15 Things that Make Men Look Immature (and annoying)

Bros, I hope you all are doing Good. So today we are about to talk about immaturity and the things that Make Men Look Immature.

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And for all my young brothers, I’ve written a separate on this same exact topic (Reasons why most young men are not taken seriously).

With that being said, Today is all about Immaturity and signs of an immature man. You need to fix this or else you will never be viewed as an attractive man, no matter what. I am sure everybody wants to look presentable and Attractive. For sure it’s a dream of every man to be called, “A High-Value Man” (17 Attractive Traits of a High-Value Man.

However, it becomes very hard for a man to be called such names if he has prominent signs of immaturity visible in his personality. But you need not worry about it anymore because your brother has done all the required research for you all.

And the conclusion of all of that research is these 15 things that I am about to share with you in just a second. Knowing these things, it will be easy for you to avoid them and when you will avoid these things, you will look mature and presentable.

So without any further ado, let’s hop straight into the signs of an immature man/things that make a man look immature. Shall we?

Things that Make a Man look immature / Signs of an immature man

  • Believing things just because you’ve heard it from somewhere
  • Being always ready to get into a fight
  • Always wanting to dress edgy (in reality it makes you look like a slob)
  • Holding on to things that aren’t meant to be yours
  • Having no goals, objectives, plans, or ambitions
  • Talking way too much
  • Not Understanding others
  • Complaining & Making Excuses
  • Saying Countless Stupid stuff when you are angry (Do something about it)
  • Staying attached to your thoughts and beliefs even after you are proved wrong logically
  • Making impulse decisions
  • Considering yourself way too big of a deal
  • Annoying others
  • Not understanding the power of Silence
  • Letting your past come in your way, again and again

And now that you are already aware of the list of things that make a man immature, let’s dig a little deeper into each of these. Let’s find out more about these things to have a clear idea of what not to do to look mature.

Gentlemen, today is all about, “15 Things that Make Men Look Immature (and annoying)”. So without any further ado, Shall we get started?

1: Believing & Sharing Things without doing any Research

Believing & Sharing Things without doing any Research

This is something that can damage someone’s image as well. Alright, let’s say you are told that Ali pays Ahmed $40 per assignment, to make him do the work for him. I know that this news might sound sort of breaking news to you. But Hey, Have you believed it already?

Guess what? Chances are that the person who told this news to you is lying. Hah? What if he is lying? Ok, let’s believe for a second that He is not lying. But what if somebody has told this news to your informer and he has believed it without doing any research?

He has done something very immature and you, my friend, are just about to do the same thing. And thats exactly what I want you to avoid.

Look, I don’t care what kind of information you are being told, unless and until you’ve done your research, you must not believe them, no matter what. Believing others without using your brain or doing any background check for yourself is an act of pure immaturity. Thats what children do. They listen to things and believe it as it is.

But you are a grown-up adult. And you need to prove this to the world, not by your words but by your actions.

And same is the case with sharing things as well. We often have partial information about things and instead of doing complete research, we share that partial data with others as well. After all, we all want to be a News channel or at least want to be called, “The Information Guy” or “Mr. Know it all”. Nah, Don’t do that because this is an act of immaturity.

2: Always ready to get into a Fight

Your Friend told me that you are always talking about the fights that you’ve been involved in. He told me that you always tell your stories that How you’ve beaten those Men who were trying to mess with you.

I literally have to say nothing to you because I don’t know about the situation. But I know one thing for sure, and it is that A Mature Man keeps fighting in the very last position (in his list of ways to solve a problem).

Look, you are definitely been taught that Fighting makes a Man look manly and brave (Things any Man can do to Look Masculine). But let me tell you one thing, this knowledge of yours is very outdated, at least for the current times.

Everybody is dealing with his problems. In fact, it is very hard for every single person to fight with his own sorrows, difficulties, and stress. And then comes people like you who instead of helping others, are always in the search for ways to start a fight.

I know that it’s hard for you to control when somebody messes with you for no reason. But guess what? There are 1 million other ways to deal with such kind of situation. Chances are that you are wrong. Have you ever thought about it like that? Fighting is not always (and will never be) the best choice, my friend. I Promise, things will sort out and nobody will mess with you if you will throw this urge to fight, out of your body.

3: You want to Dress Edgy (But the Results are Different)

You want to Dress Edgy (But the Results are Different)

Next in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man is “Dressing in a weird manner”.

I’ve seen Men trying to look different. And this need/want, I really respect that. But what these men are doing to look different, is not something that I am a big fan of.

