15 Hobbies that Make Men Unattractive and Hard to be Around

Gentlemen! I hope you all are Doing Good. So you have been working out a lot lately, Your Skincare game has also been Up and let’s be honest here My friend, the results are pretty prominent. Hey! Wanna know some special tips and tricks to grow your hair fast? Check one of my recent articles on this topic, entitled, 13 Tips to grow your hair out faster while you are stuck at Home. With that being said, have you thought about having a Hobby? What? Do you already have one? That’s great! I am not pinpointing you but there are a few hobbies that are classified as “Unattractive Hobbies”.

I am sure your Hobby is not on the list. But are you curious to know about some of the hobbies that may end up making you an unattractive person, somebody who people want to stay away from? Do you want to know about a list of Unattractive hobbies that make you hard to be around? If yes then Stay tuned because today it’s all about Negative Hobbies/Habits that Put a Scar on your reputation.

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Let’s Put Everything Aside and without wasting any more time, get right into the topic of the day, “15 Hobbies that Make Men Unattractive and Hard to be Around”.

Geek Culture

It is obvious from the Name itself that I am talking about the Craze that some Guys have, the attachment to its extreme level with Video Games, Anime characters, and the entire Japanese culture.

Look, I am Not against Anime Culture and this Whole Japanese thing at all. I have grown up watching the Same Cartoon and Anime Series that Most of You Guys watched in your teens. But guess what? Some Guys are just not able to get over it.

And they end up dressing like one of those characters, they read anime stories all the time and the topic of their discussion mostly is Why they Love Anime and why everyone should too. In short, their dressing, Personality, and almost the entire lifestyle revolves around Geek Culture.

Is that unattractive? Guys, always remember that anything done at a moderate level is Ok (except for Fitness and Style, in my opinion). And when you start going beyond the Limits, that’s when things start to take a negative turn.

I mean, Look at Yourself, you are one grown-up adult who is an idol of every other guy in the room but when people come to know you as a person all they get is Anime talk and your theory of Why Goku is the best superhero of All-time? Nah! You can definitely do way better than this.

Is being so into the Geek Culture among one of the most unattractive Hobbies? Yes! (According to your brother’s and a lot of other People’s opinion which I found out while I was researching on this topic on Reddit)

Social Obsession

Well, I hate to call it “Social Obsession” because, in reality, Social obsession is a good thing. It includes going out and wanting to be around people, helps in making links and networking comes as a gift with it. But in this Modern era, Social obsession is all about putting every single bit of your life, on the Social media.

And when a guy just can’t eat without posting a picture of his meal, can’t wear clothes without wanting to post his #ootd and cant starts a Day without posting his #wokeuplikethis selfie then that’s what’s called the new “Social Obsession”.

I’ve talked about it in one of my recent articles as well (14 Things Men do That Make them Look Feminine) and here again I couldn’t resist this one in the list of “unattractive hobbies” because it makes You so Fake of a person.

I mean, Of course, you are not a Fake person and I am sorry if the word “Fake” sounded a bit harsh but Things can get very irritating if you cross the boundaries. Suppose that a friend of yours never lets all of you eat before taking a picture of the food and he is all about posting pictures and stuff like that. Would you not get irritated by him? So yeah, I want you all to live the moment and do not pick this Hobby of Being on Social media all the time as it can stop you from enjoying the moments in your life that you might not again. So choose wisely.

Watching TV

Watching TV

This is the Era of Content Control. You get to watch what matters to you. One should be watching content that is valuable to him and adds something to his already existing situation. It could be making you happy, Emotional, Terrified, or Motivated and the most important one, Teaches You to do something Productive.

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What happens is that when you are spending your entire day watching TV, you get the least control over the content, sure you can set a timer for when your favorite show is going to get aired but guess what? You are not the one who is in control and You got to fluctuate your routine to consume that content.

I included this among the list of unattractive hobbies because it takes control away from you plus in this era of content on the Go, you been wanting to watch Television all day long is Kinda outdated. And to be very honest you can Now get much better content on YouTube than what You watch on your TV. So basically you are spending extra bucks to look unattractive only.

Car Obsession

Alright, if you are living in an area where the obsession with cars, its accessories, and specs is the coolest thing to do then Great! You are Ok to pursue your Hobby of Crushing over different cars and loving their Petrol smell.

But if you are in a typical society, around perfectly moderate People, spending their Life in moderation then I must say, your car obsession may lead to you being called a “Freak”.

