15 Tips to Improve Your Sperm Count, Quality, and Motility

Gentlemen! Today is all about Male Fertility. Some Platinum Level tips for you Guys to Improve your Sperm Count (Volume), Quality (DNA and Structure), and Motility (Ability to Move Properly).

Why Do you want to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count?

1: Chances are that You are a Married Gentlemen who want to make a Baby. You want to make sure that Everything Goes smoothly (Hence you want to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count).

2: Maybe you are a Young Guy (Who isn’t married yet) who is always trying to get better at things. You’ve recently come across those “Make your Sperm Stronger than Ever” Ads. Those ads have made you curious. And Now you want to Learn More.

3: You, My Friend, are Worried about your Fertility. A friend of yours told you that due to some “Negative Habits” he has not been able to Make a Baby with his Wife. You are getting married next month (Congratulations). And Your friend’s Concern has worried you a lot.

And for that reason, you are here to Make it 100% Sure that your Sperm Count, Quality, and Motility is alright.

Some Words Regarding Sperm Count, Quality and Motility

Gentlemen! Sperm is produced in your Testes that Sit Right Below your Penis. Sperm is responsible for Producing Babies. But there are a lot of things that Your Sperm can tell regarding your Health as well.

With that being said, Below are the 3 Components that I will Cover in today’s Article:

  • Sperm Count
  • Its Quality
  • And Motility

Sperm Count

Sperm Count is the Quantity of Sperm Found in your Semen. The normal Value is around 15 Million Sperms / 1 Millimetre of Semen. And If you have less than this Number then your chances of getting your Girl Pregnant are Low. You are Basically Sort of Infertile in that Case.

Sperm Quality

Now Let’s Move on to the Quality of the Sperm. The Sperm Quality is directly Linked to the Ability of your Sperm to Accomplish Fertilisation.

It has to do with the DNA and structure of your Sperm. The Better the Quality of your Sperm, the More are the chances of you Being a Fertile Male. Normal Semen must have at least 4% Normally Shaped Sperms.

Sperm Motility

It is the Ability of your Sperm to Move and Reach Female’s Egg. Again, Motility is directly linked to the Quality of the Sperm. Better Quality Sperm have more chances of Being able to Fertilise a female’s Eggs than Poor Quality Sperm.

Quick Fact: 50% of your Sperm (of the Total) Should be Active.

Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count, Quality, and Motility

Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count, Quality, and Motility

Below is a list of what we will be discussing in the Article. This list of 15 Tips is Enough for you to get on Track.

And I am sure that By Doing what’s Been recommended, you, My Friend, will definitely See a Big Improvement in your Sperm Count, Quality, and Motility as well. So without any further Ado, let’s Hop Straight into the List (Quick Summary). Shall we?

  • Stay Away From the Heat (Laptops, Hot Baths, Sauna)
  • Eat Fresh and Colourful Fruits and Vegetables
  • Have an Active Lifestyle (Play Sports, Swim, Workout is very important too)
  • Learn to Manage your Stress (VERY HARMFUL for your Sperm)
  • Quit Smoking, Drinking, and Drugs
  • Stay Away from Negatively Affecting Lifestyle Factors (Sitting too much, Paint, Metals)
  • Tight Jeans and Underwear (Throw them Away Right Now)
  • Lose Weight (Obesity is the cause of Many Fatal Problems including Sperm Damage)
  • Avoid putting your Cellphone in your Pocket
  • Stay Away from the Plastic
  • Consume Ashwagandha (Works Like Magic in Improving your Sperm Count and Motility)
  • Sleep More than 6 Hours Every Night
  • Skip your Hobby (of Sitting and Driving)
  • Dot Not Sit with your LEGS CROSSED
  • Consult a Doctor (For Special Guidance)

And with that Being Said, Let’s Get Straight into the Article. And discuss all of what has been listed above. Gentlemen, under the Title, “15 Tips to Improve Your Sperm Count, Quality, and Motility”. Let’s Start.

1: Stay Away from the Heat

It is Super Simple. Your Testes have to Stay a Little Bit Cooler in order for the Sperms to Survive. Why? Because your Sperm needs a Cooler environment to Grow and Stay alive in the First Place.

Using your Laptop 4-5 hours every single day (by placing it on your Lap) is going to harm your Sperm count, Quality and Motility as well.

