15 Hobbies for Men that Make you Look Responsible (and Unique)!

Gentlemen! I hope you all are doing good. So Yeah, you people have been bashing your love over my last article written on the topic of hobbies for men (16 Hobbies for Men that Girls Find Most Attractive! (2020 Edition)). The main focus of that article was to make you look interesting and super attractive. However, this one is different. I know that its cool to be attractive and that’s what I’ve been teaching you guys from the very beginning but sometimes you have to look responsible. You know what I am saying. Right? Alright, So let’s say, you are a regular thatwowman.com reader and due to that you have mastered the craft of styling and fashion. But guess what, if I told you that sometimes you need to look responsible in order to let’s get the love of your life?

Imagine, you really love this girl and finally you have somehow managed to meet her parents. While talking to them, what will you tell them about yourself? Will you tell them that in your leisure time you love playing PUBG? Or stuff like that? Well, her younger brother studying in 8th standard might relate to you but her parents and elder brother will be more concerned about her at the moment and not to mention they are gonna judge the freak out of you.

Now comes the golden question, “What to tell them instead?” Should you lie to them? Should you be telling fake stories of you being the best debater in your college? Well, I guess I have a better solution for you today. Guys, sit back and relax because today we are gonna talk about a list of “15 Hobbies for Men that Make you Look Responsible (and Unique)!” And all you need to do is to pick a couple of hobbies from the list and start practicing them in your life.

Doing that will not only make you look more responsible but will actually transform you into a more important and interesting person overall. Forget the days when people use to call you lame. Forget the days when people use to not take you seriously because today you will be learning a list of hobbies. Special hobbies for men that have the power to transform you into a responsible Gentlemen! So without any further ado, lets get into the topic. Shall we?

1) Karate

Alright, so you might be thinking that, “Nyazi, Dude! Come on! How is karate gonna make us responsible?” Well, its not about the karate, its about the physical training that comes with a strong mental power boosting change that is not only gonna make you more powerful but will also give you the discipline that is required in almost every field of life. You wanna do something. Like change your lifestyle or current financial state? You know what you need? Yes, you need motivation. Yes, you need guidelines and yes, you also need hard work but one thing that can not be replaced by any other thing, that is required more than 100% is “Discipline”. The ability to stay scheduled and follow what you think is right for you is what makes you powerful than anyone else in the room, all the time and that’s exactly what karate teaches you.

“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes”
Gautama B.

Guys, trust me, stuff like judo and karate are well known to make you a better person mentally and physically. It will change your life plus its a cool thing to talk about with your friends. “Hey John, I am the green belt in karate and my master asks me to do 5 rounds after the training”. Sounds cool, right? Yeah, and that’s something unique to tell others to because not to judge but when other dudes will be like sleeping is my hobby, talking to my old friends is my hobby and you be like, doing karate is my hobby then Boom! Impression changed my guy.

2) Cooking

Guys, I know that their are people still out there who believe that cooking is for women only but trust me, those people are not more than losers. Alright, women cook. Great! But being a man and saying stuff like, “Women should cook only”, “Women are supposed to cook and take care of the house and its only thing that they should be doing” is a reflection of that particular person’s gross personality.

With that being said, this post is not about domestic rights and we shall talk about it some other post as today its all about. Hobbies for men that make you look responsible and cooking is one of them. Imagine, being able to cook for yourself. Do you know what people will think about you if you say that you love cooking? They will be like, “Dude is an independent man who knows how to cook and can cook food when due to some reason food is not cooked”. Its gives that feeling of responsibility, that feeling of being skillful enough to tackle most of the situations when others are not available. So Yeah, If you are looking for a hobby that will keep you busy plus it also make you look responsible then you should definitely give cooking a try!

3) Writing

Writing is an interesting hobby

Alright, so before you quit this page and start looking for some other blogger who has actually listed some unique and “never heard of before” kinda hobbies, I want to let you know that when I say “Writing”, I did not mean, “writing a diary or a To-Do List”. Its about modern writing, more like copy writing, article writing and blogging. Guys, do you want to improve your language skills? Do you want to use the power of words to influence people to buy your product or let say address something? Do you want people to follow you because of how great your ad copy is? If yes then I will definitely recommend you guys to start writing today!

