15 things Guys do that make them look Cheap and Low Value!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing Good. So in today’s article, we will talk about the differentiation between being cheap and being classy. We shall also discuss some of the things that make you look low value. These are the things that you need to avoid doing whatsoever.

But before going into the article and discussing the actual things that make you look cheap and low value, I want to clear out the definition of “Being a Low value and a cheap dude”.

Look, it isn’t about the money at all. Being cheap has more to do with your preferences and carelessness than with the amount of money that you have in your bank accounts.

You can most probably be super rich but you can be super cheap at the same point. So yeah, by the end of the day it is all about being classy or the other way around. In a nutshell, when I say “Cheap” I do not mean to call you “Poor” but “Not Classy” and “Low Value”.

Alright, so what is your opinion could be some of the things, guys do that make them look cheap and low value? There are plenty of things actually, and we are gonna cover the 15 most common ones from the list. So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the list now. Shall we?


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Things Guys do that make them look Cheap and Low Value!

  • Laughing at ugly jokes.
  • Wearing fake branded stuff.
  • Let’s talk about the collar.
  • Making friends on the basis of money.
  • Neglecting themselves for a girl.
  • Cracked phone cases, fingerprints on the stuff, etc.
  • Modifying cars, laptops, etc, is way too much.
  • Putting a finger in your nose and ears.
  • Talking too loud.
  • Shiny clothing.
  • Self appraising.
  • Not taking responsibility for your actions.
  • The stopped watch.
  • Not getting their car washed up.
  • Posting shitty and demotivating comments.

That’s pretty much it. Guys! Above given are the things that make you look cheap and low value. Let’s discuss each one of these in detail now. Shall we?

1: Laughing at ugly jokes.

Laughing at ugly jokes

Do you love to laugh at insulting jokes? Chances are that you can’t control your funny bone whenever something ugly is getting discussed…

Well, I hate to say this but laughing when somebody is getting bullied, and laughing at the ugliest swears, is one of the definite reasons why people think you are cheap and a low-value man.

Look, everybody has a right to laugh at whatever he thinks is funny but you were literally laughing at the jokes that made everyone feel awkward the other day. What makes you think that they are gonna welcome you after that?

I mean, ok, you are their good friend, but things that you laugh at say a lot about you. A dude who laughs at insults, and other stuff like that, is most likely to have crap in the back of his head. That’s messed up. No one wants to be around such a messed-up person.

2: Wearing fake branded stuff.

The next one in the list of Things Guys do that make them look Cheap and Low Value is, wearing fake branded stuff.

Ahh, come on. Are you for real? You are trying to boast about your wealth (that you do not have) by wearing this fake Rolex. Hah?

Guess what? They all know about your status by the way you walk, talk, and your clothes say a lot about you too and That’s completely alright! If you really want to improve your class level then you must work on clothing choices, and try to make them elegant and stuff like that.

But you instead are trying to fake your status which should never be done.

Guys! Don’t get me wrong here but anybody who wears the fake watch, these fake tracksuits, etc, they do no good for themselves.

Everybody knows that they are wearing fake branded stuff. Alright, let’s say you’ve managed to make everybody stupid. But it ain’t gonna stay there for long enough. The color is going to start peeling off, revealing your true self and then you will have nothing left with you but the embarrassment.

Hey! You must never consider yourself less than anyone on the basis of money and status. You can literally look 10/10 even if you do not have a lot of money. I had written an entire article on that. I definitely recommend you all to give it a quick read: 12 Tips for Guys to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget.

3: Let’s talk about the collar.

Your collar is really messing things up. I know that you’ve been trying to look dope AF recently. But you are not able to do so. Why? Have you ever thought about that?

Well, it isn’t about having less amount of money in your bank accounts but about the class that you are lacking. Details, it’s all about that, my friend.

Let me tell you something brother. If a dude wants to improve his facial appearance then he would have to focus on the details. His eyes, nose, lips, everything needs to be on point. He has to start by removing the blackheads, applying eye cream on the daily basis, exfoliating the lips, etc.

By doing all of these things, he will slowly but gradually get closer to looking 10/10 when we are talking about facial attractiveness.

The same is the case here my friend. You need to start focusing on the details. One of the details that really matter when it comes to the class, is the collar detail. Is your collar all messed up looking wrinkled, or is it looking ironed up?

The former one makes you look cheap and low value but on the other, if your collar is properly ironed, straight, and sleek, then you, my friend, look high value and super dope.

4: Making friends on the basis of money.

Making friends on the basis of money.