Heat Produced is Moved directly to your Testes, Killing your Sperm, and harming their Quality as well. Below are a Few Recommendations for you Guys

  • Use Laptops But without putting them on your Lap. You can put them on a Desk or any particular Surface. Anything but your Lap.
  • Hot Baths should be avoided.
  • Sauna and Steam Bath are also not good for your Sperm Health.
  • Hot Showers are Not only bad for your Skin and Hair, But for your sperm as well. Hot Water that passes By your testes creates a Heated environment around it. And that results in Sperm damage (Reducing Sperm Count and Damaging their Quality as well).

2: Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Next Up in the List of Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count, Sperm Quality and Sperm Motility is, “Eating Fresh and Colourful Fruits and Vegetables”.

Guys! It all Boils Down to Heaving the Most Healthiest Sperm Around. You, my Friend, have been wanting to be super Stylish. And to achieve that You consulted many resources.

Get Stylish:

1: 17 Simple Yet Useful Tricks Every Stylish Man Must Know!
2: Fashion Tools for Men: 20 Gadgets that Separate You From the Crowd!

You Wanted to Groom yourself to the Limit, So I tried my best to deliver that to you as well:

Get Groomed:

1: 24 Essential Grooming Hacks Every Guy Needs to Know
2: 12 Grooming Tactics Guys Often Forget About (But They Shouldn’t)

But This is the Time to Get SPERM-D! Gentlemen, one of the most natural ways to achieve the healthiest Sperm is to Eat Colourful Fruits and Vegetables.

Below is a List of Fruits and Vegetables that are Best Known to Improve your Sperm Health, Increase its Count and Motility as well. Add them to your diet and you will never have to search for a similar topic.

Fruits & Vegetables to Improve Sperm Health

  • Bananas, Blue Berries, Apples, Kale, Broccoli, Spinach. All of these do Wonders when it comes to making your Sperm Healthier. Reference: Jesse Mills, MD.
  • You Need to Add Garlic, Walnuts, and Eggs into your Diet as well for the Same exact Purpose.
  • Cow’s Milk, Fish, and Cod Liver Oil have Vitamin D in it. And Vitamin D is known to Make your Sperm more Motile and Active. It also helps with the Erection as well.
  • Talking about Semen Quality, Folate is another very important Substance that plays its role. It can be Found in Leafy Green Vegetables, Citrus Fruits, and Asparagus.
  • Also, Add Anti-Oxidants in your Diet. You can Eat Strawberries, Pecans, and Dark Chocolate for that.

3: Opt for an Active Lifestyle

Next Up in the List of Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count is “Go for an Active Lifestyle”. Brother! Your Sperm Count is Directly Proportional to your Day to Day Activity. Let me explain.

So Their is this Guy named Josh. He is a Football Player who loves to Play Football every day for Like 5 days a week. He Plays it with his Group of Friends.

On the Other Hand, we have this guy named Jill. He lives a Very Simple Life. Goes to College and Comes back to Lay on the bed, having his Phone in his hands all the time and Goes to Sleep while using his Phone.

Can we Compare these two Guys? Yes, We can. But Guess what? Former Guy would have much better Sperm (Count) as compared to Jill. And the reason is very Crystal Clear.

It’s because of His Active Lifestyle. Replace Football with any other Activity and You are going to see somewhere similar results. Be it Working out, Swimming, (Not Cycling), Running, etc.

What Happens is that, when we spend most of our time being lazy and Inactive, Our sperms become inactive too.

However, on the other hand, the active lifestyle Kind of Pumps our Testes and gives a sort of Signals to Produce more High-Quality Sperms. With that Being Said, Now we’ve another reason to Lift Weights

  • It Makes you look Good (with and without Clothes)
  • Helps with your Overall Health, Jawline as well.
  • Makes your Skin Look Good.
  • Helps with your Hair Quality.
  • Improves your Sperm Count.

4: Stress Less

Stress Less

Next Up in the List of Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count, Sperm Quality and Sperm Motility is, “Reduce your Stress”.

I’ve talked about Stress and its negative effects, a lot of times. It Affects your Looks (14 Tips to Not Let Stress Affect your Looks) and lowers your Testosterone Levels as well (13 Brutally Simple Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels).

Internet and Your Sperm Quality / Count

Stress can interfere with certain hormones needed to produce sperm. Severe or prolonged emotional stress, including problems with fertility, can affect your sperm count. Depression. Research shows that the likelihood of pregnancy may be lower if a male partner has severe depression.

Source: Mayo Clinic (2018)

Now, a new study suggests stress can reduce sperm and semen quality, which could have implications for male fertility. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, in around 40% of infertile couples, the male partner is the sole cause or contributing cause of infertility.

