15 Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing perfectly fine. In today’s article, we will talk about Hobbies. Yeah, we had talked about hobbies before as well on the blog. We talked about hobbies that girls find most attractive (in men), and we also discussed some of the hobbies that make men look stupid.

So basically we tried to cover both sides of the spectrum. The good and the bad one both. With that being said, what about attraction in general?

I mean, there needs to be a list of hobbies that will most definitely make you look 10x attractive and good-looking. No? Like, some of these hobbies are directly linked to physical attractiveness while others play their role in making you an attractive individual to the world.

Guys! I have been talking about attraction as well (all the time). I talked about Hygiene for men in which I tried to cover some powerful tips for guys to become handsome and attractive. And on another occasion, we also covered some of the most attractive & dominant traits that every woman wants in her man.

Here we are gentlemen, talking about attraction one again. But this time it’s all about habits & hobbies linked to the attraction and you guys already know that this is about to be very interesting!

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list of hobbies that make men attractive/manly & attractive hobbies for men/Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive!

Shall we?

Hobbies that make men attractive/manly & attractive hobbies for men/Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive!

  • Blogging.
  • Graphic designing.
  • Film making.
  • Multiple sports.
  • Cycling.
  • Learning a new language.
  • Teaching others.
  • Doing some research in real estate.
  • Gym membership, skincare, and more.
  • General buying & selling – studying chemistry.
  • Being in the moment – not on the phone.
  • Film making.
  • Photography.
  • Fixing stuff.
  • Learning about money.
  • Random discussion podcast.

That’s it. There are obviously a lot of other hobbies as well that you can pursue and become 10x attractive (or even more) but hey! why entering everything just in a single article and make it a big bulk of content consumption for you when it can be divided into multiple articles for you to consume it slowly?

So yeah, without any further ado, let’s get straight into each one of the above-given hobbies to discuss them in detail. Shall we?

1: Blogging.


Blogging adds more intellectual points to your personality and “intellect isn’t attractive”, said no one ever.

Guys! When you are into blogging, you are continuously doing research on different topics, and you are also improving your way of presenting your point of view. Plus you are learning different words and then you choose to use the ones that can impact the audience most.

So, in short, you are getting better at putting your point of view in front of people. Also, you are doing a regular thing so blogging basically is making you consistent and a persistent candidate too.

All of these things when combined result in a much attractive person, a much better “YOU” than who you were before. Plus it’s always a good idea to write down the things, grab a good bunch of audience and make some good cash. Who knows this blog of yours end up become your main income stream? You won’t have to work at your day job in that case. Cool!

2: Graphic designing.

Graphic designing is a very attractive skill that a man can possess. Imagine being a creative person, yeah! you’ve already become 10x more attractive than all the other dudes in the room.

So yeah, let’s say you know how to design logos, and you can create a different kind of posters as well. You are one of those dudes who can put their imagination on the front with the help of this skill of graphic designing that they have.

Kudos to you because this skill not only makes you look attractive but you are going to make a lot of money as well. You can simply pitch about 50 people daily (I know it could a little hard in the start) on Instagram, saying stuff like, “I can make you a good logo, and/or a nice looking poster for your brand”.

Even if just 3 of those reply, you can still make some good cash out of that. Plus it isn’t going to be like that forever. You might end up getting recurring work from a single person or maybe they hire you on a contract basis. There you go gentlemen, you’ve already secured a work-from-home job and you can finally leave your boring day job!

3: Multiple sports.

You are a dude who plays multiple sports, not just football, but tennis as well, basketball too, and a bunch of other sports as well. Guess what? Even if you do not know this, but you are an attractive dude.

You are super attractive to most of the people out there. Playing sports, and being a sportsman almost all the time means that you are an active person. You are not only super fit from the outside but this sportsmanship and the discipline thing that goes with every sportsman is also out there playing its role in making you 10x attractive.

Playing sports as your hobby is definitely one of the most attractive things that you can have in your hobby arsenal. Plus we out there are talking about “multiple” sports. Damn! Thats definitely gonna take you to a whole other level of attractiveness.

4: Cycling.


The next one on the list of Hobbies that make men attractive/manly & attractive hobbies for men/Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive is, “cycling”.

How is that super attractive?

First of all, for physical reasons. Like, imagine going to the gym, working out, and then coming back to your home on the cycle. Or maybe cycling for about 30 minutes after you are done working out. That’s very healthy and it does help you burn a lot of extra calories.

Cycling on the regular basis can help make you look attractive by burning those calories.

With that being said, having cycling as a hobby that you practice daily makes you look attractive in another way as well. How?

