15 Things Men should Never Apologize for (or feel ashamed of)

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing good. In today’s article, we will talk about some uncomfortable moments (so-called). We are going to discuss things men should never apologize for or feel ashamed of.

Not apologizing for this list of things is going to help you regain your inner strength and it is definitely going to make you a better, more powerful person!

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With that being said, let’s get straight into the list of things men should never apologize for/things guys should never say sorry for/things men should be ashamed of. Shall we?

Things men should never apologize for/Things guys should never say sorry for/Things men should be ashamed of

  • Having a different opinion (and expressing it in public).
  • Leaving a person or a group of friends.
  • Taking care of yourself.
  • Not being relatable.
  • Choosing healthy food options ALL THE TIME!
  • Prioritizing yourself.
  • Picking up better habits & outgrowing your friends.
  • Following your dreams.
  • Staying alone.
  • Spending a HANDSOME amount of budget on yourself.
  • Not meeting their expectations.
  • Taking a well-deserving break.
  • Saying no when you need to.
  • Asking for help.
  • Not responding quickly (text messages & emails).

That’s it boys. These are the items that we will be talking about in today’s article…

Alright, then, let’s hop straight into each one of these to discuss them in detail now. Shall we?

1: Having a different opinion (and expressing it in public).

Having a different opinion (and expressing it in public).

Everybody has his “Point of view” regarding what’s going on. Maybe you are studying this topic related to social sciences and there you get to see a concept. You study it and then you build up your point of view on that particular topic. Nice.

But what if you have a different opinion than most of the people in the room? It could be about that same exact social sciences topic or maybe something else is under observation this time.

Alright, so what are you going to do about it? Are you going to change your point of view just because most people in the room have a different opinion than yours or are you going to continue believing in your point of view, and then express it in front of the classroom?

Doing the latter thing and then not apologizing for it, is something that I would recommend each one of you to do. Why? Because doing that is going to take your self-confidence to a whole new level.

Everybody has a right to have their own unique opinion about things and expressing that opinion isn’t a crime too. In fact, you are doing something that requires a lot of courage! Imagine being somebody who is putting forth a whole new dimension of this particular issue when everybody else has a totally different point of view. A lot of courage is needed, boy! Congratulations on having this much courage but why are you going to say sorry for that?

Be happy instead… Tap your back and say… “You are the MAN!”.

2: Leaving a person or a group of friends.

I’ve talked about the importance of a company more than a million times on this blog. Reason? The importance of your surroundings in shaping your behaviors and attitude.

Some words from my previous articles related to the importance of company:

Bad Company #1

Let’s say you are friends with Ali, Ahmed, and Joshua. Alright. But guess what? All three of these are super lazy and they do not want to grow no matter what.

Plus, they will stop you as well if you ever thought about growing or becoming a better person. Yeah, thats how they are.

  • They do not appreciate any innovative ideas – In fact they laugh at creative stuff.
  • No goals, no objectives – Call them Slobs because it sits perfectly with their character.

This kind of surroundings is going to keep you lazy and unsuccessful for sure! I mean, they are not going to do anything big in their lives, and such kind of influence will stop you from doing anything big. In short, you will stay the same – Young, Dumb, and Broke.

Bad Company #2

Let’s say you are friends with these 3 dudes named, Bilal, Hamza, and Ahmed. All three of these are a total show-off!

They will buy the fake items (copy of the original brand) and then show them off as if they are the king of the world.

These dudes judge people on the basis of their monetary condition. Goals, ambition, and knowledge? Hmm… They never think about that while making friends.

These people are Fake and they can leave you at any point in time. Creating a Fake image of yourself (more on that later) is something that destroys your life and if you are friends with such people, you will definitely pick this thing up from them and implement it in your life as well.

DESTRUCTION! That’s what ahead of you. Stay away from such kinds of people if you don’t want that to happen.

Your Company Decides your Level of Confidence aka how you are going to feel about yourself

Guys! I know that you have promised yourself that you will do the following things:

  • Imagine yourself there
  • Forgive your past
  • Go Out there and Do It
  • Ignore your thoughts and outside environment

But what if I told you that the people who are close to you are one of the main factors involved in you, not becoming self-confident?

Imagine talking to your friends every single day about it. And Nah! You thought they were supporting you? They are not.

Imagine them being one of those who laugh at you. Imagine one of those who think that what you are doing is really stupid.

Guess what? If you have such kind of people close to you, your chances of getting on the top and becoming self-confident are very low!

The thing is people who surround us and stay close to us, kinda determine what our future is going to be. You can’t be a successful person being with those who think that every successful person is a gonna go to Hell.