Source: Medical News Today (2014)

Prolonged fear and anxiety brought on by major stressors, like the coronavirus pandemic, can not only take a toll on a person’s mental health but may also have a lasting impact on a man’s sperm composition that could affect his future offspring.

Source: Medicalxpress.com

My Two Cents:

I’ve Been Studying about the Topic Since Yesterday. What I’ve found is that, When you Stress Out and let Anxiety take over you, it’s bad for your Sperm. It’s because Anxiety triggers a Hormone called, Glucocorticoids.

This Hormone reduces the Sperm and Testosterone Production, ultimately affecting your Regular Sperm count.

So Yeah, Eat Walnuts and Let things be How they are. Trust me, Good days are coming. And to be very honest, Stress is only going to make things worse. Benefits? Nah! It has none.

5: Quit: Smoking and Drinking

I feel as If I am repeating the same exact things over and over again. But trust me, there are a couple of things that are responsible for almost all the bad things that can happen to you.

For Instance, Smoking is very Injurious for your Health and we all know that. But Did you know that Smoking is also responsible for reducing your Sperm Count by around 17.5%?

Study Number 1

In a study including 1,786 men, smoking was associated with a decrease in sperm counts by 17.5% and in total motile sperm cells by 16.6% when compared to non-smokers.

Source: ExseedHealth.com
Link to the Study: The Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Male Fertility

Study Number 2

One study showed – in a cross-sectional analysis of 2,542 healthy men over 12 years – that cigarette smokers had lower sperm quality and sperm count compared to men who didn’t smoke

Source: ExseedHealth.com
Link to the Study: Is smoking a risk factor for decreased semen quality? A cross-sectional analysis

So yeah, It is perfectly fine to say that Smoking affects your Semen (Sperm) Count and Sperm Quality as well. So In case you want to Make sure that you have the STRONGEST Sperm Around, Smoking has to Leave your Habit List.

What About Drinking?

Alcohol has been proven to Lower your Sperm Count. Drinkers find it very hard to Achieve an Erection. So it’s safe to say that Alcohol REDUCES your Sexual Desires. Excessive Alcohol Drinking may also lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

And thats an Area you Don’t want to go in. So Quit Drinking Alcohol and Opt for Natural Drinks Instead. Trust me they are Much tastier, Healthier, and most importantly Good for your Sperm Health. Go for the Apple Juice. Juice of the Fresh Grapes? Yummy! And Healthy as well.

6: Try to Minimize these Lifestyle Factors

Try to Minimize these Lifestyle Factors

Next Up in the List of Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count, Sperm Quality and Sperm Motility is, “Reduce Negative Lifestyle Factors”.

I know that You Love to Watch Television But Guess what? Your Habit of Sitting or laying on the Sofa all day Long is very Unhealthy for your Sperm.

Men who have the Kind of Job where they have to do everything while sitting on a chair have Lesser Sperm Count as compared to those who have a job that requires them to move and be more active.

And Now Let’s talk about Exposing yourself to the Metals, Pesticides, Paint Strippers, and other Endocrine Disruptors.

Guys, If you have such a Job or you have any kind of Hobby that requires you to be around these items then Let me warn you, YOUR SPERM QUALITY IS GOING TO GET A MAJOR HIT!

These items can possibly, entirely change the DNA Code of your Sperm. Not to mention, Motility and Shape as well.

And Brothers If you have a job where you are exposed to Lead, let’s say you are a Painter. Then Guess what? You will have a lesser amount of Sperm than Normal Male beings.

Extended Exposures to Benzenes, Organic Solvents, Toluene, Xylene, and Lead, contribute to Low Sperm Count.

So What Should you Do?

Brothers, I know that you have this job that requires you to be around such harmful stuff. But guess what? You can always consider switching your Job (If its an option for you).

But If you can’t then you can Utilise your Free time to Do healthy Stuff. Exercise and Eat Sperm-Friendly Diet (See Point Number #2). That will Kind of Minimise the Effects of the Harmful stuff on the Quality and Quantity of your Sperm.

7: Change your Underwear

And I am not talking about cleaning your Underwear or Throwing away older ones. Thats something that You should be doing anyway.

But Here My Point of Focus is the Fabric and Fitness of your Underwear. Are you wearing Small Sized Underwear that is TIGHT and makes you feel sort of Uncomfortable?

If Yes, then why are you wearing it in the first place? Throw it away. Size up, My Friend. Because not only the Bigger Size will make you Feel Comfortable but will also Improve your Sperm Count!