Let me clear out one thing first. Their is nothing bad in being friends with successful people.

But wait a minute. You do that all the time. You are always interested in being friends with rich people only. Being around poor people or those who are struggling at the moment is sort of a “Not going to happen” situation for you.

I know why you are doing this. You stay around rich people because you also want to be called one of them. You want to fake your identity to be one of them.

But things do not work like that. Come on! Don’t you have any self-respect left in you? You are literally willing to bear the insults that they throw at you, and why are you bearing all of this? Just to stay around them. Hmm.

Well, your choices are very wrong. Being around competitive people, and growing together is the key. Ok, being around successful people to learn and to actually get better in life, while being mindful is also a great idea. But if the only purpose that you have in mind is to get called a rich dude then you are most definitely going to get nothing but the negatives out of the situation only.

5: Neglecting themselves for a girl.

This is a real problem, and it for sure is one of the ugliest things guys do that make them look cheap and low value.

Hey, I am talking about the things that guys end up doing for a girl.

I’ve seen men giving up their entire life just because their girl wants things to go that way. You, my friend, have literally quitted everything that you once loved doing and could not live without, just to stay with this girl.

Why is that so?

Has she changed herself? Alright, maybe a little bit, but look at yourself. You’ve stopped going to the gym, and you are not taking care of yourself anymore. Why? I don’t want to wear the lame excuses from your side.

This thing needs to change Mr. Cheap. You need to make sure that you are keeping your values and preferences intact.

6: Cracked phone cases, fingerprints on the stuff, etc.

Did someone say cracked phone cases, fingerprints on top of the things? Well, Yes sir, looks like we have a candidate who does that.

It’s you. Right? Or maybe it isn’t you. But we all most probably know this such dude who does that. His sunglasses always has these fingerprints and his phone case is literally always broken.

Is he broke? Nah, he isn’t. But yeah, he is definitely broke when it comes to the class. Having fingerprints all around, and these blurry phone cases make you look cheap and low value. Again, it’s all about carelessness and not caring about the things that we have.

Plus it has a lot to do with your hygiene preferences as well. Like, I am pretty sure that having the particles of gravy, the food that you had eaten in the morning, should not exist on your smartphone but it is there, shining bright like anything. Well, what could be cheaper than that? Every move counts my friend. You need to start taking these short little things seriously because they all add up and they collectively play a huge role in making your portfolio, quite negative.

7: Modifying cars, laptops, etc, is way too much.

Modifying cars, laptops, etc, is way too much.

The next one in the list of Things Guys do that make them look Cheap and Low Value is to modify your car, phone, etc.

It is completely alright to throw on a funky cellphone cover. But things start getting really edgy when you go all in. I am talking about going to the extreme, taking the theme to the ultimate extreme.

  • Modifying the back of your laptop makes you look childish. Right?
  • Cars… They look great. Right? But yours look a bit different. It has plenty of stickers on top of it. And all that modification… It looks cheap and childish (in my opinion).

So yeah dude. In my opinion, modifying your stuff to a whole another level might attract a specific audience and they might clap at your achievement but it ain’t a classy move according to the general public.

8: Putting finger in your nose and ears.

Stop putting your finger in your nose and the ears. It makes you look cheap and untidy.

Look, let me tell you something. This habit of yours, putting a finger in, it’s just so annoying. Like, imagine yawning openly, sneezing super loud, putting a finger in your nose and the ears, all of these things make you look cheap and low value.

These things make you look like a person who has no etiquette and manners. A man without etiquette can’t be a high-value man, no matter what.

No matter how rich you are, if you don’t have the basic etiquette awareness and if you do not know how to stay poised and elegant then, needless to say, every effort of yours (to stay classy and elegant) goes in vain.

9: Talking too loud.

Who wants to be around a guy who speaks too loud? Imagine being somebody who speaks loud even when it isn’t needed.

Like, a group of people is talking to each other and then this dude enters and everyone starts ignoring him. Why are doing this? Because they are so fed up due to this dude’s habit of talking loud and not controlling himself and his expressions.

This dude literally sits wide open, talks loud, laughs with his full force, etc. What would you call such a dude? I am sure it ain’t elegant at all. Oh, did someone says cheap? You got it right buddy. That’s exactly what I believe “cheap” is.

This dude with no basic talking manners is nothing less than a cheap and low-value man who needs a little schooling. Guys! All of you need to start taking care of the way you present yourself because at the end of the day, the way you present yourself says a lot about you and your class level.

10: Shiny clothing.

Shiny clothing.

Ahh.. Please. Let’s talk about the clothing version of the modified cars now. Shall we?

