15 Tips for Guys to Look Good in Photos in 2021 (Be More Photogenic)

Hey Guys! I Welcome you All to this Ultimate Guide. In this one, You are Going to Learn How to Look Good in Photos. This one is specially made for the Current Year. Look, You’ve Watching Videos on this Topic. “How to Be More Photogenic?” “What are Some of the Best Posing Techniques for Men?” “How Guys can Look Confident in Photos?”

I know that You’ve filled the search results with all these Searches. But Today you are gonna learn the Most Advanced Tips. I’ve written an article on this Topic before as well. That one had all the basics covered. You, My Friend, Need an Upgrade!

The Basics: 14 Golden Tips to Get Your Most Favourite Photo!

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You need a Blueprint of What exactly to Do to look good in Photos in 2021. Before Digging into the Article and Discussing the Golden Tips, I want you all to Let me Know about your Concerns. What is the One thing that Comes to your Mind while you are talking about Photos? I am talking about that Particular Thought of Mind which stops you from Feeling Comfortable.

What makes you feel that You will Not Look Good in photos? Look, This article is all about the tips to be more photogenic and Confident in Photos. However, every person has different set of Thoughts. In My Opinion, You got to Pick that specific concern and Solve it, in order to feel confident while you are in front of the camera.

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That said, Let’s Just Put everything aside Now and Get Straight into the Tips. Gentlemen, Topic of the Article is, “15 Tips for Guys to Look Good in Photos in 2021 (Be More Photogenic)”. Without any further Ado, Let’s Get Straight into it.

1: Identify Your Angles

identify your angles

This One is the Most Important Tip you will ever come Across. Alright, So this is sort of an experiment for you to do.

You have to Do: Take Photos from Different Angles. You can Take Help from a Photographer or a Friend of yours. Mirror selfies can work as well.

Objective/Goal: Our Mission Here is to Identify those Specific 2-3 Angles which make us Look the best. For you, it could be your Left Profile, who knows.

Step by Step Tutorial:

1: Alright, So First Thing First. Let’s Say Today is Monday and Your goal today is to Identify your Angles. Make sure that You are Dressed Up Nice. Put on Some Basic Nice Fitted Clothes that You believe Look Great on You. Thats it.

2: Stand in Front of a Clear Mirror. You can also take help from a Friend of Yours for this Part. All he has to do is to take photos of yours continuously. Your Job here is to keep changing the Profiles and Directions. Look Left, then Right, Face the Sky, Look Downwards, Smile, Lift your Leg Up in a Photo, Smile a Little more, Maybe Look towards the Left a Little More, Turn your Body in the Left direction as well. Do Whatever comes in your mind and make sure that your Friend is capturing every single moment.

3: Now that You have enough Data of yours. Greet your Friend. Maybe offer him a Cup of Tea or Coffee. Have Fun together.

4: Assuming that he is gone, Your Job Now is to take Notes. Look at all the Photos and Create a Notes in your Phone. You can favorite those Photos as well. Photos that made you look good as compared to the rest of the Photos. These are your Angles. Congratulations!

2: Look For the Poses

Now that You have Identified your Angels, It’s the Right Time to Collect a List of Poses. You’ve been doing a Great Job So far and I expect the same from you in this Stage as well.

Step By Step Tutorial:

1: It’s Monday. Don’t worry, it’s the same day. You’ve already Gathered your Angles. Now What? It’s Time to Charge your Cell Phone or Laptop, whatever it is that you are most comfortable working on.

2: Now Open Instagram and Search using terms Like #Malemodels, #InstaFashion, #MaleFashion. You are gonna find a Lot of Male Models. Filter the Top Ones who you think are Doing Great in terms of Poses. Do Not Mark those who have Just the same Pose Portrait Shots.

3: Check their Profiles and Take Screenshots off All the Different Poses that Look Aesthetically Pleasing. My Suggestion would be Not filtered at this Stage. Just take Screenshots off As much Different Poses as you can. You are gonna need them all Later.

4: Open Your Notes App Again. Insert all of the Poses Pictures in the Notes and give it the title, “Poses for My Shoot”.

Thats it. Congratulations! You Now Have a List of Poses that You can use in your Future Shoots. No, You are never gonna run out of the Poses ever again. Enjoy.