Tight Underwear Pushes your Testes Upwards. This Pressure and Excessive heat results in Low-Sperm Production. And thats exactly what We are trying to Avoid.

Another thing to take care of is Fabric. Not only the Fitting But Fabric also plays a Huge Role in the Comfort (and Sperm Quantity). Go for Cotton and other Lighter Fabrics to Avoid Suffocation.

The Key is to Make sure that your Testes are Not Suffocated or Pushed upwards. Lighter Fabrics and Not-too-Tight Underwear will be perfect. And they will definitely Improve your Sperm Count (In case you’ve always been wearing tight, Complex fabric underwear).

8: Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Next Up in the List of Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count, Sperm Quality and Sperm Motility is, “Lose Weight”.

This one requires an entire article. But to Stay the Most relevant, I want to say that, Obesity (Excess Fat Percentage in your Body) results in Decreased Testosterone Levels. It also has an effect on other Good Hormones.

The researchers combined data from 14 studies comparing sperm count in overweightobese, and normal-weight men, along with data from an infertility center. They found that overweight men were 11 percent more likely to have a low sperm count and 39 percent more likely to have no sperm in their ejaculate.

Source: Excess weight may affect sperm production, reduce fertility in men (HARVARD)

Numerous human and animal studies have determined that a relationship between obesity and reduced sperm DNA integrity exists. Male obesity has been linked with a reduction in sperm concentration and motility, an increase in sperm DNA damage, and changes in reproductive hormones.

Source (Study): Mechanisms linking obesity to male infertility (NCBI)


But How to Lose Weight? Should you Start Starving? No. That isn’t the Right Way. The Key is to Change unhealthy Items and Opt for healthy Foods. Whole Foods, Fruits, and Vegetables are always there waiting for you to Come and Give them a Hug.

Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, and HEALTHY Fats are also there. All you need to do is to Divide your 3 Big meals into a proportion of 5-6 small meals. And these Means should contain all the essential nutrients that your body needs.

You must consult a Nutritionist as He will guide you the best. He will give you a Chart based on Your BMI. Do-Follow that and You, my friend, will see a massive improvement in your Hair, Skin, health, and Most Importantly, Sperm Quality, Quantity, and Motility as well!

9: Keep Your Cellphone away

Next Up in the List of Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count, Sperm Quality and Sperm Motility is, “Do Not Put Cell Phone in your Pocket”.

Am I telling you to Keep your Cellphone away from your Testes? Yes. But Why? Let Me Explain.

Cell Phones have radiations, so do all the WiFi Devices. These Radiations can Kill your Sperm! Do you want your Sperm to be produced in some sort of Immature form? No. Right?

So I recommend you All to Keep your Cellphones anywhere but in your Side pockets. In your back pocket? Better.

But the best way to ensure that you are causing the least damage is to Put your Cell phone in some sort of Bag. A MAN BAG!

Guys! I Have been talking about Man Bags from the very start of this Blog. I just love them for How rugged they are. You can carry almost all of your EDC in it. After walking with your Pockets stuffed feels very uncomfortable.

10: Stop Microwaving in your Plastic Containers

Stop Microwaving in your Plastic Containers

I’ve included the same exact thing in one of My very recent articles.

Check That Out: 16 “Healthy” Things You are Doing Wrong Every Day!

And Here again. But this time the reasoning is totally Different, or let’s say, is specific to “Sperm health”.

A plastics chemical linked to reduced fertility in men is in the majority of teenagers, research has found. More than 80 percent of teenagers have traces of the chemical compound in their bodies, according to the study involving 94 young people aged between 17 and 19.

Source: The Telegraph

“Gender-bending chemical in food tins may cut male fertility,” according to the Daily Mail. The study found BPA was present in 89% of samples and that there was a trend for higher BPA levels to be associated with poor sperm quality, as well as damage to sperm DNA.

Source: NHS

And Specially When you microwave your Food in a Plastic (BPA) Container, It gets Mixed inside your Food and goes in your Stomach. As a result it causes Decrease in the Sperm Count, Abnormality in the Sperm Motility and It also reduces the Reproductive Organ Weight.

And I am sure you don’t want any of these. So I recommend you All to Skip Plastic and Go for ceramic for microwaving. Try skipping plastic as a whole and Go for fresh over the Counter Foods that can be Bought in the Raw Form. Do it, For your health, for your own self.

11: Take Ashwagandha – The Magical Herb

Note that: You MUST Consult your HealthCare Provider before Adding it in your Daily Diet.