“In writing good advertising it is necessary to put a mood into words and to transfer that mood to the reader.” – Helen Woodward

I don’t care what you want to write about. Do you want to write about health and wellness? Go for it! Do you want to write about sales? Go for it. Do you want to write about tech? Go for it. Guys, not only will it make you a more disciplined person overall, but will also make you a lot of money, given that you polish your skills and have patience too. And having writing or blogging as your hobby is something that will definitely take you to the heights of the sky because hobbies are there for no reason actually and I believe you will not expect money super quick so you will keep putting out quality content regularly just because it makes you happy and that my friend, that right there is the formula of success. And that is definitely something which makes you look attractive.

4) Debating and Presentations

Guys, listen up. Ok, so for this one I want you to be the judge. We all have that dude in our class who had won the debating competition in his college or school. Although guys like you and me think that, “Blah. So what?” But the truth is something else and unfortunately I learnt it the hard way. I accept it that I was also one of those dudes who thought that these debaters are total trash and that’s just their way to come in teacher’s good book but I was wrong.

Other students do backbite about them but when they are there in the class, they are the only one who audience is listening to carefully. Teachers respect them, their statements are considered more authentic and over people consider them a more responsible person. Yeah, so what do you have to say about debating now. Guys, learning to stand up and face the crowd require balls. Yeah, it require Redbull filled balls. And that’s exactly what I teach here on this blog. I teach people to go out of the box, to challenge themselves and to do stuff that make them a “WoW” person inside out. So yeah, Debating? Yay!

5) Graphic Designing

Imagine, telling somebody that you love to design in your free time. What will come in their mind, the first thought? Yeah, they will be thinking about sketches, art, out of the box sculptures, logos, etc. And although I know that their was a time when designers were considered as homeless dudes especially in my country but things are changed now. Designers are not limited to just making Facebook covers anymore. Things have went up to logos, designing a series of animations and trust me on this, If you are a designer who has the ability to create unique designs then sooner or later you are going to be recognized.

And from their on, you will not have time to count the money coming in your bank on the daily basis. Designers are in demand now and I want all of you to learn designing. No! It isn’t hard at all. You can find free tutorials on YouTube.com teaching you each and everything about designing and that’s it. Learn, practice and shine bright like a diamond. And yes, it will make you look more responsible. That’s why I included it in the list of Hobbies for Men that make you Look More Responsible.

6) Reading Books

I am sorry for this one but Yeah, it is what it is. Reading books is still something that apart from being old school, has not been replaced by anything. Books have the information that can take your imagination powers to the sky, making you open to multiple perspectives and several way of thinking. Books teach you to listen more than saying, even if you known what’s the answer, try waiting to make it sure that you are 100% right because its always a cool idea to be correct all the time and you have to take help from skills like listening and silence to reach that potential.

With that being said, i know that some of guys are open to audio books rather than reading books. But hey! People still consider reading books more responsible and intellectual than listening to them. I don’t know why, maybe generational gap or point of view difference backed up by the money or whatever. But it is what it is. I am not into reading that much but I do listen to audio books here and there. In short, for the sake of this article, hobbies for men that make you look responsible, I nominate reading books as one of the most high rated hobby.

7) Painting and Sketching

Gentlemen! Painting is yet another hobby that is famous among the artists and rich community as well. However today its not about selling your paintings to make tons of money or anything like that (although you can draw different designs and then sell them to designers or consumers directly) but its more about telling people and making them say “That’s unique” to your face. We all have a friend who know a boy who can sketch very well and all of us praise his/her work. There is an artist named Fatima (https://instagram.com/artby_fatima). Girl can sketch so damn good. Now that’s a talent that can make anybody say “WoW”.

Guys, I want you to the same. I want you to pick that pencil and sketchpad up and start drawing. Draw ads, draw ideas, draw your imaginations (This will prove very beneficial to you). Drawing ideas for ads and making it work can lend you a job at a media firm too for making great creatives. Sky is the limit and if nothing else then at least you can use it to draw your thoughts and that’s kinda healing as well.

