by acting childishly, etc. All of these make you look like a creep, a stupid person who is asking for attention. And this is for sure one of the biggest mistakes young men make in their 20s.

Courtesy: 17 Worst Lifestyle Mistakes Men Make in their 20s (Damage Alert)

Girls find it really annoying too

They just can’t see this nonsense happening in front of their eyes. I mean, a man talking the fake stuff, trying to be older or younger, and all this immature kind of stuff, makes you 10 times less attractive to a female specimen.

You need to stay real and instead search for the items that would look good on you. Items that look best on people of your age. By wearing these items, you are going to look much better!

The same goes for words that come out of your mouth. Learn to stay relevant to your age. Obviously talking the mature stuff is cool even when you are not old enough but at the end of the day being fake and talking super mature stuff when you are just 20, makes no sense. Instead, it is very unattractive because of the way you are delivering it.

A 20 Years old dude who teaches people how to make money with the help of his 10 years of experience in the field, and stuff like that sounds childish and not-so-real.

And that’s exactly how girls look at you and your claims. Be humble, be gentle, and most importantly, be real!

10: Holding on to the old stuff.

Holding on to the old stuff.

The next one in the list of guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying/things guys do that girls hate is, “holding on to the old stuff”.

Look, I don’t want to considered cruel or rude here. In order to understand this point you wanna listen to it from a broader mindset.

I have seen men holding on to their old stuff. Almost everything, be it the wallet, keychain, backpack, car, etc. I know that you have a story attached to it and for that reason, you don’t want to lose any of these items.

Look, you can keep a thing or two that really has a very powerful story background but all the rest of these things need to go.

Look at them for a second… They are worn out to the limits! This is one of the things that girls find really annoying about girls. They don’t want their man to be holding on to the stuff for a very minimal reason.

So to all my brothers who haven’t founded a girl yet, I would recommend you to first correct your habit of holding on to the things that need to go!

11: Being obsessed with something.

And the next thing in the list of guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying is the obsession.

This one is kind of similar to point number #10 but this time we aren’t talking about the old things of yours but the actual fever.

Fever of obsession!

Guy! I am talking about your obsession with cars and the related content. I have seen that you are crazy about cars and everything related to that. This is something that you think makes you look attractive, you consider it a hobby of yours but trust me boys, everything that exceeds a limit becomes weird, annoying, and unattractive, just like this obsession of yours.

And then there are men who are obsessed with the gym and the related content. Look, I know that going to the gym makes you look good but that should not TAKE OVER your mind!

Relax my friend. You need to take things a bit lightly because at the end of the day you don’t people/girls to call you a freak or a self-obsessed person. Do you?

12: Doing things that are against the basic manners.

We have progressed a lot boys. We’ve already covered 11 points from the list of guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying/things guys do that girls hate the most.

And now in the number #12 spot, we have “manners”.

Guys! I am talking about etiquettes.

  • Burping out loud.
  • Making weird sounds.
  • Basic table manners.
  • When to use your phone and when not.
  • What about the personal Space?
  • How to behave when you are a guest?
  • How to behave when you are the host?
  • Manners to live a happily married life?
  • What to do when you are under pressure?
  • How to Yawning, Burping, Sneezing, Coughing, Farting, properly?
  • Walking like a gentleman, sitting like one, and standing as well. All of this matters a lot.
  • The basic talking etiquette.
  • Dealing with the anger.
  • Sense of Humour… There are manners regarding that too.

And the list goes on and on. Fortunately, I’ve covered most of these manners in my 2 post series named, “Modern Manners/Etiquette Rules for a Modern-Day Gentleman”.

Checkout the 2 post series here:

(Modern Manners Part 1)
(Modern Manners Part 2)

Some words about Yawning, Burping, Sneezing, etc to give you an idea of what to expect from this 2 post article series:

Alright So let’s Say You are sitting around People and You accidentally Burped loud, without covering your Mouth. You are super embarrassed at the Moment and You don’t know what to do.