Good Company = Successful Year, Bad Company = Worst Year

I’ve been talking about this a lot lately. And the reason behind this is the impact that this one thing can have on both your present and future. Let me explain.

So.. you usually hang out with Ali and Bilal. Cool. But are they really worth it? I mean, I have seen both of them doing drugs and being suck a non-serious person all the time.

Look! I am not against “non-serious behavior”. In fact, I’ve witnessed men who were really non-serious, achieving a lot in their life. I understand thats something that’s a part of someone’s nature.

But guess what? You need to get serious as well, at times. You just can’t expect to stay non-serious and then expect life to do wonders. All you get is what you work for.

And even if that isn’t a concern, still, these 2 guys are very spoiled. It’s kind of toxic as they won’t do anything that’s positive.

Here’s one on Toxicity as well: 15 Genius Tips to Deal with Toxic People that are Part of your Life.

Leave them ASAP!

Let’s say you have this group of friends who are stopping you from growing. They laugh at you whenever you are trying to do something productive, they do drugs and kinda influence you to do the same thing…

But you can’t handle it anymore. You want to quit doing all of these stupid things. In fact, you’ve been trying to change them as well. But they are not even willing to move a pebble on your recommendation.

Hmm… What can we do about it? Leave them.

Yeah! Look, they don’t want to grow and they don’t let you grow as well. Right? Your ideas aren’t appreciated here and the same goes for your existence as well. Then why you a part of this group? To get destroyed one day?

I really don’t want that to happen to you. Just quit! Leave them because they don’t deserve a gem like you.

Wait a minute! So now you are going to apologize for leaving them? Oh, come on my friend. You don’t have to apologize… I mean, you did what you needed to and on top of all, you did what was right. You don’t have to apologize for that!

3: Taking care of yourself.

The next one in the list of things men should never apologize for/Things guys should never say sorry for/Things men should be ashamed of is “Take care of yourself”.

Men need to understand that taking care of themselves is a must. Ok, I know that you’ve been told that men don’t need to do that much to their looks, staying raw is sexy when it comes to masculine beauty, blah, blah, blah!

In reality, it is totally the opposite. Every man needs to start taking care of himself because he deserves that. Guys like you have been busting their a&& off to have a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

And even if you are not working hard on your goals, still, you are a king and a king deserves to look great all the time. In order to look great, you got to do a bunch of things.

That include:

  • Dressing sharply.
  • Taking care of your skin.
  • Loving your hair and taking care of it.
  • Working on improving your dressing sense.
  • And the list goes on…

Never apologize for looking sharp!

Let’s say you have finally understood the importance of all of these things. Now what? Hey! You are feeling ashamed? You are feeling less confident because you are the best-dressed guy in the room? Oh, come on now! Why are you being so difficult now? I mean, you have been doing a great job, my friend. You are crushing it when it comes to your looks… But after all of this struggle you are thinking of ruining your hustle by saying sorry and kind of accepting what they said about you?

They always say stuff like, “He is a stupid guy who is self-centered” and you being ashamed of this new version of yourself have proven them right.

Nah! It ain’t going to happen. You are never going to apologize for being sexy as heck, and for being on a whole new level of grooming.

4: Not being relatable.

Not being relatable.

Everybody has different humor. Chances are that you are not aware of what’s going in the world and for that reason, you aren’t that relatable.

But the big question is, “Is this that big of an issue?”

I am sure it isn’t but for you it definitely is.

Being relatable makes sense. Things get very easy when your vibe matches with your friends, when you are relatable, etc.

Again, the problem here is the lack of content up-gradation. You have been busy hustling and because of that, you were not able to catch up on all the things that were going on in the online world. The humor of the world has been changed a Little bit but relax. You don’t have to worry much about that.


Because this problem is solvable! All you need to do is to start learning. See what’s going on and try to mix it up with your current style of expressing. By doing that you are going to able to vibe with others yet again!

And please don’t apologize for not being relatable because at the end of the day, even if you are not willing to adapt to the new world, you are still going to find people to who you can relate. The world is super big. No?

Their is no fault of yours here and you don’t have to say sorry for anything. Understood?

5: Choosing healthy food options ALL THE TIME!

The next one in the list of things men should never apologize for/Things guys should never say sorry for/Things men should be ashamed of is “Choosing healthy food options ALL THE TIME!”.

Everybody talks about “eating healthy food” and following a healthy life plan. But at the end of the day, you are going to see them making a mess and going back to their regular junk food routines.

In between all such men, you are somebody who is strong enough to control his urges and eat healthy food only. 9/10 times you overpower your urges and thats a great thing.

But why are you sad though? Oh, so that incident made you sad. Right?