I know that I might be wrong here and maybe it’s cool to talk about cars all the time, wanting to smell the petrol and hear the ignition sound but guess what? This hobby can get quite expensive. How? Let me explain.

So you have this obsession with sports cars or maybe you want to modify your car to its extreme. Well, that’s cool but What about the money that goes into all of this? Accessories, paint, extra silencers, Tattoos, and all? How about spending all of this money into something productive? Like maybe to invest in yourself or to purchase something that might guarantee you a secure future?

I know that I am sounding like an Old school Mother to you but it is what it is. Being a collector of no matter what it is, sucks! You’ve made your money? Have lots and lots of cash come in? Then you can do whatever you want. But before that, it’s useless and no doubt one of the most unattractive hobbies to pursue.

Know it All

I don’t know about a lot of things. In fact, I am not sure how much I know about Men’s Fashion and style. All I can say is that I’ve been making a couple of mistakes and that has taught me a bunch of things that You guys see me talking about on this Blog.

I am not an expert by any means and I don’t care who You, I suggest you guys be the same in whatever your field is. Guys! We all are in a constant stage of learning. This does not mean that You do not have to debate in a discussion and speak up on the topic You are sure you know about.

It’s just Like, your tone should always be of an “acceptor”. Like, You should accept if you receive a strong argument from the other person. What makes you unattractive at the Moment is when You start arguing even though you know you are being.

Or when You try to be “Mr. Know it All” when You do not even know a bit about that thing. How is that a Hobby? A hobby is something You Love to do. And guess what? There are these people always trying to prove that they are right in every situation and that they know everything about every single topic.

They will pretend to be Pros no matter what the topic of discussion is and that’s super unattractive. They believe that If they will come out as somebody who does not know much about the topic then everybody will think of them as Noobs. Whereas the reality is opposite to that. And Yes My friend, it’s better and super attractive to be a learner where you don’t know about the thing than to act as “Mr. Know it all”

Thinking too Much

Over thinking

Thinking too much about anything is wrong and may lead to depression. And why thinking when You can experience? I mean, I get it that one should do the proper research before getting into something or making a choice but when you try to be 100% accurate then Things start to go onto the negative side.

You being a person start getting difficult to be around. As you are never Ok with anything. You see fault in every option and it annoys those who are around you. You do not want that. Right?

Other than that, when your habit of overheating gets out of your control then it starts affecting your brain and you start to become a Slave of it. What are the results of that? Anxiety, Brain damage, and Stress for sure. And you may never be able to think about things in a normal way, ever again in your life.

Sounds terrifying. Right? And I am sure you don’t want to be one of them. So why Not stopping yourself early on from getting into it and becoming a better, more friendly Human Being, who everybody wants to be around?

What is Your Hobby? Girls!

So You Love to be around girls. Ahan? You love talking to them, thinking about them. You even wait for them to come in the Lobby as you want to stalk them. You’ve tried talking to them but most of the time You’ve been called a “Creep”. You don’t know why they think of you Like that. Right?

Hey Billy! I get it. I know that You talk about girls all the time with your friends too and they all do the same. It has just become a thing in your Group. Don’t worry. I’ve been there and I get where you are coming from.

Guess what? When You are always thinking about a thing, the chances of that thing getting attracted to you and consider you a Candidate to be around decreases. It’s just how the world works. The reason behind, in my opinion, is that our desperation leads us to do things that make us look super needy which is very unattractive.

I mean, just Look at Yourself. You are one handsome stud and you are wasting time talking about girls all day long? All of this will happen soon, I promise. You should be focusing on being a better version of yourself, financially, physically, and mentally and Trust me that’s the only thing that will make you attractive. Stalking Girls, Thinking and talking about girls all the time is no doubt one of the most unattractive hobbies you can ever have. Being called a “Creep” or a “Playboy” is not a cool thing brother.

Being a Boss

Gentlemen! What comes in your mind when I say “Being a Boss” or “Like a Boss”. Is it dressing up Like a Badass and Looking Sexy, or trying to make others do something by manipulating them with Mind or by force?

Make Your Guys Because if you choose to go with the Later one then You are sick and need days in the hospital. I mean, Being a Boss is all about commanding respect by being respectful and coming out as the best dressed Man to Look presentable and inspire others to look better too. It has nothing to do with crushing those who are weak.

There are a few people who love to use somebody’s weakness or recessiveness to make them do things that they otherwise won’t wanna do. It for sure is a form of Bullying that is Not going to leave its effects from that person’s mind sooner. And for sure it is one of the ugliest and super unattractive hobbies, in case somebody has it.