Imagine being in a group of people where every dude plays video games as a hobby. They are out there doing nothing but playing games, watching TV, playing sports on their mobile phones.

On the flip side, against them all is you, cycling your way to the topmost step of the attraction ladder. Guys! It is so attractive when a dude leaves all these materialistic things aside and goes out there to work on his fitness and all.

5: Learning a new language.

How is learning a new language, going to make you attractive?

Learning a new language opens the doors of opportunities in front of you. This new language that you are learning isn’t just a combo of words and sentences but it is a gateway for you to communicate with a whole new group of people, build relations with them, and possibly pursue your future with them as well.

This new language can help you get a new (and a better) career. You can design courses around your expertise in this new language because you are sure that no one else is doing this kind of word in their language.

That’s one of the reasons why “learning a new language” is considered one of the most attractive hobbies. Look, it’s all about action and its reaction. If what you are doing is going to bring you huge fruitful results then that particular action is obviously going to be considered very attractive, and vice versa.

6: Teaching others.

The next one on the list of Hobbies that make men attractive/manly & attractive hobbies for men/Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive is, “Teaching others”.

Teaching is considered very attractive because being a teacher means a lot of things.

  • A teacher knows to deliver what he wants to deliver. He is very good at communication.
  • Being a teacher, you get to know the psychology of different people and how to mold your way of teaching in order to convey the information. That’s very attractive.

These 2 things alone are enough to make teaching a super attractive hobby.

7: Doing some research in real estate.

Doing some research in real estate.

It is one of the most attractive things that a guy can do. Why? Because it is directly linked to money.

There is a lot of money in real estate. You can buy properties and sell them later in an exchange for some good returns. You can also do some research on other people’s properties, try and sell them, and get a good commission out of the deal. Great.

Making some extra money by selling other people’s properties won’t hurt. Plus having this as your hobby also won’t hurt. In fact, it will make you look even more attractive because most of the guys out there have hobbies that are not giving them anything in return.

I mean, I do agree that your hobby might be making you look attractive physically and that too counts but at the end of the day if your hobby is supporting you financially and it is giving you good returns (monetarily) then this, my friend, is going to be the deal-breaker.

8: Gym membership, skincare, and more…

Let’s say you have been perusing some great money-making hobbies lately like working on real estate, graphic designing, etc. And because of that, you have been making a good recurring income. Good for you.

But how are you going to spend this money? Should you waste it all in buying stupid stuff or should you get yourself a gym membership, a good skincare system, good food, and haircare-related stuff?

If I were in your place, I would definitely go for the latter choice and I have my reasons too.

Look, what are you going to get in return (for the longer term) if you will spend all the money on buying expensive tech, and stuff like that? Yeah, it might help you feel good but you can always buy that later too, given that it isn’t linked to your work hobby (one that made you the money).

Getting a gym membership, a nice skincare system, some great haircare products, and more items that are linked to your attractiveness in one way or the other is something that sits well with today’s topic, “Attractiveness”. The money that you will spend on yourself won’t ever go wasted. It is right there, right in front of you, and you can see that for yourself by looking into the mirror and seeing the changes for yourself.

9: General buying & selling – studying chemistry.

The next one on the list of Hobbies that make men attractive/manly & attractive hobbies for men/Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive is, “General buying & selling – studying chemistry”.

We talked about doing some work on the real estate, buying it, and selling it later for some good cash returns. That’s great but not most people can wait for years to come.

Plus not everybody finds it feasible to work in the real estate sector for whatever reasons. Maybe you have no interest in the land.

But oh boy, I have seen you looking at the cars. You had been doing a lot of research on cars lately. No? What if I told you that this research of yours can help you make some good cash and it can also become one of the most attractive hobbies out there?

Like, yeah, I know that being obsessed with cars (or any other thing too) is one of the most unattractive things that a guy can do. But who told you that I am talking about that?

All I am trying to say is that you can use your love for cars to make some good money! What you need to do is that you need to click some good pictures of a person’s car who is willing to sell it. And then list it on different sites while making sure that you are putting in all the necessary information that a buyer would need.

The next step

You are then going to have to wait until a buyer contacts you. Go out there and negotiate with him. Note that while you are trying to sell the car (a hobby), your negotiation skills are getting polished too plus you are also learning how to convince a person to buy the item that you are trying to sell.

So it’s a win-win! Both, Negotiation skills, and persuasion are very helpful no matter what type of situation is in front of you.

Buy & Sell Mobile phones too

You can also buy the mobile phone from one person and try to sell it online to some other dude, to make a good commission out of it. Just like selling cars, this also involves patience, negotiation skills, and other people skills as well.