8) Side Hustle

Hustling is a responsible Hobby

Gentlemen! Now comes my favourite part of this entire article, hustling, working extra hours or flipping. You already know that I am about to thank my boy Garyvee (https://instagram.com/garyvee) for this one for introducing me to the big world of flipping and how you can make tons of money just by flipping stuff like mugs and even bottles too. Guys, if you love to do side hustle, if you love to spend your spare hours, working and flipping then I promise you that their is not a single thing more responsible that this. Side hustle and passive income is gonna make you look more responsible than any other thing in this entire list!

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

And Hey! Its not just about flipping. You can choose to pick anything. Maybe you wanna do cold calling on weekends or maybe you love to work as a “Commission based Salesperson” on the weekends. Well that’s a hobby that is gonna make you unique, important, different and not to mention super responsible and rich as well. If side hustle is your “Hobby” then I am 90% sure that you love the process and even if I am wrong by 10% and you want to do it for money but still there is no shame in it. You will hustle and you will make money and you will gain ultimate respect too. Sounds good?

9) Investing

Alright. So this one is super mature thing to do but trust me doing it as a hobby is gonna secure your future and chances are that you will be able to be fortunate enough to retire soon in your life. I am talking about investing and not in the stocks but in the real estate. I know that its hard and it requires big bucks but what’s bad in saving your pocket money to buy a cheap property? (make sure to consult the brokers before doing anything) Sure values are gonna go up with time and all you will be left with are profits and if you give off your property to the tenants then you will be able to enjoy the monthly rents. Isn’t it cool?

That’s exactly why I listed investing in this list of hobbies for men that make you look responsible and unique too because how many young dudes have invested in properties? Very little, because most have their money wasted on expensive mobile phones instead (I am not judging at all. I am just trying to make your mind to do something that is gonna pay you more in the future and then you can buy whatever you want with your own freaking money without having to worry about anything).

10) Challenge your Box!

We all have a box around us and we all should sometimes try to escape this box as their is a huge world waiting for us, screaming and begging us to work harder because sky is the limit but we have no time for that. We choose to watch a serial on Netflix instead. Dude! Those actors have achieved it. They are making bucks, they have freaking achieved the label of “Responsible” and they are doing it again and again. Guys! I want you to get up and do something that is super productive but you hate doing it.

“Sometimes it’s like: If something terrifies you, you should totally do it BECAUSE it terrifies you. And then you’ll do it and you’ll realise what you’re capable of.”

Jonathan Saccone-Joly

Is it going for a run? Do it! Is it talking to a new person every single day? Do it! Is it speaking up in front of the entire class? Do it! Guys I want you to do it. Ignore the comments and just keep holding on to it because success comes to those who always stay out of the box and kill the hate with their strong self-belief. Under the heading of “Hobbies for men that make you look More responsible”, I present, “Challenge your Box”, being one of the best thing you can do in your free time to grow yourself. So how many of you are up for it?

11) Taking care of your self

Alright. So this one is huge because of the vast area that it covers. How can you expect somebody to take you seriously or consider you a responsible person if you can’t even take care of yourself? Guys, I know that its kinda vague but self love is a subliminal thing that, in my opinion, throws the vibe to people that you can take care of them because you know how to take care of yourself. Dude, if you are a well mannered, soft spoken and sharp looking dude then people instantly start taking you seriously! They respect you more, they honor you and consider your opinion as a solid opinion.

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”

Lucille Ball

Gentlemen! This is the power of self love, this is the power of taking care of your skin, hair, clothing and the way you talk, walk and sit. Whether you take care of your hygiene or not. Whether you are organised or not and much more questions are answered just by your outer look and a couple of actions of yours. I will list a couple of articles that will help you become the best version of yourself.

12) Event Planning and Photography

Guys! This is something that I myself tried to do along with one of my close friends but we couldn’t manage to get it because of some issues. He was busy, I was busy too, so we postponed it to the days when we will have more time. Guys if you love taking photographs, especially if you have the ability to do product photography then you already have mastered a skill that can make you a lot of money.