Well, that happened because You haven’t trained yourself to Act like a Gentleman in Public. A Gentleman Never lets Burps and Farts ruin his Reputation. Yeah, it sounds funny but it is what it is. One of the Solutions to those Accidental Burps and Farts is to Practice lowering the Sound of your Burps and Avoiding Farts completely except for when you are alone by yourself in the Toilet.

Get yourself trained to Put your hand on your Mouth while Burping even if You’ve already trained yourself to lower its Noise. About Sneezing, Coughing, and Yawning? Well, you got to put a filter on these as well.

Put your Hand on your Mouth, Put your Hand on your Mouth, PUT YOUR HAND ON YOUR MOUTH! Every time you are about to Yawn, use your hand and do the same when You are about to Sneeze. Try Lowering the Sound you make while Sneezing. Don’t exaggerate it. Yeah! You know what I am talking about. Don’t you?

Coughing is not considered as one of Bad manners But again, A Gentleman should never Cough in such a way that the water droplets fall on someone else and then You get told to “Put your hand on yours! Don’t you have manners?”

Don’t you have Manners? Yes, You have them! And Yes you will show it to them! You will make them Fan of yours, for How Well mannered You are.

Checkout: Modern-Manners Part 1 for more

13: Wearing weird clothing items.

Wearing weird clothing items.

One of the very important ones in the list of guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying/habits that make a man unattractive and annoying is, “wearing weird clothes”.

Gentlemen! I am talking about you here. Yes, I understand that your goal wasn’t to look weird. All you wanted was to try a different genre of clothing.

Maybe you are following some of the top fashion magazines these days and you really want to do what they want you to do… Great.

And for that reason, you ended up wearing weird clothing items. And see for yourself, the results. You have been looking super weird lately and the credits go to nobody else but your own content choice only.

Guys! I am an advocate of promoting good content. Following the right people have a great impact on your personality and style as well. Whereas on the other hand if you are following the hyped stuff (which is being promoted to make big piles of cash) then you are never going to end up looking great!

So stop wearing weird clothing items as they make you look weird as a freak and it obviously not making you look attractive. Annoying and unattractive? Yes Sir!

14: Not knowing the necessary man skills.

We are discussing the guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying aka things that girls hate about men… And in this list of things, I consider it a “MUST” to include “not knowing the necessary man skills”. Why?

  • Fixing the flat tire (every wife wants a husband who can fix the flat tire).
  • Fixing the basic level computer problem.
  • Opening the package with the pocket knife.
  • A Few tweaks here and some tweaks there.

So Gentlemen! The key isn’t to be the master of everything. The key here is to learn to do the basic level stuff, regarding the problems one can face on the daily basis. Girls really like those men who are able to solve daily life problems without taking help from others.

Not panicking and staying calm when the situation isn’t that friendly is also something that makes a man really attractive. But at the end of the day, you need to stay real and not lie about it. Because at the end of the day you just can’t hide the discomfort and fear as it shows from your eyes and it is clearly written on your face as well (most of the time).

15: Taking all the credits.

And last but definitely not the least, in the list of Guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying/things guys do that girl hate is, “taking all the credits”.

We’ve already discussed your habit of putting the blame on others and trying your best to not let the mistake meter show your name.

Now let’s talk about yet another very similar habit of yours… Yeah, I am talking about you taking all the credits.

So let’s say you’ve assigned the duty to these 2 subordinates of yours. But when the work is done before the time you, instead of appreciating both these subordinates, start talking good things regarding your planning and other stuff.

Now that’s how, “Taking all the credits” look like.

Guys! This thing can’t hide and for sure this habit of yours is among one of the reasons why people do not respect from the core of their heart… I am sure you want to change that. Right? Well, then start being real and learn to give credits to people who are actually responsible for that particular work.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of guys’ habits that girls find extremely annoying? Do let me know your thoughts, suggestions, and comments over at my Instagram @worldofnyazi). And I will come back to you in another one, ASAP.


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