Anything But Food

Eating unhealthy food

So the Title of this One clearly shows that it has something to do with Food. But what is it? What is it that makes a super attractive thing Like Food, indulge in making one of the most unattractive hobbies?

It’s your reasoning to eat the food where it isn’t necessary. Alright. So You have your cheat day planned? That’s great! Everybody should have One and There are no ifs and buts on the day but things start to go off the track when You look for the occasions to eat Junk food.

The weather is great. It’s raining. Why Not Make some Pakoras and Samosas as a such beautiful like the one at the moment comes seldom. Right? Today the weather is Bad. Why Not ordering something unhealthy as it will overcome the bad weather depression. Right? Today I am about to go out and when You Are out there is No cheat day whatsoever. There is always a cheat day when You are out. Right?

Ahh! Come on. You do not deserve to be on in the List of attractive dudes. I mean, just Look at Ahmed on the other side. He Seldom breaks the rules, he eats unhealthy only when it is his cheat day and He tries his best to stick to that. He is the real deal when it comes to stylish Uber attractive persona.

And Look what You are doing. Will, it does not make you fat unattractive dude? It will! Will, it does not make you an undisciplined Gentleman who can’t control himself when it comes to food? It will. And that right there is why I believe This Hobby of wanting to insert a New cheat day is super unattractive.

Reality TV shows and its Aftereffects

“Have you heard about that new scandal in the house?” “Both of the dudes are being fake just to win the prize”. “Let’s see what happens next. I am so Hooked”

Oh, come On! They’ve made that show in such a way that it manages to hook you Up and You are always Like, “what happens next?” And that makes you keep on watching it over and over again.

They won the prize, they lost it or won it. What did you get out of it? Fake expressions and ugly lessons on How to betray and make an issue out of Nothing? I don’t think so that it will ever come in handy to you.

You could have instead used that time in doing something that would’ve stayed with you for a lifetime. I am not stopping from getting entertained But if entertainment for you is to watch reality TV shows and then talking about it the whole day with your friends then Congratulations! You have got one of the most unattractive hobbies in your Inventory bag.

Content Consumption

And that leads me to what is most related to reality TV shows and talking about that all day long, its “Consuming content only”. I mean, it’s cool to watch stuff that is entertaining or knowledgeable but guess what? If you Are watching content all day long or reading articles all day long then sure you may be learning but what is learning without practical?

You have been watching motivational videos all day long to get better. What happened? Did you get any better? Sure not. All that happened is, they got a new follower on board who is making them Money by consuming their content.

I hate saying this to You but this is super unattractive when You have tons of knowledge on a topic but “0” experience to back it up. It makes you so near one of those Know it all kinds which You already know is very unattractive.

So yeah, skip consuming content all the time and instead go make some practical experiences based on what You’ve learned so far. Now that’s what I am talking about.

Just 1 Style

Just 1 Style

Alright. This one is all about Trying to Look like a person or a gang or a culture. Do You want to look like British Men from the 1980’s? Well great. Why not? But things start to get a bit unattractive when You are constantly saying no to the change.

I mean, I am A Fan of not following the trends just because it is a trend but there is a borderline to everything. You can’t just stay attached to an era of Men’s fashion and Shut doors on the Face of change. It sucks and makes You wanna Look Like a Freak.

I don’t know why Do I have to tell you this thing again and again But it is what it is. You are one Heck of a Handsome Gentleman and just because of this weird obsession of yours with Emo culture or maybe With the rockstar culture or maybe an era from the past is damaging your potential to Look 10/10. Where on the other side all you had to was to put on a Sexy shirt, a pair of Properly tailored pants, sleeves folded, watch on, and that’s it. Sexiness 11/10.

And that’s the reason I believe, “sticking to one Type of Style” is one of those unattractive hobbies as they make You Look unattractive.

Sympathy? Its a Hobby too

So Guys, Do you always want to hear good things about you from people? Do you always find this need to get appreciation from people and other than that You do not want to do anything? are You an attention seeker? Are You the one who always needs somebody to cater to them and say that, “It is alright”?

Do You want people to perceive You as a victim and for that reason, You deserve all of the love in this entire universe? If the answer to all of these questions is “Yes” then congratulations! Gaining sympathy is one your hobbies.

You seek attention and sympathy of others and that’s what excites you and keeps you going. You think that’s attractive and what You are receiving is Pure love? No, it is Not. And even it is, what if they find out that You are faking it all? Sure you will lose people and that’s the reason it is one of the most unattractive hobbies/habits/traits that a man can ever have.