Your friend told me about that. Look, I am really sorry but you should not be sad about it. In fact, this is a moment of pride for you. I mean, the way your friends were pumping you to eat the junk food but you were continuously insisting on choosing to eat the healthy food instead… It was really remarkable!

You don’t have to feel sorry for that. Please don’t be ashamed of what you did that day. You did what the best of the best do.

And the same goes for that, “Come on! It’s just 1 cigarette”. Oh No. Don’t ever get into that trap. You are going to love that “one” cigarette and then you are going to end up having plenty every single day. Hair, skin, and the entire sexiness of yours is going to go down to level 0 because of that.

Don’t ever accept any offer from anybody even if their consistent offer is making you feel ashamed. Let them say whatever they are saying and stick to your principles. always remember that your decisions shape your future!

6: Prioritising yourself and your plans.

Guys! This can be a little uncomfortable for most of us but remember, that you are going to do that! And once you are done doing it, you will be so proud of yourself.

I am talking about prioritizing yourself and your plans over every other thing (given that you are not leaving somebody dieing).

Let’s say you had this plan, maybe this thing is part of your daily routine, could be going to the gym or some other thing that you had planned for yourself.

But suddenly this person gives you another “important” task. He wants you to do it right away. What should you do now?

First of all, you need to analyze the task, and if it can be delayed you should say it up straight on his face that.. “Sir! I have this important task lined up that I had to finish first and I will get back to this task of yours”.

Guys! It is perfectly fine to say sorry and to refuse to do the task as well because at the end of the day you don’t need to take responsibility for everybody’s tasks.

Prioritize yourself and your plans! Plus don’t feel ashamed for choosing yourself over others because that’s exactly what a real man would have done! And you did the perfect thing.

7: Picking up better habits & outgrowing your friends.

Picking up better habits & outgrowing your friends.
and cut your nails too

The next one in the list of things men should never apologize for/Things guys should never say sorry for/Things men should be ashamed of is “Picking up better habits & outgrowing your friends”.

Sometimes you don’t want to grow. Why? Because you don’t want to do anything different from what your homies are doing. Complex. isn’t it.

In Point Number #2 we’ve discussed the importance of saying goodbye to toxic people but what if you are not willing to outgrow your friends and become more successful than them because you don’t want your friendship to suffer or because you don’t want to see your friends less successful than yourself.

Look, this makes no sense. You can reach up to them and pitch the idea to them as well. Tell them everything that you are going to do to make yourself a better human being. And they are not kidding anymore, you feel me? They are hearing it all, and they are going to see you make a progress and I am sure they will follow along as well.

Don’t feel ashamed for picking up better habits and becoming an entirely new person (if that’s what’s needed).

8: Following your dreams.

The next one in the list of things men should never apologize for/Things guys should never say sorry for/Things men should be ashamed of is “Following your dreams”.

Guys! none of us should be ashamed of following his dreams. Chances are that you want to become an online entrepreneur. Maybe you want to show your talent on some video-oriented application. Go for it!

Oh. So everybody is against you, hah? Guess what, it is completely alright. After all, this is your life and you must live it on your terms.

People are going to say a lot of things related to your career, your passion, goals, etc. Trust me, boys! We have a ton of people, “so-called Mr. right” who will try to guide you, stopping you from pursuing your dream career. But you don’t need to listen to them. Nah, my boy! Let them say whatever they are saying and just follow your dreams.

Plus don’t say sorry or feel ashamed for following your dream career because at the end of the day, as I told you before as well, it is your life and you should live it on your terms only!

9: Staying alone.

So you are not hanging out with your friends lately. Hah? Don’t worry, it is perfectly fine.

Look, I understand that your friends will be thinking a lot of different things related to this decision of yours… Maybe they will be like, “He is being really awkward these days”.

You don’t have to give anybody any explanations. But wait, yes, since they are your good friends, you can let them know that you need a little break because your mind needs a little recovery time. You can say something like, “Hey! I just need a little alone time, I hope you guys won’t mind”.

That’s it. Please don’t apologize for a shit ton of times for being alone for a day. You can stay alone for even a month as well!

At the end of the day, it is your life gentlemen and you know your mental health better than all of them. For that reason, you need to make decisions based on what’s right for yourself, not caring too much about what others are going to say about your decision.

10: Spending a HANDSOME amount of budget on yourself.

Spending a HANDSOME amount of budget on yourself.

This handsome face of yours deserves those good quality products. The same is the case with your hair, and your body as well.

Guys! Nothing comes free. You need to understand that in order to take your looks to a whole new level, you got to spend money on yourself!