Ashwagandha is a HERB that is Known to Reduce your Stress levels. Taking a Dose of Ashwagandha every single day has been proven to reduce your Cortisol Levels By around 11-32% (Healthline.com).

All you need to do is to take this Magical Herb for the Next 3 Months Straight, every Single Day.

Benefits of Ashwagandha (To Convince you to Start Consuming this Herb):

  • It can increase your Sperm count by almost 167%
  • Ashwagandha is Known to Improve your Sperm Quality
  • It Helps reduces your Stress levels and Makes you Feel Good
  • It Helps with Anti-ageing
  • Boosts your Immunity as well
  • It Improves your Thinking (and decision making) ability

12: Sleep More than 6 Hours Every Night

Sleep More than 6 Hours Every Night

Next Up in the List of Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count, Sperm Quality and Sperm Motility is, “Sleep More than 6 Hours Every Night”.

What Happens is that Sleeping less than the Recommended Time Directly Impacts your Testosterone Levels and Sperm Count as well.

And Not Just that. Lack of Sleep and Tiredness Produces Anti-Sperm Anti-bodies that kill the Sperm and Damages the Motility of your Sperm as well.

You must sleep for around 7 hours every night. And your Goal should be, GOOD QUALITY Sleep and Not just laying on the bed for 7 hours.

Recommendations for a Good Night Sleep

  • Increase Bright Light Exposure During the Day (Sun Light)
  • Make a Routine. Sleep at 10, Wake-up at 5 (etc)
  • Put away your Cell phone and Laptop in the evening
  • Turn off All the Lights
  • Sleep in a Quiet Place
  • Lower the Temperature to Sleep Like a Baby
  • Shower Before Going to Bed (An hour before)
  • Check your Mattress. Make sure that your Pillows, Bed, and Mattress are Comfortable

13: Skip your Hobby of Driving

Gentlemen! You already Drive Everyone Crazy But Chill Out with your Hobby of Driving. Motorbikes, Cars, Bicycles, Trucks? Do you Drive a Lot?

Well, If Yes, then You, my friend, need to think about Skipping this hobby of yours.

Why? Because It has been Found that People who Drive a Lot, have chances of containing Low-Quality sperms (And the quantity is affected as well).

I am Sorry But this Job of yours isn’t that Much Sperm-Friendly. Truck drivers and Those Who Drive for a Living have very High chances of Having Sperm Abnormalities. And so they take a much longer time to give their Loved ones the happiness of a Baby.

It is what it is. The same is the case with Bikers as well. Those who Ride Bikes for 5 hours a Week have Lesser and Less Active Sperms.

If you are Doing it as a Hobby then, you already know what to do. But for those of You who have this as their Main Job that pays rent and Bills, I don’t know what to say to you.

Hey! You can always think of Switching to some other Job or maybe eat healthy and Do workouts and Play sports to minimize the Effects!

14: Do Not Sit with your Legs Crossed

Do Not Sit with your Legs Crossed

And thats a Punch for All of Those Who have been Stopping you From Sitting with your Legs slightly Opened.

Say this to them:

“Sitting with Legs Crossed Increase Temperate in your Crouch area. This Increased Temperature then leads to Death of Sperms”

And Thats pretty Much it. Open your Legs a Little Bit Billy. Let the air pass through. Trust me, It’s For Your Own Good. It will help you become more fertile.

15: Consult a Doctor

The last one, and Probably the Most Important one, in the List of Tips to Improve / Increase your Sperm Count, Sperm Quality, and Sperm Motility is, “Consult a Doctor”.

Dude! I am so Proud of you for not giving up. I know that you’ve been doing everything that Could have been Done. But the problem is still there.

Or Maybe, you are really concerned about which one of these tips (Above-given) will be the most perfect for your SPECIFIC situation.

In both cases, I recommend you to visit a Urologist to get your Sperm count analysis Done. He will see the reports and recommend you, what’s best for you (Specifically).

And with that being said, I conclude today’s Article. What are your thoughts about it? Guys! I’ve done my best to bring for you, Tips that Have been Proven to Work. I am sure that these recommendations will definitely prove very helpful for you.

You can always contact me over at my Instagram (@WorldofNyazi) in case you need help regarding Topics like Men’s Fashion, Lifestyle, and Grooming. I will be happy to help you out.

Gentlemen! Today’s Topic was all about Male Fertility, Sperm Count, Improving Sperm Health, Sperm Motility, and Quality. Under the title, “15 Tips to Improve Your Sperm Count, Quality, and Motility”. And I will see you Guys in another one,


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