They are literally wearing sheer tops and skirts. And Yes, the super oversized hoodies along with pants that have tons of prints on them, yes, thats what they call edgy.

Maybe I am too old for this generation, I don’t Know. Chances are that I don’t have the kind of eyes that appreciate Nail Paint on a Man’s Finger (alternate fingers, I guess). Whatever it is, but I believe that this kind of fashion or style is either too new for me, or it’s actually very weird. Immature? I guess, it makes you look very immature (in my opinion).

I understand that some very famous fashion publications have included almost all of these items in their “Latest & Hottest clothing items for Men”. Maybe, They have the eyes that appreciate such bold fashion on a Man’s Body.

But again, in my opinion, this sort of edgy fashion with an unlimited number of prints and such bold statement pieces is still a very immature thing for a man to do. I would call this immature. Why? Because you don’t look good wearing such items (in my opinion).

Plus you make yourself a symbol of laughter. Yes, I know that you have your gang and every member is doing the same exact thing But Guess what? They have named you, “The Immatures”. Ouch.

4: Holding on to things that are not meant to be yours

Next in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man is, “Holding on to the thing that is not meant to be yours”.

This Hurts. I understand that you’ve spent a lot of time building up this startup. You’ve been working your Ass off since 2015. And you’ve almost put your everything into it.

But unfortunately, the returns aren’t that amazing. You are still standing in the same position as you were in 2017. The amount of growth that you’ve seen after 1 year of hard work was great (for that time) but since then, things seem to look almost the exact same.

I understand that you are very attached to this business of yours. But is it really a business. The primary goal of a business is to make you happy but the secondary goal that is sitting just beside the primary goal is to give you profits. Look at me, will your business ever be profitable?

Disclaimer: Harsh Reality Ahead

You know the answer to this question but still, you are holding on to it. The rope is already torn apart but you still won’t let it go. It’s emotionally destroying you and yes, I am sorry to say, But it does make you look immature as well.

Mature Men think from their Brain. Yes, they get attached to things at times but they never let their emotions play with their brain or decision-making.

The same is the case with people as well. Often times certain people come into our lives and we get attached to a few of them. We don’t want them to go but sometimes situations don’t allow us to keep all of them (or any of them). Yes, it happens. What will you do about that? Will you try to hold them, even when situations don’t allow, or maybe even if they want to leave you?

This makes you look immature and childish. So Don’t do that. Just let it go. You will find a much better alternative very soon (be it a business or the person).

5: Having No Future Plans (Zero Ambitions)

Having No Future Plans (Zero Ambitions)

Next in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man is, “Having No Future Plans (Zero Ambitions)”.

I understand that you have this mentality of, “Will do something Great”. I respect your feelings but the world isn’t kind to everybody. You can’t just sit and quote examples of other people who started in their mind 30’s or late 20’s and Now they are millionaires.

You don’t know their situations and I am 100% sure that you don’t know about their capabilities and struggles as well. Chances are that they were struggling for a long time and it’s just that they never told anybody about that. And Even if they got lucky, why are you, my friend, testing your luck?

It’s very immature to put everything on your Luck. And this is also the case for those who do business and deals just on the basis of Luck. Doing your research and having the entire plan written down is very crucial, no matter what. It gives you an idea of where to start and where to end. Doing things blindly and leaving everything on the shoulders of luck is exactly what an immature man would do.

Start early instead. Have all of your options and plans written down. I don’t about your age but whatever it is, you can always start something. And then this something will grow bigger (given that you are putting in the required amount of time and work). Being a Handsome young man who is financially stable? Now, thats what’s really attractive!

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6: Talking too Much

Next in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man is, “Talking too Much”.

Alright, so you are the kind of guy who loves to talk. Yes, I know that you’ve been told that the more friendly you are, the better it is for you as it helps you make more friends.

With that being said, I want you to Picture a situation.

So you are sitting in a Lobby when a Guy enters into the Room. He sits on the chair in front of you. And He looks very calm, confident, and Polite. His friends came and although he is engaging You haven’t seen him being too talkative or loud. In short, he has proper control over his Voice, Tone and for sure he knows when to talk and when not to.

On the other hand, let’s say a guy enters and he is already very loud. He is with his friends, talking in a pitch that is changing with a second. His whole body is moving when he laughs. All of them settled on the chairs next to the one you are sitting in. And my God, that guy has not stopped even for a second. He is constantly talking, gossiping, etc. Some sentences make sense while others are just utter nonsense. Weird. Right?