People Analysis

A Guy walks into the Room. You to your friend, “Look at Him. I guess he is one of those Old school dudes. He is a creep guaranteed!”. Your friend to You, “Look at His shoes, Lol! He looks Like he has style sense of the 60s”. You to your friend, “And His shirt. What is that? Look at the way he walks. Such a weirdo”.

Your friend to you, “His choice of colors of Such like my Father. Both of these sucks when it comes to style. Haha”. You to your friend, “He could have worn a better pair of shoes. Why would he wear those? And the color. White? Seriously!?”. Your friend to you, “I think he is a creep who is here to stalk girls just like the creeps do haha”. You to your friend, “I bet his breath stinks too and He masturbates every single day”. Your friend to you, “He must sound Like an idiot. I mean, look at Him. He can’t even grow a beard I think”. You to your friend, “No one will ever be friends with him”.

Great. You’ve done a phenomenal job in judging the shit out of that dude but what if your judgment is all wrong? What if he is the total opposite? What if he knows how to carry what he is wearing? Are you the one who makes rules in the style industry? Are style rules not made to be broken?

I want you to Skip this hobby of yours which is surely no doubt one of the most unattractive hobbies one can ever have. You have no right to conclude anybody without knowing them. It’s considered bad in every definition, culture, and community.

Following the Trend to Follow the League

Following a trend

And Last But not the least and certainly one of the most unattractive hobbies a Stylish Gentleman can ever have is the Following trends blindly. It makes you look like a Follower and even though there is nothing bad in being a follower if you are following something not knowing the actual potential of that thing and without analyzing its impact on your overall style then I am sorry to say but you, my friend, are being so unattractive.

There are a bunch of Hobbies to choose from that make you Look presentable and Super attractive, Like:

  • Karate

Well, it’s not about the karate, it’s about the physical training that comes with a strong mental power-boosting change that is not only gonna make you more powerful but will also give you the discipline that is required in almost every field of life. You wanna do something. Like, change your lifestyle or current financial state? Do you know what you need? Yes, you need motivation. Yes, you need guidelines and yes, you also need hard work but one thing that can not be replaced by any other thing, that is required more than 100% is “Discipline”. The ability to stay scheduled and follow what you think is right for you is what makes you powerful than anyone else in the room, all the time and that’s exactly what karate teaches you.

“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes”

Gautama B.

Guys, trust me, stuff like judo and karate are well known to make you a better person mentally and physically. It will change your life plus its a cool thing to talk about with your friends. “Hey John, I am the green belt in karate and my master asks me to do 5 rounds after the training”. Sounds cool, right? Yeah, and that’s something unique to tell others because not to judge but when other dudes will be like sleeping is my hobby, talking to my old friends is my hobby and you be like, doing karate is my hobby then Boom! Impression changed my guy.

  • Cooking

Guys, I know that there are people still out there who believe that cooking is for women only but trust me, those people are not more than losers. Alright, women cook. Great! But being a man and saying stuff like, “Women should cook only”, “Women are supposed to cook and take care of the house and its only thing that they should be doing” is a reflection of that particular person’s gross personality.

With that being said, this post is not about domestic rights and we shall talk about it some other post as today it is all about. Hobbies for men that make you look responsible and cooking is one of them.

Imagine, being able to cook for yourself. Do you know what people will think about you if you say that you love cooking? They will be like, “A dude is an independent man who knows how to cook and can cook food when due to some reason food is not cooked”. It gives that feeling of responsibility, that feeling of being skillful enough to tackle most of the situations when others are not available. So Yeah, If you are looking for a hobby that will keep you busy plus it also makes you look responsible then you should give cooking a try!

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And Still, you’ve selected for yourself this ugly habit of following a league just because everybody else is doing this. I want you to analyze every single style piece without adopting it as I don’t want you to Look like a fool when this new trend dies in about 3-4 months. You are one stylish dude? No! You are a follower. And you should quit being that ASAP. I’ve written an article on the Clothing items already. You need these only as Your essential clothing pieces and rest is just an add-on and optional thing to purchase.

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With that Being Said, I here conclude today’s article, “15 Hobbies that Make Men Unattractive and Hard to be Around”. So what’s your Take on this? And which one of these hobbies you think is the most unattractive among all of the above given? Do you have anything to add to the list? Do let me know your comments on the topic at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi) and I will get back to you soon my brother.


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