3: Just Take Inspiration

just take inspiration and create your own

So We have our First “Don’t” in the List and Boy this is a Big One. Always Remember, You should Never Try to Copy the Same Exact Pose that You Saved In Step 2. There are many reasons for that.

First of All, You still Don’t Know whether that Pose is gonna Look good on you or Not. Will that make you look good in Photos? Why are you so sure that This brand new pose is gonna make you Look More photogenic?

Better Solution to this problem is to Create a Variation. Something that is best suitable for your Angles Plus has a Touch of that Pose as well. Chances are that The Male Model you took this Pose from is one of the Only new people to Rock this particular Pose. What to do then? Create Something New out of it (While keeping your Best Looking Angles in Mind).

Second of All, You trying to Copy that Pose as it is Gonna take away that Confident Look. You Guys have been searching on the Web, “Tips to Look Confident for Photos for Guys”. While on the other hand, You try and copy the Poses you see on the Internet.

How can you Look confident in your Photos If the Only thing that you are Doing is Copying someone else as it is? Create a Variation. Add your own Charm into it. Try Doing Something Different. Or maybe just take a little out of that Pose and Do the rest of the Part entirely of your own.

4: Do Not Perfect Yourself Only

I am Sorry to Say But If you will ever Invite me to check your Photos Out, You will not be the First and Last thing that I am gonna focus on. Look, A captured Shot is Not just about the Object. Let’s Just say you have planned to Go on a Photoshoot with your Friend.

You both have decided to take photos in front of a Red Wall. Chances are that the Lighting is very good at the Spot but what about the Background? I mean, Your Profile is Full of Photos where you are Looking Great But your Background is More or Less the Same.

It is Either the Same or is It is always boring. Gentlemen! Why are you always focusing on yourself? A Photo has Many Components and you got to focus on All of them.

How to Correct this Mess?

✊🏻 Today is Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were all about You Trying to Find your Angles and Best Poses. Now that You have covered that, Let’s Move on the Background Settings

💡 Open Instagram and Search using queries like, #Aesthetic, #Malemodelsbackground, #backgroundinspiration, #malemodeloutdoor, #tonimahfud. Look for related hashtags as well and You will be blown away by the amazing backgrounds that People create especially for 1 single Shot.

✅ Obviously You don’t have to Do hard work of that Level. But Still, You can find loads of Inspiration and Ideas. This will then Pump you to Do a Little extra work to make your background Look better

📝 Remember Guys! A Great background has the power to make you look good in photos. It allows you to be more Photogenic and Your photos to Look More aesthetic.

5: Lifestyle Photos are the Best

lifestyle Photos are the best

Alright, So Gentlemen Now that You’ve learned the Facts that:

  • You Need to Learn About your Angles
  • You got to Have a List Of Poses
  • And You need to create Variations to Come with Better Looking Poses

Now is the Time to Understand the Style of Photography that is Known to be the Best and Most Natural. Known by the Name, “Lifestyle Photos”, are Probably one of the Best Style of Photos you can ever Have on your Profile. Below is a Quick Tutorial on How to Take Great Lifestyle Photos.

How to’s: Lifestyle/Candid Photos

🛠 Setup is Probably the Most Important Point Here. Create an Idea and Write it Down somewhere. Maybe you want to Create a Kitchen Setting or a Sports Match setting or whatever.

🍴 Get your Props Ready. Grab something in your Hand that Shows you Being involved in that particular lifestyle activity. It could be a Basketball bat or a Frying Pan. It all depends on the Settings.

🕺 Try to Get into that Activity, whatever it is. Try to add as many elements as you can to make it Look Real.

💯 Capture a Lot of Photos. And Try to incorporate your Signature Angles and Poses in it. You can also try doing something entirely Different and that May also get you some unexpected yet great Photos. Do Not Hesitate to trying New things.

6: Edit But Do Not Over-Edit

I Myself Have have tried a Lot of Editing Apps. And When I am Not Satisfied with 1 Editing App, I use 2 of them at the same time. Editing a Photo in One App and then Finalising using another App. And in rare cases, there is a Third App as well that I used for editing (Instagram’s In-Built Editor).