Thats exactly what I am talking about. You must have a clear idea of what you are talking about. Yes your mood does affects your talking style and pitch but your maximum should also be attractive. I don’t want you to be the guy who is always talking, whether what he is talking, makes sense or not. Nah, thats not right Billy. In fact thats very immature. It shows that you need to grow up.

7: Not Understanding their perspective

Not Understanding their perspective

Look, I understand that what they have done is a complete mess. And they should not have done this. However, what If I told you that they have done what they should have done? Let me explain.

Sometimes there is no right or wrong in a situation. Ali delivered some other documents because he did his research and found that the one you asked him to deliver would not work that well. And for that reason, he decided to make this move.

But you, without even knowing his situation, are shouting at him. And that right there is a sign of immaturity.

You should instead focus on other people’s actions. Try to put your feet in their shoes, and then make a decision. Just as I told you before, not every time is the case when one is right and the other person is wrong. Sometimes we just have to think a little openly, to sort of seeing things from a different perspective. And that’s what mature men do.

8: Complaining and Making Excuses

Next in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man is, “Complaining and Making Lame Excuses”.

Let’s talk about Complaining First.

Alright, So your friends told me that you are always complaining about things. You couldn’t find a job because you believe that boss had someone else in his mind. Life is always cruel to you, etc, etc.

I’ve heard enough from your side. Change yourself, Please! This behavior of yours is very childish and immature. And this isn’t going to take you anywhere in life.

Ok, let me give you an action plan.

  • Whenever you feel like life isn’t being fair to you, Bounceback.
  • Try to show Life that you are not a weak competitor.
  • Work harder.
  • Learn as many skills as you can.
  • They have kicked you out due to… Nah, I am not hearing any “due to”. You need to improve.
  • Research, do the deep research but make sure that your research should not have any, “due to” in it.
  • Just focus on your own self. Put the blame of your loss, just on you. And then improve yourself, all of the things that could have helped you in securing that position.

You must keep telling yourself every single day that you won’t let anything bad happen to you. And what will you do about it? You will list down skills, etiquettes, things, etc, and then learn each of them. Improve, get yourself a solid skincare routine, Invest in yourself, grow. All of these things combined will make you, the Beast, the legend. And when you will be there, you will understand that:

Complaining is nothing but putting fake blames on others

Making Lame Excuses

Guess what? Making lame excuses is kind of linked to complaining in one way or the other. It’s the laziness that stops you from doing work. In Complaining, you are not ready (or maybe you are lazy) to accept your flaws and in “making lame excuses”, you just don’t want to work.

And for that reason, you try and think of stupid excuses. You become so lazy and immature that you can’t even think of a solid reason. It ends here.

Guys! I want you to grow up. Everything can be done. Got it? You can literally do any freaking thing and you just need the right amount of motivation and determination. Making lame excuses is what immature men do. Write it down in your notes.

9: Things you do when you are Angry

Things you do when you are Angry

Next in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man are “Things that you do when you are angry”.

We all get angry. It’s totally natural. But the things you do when you are angry to say a lot about your maturity level.

Ok, now I know that for some people it’s very hard to control their anger. But at the end of the day, do you want to apologize for every freaking stupid thing that you said to that other person when you were angry?

I am sure you don’t. But you have to apologize because I know that Most immature men say countless things to people when they are angry. Ok, so what is the best thing to do when you are angry? Try to stay silent or distance yourself from others for some time.

Try to control your anger and also try to limit saying stupid stuff when you are angry. Chances are that anger will either make say all the negative things that you had for that specific person in your heart or You will start abusing and bad stuff in general.

Both of these things are bad and will make it harder for you to correct what you’ve done wrong, afterward. So again, do what a mature person would do. Either stay silent or maintain some distance till you get normal.

And please don’t take your anger lightly. If you have some sort of extreme anger issues then the best option would be to consult somebody from the medical field who can help you get rid of this.

10: Staying Stiff Even when Someone explains Logically

A human being is a creature of thoughts and beliefs. I’ve discussed that earlier in the article as well that everyone has their own beliefs. And these beliefs help shape your character and personality.

That said, sometimes we are just not willing to change. Reason? You don’t know the reason for yourself as well. Maybe we are so comfortable in believing what we’ve been fed before.

Whatever the reason might be, but let me tell you one thing, this decision of yours (to stay stiff and not accept the change) makes you look very immature.

They have been telling you all the facts and your brain as well approves, But still, you don’t want to adapt to the change.