I myself had photography as my hobby back in 2017. But after a year, I got bored from that or lets say I got busy in other more profitable hobbies. So I had to leave it aside but at the end of the day your boy has the gear. And I can do continue doing it again anytime of the day. Combine it with  videography and some video editing skills and your hobby can make you rich. Like seriously rich, life changing rich is what I am talking about.

Coming towards event planning, so guys event planning is also a great hobby. That can make you money plus it also improves your team management skills, making you able to

Handle more pressure and blesses you the habit of Doing things on time. So yeah, not only you will be able to impress people with your event management skills. But it is surely one of those hobbies for men that make you look more responsible.

13) Budget Shopping

Gentlemen! Budget shopping is not a hobby, its a skill and I am not exaggerating it at all. Alright, so let’s say there are 2 dudes, one is Adam and the other one is Aslam. Former dude never watches out for opportunities, deals or discounts and instead shops wherever he feels like buying. However on the other side, my dude Aslam is always looking for the deals. He is always searching for the discounts, coupons and emails to get the most out of the shopping session. At the end of the day, dude ends up getting more clothes that are exactly the same quality as the ones that former dude bought but because Aslam used his brain and utilized his skill of budget shopping, so he ended up getting the best return on his money.

And when others will see you doing this, if your hobby is to search for coupons and only buy when you are getting the best deal then this alone is something that is making you look 10 times more intelligent, money-savvy and More responsible as well. It sends out the message that you know how to use your money, you know how to spend your money to get the best out of it. This is a skill that not many young dudes have and if you have it then this my friend will definitely make you look responsible.

“Factory outlets are my top recommendation to anybody who loves to shop branded Items but at the same time they are low on the budget. They have B-Pairs that are fairly cheap plus almost all the factory outlets have sales going on throughout the year so you will always find something for yourself over there in very less amount of money! Look, remember as I said earlier as well, that your goal should not be satisfying your ego, you should just focus on completing your wardrobe with great outfits”

Reference: 12 Tips for Renewing your Wardrobe with Less / No Money (Men’s Edition)

14) Chess

Chess is brains game

Ahh! Earlier in this article I said, “Playing games and PUBG isn’t going to make you look responsible”. And I am still stiff with that statement. However there are a few games like chess. That is played just by the most intelligent people. Being able to play it is something that instantly throws you into the list of intelligent people.

“On the chessboard, lies and hypocrisy do not survive long. The creative combination lays bare the presumption of a lie; the merciless fact, culminating in the checkmate, contradicts the hypocrite. ― Emanuel Lasker

Imaging a highly successful lawyer playing dice alone. While working on a case, compiling his thoughts. Or a detective playing chess to challenge his brain and working those nerves to get the most out of them. Whats your take on that? If you ask me then its super attractive and definitely makes you a unique and responsible dude. Especially compared to all the other dudes who are busy playing candy crush.

15) Using Both of your hands

Gentlemen! These hands are not only made for playing games or eating. These hands have tons of other things to do as well. No matter you are a lefty or a righty, as long as you have the skill set and knowledge, You can achieve the limits of success given that you put in required amount of hard-work. But what If i told you that you don’t need to rely on just one hand of yours to do a thing?

Guys, I am talking about multi tasking. If you somehow manage to (By practicing) to get both of your hands to work with same efficiency and accuracy. Then you can apparently do more stuff at a time and obviously more work per day. Right? Have you ever thought about it? No? Just as I thought! But you need not to worry anymore because guys, your brother Nyazi has got your back. And I will keep bringing new and unique stuff for you. Just like this list of Hobbies for Men that make you Look responsible!

So Yeah! That’s it with the today’s topic, 15 Hobbies for Men that Make you Look Responsible (and Unique)!. What are your suggestions? What do you think about these hobbies? Are they worthy enough? Which one of these will you start doing right away? Do let me know about it on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). You can also hit me up if you have any queries or questions regarding men’s fashion and lifestyle and until next time my brothers.


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