So What’s the Point About Editing Then? How Much is considered as Too Much? Ok, Keep in mind that Editing is Done to Enhance your Photos. Or to Clear Up any Colour related Error. Sometimes to remove Acne or any apparent Imperfection. But You should Never use your Editing App to change your Appearance as in Whole.

You might have seen those Photoshop Guys who add Shining in their Photos. And then comes that Guy who brightens his Photos or Tans it to the Stage that It starts Looking Fake. At the end of the Day it All comes to the Aesthetic Sense and knowing when to Stop.

It’s not just about Changing the Colours or making Little changes. Chances are that you are perfecting your imperfections (Acne, Dark Spots, etc) to the level that it has started Looking Fake.

Remember Guys, Editing is very important and I recommend You All to Never Post a Picture without editing it. You’ve done your homework well. Background? All Set! Angle? Perfect! Pose? Like a Pro! Then Why Not Editing = ✅? Just don’t Overdo it and rest is all Fine.

7: Posing Techniques for Men

Posing techniques for Men

Alright, So This is a Vast Topic on its own. I believe that an Entire Article should be dedicated Just on this Single Heading. What do you think? Do let me Know about it on My Instagram (@WorldofNyazi).

For the Sake of Today’s Post, to Help you Guys Look good in photos, I want you all to Know about this Single Best Pose. In-Fact, this isn’t a Pose, Its a Whole Genre that Allows you to Take your Posing game to a Whole another Level.

Step By Step Tutorial:

1: You are Looking Tensed. Breath In and Breath Out is what you need at the moment. Yeah, Just like that. Feel that Pressure going away.

2: How are you feeling Now? Better? Great. Lean back a Little Bit. You Got to Look Confident while Posing for Photos and that is Only Possible When you are relaxed.

3: Whether you are Doing something while Sitting or Let’s say you are Doing some Standing with the support of a Bar Pose, Make sure you are Relaxed enough. Open your Legs a Little bit and Let your arms cover the bench. YEAH! Just Like that.

And Yes, the rest of it Goes with the Flow. Check out the Below Given Resources. They Will really Come in Handy for All of you guys who are trying to Look Good in Photos.


🗒 Tips On How To Pose Men (Anita Sadowska)
📝 How to Pose and Photograph Guys (Samuel Elkins)
💡 How to Pose MALES who are NOT Models! (Julia Trotti)

8: Accessories Matter a Lot

Alright, So this One is a pro-Level Tip that Most of the Guys take For granted. Look, Every Style Influencer has been telling you to Wear Bracelets and Rings. Watches? Love you, Baby! Then Why Not?

I mean, How can you Say No to a Piece of Craft that can make you go from 6/10 to a Hefty 9/10 in no time. Accessories have the power to make your Outfit Look interesting. It helps you Look Better and When it comes to photographs it is really a Blessing.

How to Utilise Accessories to Look Good in Photos (Be Photogenic)

♣️ Play with your Bracelet while Photographer is Taking Shots and One of them is Gonna come out 11/10.

🪐 Your Ring is a Signature Piece. It Shows your Personality. My favorite ones are those that Have Stones. Simple Silver Rings work well too. Keep in Mind that it Matches the Vibe of the Outfit and that’s it.

⌚️ Throw on a Watch and Play with it. Or Just let it be there. Adjust the Angle and Pose to focus on the Watch. Maybe From Down to up, Clock in Focus, You as well Looking either upwards or downwards, Editing is Intense and the Shot is 100/10. Damn!

9: Interact with the Environment

Interact with the environment

Bros, What Do you think? Why Have we Setup the Environment in the Lifestyle Photos? or Why have we researched about the Background to make it look great? Is there nothing that we can do to make your Photos Look more Lively and interesting?

Yes, there is One little thing that You can do. It is to Play with the Elements that are in front of you. Look, you have the Canvas in your Hand. All of the Background is your Playground. This is the time that you show your Skills. How well you can interact with the Environment?

You can Lean back and Use Maybe the bench for your Support. Use any bar that is either towards your left or right. Maybe Use Fence to come up with something new. I don’t Know. There are Endless Ideas. You can search on Pinterest and Instagram as well to collect ideas.

10: Work on the Lighting to Tell a Story

What Do you think about the Lighting? Is it Just a Tool to Brighten your Photo or Maybe reduce the Light in the Frame? No. There is a lot more to it and that’s exactly what I want you to Focus on.