  • To buy better quality skincare (expensive isn’t best all the time but drug store skincare products aren’t the best quality so you need to level up).
  • For Better hair care products.
  • Shopping? Yes sir! Better clothes that fit you perfectly take your sexiness to a whole another level.
  • Bodycare counts as well. Buying a good quality body lotion, vaseline, shower gel. All these things matter a lot.
  • You need money to purchase a gym membership.

For all the above-given things and a few more, you need money to spend on. Great! So you are willing to spend the required amount of money on yourself but wait a minute. Why are you sad though? Do you feel ashamed for choosing to spend money on yourself?

Nah! Dude you need to be fully happy instead. Don’t apologize or feel ashamed for spending money to make yourself a better-looking person. Trust me, it is worth every penny!

11: Not meeting their expectations.

You are a very talented man, your work performance says the same.

But wait a minute… What’s wrong? Why are you looking so depressed?

Ohh… So you were working super hard and progressing as well. They raised their expectations, though that you are going to improve and perform the best each and every day… But this one day, you were super tired, your brain wasn’t working, so you decided to not put in enough effort.

It wasn’t your fault. Nobody is able to deliver their best every single day. Don’t be sad my brother. What if you weren’t able to meet up with their expectations? I know that you did all of this to continue hearing their positive remarks and now that they are silent (maybe they are a bit disappointed), you are feeling low and sad.

Don’t do that to yourself. Your mental health comes first and for that reason, you need to stay happy no matter what. You did your best and now that you are super tired, it is perfectly fine to deliver something that isn’t as perfect as you deliver on the regular basis.

12: Taking a well-deserving break.

Let’s say you have been making a lot of mistakes lately. Your performance levels aren’t what they were used to be.

Easy! What if I told you this isn’t your fault too. You need to take a break. A break that you deserve.

Your workload increased, but you said “Yes! I can do this”, your work area (things that you were working on) increased but you were perfectly fine with that too.

And now that your mind is stressed up, super tired, why aren’t you letting yourself relax for a couple of days? I am sure that you are going to come back stronger after this short break.

Stop thinking about comeback even. Just relax and please don’t apologize for taking a break. We all need downtime and that’s what you are choosing to do. Nothing special. Don’t say sorry for something that we all should do to stay sane.

13: Saying No where you need to.

Saying No whenever you need to.

The next one in the list of things men should never apologize for/Things guys should never say sorry for/Things men should be ashamed of is “Saying No whenever you need to”.

Look at me. You need to understand that you can’t keep saying Yes because you don’t want to hurt this person’s feelings or you don’t want to be tabled as a selfish person or maybe you don’t want the discomfort or that Adrenaline rush that happens inside you whenever you are about to say “No” or when you are just done saying “No”.

Start saying “No” instead. Trust me it is all in your head. Everyone has their boundaries and in order to make people aware of your boundaries, you need to say, “No” to their face. Yes, you should definitely choose to say it politely but please do not put too much into it. After all, you don’t want to come up as somebody who is making a mistake.

It ain’t a mistake sir. It is your right! Say no whenever you are getting uncomfortable.

14: Asking for Help

You were doing great but suddenly you got stuck. What should you do now? I don’t know, maybe ask for help or something?

That would be perfect idea!


You can’t ask for help?

But why?

Ohh. So you don’t want to come up as a “Beginner” or a “Newbie”. Well, guess what? This entire mindset of yours needs a makeover. It is perfectly fine to ask people for help when you are stuck because after all, nobody is perfect. Don’t say sorry and definitely do not feel ashamed for asking for help. You are just overthinking and theirs nothing wrong with taking somebody’s help.

15: Not responding quickly (text messages & emails).

Last but not least probably one of the most important one in this list of things men should never apologize for/Things guys should never say sorry for/Things men should be ashamed of is, “Not Responding Quickly to the text messages and emails.

Alright, so you were busy and for that reason, you were unable to reply to your friend Zain. Don’t worry, and please do not panic. Also do not start thinking about a perfect way of replaying him, apologizing, and making him forget this incident.

You were busy. Right? Just let him know that you were busy or if you can, then text him at the moment when he texted you, something like, “I am a bit, busy brother. Will catch up with you later” … What? So you think that he will get offended by that?

Don’t worry he won’t. He needs to understand that you are not sitting free all the time. You have tasks to complete and you need time for them.

Do not apologize for completing your really important tasks and not responding to your friend’s text right away who was asking you to come over for a Fifa match.

With that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of things men should never apologize for/Things guys should never say sorry for/Things men should be ashamed of? Do let me know your comments, suggestions, and recommendations over at my Instagram (@worldofnyazi). And I will come back to you ASAP,


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