In short, the entire buying and selling thing is a very attractive hobby that a man can have but yeah, you got to make sure that you keep on learning the new ways of negotiation and other aspects of perusing people because otherwise you will get disappointed and quit. And quitting is very unattractive.

10: Being in the moment – not on the phone.

Being in the moment - not on the phone.

Being in the moment, hmm. What is it all about?

Every dude out there is busy on the phone. Ali is watching this really cool show and my dude Ahmed is busy talking to his friend.

Bilal is scrolling through the feed, and Zayn is posting this new selfie that he took just now.

Who is enjoying the moment though? Like, all of them are sitting in a restaurant and there are plenty of cool things around. The lights are looking pretty good, so is the overall ambiance and the food taste great too.

But these dudes are too busy taking pictures and posting them on social media sites that they are already missing the 90% of the fun that is right there. This needs to change.

If you are a guy who enjoys the moment by putting the phone aside and makes the most out of every moment, conversation, etc, then you are pursuing it as a hobby then oh boy, it is safe to say that you’ve got one of the most attractive hobbies out there!

11: Film making.

The next one on the list of Hobbies that make men attractive/manly & attractive hobbies for men/Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive is, “Film making”.

Look, being on the phone is not that bad. All that I wanted to say in point number # 10 was that you must balance both things (being on the phone and living the moment).

You can do a lot of great things on the phone though. Like for instance you can make a short film or like 2-3 minutes. Covering what? Literally anything.

Imagine being a dude whose hobby is to spread awareness by making short little clips. That’s so attractive. Even if awareness isn’t what you are going for, filmmaking can still be very attractive given that you know how to take good shots. Pile up all these shots in a certain way to make an aesthetic video. That’s going to get you a lot of compliments too.

12: Photography.

Or maybe you do not want to do that much of the work. Chances are that you are ok with clicking the pictures only. Taking good shots helps you connect with nature or at least with the moment that is right there.

You clicking pictures of something helps you see the details that you were not able to focus on, before, because obviously, you were not looking at the things from that particular perspective.

You can also go on a photo shoot with a friend of yours. This part of the photography is very attractive too because if you guys know how to click good pictures then you are going to end up getting some great shots that you can upload and get great compliments. Cool, isn’t it?

So its a win-win in both the situations.

13: Fixing stuff.

Fixing stuff.

Guys who know how to fix stuff are 10x more attractive than all the other blank-standing dudes who keep standing looking for someone to fix things for them.

Be it a flat tire, or any other problem that might arrive. Look, we all end up getting into the situation. And we don’t know most of the time when we are going to end up getting into a problem. So the best possible way is to try and learn solutions to most of the problems.

Learn how to fix a flat tire, some basic sanitary work, plumbing knowledge is cool too, and another home-based fixation is also on the list.

So yeah, if you do all these things as a hobby then you, my friend, are going to bring comfort in your life as well as in other people’s lives as well and whoever brings comfort in someone’s life, is considered very attractive!

14: Learning about money.

The next one on the list of Hobbies that make men attractive/manly & attractive hobbies for men/Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive is, “learning about money”.

How many of you guys know about the money?

Yeah, we all know how it looks and all but are you sure that you have all the information that you need to know about the money? I am sure you do not have it because you had that information, you would never sitting depressed close to the month-end.

Managing your money is very important no matter how much you earn. If you do not know how money operates you will not be able to keep the money, plus you will never be able to know what it really takes to become rich!

If your hobby is to learn about money, wealth, and how a man can improve his wealth with every day passed, then you are obviously 100x more attractive than all the other dudes out there who are sitting and crying because they have no money left in their pockets and they still have to wait for 10 more days before they get their next month’s salary.

15: Random discussion podcast.

Last but not the least, probably one on the newest one in the list of Hobbies that make men attractive/manly & attractive hobbies for men/Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive is, “starting a random discussion podcast”.

You can start it with a friend of yours or alone too. What should be the topic? Literally anything.

How is that going to make you attractive?

  • As every day passed, you are going to learn how to say things that you want to say, in the best way, using the best words possible.
  • You are going to do research on the topic, and that will improve your intellectual points.
  • Your podcast can slowly start getting traction, and you might end up making a good amount of money!

So its again a win-win situation.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what is your take on this list of “Hobbies that make men attractive/manly & attractive hobbies for men/Hobbies that are Proven to make men 10x Attractive”? I want to hear from you, your suggestions, comments, feedback, etc, so hit me up on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will come back to you ASAP,


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