Look for the Photos that You saved earlier, Male Models Posing. Look for the Comments of People saying, “This is So Aesthetically pleasing”. What do you think, What are the elements that Make a Photo aesthetically Pleasing?

Is it the Object?, Camera Angle?, Background Settings?, Or Lighting? It’s all of these things combined that make a Photo Aesthetically Pleasing. So Yeah, While Editing, Do Not just focus on brightening a Photo or Increasing the Contract + Lowering the Highlights. Focus on the end goal.

And for that, You got to have a clear Perspective on What You are planning to Do. Understand the Perfect Lighting Situations for the Kind of Shot that you are Planning to Get. What works well with a Kitchen Setting is entirely different from What lighting conditions you need for an Outdoor Shoot.

Understand that Warm light is a thing and so Does the Cold Light. Play with the Temperature and Get Sun to Stay on your Back in some of your Photos to create a Flare. Thats How You end up getting Aesthetically Pleasing Photos. And that My Friend is How Guys Look good in Photos!

11: Go for the Videos

Go for the Video

Algorithms are Changing. People are Creating Videos that are made under a Specific theme. You see Guys Like You and Me, coming with up unique ideas and Creating videos around that. Dressing up Nice and Recording yourself doing random things is a Thing and It is growing day by day.

Gentlemen, Your goal was to Look good in Photos and I am giving you a Secret Sauce that is gonna make you Look Great. Photos? Nah! Videos is the Next big thing and Boy You can’t neglect that.

Photographs can be faked. You can be doing fake expressions But Boy Videos are On point Showing what you really are about. Yes, You can create a Story, and that in itself is a Fake thing being a Setup. But It Helps people connect with you on another level.

What To Do in a Video to Look Good and Be photogenic

🤝 I Know your Concerns. You want to Look Great whether it is about Photos or Videos. So Yeah, Focus on the Clothing. Wear Clothes that Look good on you. Wear Accessories as well.

📢 Think of a Story to Tell. Random videos are great. But then Focus on the background. Create one if you have to.

◼️ Use background, benches, Stands, Pillows, etc to add More Seconds to your Video.

🌅♲🌃 Shift Locations in a Video. This Adds an angle of Variety to your Video, making it More Interesting.

🎑 Add effects but keep it simple. It should Not Look fake. You can add Music if you want to. But make sure that it matches the overall VIBE of the Video.

12: Just Have a Good Face

This Comment is Everywhere. On Almost All the Videos where They are trying to teach us How to look Good in Photos for Guys or How to Be More Photogenic. Guess What? It is very Easy to Have a Great Looking, Super awesome, and Sexy Face. All you need to do is to Focus on the Basic Stuff. Below is a Touch of What to Do to Have a Good Looking Face. And you are gonna see the results in Just 2 Weeks!

Slim Down your Face:

You are planning to Rock a Manly beard on That Big face of yours? Well, I am afraid to say that you are gonna look really bad .. Cut that Mass out of your Face gentlemen! What are you doing to your beautiful face? Even if you have great facial features, still you won’t be able to showcase them properly with all that fat that is accumulated on the handsome face of yours.

I want to clear out all of your Myths. If you think that by only chewing gum for about 5 hours per day you are gonna get the most perfect jawline then I afraid to say that you wrong. You are so wrong my friend because what’s gonna really affect your facial structure is the change in your Diet.

I can’t tell you the importance of Diet and How just by changing it you can gradually with the passage of time, change the way you Look. It’s not about your face only but let’s say if you want to build muscles, still you will be needing an appropriate diet plan because otherwise, you won’t see any results at all. You need to avoid foods that have sugar in it, be it bakery products, packaged foods, Soy, Corn, Gluten, etc… On the other hand, what I recommend to all of you is that You all must be Drinking at least 12 glasses of water per day

Say No to Salty Foods!

Say no to Salty Food! Salt gets accumulated on your face and it is no doubt the main cause of water retention which causes swelling on your face. You don’t want that at all, Right? None of us want that actually. Coming towards the solution of the problem which is very simple and obvious, Consume less salt! Yeah, thats it. Avoid deep-fried food items that have lots of Oils in it because they increase the number of fatty tissues which results in more fat on your face. #SayNoToJunkFood.