Alright, so street style and wearing cool colors is one thing but then comes these dudes who literally cross a line thinking that doing that makes them look different and classy. Nah, they look cheap instead.

Bruh, you are literally wearing golden collared sneakers along with shiny pants and a super oversized shirt. Why is that so? I am pretty sure that you are doing it on purpose.

Those patches on your jeans, the different sayings on your t-shirt, it is definitely making you look 50% less classy. And sooner or later you are going to be placed on the list of cheap and low-value men.

I am no one to judge though. You have the complete right to wear whatever that you want to wear but at the end of the day as a brother, I would definitely recommend you all to try staying at the subtle (funky and cool is ok) side of the spectrum as that will be the classiest thing you will do for yourself.

11: Self appraising.

No matter what the topic is, if you always end up finding a way to appraise your own self and shift the conversation towards yourself then let me tell you something, and unfortunately, it’s bad news in the house today Ali but… “You are being insecure”.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times that, you don’t have to keep praising yourself. Continuously mentioning your achievements isn’t going to make you shine in front of them. Instead, it will make you look like some dude who is seeking attention from everybody.

Are you desperate for attention? Even if you say “No”, your actions shout “Yes”.

That day, everyone was talking about this topic generally and suddenly you started shifting the conversation towards you and how took over the situation, blah, blah, blah. Nah! Please stop talking about yourself only. Why? Because it makes you look cheap and low value.

12: Not taking responsibility for your actions.

The next one on the list of Things Guys do that make them look Cheap and Low Value is to avoid taking responsibility for your actions.

So you made this mistake. What now? If you were a cheap dude then would start blaming others for your mistake and start trying to find ways to make yourself blame-free.

So, where were we? Yes, tell me now. What will you do if you end up making a mistake?

Well, there is always a way to put your stance on the table. But running away from your responsibilities is never a feasible option. You can’t ever run away from your responsibilities. You either accept it and try to improve or you avoid those which end up making you look bad, cheap, low value, and immature.

So which side are you on? Do you want to own your stuff and be responsible like every other classy dude or do you want to be the cheap one instead and run away from your responsibilities?

The Choice is all yours.

13: The stopped watch.

The stopped watch.

This stopped watch of yours says a lot about you. I know, that this is an antique piece and its beauty comes from the way it looks. You are again not taking responsibility for your actions and just making lame excuses to hide your flaws.

Guys! Whatever it is that you have, you got to make sure that it stays intact. Put the batteries in it, my dude. Why you don’t do that? Ok, so you are lazy enough, hah? Come on. Guess what? Wearing a watch with no batteries makes you look cheap and low value. It is just something that careless cheap dudes do. Their things are never properly managed.

Again, it isn’t about the money that you have in your bank account but your preferences and choices that make you look either cheap or high value.

Wearing a watch that is stopped clearly shows that you don’t take care of your stuff, something that a high-value man would never do. A high-value man always takes pride in whatever he has and he takes care of his stuff to the fullest.

14: Not getting their car washed up.

Hey lazy boy, I’ve got another thing on the list. Your friends just told me that you aren’t taking your car to the wash station either. But why is that so?

Why aren’t you getting your beauty cleaned up? It makes no sense to me, my guy. Like, you can literally just take your car to the wash station and it will look 10/10, definitely amplifying your style game but Nah, You instead believe that it’s all about your own personal style, and thats it.

Nah! That’s cheap. Having that mindset is super cheap. Everything that you have with you speaks out loud about who you really are. A person who takes care of his stuff takes his car to the wash station, etc, is definitely the one who is the classiest of them all.

15: Posting shitty and demotivating comments.

Last but definitely not least, in the list of Things Guys do that make them look Cheap and Low Value, we have “Posting shitty and demotivating comments”.

It is what it is. The shitty comments that you are posting on their social media show a lot about you.

Alright, so let’s say you are following this dude who you thought was really classy. But one day while scrolling through the social media you found out this dude’s comment he posted not long ago. That comment was really insulting and vulgar. Chances are that it was related to his humor or something.

But whatever it was, it wasn’t pleasant at all. What will you think about that dude after seeing that ugly and hateful comment? It definitely changed your perspective about him. Right?

That’s exactly what’s going to happen when you are going to do such a thing. Ok, if you do not agree with someone’s perspectives, simply block them. Please stop posting shitty comments under their posts. I don’t want you to Mr. Hater!

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of Things Guys do that make them look Cheap and Low Value? Do let me know about your thoughts, comments, and suggestions over on my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will come back to you ASAP,


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