Guess what, this behavior of yours can harm you in many ways. It may make others believe that you are a Stupid person. Secondly, People will distant from you because no-one wants to spend time with an immature guy who never listens to others. And the list of harms goes on.

11: Making Impulse Decisions

Making Impulse Decisions

Next in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man is, “Making impulse decisions”.

This is the time of social media. You see ads promoting various stuff. Some of those things, you need, while others you can easily categorize as “wants”.

And even if there is something you see that you need, still you should not hit the purchase button right then and there. Look at other needs of yours and if this need is on the top priority then make the purchase, otherwise, wait.

Attractive ads and influencing marketing messages that you see on the internet are designed in a way to get you to take your wallet out and make a purchase right then and there. They want you to make impulse decisions. And thats exactly what immature men do.

Think Logically, put the marketing message aside, and see the product and its value that it will add to your life. Is the pricing budget-friendly for you? Is the product priced right compared to the need that it is going to fulfill?

Answer these questions and if the product passes all these phases then You should definitely hit that Purchase Button.

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12: Considering Yourself way too Big of a Deal

Next in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man is, “Excessive Pride”.

Always remember, there is always somebody who is greater than you, more handsome than you, and wiser than you.

And You must always try to stay down to earth. “But Nyazi you always told us to Stay Confident and Self-Sufficient”.

I know Brother and I am still recommending the same exact thing. But have I ever told you to bully somebody or consider someone inferior to yourself? You are on a journey of constant growth and development. Someone who himself is on a journey has no right to call somebody else, inferior or stuff similar to that.

Walk with your chest out, shoulders back and your arms should romance with the wind, so should your body. But at the end of the day, do keep in mind that you are doing this because you are a confident dude and Not because you are the most superior one around. Stay down to earth and thankful and you will be given even more.

Immature men often do such mistakes. After achieving one or two things, they are like, “Woah! Who are you? My Name is, XYZ” To hell with you and your name bro. Stay down to earth and we are brothers and you ever try to act smart, Always remember, You are nothing but a kid trying to fly higher than your wings allow you to. You are destined to fall billy 🙂

13: Annoying Others

Annoying Others

Next in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man is, “Annoying Others”.

We all know that one guy who is always teasing others. He thinks this is cool. And thats exactly what makes him viewed as a super immature guy.

And You also know that one guy who is always messing around in the class. One day he is making animal voices and the other day he is teasing other students just to disturb the class. The same goes for the meeting room and other similar areas as well.

What are you doing Aslam? You are a grown-up, good looking guy. These things don’t look good on you. Please stop all of this as you will end up ruining your entire persona, sexiness, and grace, just because of these stupid things that you do for fun. It ain’t fun. It’s getting annoying now.

14: Arguing with Immature People

Call them immature or Fools (let me explain first), but you should not argue with them.

The thing is, these people don’t want to change their thoughts no matter what.

“Immature men don’t want to change their opinion no matter how logically correct your point of view is”.

So Why are you trying to change them over and over again? Some people just won’t change. In fact, they make you come down to their level and then give lame explanations to the point where you give up. And this might make you question your own logically correct point of view.

Hence, you must stop arguing with such people as they are going to suck away all of your positive energy. The company makes a Man, and if you have a company that consists of such Men then I would recommend you to distant yourself ASAP. You know the reason already, Don’t you?

15: Letting your Past come in your way (Again and Again)

Letting your Past come in your way (Again and Again)

And last but not least in the list of things that Make Men Look Immature / signs of an immature man is “Letting your past interfere with your present and future”.

Having a dark past is Ok. I mean, I get your point and I know how it feels to have a bad history with something. Your business failed and every harsh memory from that incident is stored in your brain.

But should you let those bad memories interfere with your present, again and again? Chances are that you had a toxic relationship before. But should you let that one bad memory affect your current and future relationships? Definitely Not!

Why are you even calling it a Toxic Relationship? It was a lesson for you. And You should thank God for introducing you to people who you must stay away from.

Overthinking and connecting dots while attaching one dot of the present with one dot of your past is something that is going to stop you from growing. Thats what immature men do because they don’t think logically. They are stuck in the emotional corner of their brain, even after years passed.

And with that being said, I would like to conclude today’s article. So what are your thoughts about this list of things that Make Men Look Immature? Do let me know what you have to say, over at my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi).

Gentlemen, This was my take on, “15 Things that Make Men Look Immature (and annoying)”. And I will see you guys in another one,


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