Take Care of your Eyes:

You can never expect to achieve a goal without changing your Daily Diet. You need to add a good amount of Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc in your diet in order to get Glowing and healthy eyes…

Vitamin Intake is Necessary:

A: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Beef Liver, Cod Liver Oil, etc
C: Orange, Lemon, Guava, GrapeFruit, etc
E: Almonds, sunflower seeds, Avocado, Squash, etc
Zinc: Meat, Eggs, Milk, etc

EyeCare Routine:

👆 Massage your Eyes with the Help of Good eye cream. But make sure that you are being gentle because skin underneath is very sensitive.

✌️ If You have been experiencing a lot of Dark circles lately then, first of all, I would recommend you Sleep more and Stress Less. You need to be sleeping at least 7 hours per day in order to make sure that all of your body’s functions are performing effectively.

🤘 You might also wanna massage your eyes with the Help of Almond oil. And do apply cucumber slices over your eyes before going to sleep (for about 5-10 minutes). Doing this will Cool down your Eyes. One more thing that seems to work very well is Dipping tea bags in water and then applying it on your eyes for 5 minutes or so. This method is recommended by a lot of people and so far I haven’t seen anybody complaining or saying any bad thing about it.

🤟 Eyelashes Gentlemen, No doubt are a sign of beauty. Girls and us men as well are attracted more towards the guys with bigger and thicker eyelashes as compared to those who have thinner and Shorter eyelashes. And the same is the case with eyebrows. How to get bigger eyelashes and Eyebrows? Castor Oil! Gentlemen I have been using castor oil for a Year now and trust me It really works. Just pour some Castor oil in the Mascara tube and then apply it as if you are applying Mascara in your eyes. Curl the lashes with the help of Mascara brush (that has castor oil applied on it). You can use the same brush on your eyebrows as well.

Checkout: 8 Proven Steps to Have a Better Looking Face, for More Information on this Topic.

13: Zoom in or Zoom Out

Zoom in and Zoom out

You Got to Either Zoom in or Zoom out. Alright, So sometimes everything is just perfect. Background, Your interactions, Setup, angle, pose, etc. But Its the Frame that is Making the Photo Look less Interesting.

What to do Now? The Solution to the Problem could be very Simple. Just Zoom in a little Bit and You are gonna get a Portrait Shot. Or Maybe Zoom out a Little Bit, maybe capture a Wide Angel Shot. It might end Up giving you a More Depth in your Captured Click.

Every Photo must be captured in a certain way to come out perfect. You can’t look good in a Pose that requires you to Zoom in, In case you are Not Doing that. All the elements need to be in a Perfect Spot to give you a Perfect Click. And the Zoom factor is definitely one of them.

14: Cover Your Imperfections

Take care of this Point to give that Extra, “WOW” effect to your Photo. I know that Editing apps can Help you Do that but Why Not taking care of all the imperfections before even capturing the Photo? It will surely give you allow you to think about making the background look great rather than thinking about hiding your imperfections.

So Yeah, you can use a Blemish remover to cover the Acne Spots. Try using a Liner as well in case you have accidentally removed some patch from your beard. It all can be done just with the Help of basic makeup ingredients. And these little adjustments can go a long way, I Kid you not.

15: Learn to Take Self Portraits

Guys! You want to Look Good in Photos. Right? What if you don’t have a photographer available at the Moment? 2021 so far is the year of Social distancing and what if all of this Stayed the way it is? We here at thatwowman.com prepare for the hard times and This situation is not an exception. Below is what you can Do when you have nobody to take your Photos.

Self-Photography Tips:

Stuck your Phone Somewhere. It could be a window or Maybe Do some DIY. You can think of many things to use to Stuck your phone in, to then take photos.

The front camera is your Best Friend. However, the Back camera captures the Magic. Place a Mirror against the Mobile Phone To capture photos using the back camera.

Try and Try again and You are gonna master this Skill. Trust me, it ain’t that difficult.

Take inspiration from Social Media. Use Pinterest, Instagram, and the Internet to Learn about Self-Portrait Ideas.

With that Being Said, I here conclude today’s Topic. Gentlemen, It was, “15 Tips for Guys to Look Good in Photos in 2021 (Be More Photogenic)”. Let me know about your thoughts on My Instagram (@WorldofNyazi). And I will See you Guys in another One.


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